Alexa Bliss nudes + fan fiction

I had just gotten my license to be an actual massage therapist, and had gotten picked up by a parlor uptown. I was more or less a last minute customer fall-back guy, or the guy to pick up shifts until I had proven myself worthy of a prime shift.

It was fifteen minutes to close at the end of my first week when the little bell above the door chimed, alerting me that we had a last minute client. I cursed my luck, because a one hour session now meant I wouldn’t be getting out of here without overtime, and I was salaried.

I put on the best game face I could, a bullshit grin on my face as I walked out into the waiting room. “Hi, do you have a…” I stopped mid-sentence because standing at the front desk was five feet of fury, Ms. Alexa Bliss. And holy fuck. She was so much hotter in person.




“Hi,” she said back with a winning smile. I had an appointment for 4 p.m. So sorry I’m late. Should I reschedule?” she asked, instantly putting on the puppy dog eyes.

“No, no! you’re fine. I can’t turn down clients until the door’s locked. It’s policy,” I explained. There’s no way I was kicking out this goddess.

“Again, I’m so sorry to keep you late, but traffic was ridiculous today, and I need a massage BAD. My job can be physically demanding.”

“Oh I bet. You really get put through the ringer. I won’t apologize for my pun.” I ushered her forward after pointing her to my table room, and watched her succulent ass as she watched. I could only hope I could be so lucky as to get to touch that famous rump.

“Nice little setup,” she said as she sat on the edge of my table. “You’re not trying to hard for the zen feel, but I don’t feel like I’m in a doctor’s office.”

“I’m glad you like it,” I smiled as I sanitized my hands and set the table up. “Would you be more comfortable bare under the towel, or in a disposable bikini?” I asked.

“I can do nude under the towel,” she said, and already started kicking off her little biker boots.

I turned my back and she started undressing. She didn’t try to go to the changing room or anything. She was either really trusting, super comfortable with her body, or both.

“Okay, I’m ready for you,” you she said, and I turned around to see her face down on the table, her hair in a high ponytail. The towel covered her ass and ran to her lower back and mid thighs.

I approached the table and rolled the towel to comfortably cover her booty, as much as I hated to. But I had to stay professional.

I oiled up my hands and got them warm before starting on her shoulders. As soon as I started kneading into the first coiled knot of muscle, she was already moaning.

“Enjoying ourselves already?” I asked, trying not to sound too smug.

“Your hands are already divine,” she cooed. “I can’t wait to see how I feel after this.”

“Hopefully your knees will be weak and you’ll barely be able to walk.” What I just said hit me like a brick and I partially froze. The entire atmosphere was awkward. “I’m…”

“Relax, dude. It’s fine,” she shook it off and nuzzled back into the head rest. I shook it off as well and dug back into her taut muscles.

I spent a fair amount of time on her shoulders and the base of her neck, and by the satisfied hums and groans I was earning, I definitely would say she wasn’t complaining.

When I moved to the wide expanse of her toned back, she asked, “not much of a small talker?”

“Not really, actually. I tend to focus on my work, and let the cues of my clients tell me how I’m doing. Your sounds, or lack of sounds, are all the coaching I need,” I explained as I started rolling an elbow between her shoulder blades but not hitting her spine.

“I’d say that almost sounds arrogant, but so far you’re right,” she concurred.

“Would you prefer if I mindlessly chatted?”

She giggled. “As much as I look your forward, honest demeanor, I prefer you do your best work.”

“You’re definitely the best client I’ve had. Pardon my forwardness, but your body is exquisite. And I don’t mean that in a creepy way.”

She squirmed the tiniest bit and I think she was smiling. “Thank you,” she said, and I knew by her tone she was flattered.

“You care about your body, and as a wrestler, you obviously have to put a lot of time into it, and it certainly shows.”

“You’re terribly sweet, and not coming off as pervy to me. That’s a line a lot of people have a hard time straddling.” She paused, seeing if I’d bite at the track she laid with her wording. “Oh, you’re good,” she said with another giggle.

She moaned again, and I knew the pressure I was using on her mid back was right.

“Oh, fuck me,” she groaned as I worked on a particularly tight spot. I just chuckled and kept working. “I guess I should watch my frazing, too.”

“You can say whatever you want. I have to stay professional,” I said as I worked her sides, just ever so slightly brushing the side and underside of her gorgeous, fake tits.

“Are you having a hard time staying professional?” Alexa asked as I got to the small of her back. I had to quietly curse her as she pulled the towel down ever so slightly, but to the point that I could see just the top of the swell of her ass. It was so fucking teasing, but so minute.

“You’re absolutely gorgeous, Lexi, and you have a glowing personality that you don’t get to use on TV.”

“She turned her head and smiled. “You called me Lexi.”

“Okay, so I might be a fan,” I admitted shamefully. She turned her head and smiled.

“Ah, that’s sweet,” she said as I got to her legs, applying warm oil to her body as I went.

I massaged her feet, even working each toe as I went. She cooed and hummed, and I committed each sound she made to memory.

I rubbed her muscular calves and kneaded her toned flesh, loving the way it obeyed my evil will. She had the most perfect thighs I had ever had the opportunity to work with. His skin was so smooth, so silky and her muscle so perfectly crafted that I felt like a sculptor.

“Oh my God,” Alexa moaned, making me smile. “Your hands are unreal. It’s like you do everything right.”

“That’s high praise, I chuckled as I worked her meaty, upper thighs just below her ass. I was doing everything in my power not to push the envelope.

“Mmm. I wish you could touch me forever. Fuck. I don’t even care how that sounds.”

I swore she was not-so-subtly asking for me to advance, but without her forwardly telling me to, I wasn’t going to risk it. I didn’t want to lose my job and do time for feeling up Lexi Kaufman because I jumped too soon.

“Well, you have me for an entire hour,” shrugged, trying to keep myself in my pants. “Do you want to roll over so I can do your quads, and belly?”

Sure,” she said, and I handed her another towel so she could cover her breasts.

I turned my back to the blonde with the pink tips so that she could turn over and cover back up with privacy. When she said “okay,” I turned around again and thought my dick was going to rip straight through my sweatpants.

“Ms. Kaufman, you uh… you didn’t cover up with the towel,” I stammered, because she still had the lower towel around her waist, but her tits were completely free and uncovered.

“Saves you the time of taking it off when you get to that part of the massage,” she shrugged. “I scheduled for a full body, my dude.” She was cool as a cucumber and totally shameless. But of course, she had nothing to be ashamed of.

“I’m so glad you don’t make it awkward,” I said honestly and she giggled. I started by giving her a temple massage, and I could see any control of her body melt away. She was so relaxed, so at ease, that I was sure I could do anything I wanted and she would just lay there.

She barely showed any sign of life when I started on her neck. She was completely still and at my hands’ commands.

Alexa muttered another quiet, nearly inaudible “fuck,” when I started working her traps, which I had already paid attention to once. They were still loose and knot-free, but I was going to make this worth her time, and I had to thank her for the beautiful view I had of her boobs.

She started to gently moan again when I worked my fingers along her collarbones. I felt blessed to touch every inch of Bliss that I could. I paused hesitantly at the swell of her breasts. I knew she said full body, but this was Alexa Bliss, a girl I’ve had a celeb crush on since she started on NXT.

“Please don’t stop. I need this,” she almost begged, opening her impossibly blue eyes. I could see the lust, the want and need, even. She put her hands on top of mine and guided them to her breast. She sighed at my touch.

I started groping her firm tits as much as I was giving her an honest massage, and her hands never left mine the entire time. I knew they were fake, but her skin was real, was so smooth and soft that I couldn’t get enough. She had the best skin routine I had ever had the chance to appreciate. She glowed, and the silkiness of her flesh was unbelievable. I couldn’t stop myself as I groped her more fervently, and she didn’t try to stop me.

Alexa arched her head back a little, and I knew. I knew she wanted me to lean down and kiss her. I did. I captured her sinful lips with mine and our tongues lazily swirled around each other. We moaned into each other’s hot mouths as we explored each other’s oral caverns in turn.

She tasted like mint and chocolate, and the way she kissed, the way she took away the rest of the world was… addicting. Lexi Kaufman, Alexa Bliss, whatever you wanted to call her, is a drug. Her kiss, her eyes, her smile, her giggle, her skin. I wanted more of everything.

My hands began to wander from her breasts, further down her sculpted body, but I always circled back to her globes, and to those perk, pokey nipples that I loved to run between my fingers. Our kissing became hungrier and more compassionate, almost wild.

After a few minutes of worshiping her tits and taut tummy, of swapping spit with her, I finally suggested, “turn over.” Alexa willingly did, and finally, her nectarine-like, so juicy ass was mine.

I massaged her back again, like it was a normal massage that this afternoon had started out as. Finally, with trembling hands, I got to her booty.

I can appreciate any nice ass, but when she’s called the Goddess, it needs to be taken in all seriousness. Her glutes were the definition of divine. So supple, so toned but so pliant to my skilled hands.

“I’ve been waiting for this all day,” she said, wiggling into my touch. “God, I fucking love your hands.” My cock was raging, but she was still just as relaxed as when we started.

I kneaded and rolled, spread her tight cheeks and giggled them all I wanted. She oohed and ahed all she wanted as I treated her famous ass with all of the reverence it deserved. Of course, I had to smack her ass a few times. I loved the sound of it, the way it jiggled with each blow, and I loved the squeals she made each time I connected with flesh. But at no point did I strike too hard. I never wanted the pain to outweigh the pleasure.

After not being able to take it anymore, I took the plunge. I spread her cheeks and pressed my face right between they. She sighed as I dance my tongue from her backdoor to pussy.

She got on her knees, rested on her forearms, and spread her legs for me. We were done dancing around each other. I took her extended invitation and dove straight in. I inserted a finger into Alexa’s tight, spongey pussy and started licking her rosebud with purpose. I licked her cheeks and bit her hot rump shamelessly, polishing her backside like I was licking a plate clean. There wasn’t an inch of that nectarine-shaped ass I didn’t mark as mine through nips, spanks, long licks and giggles. The light hitting her ass made it gleam.

Alexa moaned and pressed her stunning face to my table as finger plunged her cunt and started working the tip of my tongue against her impossibly tight sphincter. “God that’s good,” she groaned, grinding her hips into my hand and trying to ease her ass so my tongue could really get in there.

I gently rubbed the small of her back and the top of her ass and shushed her. “Relax, Lexi. It’s your massage,” I told her. “Let me.” She nodded and stopped squirming, and I went back to lapping and tongue-punching at her asshole.

Alexa’s pussy was good and wet around my fingers, and I knew it was ripe for taking if I wanted it. But as I added a third finger to her warm love crevice, I knew that only her ass would suffice. I added a copious amount of oil and lathered her ass, making it shine like a prized trophy. I massaged her glutes and worked it into her hole as much as I could, because I knew I was going to ride her.

My tongue and spit had lubed up her ass enough that I could slide a digit in without any discomfort to the vixen. I placed my mouth on her hot, juicy hood and licked up her flavor as I slowly inched my index into her starfish.

“How did I know you’d love my ass?” Alexa asked with a giggle, but a short one. I knew I had her on a tight, pleasurable rope that had her breathing coming in short.

“Because every straight male does,” I responded between long, deep licks of her soft, pink slit. “This pussy is to die for, too. I love your taste.” I felt her shudder, at my words and at my breath on her nethers.

I had worked her ass up enough for two fingers, and she gasped and grabbed the sides of the table as I snuck inside. “Oh my God,” she breathed, trying to keep herself under control. “Oh my God,” she said again as took a moment to drizzle some warm oil down the crack of her ass to make my journey in her easier. “You really know what you’re doing back there.”

“I’m great with my hands,” I concurred.

“That tongue of yours is pretty wicked, too,” she said, and though I couldn’t see it, I knew she was smiling. I wiped that smile off her face by tunneling my tongue deep into her pussy and strummed her clit with my thumb as fingers kept swirling and curling in her ass. “Uh, oh, fuck!” Little Miss Bliss cursed and shuttered, and came for the first time as I kept pulling on as many of her senses as I could.

Her arousal flooded all over my tongue and I drank in as much as I could. It was like a honeyed wine to me, one I wouldn’t mind getting drunk on every day.

“Lexi, I… I want to…” I couldn’t just come out and say ‘I want to bury my dick in your ass,’ could I?

“Let me suck your cock, first. I don’t want you going in back there dry, okay?” Alexa Bliss just asked to suck my dick so I could put it up her ass. If this is how I was to die, there was no way I’d fight it.

I removed my fingers from Alexa’s ass I sucked her juices off of my other hand. I stroked my cock as I watched her get on all fours and turn herself around to face my.

I cupped her chin in my hands and she got up on her knees along enough for me to give her a world-shattering kiss. I damn near stuck my tongue down her throay and she let me. She wrapped her arms around me and pressed her lovely chest to mine as she sucked every hint of her signature taste from my mouth. I had planned to leave her senseless, but it was her who made me dizzy.

I leaned back and grabbed the end of the table to keep myself up. Alexa smiled at me with that wallpaper smile and I damn near came right there. She spit on her hand and wrapped it around my straining pole. she rubbed me good and spit on my head a few more times before lowering her sweet, kiss-swollen lips down on my shaft.

She swirled her devilish tongue around my mushroom top, swiped at my piss slit and worked her throat down along my length. She slowly worked back and forth, choking on me but never giving up. I swore I saw stars when I hit the back of her talented throat and her nose brushed my short trimmed pubes.

Alexa sucked me good, keeping my cock rock-hard and got it soaking in spit and stringy saliva. She kept her icy blue eyes on me as much as she could, almost daring me to cum in her mouth before I could mount her ass like I wanted to since she first walked in.

“I’m sorry, but I need you now,” I said with gritted teeth and slowly retracted from her velvet throat. The entire time I slowly drew back, her bright eyes smiled at me. When I was just about out, she closed her lips around my head just enough for her to bellow out her cheeks and suck me good one last time. She let me go completely with a wet *pop* and strings of her spit were on her chin and trailing from my pick.

She got on all fours again and turned around on her knees before putting her face down and her ass up again, offering me what I wanted.

I spit on her ass a few times and worked it in with my fingers before I lined up my tip with my prize.

“Slowly, please,” she almost pleaded. I felt bad. She was completely offering herself to me, making herself as vulnerable as she could be, and she was afraid I might hurt her.

“I promise I’ll make you feel good, Lexi. I don’t want to hurt you,” I said in the softest tone I could as I slowly started to ease my cock head into her.

She inhaled sharply and grabbed the sides of the table. I pulled out and slowly probed back in with just the tip. Every time I felt her sphincter resist, I pulled out and started over again.Every time, I spit on my dick or added another coating of lotion.

Finally, I was able to get half of my sizable length in her before I felt her muscles finally relax. “There’s my girl, I praised her as I started to thrust in and out of her at a gentle even place.

I let Alexa command the speed and force that I fucked her with. When she said “More, please more!” I gave a little more length or some extra hip power. “Fuck! There it is! There! Oh you’re deep!” I knew I was where I needed to be.

When I hit a stride we both liked, I leaned down and humped her hard and fast, my chest pressed to her back and I started furiously working her clit again. I plundered her shitter and jammed three fingers into her honeypot and finger fucked her good.

Alexa was breathing in deep, gasping for air as I pummeled her. She was speechless and her entire body was red as I banged her half to death. When her next orgasm hit, she jack-knifed hard onto her knees, almost knocking me off the table. I grabbed her big tits and held her to me. I groped her and kissed her with tongue over her shoulder as I drew out her orgasm. Her anus, grabbing me and letting me go, squeezing me and relaxing, fluttering around me was too much teasing and I finally emptied my balls up into her brown shoot.

“Oh! Oh! SHIT!” she shuttered and cried as I filled her bowels with everything I had.

Once I was drained, completely milked by her reflexes and her used hole, I slowly drew out for the last time and sat on the table, completely tired out.

Spent and sweaty, Alexa Bliss fell forward, her ass up in the air again. Her shoulders heaved and she ran her hands through mussed hair as she tried to recover.

I took the chance to start massaging her glutes again, to try to ease any pain she might feel, as well as tease her pussy a bit as she came back too.

“I’m sorry I cam in late, but at the same time, I’m not.” Alexis giggled, and my heart sank, thinking it was going to be the last time I’d hear it. But then it skipped when she asked, “When is your next opening? I usually dominate, but… I love the idea of being your little slut.” How could I not re-book her after the hours. She was temptation personified, lying there like that, literally asking for more.