Jessica Alba’s Big Break

Jessica moved through the party looking fabulous…. She liked watching the men look at her. She didn’t have the biggest boobs but she had a smokin hot body and her outfit was tight.

An older man approached her leering at her chest…. She just smiled at him knowing he was a sleaze. “Hello beautiful he said as he slipped his arm around her gently cupping her breast before moving it quickly down to her ass. Jessica was about to grab it when the man winced and yelped…. “OOWWWW HEY!” Jessica spun around to see a very well dressed woman with the man’s hand in a wrist lock. “What have I told you about molesting young girls you pervert?” “I’m sorry…. I’m sorry….. “ he cried struggling under the pressure of her joint lock. “Don’t apologize to me…. Apologize to HER!” she snapped. The man cowered under the pressure and began profusely apologizing. “I’m sorry…. Very, very sorry…” “Hey…. Hey…. Slimeball….. there are only 5 words I want to hear right now…. Or I snap off your lecherous hand.” She spat. “AHHHHHHHHH…. Please!…. Okay okay okay….. I’ll Never Do That Again.” He whined. “This had better be the last time you pull this shit…. Because if I see it again, I’m going to rip it off and shove it up your ass!” she seethed. The man slithered away holding his wrist.

“WOW…. That was amazing.” Jessica gushed totally impressed by this mysterious woman. “That wasn’t amazing, THAT was survival…. And you little girl, need Hollywood survival training.” She replied. “Otherwise they’ll chew you up and spit you out.” Jessica looked down realizing that this woman was 100% right. “Come with me.” The woman said. She took Jessica’s hand and led her away.

They walked together over to the bar and the woman ordered two shots of tequila. “So…. Do you usually let total strangers feel you up?” the woman chided. “No… I was going to stop him.” Jessica replied. “Sure you were…. You look like every other desperate actress out there….. Let some slick Hollywood guy cop a feel if it means you’ll get the part.” The woman continued chastising Jessica. “No really…. I …..” She tried to look confident but the woman saw right through her. “Listen… you’re pretty, but there are a million pretty girls out there ready to get down on their knees and do whatever it takes to get the part…. If you do that…. You’ll end up in porn.” She advised the young beauty. Jessica nodded, understanding that this woman was trying to give her good advice.

She ordered two more drinks… this time double shots….. and then took the bottle and led Jessica away to another part of the house that wasn’t so loud. “What’s your name?” she asked. “Jessica…. Jessica Alba.” Jessica replied. “Have you done anything I would have seen?” the woman asked. “I just finished Idle Hands.” She replied confidently. The woman shook her head. “Nevermind…. So you want to make it big in Hollywood… (she took a big drink from her glass) but you’re innocent.” The woman stated beginning to set her trap. Jessica had just taken a similar drink from her glass and tried to sound cool “I’m not that innocent.” The woman scoffed…. “Really? So what’s your pleasure, Men, Women both?…. Have you ever given a blow job to get a part?” “No…. I’ve never had to do that.” Jessica replied trying to sound like a professional. “And that’s why I’ve never heard of you.” She replied. “You’re not a virgin are you?” the woman asked. “No…. No…. “ Jessica replied. “Lesbian?” the woman continued. “No…” Jessica replied flatly. “Have you ever ‘experimented’?” she pressed. “No….” Jessica replied. “So you’ve never even kissed a woman?” Jessica shook her head. The woman refilled both their glasses and took another drink…. Jessica, feeling obligated took another drink from her glass. The woman saw that Jessica was feeling the effects of the tequila and she stepped closer and put her arm around her waist…. She leaned in and kissed her…. Slipping her tongue into Jessica’s mouth. Jessica was surprised but the kiss was soft and sweet so she didn’t immediately pull away….. the woman broke the kiss and stepped back…. “NOW you’re not that innocent.” She said with a wry smile that made Jessica smile and then they both started to laugh. “I like you Jessica…. You’re a good kisser…. Come with me… I want to introduce you to some important people.” The woman continued.

The woman led Jessica towards another part of the party and introduced her to some important men…. They gave her kisses on her cheek and gentle hugs of greeting…. The woman signaled one of the men who headed off to another room. “I think we can expect BIG THINGS from Jessica….” One of the men said. “Absolutely. She’s going to become a household name.” the woman replied. The woman led her away from the men having accomplished what she set out to do.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH.” Jessica gushed. “They want me to audition for a starring role in a new TV show.” “You’re very welcome sweetheart.” They were all alone now and away from the party…. The woman leaned in again and Jessica saw her coming and allowed herself to be kissed again. This time it was slower, more deliberate and the woman stayed in longer, stroking Jessica’s face and grazing her hands over Jessica’s firm tits. The woman’s touch was intoxicating and Jessica found herself getting excited by the sensations. The woman opened a door behind them and pushed Jessica inside…. She kissed her more deeply and forcefully becoming more passionate and stroking the young girl’s body…. Then she slipped her hand under her dress and cupped Jessica’s smoldering pussy. “MMMMPPHHH” she squeaked into the woman’s mouth but Jessica was in her warm embrace and the woman immediately found the button and began to rub it….. the few wiggles of reluctance were quickly melted by the experienced hand of her seductress and soon Jessica was purring into her mouth, tongues dancing, hips thrusting. Jessica squeezed her as an orgasm rippled through her body.

Jessica opened her eyes and looked at her temptress…. She couldn’t think of what to say. The woman kissed her again and unzipped her dress pulling it from her shoulders….. She kissed and licked Jessica’s neck while she unhooked her bra…. She tugged away the cup revealing a hard nipple and sucked it into her mouth. “MMMMMMMM” Jessica moaned, feeling the soft warm mouth on her tit. Now standing in just her heels and panties, she was exposed and the woman had spun her web perfectly. As she sucked on each nipple her hand easily slipped into the silky panties of the girl and began fingering her again now unimpeded by any fabric. “OHHH….. AHHHH….. UHHHHH” Jessica moaned as the woman stroked her sensitive clit. Jessica found it impossible to resist the woman’s charms…. And allowed herself to be fingered…. Her panties were tugged to the floor and she stood in the room completely naked. Jessica’s hips thrust and they kissed again as another orgasm rippled through her body.

Jessica’s head was spinning…. She was high with a mix of tequila and endorphins and she let the woman lay her down on the bed in this room. She hadn’t even caught her breath when she felt the soft tongue slip inside her juicy pussy. “UUUUGHHHH” she moaned as the woman drank in her juices. Whatever ideas about lesbianism flew out of her mind as she immediately succumbed to the professional tongue of her master. The woman gripped young Jessica’s thighs and flicked her tongue between her pussy lips…. Over her labia and ultimately onto her clit. Jessica seized and grabbed the woman’s head in full surrender. “OH GOD YEEESSSSSHHHH” she hissed as the woman smiled through her licking…. Watching this sweet young thing buck and twitch was a delightful pleasure. She had seduced many young actresses with a few shots of tequila and her tongue. Jessica Alba was no different. The young maiden writhed and moaned as she approached another explosion. The woman slipped her fingers into her slave and Jessica’s pussy clutched at them….. UGGHHHH….. OHHHH….. OH GODDDAAAHHH…… OH YEAH….. OH YEAH…… OH GOD…… UGHHH…… UGHHH…. UGHHH….. OOOHHHHHH….. OOOOHHHH…… OOOOOHHHHHHHHYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAHHHHH”

Now from his vantage point in the closet, the woman’s male friend had videotaped this entire seduction. He had close ups of Jessica’s pussy being licked and her cries of bliss as she was easily lured into their diabolical trap. Now with the camera in hand he prepared to join the fun.

The woman climbed up Jessica’s slender frame playfully pinned her down. She looked down at her helpless victim and then leaned into her and they kissed wildly…. “OH MY GOD…. THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!” Jessica gushed. “Well you taste incredible”, the woman replied making Jessica blush. “You’ve never had a woman go down on you…. Ever?” she asked. “No…. but it was… really amazing.”, Jessica replied. “But you prefer men right?”, she asked. Jessica nodded. “And you’re enjoying this…. Naughty fun?”, she continued. Jessica sheepishly nodded again. “Do you trust me?”, the woman pressed. Jessica smiled…. “Yes… I trust you.” The woman got off the naked youngster and untied the scarf around her neck. She held it out in front of her and Jessica allowed herself to be blindfolded. “You’ll be my sexy slave girl for tonight okay?” the woman asked. “Okay.” Jessica replied. “You will call me Master.” She continued. Jessica shivered at the thought of being a sex slave and replied “Yes Master.” “Good, Now on your knees slave.” The woman ordered.

She motioned to her partner and he emerged naked and hard as a rock. His cock throbbed at the thought of fucking this voluptuous girl. The woman quickly stripped and knelt behind Jessica. She pulled her hands behind her back and tied them with the cloth belt she was wearing. Jessica wasn’t really tied up…. It was more for show. She was just holding her to force Jessica to submit. “So you like having your pussy licked?” the woman asked. “Yes Master.” Jessica replied. “And you like to suck cock too I bet don’t you…. You dirty little slut.” The woman continued. “Yes Master.” Jessica replied. “And I bet you swallow their cum too don’t you….. dirty slut.” The woman asked. “Yyyes Master.” Jessica replied tentatively. “Good….. Now I’m going to give you some nice hard cock to suck…….. you sexy little slut.” The woman ordered. Jessica’s heart was racing…. Is there someone else in the room she thought…. Is there really a man in the room with them…. “Yyyes Master.” Jessica weakly replied. “What was that slut?” the woman scolded. “Yes Master.” Jessica said more forcefully. The woman leaned to her ear…. “Don’t worry…. He’s a gorgeous stud with a delicious cock.” Jessica heart was pounding as she sensed the man move in front of her. Then she felt the tip of his cock rub against her lips and smear precum on them…… She licked her lips and opened her mouth. The man eased his cock into the willing girl’s mouth and Jessica began to suck on it. This was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her. The woman stroked Jessica’s body and urged her on. “Yeah you sexy bitch…. Suck that big cock….. I bet you want all his hot cum to shoot into your mouth don’t you….. filthy slut….. Yeah… you want him to slide that big, hard cock inside your tight little pussy don’t you….. you hot slut. “MMMMMHHHHHMMMM”, Jessica moaned as she was getting super turned on. And of course the man had the HD camera focused on the gorgeous bee stung lips of Jessica Alba and she voraciously sucked his cock. Jessica pushed herself further and further trying to see how much of this big cock that she could get into her mouth. “Oh you want that cock bad don’t you bitch.” The woman praised. Jessica was literally on the verge of gagging but she was actually dripping from her pussy she was so turned on.

The man pumped his cock and stroked her face taking enjoying her enthusiastic efforts. “Do you want him to fuck that tight little pussy of yours?” the woman asked. Jessica moaned her approval. “No slave…. I want to hear you beg for it…. Beg like a cock hungry slut.” She demanded. Jessica immediately stopped sucking his cock and said, “Please fuck me….. I want your cock…. Please sir….. I’ll do anything you want.” Pleased the woman untied Jessica’s hands….. She leaned the girl back until she was lying on her back. The man spread her slender thighs and rubbed his cock across her slippery cunt. “AHHHHHHOOOOHHHHHH” she moaned as the head stretched her tiny pussy open. Jessica grunted happily as each inch wormed its way into her hot tunnel. “MMMAAAAHHH….. GAWD….. SIR…. GOOOOOD!” she ached. This was the biggest cock she’d ever had and it was blowing her mind. Now buried to the hilt the man ground down against her pelvis letting his weight grind against her swollen clit and making the sweet girl writhe. “You like that big hard cock in your pussy, slut?” the woman asked. “YESSSSSS” Jessica hissed. “You want him to fuck your juicy pussy?” she pressed. “GOD YESSSS” she begged.

The man leaned back and the woman panned the camera from Jessica’s blindfolded face down to her hot cunt filled with cock. Then she stepped back so she had the pair in the right frame and she signaled to the man. He reached for the blindfold and pulled out to the tip of his cock. Swiftly he removed the blindfold and Jessica’s eyes focused on his face and eyes as he held her legs and plunged the entire length into her willing pussy. “OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she groaned delightfully. The man had heard women respond like this to his cock and he smiled at his latest acquisition. Jessica was completely engrossed in being fucked and didn’t even notice the woman standing off to the side with the camera filming the entire scene. The man fucked Jessica deeply and with a purpose. Her body was on fire and she rapidly approached a blissful nirvana. “OOOOHHHH ….. OHHHH….. MAAAHH…. YES…. SIR….. OH …. GAWD…… OH GAWD…… YES ….. SIR….. PLEASE…. DON’T …. STOP….. OH….. OHHHH…. OHHHHH….. YEESSSSSSS….. YESSSSSS…. YEEEEEEEHHHHHHAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!” The woman zoomed in and watched as Jessica gripped the man with her legs and came.

Jessica gasped for breath as her head spun. The man turned her over and pulled her hips up so he could fuck her doggie style. He grabbed her by the hair and drove the full length into the tender girl. “UGGGGHHHHHHH” she groaned. He held her and banged away at the sweet young girl. Her body was in full surrender. Her cunt twitched and squeezed relentlessly as the man drove her right over the edge again. “AAAHHH AHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHGGGAWWWWWDD” she cried as another powerful orgasm rushed through her body. The woman circled around behind them and got a close up of Jessica’s twitching cunt as the man continued to bang away at her. It was a gorgeous sight….. this sweet girl impaled with a beautiful, huge cock. She kept the focus on it as Jessica came a third time.

The woman reached in and retrieved the tripod from the closet. She kept the couple in focus while they fucked and locked the camera down as she’d done dozens of time. Now with Jessica an enthusiastic show pony being fucked nice and deep…. It was time to join in. She crawled up on the bed underneath the bucking teenager. Jessica gasped in rapture as the woman pulled her hips down and enveloped the twitching clit of her slave. “GGGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWDDDDUUUHHHHH”, she cried as stars spun around her head. Juice almost squirted out of the slender girl. The man pulled out and it flowed out into the hungry mouth of the master. She moaned lustfully as Jessica trembled in delightful agony.

The man tightened the focus of the camera and then returned to the bed. The woman had flipped Jessica back onto her back and the man joined her spreading Jessica’s legs far apart. Jessica looked down at them as the pair began to lick her dripping pussy together. “OH MY GAAAAWWWDDDD!” she moaned. Then the man slipped his fingers inside the teen and found her G spot. Jessica’s hip thrust up as she’d never felt this before. “AAHHH AHHHH AHHHHHHHH! She cried out as her body stiffened and her hips thrust up over and over. “Who’s pussy is this?!” the woman demanded. “IT’S YOUR PUSSY MASTER!” Jessica cried. Jessica came hard again and the woman let her partner enjoy the sweet nectar of their conquest.

She rose and snatched up the camera…. She stood confidently and focused on Jessica’s face as the man was licking the teen….. Jessica finally noticed it as the man was mounting her again…. Her expression changed…. and as she was about to speak out the man kissed her and plunged his cock into her gushing gash. “MMMMMMMMPPPPHHHHHHHH” she moaned into his mouth. Jessica’s eyes stayed open and she tried to focus on the woman and the camera but the man began to fuck her deep and hard. “UUGHHH…… UUUGHHHH…….. UUUGHHHH….” She grunted.

The woman, now certain the Jessica was aware that she was being filmed moved right up to Jessica’s face. “We’ve been filming you since you walked in the room sugar. Don’t worry…. You haven’t seen any of the other big stars we’ve filmed have you?” Jessica was panting as the man had lifted her knees and was dutifully pumping the teen starlet. Jessica was torn between the shock of knowing she was being filmed and the mounting orgasm that was about to take her body again. The orgasm won as her body shuddered…. Her pussy fluttered as did her eyes and her legs clutched at the man as he took her over the top again.

The woman signaled and the man opened Jessica’s body up to the camera by lowering one leg and exposing Jessica’s pussy to the camera. He continued to pummel this juicy babe’s tight cunt and Jessica simply couldn’t resist this fiery intrusion into her delectable body. At first she watched the woman move to get a close up of the cock in her pussy but that also made her look at herself…. She hadn’t really watched the man’s cock pumping into her body….. but even putting her focus on it for a moment reminded her of how amazing this sex was. She was CLEARLY their slave….. She couldn’t stop them even if she wanted to. “UGHHH….. OH GOD…… OH SIR….. YES SIR……” she moaned. “Who’s PUSSY?!” the master crowed. “IT’S… YOUR…. PUSS SSSY…. MAS…. TER!! GAWD….. YES PUL… EASE….. GAWD…. OH GAWD….. OH GAWD…. OH GAAAAAAWWWWWDDDDD!! Jessica came hard again. She had lost track of how many times she’d cum.

Another signal and the man released her leg…. Pulled her body up until she was on top of him (reverse cowgirl) and riding the hard cock. “Okay you dirty slut….. Ride that cock…. Show me how bad you want it.” The master ordered. Jessica was on top and she could probably pull off and stop this whole thing…. She could even argue and ask her to stop filming….. and as all those thoughts raced through her head…. The only thing she ended up doing was rising up and impaling herself with this amazing man’s cock. “Come on baby…. Fuck him hard.” The master ordered. Letting go of any final resistance, Jessica began to ride the man’s cock as hard as she could. “Yeah you LOVE the cock don’t you….. slut.” The master asked. Jessica now embraced the role….. “Yes master…. It’s so big and hard….. I’m all wet…. I love it…. I want it so bad.” She cooed. “That’s my girl….. now cum hard again for me.” Jessica obey and leaned back into the man as she bounced on his cock and they kissed. “UHHHHH… HHHHUUUUHHH….. GAWD….. SO….. HARD…… GGGUUUUHHHH….. UUUGHHHH….. UHHHH HUUUHHH….. YESSS….. YEEESSSSHHHH….. YEEESSSSSSHHHHHHH!” she gushed.

“Okay finish her off…. ‘in style’” said the master with a nod. The man pushed Jessica back onto the bed and put her ankles on his shoulders. Jessica had been fucked deep before and knew what he was about to do…. Her eyes went wide as he drove it into her with lust in his eyes. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH” The pounding was relentless as he wasn’t into getting her off but wanted to cum himself. Jessica was his fuck doll. The woman just watched as he fucked her hard and fast and Jessica creamed just clawing at him and holding on for dear life. “I’m gonna cum” he moaned. “DO IT NOW!” the master ordered.

He pulled out and tugged Jessica off the bed and onto the floor. He quickly stuffed his throbbing cock into her mouth. The master focused tightly on Jessica’s face. She wasn’t concerned…. Jessica was sucking his cock with all her might. It worked….. “AHHHH…. AHHHH YESSSSS!!!” he groaned…. The man pulled out his cock and started jerking. Jessica was so surprised but it was too late… a huge blast of cum splattered across her face and she closed her eyes…… “Open your mouth slut!” the master ordered. Jessica obeyed and another blast splattered across her lips and nose…. Some shot into her mouth, hair and her cheeks….. finally the man pushed his cock into Jessica’s mouth and she sucked on it, milking out what was left. “That’s a good little cum guzzling slut.” The master praised. “Now clean the cock and get all the cum off your face….. and stay right there!” she ordered.

The woman slipped on a robe from the closet and stepped out. Jessica obeyed and was blissfully sucking on the semi hard cock. The man mopped up the cum from her face and let her suck it off. Moments later the master returned with the two executives from before. Jessica bolted upright and covered herself. “MMmmast…” she stopped herself from saying master and sat there dumbfounded realizing that she didn’t even know this woman’s name. “Relax Jessica….. Everyone knows what is going on here. I told you…. You’re not the first and you certainly won’t be the last.” Jessica’s expression was obvious…. She was unhappy and embarrassed.

“Okay….. Jessica Alba. From Flipper, Never Been Kissed, Idle Hands and a few other notable roles on 90210 and Brooklyn South. You think we didn’t know who you were? Who do you think got you the invite to this party? Why do you think you’re being offered the leading role in Dark Angel?” the woman continued. “We planned this…. Right up to Richard here who just fucked your brains out…. “Nice to meet you.” The man said offering his hand. Jessica sheepishly shook his hand still covering herself.

“Now…. SLAVE”, the woman said with a subtle jab of jest…. “You’re IN. You’re part of the club…. You got the part… but there are a couple of details that need to get worked out.” She said gesturing to the two executives. Jessica was torn…. She felt used and tricked but also good and excited about her career. The woman walked over and knelt down next to her. “Sweetie… please don’t be freaked. This is how the business is. We like you… we hire you…. And sometimes we fuck you and suck you…. You don’t have to fuck these guys… They just think your gorgeous and they want a blowjob…. IF… you’re willing.”, she offered. “You mean I don’t have to if I don’t want to?” Jessica replied. The woman leaned in, “Look, you don’t have to…. But I seriously recommend that you do. You won’t lose the part but you’ll offend them…. And don’t act like you don’t like to suck cock.”

“Now Slave….. sit up straight and suck these cocks like the cum guzzling whore that you are!” she ordered. Jessica sat up and stopped covering herself and smiled…. “Hi guys”, she said with a smile. “You have something I want.” She continued playing it up. The men smiled and walked over…. They pulled out their cocks and Richard started filming as Jessica enveloped the first cock. Jessica proceed to give a first class blowjob to both men…. Trading off back and forth until both men were ready to burst. The woman ordered her, “Finish them off slut!” Jessica sucked the first man deeply and caressed his balls until he exploded in her mouth. “MMMMMMMMMM” she moaned as his hot spunk hit the back of her throat. She took the next man on and continued to give her best effort, gazing up at him with her ‘cum in my mouth eyes’ and caressing his sack as she sucked him deep. He pumped his hips and fucked her mouth….. “Give the little slut a facial!” the woman ordered. The man smiled down at her and Jessica dutifully pulled off and opened her mouth. The man jerked and spewed his cream all over her face. Jessica giggled as it splattered and then she rubbed his shaft over her face and slurped off the goo.

The men just marveled at the sexy goddess…. Jessica was overwhelmed with this entire situation but as everyone left the room, the woman stayed behind. “This was the best performance since Jennifer Aniston. You’re going to be a HUGE WHORE…. I’m mean Star….” she chuckled and smiled at Jessica hugging her close and kissing her. “You were amazing Jessica…. I think you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever made love to….. Thank you.” Jessica looked at her and lightly shook her head…. I can’t believe what happened… what I did.” “Well if you want, you can come over to my place tomorrow and watch the whole thing.” The woman said. “I’ll invite Richard over too if you want…” she continued. Jessica looked at her with a sudden smile…. “OH Ho….. You want him!” she accused. Jessica realized her expression gave her away and she blushed. “You dirty slut!” the woman chided….. then the two ladies started laughing hysterically.