Brook Hogan – Nailing the Interview

Brooke Hogan was leaving out of the shipping and receiving dock of a random mall in the middle of nowhere Texas, and she was sick of this. Brooke had set about a singing career with the help of her father, legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan and the success of the VH1 reality show “Hogan Knows Best”. She had released her first album at the ripe age of 17 about a year ago. She promoted the hell out of it hoping to follow in the footsteps of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, etc. Even though Christina Aguilera was the only one of the three with talent; all of them saw success because of their ripe young age and pure sexuality when they hit the music scene. Let’s be honest, Britney and Jessica’s success was based solely on the fact that when they came out they were 17 year old pieces of jailbait that every male from 8-80 dreamed of sticking their dick into. The problem was, even though Brooke had platinum blond hair, a sexy face, and a recent new set of tits, she had zero singing talent plus an overbearing father that made her cover up whenever she tried to dress skimpy. Plus, times had changed in the music business, that current group of singers came out 6-7 years ago and no kids these days gave 2 fucks about teeny bopper singers with all looks and no talent.

With clubs not wanting to book Brooke Hogan because there was nobody that wanted to see her sing, Brooke had to embark on a national tour of singing at shopping malls all over the country for free, not getting paid anything, play to audiences with little or no people and the only people that stopped to watch her were horny men that stared at her tits and ass the whole time. Even ratings for “Hogan knows best” were slipping recently with the show most likely heading to cancelation. The latest ratings showed that it usually peaked when Brooke was on and then fell off immediately, most likely do to the fact that guys flipped it on when Brooke was on, jerked off to her and went back to whatever they were watching before.

This past performance at this particular Texas mall was especially bad. There were about 10 people that were gathered around the small stage. It was apparent that nobody gave a shit about her music because between songs, guys were yelling out things like “show us your tits” and “bend over so we can take a picture”. Her dad over reacted every time he heard a negative as was always being restrained from going after guys who said that stuff. Hulk had reached the point on this tour that he wasn’t allowed in the mall anymore because he would cause more headaches for security than it was worth having him there. Now with nobody there to intimidate these guys, Brooke was getting sexually harassed all over the place. Signing autographs after this performance, she was approached by a man in his 40’s who slipped her an envelope full of $100 bills that was hers to keep if she blew him in the mall bathroom and let him cum on her face. That was the last straw, she left in tears and exited the mall determined to quit this music business and venture out by herself, away from her overbearing Dad who wasn’t about to let her quit this business she had grown to hate. Brooke wasn’t even aloud to date guys with her Dad around, she was more and more interested in guys in general, but had little chance to experiment sexually growing up under the watchful eyes of her dad. She had given a blowjob or two, but had only ever fucked her ex boyfriend a couple times back when she was 16. She just wanted to be free to do what she wanted, when she wanted and who she wanted without consequence.

There was only one way she could do that and that was to get a job of her own, that would allow her to move out and pay her own bills. After canceling her tour and flying back to Florida, she had a lengthy conversation with her parents who after some convincing, begrudgingly agreed to buy her a condo if she agreed to pay them back and get her own job. Not wanting to join the real working world and get a 9-5 job, Brooke got in touch with someone she knew that could give her a job, with exposure, money, and a chance to show off her best “assets”!

Brooke dialed her cell phone and asked to speak to the person that could help her, after a 5 minute hold a voice picked up on the other end; “Vince McMahon speaking”

“Hi Vince, Brooke Hogan, I was calling you because I have decided to quit the music business and wanted to become a WWE Diva”

“Really, well Brooke, as much as we’d love to have you and think you could be amazing with you body and looks, I just can’t do it because there is no way in hell I’m going to deal with your Dad; we ask a lot of our Diva’s and there is a lot of sexuality involved that your dad would never let you do; I’m sorry Brooke, again, you’d be great and the fans would go nuts seeing your young 18 year old body in a bra and panty match, but again, your dad’s presence isn’t worth it”

“What if I told you my Dad wasn’t involved in this decision?” said Brooke.

“Well, that would be a different story…now I’m interested, but we’d need you to sign a contract Brooke promising your dad could not interfere and you’d have to go thorough training that is required of all our Divas before they see any time on TV, is that something you’d be willing to do Brooke ?”

“Absolutely Mr. McMahon, where can I sign up?”

“Well, I’ll have a ticket waiting for you at the airport? When you get into New York, I’ll have a limo waiting to take you to our office in Stamford, sound good Brooke?”

“That sounds great Mr. McMahon” said Brooke

“Great, and Brooke, one more thing, bring some………sexy clothing, if you’re going to be a WWE Dive, you’ll need to get used to wearing umm, provocative and sexy most of the time. See you tomorrow” and with that he hung up the phone.

Brooke hung up her phone, turned her car around and headed, ironically, towards the nearest mall in search of some skimpy and sexy clothing for her contract signing tomorrow. She first stopped at Victoria’s Secret and bought a new sexy silk red laced bra with matching red silk french laced panties that left very little to the imagination. She stopped at the mall salon, got a manicure, pedicure and her toenails painted a bright red that along with her new fingernails matched her new bra and panties perfectly. She left there and got some matching bright “whore red” lipstick, some high heeled thigh high boots, and some extra lingerie. Her final stop was Macy’s where she bought a woman’s business jacket and skirt. They were grey and the jacket was extremely low cut about one size too small and the skirt was pleated but barely covered her ass cheeks. Lastly she grabbed a pair of open toed, 5 inch black leather stiletto high heels. She took them into the dressing room to try it on. As she stared at her self in the mirror, she really felt like she was meant for this. From her feet up you saw her beautiful perfect red toes in her 5 inch heels, and her firm tanned legs went all the way up to her thighs wear her skirt led to her jacket. Her jacket was closed but it was so tight you could see her gorgeous new tits in her red bra clear as day. Her hair was golden and beautiful as she licked her new cherry red lipstick coated lips. Any guy would want her right now and she could have any man she wanted just by dressing like this, she was meant to be a pure sex object and nothing else. She was going to soon drive men across the country wild and it excited her. She bent over so she could see her self in the mirror, as she bent over, her skirt lifted up so you could see her whole gorgeous ass in her red thong. She moved her fingers up and slid her thong aside and started to run her increasingly wet pussy. Rubbing her nails along her clit made her hot, she kept going and slid her finger in and started pushing it gently at first, but she sat down and she began fingering herself faster and faster. She put in another finger and she started moaning not even noticing she was because how much she was into it. Faster and faster until 18 year old Brooke Hogan started shaking and soon came all over her own fingers….she sat there for a bit, a bit out of breath but it seemed as if a whole new world had opened up. If she could make herself do that with own 2 fingers, imagine what some of those hot wresters in the WWE could do to her with their rock hard cocks…….Brooke composed herself, walked out and paid for her clothes. She left the mall and went home to pack that night for her next journey.

Brooke’s plane arrived from Miami into NY/JFK the following afternoon and just as Vince had promised, there was a limousine waiting for her. She only one bag with her makeup, toiletries, some workout cloths and some extra high heels, mini skirts, tops and some lingerie just in case they wanted her to have a bra and panties match out of the blue. She handed her bag to the limo driver and he opened the door for her, as she got in she soon realized that she wasn’t alone. In the other end of this exquisite stretched limousine was a young good looking guy ho was dressed in a very expensive Brioni 2 piece suit who introduced himself as Dylan. He told Brooke that he was in charge of the interview process for all new Diva recruits and that they would first be stopping for a nice lunch in downtown Stamford do he could get to know Brooke better.

As the limo arrived at the restaurant, Dylan eyed Brooked up and down as she got out in front of him, he especially loved the way the bottom of her ass cheeks and her sexy lace pantyhose could be seen as she arched her back to get out and was glad she had taken the advice to wear some very revealing and sexy clothing. She was definitely wearing a thong as there was just a hint of the red silk thong that was running in between her sexy ass. As they sat down for lunch, Dylan took the liberty of ordering them an expensive cabernet and even though she was barely 18 years old, Brooke didn’t say anything as they continued to chat. They started out with casual conversation such as her hobbies, what she was looking for with this opportunity, the amount of travel involved, etc? As the lunch went on Brooke found herself feeling a tad flush, a little tipsy even, as she watched the waiter pour her 3rd glass of wine. When Dylan noticed that she was looking a little red and even slurred some of her words a tad he; knew he was able to ask her some more candid questions.

“So Brooke, I’ll be honest, there is a lot of sexuality you’ll need to display as a Diva so it’s important for me to ask this question, are you still a virgin? Or have you had sex before?”

A little shocked at the questions Brooke took a big gulp of her wine. “Well, I guess so, I mean I’ve given oral before a little bit and had a guy enter me, but not for long at all because my Dad was home, but that’s about it”

“Look, the reason I ask is because you’re so young and will be on the road a lot and being as sexy as you are, there are going to be a lot of wrestlers on the roster interested in….knowing you better if you get what I’m saying. I just wanted to make sure you’ll be comfortable with that sort of thing and the WWE doesn’t usually hire sexually inexperienced women because it can lead to problems on the road, lawsuits, etc”

“Is that going to be a problem? I mean I told you what I have done, and I’m cool with hot wrestlers hitting on me, I don’t want this to hurt my chances of getting this job.”

“Well Brooke, let’s go back to what you told me and I’ll decide if this interview process will continue OK?” said Dylan putting on a pair of dark sunglasses so he could freely ogle her buxom tits sticking out of her jacket without being overt. Brooke nodded her head in agreement as she took another sip of wine.

“So when you said you’ve given oral before, or let’s be frank, sucked a cock before, did you enjoy it, tell me about what you did and feel free to show me with your mouth what you did”

Getting the hint, Brooke said “I definitely liked sucking this guys dick, I started by stroking, spitting on my hand and stroking his cock up and down” as Brooke made hand motions of her experience. “I then licked the tip of his cock and licked underneath his head which seemed to drive him crazy” as she stuck out he tongue in a flicking motion which in turn made Dylan’s cock get rock hard in his suit pants. “I then licked up and down his shaft and licked his balls as I stroked his cock…after that I worked back up to the top of his dick and gave his head one last lick before I swallowed it and sucked up and down.” She was moving her head up and down showing him what she did and even used her fingers to display how she played with the guys balls as she blew him.

“What happened after that?” said Dylan, his heart racing from the wine and the fact he was so turned on.

“Well, I continued to do this for a couple minutes and the guy grabbed handfuls of my hair with his hands which hurt a little, but felt good at the same time and he forced his whole cock down my throat to the point I almost threw up” said Brooke grabbing her own platinum blond hair and leaning over the table to illustrate the face fucking she received pushing her tits to the point they looked ready to pop out of her jacket and even talking in a way like she was gagging on something

“Did he cum and if so where exactly? Tell me about that next”

“He pulled his dick out of my mouth and before I had time to think he told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. I did as he was asked and looked him straight in the eyes as he jerked his cock and filled my 16 year old mouth with his hot cum and there was a lot. He told me to swallow it which I did, but there was so much that there was a lot that was left on my face and chin” said Brooke looking at Dylan while sticking her tongue out of her gorgeous red lipstick coated lips.

Dylan had heard enough, plus his cock was so hard and his balls filled with so much cum that it hurt. This was the point at the interview where the fun usually began. He would ask the divas how bad they wanted the job and what they were willing to do to get it. Some had him follow them to the bathroom to fuck them and some choose the limo. Dylan would have been fine with either but he as about to get a rather ballsy answer from someone so young.

“So Brooke, you’re on the right track, but in order to move onto the next step, you need to show me how bad you want this job”

With that Brooke stood up, excused herself and went to find the restroom. Dylan was pretty sure he screwed up by being so overly sexually with such a young girl and she was going to go call her dad and tell her what a bunch of perverts the WWE were along with the drinks they were pouring her. He was just about to pullout his cell phone to tell his boss Brooke was going to be a no go when Brooke came waltzing out of the restroom with her high heels clacking on the wood floor. She then came over to Dylan, bent down to make sure her breasts were in front of his face and told him to hold out his hand as she whispered I his ear.

“Here is my answer Dylan, I hope you like it? Let me know if I can move onto the next step” and with that handed Dylan the red thong silk panties she just had on previously as she was now wearing nothing under her dress. “In the meantime, I’m going to sit down, finish my wine and let you think about it.” Brooke sat down, removed her foot from her stiletto heel and moved it right against Dylan’s crotch. Taking pauses from the pleasure Dylan said, “So…um Brooke…I see you are very serious about….aa..ummm..moving onto the next step….so…ahh, let’s go back to the hotel suite where my assistant Ryan will be there…a…waiting for us.”

“Sure” cooed Brook is a sumptuous voice as she moved her foot from rubbing his rock hard cock down to massage his cum filled ball sack as he almost passed out in ecstasy. “What did you boys have in mind?”

“Umm…well….I’ll be honest. Being a Diva isn’t easy; we are going to test all your skills, both physical and mental. Let’s just say you might get sweaty and I hope your limber cause we will defiantly stretch you out…it might be a little….hard”

“Well, I’m up for any challenge so les say we go because right now, the next step of the interview isn’t the only thing that’s….hard” as she pressed right under his balls with her sexy foot almost making him shoot his load in his pants….

“Check please” said Dylan…

As they got in the limo, Dylan allowed Brooke to get in first and got a first hand look at her sexy shaved teenage cunt as she bent over to get in. He knew this was going to be one hell of an interview. He got in and told the limo driver to take them back to the hotel and to take his time getting her as he raised the limo barrier….

“So Brooke, why don’t you come over here and show me exactly what you did to the lucky guy in that story you just told me.”

With that, Brooke licked her lips and started to crawl over to Dylan on all four until her head was against his crotch. She took no exception as she undid his belt and grabbed hold of his pants and yanked both his pants and boxers down to his ankles in one swoop. Dylans 8 inch cock sprang out hard as a rock. Brooke grabbed his shaft and started to slowly stroke it up and down while looking at him directly in his eyes making him even harder if that was possible. She continued stoking his cock as she lowered her head down, opened her mouth and ran her velvety tongue against his rapidly growing cum filled balls. She continued to lick the underside of his balls as her tongue circled his sack and slowly ran up his shaft while keeping her eyes straight at him. This was driving him crazy as she was clearly teasing him with her tongue as she licked everywhere but his head. While this was going on, Dave loosened his tie and poured himself a scotch as he was truly intent on enjoying this. He took a sip as Brooke came up from licking his shaft and balls, hung her tongue out over his head and licked his head as he moaned in ecstasy. Seeing the strand of saliva that now connected his cock to Brookes tongue drove him over the edge. Without saying a word he grabbed a handful of her bleach blond locks and pushed his cock down the teenager’s throat. Brooke seemed to gag a bit, but he picked her head back up as she drooled on his cock.

“Very good Brooke, very good” said Dylan. “You’re…..ummmm…vee—rrryyy…..taleted” sputtered Dave and Brooke continued to devour his cock.

As Dave grabbed his drink to take a sip, Brooke reached into his pants that were around his ankles and pulled out her panties she had given him earlier all while having Dave pushing her head up and down basically face fucking her. As Dave let her up for air, she moved back, and grabbed his cock with her hand that now had her silk panties wrapped around it. She continued to stoke his cock with her panties and moved his cock up towards him as she put her velvety tongue in his most sensitive place. Seeing this bleach blond 18 year old stoke his cock while her tongue flicked between the underside of his balls and his asshole just about drove him over the edge. Just as he sensed he was on the verge, Brooke took her hand off his cock leaving the panties on his dick and leaned back against on the floor on the other side; spread her legs which lifted up her too short skirt to being with exposing her shaved 18 year old pussy. She started to finger her self as she licked her luscious red lips and said to him.

“Are you ready to cum in my 18 year old mouth?”

Without saying a word, Dylan clumsily stood up as Brooke grabbed her panties and stroked them on Dylan’s cock. Looking at him in the eyes, Brookes waiting tongue started to flick the underside of his head. Brooke reached out and ran her long red fingernails underneath his balls and sent him over the edge. Dylan used his freed hand to grab her hair, pulling her head up so she looked right at him hungrily and he grunted and unleashed 3 thick shots of his cum directly into the back of her throat. Brooke grabbed his cock and moaned as she started licking his cock as he continued to cum. One shot landed on her chin, the next on her lips and the last one on her longue. After what seemed like eternity, Dylan fell back in his seat too weak to stand as he looked at Brooke. The 18 year olds cheeks chin and luscious red lips were coated with his cum that hadn’t landed in her mouth. Brooke licked her lips sexily, collecting whatever cum within her tongues range. She opened her mouth to show him a mouth full of his warm liquid. She swallowed his cum in one gulp and then grabbed his cock and stuffed it back in her mouth squeezing the remaining cum out of him.

Reeling from the ecstasy of unloading his balls on Brookes young face, Dylan slumped back in his seat. He pulled out a cigarette and took a drag.

“Well Brooke, you certainly passed the first part of this interview with flying colors. Now, why don’t you clean up a bit before we get to the hotel? The second part of the interview is a…..three parter you could say. My associate Jason will be meeting us in your room. We’ll give you some time to freshen up and then begin the interview. Think you can handle that?” said Jason

“If I think what you have in store, then I think I can really blow this three parter away” said Brooke as she wiped remaining cum off her face, and reapplied her lipstick before the driver opened the door as they had arrived for part two…