Trust Fund Babes with Ivanka Trump

My adventure began the night I flew into New York City to attend some glitzy gala event being held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As predicted I was bored out of my mind, but with nothing to lose I decided to stick around and help myself to a few extra drinks.

Looking back on it now I’m glad I did, as I was soon introduced to a ravishing blonde beauty by the name of IVANKA TRUMP, who by all accounts seemed just as sweet and charismatic as she was beautiful. Having exchanged some witty banter, we soon settled into a great conversation followed by a few more drinks and laughs.

Truth be told, I’d never met a woman so poised and elegant in my life, which was particularly impressive considering she was just 25-years-old. It seemed she loved to laugh and knew how to have a good time, and aside from her great personality, Ivanka also had the most luscious lips you ever saw… not to mention a mouth water rack!

By nights end we had both downed a profuse amount of alcohol, as I began to see a certain twinkle in her eye suggesting that the evening was just getting started.

“So what do you say,” Ivanka beamed. “Think you’re up for a few more drinks?”

“I dunno, depends.” I replied. “Is there any place to go at this time of the night?”

Ivanka flashed me the most flirtatious look yet.

“Well I’m sure we can find a way to amuse ourselves.”

I didn’t doubt it.

That being said, we finished our drinks and made our way to a waiting car where we climbed into the backseat and spent the next few minutes just driving around the city. It was there Ivanka leisurely crossed her long legs to show off her thighs, before taking off her mink coat and revealing her ample chest and bare shoulders.

“I’m really glad I met you tonight. These types of events can be so boring, but tonight I’m having a blast.”

Considering how sexy she looked I had to agree.

“Now I just want to sit back and let my hair down,” she beamed. “You don’t mind do you?”

That said, Ivanka produced a small vile of coke and reached out to offer me a bump. We immediately snorted a quick line together, before she suddenly threw herself at me – kissing me hard on the lips! I almost gasped with surprise as she practically mauled me in the backseat, with her full luscious lips and voluptuous figure.

The scent of her body and perfume was intoxicating as I slid my hand between her legs and my fingers dipped beneath her dress and slowly slipped up the inside of her thighs. I smirked smugly to myself as I listened to her coo to my touch.

Ivanka then surprised me when I discovered that she in fact wasn’t wearing any panties. This woman was amazing, and the decision itself was quite bold considering the long slit on her thousand dollar gown, which traveled all the way up the length of her thighs.

She giggled to my reaction and admitted that before we had left the Museum she had taken it upon herself to have a little fun and had stripped off her underwear in the ladies room.

“I threw them away,” she giggled.

“You’re a wicked little thing aren’t you,” I smiled.

“You have no idea,” Ivanka replied as she then slid her butt off the leather seat and slowly dropped to kneel before me. There the stunning blonde gently pushed my knees apart and proceeded to unzip my fly.

“Can I ask you something,” she purred erotically. “Have you ever had sex in a moving vehicle before?”

“Err, depends.” I answered nervously.

“What I mean is, have you ever had your cock sucked by a beautiful woman in the back of a limousine.”

“Um, no.” I stammered. “I can’t say that I have.”

“Hmm,” she pouted. “Interesting.”

I simply took another sip from my glass and winked down at her, “Well don’t let me stop you.”

The starlet didn’t waste any time and instructed me to lay back and relax before leaning over and taking my cock into her warm mouth. I closed my eyes and groaned in delight as I enjoyed the ride. The evening was really turning out to be an unforgettable night.

She blew me slowly and sensually, and wasted little time using her tongue and her soft luscious lips.

“Mm.” she breathed hotly while stroking me. “I just love the taste of a nice hard cock and champagne.”

I reached up to run my fingers through her hair and invited her to continue licking by bell-end, which she was more than happy to do.

“Come on,” she purred up at me a minute later. “I wanna see you shoot that load all over my face.”

“Fuck,” I grunted back. “Is that what you want princess,”

“Fuck-yea.” she quipped back. “Cum all over my dirty-whore mouth.”

Ivanka immediately slurped and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth as she stroked my shaft with her hand.

She then took my breath away as she proceeded to bring me close to the verge of orgasm only to then stop and cruelly pull back and concentrate on licking my nuts. It was thrilling but infuriating at the same time, and she seemed to reveal in my frustration.

Finally after tormenting me for several minutes she suddenly scooted up off the floor and climbed up to straddle me in the seat.

“Ugh. I want you inside me now!” she exclaimed as she guided her thick hips down over my lap.

Overwhelmed by her body I could only paw at the top of her dress and marveled as her large round breasts which spilled out for my viewing pleasure. Meanwhile Ivanka promptly impaled herself over me and began to rock her hips back and forth while I continued to grope and fondle her lovely huge rack.

“Mm. Yeah. I like that.” she moaned. “Bite them a little. Yeah like that. That really turns me on.”

Taking her left nipple between my lips I eagerly sucked and slurped on her magnificent globes as she proceeded to ride me more ardently.

By this stage she was bouncing over me hard and fast, and grunting noisily as she wrapped her arms around my head and soon began to sob and shake uncontrollably as she reached her climax.

“Ugh! Oh. Yes.”

I was actually surprised at just how quickly she came and felt her vaginal muscles squeeze and milk me.

Ivanka drenched my cock with her warm slimy nectar as I was suddenly riled up by the moment and without warning I gripped her by her hips and rolled her over onto her back where I began to pound into her mercilessly.

“Oh! Ohmigod.” she gasped with surprise by my sudden burst of energy and proceeded to grunt incessantly as I began to work her over.

Clutching her firmly by her soft thick hips I fucked her like a rag doll and thrust into her hard and fast.

“Ugh. Yes. Fuck me!” she moaned up at me. “Fuuuck me harrdddd! I need it!!”

Drilling her ruthlessly I finally erupted deep inside her womb as she began to giggle uncontrollably with euphoria.

We lay there enjoying our blissful state for several minutes and chuckled as we both knew full well that there was no way the driver could not have heard all the commotion. At this point I could tell that Ivanka was totally and utterly smitten with me, as she lovingly caressed my arms and body and demanded I give her my number.

“I really want to see you again.” she almost pleaded.

“Sure. Why not.” I smiled back before kissing her on the lips.

I had to admit I was proud of myself, as I had performed well. It was then I sat and watched as she moved around the back of the limousine half naked while searching out for a pen. God she was sexy.

She really had a body build for sin and truth be told I couldn’t wait to see and have her again. We eventually straightened ourselves up and she had the driver swing by my apartment building to drop me off.

A few minutes later I stepped out of the stretch limo and we spent another few minutes kissing and canoodling sweetly through the window.

Truth be told we were both carrying on like two love stuck teenagers, and just couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I finally kissed her goodnight and told her I would call her soon.

“You better buster.” she smiled. “Unless you want every cop in New York looking for you.”

With that said we finally separated and she watched me go inside.

The very next day I was awoken in the middle of the afternoon to the sound of loud knocking on my front door. Barely clad in just my boxers I opened up and was surprised to find Ivanka Trump standing there.

“Err. Okay?” I thought. “That’s a little weird. Considering we just saw each other a few hours earlier.”

It seemed she didn’t waste any time determining my exact apartment number and wanted to see me ASAP.

Still. Despite that I had to admit Ivanka looked absolutely ravishing, and dare I saw it even sexier than she did the night before. There she stood wearing the perfect amount of makeup and had her long blonde hair pulled back and tied up into a pony tail.

Unlike the previous she also appeared to be clad in nothing but a single long tan trench coat and boots. Glancing around the apartment from the door, Ivanka smiled.

“So. Are you going to invite me in or what?”

It was only now that I noticed just how tall she was. Standing at over 6-feet-tall she was significantly taller then I last remembered, and in some respects a little intimidating.

As she tentatively stepped inside my humble abode I took another look at her choice of foot wear and noted just how elaborate and detailed her shiny black high heeled boots appeared to be.

Shutting the door behind her I had just turned to face her when Ivanka suddenly leapt at me again, pinning me back against that very same door as she immediately shoved her wet tongue down my throat. So much for small talk, I thought.

Kissing me hard on the lips her hands swiftly moved all over my body as she whispered hotly into my ear.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you since last night.” she breathed.

Before I had time to say anything she then stood back and smirked mischievously.

“I have a surprise for you. Are you ready?”

“I was born ready.” was all I could think to say.

I then watched in wonder as she proceeded to untie the belt strap of her long coat and let it fall open.

To my absolute amazement Ivanka Trump was revealed to be totally and utterly naked underneath. The only thing she now wore were her shiny black knee-high leather boots.

“My God—” I let out involuntarily, causing her to grin proudly.

“Hmm. Yeah. That’s what I was going for.” she beamed as I looked over her exquisite body.

For a moment I thought I was still dreaming. I have to say I was also astonished to see that she didn’t seem to have a single speck of hair on her entire body, including her sweet, puffy vulva.

To my delight it appeared that Ivanka was totally and completely bald downstairs while her large fake breasts looked absolutely breathtaking. Standing tall and proud, her pale porcelain skin was flawless.

Shrugging the coat off her shoulders, she casually let it fall to the floor and stood there totally bare and exposed to me—allowing me to drink in her magnificence.

“What’s wrong.” she smirked slyly. “Cat got your tongue?”

“You’re just… fucking incredible.” I barely stuttered as I found I was unable to tear my eyes away from her incredible body.

She had to have possessed one of the most extraordinary bodies I had ever seen.

Taking a few steps towards me she then draped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply, grinding her body into me. I quickly placed my hands around her soft luscious hips and pulled her tighter, groaning with delight as her erect nipples now stabbed hard into my bare chest.

“So I guess you like my outfit huh.” she smiled.

Not waiting for my answer she then gripped my hardening tool through my boxers and smiled.

“Hmm. Yeah. I see that you do.”

With that said she then pinned me back against the door and threw herself against me with renewed passion, and hungrily kissed me all over my face and neck.

“I want you to touch me.” she whispered into my ear. “I want you to fuck me again. Do me like you did last night.”

It was then she slowly dropped to her knees directly in front of me and I revealed her true purpose of her leather boots.

Without wasting another minute Ivanka fished out my erection and proceeded to give my morning glory the once over, spitting all over my cock-flesh before taking me straight into the back of her throat and gagging briefly.

Her throat was so tight that all I could do was groan as my eyes rolled into the back of my head.

“Jesus.” I gasped. “What a way to wake up.”

Coughing and sputtering loudly, she then proceeded to brush her drooling lips all along my erection and took one of my heavy nuts into her mouth.

“Ugh. God.” she slurped between mumbles. “I love your cock—you’re so big and hard right now.”

Gasping for breath I then reached down and gripped the back of her head and played with her ponytail as she sucked me.

“Mm. I’ve been playing with myself all day thinking about you.” she confessed between sucks. “I think I’ve made myself come a dozen times already.”

“I still can’t get enough.” she added between slurps. “I can’t stop touching myself. I’m so fucking wet because of you.”

This girl was out of control and I had to admit hearing about it riled me up to no end.

Licking my balls she then proceeded to slither her wet tongue even lower when I suddenly snapped and took charge.

Yanking the back of her ponytail hard, I aggressively cocked her head back and kissed her roughly on the mouth. Looking down at her I found I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her incredible breasts as her nipples stood at full attention and her chest heaved breathlessly.

Reading my lewd mind, Ivanka grinned as she grasped the sides of her large globes and pushed her cleavage together, inviting me to slide my cock inside. In an instant my saliva coated rod was snugly encased and wrapped snugly between her amazing cleavage.

“Mm. You like that?” she cooed seductively. “You feel so good between my tits. I want you to fuck my boobs.”

Wrapping my hand around her slender neck I then proceeded to fuck her large chest, and I have to say it felt extraordinary. Looking up at me the entire time, Ivanka continued to lick her luscious thick lips and squeezed her breasts tightly together, driving me crazy.

“Oh God. Faster.” she grunted. “That feel so good.”

Suddenly I began to grunt and shake and before I could help myself I proceeded to cum, and squirmed my thick load all over her tits and neck. Ivanka squealed with delight and keenly began to lick at the syrupy mess which squirted out the tip of my tool.

“Oh! Oh yes. More. I want more!”

Her lips and chin were completely smeared in semen, and for some reason this turned me on to no end. Without warning I lashed out, and grabbed her roughly by the arm to pull her over in the direction of my couch.

Moaning loudly Ivanka refused to get up to her feet and instead I dragged her across the floor on her knees. This coarse and brutish action seemed to really enthrall her and she gasped with delight as I finally picked her up and pushed her roughly onto the sofa.

Judging from the expression on her face I suspected no one had ever treated her so harshly before, and it apparently turned her on.

There I roughly spread her long slender legs and pinned her knees back up into her chest. Lying there spread obscenely wide, I then dropped to my knees and began to eagerly eat her glistening cunt.

Ivanka could only gasp and whimper loudly as I proceeded to fervently lick and tongue-fuck her hairless 25-year-old snatch. Judging by the way she thrashed about beneath me, I presumed that she rarely received any oral before.

Pinning her legs back I then pressed my mouth securely against her gleaming slot and sucked her lips into my mouth. This seemed to do the trick as Ivanka climaxed a multitude of times, each time more powerful then the last.

At this point her entire crotch was now completely sodden wet, including my face which was still glistening in semen, and I decided to take it up a notch and rimmed her ass.

Watching her anus wink up at me, I slowly slithered my tongue down her slick crevice and without warning eagerly proceeded to thrust my tongue into her tight bunghole. Ivanka jumped and thrashed about immediately before grunting and whimpering uncontrollably.

“Ugh! Nngghhh.” she noised as her long legs and boots flailed about. “Ohmigod. What are you… don’t stop.”

It was obvious from her stunned reaction that no one had ever done that to her before and I took extra pleasure from that fact. I simply grinned and licked my way back down to her butt once more and relished the tortured wail it generated from her.

“Give me your finger.” I told her, and with that I instructed her to slide it into her tight backdoor.

It was then I pulled back to admired the scene before me as Ivanka Trump now lay there naked and spread wide fingering her bunghole.

“Please. Fuck me. Please. I want it. I need it.” she moaned. “I need you inside me again.”

As she said this I watched in awe as her finger slowly disappeared farther inside, gliding deeper and deeper into her backdoor with each and every moan.

Gripping her by her luscious hips I finally granted her wish. I rubbed the end of my rigid cock against her dripping sex and abruptly drove my pole deep inside her, filling her completely.

Without wasting any time I proceeded to fuck the living shit out of her, driving long deep thrusts and pounding her body into my sofa. Ivanka’s eyes immediately rolled into the back of her head and I was delighted to hear her talk dirty to me throughout the ordeal.

“Nnnngh. Yes. Fuck Yes!” she growled loudly. “Ugh! Fuck my cunt!!”

“Keep playing with that ass.” I insisted. “I want you to finger that tight hole while I fuck you hard.”

Ivanka was only too happily to oblige, and to my surprise she effortlessly slipped two of her digits inside her rectum.

Noting this drove me absolutely insane with lust and I felt my balls tense up and erupt deep inside her womb yet again, for the second time in as many days. Ivanka responded in sheer bliss and jammed her finger frantically in and out of her searing hole as she joined me in climaxing loudly.

Extremely exhausted I soon collapsed over her as she frantically grabbed at me, hugging and holding and kissing me passionately. The girl was on fire.

“Wow.” she exclaimed a minute later. “That was so fucking intense. I needed that.”

I lay there beside her glistened body when she glanced up at the clock and suddenly jumped to her feet—explaining that she was extremely late.

“Oh shit!” she cussed as she reached for her discarded coat. “I am so dead!”

We had apparently been fucking so intensely that 40mins had passed and she was late for an appointment. I now snickered to myself as I watched Ivanka stand up on shaky legs and rush around the place trying to fix her appearance.

She then kissed me hotly on the mouth and mumbled something about having to rush home to change and shower and fly out to see her father in Los Angeles who was apparently filming another episode of “The Apprentice.”

“I’ll call you as soon as I land okay.” she gasped as she rushed out of my apartment.

After our incredibly lewd and lust filled sex session I knew this was the start of something special.