Gossip Whores

I had worked as a stage hand on the hit show “Gossip Girl” for all of six weeks when I first saw her standing there.

By all accounts Taylor Momsen was a real handful, some kind of snot-nosed rebel who was going through a phase, dressing provocatively and keeping her distance from the rest of the cast and crew.

Still. Despite her reputation I couldn’t help but admire the striking teen from a far. She really did have an incredible figure for her age and two of the longest legs I had ever seen.

For the uninitiated Taylor was a fresh faced Seventeen year old who stood at almost Six-Foot-Tall with bright blue eyes and long dirty blonde hair, and possessed a tight firm ass and a phenomenal rack which in recent times she loved to flaunt at all and any opportunity.

Despite her company I continued to work in my make-shift trailer (which was a disused cargo container) but soon noticed that the young starlet was having issues with her lighter.

With a sexy shake of her hips the leggy actress finally approached me in the workshop looking for some assistance.

“Um. You got a light?” She asked while looking around to make sure we were alone.

Like most film sets it was strongly frowned upon for the cast and crew to cavort with one another and I imagined that the last thing I needed now was to be caught handing the youngest member on the show a light for her cigarette.

Nevertheless I marveled at the girl’s whorish ensemble which today consisted of a tiny black negligee, a leather jacket, and black lace stockings which only accentuated her slender frame.

I reached into my pocket and flicked open my Zippo lighter.

“Thanks.” She remarked before blowing the excess smoke skyward.

“Anytime.” I replied as I continued with my work which consisted of repairing furniture from the set.

“I’m Taylor by the way.” She offered, before I stopped what I was doing and we made the proper introductions.

“Mick.” I winked back at her. “Nice to meet you.”

With the usual formalities out of the way Taylor and I proceeded to chat and get to know each other better as I immediately noticed just how witty and flirtatious she appeared to be.

“Wow. You could get pretty high working in here.” She commented, referring to the strong scent of wood lacquer.

“One of the fringe benefits of the job I suppose.” I replied, making her giggle.

At first we chatted about nothing in particular, with my eyes constantly diverting between her long slender legs and the deep cleavage she flaunted, but when I proceeded to make her smile and giggle I knew I was making an impression.

“By the way.” She said as she finished her cigarette. “I assume you’re not going to tell anyone about this.”

“About what exactly?”

“The fact that I smoke.” She added. “I can think of a few people who would be very disappointed in me right now.”

I reassured her that her secret was safe with me, and remarked that if she ever needed a place to sneak away and smoke another cigarette in peace that she was more than welcome to use my workshop.

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely.” I grinned. “Sure. Why not.”

“Thanks. That’s really nice of you.”

With that said Taylor flashed me that beaming smile and returned to join her fellow cast mates on the set while my eyes immediately fell to her ass.

I seriously had not seen a body that wicked in years.

As expected this brief but flirtatious encounter was the start of a new found friendship in which the actress proceeded to visit my trailer on a daily basis before and after filming each day.

It was there out of the public eye that the teen star and I frequently smoked and conversed together, and despite our differences in age (42/17) we soon realized that we both had a lot more in common including the same sense of humor and a love of porn.

To my surprise it seemed Taylor was not opposed to watching some x-rated material when she was alone at night, and went on to confess how she frequently enjoyed getting high and watching Cuckold and Gloryhole videos, and anything which featured porn queen Jenna Haze.

“You really like Jenna Haze huh?”

“Fuck yeah.” she admitted. “I mean. I don’t really consider myself to be bi-sexual or anything…but she’s just about the only girl that can get me off consistently.”

“You don’t say.”

“Hell. I think I’ve frigged myself to her than any other human being on the planet.” Momsen boasted.

As you can imagine Taylor and I got on quite well, especially as our conversations grew more and more explicit and as she soon discovered my predilection for pot.

In fact it was during one of these visits that I handed her a gift – a silver studded leather choker, the same kind I had seen Jenna Haze wear in countless videos.

As expect Momsen was absolutely floored by the gesture and swiftly wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me on the side of the lips as she thanked me profusely and claimed that I was the sweetest man alive.

“OMG Mick! You’re so amazing.” She sighed. “You’re like the father I never had.”

“Don’t mention sweetheart.” I blushed slightly. “I figured it might cheer you up a little.”

It was only now that I confessed that I had two young daughters at home who were about the same age as her, and who also reveled in the grunge/goth scene and were only happy to offer her the kinky collar.

Taylor repeatedly looked at herself in the mirror before we finally sat down to enjoy some weed, but before we could enjoy our high we were soon interrupted by a message on her phone informing her that the crew needed her on the set.

“Damn it.” She groaned. “I have to go.”

“Well that was short and sweet.” I quipped, making her feel guilty.

It was then as the leggy blonde got up to leave that she stopped at the door and asked me to give her a spare joint for a keepsake – to keep her amused for later that evening when her folks would be out leaving her home alone.

But to her chagrin I flatly refused.

“Nope. Not a chance.” I stated bluntly.

“Wait. What?” She almost stammered in surprise. “Why?”

While she was clearly confused, in my mind the last thing I needed was for her to get caught with a joint and have the authorities come knocking on my door the very next day.

As menial and boring as my job was I really did rely on it to put food on the table and I wasn’t going to jeopardize it for anyone…no matter how sweet or sexy they were.

“Sorry sugar. I can’t do it.” I told her. “I just can’t risk it.”

“Oh come on! Please.” She begged before pouting sweetly. “Don’t you trust me?”


“We both know you’ve got an entire stash over there.” She added. “Can’t you spare just one?”

Despite her antics I flatly refused which only infuriated her more and caused her to fly into a (fake) rage that quickly progressed into a full blown tussle.

“Don’t be a prick.” She said while playfully grappling with me by the door.

“Why you little slut.” I snapped back while attempting to push her out the door. “My gift not good enough for you?”

In next to no time things quickly escalated to the point where the surprisingly energetic teenager overpowered me briefly and pushed me back onto the sofa while I grabbed hold of her hair causing Taylor to shriek out and tumble on top of me.

“Ouch!! Fuck!” She yelped as we both fell to the couch in a twisted heap.

“Hey. Language!” I faked anger as we proceeded to giggle and tussle on the sofa like two love-sick teenagers after school.

“What the fuck!” She hissed back as she struggled against me.

“You better mind your P’s and Q’s around me from now on young lady.” I chuckled during the scuffle. “Or else.”

Suddenly the slender actress moved to straddle my hips and quickly proceeded to grind her lithe body against me – pinning me down to the sofa cushion and causing my cock to harden as my hands frantically grabbed at her body.

At first I attempted to push her off me but when that tactic failed (due to her surprisingly strong legs) I pulled and heaved in various directions before I ultimately just shoved her even harder against me – grinding my erection between her legs.

“Give it!” Taylor grunted as she held my wrists back behind my head and now inadvertently rubbed her succulent breasts in my face.

“I need it!” She insisted. “I need it bad!”

I quickly fought back and soon pinned her wrists behind her hips and now looked into her eyes as our faces almost collided – our noses just inches apart from one another while her hips continued to bump and grind against me.

“Taylor. Stop it.” I hissed as I felt her body respond to the added stimulation. “You can’t have it and that’s final.”

“Please! I really need it bad.” She whined as her hips almost proceeded to hump me on the couch.

For a moment in time I actually thought she was going to kiss me as our lips were so close I could feel her breath wafting across my face. That and the fact that for all intense and purposes we were now dry humping each other on the sofa and panting into each others mouths.

Without realizing it I slid my hands down her slender frame and reached up under her short skirt to cup both of her bare buttocks in each hand – fondling her teen ass with my fingers and squeezing her luscious booty while she squirmed above me.

“Oh. You’re so mean.” She whimpered in a half moan. “Why are you treating me like this?”

“Jesus.” I thought to myself. “This girl is on fire…what a hot piece of teen ass she is.”

To my surprise Taylor did not resist or object to this spontaneous action as I now fondled her pale cheeks and caressed the thin strip of material which made up a portion of her thong panties.

“Please Mick. Give it to me.” She purred erotically as she now changed tactics.

Now instead of fighting me ferociously she appeared to slow down in her thrusts and seemingly attempted to seduce me by rotating her hips at a slow and sensual pace.

We took this opportunity to catch our breath and now lay there panting softly in unison as she essentially rubbed her panty-clad crotch against the length of my boner.

I smirked up at her and was about to say something witty when Taylor then did something that totally blew me away.

“Come on. Please daddy?” She suddenly remarked, stunning me briefly.


From the expression on her face the teen harlot knew exactly what she was doing, incurring such taboo notions. Noting my shocked reaction she simply smiled and continued to tease me with her loaded comments.

“Come on daddy. I promise to be good.” She whispered while grinding her sex into my cock.

This time as she spoke she rotated her hips in a circular motion and leaned forward to almost press her lips against mine…only to pull back at the very last minute and instead brushed her lips against the side of my neck.

I simply lay there watching as this ravaging beauty openly teased and tormented me, her teen butt firmly encased in my hands as she repeated the process and now flicked her pink tongue across my throat.

“Please daddy. Pretty please.” She teased. “I’ll make it up to you I swear.”

“You’re such a fucking tease you know that.” I muttered under my breath, making her giggle.

“Give it to me. I need it. I need it bad.” She stated hotly as I just about lost my mind.

Without warning my entire body seemed to act on pure impulse and the next thing I knew I abruptly pressed my lips against hers and kissed her hard on the mouth.

Taylor sighed into my mouth and resisted for just a split moment of a second before she finally reciprocated and thrust her long wet tongue back between my lips.

In an instant we were making out fiercely as my hands hungrily groped at her butt and hips, her thighs and legs while we proceeded to essentially dry humped each other at the same time.

In fact we were so caught up in the moment that we almost forgot how it had all started or the fact that she was in the process of leaving the trailer to shoot the final scene of the day.

Unfortunately for us her phone soon brought us crashing back to reality as her people were livid and screamed at her to return to the set, with the entire cast and crew now standing around awaiting her arrival.

Little did they know that the youngest star on the show was in fact getting manhandled by one of the crew – a crew member who was old enough to be her father no less.

Still. It was amusing to watch as Taylor got up and could hardly bring herself to leave much less stop kissing me, while I lovingly caressed and stroked her hips and butt.

God her skin was so soft. It was like nothing I had ever felt before.

“Damn. Shit.” She gasped repeatedly while stumbling out the door still stoned and confused. “I have to go.”

I have to be honest. For the first few minutes I was actually concerned about what had occurred between us and wondered just who had seduced whom. I suddenly began to wonder if Taylor would come to her senses and call the authorities and have me hauled off by police in front of everyone.

Fortunately for me this did not occur and the rest of the afternoon was uneventful with the cast and crew finally breaking for the weekend.

However the very next week Taylor arrived to my trailer bright and early Monday morning and was clearly anxious and agitated about something.

I simply assumed it had something to do with the fact that we had shared a moment together the week before, but taking a seat she finally admitted that she in fact had a secret.

Smoking some weed, Taylor went on to confess that she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath her jeans and that it was a rather liberating experience.

Naturally I assumed she was just lying and saying it to get a rise out of me (which she did) but she quickly proved me wrong when she unbuttoned her pants and took my hand and shoved it inside her jeans.

“Jesus.” I gasped audibly.

“See.” She quipped smugly. “Happy?”

With the topic of conversation finally settled the leggy teen then changed the subject and went on to tell me how she had joined a band over the weekend and had taken up pole dancing lessons to help her overcome stage fright.

At this point I was more than intrigued as she got up and turned up the radio and proceeded to dance for me – to illustrate what she had learned.

Throwing back my beer, I now sat and watched as the leggy starlet wiggled her ass and danced provocatively for my benefit, and it was during this performance that she suddenly straddled my knee and proceeded to rub her teen sex against it – this time grinding her denim clad crotch all over me.

“Holy…Shit.” I marveled. “You’re real good at that. A natural.”

Noting this reaction Taylor grinned as she continued to massage her teen sex against my leg, and finally fed up with her antics I grabbed her firmly by the arm and kissed her hard on the lips – taking her breath away.

The teen actress responded by biting my bottom lip and thrusting her tongue back into my mouth as I now eagerly groped her remarkable butt with both hands and caused her to sigh into my mouth.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to last.” She smiled. “You just can’t keep your hands off me can you.”

Unfortunately for us we were just getting into the swing of things when she received a text message on her phone informing her that she was needed on the set.

“Fuck.” I hissed under my breath. “Great fucking timing as always I see.”

“Oh well.” She shrugged as she got up and proceeded to button up her shirt. “I guess we’ll just have to wait till next time.”

Despite the interruption I couldn’t take my hands off her and finally got up and followed her to the door where I obstructed her exit.

There I insisted she kiss me again and even convinced her to open her shirt and flash me her perfect breasts. Taylor reluctantly obliged as I quickly latched onto her tit and suckled into my mouth before refusing to let her leave.

“Stop! I have to go.” She giggled. “You’re going to get me in trouble.”

“Trouble?” I replied before taking her hand and guiding it to my raging boner. “You see. Now that’s trouble.”

“OMG.” She blushed brightly but despite her brashness did not take her hand off my rod.

“See what you caused?” I muttered between kisses while fondling her large natural breasts.

Taylor simply giggled nervously as I pawed at her body.

“You can’t leave now.” I added. “You can’t leave me like this. You need to finish what you started.”

To my surprise the blonde vixen then claimed that if I allowed her to leave that she’d consider treating me to a blow job the next time she dropped by the workshop.

Calling her bluff I replied. “A blow job? You wouldn’t know how to give one of those…you’re too sweet for that Taylor.”

Momsen smiled before she took my hand and slipped one of my fingers into her mouth and demonstrated just how skilled she was in the art of fellatio.

“Satisfied?” She grinned as I stood there with my mouth agape.

With that said I reluctantly released my grip as Taylor reached into her pocket and threw her thong panties to the sofa.

“Here.” She smiled. “This should hold you over until I see you again.”

It was only now that I realized that she in fact had had her panties tucked away in her pocket the entire time we were together, and had apparently gone commando for my benefit alone.

“Oh. You sly little minx.” I grinned. “You’re such a bad girl when you want to be.”

“You have no idea…daddy.” Taylor teased before she slipped out the door with two of my joints.