Sex Pleasures

She was alone on a Friday night, no one that she wanted to hang out
with. She decided her best entertainment was to relax and pleasure
herself. She undressed and got comfortable on the living room couch,
so she could see the beautiful view of the city. She started massaging
her large firm tits, pinching each nipple until they were hard. She
leaned over to the coffee table and grabbed the bottle of lotion. She
poured some on her breasts and massaged it in. Out of the corner of
her eye, she saw the apartment across the way light up. The guy inside
was extremely sexy. This was the guy she wanted. He knew her well
enough to know how much she wanted him. Tonight was gonna be different
once he saw her playing with herself. Brian was watching and wondering
why she was alone on a Friday night and why no-one was helping her
play with herself. Brian knew he would have to fix that, he turned off
the lights and left the building. She saw him leave and was very
disappointed. She really wanted him watching her touch herself. Only
dreaming it was him touching her most private parts and sliding his
hard member inside her. Him reaching pure ecstasy as he comes inside
her. She was making herself even wetter than she already was.
About then minutes later, her doorbell rang, causing her to jump. She
ran into her bedroom and grabbed her robe and went to answer the door.
She opened the door to find her neighbor from the apartment from the
building across the street. She let him in and she closed the door
behind them. Brian grabbed her and they walked over to the couch. He
laid her down and undid her robe. He started to massage her skin,
slowly working his way over her massive tits towards her warm wet
center. His fingers slipped lower and lower into her slick wet folds.
She could feel the wonderful sensation growing between her legs. He
kissed his way down her body and down to her warm moist center and
gently sucked on her clit, causing her to have her first orgasm of the
night. She knew there were gonna be more than that. He drank all of
her juices and moved up to kiss he lips so she could taste her sweet
nectar. He left her long enough to strip off his clothing. He was back
kissing her a minute later. His finger traced every inch of bare skin
he could possibly touch, nibble and tease.
He fingered her warm center to get her wet once again, only this time
he was getting her prepared for his hard member. Once she was wet all
he had to do was line up and slid in. instead she pushed him onto the
floor ans started to caress his rock hard sexy body, with kisses
trailing every where there was bare skin. She kissed down to his
member and took him into her mouth and slowly started to suck. She
swirled her tongue all around. She looked up and saw he had closed his
eyes and started to let out little moans. She continued to suck harder
with each movement of her tongue. He was so close to cumming when she
sucked faster and faster. His sack tightened and he came in her mouth.
She swallowed every drop of it. She got up and he took control. He
grabbed her waist and laid her down on her back. He slowly teased her
sensitive bare skin by massaging. She really wanted to tease his bare
skin but he wouldn’t allow it. By this time, he was hard again and
ready to take her. He was gonna take her places she has never gone
before with any normal orgasm. He was gonna make he cum over and over
again each time harder than before.
This was driving her crazy by gently teasing each patch of skin. He
would lick, kiss and suck her body. She tries to get away but he has a
tight enough grip to keep her in one position. He stopped completely
to turn her over onto her stomach. He slowly entered her tight wet
pussy and started to thrust in and out. Over and over in and out,
until he got a steady rhythm going. She let out soft moans of pleasure
as he thrusted deep into her. Her placed one hand onto her clit and
gently massaged causing her to moan out his name that made him thrust
deep and he cam inside her and she was right behind him. He pulled out
and sat beside her just to catch his breathe.
She was ready to go again, but gave him a few minutes. She leaned
against him and he put his strong arms around her. She loved this
feeling and always will. This was truly an amazing wonderful, loveable
man who would be in her life forever. Sure they lived in different
buildings, but they always shared every other weekend and every
special holiday, even birthdays. It was really was a wonderful thing
to find a guy like him.
He was to exhausted to continue anymore, so he slipped his boxers back
on and just looked at her sexy naked body. He reached over, grabbed
her by the waist and pulled her close to him. He massaged her firm
breasts. He lowered his head and gently sucked on her tit until he
could feel the nipple harden in his warm, wet mouth. He wad gonna make
her beg for him to take her again. He was sucking and nipping her
tender nipples causing her to softly moan. As sudden as he started he
stopped. His hands caressed her skin. Lower and lower down between her
silky thighs. She was still wet and getting wetter by the second. His
fingers lightly touched her lips of her warm pussy, making her moan
louder than when he was sucking on her breasts.
There had to be something she could do to help him. She grabbed the
waist band of his boxers and gently tugged on them to let him know
that he should take them off. He got the idea and slipped them off and
threw them on the floor. She took control and leaned over his lap and
massaged his cock. It was getting hard, so she wrapped her small hand
around his dick and moved her hand up and down. He closed his eyes and
moaned, knowing if she kept it up he’d cum and she knew it. She
stopped long enough to move so she could position herself over his
hard cock. He grabbed her small waist and she lowered herself onto him
until her was halfway in, then she slammed down. He loudly moaned out
her name. He held her in that position so she could get comfortable.
She started to move up and down and he matched her steady rhythm. She
rode him like a wild horse. A minutes later she felt her muscles
tighten around him and she soon came, he came after she did. He stayed
buried deep inside her. She was about to move when she felt his cock
get hard again. Brian carefully moved so she laid on the couch again
and he was gonna work his magic once again.
These were the nights they would treasure always. No matter how after
they had the most amazing sex, they would always love each other.
You might want to know Brian is her soon-to-be husband. All Brian had
to was give her that sexy smile and she would melt.