Miranda Cosgrove gets everything she deserves

It was the last show of Icarly and Miranda Cosgrove was taking her time leaving the set. Getting sentimental Miranda started crying as she walked towards the exit. Then she heard a door shut as the last of the crew left. When she heard a voice say , so Miranda who will you miss the most , as she watched the boys who played Gibby and Freddie step out of the shadows. What do you two want , don’t you mean three as the guy who played Spencer stepped out from a shadow behind her. Turning she stuttered just let me leave. Did you think we were going to let you go with out thanking you for the years of teasing and maligning us. She stumbled backwards away from them as they encircled her and continued to speak.

Wearing those short skirts and the hula outfits as often as you could one said then the second said not to mention all the touching and feeling us up. Yeah the third said and getting kisses wrote in to the s so often you worked at getting us turned on and then leaving us unfulfilled. Well not anymore they said in unison. Miranda turned to run and tripped on some set debris making her fall down. This allowed the three to catch up to her and now picking her up they carried her to her own set bed she used as Carly on Icarly. Dropping her body onto the bed they stood on the three sides so she could not use them to escape from them. What do you want she whimpered. Spencer told her strip naked you little bitch. She stood up on the bed and balancing carefully started removing her clothing. First she kicked off her shoes then slid her skirt down her legs until she could kick them off the bed. Then she unbuttoned her blouse and slid it from her shoulders tossing it off the bed. This left her standing there wearing only her bra and panties.

The three looked at her almost nude body. Scanning her from the top of her head crowned with long straight black silky hair. Down to a cute pale face with a small nose and full cherry red lips. Her body was nicely toned not too muscular but not too unathletic. Her skin was soft and smooth but looked like it had never seen the sun white like porcelain. Miranda had nicely shaped arms and toned shapely legs with dainty feet. Her stomach was flat and toned but not overly toned. Her white skin showed off her dark red lipstick along with the shiny red of polish on her toe and finger nails. The one that played Gibby said the rest too , off with it Carly. Miranda sobbed but removed her bra and then slid her panties off.

This revealed her rounded b-cupped breasts topped with eraser sized nipples and her small smooth shaved pink pussy with lips slowly opening and showing a wetness as it spread open like the petals of a blooming flower. The three stood in awe as they stared up at her beautiful young body. Then they smiled at each other reaching up they pulled her down onto the bed spreading her legs apart and Spencer stripped and crawled up between her legs and readying his dick pushed it into her open cunt and began pumping into her not even slowing when he tore through her cherry or when she screamed at the pain as he pumped into her tight hole. She started begging him to stop , don’t cum inside of me , I don’t want to get pregnant. Too bad bitch take your chances as he continued to fuck her until she felt his cock expand and unload his sperm deep within her. He quickly rolled off the bed stopping before she had an orgasm and said your up Freddie boy as he dressed and left.

The young man that had played Freddie got between her legs and grinned at her as he said I don’t do sloppy seconds and before it registered he shoved into her asshole and she screamed at the first anal she had ever experienced. He kept fucking her until she felt his dick expanding and about to ejaculate. That’s when he grinned and said , what the hell might as well throw my hat in the ring and he pulled out and shoved his cock deep into her pussy as he filled her womb with his jism. Laughing he got up and dressed without allowing her to orgasm following Jerry Trainor out the door. As he walked out the door he said go get her. You got it Nathan the third and last of the young men said. He sat on the bed and helped her sit up. You okay Miranda he asked. Yes she replied is it your turn now or aren’t you going to fuck me.

Oh I’m going to fuck you I’ve dreamt of this for years. Oh , the girl that played Carly said , okay she said and laid down on the bed spreading her legs. The boy who had played Gibby stripped and laid down next to her and slowly stroked her breasts and pinched her nipples leaning over he took one of her nipples into his mouth rolling it around and lightly biting it. He continued this and ran his hand down to the entrance to her vagina and spreading her lips apart started stroking her clit until she moaned loudly and came all over his hand. Miranda panted as he continued his ministrations on her body bringing her close to another orgasm but not letting her cum. Finally after nine or ten close orgasms she begged him to bring her over the top. No , not until you beg me to fuck you. Yes she said please fuck me hard and fast , fuck me until I cum , fuck me till I scream in ecstasy. At this he rolled on top of her and slid his dick into her wet waiting pussy.

He started pumping into her slowly and gently. Harder and faster she begged , no he said and continued to slide into her slowly. The pressure of a building orgasm started deep in her pussy but so slowly no , no harder , faster she tried doing it herself but he easily kept her from controlling the force and speed. She soon sobbed please stop torturing me bring me to an orgasm. No , only at my pace he said. Continuing his slow gentle fuck Miranda started crying please take me Gibby please I will give you anything you want just make me cum. The pressure built between her legs and she started to shake and her cunt started to weep precum. When her eyes rolled back into her head he started to pound into her pussy fast and fiercely until she screamed out his name , oh God Gibby and came so hard she squirted her juices fifteen feet away and passed out.

When she awoke he was laying next to her with a big grin on his face. She weakly smiled and said wow that was the best orgasm I’ve ever felt. Yes Carly I know now close your eyes and rest , that orgasm can take a lot out of you. Not yet Miranda said I have to ask you something y

will you be my boyfriend. Yes Miranda of course I’ve loved you since Icarly started. Hmm Miranda whispered good as she rolled over and pulling gibby’s arm around her and pushing back into him so they were spooning went to sleep. Gibby smiled and curled up around her and still smiling joined her in sleep the last thing he could be heard saying was , Gibbbeaa.