Splashing Around With Starlets

Starring : Kelli Berglund, Dove Cameron, Debby Ryan, Paris Berelc, Olivia Holt, Kira Kosarin, Miranda Cosgrove, Veronica Merrell, Vanessa Merrell.

I am a senior account executive at one of the larger money management firms in Los Angeles. I live a great life managing the finances for some big shots out here in Los Angeles. I don’t manage any celebrities, I manage studio execs, restaurant owners, and those kinds of people. Although I’m closer to midlife than I am a college graduate, I am still single and my taste in women runs more towards the younger side of that scale. It’s pretty safe to say that I am the known poon hound in the office, though I don’t let it affect my work. I’ve banged a fair number of secretaries, and I love hooking up with the interns. In the words of Matthew McConaughey, I love interns because “I get older, they stay the same age.” I also have enough sway in the company to make sure that if there is a conference that I and some of the younger junior accounts people have to go to, I make sure that at least one or two of the hotter ones get to go (which when you are pretty much talking about female money managers there may only be on or two good looking ones). It was at one of those conferences that I got to know Derek. He was one of the junior accounts managers who was with me at a conference in Las Vegas.

It was our second night in Vegas, and Derek and I were sitting at a bar in the Aria after having a company dinner across the street at Gordon Ramsay Burger. While we were drinking, he told me how he had overheard Mandy telling Jenny that she hoped to hook up with me again on this trip (we’d hooked up previously after the office Christmas party). I told Derek how that was the main reason I made sure she on the trip. Mandy was a pretty girl but dressed very conservatively and had a pretty quiet demeanor. I informed him how looks can be deceiving and under those pantsuits she liked was a killer body and the girl was a freak in the bedroom. Let him know that him if he ever gets a chance with her, he should take it. He then asked if there was anyone else it the office I’d recommend and I told him about one or two of the secretaries and also about an intern from UCLA who had just started working for us. He asked me what my trick was for getting younger women and I told him one of my ways, was just being pretty rich. Most of their girls in their 20’s don’t have guys in their lives who can take them out to super upscale places like I can. You combine that with my just natural ability to read people and it’s not too hard to get them to fall for you, at least for one night.

I then asked him how he does with the ladies, he was a good-looking guy so I figured he must do alright. He said though he was single he was more than content with how he does. I asked him if he’d hooked up with anyone at the office I knew, and he told me that he had not with anyone from work. When I asked him how he usually meets women and he told me how he grew up hanging around the Disney Channel sets and interned for them before getting his MBA and joining our company a few years ago. During that time he had gotten to know a number of the Disney and Nickelodeon actresses fairly intimately. Being naturally curious I had to ask who and he proceeded to list off names like Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Victoria Justice, Elizabeth Gilles, Debby Ryan, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato. He then mentioned how he still hangs out with some of them and how through them he has met the newer crop of hot Disney/Nick starlets like Kelli Berglund, Dove Cameron, Paris Berelc, Olivia Holt, Bella Thorne, Peyton List, and Kira Kosarin. He told me how he still hooks up somewhat regularly with some of them and also now manages their money. I called bull shit because the story seemed unbelievable. I didn’t know who some the younger actresses were, but I sure as hell knew who Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Victoria Justice were. He stuck to his story no matter how many times the remainder of the conference trip I questioned him or called bullshit on his story. I just could not believe that while I was trolling for office poon, this kid who worked under me was banging Hollywood starlets left and right. It wasn’t until we got back to the office that I thought he might not fully be lying. Since I was kind of his boss I had access to see the names of his clients, and sure enough, I saw names like Victoria Justice, Kira Kosarin, Paris Berelc, Olivia Holt, Kelli Berglund, and Dove Cameron show up.

Derek and I started to talk and hang out more and more both at work and after for the next month or so. While at a happy hour one Friday he invited me over to a small pool party at his house that he was hosting. I was hesitant to go at first and asked if anyone else from the office was going and he said no. He said it was going to be him, two of his friends and a bunch of girls he knew. It was when he told me that the women were Kira, Kelli, Paris, Liv and then several others, that I decided to go. So, the next day I dressed up nicely but casually, with a nice shirt, a pair of my favorite Jordan’s, and a bathing suit that looked nice but had no inner lining and clung to me just right when I got out of the water.

Driving out to his place I realized as I got close that he either came from money for was making more money on the side from somewhere else because there was no way he could afford a house in the neighborhood I was driving through off the money our company paid him. Heck, I’d could not even be able to afford to live in some of the houses I was driving past. When I finally arrived, I could not believe the size of his place, it was pretty big. I grew up in the upper-middle-class and you could fit my parents’ house inside of his no question. Ringing the doorbell, Derek greeted me, wearing just a bathing suit and flip flops. Leading me through his house, he gave me a quick tour as we made our way out to the pool. I had purposely arrived later than he had told me to come just so most people would be there by the time I arrive. His pool was very large and had a hot tub that looked like it could easily fit a dozen people in it, but the most impressive part of this pool was that it was basically in like a greenhouse area. The roof and 3 of the walls were nothing but large segmented windows, many of which were retracted, converting his indoor pool into an outdoor space able to enjoy beautiful SoCal days like today. I was soon introduced to some of the people who were there. First was his friend Michael, then, Kira Kosarin Kelli Berglund, Paris Bereic, and Olivia Holt. All four women were extremely beautiful, but the one that caught my attention the most was Olivia Holt. She the short gorgeous blonde with the amazing smile was completely my type. She looked just like the kind of girl I chased all throughout high school and college. As Derek played host, and the girls hung out by the fully stocked bar along the wall by the pool, I found myself talking to Michael and getting the lowdown on Derek and some of the girls.

“So, he’s really hooked up with each of them?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. Multiple times and they are just the tips of the iceberg.”

“You and any of these girls ever…?”

“Those girls no, but I have some others.”

“Like who?”

“Well Debby Ryan is supposedly coming, and me and her have hooked up a lot over the years. I’ve done everything with that girl,” He then lowered his sunglasses so that I could see right into his green eyes as he spoke slowly “I mean, everything.”

“Ok, sounds good.” I guess I should not be surprised that Michael did okay for himself. He was a good-looking guy at 5’10” with dirty blond hair, and while he was not ripped, he was in decent shape. Michael then gave me some info on the women. He told me the Olivia and Kira were both single, Paris had recently broken up with her boyfriend who was now banging a mostly no-name actress, Debby Ryan was engaged but usually up for anything, and Kelli was in long term relationship with a boyfriend but she that didn’t stop her from having some fun, especially with Dereck. They hook up fairly regularly. I asked what the boyfriend thought about that, and Michael just shrugged. He explained that no one understood why Kelli and her boyfriend were still together, but some people had gossiped that he was blackmailing her.

“Hey, follow me,” Michael said as Derek went to let in another guest. I followed Mike through the house and up the stairs into what I assumed to be the master bedroom. He then had me follow him into a large walk-in closet.

“What are we doing in here?” I asked unsure why this kid I just met would bring me up into Derek’s closet.

“You were curious about Derek and celebs, so I thought you’d like to see these,” He said as he opened up a drawer that had a bunch of iPods in it.

“Are those old iPods? Who still has iPods?”

“Trust me, you wouldn’t throw these out if they were yours either.” He then picked one up and began to toggle through it. “You know who Victoria justice is, right?”

“Yeah. I may have been too old to watch her show, but after the Fappening every straight man in America who had internet access knew who Victoria Justice was.

“Well check these out,” he said as he handed me the iPod. It was a picture of Victoria Justice face with a load of spunk splashed on to it.

“Holy fuck,” I said totally stunned. I flipped through some more pics and over and over there were x-rated pics of VJ. Some naked, some with a dick inside her, and one close up of her hairless pussy with some jizz leaking out of it. Michael then picked up another iPod and scanned through it before handing it to me.

“Check out Vanessa Hudgens,” he said. Vanessa was another celebrity who I knew of in large part thanks to her repeated leaked nudes. I took the iPod, this time it was playing a video of Vanessa nude riding on top of a guy I had to guess was Derek. I watched as she started to rub herself as she rode him. She was really working her clit and pussy for a while and then she suddenly brought her fingers up to her face.

“What is she doing?” I asked.

“She’s smelling herself. She loves smelling her pussy juice,” he explained.

“That’s weird, but I guess as far a kinky sex shit, it ain’t that bad.”

“Yeah, it weirded me out the first time she did it when we got together. But at the same time, I had Vanessa Hudgens riding my dick so I really didn’t care.”

“I get that,” I said as I continued to watch the video. “So why does he keep this stuff on iPods?”

“Not hackable. No Bluetooth or WIFI. You need the iPod cord to add or download stuff from it and when was the last time you saw an iPod cord?” He had a point. I watched for several more minutes until I heard Vanessa grunted as she came. Michael then took the iPod from me.

“I saw the way you were checking out Olivia outside, so thought you might want to see this before we head back,” he said. It took another minute or so before he handed me the iPod back. On the screen was Olivia Holt bent in front of a wall-length mirror and getting railed from behind. Olivia had her eyes trained on the reflection of camera that was filming right over her shoulder, while she moaned. My jaw dropped as I saw her perky b-cups capped with smaller reddish nipples shake with each thrust from the guy behind her. “That supposedly is one of her favorite positions” Michael informed me, but his voice barely registered in my head.

Michael eventually had to pull the iPod out of my grasp and put it back. He told me that there are a bunch more pics and videos in those iPods of a bunch of other starlets, and if I enjoyed watching the video on the iPods, that I should see it when he hooks up the device in his screening room and the video is projected onto a large screen.

We’d been gone for 30 minutes and Michael said we should get back down to the pool. As we walked down the hallway I asked if there was a bathroom nearby. Michael directed me to another room in the hallway and he continued back down the stairs.

I was walking down the hall trying to remember what room he said the bathroom was while the images of what I had just seen played over and over in my mind. I pushed open a door a bit but immediately stopped before entering it. I hadn’t discovered the bathroom, what I had discovered was the side profile of Kelli Berglund on her knees, her bikini top pushed to the side to expose her breasts and a dick in her mouth. The cock in her mouth belonged to Dereck. Michael had said that Kelli and Derek hook up somewhat regularly despite her boyfriend, but I didn’t think I’d see proof of it so soon. Kelli had her hand on his dick and was bobbing along with it. I had to admit; with his stories, I figured the dude would have been swinging something a little more impressive between his legs. Instead, it just seemed like an average 6 to 6.5-inch dick. Considering he was only about 5’8” I guess I should not have been too surprised.

“God Kelli, I close,” he grunted. Kelli responded by working his dick faster at first with her mouth, and then by stroking his dick with his tip resting against her open mouth. I then heard Derick make a noise and saw his jizz fly out of his dick and into her mouth. Kelli seemed to happily catch all of it in her mouth. When he was done, she kept her mouth open, showing the cum in her mouth. She then gargled with it before swallowing it down. I stood stunned at what I just saw, but quickly recovered once I saw Kelli sliding her bikini top back into place and I realized they were getting ready to leave the room. I quickly and quietly moved down the hall and found the bathroom before they left the bedroom.

It took some time to aim at the toilet with the erection I had from both the videos and the show Kelli put on. Eventually, I was able to empty my bladder. I made my way back downstairs and was passing the kitchen when someone caught my attention.

“You see something interesting upstairs?” I thought for a split second that I might have been caught watching by Kelli but when I looked over, I saw Dove Cameron standing there in a bikini top and sarong.

“Hmm? What?” I asked.

“I asked if you saw something interesting upstairs,” she said.

“Um, not really. Why?”

“Because unless I am missing something, you were up there alone, and…” Dove smirked as her eyes dipped down to my crotch. I looked down, and while I did not have a raging erection, you could clearly see my semi-hard dick pressing up against my trunks.

“Well, I….” I struggled to talk as I moved into the kitchen closer to Dove.

“It’s alright,” Dove reassured me. “At one of these parties, it’s not that uncommon to accidentally walk in on something tawdry. So, what did you see?”

“I kind of saw Kelli swallowing one of Derek’s loads.”

“Ah, well who hasn’t seen that at least once.” I was now standing fairly close to Dove and we were both leaning up against the kitchen island. “I’m Dove by the way. So this is the first time you’ve been at one of Derek’s parties?” She asked me as her eyes dipped down.

“Yeah I gotta admit, I thought the bastard was full of crap until I got here and saw all of you around the pool.”

“Derek is a lot of things, but a liar isn’t one of them. His life is too good for him to lie about it. Though something tells me you’ve had a pretty enjoyable life as well,” Dove said looking into my eyes as her hand grazed against my dick through my shorts.

“Yeah, I’ve been known to have a pretty good time.”

“I bet,” Dove’s eyes moved from looking at my eyes to down to my shorts. “You know, I think you need to be properly inducted into some of the ways of these parties.” With that, she pulled me down the hall into a large walk-in closet. Dove gave me a quick kiss with her lovely lips before yanking a coat off its hanger and threw it to the ground for padding as she knelt. She undid the ties on my shorts and pulled them down to the ground. Dove’s jaw dropped slightly and her eyes went wide as my cock sprang up out of its confines. “Wow, you’re going to be quite popular when the other girls get a look at you.”

Dove wrapped both her hands around my shaft and looked up at me as she opened wide and took the head of my cock into her mouth. She felt great with her tongue swirling around and her soft pillowy lips wrapped around my tool. Dove began sucking me off, bobbing her head along half of my cock while her hand pumped the other half, using a slight twisting motion as she jacked my shaft. She was a gifted blowjob artist. As she continued to suck me, I reached down and took hold off the strings to her top, quickly pulling them causing the top to fall away. While I did not have the best angle, I could see her lovely C-cup breasts were still very perky with a little sag and were capped off with pale pink nipples. I then put my hand on the back of her head and leaned up against the closet door. I would have closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of her warm wet mouth working my dick had the visual of a topless Dove with my man meat in her mouth not been so appealing.

“I want to feel you inside me,” Dove pulled my cock from her mouth today.

“Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“Do you really care?” she said almost laughing.

“No, not really,” I simply replied. Dove stood up and before she could move to get into any kind of position, I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her off her feet. She immediately understood what was happening and wrapped her arms and legs around me as I spun her and pinned her back up against the wall. Once pinned she snaked her arm down between our bodies, slid the crotch of her bottoms to the side, and positioned my bell end so it was right up against her slick, wet, shaved opening. She gasped as I pushed my hips forward and my man spear split her vaginal lips. I lowered her a bit more sliding more and more of my dick into her until she was the perfect height for me to just rapidly thrust in and out of her.

“Fuck you’re big.”

“Not too big I hope.”

“No, just the perfect fucking amount.”

As I started to hammer her pussy up against the wall. Dove at one point pulled me by the hair and jammed her tongue down my throat. We made out as we continued to fuck in the closet. If her high pitched moans from after we stopped kissing did not clue anyone passing by into what was happening in the closet, the fact that I was literally banging her ass into the door with each thrust I’m sure did the trick. A lot of times with new women I like to take my time, try multiple positions, get a sense of what they like. However, we were in a closet in the middle of a party, there was no time for that. This was just a quick lust filled fuck. So, after Dove let off a high pitched scream as she came I didn’t care that I was not far behind. Dove was now slouched against my shoulder recovering from her orgasm as I continued to hump her.

“My dick is gonna burst,” I warned her.

“You wanna cum on my tits?” She asked

“Fuck yeah,”

“I bet you do,” she said smugly. I lowered her to the floor and Dove sat up on her knees. Dove smiled up at me as she cupped her tits and gave a target to aim for as I looked down at her and jacked off. It took a few moments but my cock did pop, blowing my load all over the Emmy winning actress’ breasts. When I was finally done firing off ropes of spunk, Dove took my dick back into her mouth and gave it a nice tongue bath.

After I went caught my breath, we both got redressed. As I went back out to join the party, Dove went to ba bathroom to clean up the mess I left on her chest. Once back out with the others, while no one said anything, it was obvious everyone knew what I had been up to. I walked around the party and made small talk with people, eventually, Dove came out as well and everyone acted as though nothing had happened. I was also introduced to the other women who arrived while I was either upstairs or in the closet with Dove. Debby Ryan, Miranda Cosgvore and a pair of twins named Veronica & Vanessa Merrell had arrived, all of whom were in bikinis. Some time went by and I found myself standing behind the bar watching some of the women splash around in the pool when Miranda Cosgrove walked up and took a seat.

“Another one?” I asked as she put her empty glass down on the bar.

“Yes please.” I refilled her drink and got myself another. We clinked glasses and each took a sip. Miranda and I started to make a little small talk before I turned the conversation in a different direction.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“So, I’ve been googling some of you ladies, and you seem to be the one that doesn’t really fit in. So, well, why are you here?”

“Umm, wow, okay.”

“I don’t mean to sound like an asshole. But I mean, you and Debby are older than the others by quite a few years and based on the stories I know why Debby is here. You’re the one that seems to stick out.”

“I guess you are not wrong. I guess…I am friends with one of Derick’s other friends who I meet at USC. He was planning on coming today, and I hadn’t seen him in a while, so when he invited me, I agreed to come. Then he texted me to say he wasn’t going to make it when I was already on my way.”

“What an ass.”

“I know, right? Actually, he is generally a nice guy. Had Derick invited me instead of him I probably would have said no. I know what happens at Derick’s parties and I’m not all that interested in being another of his bang buddies.”

“So, you and him never…”

“We have, a few times, but that was years ago.”

“Okay,” I said. The conversation paused after that for about a minute.

“You seem to have fit in right away though. At least from what I heard of Dove in the closet.”

“You heard that, huh?”

“Me and Debby where the first to hear you guys, and then she announced it to everyone when we got back outside.”

“Well, what can I say? When in Rome I guess.”

“So, you do this kind of thing often?”

“Have sex with a twenty-something-year-old actress I just met at a pool party? No, that is new. But I’ve had plenty of fun in my day.”

“Oh yeah? What’s the wildest thing you’ve done?” Miranda said daring me to tell her something juicy.

“Well, I once had a four-way with three college girls.” Miranda almost spat out her drink as I surprised her with my answer.

“Woah, how did that happen?”

“Well, this girl Lily was an intern where Derick and I work. She and I would hook up from time to time. One evening after Lily and I enjoyed each other in her room I went out to her kitchen to get something to drink. Her two roommates her out there and they made a couple of jokes about the noises Lily had been making. I had kind of developed a playful and flirtatious relationship with Lily’s roommates and began to talk back. They began saying some of the things Lily had said about my dick and feeling bold I pushed down my boxers and exposed myself to them. Five minutes later Lily came out of her bedroom looking for me and found me sitting on the couch with her two friends blowing me.”

“And she was just cool with that?”

“Not really, but she soon calmed down. She knew we were just a casual thing. And long story short the night ended with me cumming once inside each of them.”

“Jeez. You’re definitely wearing a condom if we ever do it.”

“You’re saying I have a shot?”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. And I always have guys wear one, usually.”

“Okay. okay. Well, I told you my crazy story. Tell me one of yours.”

“I don’t have anything, and nothing like what you just said.”

“Come on, fair is fair.”

“Ummmm… okay, I guess I have one story. I won’t go into details but while I was at USC me and a friend of mine, Mia had a threesome with a guy we knew after a party once.”

“Was this guy the same guy who invited you here today?’

“How did you…?”

“I’m good at guessing this kind of stuff. Can I get any other details?”

“Mia was on a tv show I was on. And that’s the last detail you’re getting.”

“I can work with that. I kind of like that you’re not as nice and strait-laced as you seem.”

“Oh, trust me, I bet I could teach you a thing or two,” Miranda said with a smirk before taking a sip of her drink and walking off.

Meanwhile, as Miranda and I talked, Michael and Debby had slipped away from the rest of the party and now were upstairs in a bedroom. Michael was naked flat on his back on the bed in one of the guest bedrooms. Debby was naked as well with his hard dick in her hand as she moved to straddle him.

“Have you missed me?” she asked.

“You know I have,” he said and then she began lowering herself down. “Umm… that’s it. I’ve missed this,” he said as his dick made its way between her pussy lips and she began sinking down on top of it. Michael watched as Debby’s mostly shaved pussy, save for her auburn colored landing strip, was continually stretched as she dropped down on his pole before she finally bottomed out. Michael loved the way her pussy hugged his dick and how she was always practically dripping wet.

“I always love the way your dick feels in me,” Debby said in her sultry raspy voice as she just sat with her pussy full. She then rose up and quickly dropped back down. The former Jessie star loved to be on top and ride guys cocks, and Michael loved to watch her ride his pole. No doubt, compared to some of the other former Nickelodeon and Disney girls, Debby did not have the perkiest of tits, but Michael did not care. He loved to watch as her breasts shake while she bounced on his dick. Mike reached up and took hold of her breasts. He loved how pillowy soft they felt in his hands. He let go of one of them and sat up taking one of her larger pink nipples into his mouth. He sucked on her nipple before switching over and sucking on the other. They both kept going until Debby orgasmed. Debby let out a grunt and she shook a bit as her pussy gushed all over Michael.

After she came Michael grabbed her and spun the two around on the bed. Now Debby was flat on her back while Michael sat on his knees in between her legs, his dick never leaving her. Debby locked her legs around his waist as he began to fuck her in the missionary position. Debby’s large c-cups shook with each thrust, but Michael wasn’t looking at them right now. Instead, he was looking down at Debby’s smiling face and fluttering amber eyes. If you’ve seen the gif of Debby looking up while being stretched out from Insatiable, you know just how lustfully good looking she can look just looking up at you. Michael continued to pump in and out of his long-time fuck buddy’s hot wet pussy. After another five or so good minutes of fucking, Michael was feeling the pressure building up in his balls.

“Fuck Debs, I gonna cum soon. Where should I…”

“You know how much I love facials,” Debby said with a smirk.

“Oh yeah, you want me to cum on your face?”

“Yes! Do it! Cover my face!” Michael kept trusting until the last possible second, he pulled out and moved up to shoot his load all over the pretty former Disney star’s face. Debby closed her eyes, but smiled brightly and giggled as she felt his warm cum rain down her. When it was done, she wiped off a few droplets that landed near her eyes. Once she felt it was safe to open then, she did and then stared up at Michael as she used her mouth to clean his cock.

The party progressed, and it was now mid-afternoon. Debby and Michael returned to the party, and it did not go unnoticed by me that Kelli and Derek disappeared once again for about 25 minutes at one point. It was after they came back and everyone was hanging out that the party got taken up another level. Michael had just made a fresh batch of margaritas that he was passing around with the help of Miranda, who he was openly flirting with. I was sitting on the edge of the pool talking with Dove and Kira, Derek was sharing a lounge chair with Kelli with Paris in the chair next to them, and the other four women were splashing around in the shallow end of the pool. I could not help myself from sneaking glances at Olivia from time to time. It was while my eyes were darting away from Holt that I noticed Derek whispering into Kelli’s ear and a dirty smile come across her face. It would be a couple more minutes until Kelli spoke up and got everyone’s attention.

“Hey ladies, what do you say we kick this party up a notch and do a little skinny dipping,” Kelli announces as she stood up. She then undid her top revealing her perky tits and rosy-colored nipples and then slid off her bottoms revealing a surprising bush. Next to Kelli, Paris quickly followed her friend’s lead and stripped off her clothes. Debby was also quick to remove her top as well.

“Wait, why do we have to get naked?” Miranda asked.

“Oh, come on Miranda, have a little fun,” Kelli replied.

“Yeah, but what about the guys? Why are we the only ones that have to strip?”

“I’ll get naked,” I spoke up as I got up off the edge of the pool.

“Someone’s eager,” Kira joked as I started to push my suit down.

“And now we know why. Nice dick, dude,” Paris said as my shorts hit the ground. Over the next few minutes, everyone removed their clothes, with Miranda being the last one to give in. Once everyone got naked it was hard not to take notice and compare the women’s bodies. Miranda might have had the smallest breast while Debby seemed to have the largest. Debby’s breasts also had quite a bit of sag to them, meanwhile, Kira’s breasts while also quite large but were amazingly firm for their size with almost no sag to them at all. Dove Cameron, who also seemed to have C-cup breasts, also had fairly perky tits. On a sliding scale between Kira and Debby, she was a lot closer to Kira. Meanwhile, the women were also over the scale downstairs. Kelli and Paris both had grown manicured bushes. Miranda, Veronica and Debby all had landing strips, and Olivia, Vanessa, Dove and Kira were all completely shaved. Derek and Michael also stripped out of their suits. I tried not to look, but I clearly saw both their dicks. Michael’s was about the same size as Derek’s but a bit thicker.

I gotta admit, figuratively, Derek seemed to have some watermelon sized balls on him. After all the girls had stripped, he got them to pose for some group nude photos. I stood behind him and watched as he used his phone to snap a bunch of full-frontal shots of the women, and while they struck different poses you could see just about everything in all of the photos. The final picture had each woman bend with their hands on her knees, asses pointed right at the camera and each one looking over their shoulder. If I could have, I would have taken that photo, blown it up, framed it, and had it hung up in my living room.

After the photoshoot, while still nude everyone jumped into the pool. The best word to describe what we did in the pool was frolic around. No one did anything overtly sexual, but there was a good amount of teasing going on. Especially as people continued to sip on their margaritas and another round was poured. I felt more than a few hands and bodies “accidentally” brush up against me and my mostly hard dick. In one case the touching wasn’t so accidental. As I was over by the edge of the pool with my back to everyone sipping from my drink Paris Berelc swam up next to me and gave my dick a few hard strokes while whispering into my ear to come and find her later.

With everyone now loosened up thanks to the alcohol in their systems and the lack of clothing, everyone was feeling pretty playful. Someone suggested that we play in a game of chicken. I agreed and was happy to be paired with Olivia. We were going to be playing against Kira and Derek. I had to duck down so Olivia could climb onto my shoulders. When I stood up, I noticed that I could feel Liv’s hairless mound pressing against my neck. I was hoping that the back of my neck wasn’t going to be the only part of me to feel Olivia’s pussy by the end of the night. I was focused on the feeling on the back of my neck until the chicken fight started up, after that, I was then doing my best to stay upright. Olivia was struggling with her match against Kira and I was doing the best to both keep my balance and keep Olivia on top of my shoulders. Somehow those struggles resulted in Olivia being turned around on my shoulders and she now sat with pussy right in front of my face. Having it to staring me right in the face was too much for me. After what felt like a couple of minutes, but was probably only a few seconds, my hands went right to her ass and pushed her right up against my face. As soon as she was within tongue range, I started to eat her tasty pussy.

“What are you…oh god…are you seriously…holy fuck,” Oliva said as her confusion of my actions quickly turned to pleasure. Both her hands took a firm grip on the hair on top of my head, and her legs locked tightly around my head. I was in heaven munching on her twat and Olivia seemed to be enjoying herself. However, while I would have been perfectly happy to stand in that pool for hours with my face buried between Olivia Holt’s legs, no one gave that message to Kira who still thought the game of chicken was going on. She was able to push Olivia over somewhat easily, and Olivia’s tumble also caused me to fall backwards under the water.

“What the hell Kira,” Olivia said angrily when she reemerged above the water.

“What? We were playing a game,” Kira said, but it was unclear whether or not she knew what Liv and I were doing when she knocked Holt over.

“And you…” Olivia said turning to me, “What the hell was that?” She just stared at me for several seconds then said, “Come with me.” Olivia then stormed out of the pool and went into the house. I followed closely behind and there was no hiding my rock-hard boner as I left the pool. I heard a few catcalls from some of the others as I headed inside.

“I can’t believe you did that,” Olivia said as she stood in front of the large marble counter, and I closed the bathroom door.

“You fucking loved it. If she hadn’t interrupted us, I would have had you cumming in no time.”

“Pfff, you wish.”

“Oh, yeah? Here I’ll prove it.” I then pulled Olivia to me and as soon as I kissed her she began kissing me right back. As our tongues explored each other’s mouths, my hands explored Olivia’s body. Feeling up her perky tits, then down to her ass, and then my hand slid around to cup her mound. Even before sliding my fingers between her lips I could feel the heat radiating off of her and she already seemed to be pretty wey (and not just from the pool). She moaned into my mouth as I slipped a finger inside her. As I fingered her and slipped in a second finger, both of Olivia’s hands wrapped around my cock and she began pumping it. I couldn’t take it anymore; I broke off our make-out session and spun Olivia around. I dropped down to my knee. “Can you really blame me for doing what I did in the pool? Your pussy is irresistible.”

“So I’ve been told,” Olivia said as she bent over a bit. I then dove right back in between her legs and began eating her out. Thankfully, I no longer had to deal with the taste of chlorine pool water entering my mouth. I only had the taste of her sweet pussy juices filling my mouth.

“Mmm…oohhh yeah.” Olivia moaned as I devoured her pussy and started working a finger in her. When she got louder and seemed to be close to cumming, I stopped eating her out. The Cloak & Dagger star let out a disappointed groan, but before she could say anything, I was standing up behind her and had the head of my dick pressed against her hairless pussy lips. “Gaahhhhh!” Olivia moaned as I pressed into her and I stretched out her tight little pocket. I had wanted very few women like I wanted Olivia the first time I laid eyes on her, and now just hours later I had my dick fully buried in her. She felt even better than I would have hoped. I had my hand firmly holding onto her hips as I worked my pole in and out of her. At first, I was looking down, watching my dick go in and out of her and I noticed I soon had a layer of her cream on it as she came on my dick. After she did that I finally looked up and got to see her beautiful lust filled face in the mirror as her orgasm overtook her. I kept on fucking her with the same intensity through her orgasm. In the mirror, I could see her cute tits sway with each thrust. As we kept going, I kept building up speed. Soon was smashing up against her backside so fast that the sound of our skin slapping almost seemed like one continuous sound.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” I warned Olivia.

“Do it inside me. I wanna feel your big dick fill me,” Olivia cried.

“Trust me, I wasn’t planning on doing it anywhere else. There isn’t enough money in the world to get me to pull out.” I kept hammering away. When I sensed that Olivia was nearing another climax, I held mine in as long as I could until I could not hold back any longer.

“Awwww.,” I grunted as my cock erupted like Mount St. Helens. As I was firing off burst after burst of hot jizz into the gorgeous blond starlet, Olivia came hard to the sensation of her pussy being filled. When both our orgasms subsided, we were left still standing over the countertop looking at each other through the mirror as we tried to catch our breaths.

“Wow, that was pretty good,” Olivia said.

“We’re not done yet,” I told her.


“I’m still hard,” I said. I flexed my dick, which was still inside her, to prove my point. “And the moment my sensitivity goes down a bit I am going to fuck you and cum inside you all over again.” As I told her that my hands began to explore her body once again. I cup her breast and tweaked her nipple with one hand, and with the other I had Olivia turn her head over her shoulder and started kissing her once more. As we kissed, I moved my hand down and began rubbing her clit. Soon after I slowly began to pump my hips just slightly.

“Cross your legs,” I told Olivia as we stopped kissing and I took her her hips into my hands once again.


“Just trust me, cross your legs.” Oliva stood up and instead of having her legs splayed a little bit further than shoulder-width apart, she crossed her right leg over her left. I then pressed her back so she bent over, and I didn’t stop until she was practically at a 90-degree angle.

“Oh my god,” Olivia moaned as I started to hammer her pussy. She was tight before, but with her legs crossed now, it was like her pussy was trying to strangle my dick. And Olivia could feel the difference too. My cock stretched her out before, but with her legs crossed and her pussy clamping down on my dick, even more, she could clearly feel every single detail and contour of my cock as it slid and out of her. It was after I watch Olivia’s eyes roll back into her head and she orgasmed once again that I knew I had to pull out of Holt’s love tunnel to switch things up. Her legs were starting to buckle so standing was not much of an option anymore. I reluctantly pulled out of Olivia and had her turn around and her sit up on top of the counter. I then picked up both her legs and put her legs up on my shoulders before sinking my dick back into her.

“Oohhh,” Olivia said as I took her by surprise. Rather than doing her on the counter I picked her up and started fucking her in a modified stand and carry position. Olivia’s sexy thighs were pressed up against my chest as I bounced her up and down on my dick. I am not the strongest guy in the world, but Olivia’s smaller size made it easier for me to hold her up and fuck her for a longer time than I could some other women I had tried this same position with.

“Oh my god yes! YES! FUCK! KEEP GOING!” Oliva began to scream wildly with her head thrown back as I jerked her hips up and down my pole.

“Oh fuck Liv, I’m gonna cum again.”

“Yes, give it to me. I want it.” Olivia cried out blissfully right before I began pumping my second load in the last 20 minutes right into her amazing pussy. When I was finally done, I dropped her down on the counter and pulled out my now softening dick. As I withdrew it, it was like a dam opened as my cum began leaking out of her full pussy.

It took us a while to catch our breaths and get prepared to rejoin the others by the pool. It had been nearly an hour since we had left, and there was zero doubt what we were up to. Especially since while Olivia had cleaned up some of the jizz that had leaked out of her in the bathroom, by the time we walked to the pool a little more had leaked out and was running down her leg. A couple of people gave us some looks as we walked back out. However, I also noticed that some people had gone missing since Olivia and I went inside. Suddenly Dove and Debby where nowhere to be seen. But Miranda, Veronica, Michael, and Derek were all over at the bar with Derek teaching Veronica how to make a drink, and Michael and Miranda debating over what song they should play next. The rest of the women were sunning themselves on pool chairs.

As Liv and I approached the bar, Miranda glanced my way and suddenly announced that it was time for her to get going. Olivia asked what time it was and after hearing the time also announced that she too had to leave. Both women found their discarded bathing suits and began putting them back on. While Olivia took her time and said goodbye to people, Miranda quickly put hers on and headed towards the door. Michael quickly followed her. Olivia put her number in my phone and gave me a quick kiss before walking out. I sent her a quick text saying “Here’s my number. And just FYI next time we hook up make sure you have 8-12 hours fee because I’m not stopping until I can’t get it up anymore.”

While that was going on, upstairs a naked Debby Ryan let her head drop back to the mattress that she was lying on as she let out a pleasurable moan and she tried to catch her breath. She gripped the comforter tightly as she let the wave of pleasure flow through her. Her orgasmic moans were quickly muffled as Dove dropped her hips down and planted were mound on the Jessie star’s mouth once again. Dove was on top of Debby as the two former Disney stars 69’ed in one of the spare bedrooms. This was not the first girl on girl experience for either, and if anything Dove might be close to being bi while Debby was just always up for some fun. It was Dove who convinced Debby to come upstairs, and now it was Dove hungrily eating her out while rocking her hips on Debby’s face. After Debby climaxed again, Dove lifted her pelvis off of Debby and turned around.

“Wow, you’re really good at that,” Debby commented as she tried to catch her breath.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Dove said as she started to kiss her way up Debby’s body. Starting just above her landing strip and moving her way up to her tits.

“Should we go back downstairs?”

“Not yet, I want to do something else really quick,” Dove told her with a devilish smile.

Meanwhile downstairs Michael had caught up with Miranda.

“Miranda wait,” he said, “Don’t leave just yet.”

“Michael really, you know I’m not going to have sex with you,” she told him. He’d been hanging around her all day, it was obvious to her what he wanted.

“Fine. That’s fine,” Michael told her, “But let me ask you this, after everything that happened today, are you going to masturbate as soon as you get home?”

“I’m not going to tell you that,” Miranda said shocked by his question. Michael didn’t respond, he just looked at her in the eyes until she finally relented. “Okay, fine. Yes, probably.”

“Then let me take care of you. No sex that’s fine, but let me take you upstairs and get you off.”

Miranda thought about it for a bit, and after a little more persuasion from Michael, she finally relented and agreed. Mike grabbed her hand and they quickly went up the stairs. He went to the first bedroom at the top of the stairs and Mike and Miranda were in for a surprise when he pushed open the door. They both stood in mild shock as they watched Dove and Debby scissoring each other in the middle of the bed.

“Ummf..ummff..” Dove moaned before noticing her audience, “Umm occupied” Dove said as she looked towards the open door. Debby also looked over, but neither paused their actions.

“Sorry,” Miranda apologized as Mike closed the door. They then went down the hall to another bedroom, which they found to be empty. As they entered the room Michael kissed Miranda before picking her up and throwing her onto the bed. Miranda moved to the head of the bed and propped her head upon the pillows while Michael got on the bed. He crawled over on top of her, he kissed Miranda and then moved down her body leaving a trail of kisses. He brushed her bikini top to the side and sucked on both her nipples for a minute each before continuing to move down her body.

When he finally made his way down to the top of her bikini bottoms, he raised her slender legs in the air, pulled the bottoms off, and threw them over his shoulder. With one hand still holding Miranda’s leg up but the ankle, he began kissing down her leg before finally reaching his destination in her honey pot. Michael had been after Miranda for a while, not just all afternoon but for several months, and now he was happy to finally be between her legs holding open her lips as he lapped up her juices with his tongue. He used his thumb to stroke her clit as he licked her. He kept going like that for a few minutes before switching his fingers and his mouth. He began sucking on her clit while he used two fingers to finger her twat. Hooking his fingers a bit, he methodically stroked the inside of her pussy searching for her g-spot as his tongue worked her clit.

“Oh wow,” Miranda loudly said as his fingers found their spot. As he continued to work her pussy Miranda had one hand grab onto the back of his head. She never would have guessed the Michael would have been so proficient in his oral skills, or she might have done this sooner. As her breathing quickened, Michael switched back again. Using his fingers to furiously rub her clit as he ate her out. Miranda in response tightened her grip on the hair on the back of his head and pushed him down into her crotch just a little bit, while her free hand played with her nipples.

“Oh yes, oh yes, yes, yes,” Miranda repeated over and over again as her orgasm approached, and then she finally let out a loud moan as she came, creaming all over Michael’s face. Between how turned on she was by some of the activities during the pool party and then how good of a job Michael did eating her pussy, Miranda had one of her more powerful orgasms in quite some time. She was literally left breathless.

“Wow,” Miranda said when she was finally able to speak again.

“I told you, you wouldn’t be disappointed,” he bragged as he laid down next to her on the bed.

“You are good at that.”

“Thanks,” he said and then paused for a minute before speaking up again, “You know I hear I’m not the only one in this room with some amazing oral skills,” Miranda smirked and rolled her eyes at his comment. She then looked at Michael out of the side of his eye. She knew he was cute and that he liked her, but she’d been brushing off his previous advances because she didn’t just want to be another notch on his headboard. Now here she was lying next to him with no bottoms on and him naked with his rock-hard dick pointing up.

“I’m still not going to sleep with you, today, but I guess you do deserve a reward for doing such a good job helping me out.” She then slipped down and got between his legs. Using her tongue, she circled the head of his cock a few times before lowering herself and bathing his shaft with her tongue. When she was satisfied, she spat in her hand and began stroking his shaft. Michael watched intently as Miranda worked his dick. As he looked down at her, she looked up at him while she opened up and took several inches of his love stick into her mouth. Michael moaned as he felt her warm wet mouth closed around his cock. His thickness did stretch her mouth like few other men she’d been with.

“Oh wow, now I know what all the hype was about,” Michael said as Miranda started to blow him. He’d heard that she gave amazing blowjobs, one guy even said she was the best, and now experiencing it he understood what they were talking about. From the outside her bobbing of her head and working the shaft with her hand, she looked no different than most women giving a standard blowjob. But it was her tongue that made the difference. The way she swirled around the tip and flicked the underside, she could teach a doctorate level course in how to use your tongue while giving head. She kept going and he tried to hold out for as long as he could. As she was blowing her friend, Miranda could not help herself from rubbing herself. As she worked Michael’s dick, Miranda also began using her free hand to play with herself.

“Gawd Miranda, I’m gonna cum soon,” he warned her. Instead of removing her mouth as some other women would, Miranda just looked up at Michael and gave him a wink as she continued to suck on his dick.

“Uugghhhhhgggoooddd,” He moaned as his dick finally burst and he ejaculated into the iCarly actress’ mouth. Miranda just took it all in like a champ. Swallowing his entire load, and then kept sucking for another minute to make sure she got every last drop. Afterward, Miranda laid down next to Michael and he watches as she continued to play with herself until she brought her to climax one more time. The two just laid in bed relaxing for another ten minutes until finally Miranda got up, redressed and left.

Over the next hours, some people left and dinner was delivered. It was around 8:30 that everyone who remained at Derek’s found themselves sitting naked in the oversized hot tub. I was sitting between Kelli and Paris, Michael was between the Merrell twins, and Derek was sitting with Kira sitting side-saddle on his lap. Most still had a drink either in their hand or on the ledge of the tub. We all were just talking for a little while, but slowly the flirtation between different people began to grow. I for one felt Paris move her hand come on top of my upper thigh. Kira at one point made a big display while reaching for her drink, literally pressing her breasts right into Derek’s face as she moved to get it. Michael was quietly flirting with Vanessa Merrell, and then every once and a while he’d turn and whisper into Veronica’s ear and whatever he said would make her laugh. I progressed things a little with the two women on either side of me as I began rubbing both Paris’ and Kelli’s upper inner thighs.

Things continued from there as Michael started to kiss Vanessa, I was now rubbing the crotches of both women to my side as one had their hand around my shaft and the other fondled my testicles. Meanwhile, as Kira tried to do her reach move again across Derek’s face, he opened his mouth and began sucking on deep pink quarter-sized nipples. As he sucked on her hardened nipples which looked like nubs sticking out. Kira eventually stopped pretending to reach over and just turned to straddle Derek’s lap. While that was happening Michael stopped kissing Vanessa as Veronica turned his head to her and she kissed him. That was all that possible for me to see as some other things could have been happening underwater. Like with Kelli, Paris, and I. I was fingering the two of them while they both slowly stroked my meat. I lost track of what the others were doing when Paris pulled me to her and we began making out. All three groups were lost in their own little worlds.

“Awwww,” a woman cried out and suddenly everyone stopped what they were doing. All eyes were now on Kira as she let out another moan. While it was impossible to see under the bubbles of the hot tub, it was clear from the way that her body was moving that she was riding Derek’s cock there in the middle of the hot tub.

“Maybe we should go somewhere more private,” Vanessa said to Michael.

“Okay,” he said and quickly followed her getting out of the tub.

“We should go somewhere else too,” I suggested to Paris as I stood up and took her hand.

“You have no idea what you are in for,” Paris slyly responded. As I stepped out of the hot tub with Paris, she looked back and stuck her hand out for Kelli. “You coming?” she asked.

“Not yet, but I hopefully will be soon,” Kelli said as she took Paris’ hand and the three of us headed inside.

“Hey, what about me?” Veronica asked as she was left sitting in the hot tub directly across from Kira and Derek as they continued to go at it.

Inside the house, I started to head towards the staircase, but Paris pulled me into another direction and we headed into the living room. Pulling me over to a large plush expensive-looking leather couch, Paris gave me a hard, passionate kiss and then pushed me back onto the center of the couch. She then got up on one side of me and Kelli got on the other. Kelli gave me a kiss as Paris dropped her head and she began using her mouth on my cock. When Kelli broke off the kiss, she moved her face down and joined Paris on pleasuring my pole. There was not playful toying around or teasing by either. They were both blowing me like there was an important deadline to make me cum that they had to meet. It was unbelievable the job that they were doing on me. While I did not know for sure that they had, it seemed pretty evident that this was not the first time these two had shared a dick. They never spoke but work almost perfectly in tandem. One would go for the tip while the other would suck on my shaved balls, and then they would switch without any indication. Currently, the two were working their lips simultaneously along the side of my shaft. I almost lost it when the two moved up to the top of my dick and they began kissing each other with the head of my cock in between their mouths. The tip of my dick could feel everything. I could feel their lips press against one another and their tongues slip back and forth into each other’s mouths.

“Holy fuck, I need you girls to stop,” I warned them.

“Are you sure you want us to stop?” Paris asked.

“Yeah, I was hoping to get a little taste,” Kelli said seductively before giving the head of my dick another long lick.

“You can get a taste later. I just don’t want to bust my nut before getting to fuck you ladies. Now, why don’t you get side by side and face that way,” I told them. I then got off the couch and the two former co-stars moved next to each other and faced away from me. They both held on to the top of the couch and stuck their asses out towards me. Wanting to give my dick a chance to calm down, I went down to my knees on the floor and buried my head between Paris’ legs while my hand found its way to Kelli’s bush and I slipped a couple of fingers into her. Both women moaned as I fingered and ate their vaginas. I had to admit normally I was not a big fan of going down on women with bushes, but it was buying me some time and thankfully Kelli and Paris kept theirs well maintained. As I was behind Kelli I got worried when I suddenly could not hear either of their moans anymore. But when I looked up, I saw why. The two women were full-on making out as I worked on them.

At that point, I was plenty rested and ready to take things to the next step. I stood up, grabbed Kelli’s hips and brushed my dick along her wet lips. I worked on getting my dick wet with her dripping pussy juice.

“Fuck,” Kelli said breaking off her make-out session. “Stop teasing and stick it in me already.”

“Fine,” I responded before proceeding to slam most of my full length into her.

“Oh fuck!” she shouted in response to getting her pussy filled so quickly. I then slid the rest of me into her. I soon started to pump in and out of her. Kelli groaned as I fucked her from behind. Her face was pressed up against the back of the couch and was looking right at Paris as she got fucked.

“How is he?” Paris asked.

“So good…his big dick…feels amazing,” Kelli told her between breaths.

“Ummm, yeah?”

“Don’t worry you’ll get your turn,” I told Paris.

“Not yet,” Kelli pleaded. “I’m almost there, just keep going a little longer.” I did as she asked and kept on plugging away. Hammering her twat with all I had until Kelli let out a loud high-pitched moan as she came all over my dick. “Fuuucckkk,” she groaned as her body was hit with the aftershocks of her orgasm. As soon as Kelli began to calm back down, I withdrew from her, took a step to the side and slammed home into Paris’s tight minge.

“OH FUCK!” Paris yelled as I went balls deep into her on my first thrust. I was using the same technique I was using with Kelli, starting at medium speed and working my tempo up, but Paris didn’t want that. “Fuck me harder! Really give me that big dick.” She commanded.

“Fine,” I said. I gave her ass a bit of a slap before readjusting my hands on her hips and really started to just jackhammer her twat with everything I had.

“YESSSS! That’s it! Fuck me hard! Fucking pound me!” Paris cried out.

“Wow, you really like that dick, huh?” Kelli asked her friend

“If Jack could have…uhmmmm …fucked me like this ..Yes! Fuck!….I wouldn’t have dumped his ass,” Paris joked as I continued to hammer her 20-year-old pussy with my eight and a quarter-inch dick. I was going with such pace and force I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep it up. Fortunately, within the next five minutes, Paris’s raspy voice yelled “Oh fuck I’m cumming! Uggaaahhhhhh!!!” as she came hard. Her pussy literally gushed leaving a big wet spot over where she was kneeling.

At this point, I was feeling mildly winded as I pulled my cock out of the Wisconsin born actress. Kelli acted quickly, not leaving my cock exposed to the air too long as she devoured it and sucked it clean of all of her friend’s juices. With my dick now clean, Kelli directed me to sit on the floor with my legs out in front of me. I did what she asked and then she quickly got on top of me, forcing my dick back into her love tunnel, and we began screwing each other in the lotus position. She wrapped both her arms and legs around me as we did it on the floor. At one point she leaned herself back and I shoved my mouth down on her beautiful b-cups, sucking and playfully nibbling on her rosy nipples. As I toyed with Kelli’s, I suddenly felt another pair of hard nipples pressing into my back. Paris was now right behind me. Her hands rubbed all around my body while she gave a trail of kisses up and down my neck and the side of my face. Now and then I felt her bite and suck on my neck, I knew there was a chance she might leave a hickey, but at the moment I was cool with it. When Kelli sat back up straight, she and Paris began making out over my shoulder while Kelli continued to ride me. Feeling like I could be more productive in this threesome, I told Paris to stand up and I then scooted me and Kelli closer to the couch so that when I tilted my head back it was resting against it. Paris got what I wanted right away, and when I tilted my head back, she stood to straddle my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. That is how the three of us continued for quite some time, Paris standing over me while I ate her out and simultaneously Kelli riding me in the lotus position. As we kept going, I could hear their girls breathing getting more strained, their moans getting louder, while the pressure in my balls was beginning to boil up. Regardless, none of us said anything really until finally almost in unison, the three of us seemed to orgasm at once. Paris soaked my face with her pussy juice when she came and at the same time, I was unloading my fourth load of the day deep inside of Kelli, and eyes rolled back as her pussy spasmed.

When it was through, Paris collapsed onto the floor, and Kelli rolled off of me and laid on her back. I watched as Kelli dipped her fingers inside of her box and then sucked them clean after she pulled them out. Kelli dipped her fingers inside again, but this time offered her cum coated fingers to Paris who happily accepted them. Once Paris has sucked them clean, Kelli moved to repeat the same process, but this time Paris grabbed her arm and stopped her.

“Nuh-uh,” Paris said before crawling over to Kelli and the Netflix star began to eat her close friend’s cum filled pussy. I just sat back and watched for the bit. At first, my eyes were focused on Paris mouth/tongue and Kelli’s reaction to the job her friend was doing. But as time went on my eyes drifted somewhere else. Being down on her knees and elbows left Paris’ butt high up in the air, and I had a clear view of her pussy underneath. I wasn’t sure if she was doing it on purpose or not, but as the time when on and the more attention I paid to it, the more I noticed the way Paris seemed to be swaying her ass back and forth as she continued to eat out Kelli. While I watching her sway, it was too tempting and after another two minutes of watching the show, my cock was starting to feel revitalized. I got up off the floor and instead of going after her in her current position, I scooped up under hips and spun the Lab Rats star around. When I put her back down, Kelli and Paris were in the 69 position. I dropped down to my knees behind Paris, but I didn’t push into her right away. Instead, I dropped my cock right down on Kelli’s face. She happily took my cock back into her mouth. Though it had started to dry out a bit, my cock was still coated in a mix of my seed and Kelli’s wetness.

“Ummm… my pussy and your jizz make a tasty combination,” Kelli commented.

“I know, right?” Paris stopped eating out her friend to chime in.

Once Kelli had my dick good and wet, she positioned my tip in front of Paris’ entrance and I slammed my cock into her. Just like before I pounded Paris hard from behind. This time it was different because as I banged Paris, Kelli was under her licking her clit at the same time. I could occasionally feel the flick of her tongue working on Paris as my cock slide in and out of her. From time to time Kelli would move away for Paris and use her mouth to play with my swinging balls. When we started Paris tried to keep eating out Kelli, but now she was so lost in the pleasure Kelli and I were giving her. Now Paris’ mouth was just spouting moans and some mixture of the words ‘yes’, ‘god’ and ‘fuck’. Since she no longer had to bend over to eat out Kelli I took her arms and pulled them behind her. This caused Paris to arch her back, using my free hand I reached around and began tweaking Paris’s nipples as I continued to slam into her.

“Holy fuck yes!” Paris was getting louder and louder by the second. It was obvious that she was getting closer to me and Kelli worked even harder on her. Kelli began sucking hard on clit while I gave her pussy all I had until Paris gave a raspy scream as she came. An extremely powerful orgasm ripped through her body causing her body to shake and tremble. But not only did she cum, but she actually squirted all over Kelli’s face.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god,” Paris gasped over and over again as she collapsed.

“Jesus girl, you drenched me,” Kelli said as her face now looked like someone hat threw a glass of water on her face after getting squirted on. Both women were now on the floor and I was on my knees with a hardon hanging over Kelli’s face. Kelli pulled my dick back down to her mouth as I thought about my next move. I was pretty sure I could pick whichever of the two I wanted to sheath my sword into, and while Kelli was very sexy and was doing a wonderful job as a fluffer keeping me hard as I made my decision, there was just something about Paris that drove me wild.

I slowly withdrew my cock from Kelli’s mouth, and as I stood up, I said, “You know Kelli, Paris squirted all over your face but she just stopped midway through eating you out. Maybe you should have her finish the job.”

Kelli gave me a bright smile as she replied, “That’s not a bad idea.” I watched as Kelli rolled over and crawled to Paris. Paris is just stayed still, catching her breath after the orgasm that rocked her body. She watched as Kelli came to her. Kelli put her knees on either side of Paris’ face, and then hunted over with hands on the floor and her arms supporting her as she dropped her hips onto her Lab Rats: Elite Force co-star’s face. It didn’t look like much was happening at first and then I say Kelli bite her lip, close her eyes and a moan escaped from her mouth. After enjoying the show for a minute or two I then moved over and settled between Paris’ legs. I grabbed bother of her shapely legs by the ankles and then lifted them both up and out so that she was practically doing a split. I moved my hips around until I had my man meat positioned just right and then thrust forward. I could hear a muffled grunt come from Paris’ muffled mouth.

“I think she likes it,” Kelli said, who while hunched over the way she was was less than a foot away from me.

“You think so?” I asked playfully.

“Um-hm,” She said as she bit her lip again. I moved Paris’ legs closer together and placed them on my shoulders so I could lean in and kiss Kelli. The Now Apocalypse star and I made out as I continued to fuck and she was eaten out by Paris. My hands fondled and played with Kelli’s breasts for a bit, but then snuck down and I began teasing both Paris breasts and clit. Kelli was the first of the three of us to come. She sat up quickly and then came all over her friends face. After rolling off Paris, instead of just sitting back and watching, Kelli moved around and began sucking on Paris’ lovely brown nipples while I continued to rock her pussy.

“Oh fuck you guys..I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum again!” Paris warned us. Instead of just humping away, I quickly pulled out my dick and began rubbing her clip. Within a minute Paris began cumming. “Fuuuuccckkkkk!” she moaned loudly as once again she squirted, this time with her on her back and nothing blocking it, it looked like a miniature fountain as she did it. When she was done, I drove my cock right back into her ever more soaking wet cooch. After everything that had happened, I was not that far from nutting once again. I went back to fucking Paris for a few more minutes before I pulled out once again.

“Fuck I’m going to cum,” I said as I stroked my dick. Kelli said something, but I was too lost in my thoughts to hear what she was saying. I pumped my dick that was aimed towards Paris’ chest until I finally popped. The first few ropes of cum when long, hitting Paris on the face and chin, but all the rest landed around her tits. Kelli was quick to respond once again as she began licking Paris’ chest clean.

“Well, you’re finally getting your taste,” I told Kelli as I watched her lick her friend clean.

“Umm, and it was worth the wait,” she replied. Kelli scooped up some of my jizz and feed it to Paris who happily tasted it.

After all that, and the entire day in general, we were all exhausted. Rather than going home or finding a bedroom upstairs I climbed up on the couch to go to sleep. I was a little surprised when Paris joined me and I ended up spooning her, while Kelli slept solo on a different couch.

I woke up several hours later with arms still around Paris, and a semi poking against her ass. I was both thirsty and had to go pee, so I carefully got up off the couch and went to the bathroom. As I exited the bathroom I realized I had not checked my phone in hours and that it was still by the pool. I went out and found my phone. I was glad to see I had not missed anything important, but my phone also said that it was down to 13% charge. I decided to see if I could find a charger someplace. Walking around the downstairs living room and game room, I could not find one. Passing the stairs that led to the upstairs bedrooms I could hear some definite noises, so I crept up the stairs to investigate. As I moved up the stairs it was clear that the sounds were of a woman moaning, a whole lot and very loudly. Once I got to the top of the stairs it became clear that the moaning was actually coming from two different women who just seemed to sound a lot alike. The hallway light was off so I moved stealthily down the hallway. One of the guest bedroom doors was open and thanks to a lamp that was on, I could clearly see Michael having sex with one of the Merrell twins. She was on all fours getting plowed from behind and judging by the noise she was making she was really enjoying herself. I watched for a few minutes before moving further down the hall to Derek’s room. His lights were on but his door was mostly shut. However, what I could see was the large mirror he had over his dresser which gave me a perfect reflection of what was happening on the bed. And what was happening was the same thing as the other bedroom. Derek was banging the other Merrell on his bed, only he was doing it missionary and she was just as loud. There was no way the Vanessa and Veronica could not hear the other having sex in the other bedroom. Standing in the hallway it was like listening to dueling pianos, only instead of pianos, it was Merrell twins sex noises. With my phone still in hand, I turned on the camera and took a couple of minutes worth of video with one of the girls getting boned by Derek. I then realized that she had a landing strip just above her vagina which meant that this was Vanessa he was fucking. The same Vanessa who I last saw going upstairs to hook up with Michael. Which meant as I moved back down the hall, the one I could see Michael drilling was Veronica. With my phone now down to 5% and my dick back to full mass I decided to head back downstairs. As I walked down the stairs, I found my mind wondering several things, like when did they switch? Was it a regular thing with Michael and Derek each taking one of the twins simultaneously? If so, do they always take the same twin or do they switch partners? Had they ever switched during? All questions I was dying to know but would have to wait till later to find out. The other question that popped into my mind was, what happened to Kira? Last I saw her she was riding Derek in the hot tub.

I got the answer to my last question sooner than I thought as I entered the kitchen and say Kira’s profile standing in front of an open refrigerator door. Just like me, she had yet to put on any clothing. While I had noticed Kira’s cute face and almost gravity-defying tits, what I had not noticed until just now standing behind her was that she also had a nice plump, shapely ass as well.

“Hi, you enjoying the view?” Kira asked when she looked back and saw me standing there checking her out.

“Kind of, yeah,” I replied, and this made Kira smirk.

“What are you doing awake?”

“Right now I am looking for a charger for my phone.”

“Oh, umm, I think Derek usually has one plugged in behind that table over there,” Kira said while pointing behind me.

“Thanks,” I said and went over to where she was pointing. Thankfully she was correct and the charger did match my phone, so I plugged it in. When I turned back to the kitchen I saw Kira leaning against the side of the kitchen island, almost like how Dove was earlier when I met her.

“Did it work?” she asked.

“Yup, we’re all good. Thanks.” I walked past her on my way to getting some water that I desperately needed. As I gulped down a glass, Kira stayed in the kitchen and we made some small talk. I had not talked to Kira much during the day and this was the first time we really spoke one on one.

“So, you seemed to have enjoyed your day today.”

“Yeah. I guess you could say that” I said modestly. “Honestly things today were probably a little crazier than I ever could have imagined.”

“Things can get kind of wild at times,” Kira said, and as she was talking I noticed that we were now standing less than two feet apart.

“I’ll say, I don’t think I have to compare what happened today to, other than maybe just one or two experienced in college. And those days were a while ago.”

“I couldn’t have been that long ago. You held your own today, and parts of you still seem like they are full of life,” as she said the last part her eyes dropped to my engorged hardon. “And you keep talking like the party’s all over. Last I checked we are still here and still awake.” She then took a step closer so that now my erection was brushing up against her stomach.

“You’re right. So what do you think we should do?” After I asked that Kira merely batted her large brown eyes at me and simultaneously we went in to kiss each other. Both of our hands also went to the others’ privates as we kissed. Kira stroked my dick as I fingered her. I had not had sex six times in as 12-hour span since one night in college where I spent the night out of town at a friend’s sorority house. Now here I was with a chance to do it again, and I also realized that there was a chance that it was the last bullet in my chamber so I needed to act quickly and make it count. As soon as she felt good and wet, I stopped fingering the young actress/singer and picked her up. I placed her on one of the tall white leather bar height chairs on one of the sides of the kitchen island. While a little taller than I hoped it still put her pussy almost right at the perfect height for me as I stood. I once again picked up her legs, put them on my shoulders, scooted her so her twat was right at the edge of the chair and pushed forward.

“OOoohhhhhh!” she moaned as my large phallus stretched out her very tight pussy.

‘Fucking hell,” I said. I would not say any of the women I meet today had loose pussies, but Kira was extremely tight.

Moving as close to the chair as possible I forced her legs to be almost straight up in the air, and she almost appeared to be in a checkmark (√) position. I don’t know what it was today about me lifting and manipulating these women’s legs as we fucked, just something about them being young and flexible I guess. She got folded even more in half as I got closer and toyed with her lovely famous tits while I continued to give her pussy a workout. Her breasts were both soft and firm at the same time, and she seemed to enjoy when I played with her sensitive nipples. She continued to enjoy me playing with her breast and holding on to them when we switched positions and I took her from behind. Kira was now kneeling on the high chair holding onto the back of it as I reached around to hold her tits as I took her from behind. I could feel Kira’s hand brush along my dick as my shaft I slid in and out of her. She was working her clit as we banged and soon enough she let out a high pitched squeal as she came on my dick. As she came, I slowed down my pace by kept thrusting.

“Let me get on top,” Kira pleaded when she had recovered. Agree to let her, I withdrew my dick and then climbed up onto the marble top of the island. I laid back with my legs hanging off and Kira climbed on as well. She was quick to straddle me and plunge herself down on my dick. She then rode me right there on the kitchen island. She bounces up and down and I watched as her breast jiggled with each bounce. The way they moved with her pink nipples is was almost hypnotic to watch. Pulling her down towards me a bit so her breast hung over my face, she was now grinding herself on my dick. Looking up at her tits, I could not help myself and I did exactly what Dereck did in the hot tub and began sucking on her tits. As she remained bent over I readjusted myself on the counter to get a bit of leverage and being thrusting hard into her while she remained on top.

“Ummm yes..keep going…I’m going to cum again soon…ahh…almost there,” she said as we fucked.

“I’m close to cumming too,” I warned her.

“Do it inside me. I want to feel you explode inside me as a cum,” she told me. I was originally hoping to have her titty fuck me and shoot my load all over those glorious globes, but if she wanted me inside her I was not going to put up a fight.

“Almost there, almost there” she repeated over and over again as she tilted her head back and she shut her eyes. I too was nearing climax, but I was trying to hold out until I got the go-ahead. When I felt her pussy muscles tighten even tighter than they already were and I heard her squeal again I knew it was time. I released the gates and flooded her pussy with my man juice and she let out a secondary squeal as her hairless minge was being filled up by my load. When it was over, she collapsed on top of me. Her breasts pressed up against my chest, and we just laid there breathing heavily. After a little while, Kira climbed off me and let my flaccid member escape her vagina.

“That was fun, we should do it again sometime,” she said smiling.

“Of course, sure,” I agreed. “Maybe next time when we’re a little less tired and I can give you the full treatment.”

“The full treatment, huh? I like the sound of that.” We flitted a bit more, but it was time for both of us to find someplace to get some sleep. Kira kissed my cheek and walked out of the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of water and walked back out the living room where I had fallen asleep before. I was debating whether or not I’d try and curl back up with Paris on the couch again or not, but when I walked into the room I realized it was not going to be an issue. Paris and Kelli were now curled up together on the same couch I was sleeping on before. I was then thinking that I might have missed out on something while I was with Kira because there was a distinct smell in the room and both women were now facing the opposite end of the couch from the way Paris was facing when I left. I simply smirked and then went over to the couch Kelli had been sleeping on earlier and dozed off.

The next morning, I woke up and found myself alone in the living room. I had a wicked headache and was feeling extremely dehydrated. I went into the kitchen and once again found myself alone. After downing what seemed like a liter of water, I thought I might try and take a quick shower before heading home. Going up the stairs and opening the guest bathroom is when I found out that I was not the only one awake. Inside the running shower, Kelli Berglund was standing and moaning with her ass was pressed up against glass stall. One of her legs was wrapped around the waist of Derek who was pistoning his cock in and out of her. I couldn’t help but stand there and watch for a few minutes before I carefully closed the door and just decided to head out.

I texted Derek thanking him for the invite and letting me meet some of his friends. As I drove, he eventually texted me back, and I also got texts from Kelli, Paris, and Kira letting me know that Derek gave them my number. As the events from the previous day replied in my head while I drove, I hoped that this wouldn’t be the last time I was invited to a get together at Derek’s house and that maybe get to meet some of Derek’s other slightly older famous female friends. I also hoped that wouldn’t be the last time because I had some friends in the tech and cybersecurity business who I knew could hook me up with some gear to copy an external drive. If nothing else I was going to find a way to get copies of all those celebrity sex photos & videos Derek had stored away even if it’s the last thing I do.