Hollywood Pool Party – With Olivia Holt, Dove Cameron, and Peyton List

It was the middle of another hot-ass day in West Hollywood when I bumped into an old friend.

Amusingly enough James Franco seemed to be as high as a kite (as usual) and in a very cheerful mood. In truth it had been several months since I had last seen him in person, having been introduced through a mutual friend.

Nevertheless the two of us caught up quickly before he explained that he was in the area grabbing some lunch for a group of his friends who were back at his pad enjoying a private party.

“You know what, you should come with me.” he added. “I think you’d get a kick out of it.”

To be perfectly honestly the thought hadn’t even occurred to me, especially since I still had a number of errands. But seeing the look on his face I knew this wasn’t something I’d want to pass up.

“Trust me.” he grinned. “You won’t regret it.”

As it turned out his “party” actually consisted of a bunch of teenage actresses who were using his pool for the day.

“Come on. What else have you got to do.” he encouraged. “Just come up and say hello to the girls.”

Being October 31st (Halloween) I found this amusing, but considering how unseasonably hot it had been the last few days I didn’t doubt it. With that said, I agree to tag along and we waited to collect his lunch order before we made our way back up to his house in the Hollywood Hills.

Even though I’d only met the actor on two separate occasions, he seemed like a decent enough bloke…more interested in getting high and tagging hot pieces of ass than causing any trouble.

In fact I’d heard several stories about his infamous parties over the years and couldn’t help but feel a little anxious about what to expect. I guess with Franco anything was possible.

The ride up to his estate only took a few short minutes but once we arrived I was immediately floored by the scene that greeted me. There frolicking in the pool were three of Hollywood’s hottest Disney stars…Peyton List, Dove Cameron, and Olivia Holt!

All three blondes appeared to be scantily clad in nothing more than two-piece bikinis and were shrieking with glee as they played in the water. Noting the shocked expression on my face, James laughed.

“Told you.” he grinned.

“This is just…crazy.” I fawned, while pausing for a moment to admire the backdrop of downtown Los Angeles.

I mean for all intense and purposes it was like he was living out every man’s fantasy come to life, his own private Playboy mansion: fully equipped with his own teenage bunnies for that matter.

“C’mon. I’ll introduce you.”

Right away the girls panicked when they realized he wasn’t alone.

“James! WTF!” Dove whined. “I thought you said this was supposed to be a private party just for the four of us.”

The actor snickered and assured her that I was totally fine and continued with the introductions.

In fact I was a little surprised when he commented to Dove that the two of us should get along well since she too liked to indulge in a little nose candy (coke) from time to time.

The ladies rolled their eyes before they continued to frolic in the water. Fortunately for me it appeared that they seemed to be in high spirits despite the added company and being blindsided by their host.

Franco then offered to make me a drink as the two of us watched the girls fool around in the pool. In fact I could hardly take my eyes off them and suddenly felt obliged to ask James if they were legal (age).

“Trust me. They’re old enough.” he grinned before the two of us shared a drink.

“Just keep your eye out on this one.” he said referring to Olivia Holt. “She might look all innocent and shit, but behind closed doors she’s a real wildcat!”

A minute later Franco headed inside to answer the phone while I took this opportunity to go over to the side of the pool and chat to the ladies.

Right away I was somewhat surprised as Dove seemed more than receptive and openly flirted with me. In fact she asked me to go over to her bag to grab a bottle of cocoa-nut oil and requested that I apply it to her shoulders.

“Could you be a dear and do my back please.” she added with a sexy grin.

I happily obliged and squirted a hefty amount of lotion into my hand before I proceeded to apply it to her porcelain skin. Her friends watched on and giggled as I slipped my hands all over her back and neck and treated her to an impromptu massage.

“Mm. That feels nice.” Dove purred while craning her neck and pushing out her ample chest.

“Hey! What are we, chop liver!” Olivia snapped. “Where’s my back rub.”

The starlet then insisted I give her the same treatment and swam over to where Dove was standing in the water, where they proceeded to poke their tongues out at each other.

“Hey. You better put that thing away.” Holt quipped back at Dove’s tongue. “Or I might make you use it again.”

“Ha! You wish.” Dove winked. “We both know you can’t handle it anyway.”

“Ugh. You bitch!”

The ladies playfully grappled for a moment before Dove finally swam off, and I proceeded to run my hands all over Olivia’s shoulder blades.

I then watched as Liv slipped the straps of her bikini top off her shoulders and invited me to apply an extra coat to the back of her neck. At this point my cock was so hard I prayed I wouldn’t have to stand up soon…in fear of exposing my obvious erection.

Meanwhile Dove climbed out of the pool (giving me a real eyeful of her hourglass figure) and headed into the house to join James, while Peyton took a seat on one of the chaise lounge chairs where she distracted herself with a text-message (from Debby Ryan).

This left me knelt beside the pool with Olivia where I continued to give her a meticulous back rub. Right away I couldn’t help but notice the way her nipples now jutted out obscenely from beneath her bikini top.

In fact from my vantage point above her I gulped hard as I noticed that her bikini was on the verge of falling away from her body and completely exposing her breasts.

Holt simply leaned back and invited me to apply more lotion to the front of her neck and collar bone, to which I happily obliged, and quickly discovered that with every swipe of my hands my fingers seemed to dip lower and lower until I was almost caressing the valley of her cleavage.

“Mm. You’re got great hands.” she purred seductively, before suddenly grabbing my wrists and pulling me into the water!!

I fell into the pool face first and emerged to find Olivia laughing hysterically.

“WTF!” I hissed, before succumbing to her sweet charm and laughing at the situation. “You’re such a bitch.”

“I’m sorry.” she giggled as I found myself completely soaked from head to toe. “But you’ve got to admit, you were asking for it!”

“I was.”

“C’mon.” she added. “Let me make it up to you, and get you a drink.”

As amusing as this was I then hustled over to the side of the pool and proceeded to take out my ruined wallet and cell phone, causing Olivia’s eyes to grow wide with guilt.

“Oh God.” she gasped before she started to apologize profusely. “I’m. So. Sorry. I didn’t realize…”

I assured her it was fine as I climbed out of the pool and accompanied her towards the house, but then blushed with shame when I realized my boner was now exposed.

“By the way. You might want to take care of that.” Olivia winked. “If you’re not careful you might take an eye out.”

The two of us then headed inside, leaving Peyton to sit out by the pool taking in the sun. But the moment Liv and I us stepped into the house we both stopped dead in my tracks as we heard the unmistakable sound of sex!

Olivia immediately glared at me before we rushed in the direction of the moaning: which appeared to be emanating from one of the bathrooms. The two of us quickly realized that the shower was running as well, and that it sounded like Dove and James were having sex inside!

Fortunately for us the door to the bathroom was partially open so we could peer inside via a mirror. But Olivia couldn’t stop giggling as I stood behind her and we listened to Dove carry on from inside.

To her credit, not only was the “Liv & Maddie” star moaning excessively but she seemed to be quite talkative to.

“Ugh. Yeah. You like that. Huh.” Dove moaned hotly. “—that sweet, tight little pussy. Yeah.”

Even though we couldn’t really see anything due to the intense steam, the soundtrack alone was incredibly hot.

At one point I placed my hands on Olivia’s bare hips and could feel her literally trembling with excitement. It seemed the entire incident really turned her on as the two of us peered into the bathroom but dare not enter.

I was then surprised when Olivia mindlessly placed her hand over mine and directed it around her waist to leave it placed across her flat belly. At this point my cock was so hard I thought I was going to pass out: as I caught a whiff of her blonde hair and the scent of cocoa-nut oil.

But before I even had time to appreciate this, Liv leaned back against me and inadvertently rubbed her sweet ass over my cock.

I almost gasped to the contact but held my tongue in fear of giving away our position by the door. Nevertheless the sexy little minx repeated the action, which only confirmed that it wasn’t an accident.

While I tried to give Olivia the benefit of the doubt I noticed her flash a cheeky grin and realized that she knew exactly what she was doing. I finally responded by pulling her body firmly against mine and whispered into her ear.

“Hey. Stop it. What do you think you’re doing.” I whispered while grinding my cock against her ass. “What if they see us here.”

“I don’t care.” Olivia whispered back. “I’m so fucking horny right now I could scream.”

“Are you a voyeur Olivia.”

“Fuck-Yeah.” Holt admitted. “This shit really turns me on.”

“Yeah. I noticed.”

With that said, I then moved my hands around her near-naked body and reached up to boldly grope and fondle her pert young breasts. In fact I took both of her tits in each hand and squeezed gently: taking her breath away as I casually molested her in the hallway.

Not only did Olivia NOT object to this but she almost seemed to encourage it: grinding her sweet ass even harder against me. But as incredible as this moment was I was then disappointed when she suddenly suggested that Peyton join us.


“We should tell Peyton about this.” Olivia giggled. “She’d get a real kick out of it.”

“What. Right now.”

Olivia then suggested that I go fetch her while she volunteered to stay at the door to “keep an eye” on Dove and James. Not wanting to refuse her, I did as she asked – adjusted my boner – and rushed out to the pool area to fetch her friend.

But it was there that I was suddenly taken aback to find Peyton mid bikini change: her breasts on full display as she attempted to slip into a brand new outfit. Amusingly enough the “Jessie” star didn’t seem overly concerned by the intrusion and held her hands over her nipples as I called her name.

“Peyton! Get over here.” I told her. “Olivia needs you quick.”

The petite blonde was naturally suspicious but once she observed the sly grin on my face she knew something was up.

“What has she done now.”

“I’ll let her explain. Just hurry up.”

To my delight the blonde vixen didn’t even have time to put her new bikini top on as she followed me inside: now topless and clutching her breasts while clad in nothing but her tiny thong bikini bottoms.

A moment later the actress gasped as we turned the corner and found Olivia standing in the hallway with her hand buried inside her bikini, clearly enjoying the shower show.

Fortunately for us Peyton quickly realized what was going on (no thanks to the loud moans coming from the shower) and giggled inwardly before she joined Olivia by the door and they huddled together, listening to Dove have sex.

In fact my heart skipped a beat as I noticed Peyton’s bare naked breasts press firmly into Olivia’s shoulder blades. At one point Peyton glanced over her shoulder and waved me over, inviting me to join them in spying.

But as incredibly erotic as this moment was, I couldn’t help but chuckle at Olivia’s behavior as she genuinely seemed engrossed by the shower scene. In fact she was so caught up that she didn’t notice the way Peyton was now running her fingernails up and down her thighs and butt.

To my delight, what started out as some playful stroking quickly developed into some major grab-ass. I watched as the ladies giggled and grappled with each other before they ultimately stopped to share a playful peck on the lips.

“Stop.” they teased each other incessantly. “Stop it!”

“No. You stop. You started it.”

But what began as a playful gesture quickly progressed into something more deliberate. At first the ladies took turns pecking each other on the lips, before their kisses increased in frequency and now seemed to linger more and more.

I simply stood no more than an arm’s length away, watching in stunned silence as the two Disney starlets grew more and more amorous and ultimately surrendered to their libidos.

I then gasped with surprise as Peyton reached back and suddenly grasped the hard cock in my pants. At the same time Olivia smiled as she unceremoniously buried her face between Peyton’s breasts.

It was at this point that I decided to throw all caution to the wind and reached down and stuffed my hand inside Peyton’s bikini bottoms…working in tandem with Olivia to assault her, and find her weak spot.

But what I found was something else. I found the gorgeous teenager dripping wet!

This combined assault appeared to have the desired effect as Peyton moaned into Olivia’s mouth then turned her face to kiss me over her shoulder. I was actually surprised by how talented her tongue was as she thrust it deep into my mouth, while Olivia suckled her breasts.

The three of I made quite the scene as we squirmed in unison and tried not to make too much of a noise to alert the others in the bathroom.

At the same time Dove continued to moan out loud as she was getting utterly railed from behind: begging James to give her his manly cock and fuck her harder and faster.

This delectable soundtrack naturally spurred the girls on as I effortlessly slipped two fingers into Peyton’s tight cunt, and could feel her pussy grip around my digits like a velvet glove.

I was then floored as Olivia and I exchanged knowing glances before she suddenly dropped to her knees beside me and started to fish out my cock.

“Whoa.” I heard myself gasp in surprise.

“Take it out.” she dared me. “Take out that big fat cock. I want it in my mouth!”

In fact the ladies seemed to work well together with Peyton quickly distracting me with her lips as Olivia frees my trouser snake and impatiently slipped the head of my cock into her wet mouth.

I took this opportunity to reach up and play with Peyton’s nipples, which appeared to be extremely sensitive.

At the same time I had to use all of my strength not to blow my wad into the back of Olivia’s throat: who simply winked up at me as she sucked a few more inches of cock into the back of her throat!

Suddenly, something appeared to come over Peyton and she grabbed me by the hand and led me down the hallway: my saliva-slick cock dangling from between my legs.

“Hey!” Holt pouted with disappointment while still on her knees. “Where are you going.”

“Follow me.” Peyton whispered with a grin while leading us into the first available bedroom.

There the TV star literally ripped my shirt open and pushed me onto the bed. I couldn’t help but chuckle as I watched Peyton and Olivia then wrestle my pants down my legs and stop for a moment to admire my length.

Amusingly enough my cock was so hard it literally snapped back against my belly as the two blondes climb up onto the bed to join me. Their gorgeous faces now hover just above my package before they shared a deep tongue kiss in celebration.

The mere vision of this causes my cock to twitch inside Olivia’s hand which made them giggle.

“Mm. I think he likes that.” Peyton teased.

“I guess we’ll just have to share…again.” Olivia remarked to her friend: alluding to the fact that this wasn’t their first 3-way.

But before I even had time to ponder this they suddenly proceeded to lick and suck my cock at the same time, causing my eyes to roll into the back of my head.

I could only moan and throw my head back into the pillows as the two starlets serviced my cock with enthusiasm. At one point they both licked up and down the side of my shaft and met at the tip where they shared another deep tongue kiss.

This lasted for a few minutes before Olivia suddenly hissed that she wanted me inside her and quickly mounted me! Before I even had time to agree I felt Holt guide my cock towards her honey pot and watched her impale herself.

“Ugh. Yeah.” she sighed lustfully as she settled above me. “—that’s the ticket.”

I could hardly believe my luck as I lay embedded inside the “I Didn’t Do It” star, while she proceeded to grind her hips back and forth.

At the same time Peyton stripped out of her bikini bottoms verifying what I had already suspected (completely shaved) and came over to make out with me again: shoving her long tongue down my throat.

I took this opportunity to reach down with one hand to caress her fine ass, which was remarkably firm and tight. Fortunately for me, Olivia turned out to be exactly as James had described (a wildcat) and she rode me hard and fast.

In fact at one point she stopped mid ride and swiveled around on my dick: turning around to face the other direction without taking my cock out of her pussy, and proceeded to ride me reverse cowgirl style.

I now lay there grunting persistently as I watched her flawless teen ass bounce up and down over my rod…taking my cock like a champ.

“Ugh. Ugh-Yeah.” Olivia grunted over her shoulder. “Gimme that cock. Fuck me!”

I responded by slapping her ass which to my surprise really seemed to set her off.

“Ugh. Yes!” Holt yelped. “Spank my ass. Spank my tight little ass…I like it!”

I happily obliged and watched as this gesture seemed to spur her on: her hips whipping harder and faster. But in a cruel twist of fate, just as she was about to come Peyton suddenly pushed her off my hips and moved to straddle me instead.

“UGGHHHH! What are I doing!” Holt huffed from the floor. “Ohmigod. I was so close!”

“Wait your turn!” Peyton answered as she guided my sex into her pussy. “There’s no way you’re getting off before me!”

I couldn’t help but moan out loud at the distinct contrast of their pussies.

In fact I was surprised to learn that Peyton List was just as if not significantly tighter than Olivia Holt: no doubt due to the eight months that separate their birthdays.

Not wanting to disappoint, Peyton proceeded to ride me enthusiastically: flicking her hips back and forth while leaning back on my knees.

It was during this position that I stared at her jiggling tits and heard her moan as Olivia suddenly attacked her nipples with her mouth: biting and pulling them away from her tits.

At one point Peyton leaned all the way back on her elbows allowing Olivia to reach down and rub her clit as she rode me.

“ohmigod…ohmogod…FUCK.” Peyton sobbed. “…that feels so fucking good!”

“Yeah. Are I gonna come.” Holt hissed into her ear before licking it. “You gonna come all over his big fat cock!”

“ohmigod, Liv.”

“Come, you little slut!” Holt growled. “Come all over his cock you fucking whore!”

We gasped loudly when my cock suddenly slipped out of Peyton’s tight pussy. But before we have time to slide it back in, Olivia abruptly snatched it with her hand and took it into her mouth…polishing it with her tongue!!

“Fuckkkk—” I let out as she appeared to be very thorough and savored her friends essence.

Olivia Holt and Dove Cameron pool party pic

It was while on the bed with Peyton and Olivia that the three of us were suddenly interrupted by Dove and James, who heard the commotion from the hallway and came to investigate.

So much for being undercover.

“Are we interrupting something.” a naked Dove Cameron smiled, before coming over to join her friends on the bed.

I watched spellbound as she got comfortable between her two BFF’s and the three of them proceeded to worship my cock.

In fact my eyes rolled into the back of my head as Dove took my bell-end between her soft, warm lips while Holt and List used their tongues to lick up and down the side of my shaft at the same time.

It took all of my strength not to blow my load right then and there as the three starlets licked, sucked, and nibbled at my package: all three stunning faces glaring up at me at the same time.

It was at this point that James whined about being left out of the fun but Olivia and Peyton rectified this by getting up off the bed and throwing themselves at the host of the party.

This left me alone with Dove on the bed, who did a phenomenal job of distracting me with her cock-sucking abilities.

In fact I’d go as far to say that the actress was clearly the most skilled of the three girls and really seemed to take pride in her work: winking up at me as she licked me like an ice-cream cone, before swallowing me down into the back of her narrow throat!

At one point Dove took one of my balls into her mouth and got a kick out of watching me squirm, before licking her entire way to the tip and devouring me whole again.

“UNNGHH. You like that.” she grunted erotically as spit now dangled between her mouth and my cock.

“F-Fuck-Yeah.” I stammered. “You’re fucking incredible.”

“—you like watching me swallow this fat cock.”

But before I had time to answer Dove suddenly proceeded to mount me on the bed and guided my spear against her pussy, pausing for a moment to rub the tip along her slimy wet mound.

“Mm. That feels good.” she purred from above. “I’m going to enjoy this.”

“Yeah.” I grinned. “So am I.”

“You’re so hard right now.” Dove teased while stroking my cock. “—did I do that.”

“Why don’t you sit on it and find out.” I challenged as she squeezed my shaft in her hand.

“Maybe I will.” she quipped back. “Is that what you want. You want me to sit on this big fat cock.”

“Sit on my dick Dove.” I told her bluntly, which really seemed to rile her up.

“Mm. Yeah. I like the sound of that.” she purred while stroking me faster. “I like that a lot. I’d love to. Thank you.”

A moment later the striking blonde impaled herself, wiggling her hips and easing herself down over my rod. In fact she genuinely seemed to get off on being filled, and stopped every now and then to savor the moment.

I simply lay back and enjoyed the ride: amazed by how tight and wet she was, as she gradually wiggled her hips down and proceeded to ride me at a prompt but leisurely pace.

At one point I heard moaning from the other room but I was so engrossed in my own pleasure that I didn’t give it a seconds thought. Instead Dove reached up to pin my hands over my head (her breasts mashing against my chest) and uses me like her own personal pummel horse.

“Ugh. Fuck.” Dove whimpered above. “Gimme that cock. I want you deep inside of me.”

“Ride it, baby.” I grunted back. “Show me how much you love riding dick!”

“Yeah.” she moaned hotly. “You want me to cream all over this big dick of yours.”

“Do it.” I hissed. “Show me how wet you are Dove. Show me how much you love it.”

“Ugh. God.” she moaned out loud. “—so fucking wet!”

Caught up in the moment I reached up and pulled her face down to kiss her hard on the lips.

This evidently turned her on more as Dove moaned into my mouth and whipped her hips into a frenzy, and really started to fuck me on the mattress: her deep blue eyes burning into my retinas as her body seemed to have a mind of its own.

“That’s it, give it to me!” I told her. “Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck that cock Dove.”

The starlet could only sob and nod as she pummeled my cock with her sopping pussy, smearing her juices all over it. But suddenly, just as things were progressing splendidly the actress stopped what she was doing, reached down between us and guided me towards her ass!!

It was only now that I realized what she was attempting to do as she bit her bottom lip and took my breath away.

“Please. I want it in my ass!”

“Err. What.” I almost stammered in disbelief.

“I want you to fuck my ass!!”

With that said Dove pressed the head of my cock against her tiny starfish and we both moaned in unison.

“Oh. You want it in your ass baby.”

“Uh-huh.” she pouted seductively. “I need it. I need it in my ass daddy.”


Considering how tight and fit she was I found it hard to believe I’d get my finger inside her butt much less my penis, but the girl seemed determined.

“Please—” she panted hotly. “I want it in my butt. Give it to me. Give me what I need!”

I simply watched in disbelief as the Disney star carefully eased the head of my cock into her tiny rectum, and was surprised by how pliant she was. In fact her sphincter appeared to be much more willing and accommodating than I imagined and her ass swallowed me up.

It was made abundantly clear to me that she had done this before as her anus gave little to no resistance whatsoever, and now molded itself around my meat stick.

With the head of my cock nestled firmly inside her shit-pipe, Dove leaned forward to kiss me passionately on the lips again as I found myself embedded in her most holy of holies.

It was an incredible sensation, and one the two of us relished immensely. Amusingly enough I didn’t have to do anything as she slowly proceeded to grind her hips and dictated the pace of our screwing: a slow and steady rhythm.

“Dove. Look at me.” I told her as she stared down into my eyes. “Where’s my cock right now.”

“Ugh—” she sighed while picking up the pace of her hips. “It’s…it’s in my ass. You’re cock is in my ass baby!”

At this point I was so worked up that I couldn’t hold off any longer, and without warning I blew my wad deep inside her bowels, causing her to yelp out loud and shake violently as this set off her own orgasm.

In fact my climax was so powerful that I almost passed out, and now lay there with this gorgeous nubile slumped across my body, her long blonde hair draped over my face, my cock still embedded in her ass.

The actress finally rolled off to collapse beside me: her flawless pale body covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

“That. Was. Fucking. Amazing.” she panted out of breath.

Minutes later Dove and I lay in bed sharing a cigarette as Olivia suddenly emerged at the door and appeared to be dressed to go somewhere.

She claimed that James had forgot to get a few supplies from the store (mainly alcohol) and asked Dove if she wanted anything. I was then surprised when Holt smiled and asked if I’d like to join her for a drive and keep her company.

“Don’t look at me.” Dove quipped as I looked at her for permission. “I’m taking another shower soon so you might as well go.”

It only took me 60 seconds to put my shoes and clothes back on before I joined Olivia in her JEEP.

Outside it was a strange dynamic as I couldn’t help but notice how different Liv appeared in public compared to the hot little insatiable slut she was behind closed doors.

It was while driving to the store that we chatted and made small talk and Olivia mentioned something interesting. As it turned out James and the girls were apparently hosting a private Halloween party later that evening and Holt wanted me to attend.