Alley Sluts – Dove Cameron and Kristina Kane

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when I looked up and recognized Kristina Kane and her posse, approach me at the door. After all she’d been nagging me all week long about sneaking her into the club.

I had initially been introduced to the striking blonde while attending a local frat party, where we openly flirted and swapped numbers, after she learned that I worked as a doorman at the notorious Viper Room on Sunset.

To her credit the girl had guts. Not only had she come on to me in front of her friends, but I had given her a ride back to her boyfriend’s house and was rewarded with some roadside head.

The fact that she blew me right outside his apartment made me an instant fan. The girl was crazy, and a bunch of fun. Now, here she was just a week later, dressed up to the nines and accompanied by two equally hot blondes.

Thinking quickly, I called on the radio to be relieved and took my 20min break, inviting the girls into a nearby alleyway to have a cigarette.

I could see the look of confusion in their eyes as they followed Kristina and I into the dark, secluded area.

“Err. Where are we going?” Dove asked, while holding Josie’s hand. “—the party is back that way.”

“Relax.” I replied. “I’ll sneak you guys in, but after I take my break.”

I couldn’t help but notice how good they all looked, each one sexier than the next. All three were scantily clad in tight little dresses that featured a lot of cleavage and legs, capped off with six-inch heels.

It was almost like being surrounded by three porn stars.

“Are you guys looking forward to tonight.” I remarked while lighting up a blunt behind a dumpster.

I was happy to see that Kane was just as, if not even more playful than the night we met. In fact she couldn’t seem to keep her hands off me as I offered her a hit, which was quickly passed between friends.

As we watched her blonde girlfriends get stoned, I palmed her tight ass over her dress while we embraced in the alcove.

“—and this little slut is my best friend, Josie.” Kristina explained.

I grinned evilly as the leggy blonde leaned forward to peck me sweetly on the lips.

“Hey! Just wait a god damn minute.” Kane faked anger. “—how come she gets a kiss and I don’t!”

I immediately rectified the situation by pulling her close and kissing her hard on the lips.

“Grr. I like the look of your friends.” I commented.

“I had a feeling you might.”

Amusingly enough this was around the time that the joint was handed to Dove Cameron, who suddenly choked out her lungs.

As Josie giggled and tried to give her friend some assistant, Kristina reached down and placed her hand on my cock, leaving no doubt as to what she wanted.

“—in case I don’t get a chance to thank you later.” she winked as she dropped to her knees and began to take out my cock.

A moment later Josie turned back to find her friend swallowing my sword and chuckled.

“So you’re Josie eh.” I said before pulling her in for another kiss, squeezing her ass. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

As Kristina’s head now bobbed over my rod, I felt Josie reach down and wrap her fingers around the base of my shaft, stroking my meat and feeding it into her friends mouth.

“Why don’t you get down there and give her a hand.”

“Oh. I’ll give her more than just a hand.” Josie quipped, before sinking to her knees and blowing me.

I now stood and waited for Dove to catch her breath and turn around, to see what her friends were doing. When she finally realized what was going on, her reaction was priceless.

“What the fuck.” she hissed as she turned to find both of her friends on their knees sucking my dick.

Thinking quickly I pulled the platinum blonde into the alcove with us, causing her to gasp. She recoiled slightly as I told her that it wasn’t safe for her to stand out there all by herself, especially in her current state of dress.

“But…This…You guys…This is crazy—” she giggled nervously. “Get up. What are you guys doing!”

“They’re having fun.” I said while pulling Dove’s busty body firmly against me.

I had to admit, unlike her skinny friends Dove certainly had quite the body. I could actually feel her breasts pressing against my chest as she squirmed in my grip.

Feeling bold I reached up under her skirt and massaged her pussy through her silk panties, before burying two fingers deep into her cunt.

“Ugh. Fuck.” she let out, as her friends continued to lick and suck, and slurp on my cock.

“Mm. That’s quite the tight little pussy you have there.” I hissed in her ear, before kissing her neck.

“ohmigod—” she gasped as I took her hand and wrapped her fingers around the base of my shaft.

“You’re friends have quite the talented mouths.”

I finally kissed Dove directly on the lips, causing her to almost melt in my arms.

“Look at me.” I told her. “Now look down at your slutty friends. Watch them suck my dick.”

Dove complied as I now probed her cunt with two fingers, her wet pussy making a lewd squishing sound as I fingered her.

“Maybe I should get you down there too, and worship my cock.”

The blonde star shook her head.

“No. Please. I don’t do that.”

“You don’t do that?” I repeated with a chuckle.

“—You can slide your cock between my tits if you want, but you can’t stick it in my mouth.”

I heard myself moan as I felt Josie twist her head and take one of my balls into her mouth, as Kristina now slurped loudly on my bell-end, her spit drooling all down her chin.

“Besides.” Dove countered. “By the sounds of things they’re doing a great job anyway.”

I took my wet fingers out of her tight cunt and stuffed them into her mouth. She accepted them readily, before I turned her around and told her to show me her ass.

I took my hand and spanked her butt, before finger-blasting her pussy from behind as she stood bent over with her ass out.

“Ugh. god.” she moaned hotly. “I can’t believe this is happening right now.”

Having had my fun with her body, I spun her around and kissed her hard on the lips. She moaned into my mouth before I grabbed her by the throat and pinned her up against the wall beside me.

“Take off your panties.” I growled, and she didn’t hesitate.

Dove peeled her underwear down to her knees before I told her to stop, leaving them pooled around her thighs. I then reached down and pulled Josie’s mouth off of my cock, and jammed her fucking face against her friends pussy.

In a flash Josie hungrily wrapped her mouth around Dove’s cookie, and sucked her clit into her mouth, sending the blonde starlet into fits of rapture.

“ohmigod. Oh-Fuck. Yes.” she cooed. “Lick it—”

“—eat her fucking cunt Josie.” I hissed. “Make her come in your mouth. You hear me.”

Josie moaned in agreement as I pulled Kristina up and dragged her over to the dumpster, bending her over and fucking her where she stood.

As I gripped her slender hips and pounded away at her, I looked back to see Dove running her fingers through Josie’s hair before crying out loud and climaxing, her sweet voice echoing throughout the dark alleyway.

Caught up in the moment, I immediately grabbed both girls and directed them to stand beside Kristina, where I proceeded to fuck all three of them, alternating between each ass.

Amusingly enough it only took two rounds of this delicious arrangement before I felt my cock stir, and I was delighted to see all three of them willingly drop to their knees and offer me their mouths.

“Stick out your tongues!” I growled before my orgasm hit me like a fucking freight train.

I shot rope after rope of hot gooey spunk all over their pretty faces, before they turned and kissed each other deeply, sharing the load.

“Come on. Get cleaned up and lets go inside.”

“Are you fucking serious!” Dove whined, her face utterly covered in spunk. “I think I’m going to need a minute.”