Delta Goodrem – Innocent Eyes

The day had started off like any other *sarcasm* …in that I answered the phone and received a call from a world famous supermodel asking me for a favor.

“Oh! It’s you.” I quipped in mock annoyance.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised considering the amount of time Miranda Kerr and I had been spending together. In fact you could say that in the short amount of time that we had known each other we had become close friends.

Unfortunately for me I had been spending so much time with the leggy model that it came at the expense of my existing relationship, which was why I was now on the verge of being single again.

Nevertheless Miranda called to tell me that she had a few friends flying into town at the last minute and wanted to know if they could use my apartment for a few hours.

“Use my apartment?” I repeated cynically. “For what? Why don’t they just get a hotel room like everyone else.”

“It’s complicated.” Miranda claimed before losing her patience. “Look. Can you do me this favor or not!”

While I obviously didn’t approve of whatever it was her friends were up to, I didn’t want to disappoint Miranda so I agreed.

“Fine.” I answered. “But it better be for just a few hours.”

“Great!” she exclaimed. “—I’ll let them know.”

“Just remember.” I grinned. “You owe me Miranda. You owe me big.”

“Absolutely.” she agreed. “I promise to make it up to you. I swear.”

“—I’ll hold you to that.”

A few hours later I was right in the process of heading out to run a few errands when I heard the front door.

A moment later I was immediately taken aback to recognize the couple standing before me – which appeared to be Joel Madden of Good Charlotte fame, and Australian singer/songwriter Delta Goodrem.

“Hey, how you doing?” Joel grinned. “You must be Matt. We’re friends of Miranda’s.”

“Err. Hey.” I stammered. “Come on in. Make yourselves at home.”

While Joel appeared nothing but friendly, Delta on the other hand was clearly not impressed by the entire arrangement. In fact at one point she whispered something into Joel’s ear who simply laughed before assuring her that they could trust me.

“—who Matt?” he snickered. “He’s fine. He won’t saying anything to anyone will you buddy.”

Say anything? I thought. Heck I still had no idea what they were doing at my house. My brain was still trying to comprehend the fact that Delta was back in Australia, much less messing around with one of the married Madden brothers.

So much for that good girl-next-door image.

“Don’t worry about me.” I assured the songstress. “I’m under strict instructions from Miranda today.”

“Yeah I know the feeling.” Joel added. “I wouldn’t mess with her.”

There was an awkward silence before I spoke again.

“Look. I better get going.” I said. “I’ve got a few bills to pay and I’m sure you guys could do with some privacy.”

Still. Despite my reassurances it seemed the aussie starlet was clearly annoyed that I already knew too much, especially since as far as the public knew Delta was still dating someone back in the States.

“Do you know how long you’re going to be?”

“About an hour I guess.” I replied as I noticed their reactions. “Or two?”

“Great! Thanks pal.” Joel said as he shook my hand and walked me out. “Just make sure to give us a heads up when you get back.”

Even though he didn’t spell it out, it was clearly implied that the two were going to have sex.

As we walked to the door I noticed Delta take off her jacket and look around my apartment. To my amusement she clearly wasn’t impressed by her modest surroundings and was eager to get things moving along.

As expected it didn’t take very long to do my errands, before I indulged in a little window shopping and tried not to think about the fact that Delta Goodrem was back at my place using it as her own personal little fuck-pad.

When I ultimately returned home a few hours later, I was surprised to see Joel rushing out the front door and climbing into a waiting taxi.

“Err. What’s going on?”

“I have to go.” he claimed, before shaking my hand and rushing off.

“Where’s Delta?”

“—she’s still inside getting cleaned up.” he remarked. “Just call her a cab or something.”

I barely had time to respond before he sped away – while I now tried to come to the realization that I had a genuine popstar alone in my house. Once inside I went into the kitchen and helped myself to a drink when I suddenly jumped with surprise.

“Can you pour one of those for me too.” Delta said directly behind me.

I turned around to find the sultry singer standing there clad in nothing more than her bra and panties – her long dark hair heavily disheveled having just enjoyed a marathon sex session.

I gulped hard when I noticed that her lingerie appeared to consist of some kind of intricate lace, including a set of sexy sheer boy shorts and a matching bra, both of which seemed transparent in nature.

It hadn’t even occurred to me just how busty she was. But boy, did Delta look good in her current state of dress, and appeared to have perfect brown nipples too.

“Would you like me to call you a cab?” I offered.

“Actually. Do you mind if I take a shower before I leave?”

“—be my guest.”

Heck, considering her current appearance I couldn’t think of a single thing she could ask that I wouldn’t agree to.

“Thanks.” the singer smiled sweetly. “Miranda told me you were a good guy.”

“You still want to do that shot?” I suggested, offering her some Tequila.

To my surprise Delta seemed up for it and without wasting another moment she threw back the glass before pouring herself another. I was then taken aback as I watched her toss back at least three more shots of liquor in quick succession, before giggling at my stunned reaction.

“What—” she beamed widely. “I bet you never imagined I could drink with the best of them huh?”

“You know, today’s just full of surprises.” I replied while pouring another shot. “Pleasant surprises.”

“Well I’m glad to hear it.”

Considering her lack of dress, we both paused and then burst out laughing.

She really was a stunning woman, who incidentally was half naked and getting plastered in the kitchen of my apartment. I couldn’t help but wonder just what my friends would think if they saw us now. Heck they probably wouldn’t believe me if I told them.

“Well. Thanks for the drink but I think I better take that shower now.” she said, as I watched her turn around and make her way down the hallway.

I guess I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to join her. In fact I suddenly found myself conflicted as to what to do next when I noticed her glance over her shoulder and flash me the most smoldering look yet.

Without so much as a word she disappeared into the bathroom before I heard the shower running and had to fight with every ounce of my being not to run over and sneak a peek inside.

“God damn it man. Control yourself.” I berated myself. “Don’t blow it now. She still thinks you’re a decent bloke.”

“On the other hand—” I argued. “Delta-Fucking-Goodrem is naked in my shower right now! This is surreal.”

I paced back and forth before I finally tried to busy myself by cleaning up the sink, and was just in the process of collecting our shot glasses when I heard her call out my name.

“—hey Matt!” she yelled from the bathroom.


“Can you come here for a minute.”

I took a deep breath and helped myself to a long swig of Tequila before I went over to investigate.

“What’s up?” I replied from the door, trying my best to play the gentleman and not peer inside.

This reaction apparently made her giggle before she invited me in.

“It’s okay. You can come in.” she said while standing in the shower. “You’re allowed to look.”

I finally turned to look at her and found her standing there in all her glory, her entire nude body gleaming wet as she brushed her long hair to one side.

“What can I do for you Delta?” I stammered.

“Do you have any spare towels?” she giggled. “It didn’t even occur to me to check before I stepped into the shower.”

Glancing at her body, I immediately mumbled something incoherent as my heart began to beat at a thousand miles per hour. God she looked incredible just standing there all naked and wet. It was one of the most incredible moments of my life.

Her breasts were to die for, as were her legs, and that ass. For god sake, even in the shower and her make-up off, she still managed to look absolutely angelic.

“Spare towels?” I repeated. “I’ll see what I can do.”

“Well since you’re already here—” she quipped with a smile. “Would you mind doing my back?”

I just about blew my wad as she turned around and in the process flashed me her flawless round butt. It was just about the sweetest, sexiest derriere I had ever laid eyes on.

“Err. What about Joel?” I said without thinking.

The singer raised her brows at my naivety.

“I don’t see him here, do you?”

I happily obliged and reached over to grab a fresh cake of soap and placed it against her tender flesh when she objected.

“Wait.” she quipped. “—that’ll never work. Take off your shirt.”

“Err. Sure.” I shrugged before I peeled my t-shirt right over my head and now stood there in just my jeans.

“—well now you might as well take them off too.” she added with a grin. “After all, we wouldn’t want to get any of your clothes wet.”

“Are you trying to get me naked or something?” I snickered while taking off my pants and boxers, leaving me as naked as her.

“Well that’s kind of the point of a shower isn’t it?”

I shook my head and stepped into the shower behind her and proceeded to run my hands all over her shoulders and back, trying in vain to control my erection while she purred to my touch.

“Mm…that feels nice.” she whispered seductively, before she suddenly turned to face me.

The actress-turned-singer reached down and firmly wrapped her hand around my straining cock, giving it a few appreciative tugs while she lathered it up with soap.

“Here. Let me.” she said as she proceeded to stroke me. “—the least I can do is return the favor.”

Her expert touch caused my eyes to roll into the back of my head.

“—after all.” she continued. “I never did thank you for today.”

At this point Delta was standing so close to me that I could actually smell the alcohol on her breath, and noticed the way her eyes seemed to struggle to stay open due to her increasingly inebriated state.

I guess the alcohol had finally caught up to her, and I just happened to be the lucky beneficiary.

“No. You haven’t thanked me yet.” I replied as I slithered my hands around her smooth hips and belly, across her firm butt.

“I mean, it’s only fair right?” she whispered while gripping her firmly.

“Absolutely. You’re the boss.”

“I reckon it’s only fair that I…repay your generosity.” she said while still massaging my cock with her hand.


Without missing a beat the stunning brunette leaned forward and pressed our lips together. I immediately pulled her body hard against mine, and reached up between up to twist one of her hard nipples.

The singer moaned into my mouth as we both continued to pleasure each other. I now alternated between both nipples as she gripped my tool harder, her fist moving more swiftly over my rod.

“You’re gunna make me come if you keep that up.” I said quietly.

“That’s the idea.” Delta purred as she picked up the pace of her stroking.

I took this opportunity to reach down and play with her minge, brushing my fingertips through the sharp stubble of her mound. While the singer was shaved, it was still short enough to be prickly.

Delta finally opened her stance to accommodate my fingers, as we now stood there in the shower both rubbing and stroking while staring into each others eyes, both of us trying to get the other off.

With her face just inches away from mine the “Born to Try” singer grinned.

“You know, you’re not gunna win.” she teased. “I’m really good at this.”

But as she spoke, I zeroed in on her clit and rubbed a little faster in a anti-clockwise motion, causing her knees to tremble.

“—and what do I get if I win?” I teased back, as I felt her finally succumb to my digits.

“Ugh. Fuck.”

“Come.” I urged. “Look at me. Delta. Come on my fingers.”

And that’s precisely what she did.

A moment later Delta kissed me hard on the lips before dropping to her knees. I literally gasped at the action as she stopped to admire my uncut member, then opened her mouth and took me into the back of her throat!

“Fuck.” I inhaled sharply. “—you certainly don’t waste any time do you.”

My head lolling back as I placed my hands on the back of her head and watched her close her lips around my shaft, and drag her sealed mouth up and down my pole.

“Fuck-Yeah.” I muttered under my breath. “You really love sucking cock don’t you.”

“Mm-hmm.” she whimpered lustfully, making me squirm in turn.

Delta then proceeded to bob her head up and down and pushed my cock up against my stomach to give the underside of my dick a broad stroke with her tongue. There she licked from the base of my shaft all the way to the tip, where she flicked her tongue across it’s piss slit making me shudder with glee.

A small trail of pre-cum now leaked from my cock which she greedily licked before I grasped the back of her head and started to pump my rod into her hot mouth.

The onetime “Neighbours” star now moaned audibly to the lewd action as I fucked her mouth aggressively. I had my way with her for several minutes before I finally lost patience.

“Fuck it! Enough foreplay.” I hissed, before I pulled her up to me.

In a flash I pinned her up against the cold tiled wall and mauled her neck and breasts, marveling at the way her nipples stood at full attention. To her credit Delta immediately reached down to guide my cock against her sex, grinding my bell-end against her slippery lips.

“Ugh. Yes.” she moaned approvingly as her hips began to move on their own accord.

I could have cum from that alone, but once against Delta seemed determined to tease me with her body. This time however, I pushed forward and finally impaled her.

Goodrem let out a yelp of pleasure as her vulva was suddenly split in two.

“—ugh. Feel that?”

“Yeah. You’re wet.” I hissed back.

We stared into each others eyes as I inched forward again and slowly filled her cunt. At this point the songstress almost seemed to be doing all the work, grinding her hips back and forth. I filled her completely before pulling out, then filling her again.

But on the third follow through, I finally lost my nerve and pulled out only to spin her around by her hips and slam her back up against the wall, this time face first.

Delta grunted as I rubbed the end of my cock against her sex and prepare to take her from behind. The homegrown starlet then got the shock of her life as I suddenly changed tact and without warning pressed my cock against her tiny bunghole.

“Wait!” she suddenly hissed, as I grabbed her hips and held her tight. “—what are you doing?!”

“There’s something I’ve always wanted to do to you.” I said as I gently eased the head of my cock into her spongy sphincter.

While Delta’s initial reaction was to resist me, I grasped her firmly by her dark mane and drove my cock home – forcing a few inches of my dick inside her shit-pipe and causing her to let out an extremely loud groan.

“UGH-FUCK!” she yelped as I withdrew my cock and thrust forward yet again. “ooh.”

Surprisingly enough her ass seemed more than accommodating, and eagerly took my length.

I now proceeded to fuck her sweet ass in the shower as her grunts soon turned into moans of pleasure. She ultimately grew accustom to my constant pounding, as I playfully slapped her butt for good measure and kept her pinned against that wall.

She shrieked out loud and glared back at me with fiery eyes.

“Fuck!” she cussed back at me. “—I can’t believe you’re fucking my ass!!”

Just hearing this submissive tone from her was enough to get me off – much less the feel and texture of her yielding anus. I repaid her obedience with another round of smacks before I placed my hands around her hips and proceeded to pummel her deep and hard.

“ohmigod. Yes! —harder!” she chanted as I now slammed her thick derriere from behind.

I fucked her wildly for several minutes and could tell I wasn’t going to last long. I reached my right hand around her and groped her breasts as I used her ass for my own pleasure.

“Ohh, I’m gonna cum.” she moaned. “Ahhh, yes, oh fuck yes!”

I felt her shudder from her climax as I continued to fuck her, and felt my own orgasm approaching.

“Don’t stop!” she hissed. “Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

I did as I was told.

“Fuck. I’m gunna cum.” I said frantically, before exploding into her asshole.

I pounded each shot of spunk into her backdoor, my pace slowing with each shot. I pushed my cock deep into Delta’s bunghole with the last spray of my cum before slipping out of her gaping hole.

Moments later, the songbird was on her knees again, eagerly cleaning my wood while appearing pleased as punch with herself.

“That was pretty intense.” she grinned up at me. “I can’t believe I let you do that.”

“Best shower I’ve had in years.”