Taylor experiences her first lesbian experience with her friend Beverly Lynn

Beverly Lynne hung up the phone mildly perplexed; Taylor
Swift had called unexpectedly inviting her to dinner at
her hotel room the next night. Beverly had met her a
couple of years before after being invited backstage
when Taylor had performed in Las Vegas.

They had hit it off when it turned that Taylor was a
huge fan od Beverly’s work and Beverly in return loved
Taylor’s music. Still they hadn’t kept in touch and
Beverly had been surprised at the call and invitation
although she was aware that Taylor was in town filming a
music video.

She arrived, as was her wont precisely on time. She
didn’t really know what to wear and not wanting to over
or underdress had fallen back on the old reliable
“little black dress.” When Taylor answered the door
Beverly was startled to realize that she was wearing the
same dress and hair style as she had in her video for
her song, “Love Story.”

Taylor warmly hugged her and taking her by the hand
invited her in. Beverly was taken aback by the meal
Taylor had laid out, it looked more like a birthday
party for a Roman Emperor than anything else. “So the
hotel’s staff will be joining us?” Beverly asked

“Well,” Taylor replied, “When I eat, I want to eat. And
I remember you saying the same when we last spoke.”

“True enough,” Beverly replied and took the proffered
glass of champagne. “I remember that buffet you guys had
after your concert. It was a good one.”

They sat down and began to eat. Beverly was having a
delightful time; Taylor had an endless supply of dirty
jokes; the champagne was awesome and the food incredible
even by rich celebrity in Vegas standards. As the
evening progressed, Beverly noticed a trend in that
Taylor kept oh so carefully guiding the conversation
back to their love lives and especially her own public
dating disasters.

Beverly started putting two plus two plus together.
Meeting for a fancy dinner in an expensive hotel room,
being piled with expensive champagne, a CD of waltzes
playing softly in the background, complaining about
one’s love life. Taylor Swift was trying to seduce her!

For a moment Beverly couldn’t believe it, but it was
inescapable and she would have recognized it long ago if
it had been a guy doing it. She was trying figure out
how to handle it when Taylor startled her yet again by
asking her to dance. “Huh?” She answered.

“Do you want to dance?” Taylor repeated.

Beverly clumsily answered in the affirmative without
thinking. Beverly placed one hand on Taylor’s shoulder
and another on her waist as Taylor put her hands on
Beverly’s waist.

Beverly looked into Taylor’s incredible green eyes and
drank in their beauty, letting them hypnotize her, she
breathed in the moment, letting it take control, the
champagne, the food, the music, the unearthly beauty of
the woman holding her in her arms.

She shivered from the too cool air conditioning, from
desire, from fear. Those eyes, my god her eyes, so
beautiful, too beautiful, too beautiful to look away,
too beautiful. Those eyes fell into her own and closed
as she leaned over and their lips met.

“It’s just that things haven’t been working out with
guys lately. And it has really hurt. So I thought that,
um, maybe I should try something new,” Taylor explained

“So how did I get so lucky?” Beverly asked in return, “I
don’t think you have a shortage of female admirers.”

“Well, I knew you’re bisexual from your movies and I
already knew you… and you are so beautiful”

“Fair enough,” Beverly answered, “So you’ve never done
anything with a woman before?”

“You are the first woman I have ever kissed,” Taylor
confessed. “Is that okay?”

“That’s perfect,” Beverly answered in wonder and took
her by her hand.

She led her to the bedroom and they began kissing again.
Beverly whispered into Taylor’s ear to let her do
everything. She slowly undressed her time with buttons
and clasps. When the dress fell to the floor, Beverly
stepped back and gasped at the vision of beauty before

Taylor Swift was beautiful, flawless, beautiful like a
statue by one of the great masters. Not a pimple, not a
mole, skin like alabaster. Long limbed but perfectly
proportioned at the same time. The goddess Venus come
alive and to Earth.

Leaving Taylor’s hair up Beverly helped her to lie down
and drank in her beauty before undressing herself. For a
moment they looked at each other in their nakedness, the
two most beautiful and desired women in the world
together and about to share the most incredible and
intimate experience of their lives.

Beverly sat next to Taylor. She leaned over and began to
kiss her, thrills of electricity running through her
with every touch. She began kissing her way down; her
chin, her throat, her chest. She came to her perfect
breasts with their pert peach colored nipples. She
licked and sucked her tits as Taylor began to writhe and

Beverly reached down and began rub her pussy with one
hand and Taylor’s with the other finding it already
soaking wet with anticipation. She kissed her way down
Taylor’s smooth taut stomach. Just before she reached
her pussy, she stopped and stood up. She looked into
those incredible, inscrutable eyes and lay on the bed
with her face before Taylor’s cunt with its small tuft
of hair.

She heard Taylor whimper as she began kissing her
between her legs. She spread her cunt open with one
hand, wetted the middle finger of the other and began to
slowly slide in up Taylor’s tight pussy as she expertly
began to manipulate her clit with her tongue. It was the
sweetest pussy Beverly had ever tasted. Licking,
sucking, and rubbing her clit with her tongue as she
fucked her slit with one and then two fingers.

Taylor was out of control, squirming under her new
lover’s command, tears ran down her eyes as she sobbed
and moaned in joy and the greatest pleasure she had ever
known. She ran her fingers through Beverly’s hair and
without warning screamed as she came and came again
under Beverly’s ministrations.

Beverly finally released her and sat up grinning. “Was
it something like that you were looking for?” She asked.

Yes oh god yes!” Taylor replied, “Not that I knew it was
going to be that good!”

“Want to do something for me?” Beverly asked.

“Anything.” Was the immediate reply.

Beverly got up and moved up the bed until her knees were
on Taylor’s shoulders and her shaved pussy in Taylor’s
face. Without speaking, Taylor spread Beverly’s pussy
lips apart and began exploring her cunt with her own
tongue. Beverly began rocking back and forth and up and
down as Taylor began eating her first pussy. Eagerly she
licked and sucked Beverly’s clit and following Beverly’s
lead began finger fucking her.

Startling herself, she began bucking and throwing her
head back and forth, squeezing her tits and pinching her
nipples, thinking that Taylor is going to be one
incredible pussy eater in the future if this was her
first time.

Without warning Taylor rammed a finger up Beverly’s ass,
Beverly screamed as she exploded into an unexpected
orgasm, she drove her cunt into Taylor’s face and came
over and over again. She collapsed next to her and they
lay next to each panting and soaked with sweat and come.
“”Holy cow!” Taylor finally broke the silence.

“Yeah.” Beverly replied.

Still out of breath, Taylor said raggedly, “I’ve been
dreaming about this for a while and still didn’t think
it would be anything like this.”

“Is that good or bad?” Beverly joked.

“Very good.” Taylor answered.

As they lay looking at each other they fell into each
other’s arms and began to kiss passionately and open
mouth, grinding their faces and bodies into each other.

As they lay looking at each other, they fell into each
other’s arms and began to kiss passionately open
mouthed, grinding their faces and bodies into each
other. Taylor began grinding her neatly trimmed pussy
into Beverly’s bald cunt. The effect on Beverly was
electric, as Taylor drove her cunt into hers she spread
her legs as far apart as she could, convulsing as
Taylor’s pussy hair sent waves of pleasure through her.

She was not able to last long as with a cry she threw
her arms and legs around Taylor grinding her cunt and
burying her teeth into her as she came with an explosive
blast. Beverly fell back exhausted and shoved Taylor off
of her. “Where the Hell did you learn that? You sure you
haven’t done this before?” Taylor grinned and answered,
“I’ve been thinking about this a long time. Watched a
lot of game film.” She joked.

“Mind if we do something?” Taylor asked innocently.

“If it’s anything like what you’ve done so far, Hell
yeah!” Beverly answered enthusiastically.

Taylor got up and opened the nightstand drawer and
surprising Beverly Lynne not even a little bit, pulled
out a strap-on dildo. She turned to Beverly and asked,

“Cool!” Beverly answered.

Clumsily and for the first time Taylor put it on.
Turning to Beverly with a glazed and almost zombie like
expression she guided her to the doggie style position
facing the foot of the bed and allowing them to see
themselves in the dresser’s mirror. Silently she ran her
hands all over Beverly’s smooth perfect body sending
shivers of delight through her, as she did this she
carefully guided her plastic cock to the entrance of her
vagina. Slowly she eased the plastic monster into
Beverly’s cunt, putting her hands on Beverly’s waist she
began fucking her with long, hard fucks.

Beverly answered each stroke with an animalistic grunt.
Beverly looked into the mirror and saw a vision that she
almost didn’t recognize; two of the most beautiful and
desired women in the world, red faced and sweat-soaked
were fucking like two dogs in heat. Beverly reached up
and began to play with her clit and between it and the
fucking she was getting brought herself to orgasm with
minutes and in the distant background heard Taylor
coming at the same time.

They lay face-down on the bed, Taylor on top of Beverly
nuzzling the back of her neck. Beverly turned around so
they were face to face. As they gently kissed, Beverly
asked, “Do you want to try something I think you’ll

“After all this? I think I owe you one.” Taylor grinned
and answered. Beverly had her give her the strap-on, put
it on and had Taylor bend over the dresser.

Beverly stood behind her and grabbed her by the hair and
pulled her head back forcing her to look at herself in
the mirror. She slapped Taylor two hard slaps across the
ass, turning her perfect creamy skin red. Surprising
Taylor, she guided the head of her artificial cock to
the entrance of her ass.

Taylor jumped with a start which brought a yank of her
hair and two more slaps across her ass.

“Don’t move bitch. Your ass is mine,” she snarled.

In genuine fear, Taylor whimpered, “I’ve never done that

“I know little Miss Perfect, but you’re getting it now.
Now take it bitch!” Beverly barked, and slammed the
plastic monster up Taylor Swift’s virginal ass.

Taylor screamed in agony and collapsed across the
dresser. Beverly pushed her face down began slapping her
ass as she raped her. She cruelly raped her tight
asshole tearing her open. Taylor felt a trickle of blood
run down her leg and her consciousness fading from an
agony she had never imagined. But as she lay there, she
felt a heat running through her body and she heard
herself howl in triumph and as she felt Beverly Lynne’s
finger nails dig into her ass she heard her join her.

Later they lay on the floor together; kissing, touching,
holding each other in their arms. Beverly spoke first,

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk straight or
sit down for a month,” Taylor laughed. “And I have to
dance in a video tomorrow!”

“Sorry about that but I didn’t want you to feel you
didn’t get your money’s worth!” Beverly joked. “I need
to get home.”

“Fuck!” Taylor pouted.

“Oh don’t be like that. We can see each other tomorrow.”

“Promise?” Taylor asked.

“Promise. And any other time you want as long as I can
walk!” Beverly promised with a smile. “But there’s
something I want to leave you with,” Beverly said as she
stood up. She pulled off the dildo and instructed Taylor
to crawl into the bathroom on her hands and knees.

They were in a gigantic gold and marble bathroom; aching
but lust-filled. Beverly Lynne bent over and without
instruction Taylor Swift knelt behind her and spread her
ass cheeks and began exploring her asshole with her
tongue sticking it in and out as far as she could,
licking circles around it.

Slowly she began finger-fucking her tight asshole, first
with one finger and then another. This Beverly had never
done and when Taylor drove her third and fourth finger
into her, she whimpered in pleasure and when Taylor
finally drove her fist she cried out in joy and pain.
Although she had dicks up her ass a plenty this first
fist-fucking was agony, agony and an almost unbearable

As Taylor slammed her fist in and out of her, Beverly
sobbed and when she came it was with a scream and a
blast of hot pussy juice that showered the floor.
Gasping she said, “Lay down on the floor, Taylor. I’ve
got something for you to remember me by till tomorrow.”

“Don’t think I’m going to forget you by then or ever,”
Taylor answered as she complied.

Beverly Lynne stood over her and Taylor understood what
was coming and opened her mouth as the white hot blast
of piss hit her face drinking what didn’t cover her
beautiful perfect face. Beverly finished and staggered
out, dressed herself and wordlessly walked out the door.

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