Melissa Joan Hart’s Masturbation

Melissa Joan hart was a 25 year old virgin, you see she had devoted her life to
acting and looking after animals. She had looked after all sort over the
years, but mainly it was ferrets, but she also had a large horse. This
meant that she had no time for men.

Melissa is 5’2″ tall with long blond hair, despite her small size
she had quite a nice body. Her measurement where 36B 25 34, her breast
still remained as firm and pert as when she was a teenager.

Over the years since she turned 13 Melissa had learnt to pleasure herself.
At first she only used a finger on her pussy, but as time went on she had
became kinker and dirter, to the point where she would try just about
anything to have an orgasm.

Melissa woke up very horny one morning, this was nothing unusal, but her
mind seemed to be racing with ideas on how she could pleasure herself.
She quickly put on bra, panties, a T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, she
found no need to dress up and always wore these sort of clothes. Melissa
quickly feed all her animals and hurried back inside her house.

Once inside she started to gather up the items that she need for her all
day long session. She first found the bowling pin that she had often
wanted to try to masterbate with. Next came a large ferret
feeding bottle, 2 ferret feeding cages, and 6 ferrets, along with various
other sex toys.

Melissa took all the item into her bedroom and then went off into the
bathroom to get ready. She was going to shave her cunt bald, she had
never done this before but thought take she should try it. Melissa foamed up all
around her hairy cunt, took hold of the razor and proceed to remove her
pubic hair. She carfully removed all the hair from around her cunt,
leaving a small patch on her cunt lips and around her anus. She now
removed the last patch and looked at her handy work in the mirror.
Melissa’s plump cunt lips where now exposed for the first time, she liked
what she saw and it had made her extra horny. She poked a finger quickly
into her virgin cunt, pulled it out and tasted her musky cunt juice.

Melissa returned to the bedroom, got one of feeding bottles and returned to
the bathroom. she sat on the toilet, placed the bottle at her cunt lips
and released a golden yellow of piss into the bottle. Melissa filled the
bottle but could not stop pissing and the rest was running over her
hands, when she had finished raised her hands to her mouth and lick her
own piss off them. Melissa had found out some time ago that she like the
taste of her own piss. and quickly licked off the tangy, nasty liquid.

Melissa put the teat on the bottle and returned to the bedroom. It was now
time for the fun to start, She took out the sex drug that she had just
started using, it was magical stuff it made it possible for her to remain
horny for hours on end and have orgasm after orgasm for over 12 hours.

Melissa swallowed 2 of the tablets, and started to get things ready, She
had put all her clothes back on after shaving her cunt, but this was for
a reason. Melissa took one of the ferrets out of it’s box, she lay on the
bed and put the ferret at the bottom of the bed. It soon got the smell of
Melissa’s musky cunt and made its way up her tracksuit leg, heading for her
cunt. It ran over her thigh and towards her bald cunt, it was spurred on
by the musky smell and dripping cunt juice.

It now poked it nose between Melissa’s plump cunt lips and started to lick
and bite them. Despite the fact that this cause some pain, She had got
use to it over time and now found it quite enjoyable. Under this intense
biting Melissa felt her nipples start to harden and they could clearly be
seen poking though her T-shirt, she now got 2 other ferrets and placed
then under her T-shirt, they made there way upto her erect nipples. They
both start biting at her nipples at the same time, the first bite always
made her jump with pain but this is soon replaced with pleasure.

Melissa felt her first orgasm starting in her unfucked virgin cunt, which is
twitching and spasming around the ferret, all 3 now bite at the same time
and this sends Melissa over edge, she starts thrashing about on the bed as
she orgasms hard for the first time.

Melissa lies on bed, she has only just orgasmed but still feels horny, the
ferret at her cunt has started licking and bite her clit again and she
start to feel a second orgasm starting. Two more bites at her clit
and she orgams again, wow she thinks 2 orgasms only 2 minutes apart, this
sex drug is wonderful
She puts the ferrets back in their cages. She need to feel her cunt
filled with something now. A large 14″ dildo is close at hand and she
grabs hold of it. It is 2″ in diameter, not that big but a good starting
point. Grabbing it in both hands Melissa place the tip on her seething
cunt, with one good hard push she buries 6″ in one go.

She now proceeds to ram the dildo in and out of her hot cunt, each time
more of it’s 14″ length penerates her cunt, until all of it is buried in
her horny hole. She can feel the tip pressing against her cervix, but
this is not the first she has been so full of fake cock. Melissa thinks to
herself why have a real cock when a fake one is this good.

Melissa now start ramming the dildo in and out of her virgin cunt at a
faster and faster pace. Soon all 14″ are sliding in and out, a third
orgasm is starting in her cunt and her nipples are a
hard as 2 little peebles.

Melissa’s cunt gives one final spasm and she orgasms hard while raping
herself, even after this she still continues to fuck her cunt like she
hasn’t cum. Suddenly another orgasm ripes though her body, Melissa
collaspes on the bed worn out from the effort, but still as horny as

Melissa puts 3 ferrets into a feeding cage each, which keeps them from
moving while they are hand feed, but she has other ideas on how to use
them. She positions one at cunt high and another two at tit height. She
grabs the feeding bottle that is full of her now cold piss and forces
into her mouth. A squirt piss fills her mouth, she savours the nasty
taste before swallowing it down.

Moving over towards the cages, she pushes a nipple into each of the
cages, quickly a ferrets bites onto both nipples, Melissa forces her raging
cunt onto the remaining ferret and it’s soon biting on her sore clit.
Every bite cause her to bite on the teat in her mouth and she is
forcing her own piss down her throat. She enjoys the taste of her own
piss, all this biting of her clit and nipples is starting her fifth

Melissa’s empty cunt is opening and closing as if begging to be fill by a
fake cock. She will just have to cum without anything to fill her horny
cunt. Two more hard bites to her nipples and clit send Melissa over the
edge, her twitching cunt explodes, shooting her cum juice all down her
thighs. She collaspes on the floor, she is now feeling worn out, 5
orgasms in only 20 mins, has left her cunt sore, but the drug has left
her wanting more.

After 5 mins resting Melissa starts thinking what to try next, she eyes the
bowling pin, she has wanted to try using this before but never found the
right moment. The size of it put her off but this time she was
determined to fill her unfucked cunt with it.

Placing the pin on the floor, squatted down with the tip at her now
gaping cunt, she force the tip between her plump cunt lips and slide the
neck of pin into her cunt. That was the easy bit as it was not much
bigger than her dildo, but from the neck onwards it was massive. Lifting
herself off the pin, she let her full weight drop down forcing the pin a
bit further into her cunt.

Melissa repeat this over and over trying to get the whole pin inside her
virgin cunt. It felt like her cunt was being split in two as each time
just a little bit more of the pin made it’s way inside her stretched
little cunt hole. she now had half the pin forced in her cunt but had
reached the widest part, she mores over to the caged ferrets so they
could bite her nipples, Melissa hope this would take her mind off the pin
in her cunt and allow her to force it all the way inside herself. Bite
after bite came to her red raw nipples causing her to fall backwards in
pain, but this had the desired effect, as she landed on the floor the
rest of the pin was finally forced fully into her stretched cunt.

Melissaa had never been so full and could not fuck herself with a pin
because it was just so tightly stuck in her cunt. Again she thought how
many real cocks could be as large or filling as this.

Getting up she returns to the caged ferrets and feeds her nipples to
them again. At once they start biting again, she moves the final ferret
back onto her raw clit. Spurred on by all the juice that is coating her
cunt, the ferret is soon biting on Melissa’s clit.

She feels her cunt start twitching again as yet another orgasm
approaches, but it’s so stretched that it can’t contract. Melissa knows
that she won’t be able to orgasm with her cunt so full. The biting to her
nipples and clit continues and her cunt feels like it will explode in
orgasm anytime, but the pin prevents this from happening.

Melissa’s nipples and clit throb as her torture body tries to find away to
release her orgasm. She can’t take much more of this, as she can feel
heart pounding and her head is spinning. All this time her musky cunt
juice is building up behind the pin, the presure is building. Then all of
a sudden the presure forces the pin from her stretched cunt, it shoots
out onto the floor, quickly followed by a gush of cunt juice. The sudden
emptying of her cunt, lets her explode in a massive orgasm. Melissa
collapses on the floor with her well stretched, wide open cunt still
twitching from the massive orgasm.

As she slowly comes around, she starts to feel dirty about what she has
just done, she can’t believe that she has opened up her cunt so much, or
that she’d cum so hard on the pin. The drug that she had taken was still
working and in only a few mins. Melissa started feeling dirty again and
ready for more dirty sex.

She decided to take one more tablet of the sex drug, so she could get
even more dirty and perverse than she already had been. She now took her
electric shock machine out of the wardrobe, she brought it about 6 months
but was to worried to use it. She felt that she was now so turned on
that the time was right.

It consisted of 3 electrodes and 2 large probes, ideal for anal or
virginal use and the electrodes were for nipples and clit. Various amount
of shocks could be given, either in pulses or all the time.

Melissa attached the two electrodes to her nipples and the other one to her
clit. She pushed the larger of the two probes into her cunt, it slid in
easily after the pin. She lubed up the other one and forced it into her
tight anus. Now the fun could start.

Melissa’s heart raced as she reached over to turn on the machine, this was
due to the fact that she knew this would be painful at first. Turning on
the electrodes attached to her nipples, and setting it the a low voltage
and pulse to start with.

The first shocks hit both nipples together and she cried out in pain.
Then another one hit causing her to twist and spasm, Melissa’s cunt started
twitching and juicing up again.

Shock after shock continued to hit her nipples, as this happened her
well fucked cunt orgasmed again. She now turned on the cunt probe, on
pulse setting, this made her tortured cunt twitch all the time as more
shock pulsed though her cunt walls. Another orgasm rushes though her body
as she cries out with both pleasure and pain.

Melissa now is in a state of almost continous orgasm, but still decides to
turn on the anal probe aswell. The first shock from this make her
anal walls ripple and it feels like she is having a anal orgasm. She
did not know that was possible, Melissa now turns on the clit electrode and
increases the voltage a bit.

Melissa’s body is now twitching and spasming all the time, her head is
spining as one orgasm after another ripples over her. She now goes for
full voltage, this makes her nipples and clit sizzle, and both melissa’s
raw holes twitch as they both explode in the most massive orgasm she
has ever had.

Melissa lies on the bed worn out from the effort, but the machine is still
pulsing her holes with shocks, she leans over and turns it off. Wow she
thinks how many did I orgasm, over 20 it must be. She still feels horny
and starts thinking of one last dirty thing to try.

Melissa start to think that she could do with a real cock to fuck her, but
she does not want a mans cock. She suddenly thinks about her horse, yes
she thinks his cock is much bigger than a mans and is just what she need
in her stretched cunt. Also she would be losing her cherry to a horse,
this turned her on.

Melissa put on her T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, grabbed some lube and ran
out to the stable. Dropping to her knees, she reaches out with both
hand and grabs the horse massive cock. It’s 18″ but under Melissa touchs it and it
starts to harden and is soon it’s full 30″ in length and 6″ in diameter,
this is just the size she is looking for.

Melissa opens her mouth and take a few licks at the massive purple head, a
large drop of pre cum forms on the tip and she quickly licks it off,
savouring it’s salty taste. Walking the horse over to a table that in the
corner, Melissa ties up the horse so it can’t move much.

She removes what little clothes she is waering and lies down on the
table. The horses cock is resting just above her cunt, reaching out
with both hands, she places the tip at her cunt opening.

She orders the horse forward and in doing so the horse impales a few
inches of it’s massive cock into Melissa virgin cunt. She cries out in
pain and tears run down her cheeks. She orders the horse back and then
forward again, this time about 12″ cock are forced into her once
virgin hole.

Now the horse realises that it’s in a cunt and starts thursting on it’s
own. Each thrust impales Melissa with more cock and soon 18″ are buried
deep in her womb, Helga looks down at her belly, which has a massive lump
where the horse cock is. The horse is now ramming it cock into her over
and over and any second now it will shoot it’s massive load of spunk deep
in her cunt.

She wants it else where and quickly pulls herself off the massive cock,
grabs it with both hands and wanks it as fast as she can, suddenly a huge
wad of horse cum shoots out coveirng Melissa’s belly and tit’s. She puts
her mouth over the tip and tries to catch a second wad, but it’s far to
much cum and it plasters her face, hair and fill her mouth. Melissa
swallows the mouth full, but it is quickly follow by 3 more wads, this is
far to much for her to swallow.

Melissa lies on the table covered all over in horse spunk and can’t belive
that a horse has just took her virginty.

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