Rory Gilmore – Chilton to Harvard

“OH GOD RORY!”….. You’re so HOT…. so TIGHT….. I’m gonna cum! Richard moaned. “CUM BABY….. OHHHH….. GOD…. I’M GONNA CUM TOO….. ” Rory moaned. Richard thrust into her with all his might…. Rory gripped him with her thighs and shuddered as she came. Her fluttering cunt drove Richard over the edge. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE YOOOOUUUUHHHHH!” he cried. Rory lay there trembling and panting….. delightfully pumped full of cum. She and Richard had become a THING since her initiation to becoming a Harvard Slut.

Actually Rory hadn’t volunteered to be “banged” since that day….. the guys had preoccupied themselves with other conquests and Richard kept himself busy. Eric had actually chastised him for not participating and teased him about being a “kept man”. Richard did want to get in on the fun, but sex with Rory was so mind blowing now that they were exclusive…. he’d never had a relationship like this.

“Babe….. you said you went to Chilton right?” Richard asked. “Yeah… why?” Rory responded. “Do you still have your uniform?” Richard asked with a wry smile that suggested something naughty. Rory’s eyes widened and she grinned at him… “What did you have in mind?” Richard just stared at her and smiled…. then he rubbed his hands together and offered a simple “Muah ah ahhhhh.” and they both started laughing and kissing. Rory had an idea of what Richard wanted but she was excited to see about it. She went home, found the uniform and made sure that she had EVERYTHING including the shoes she would normally wear. She knew that she could literally dress up and put her make up on to look exactly like she did in school.

Richard decided to get Eric and this girl they know named Gina because she swings both ways….. He told Eric about his plan for a night of fun with Rory. Eric was very excited and grateful to be a part of the plan. Eric called Gina and she came over to have some drinks and talk about the plan. Rory was going to be in for a BIG SURPRISE.

Rory showed up at the appropriate spot dressed in her Chilton uniform. She looked, for all intents and purposes, as if she was a High School Student who might be applying to Harvard. “You must be Rory Gilmore.” Gina said. Surprised, Rory replied. “Yes…. Yes I am.” “Gina Barrows and I will be your tour guide. “So you want to attend Harvard?” Gina continued. “YES…. I’ve dreamed about it since I was a little girl.” Rory replied sincerely. “Thousands of people apply every year to Harvard…. we only accept the brightest, most deserving and most ‘talented’ applicants.” Gina replied emphasizing the word talented and a raised eyebrow. Rory acted oblivious to the reference. “I’ve got straight A’s and extra-curricular activities. I’m the Vice President of the student council.” Rory replied proudly. “It’s going to take a lot more than that if you want to become a Harvard student….. BUT…. I like your spunk Ms. Gilmore and I’m prepared to help you….. IF you’re really serious about attending Harvard.” Gina continued. “It’s all I’ve ever wanted…. and I’ll do whatever it takes to get in here.” Rory gushed. “Really?….. Whatever it takes?” Gina asked. Rory looked at her and nodded reaffirming…. “Whatever it takes.” Gina grabbed her hand and led her to a nearby room….. “Rory…. you’re really sweet and I’ve looked at your tran***********s…. you’re right there on the edge…. but I know a couple of Seniors who’s fathers are on the ***********ion committee….. They could help you get in.” Gina confided. “REALLY?!!” Rory squealed. “SHHHHH….. Were you serious about ‘whatever’ it takes?” Gina asked. “Absolutely.” Rory replied still not understanding what Gina was eluding to. “Okay… we’re going on a field trip.” Gina said and she led her off to her car.

Gina drove Rory to Eric’s family house. She parked and Rory got out….”This house is HUGE…. and so beautiful.” “I’m glad you like it Ms. Gilmore. My name is Eric Davenport…. and this is my family home.” Eric offered. Rory shook his hand…. “This is my associate Mr. Richard Morehouse.” “Nice to meet you Ms. Gilmore.” Richard offered. Eric led the group inside and they offered Rory a glass of champagne. She sipped it and gazed around the extravagant home. “Your house is GORGEOUS.” Rory stated. “So are you.” Eric replied making Rory look at him and blush. “I think she could be Harvard material.” Richard offered. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.” said Eric. “She’s intelligent, driven and extremely beautiful…. but is she willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ to become a Harvard student.” he continued. “OH YES….. I SWEAR…. I’ll do ANYTHING to go to Harvard.” Rory stated. “Anything?” Eric said with a raised eyebrow. Rory felt something stir…. and she looked at him wondering if he might have meant what she thought he meant by that. “Another glass of champagne Rory?” Gina asked. “Um…. Okay…. Wow I feel so grown up.” she replied sheepishly. “Well you look very professional and studious. Definitely Harvard material.” Richard concluded. “However…. we have LOTS of applicants exactly like you with similar qualifications. Our fathers are on the ***********ion committee and if Eric and I were to speak to them on your behalf you would pretty much be guaranteed acceptance.” he continued. Rory’s smile was irrepressible and she said, “Please PLEASE talk to your fathers for me…. I’ve dreamed about attending Harvard all my life. I simply MUST GET IN.”

“Rory…. I need to use the ladies room….. come with me?” Gina asked. “Oh sure.” Rory replied. The two girls ran off to the bathroom. As soon as they got inside Gina turned Rory around…. “Can I ask you a personal question?” “Okay.” Rory replied. “Are you a virgin?” Gina inquired. “What?…. That’s very personal.” Rory replied. “Yeah I know but it’s important…. Are you?” “Well…. no…. but WHY is it important?” Rory asked. “Oh come now Rory….. You’re not THAT naive are you? You want to get into Harvard…. Then these Harvard guys want to get into you.” Gina replied. “SERIOUSLY?” Rory replied somewhat stunned. “How do you think I got into Harvard?…. and by the way it was THE BEST SEX I’D EVER HAD.” Gina continued. “I don’t know…. I’ve only had sex with my ex and that was just the once.” Rory pondered. “ONE TIME? You’ve only done it ONE TIME??” Gina exclaimed. “Rory….. you HAVE to do this…. Not just because these guys will get you into Harvard but because you need to get some experience…. Wait…. you had your first time with you EX?…. Explain please.” Gina requested. “It’s complicated….. but it was sweet… and then my mom ruined the whole thing.” Rory began. “YOUR MOM CAUGHT YOU?!” Gina continued. “After…. we were already done…. but it was awkward. Anyway…. that was it.” Rory explained. “Did you cum?” Gina asked. Rory looked down…. embarrassed that she didn’t. “Oh my God Rory…. These guys are going to rock your SOUL!….. You have to…. It’s going to be the best ever.” Gina lobbied. “I just met them…. and now you want me to sleep with…. Wait…. which one?” Rory asked. “Both.” Gina replied casually. “BOTH….. You want me to have sex with BOTH OF THEM??” Rory exclaimed. “Jesus Rory…. it’s just sex…. Do you really want to show up to Harvard having never had a REAL ORGASM?” Gina lamented. “SHHHHH GOD…. Say it a little louder…. I don’t think they heard you on campus.” Rory gasped. “Rory….. Seriously…. I know these guys. They’re actually really great guys….. Not just great in the sack… This is a HUGE opportunity for you….. to KNOW you’re going to get accepted to Harvard before ANYONE else gets their letter…. AND….. The guys going to be so good to you…. I can speak from experience…. I’d had sex before them… and it was pretty good….. or so I thought until I slept with them….. then I knew what I had been missing. Don’t miss out on the best thing to happen to you in your life.” Gina confided. Rory looked at her…. and then paced around the bathroom for a moment…. “If I do this… how do I know that they’ll actually get me in?” Rory asked. “HELLO?” Gina said pointing vigorously at herself….. “I’m proof.” With that Rory steeled her nerves and looked up at Gina…. then checked herself in the mirror. “I can’t believe I’m going to sleep with two guys.” Rory said to her reflection. “At the same time.” Gina confirmed. “At the same time.” Rory agreed. Gina leaned in and kissed her on the cheek and said….. Welcome to Harvard. Then she spanked her on the ass and said, “Let’s go.” “WAIT….. I’m in my school uniform!” Rory cried. Gina chuckled….. “Damn right you are…. you sweet innocent little darling….. and those boys are already drooling to get into those panties.” Rory’s eyes went huge. “REALLY?” “In fact, let me see them.” Gina requested. Rory blushed hard…. “Come on… they’re just panties.” Gina urged. Rory reluctantly lifted her skirt and revealed white cotton panties. “Oh Rory….. you’re going to have those grown men eating out of your…. ahem hand. Just be yourself….. inexperienced….. and TRUST ME…. you are NEVER going to forget the day the you got into Harvard and Harvard got into you.”

Gina led Rory out to the guys and she was still blushing…. “Are you okay?” Eric asked. “Oh she’s just fine… ” Gina confirmed. Eric approached Rory and looked deeply into her eyes…… then he kissed her. Rory acted surprised but let him slip his tongue in her mouth….. then she squeaked when he grabbed her ass. Eric continued to kiss Rory and Richard led Gina away to another room.

Eric picked up the tiny teen and carried her off. Rory was excited…. She remembered how good Eric was during their initial meeting and was looking forward to his efforts. Eric was smooth as he kissed her and gently unbuttoned her blouse and reached back unhooking her bra. She acted surprised and then genuinely moaned as he sucked a nipple into his mouth. He stroked her soft skin down her flat abdomen and across to her thighs….. That sent a shiver up her spine as she continued to kiss him. Rory felt his hand slide up and find her soft cotton panties…. She purred into his mouth as he found her happy place. Eric was hard as a rock thinking about fucking this sweet angel again. Her panties were already wet and he couldn’t wait to get them off.

Eric kissed down her neck stopping at her nipples and then her stomach flicking his tongue into her belly button making her squirm as his fingers massaged her fiery loins. When he reached her treasure he hooked his fingers under the elastic and Rory arched up to let him removed her soaked panties. The cool air excited her and Eric drooled at his prize with lusty intentions. He positioned himself and Rory lie waiting for his touch. Eric spread her sensual thighs and licked her juicy pussy from bottom to top. “MMMMMMMMMMHHHHHH” she moaned. Eric hadn’t tasted her since that first day. She tasted like Heaven. He stroked the clefts of her thighs as he licked her delicious slit….. Rory writhed and moaned as he took her closer and closer to cumming. “OH ERIC….. GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD!!!” she moaned. Eric smiled up at his intended and slipped his fingers into her pulsing pussy. “AAAHHHHHH” she groaned. He couldn’t wait any longer. Eric began to rub her G spot making Rory’s hips arch up and stiffen. She rocked them as he brought her right to the top….. and just before she started to cum and enveloped her clit and flicked his tongue over it. “UGHHH…. HUUUHHHHH….. OOOOHHHHH GAWD…. OHHHH….. YESSSSS…. YEEESSS…… AAAHHHHHHOOOOOO GAWD….. OH GAWD…. OH GAWD….. OHHHH…. YEAH…. YEAH….YEAH…… YEEEEEEEESSSSSUUUUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Rory came in an earthshattering climax….. It was really heavy and she knew it was because it wasn’t Richard…. The newness…. The change of partners excited her.

Eric was ready for more….. He didn’t get to fuck her like this the first time and he was so ready his cock was going to burst. He unhooked her skirt and pulled it off leaving the slender girl naked on the bed. He eagerly moved into position and rubbed his hard cock against her juicy juncture. Rory was beside herself with anticipation…. Eric pressed into his willing conquest. “UUUGGGHHHH” she moaned….. and soaking wet, Eric just pushed deeper and deeper until their bodies touched. His kissed her passionately and pulled out to start fucking. It was BRILLIANT….. each stroke was nirvana as the two melted into one. Eric took his time thrusting with intent but not overworking himself… He did not want to cum too fast.

Something about the role playing and a new partner… and well Rory KNEW had badly Eric wanted to fuck her…. She felt pretty sure that if things had gone differently she might be in a relationship with Eric and not Richard…. She let her lust go and her pussy responded taking her straight over the top. “OH GOD…. OH GOD ERIC….. YES…. YESS…. OHHHH….. UHHHH…. UHHH HHHUUUUHHH….. MMMMMMAAAAHHHHHHHH!!” Eric could feel her pussy flutter in orgasm and she rocked and writhed under him.

When he closed in on his own nirvana he stopped….. and pulled Rory on top. She smiled and bucked herself hard against his flesh rocket… She wanted to make him cum…. But her pussy was in Heaven as she rocked herself through another orgasm….

“MMMMHHHHMMMMM GOD…. SO GOOD….. SO GOOD….. FUCK….. FUUUUCK….. OH GOD…. OH GOD…… OHHHHGGGGOOODD!!” And Eric grinned up as he felt her twitching…. He stopped her again and spun her around pressing into her doggie style but then he laid back and pulled her on top again for some reverse cowgirl. Rory laid back against him as Eric pumped her from below and fingered her clit. His technique was different and it excited her to have this new sex. Rory started to remember the gang bang that started all of this and her memories of it sent her spinning into a huge orgasm. “AAAHHH….. OOOHHHH …. MMMMM…. OOOOHHHH YEEEESSS…. YEEESSS…. OH FUCK…. OH GOD ERIC….. ERIC…… OH YES…. ERIC DON’T STOP…. DON’T STOP….. HHHOOOOMMMMYYYGOOOOOODDD!!!”

Eric flipped her back onto her knees and banged away at his little princess. Rory moaned and groaned as he expertly throttled her…. “UGH… UGH ….. UGH…. UGH AHHH AHHH…. UGHH…. HUUUH….. UGH…. GOD…. AHHH..AHHH… YEAH…. YEAH…. FUCK ME …. FUCK ME…. OH GOD….. I’M CUUUUMMMING!!!! She came hard again and Eric was done…. He tugged her head towards him and Rory quickly enveloped his cock sucking it deeply into her mouth… those brilliant blue eyes gazed at him and his balls tightened and exploded shoot blasts of hot cream into her mouth. “AAAAHHHH ROOOORRRYYYY!!!”

Now Eric enjoyed this private time and they laid there kissing and cuddling but there was much more in store and Rory knew it. She returned to Eric’s cock and slid the entire length into her mouth. “GOD RORY….. YOU’RE AMAZING!” Eric moaned….. “MMMMHHHHMMMM” she purred as his cock began to stiffen in her mouth. When Eric was hard again he mounted her and pinned her legs back…. “UUUUGGGHHHHHAAAAA!” she groaned as he slid completely into her tight tunnel. Wasting no time Eric began to hammer away at his angel. “UH UH UH UH UH UH HA UH AH.. GOD…. YES…. FU… CK… GOD…. OH….OH…. OHHHH….OH GOD…. ERIC… ERIC…. OH GOD ERIC…. YES BABY…. FUCK ME…. HARDER …. OH HARDER….. OH FUCK…. YES… YESH…… YESHHHH….. YYYYEEESSSSSUUUUGGHHHHH!!!” Rory exploded. She was so turned on by everything she was seeing spots. She giggled up at her former captor and they kissed.

Eric turned her over doggie style and started smacking away at her pretty pussy…. All the while knowing Gina was sneaking into the room. Gina moved up onto the bed as Richard watched the action. Rory was oblivious until Eric pressed down on her hips pushing her gash right onto Gina’s waiting mouth. Rory gasped as Gina sucked her clit…. Rory stiffened, shrieked and came like a stick of dynamite. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. OHHHHHH…..MYYYYYYYY….. GAAAAAWWWWDDDDD!” Eric pulled out and they rolled Rory onto her back as Gina buried her tongue in Rory cunt. “HHHHUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!” Rory groaned as she looked down at their accomplice. Gina held her hips and licked with a purpose drinking in Rory’s juices and seeking a repeat performance. It didn’t take long. “OHHH….. OH GINA…. GI…NA…. GIIII….NA…… OH GOD…. OH GOD….. OH YES….. YESS….. YESSSSS!!!” and Rory came again.

Richard finally got into the action as he stuck his cock back into Gina’s pussy while she continued to lick Rory….. Rory watched as her boyfriend banged away at this other woman…. Watching him fuck while she got her pussy licked by a girl drove her right over the edge again…. Eric put his cock in Rory’s mouth and she happily sucked on his rocket keeping him very happy and hard. The wild group sex made her cum so much harder.

Now Richard and Eric traded places….. Richard moved beside Rory’s head and she eagerly slipped his cock into her mouth not realizing it had just been in Gina’s juicy pussy….. her taste was all over him…. She had never tasted another girl’s pussy. Eric began to fuck Gina and she did her best to keep licking Rory as now Eric was making her cream.

Gina crawled up over Rory’s body and kissed her. Now she could taste her own pussy…. It was wild. Richard moved between Rory’s legs and began to fuck her. Gina spun around and started to lick Rory’s pussy again and Eric thrust into Gina’s pussy directly over Rory’s face so she could watch as Eric fucked. The boys enjoyed this part…. Bang the girls til they cum…. Pull your cock out and let them suck the juice of the other girl’s pussy. They did it again and again until Eric pushed Gina’s hips down to Rory’s mouth…. She knew what they wanted so she just went for it. She obviously never licked a girl’s pussy before but it was fun and Eric’s cock was right there too and that made it very cool.

The boys fucked hard…. Making the girls squeal…. They licked each other but both girls loved the cock. When the time came Eric and Richard pulled out and fed the girls a nice hot mouthful of cum. Eric’s cum mixed with Gina’s juices tasted good and when the boys were done…. The girls continued to lick each other. Gina had made Rory cum before and she was going to do it again…. But this time Rory wanted to return the favor. The guys watched intently as she licked her very best to get Gina off….. It worked…. And they foursome lay there for a while panting and glistening.

After some juice and rest…. They went at it again…. Focused on Rory….. Eric banged her pussy, Richard banged her ass and Gina gave her some pussy to lick. “MMMMAAHHHH…. MMMMMAAAAHHHGG…… UUUUGGGHHH….. ERIC!…. RICHARD!!! OH GOD…… OH GOD….. OH GAAAAAAAAWWWWWDDDDD! Rory came so hard she was seeing stars again.

Eric flipped Rory onto her back again and fucked her deep while Richard did the same with Gina right next to her. They pounded away at the delicious girls until they could take no more….. then Richard and Eric surrounded Rory and jerked their cocks spewing blasts of hot cum all over her face. Gina helped Rory suck the boys clean and then she licked some of the cum off Rory’s face and they kissed.

“WELCOME TO HARVARD FRESHMAN!” the boys chanted together. Then they all laughed.

Afterwards Eric took Rory aside. “Hey…. This was amazing…. Thank you so much for agreeing to play with us…. I hope it wasn’t too weird with Gina.” Rory replied, “No…..Not at all…. I mean…. You read stories all the time about girls experimenting in college…. This was my experiment….. and it was good….. really good….. but (she grabbed his cock) I want this…. Not pussy.”

Eric looked Rory in the eye and said, “I’m not sure if this is the right time but I want to ask you a favor…. It’s kind of a big favor. I already checked with Richard and he said ‘whatever she says.’ So I’m going to ask.” “Okay”, Rory replied tentatively. “My dad’s 50th birthday is coming up…. He has everything…. I mean look around…. There is nothing that I can give him….. except…. Maybe you.” Eric stated hopefully. “ME?” Rory responded surprised. “Please don’t freak out. My dad is the one that started our little “club” and if it wasn’t for him doing that years ago when he attended Harvard, we would have never met…. No Richard, No Me….. You’d still be all innocent and pure.” He said with a wry smirk. That made Rory smile. “Before you say anything…. Look at this. Eric showed Rory a picture of his dad. He was a little older but very handsome and sophisticated looking. It wasn’t some overweight, balding geezer. “My dad is a good looking man…. And has never had any problem with the ladies.” Eric stated. “But what about your mom?” Rory replied. “She has her Tennis Pro and her Massuse but they still love each other…. They just have a few secrets….. Rory trust me…. This would be the best present I’ve ever given to my dad….. you would blow him away…. Literally.” He smirked. Eric looked at her with pleading eyes and she just couldn’t say no to him. “Well….. when exactly is this supposed to take place?”, Rory asked. “Two weeks from tomorrow….. So you’ll do it…. It’s a yes?” Eric said joyfully. “Yes…. I’ll do it.” Rory replied. Eric picked her up and swung her around and kissed her deeply. “BABY, YOU’RE THE GREATEST!” and they laughed.

Rory told Richard that she agreed to Eric’s request. Richard acknowledged it and let her know that he was okay and thought what she was going to do was super sweet and very cool. Apparently nothing Eric ever did made his father happy and Eric had tried really hard to find thoughtful gifts for his father and never seem to win his approval. “I have a feeling that THIS TIME Eric’s dad is going to love his present.”

Rory went back to Yale and she didn’t see Richard the following weekend so she hadn’t had sex in two weeks when it was time for the party. Per Eric’s request she arrived at the house as his guest and made small talk as his father enjoyed a traditional birthday party. The food was great and the champagne was top shelf. Eric bought his father a thoughtful gift and as usual his father made light of it…. But Eric was ready…. This night would be different. The party wrapped up and Eric’s mother went off to bed very intoxicated. Eric’s father wasn’t really much of a drinker but Eric had managed to slip a performance enhancer into his drink late in the evening. David Davenport was about to have the best night of his life. Eric led Rory off to a separate wing of the house and instructed her what to do. Then he went back to get his father.

“Dad…. Did you enjoy your party?” Eric asked. “It was fine son.” He replied flatly. Well I want you to know that the present I gave you….. that wasn’t your real present.” Eric continued. “It seemed real enough…. What are you saying?”, David replied. “Come with me and find out.” Eric offered cryptically. Eric began to walk away down the hall and his father, curious, followed him. “If this is some kind of practical joke Eric, I’m not amused.” David stated. “Trust me dad…. This is no joke.” Eric replied. At the end of the hall Eric opened the door to a bedroom and standing there bathed in warm light was Rory Gilmore very nude. David stood there stunned and staring at this gorgeous nymph completely naked and unashamed. “Dad…. THIS is your present.” Eric chirped proudly. And before his dad could say anything else Eric whispered into his ear…. “I put a little something in your drink…. So you’re tank is full and she is yours to enjoy. Happy Birthday dad…. I Love You.” David looked at his son…. So surprised and elated and even proud. Eric left and closed the door behind him. David turned to the lovely vision and Rory approached him. “Happy Birthday Mr. Davenport…. My name is Rory…. Is it okay if I call you Sir?” she said seductively as her small hand stroked the growing bulge in his slacks. “My God your gorgeous!” David replied. Rory leaned up and kissed him. He smelled really good and he was a good kisser too.

Rory decided to get things started by helping him undress….. she got his tie and shirt off…. Then unbuckled his pants and she knelt down and slid them down and that’s when she first caught sight of the monster. His cock was HUGE…. 10” long…. Her eyes got wide and her pussy twitched as she thought about this man ramming that thing into her…. But now she had to see it. Her tiny hand reached in and her fingers barely fit around it as she pulled it out. The tip had some pre cum so she licked it. “UUUGGGHHH” he moaned and Rory slipped the huge head into her mouth. “OH MY!” David groaned. Rory swirled her tongue around the head and pushed more into her mouth but it was so huge….. she simply couldn’t take it very deep. Still her pussy was dripping with desire to get that into her. David slipped off his loafers and carefully stepped out of his pants and boxers so he was nude. He didn’t want to interrupt the wonderful effort Rory was making. Now more relaxed she gripped his shaft and tried to force as much cock into her mouth as possible. She gotten considerably better at sucking cock since dating Richard so she managed half of his cock….. making David groan in delight. Rory took her time and sucked his thick hard shaft into her mouth…. Stopping occasionally to lick his balls and then from bottom to top and swirl her tongue around the tip. She was literally dripping from her pussy at the thought of Mr. Davenport pinning her down and fucking her young pussy with this tremendous cock.

“Miss….. Rory…. You’re amazing but I’ve got to taste you…. Please let me have my turn to please you. Rory looked up at him with those hypnotic blue eyes and smiled. “I will do anything you want Sir…” she chirped obediently. Rory then stood and kissed Mr. Davenport and took his hand leading him up to the edge of the bed where she then crawled up and laid down….. He watched her bathed in the warm light spread her teenage thighs and reveal her velvet tunnel framed with a small patch of chestnut brown hair…. It’s was perfection and he couldn’t wait to taste her.

David moved into position and stroked her inner thighs as his tongue slid between her folds and slurped up his first taste. “MMMMMMMMMmm Sir”, Rory purred. “MY GOD RORY…. You’re delicious.” He praised. With that Mr. Davenport settled in and began to lick the sweet offering. He worked her labia and teased at her clit making Rory twitch and wiggle… winding her up. He rimmed her tight cunt with his fingers making her coo. “OH…. SIR…. It feels so good.” David worked his fingers deeper and felt her tight cunt squeeze him….. (Oh my God) he thought…. This is going to be amazing. Rory lay there thoroughly enjoying the elder’s tongue bath….. He was very good…. Clearly Eric Davenport inherited his oral skills from his father. David had teased Rory long enough and wanted to make her cum so he curled his fingers up and found her G spot. Rory stiffened and gasped…. Her hips thrust up and she arched as David massaged that magic spot that makes her go crazy….. She bucked and thrust and he began to suck on her clit and that was it….. Rory EXPLODED. “OOOHHHH…. SIR….. OH YES….. THAT’S IT….. OH GOD….. OH SIR…… OH PLEASE….. DON’T STOP…. OH GOD…. OH GOD….. OH UMMMMHMMMMM…..AAHHHH AHHHH UUHHH UHHH HHHHUHHH…. OOOOHHHHHHHGGGGAAAWWWWDDDDUUUHHHGGHH!” Rory creamed…. David lapped up her juices and really did want to make her cum again but his cock was calling out to him….. It was time to impale this vixen and make her his slave.

David crawled up and kissed Rory sensually….. she could feel his heavy hammer against her pubic region….. As he kissed her David rubbed the head between her lips and coated it with her love juice. Rory was trembling with anticipation….. (What was this going to feel like?) she thought. Mr. Davenport had the head positioned and so he slipped his arms under her knees and opened her up….. Rory felt him push and she relaxed but WOW… it was big. “UUUUMMMMPPPPHHH” she squeaked. David gently pushed it deeper now until about half was in her….. It wasn’t just the length…. It was the girth too…. It was a thick cock. David pulled back and pushed in deeper. “HHHUUUUHHHHHHHH” she groaned….. It felt good but also a little twinge of pain. David pushed a few more inches in…. He was nearly there…. Rory’s juices were coating his heavy shaft…. This was going to be incredible. David pulled back again and pushed down to the bottom. “OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGAWWWD” Rory wailed. It was all the way in….. she was stuffed. It was almost like that first time with Richard only deeper and thicker and it was this older man…. He was a man…. Not a boy…. And he was going to fuck her good. David let his weight press against her swollen clit as he kissed her again, buried to the hilt. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHMM” Rory moaned into his mouth. She was ready.