Gilmore Girls: Malls, Inns and Hotels

He woke with a start. He realized immediately that it had
been Lorelei’s yelling that had been the cause. He could
hear her and his uncle Luke arguing downstairs in the
diner. He was sure they liked each other. They argued
constantly, usually about Lorelei’s coffee addiction.
Sometimes about Rory’s coffee addiction. He heard his
name and started to pay attention. They were arguing
about him…and Rory!

“Luke, they’re not little kids anymore. We can’t keep
them away from each other. They are just friends anyway.
And besides, Rory has Dean, and they love each other.”

“A Bag Boy, not an big improvement. I just don’t want
Rory to get hurt. Jess is not stable. The kid stole a
gnome! A gnome, Lorelei. What kind of kid steals a

“The kind of kid who’s hurting. I don’t want him and Rory
together either. I don’t want her to get hurt. But it
looks like they’re going to be friends. We can’t stop
them, and if we try they’re still going to be friends
anyway. Maybe Rory will even be good influence on Jess.
You know, shape him up a bit.”

Jess couldn’t believe she was sticking up for him. He had
been such a jackass to her. Putting on his nice jeans, a
wife-beater and a checked over-shirt he made his way
downstairs. Luke and Lorelei were now arguing about

Sneaking behind his uncle Jess filled a cup and handed to

“I love you. I now like you better then Luke.” she
rambled, smiling at him. Then looking at back at Luke, “I
like him better than you, you’ve been replaced.”

“Good! Does this mean you won’t come in here and bug me
every morning?”

“Nope,” then seeing her daughter walk in, “RORY! RORY!
Guess what!”


“Jess is my new best friend, he brought me coffee, when
the mean man wouldn’t.”

“Mom, how many cups have you had today?”

“Only 1 or 2 or 10. That’s okay, right?”

“It’s only noon.”

“So? I had a bad day at the inn. Michele was being
impossible! He yelled at a Frenchmen. Only he didn’t know
he was French and the dude understood every French swear
word he said.”


“It’s a good word.”

“Ok, whatever,” Rory said. “Jess, coffee please?”

“Here you go. You both have a problem.”

“We know.” *He’s cute. Why did I never see that before?
That smile is adorable. He’s just a friend though. I have
Dean, I love Dean. Don’t I? I like him though.*

“Rory? Are you ok?”

“What? Oh yeah, I’m fine, I was just thinking about

“I asked if you wanted to go to the mall with me today.
This is the last of the “nice” clothes I have. The one’s
that Luke thinks are nice anyway,” Jess said.

“Yeah I’ll come. Only if you treat me to a Starbucks
coffee though.”

“It would be my pleasure.”

“You wanna go now?”

“Sure,” Rory looked her mom who was talking to Luke about
the new inn that her and Sookie were going to open soon.
“Mom, Jess and I want to go to the mall. Can I barrow the

“Um…well,” Lorelei looked at Luke who just shrugged.
“Yeah okay. Here are the keys and the cell phone, call if
you get into any trouble.”



“Bye sweetie.”

“Lets go Jess.”


Luke looked at jess, “Here’s my credit card. Don’t let
Rory touch it. Last time one of the Gilmore girls had
that card she bought me a suit.”

Lorelei jumped in, “Oh, but it was 150% off. How could I
not buy it? Plus now you have something to wear to my
mother’s this Friday.”

“Well, ok I do need some…wait a minute why am I going
to your mother’s place?”

Rory and Jess walked out just as Lorelei started to
explain, “She wants to meet you and…”

Rory laughed, “You know if she talks him into it you’ll
have to go also.”

“Hm, not really?”

“Yup really. You have to come and keep me company. I’ll
show you the house and the pool, the balcony where a was

“You were conceived on a balcony? wasn’t that cold?”

“I don’t know, I wasn’t there.”

“True enough.”

“You want to go to the good mall or the okay mall?”

“How far is the good mall?”

“About three hours away.”

“Ok, good mall it is.”

* CHAPTER – 2 *

When they got to the mall it was past 3 o’clock, so they
had about 4 hours left before the mall closed. They
walked through the mall with Rory heading right to
Abercrombie and Fitch. Jess declared that it was it all
to preppie but ended up buying a few shirts and some
khakis anyway.

Rory almost swooned when she saw the bill.

“Jess, only rich people buy that much stuff from here.
You were supposed to buy just one thing here. Luke is
going to kill you.”

“Don’t worry, this is my credit card, not Luke’s.”

“Where did you get a credit card?”

“My grandfather. He didn’t like my dad, but set up a
healthy trust fund for me. when he died I got everything.
I miss him a lot. Well, lets do some more shopping. Shall

“Sure, how about the Gap next?”

“Works for me.”

They spent another two hours shopping for clothes. Rory
bought a few things with money she had. When she realized
she needed some pajamas, she decided to make a quick stop
at Victoria’s Secret. She picked out some very modest
PJ’s. She was ready to go when Jess picked up a not so
modest gown. The gown was pretty, but was sheer silk. It
would cover her breasts and from her hips barely down to
her thighs and that was it.

“Jess, I don’t think that’s your size,” Rory said as he
walked up to the counter holding the gown.

“It’s for you, not me. It’s not really my color.”

“Jess I can’t wear that!”

“Yes you can.”

“No, I can’t. Not around anyone.”

“Fine, wear it when you’re alone then.”

“Jess…” she started. But he interrupted her.

“Rory I’m buying it. If you won’t wear it, fine. But I am
buying it. For you.”

“Ok, fine.”


He paid for the nightie, and they left. They started back
for Stars Hallow. Rory was a little unset with Jess. She
didn’t like him buying that nightgown for her, she kept
looking sideways at him when he was looking at her. Rory
wondered why he’d insisted on buy her something so sexy.

About 20 minutes into the journey home the car stopped.
It just stopped dead, no warning or anything. At first
Jess was baffled, but finally figured out that it had
something to do with the radiator. A tow truck came and
got them and the jeep.

The tow truck guy dropped them off at a “nice” hotel and
said that the jeep wouldn’t be ready until the morning.

“Well, I guess I’ll go get us checked in,” Jess said.

“I’ll call my mom and Luke.” Rory knew that they were
both ignoring the fact that they had to spend the night
together. They would be in separate rooms though, so it
wasn’t that bad. She dialed Luke’s Diner, figuring her
mom would be there.

“Hi, who’s this?”

“Hi it’s Rory. Jess and I are stuck. Mom’s car broke
down. We got it towed and are gonna spend the night in a
hotel off the interstate. We just wanted to let you know
we’re okay.”

“Where are you? I’m coming to get you,” Luke said.

“No, mom’s car will be ready tomorrow morning. It’s
Saturday and neither of us have to go to school, so it’s

“You’re not gonna tell me where you are, are you?”


“Ok, then let me talk to Jess.”

“Ok I’ll get him,” Rory walked into the lobby and handed
Jess the phone.


“Keep your hands and your everything else off Rory, you
understand me!” Luke was fuming.

“Um, okay. I wasn’t planning on touching her.”

“Jess, you’re my nephew, but I’ll still kill you if you
hurt Rory.”

“Ok, I gotta go.” He didn’t wait for a reply but pushed
the “end” button on the cell phone. “Those people really
love you. Luke is gonna kill you if I touch you. He said

“Well since were gonna be in separate rooms, we don’t
have to worry about that.”

“Rory, they only have one room left.”

“Well, it still has two beds. Right?”

“It’s the honeymoon suite.”

“You have got to be joking me. I am not staying in the
honeymoon suite with you.”

“Ok, you can sleep in the pool. C’mon Rory, you can have
the bed. I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“Okay, fine.”

“Great, here’s the key, we’re on the 10th floor. I’m
going to grab some clothes. I’ll get some of the stuff
you bought also. They’re sending up toothbrushes,
toothpaste, razors, shaving cream and all that.”


Ten minutes later Jess was at their room.

“Jess, can you hand me my pajamas please?” Rory asked.

“Sure, here you go,” he said holding up the black sheer

* CHAPTER – 3 *

“You have got to be joking! I’m not wearing that,” Rory
eyes the garment warily.

“You have to, the guy with the tow truck has already
gone. This is all I brought for you.”

“JESS! How could you do that?”

“It was easy, I grabbed a bag of your stuff and a bag of
my stuff. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Okay fine, I guess it’s better than nothing.”

“Only in your opinion.”

The only response he got was a scowl. As Rory went into
the bathroom to change Jess had only one though on his
mind. *Rory* Her name kept running through his mind. He
couldn’t stop thinking about her. He imagined her
undressing in the bathroom and the thought of her naked
only served to make his heart beat faster and his body
responded as well.

Rory on the other hand, was upset with Jess. Although she
was becoming less and less upset with him as she dressed
in the skimpy nightgown he had bought her. By the time
she saw him lying on the floor with a pillow and a
blanket, she was glad they were stuck in the hotel
together. They could talk and get to know each other
better. She could see he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

Jess turned over to look at her when he sensed her
staring at him. She looked awesome. He could see through
the nightgown. She was still wearing her bra and panties
under it, but everything else was visible. He could see
the gentle rise of her breasts, and it took his breath
away. She was absolutely gorgeous.

Rory could now see Jess’ rock hard abs and chest. She
thought that he had a magnificent body. She could see his
lean stomach and hipbones. Yes, he was hot looking, there
was no denying that.

“Jess, do you want to sleep on the bed? The floor looks
so hard and cold. There’s enough room for the two of us.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah the bed is plenty big enough. You can keep to your
side and I can keep to mine. No problem.”

“Thanks, the floor is hard,” he said as he climbed onto
the bed.”

Rory mumbled, “You’re welcome,” and turned off the light.

“Good night Rory.”

“G’night Jess.”

When Rory woke in the morning she didn’t know where she
was at first. She did however know that she was being
tightly held to a well-muscled chest. She looked up to
see that the chest was Jess’ and the previous night
instantly flashed into her mind. With her head at the
angle it was, she could feel Jess’s breath on her lips.
She reached up with her free hand and brushed a lock of
hair out of his eyes. He woke up.

“Good morning Rory.”

“Good morning,” she said, her voice sounding soft and way
more sexy than she had intended.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yes. Very.”

He very gently kissed her on the lips. He couldn’t resist
it. But instead of pushing him away as he had suspected
she would, she pulled him closer. Rory rolled over a bit
pulling him on top of her. His tongue licked her lips,
begging for entrance. She opened her mouth and let his
tongue explore her mouth while hers explored his. She
slid her hand down his shoulder to his chest. He gently
cupped her breast, his thumb rubbing across her nipple,
which gently peaked and became hard.

Jess began gently kissing Rory all over her face and then
down to her neck. Finally he started kissing her breasts,
and then a nipple. When Rory moaned he pulled the top of
her sheer nightgown down and reached behind her back to
un-hook her bra.

*God Jess, you can’t do this to her. She’s way too
innocent. She would never forgive you.* He stopped and
just looked into her eyes her for a minute. Deciding that
this wasn’t the time. Rory should have candles and

“Jess, what’s the matter?”

“We can’t do this.”

“Why not?”

“Your not ready.”

“How do you know, I suppose your some kind of expert.
Being the “bad boy” and all.”

“I don’t want to fight with you. We can’t do this and you
know it. Go get dresses I’ll call a cab to get us to the

“Okay. I’m sorry.”

“Nothin to be sorry for.”

Rory got up and began to dress. Jess had almost seen her
in a lot less, a bra and her panties covered more than a
bathing suit would anyway, he thought. But he still
turned his back. Putting on some khakis and a an
Abercrombie t-shirt. Rory watched him dress, and she
wanted him. But he was right she wasn’t ready for that,
or for him yet.

* CHAPTER – 4 *

“Jess, I really am sorry. I didn’t mean the bad boy
thing. If you haven’t noticed, I say things I don’t mean

“It’s okay. No offence taken. And you were right, I’m not
exactly Mr. Perfect. I’ve done things that…”

“Jess,” Rory interrupted. “I really don’t need to know
that, your sexual escapades are none of my business.”

“Yeah you do, and yes they are. If we’re going to do
this, we need to do it right. No secrets, no lies. I’m
not a virgin, Rory. That’s a fact. You want another fact?
I like you, a lot. I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t
want to do something you’re not ready for.”

“Wow, lots to digest. Jess, I like you too. You’re right
no secrets. No lies.”


“So what?”

“Are you?”

“Am I what? A virgin? I’ve kissed two guys, excluding
you. And yours was most definitely the best.”

“Two? I know of one,” he said as they got into the cab.

“Dean and Tristan.”

“Did you like Tristan?”

“No of course not. Why would you ask that?”

“The way you said his name. Do you have serious history
with him?”

“Yes, I do but not good history. Long story. One I don’t
feel like sharing right now.”


They spent the rest of the ride to the garage in silence.
Rory pulled a book out of her purse. Jess watched her
thoughtfully, *Tristan, hmm, I wonder what went on with
him. She never answered my question. Maybe she’s not a
virgin. I’ve never met the guy and I hate him already. He
hurt her. Or maybe she hurt him.*

“Jess? We’re here.”

“Yeah I know!”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Didn’t mean to snap at you.”

They got out of the cab, Jess handing the taxi driver two
twenty’s, telling the driver to keep the change.

“Jess that ride probably cost, 5 dollars.”


“So, you gave him a $35 tip?”


“I just thought you might have handed him that by

“Nothing I do is by accident Rory. Nothing.”


The mechanic came up to them. “100 dollars for parts,
$200 for labor.”

“Okay,” Jess said pulling out his wallet.

“Jess, I’ll pay you back later.”

“No need.”


“God Rory. I’m doing you a favor, do you have to argue
about everything?”

“No. I just, I just…”


“Never mind.”

Bill paid, Jess looked at Rory and asked, “You wanna go

“Luke’s first, I need Coffee, badly.”


When they got too Luke’s they were surprised to find it
locked up tight. There was a note on the door from Luke
and Lorelei.

[Since you two seem to be able to make it on your own, we
decide you can live together for a while. Jess your stuff
is at the house. Lorelei and I are out. See you soon.
Bye. Love always, Luke and Lorelei – PS: Leave the jeep

“Wow, they must really be mad,” Jess said, stating the

“We have to live together?”

“I guess so.”

“Okay then lets go home.”

“Okay snookems.”

“Don’t push it.”


They got to Rory’s house. Rory walked straight to her
room to put her stuff down. None of her stuff was there.
There was a note the bed. [You guys get the master

“Jess! You have to help me move my stuff. They want us to
room together.”

“So? Wait, your mom still has a key right?”


“Lets give her a taste of her own medicine, shall we?”

“What do you mean?”

“Lets sleep together. They’re bound to peak. They expect
you to move your stuff back into your room. Don’t.
They’ll be scared senseless that their little Rory is
sleeping with the bad boy. They’ll stop this charade in a

“You think?”

“Yup, sure of it.”

“Ok, lets go to bed.”

“Rory, it’s like 8PM.”

“Never said we were gonna sleep,” she called down. She
was already half way up the stairs.

“Wow. You’re joking right?” he hollered on his way up.


By the time he found the room Rory was getting dressed in
her nightclothes.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. You coming to bed?” she inquired
as she climbed in.

“To sleep yes.”

“Ok. Whatever. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Rory.”

Jess wondered what the hell was going on in her head.
*Did she really want to sleep with him? Why was she doing
this? She hadn’t put up a fight when he had suggested
that they sleep in the same room to freak Lorelei and
Luke out. Maybe she wants it? Rory is quite the paradox.*

Rory was silently wondering what the hell she was doing
also, *Was she really
trying to seduce Jess? She wondered why he didn’t seem to
want her. He made her
tingle. Like no one else. Dean never made her tingle.
Maybe he’s right, I’m not ready yet, but why would he
care? Does he really care? Or is it just that he doesn’t
want me? What’s wrong with me anyway?*

They both decided to stop thinking about the other and
turned on their sides to go to sleep.

Luke and Lorelei were just getting back to there “place”
as they had started to call it. They were both giggling.
An observer would think them drunk. And they were just in
a different way. With all that had happened with the
kids, and the worry they had experienced together over
it, they had finally realized that they loved each other.
They loved each other a lot.

They had taken a room at the inn and made passionate love
most of the night. Luke had taken Loralei in his arms and
kissed her worries away. When morning came they decided
to let what ever happen, happen. They had also decided to
go spy on Rory and Jess.

Of course, they both expected Rory to be in her won bed
and Jess to be back in his above the Diner. They were
wrong. When they got home they looked in through Rory’s
bedroom window. She was not there. They both stopped
laughing. “Do you think they really slept together?” Luke
said in a worried voice.

“Maybe in the same bed… but Rory wouldn’t and Jess
wouldn’t… would he? Oh my god, my little girl. She’s
going to end up like me.” Lorelei started to cry softly.

“If she ended up exactly like you she would be the
luckiest girl in the world.”

“Thank you for saying that Luke.”

“I speak only the truth.”

“Nuh uh, you say coffee is bad. You lie.”

“Sweetheart you can have all the coffee you want.”


They decide to go home without checking on the kids. They
were old enough to make their own decisions. They were
smart and Loralei was so certain that her daughter would
make the right choices that she suddenly felt carefree.

When they got back to Luke’s apartment they fell into bed
together and had another wonderfully fulfilling night of
passionate sex. Their love flowered again brighter than
the night before. Late into the night they finally fell
asleep in each other’s arms. Loralei’s last waking
thought was, how good it was to be with Luke and what a
stud he’d turned out to be in bed.


Jess woke up with a barley clad Rory in his arms. She
must have shed some of her clothes. He had to admit he
was hot. Or maybe it was the heat of her soft uncovered
body next to his.

He lay there with his arm around her, stared down at her
body, covered only by a pair of boxer shorts that she
must have slept in.

Rory moaned softly and snuggled closer to him, pressing
her firm bare breasts against his chest. God he wanted
her. He kissed her gently on the mouth. She tilted her
head into his kiss and, responding enthusiastically,
kissed him back.

* CHAPTER – 5 *

After the room temperature rose to impossible heights,
Jess finally got a hold of his senses and pulled his lips
away from hers. She was vulnerable, he thought. She
wasn’t ready. Maybe he wasn’t either, he realized.

Sure he’d had sex before. But not with anyone special.
Both times had been with slutty girls who wanted nothing
more from him than a stiff penis. They hadn’t loved him,
and he hadn’t loved them. Rory was special. Very special.
He just laid there, looking down into her big beautiful

“I…” Rory started out, not quite ready to tell him that
she loved him. She thought he loved her.

Jess rose over her, his chest barley touching hers. His
cheeks flushed. His breathing heavy. “Yeah?”

“I…Um….lets go get coffee?”

“Yeah sure. You think Mister and Missus Danes will let us

“My mother would never deprive me of coffee.”

“Oh okay.”

They got up and got dressed. Rory dressed a little more
daring than normal. And for the first time she didn’t
mind that Jess was watching her do it. And she liked
watching Jess pull on his pants. Then she saw her Chilton
Prep school uniform. “Jess? What day is it?”

“It must be Monday.”

“Oh my god, we’re late for school.”

“Did you have anything important today?”

“Oh god I have a huge test in world history!”

“What time do you have that class?”

“It’s my last class, why?”

“I’ll drive you.”

“You don’t have a car.”

“Oh right. Do you have anyone from Chilton who could come
pick you up? It’s almost lunch time.”

“I’ll call.”

Rory called five different people. None of them could
pick her up. Finally she called her last option. Tristan.
He would be in geometry right now. She didn’t know if
he’d answer his cell phone.


She heard a Teacher in the background, “I hope that’s an
important call Mr. DuGray.”

“All my calls are important,” getting back to Rory….
“Who is this?”

“It Rory.”

“Oh. What do you want?”

Do you think you could come pick me up. I over slept and
nobody could give me a ride. And we have that big test
today. I know it’s a lot to ask,” she could here

“Mr. DuGray, what are you doing?”



“Got better places to be.”

She could here a door open and shut. “Tristan, I didn’t
mean for you to leave in the middle of class. You’re
going to get in trouble.”

At the name Tristan Jess’ ear perked up and he listened.
He could even here Tristan’s end of the conversation.

“It’s okay Rory. Not like I haven’t been in trouble
before. Now give me your address.”

She gave him directions to Luke’s, telling him that
that’s were she’d be.

“Kay, be there in 20 minutes.”

“Tristan, it takes 40 minutes if you break every law
known to man.”

“I’ll brake them all and then some.”

“Thank you.”

“Rory I would do anything for you,” he hung up not giving
her time to respond.

“He’s just a friend?” Jess asked. Fearing the answer.

“He’s not even a friend. Lets go, I need that coffee,”
she mumbled as she took off the blouse she had put one
earlier and started to put on her school uniform. Jess
thought she looked gorgeous.

Rory grabbed her bag, looked at him and headed down the
stairs and out the door. He dressed in a hurry and ran to
catch up with her. She had tears in her eyes.

“Rory why are you crying?”

“I’m not.”

“Fine. Whatever,” he suddenly pissed. Why couldn’t she
just open up to him?

She liked Tristan. It seemed a lot. Maybe more than she
liked him. Maybe she even loved him. She walked on
quietly, and Jess began to wonder what he’d done to lose
her friendship, or whatever they’d had. They arrived at

When they walked in they found Ms. Patty yelling at Luke
and Lorelei. “You two should be ashamed of yourselves.
Letting Rory and that little hoodlum spend the night
together. Alone!”

Rory was getting red in the face as Ms. Patty started to
say more bad things about Jess. Rory grabbed Jess’ hand
and pulled him outside. He was hurt. She could tell. She
wanted to make him feel better.

“You have school. That guy will be here to pick you up in
a minute,” Jess spat.

Rory pulled him to her and kissed him, reaching up and
pulling him to her. She knew that he was upset about
Tristan, and she didn’t know what to do about it.
Suddenly she knew that she wanted to be with Tristan.

*What was that about she thought to herself. Why did I
think that? Then a picture of Tristan flashed in her
head, and she started to have doubts about her feeling
for Jess.

Rory pulled away from Jess just as Tristan pulled up in
his silver corvette convertible. He stepped out of the
car and her heart fluttered. She’d missed him. She
couldn’t talk to him at school. She barley saw him even.

“Hi Mary. What’s up?”

“Tristan, you know my name is Rory.”

“Oh, okay, Rory.”

“Bye babe,” Jess said as he walked up and gave her
another kiss, his tongue slightly sliding into her mouth.

“Bye,” Rory responded a little embarrassed.

She walked over to the car ware Tristan was waiting with
the door open, and got in. When the radio came on she
heard a *song* that she liked. Tristan started to sing
the song along with the radio.

Would you dance if asked you to dance,
Would you run and never look back,
Would you cry if you saw me,
crying would you save my soul tonight,
Would you tremble if I touched your lips,
Would you laugh oh please tell me this,
Now would you die for the one you love,
Hold me in your arms tonight.

He turned to look at her momentarily and she could tell
he was singing the song to her. She didn’t want him too.

I can be your hero baby,
I can kiss away the pain,
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away,
Would you swear that you’ll,
always be mine.
Would you lie would you remember,
My angel be have I lost my mind,
I don’t care you’re here tonight,
I can be your hero baby.
I can kiss away the pain,
I will stand by you forever,
You can take my breath away,
Ohhh, I just wanna hold you,
I just wanna hold you, oh yeah.
My angel be have I lost my mind,
I don’t care you’re here tonight.

She didn’t want him to love her. She was still in love
with Dean, sort of. And she loved Jess. But she wanted
Tristan. Maybe she loved him too.

I can be your hero baby,
I can kiss away the pain,
(Oh yeah)
I will stand by you forever,
You can take my breath away,
I can be your hero.
I can kiss away the pain,
And I will stand by you forever,
You can take my breath away,
You can take my breath away,
I can be your hero…

She didn’t know why she was having these feelings now.
She had enough problems.

Tristan looked sideways at Rory, her face creased in
concentration. *What is she thinking about. He wondered.
Her lips curled into a smile. Then she frowned. He was
singing the song to her. He knew it. She knew it. Neither
knew how to deal with it.*

song: Hero By Enrique

* CHAPTER – 6 *

“You know Mary, if we don’t make it to school, you can
make up the test. If you’re just late you can’t. Unless
you have a good excuse. And I doubt you have a good

“And how would you know what my excuse is?”

“Oh come on. You and that guy, you were obviously having
some fun last night, and you woke up late.”

“It’s amazing, truly amazing how you can go from singing
a sappy love song to being such an ass Tristan!”

“Oooh, sorry Mary didn’t mean to talk about your sex
life. A touchy subject I guess.”

“You know what, I’m going to pretend the last five
minutes never happened. And I am only doing it cause
Harvard does not except murders!”

“What about sex addicts?” he looked at her and it seemed
she was about to cry. “Rory, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean
that. And it’s none of my business if you and that kid
are um, having ah, relationship.”

“Your right it’s not. And we, um aren’t. You know, having
a relationship, yet. We are however together.”

“Oh, okay. Hey do you still want to go to school?”

“I’ve never missed school, I was late once when a deer
hit me…”

“Wait you hit a deer?”

“No, It hit me.”

“A deer hit you?” He sounded very skeptical.

“Yeah, and it’s true so stop looking at me like that.”

“Um, ok, so school or no school?”

She thought about it, *she wanted to get away from her
problems. Away from everything. Except maybe Jess. He
seamed so right to her. He was the one thing in her brain
that seemed straight. She decided she needed a break. A
short break from everyone. She could think about the Jess

“Tris? Lets go.”


“Doesn’t matter.”

He turned and looked at her. She was serious. She was
running from something. Something that might not be bad.
She looked happy as if she’d just won a gold medal or
something. *Okay, if she wants a vacation, she’s got

“Your wish is my command. You gonna tell anyone? Phones
right there if you are.”

*I should probably call mom and Luke. And Jess.* She
decided to call her mom.

“Coffee shack, this is me, who are you?” Her mom answered
Luke’s phone. Before she could respond she heard Luke
yelling in the background, “God damnit Taylor I said
No!!! What part on NO do you not understand?”


“Hi Rory!”

“Yeah mom, I’m going on a trip.”

“What? To where? With who? When? How long will you be
gone? Can I talk to Jess please?

“A trip. To somewhere, with Tristan. Now, I don’t know
and Jess is not here. You want talk to Tristan?

“Oh wow, LUKE! She’s crazy — talk to her please!”

“Ok, who is this?”


“Oh okay, hi. Why aren’t you in school? Did Jess do
something? I’m gonna kill him.”

“No, don’t. He’s fine.”

“Oh, why is your mom going crazy then?”

“Oh, that’s easy. I’m going on a trip with Tristan.”


“I’m going on a trip with Tristan. See you later, love
you both, bye.”

She pushed the off button, breathing hard and a little
nervous. “I still gotta call Jess.”

“Kay, Jess, stupid name if you ask me.”

Rory dialed her house, hoping Jess had gone back there.
“The Gilmore Girls house, neither the extremely hot Rory,
or her mom are here right now…”


“Oops, hi Rory, what’s up?”

“I’m leaving for a bit. See you soon. Love you, bye.” *Oh
my god, did I just say I love you to him?*

Thristan’s ears perked up, *Did she just say I love you
to me? Or did she just say I love you to that creep?*



“Do you?”


“Love him?”

“I, um, well, I…”

* CHAPTER – 7 *

“I um don’t really know.”




“I’m sorry.”

“About what?”

“Not knowing.”

“So where do you wanna go?”

“You’re changing the subject.”

“Am not. So? Where to?”



“He headed toward the airport. Maybe she’d like to see
France. Spain? England? They drove in silence. He turned
on the radio again.

I’m so scared that the way that I feel,
Is written all over my face,
When you walk into the room I wanna find a hiding place,
We used to laugh, we used to hug,
The way that old friends do,
But now a smile and a touch of your hand,
Just make me come unglued.
It’s such a contradiction,
do I lie or tell the truth,
is it fact or fiction the way I feel for you.

*Wow, that could be me and Tris.* Rory thought nervously.

It’s so complicated, I’m so frustrated,
I wanna hold you close, I wanna push you away,
I wanna make you go, I wanna make you stay,
Should I say it, should I tell you how I feel,
Oh, I want you to know,
But then again I don’t,
It’s so complicated.

*God, what am I supposed to do? Do I love him? Do I love
Jess? I think I love them both?*

It’s so complicated, I’m so frustrated,
I wanna hold you close, I wanna push you away,
I wanna make you go,
I wanna make you stay,
Should I say it,
should I tell you how I feel,
Oh, I want you to know,
But then again I don’t,
It’s so complicated.

I hate it ’cause I’ve waited so long,
for someone like you,
Should I say it,
Should I tell you how I feel,
Oh I want you to know,
But then again I don’t,
It’s so complicated.

“Were here!”

“This is the mall.”


“Why the mall?”

“Cuz it’s next to the airport, and we need stuff.”

“Why the airport?”

“Cause you can’t drive to Spain?”

“Oh, were going to Spain?”

“After buying some essential items, yes.”

“Ok, wait. I don’t have any money.”

“I do.”

“You can’t pay for me to go to Spain.”

“Hmmm, well you could always pay me back,” he wiggled his

“Well, um how bout, I don’t call you Triscuit ever

“You never call me Triscuit.’

“I could start.”

“Okay, works for me.”

“So what are the essentials we must have?”

“Some clothes, sun glasses, something to keep us busy on
the plane.”

“Okay. So um, we bring CD’s and a laptop?”

“Yup, dump everything else out.”


They sorted through their backpacks, Rory leaving 1 book,
her CD player and CD’s. Tristan leaving his CD’s, a car
magazine, CD player, and Game Boy advance. They walked to
Abercrombie and Fitch. He walked into the men’s
department, handing Rory a credit card.

“Buy anything you want. Make sure it all fits in your
backpack though.”

“I love a challenge,” Rory said brightly.

She grabbed a pair of shorts, a pair of jeans, a long
sleeved shirt, a tube top, a cute blue bikini and some
underwear. She paid for the items and went to meet
Tristan. He had bought pretty much the same stuff. Cargo
shorts and khaki pants. 2 white wife beaters and 2 over
shirts and a pair of swim trunks. And some boxers. He had
paid for his stuff and was ready to go.

“Lets go to a store that sells accessories. You know hats
and makeup, uh the make would be for you, not that you
need it.”

She ignored his babbling, “Okay let’s go.”

When they got to the store Rory and Tristan both bought
sunglasses, hats and sandals. Rory got some lotion, lip-
gloss and some face powder. She also grabbed some hand
sanitizer. Tristan had disappeared. He was gone for
almost a half hour. When he got back he said he was
sorry, that he had to make a call. With one last odd
glance from Rory they paid and headed to the airport.

“Tristan, I don’t have a passport.”

“That’s what you think.”

He handed her a passport. It had her picture, her height
weight, everything.”

“Where did you get that?”

“A friend. Made them up. Oh and here’s a license.”

“I’ve got one.”

“This one matches the passport. Says your 18, which is
the legal drinking age in Spain.”

“Your good.”


* CHAPTER – 8 *

Tristan drove them into the airport-parking garage where
he had to pay an outrageous sum of money to leave the car
since they didn’t know when they’d be back.

They were both quite. Thinking of the adventure they had
ahead of them. They didn’t know when the next flight
left, and they didn’t care. They would wait all night if
they had to. After all, all night was only about 16 more
hours, since it was almost 4PM now.

As they walked into the airport Rory put her hand in
Tristan’s. A small gesture, which meant the world to him,
*Wow, she took my hand. That’s gotta be a good sign. Or
maybe she just didn’t want to get separated. Either way
she’s holding my hand. Just holding my hand. What’s so
monumental about that?* He thought to himself. *It’s
Rory, that’s what!*

Rory looked over at Tristan and the walked to the ticket
counters, *He’s really taking me to Spain. I’ve never
been outside Connecticut. We’re going to be in so much
trouble. What’s Jess going to think? His hand is so soft.
He’s not at all what I expected. I wonder what’s going to
happen in Spain? Maybe we’ll share a room. *RORY* you
don’t want to share a room with him. Do you? *Oh my god.
I’m talking to myself, in my head. I’m as crazy as my

They were both pulled back to the present when they got
to the ticket counter.

“Two first class tickets for Spain on the next flight
out. Concord please. I also need to make arrangements for
a hotel when we get there. You do that right?”

“Yes Sir of course. The next flight leaves in 2 hours.
That doesn’t give you much time. Is that all right?”


“Ok the tickets will be $1500 each. Will that be cash or

He looked over at Rory as he handed over his visa. Her
mouth was gaping. She looked as though she was going to
protest. He waved his hand and her mouth closed.

“Ok sir. Am I correct in saying you will want to stay in


“Very good. What kind of hotel are you looking for?”

“The best.”

“Sir, the best costs close to $3000 a night for 1 room.”

“Yeah, and will take two.”

“Um Tristan?”

“Yeah Rory?”

“We can get one room if you want,” she couldn’t believe
she said it. She hadn’t wanted to share a room with Jess,
but she wanted to with Tristan.

“Um okay.” He looked at the lady, who asked. “One room?”

“Yeah. Looks that way.”

“How old are you two?”

“Both 18.”

“Ok. I need to see your passports and licenses.”

By the time all the arrangements were made, including a
limo to pick them at the airport in Madrid, they had only
45 minutes left. They had just enough time to get through
security’s first class was boarding. They got to their
seats on the plush plane and a stewardess asked if they
wanted anything.

Rory of course ordered coffee. While Tristan ordered a
rum and coke. The stewardess didn’t ask to see his ID.
She complied with their wishes, bringing Tristan his
drink and Rory hers.

“You think you should drink that?”

“Rory, it’s like 90% coke and 10% rum. No biggie.”

“Oh, okay.”

“You want anything stronger?”

“Ooh, how about a margarita. I’ve never had a real one

“Okay. Miss?”

“Yes sir?”

“Can my girlfriend have a lime margarita please?”

“Sure coming right up. Anything else?”

“No that should do it for now, thank you.”


“Here you are miss,” a new flight attendant said, handing
Rory her drink.

Rory noticed her name badge and said, “Thank you Leah.”

“Your most welcome.”

Rory liked to the drink right away. Half way threw the
drink she stopped and looked at Tristan who was smiling
at her. His drink might have hardly any alcohol, but hers
had quite a bit.

“Rory. Stop drinking that. It’s not a Slurpy.”

“It’s good.”

“As much as I would love to see you drunk, an airplane is
not the place to do it.”


He drifted off to sleep as he watched her read the book
she had brought along. He woke up when he heard a
shatter. The first thing he saw was a frightened Rory and
3 margarita glasses. Empty margarita glasses.

“Oh my god. Rory!”

“Hiya. How are you?”

Her words were slightly slurred. She looked very happy,
and very drunk.

“Ror, did you drink 3 of those?” He was worried about

“Nope. I also drank the one whose glass I just dropped.
Oops. Poor glass. We should give it a nice funeral. It
didn’t deserve to die.”

She looked so serious. He couldn’t help but laugh.

“Rory. Go too sleep,” she did. He motioned for the flight

“Sir is she all right. She was tipsy after the first. I
made sure the rest didn’t have any alcohol in them.”

He laughed again. He could do 10 shots of tequila and
feel fine. She was barley coherent after one.

“Thank you.”

“No problem. I over heard you tell her not to drink the
rest of the first one so…”

“Well thanks, I appreciate that.”

They both slept until about two hours before the plane
was scheduled to land in Madrid.

“Tristan? My head hurts.”

“Huh?” he woke up completely. He was worried. She didn’t
handle alcohol all that well.

“My head hurts.”

“No wonder. You drank too much. ”

“Ugh. Do you have any aspirin?”

“Yeah, here you go. Take these.”


“You’re welcome.”

By the time they had an hour until plane landed, the
pills had done their magic and Rory was back to normal.
Almost. She still had an over whelming urge to kiss
Tristan. He saw her eying him.

“You wanna become part of the mile high club with the
hottest guy on the plane?”

“Yeah sure. Where is he?”

“Ha, ha, ha. Very funny.”

“I thought so.”

After about 20 minutes the light came on telling them to
buckle up. The plane was landing. They were in SPAIN!!

* CHAPTER – 9 *

It took a while to get threw customs but there fake IDs
were very real, and passed inspection. They didn’t have
to go threw baggage claim, as all they had were their
backpacks. They went over to the pick up area. They saw a
man holding a sign, which said, “MR. AND MRS. DUGREY”.
Tristan just laughed but Rory looked very surprised for a
moment, and then started to laugh also. The man looked
sternly at the two laughing teenagers.

“I’m Mr. DuGrey, this is not my wife but my um…”

“I’m his friend Rory Gilmore,” Rory cut in.

“Ah Well, Very good. If you both fallow me, we’ll go to
the limo now, if there’s nothing else you need,” he said
while eying their backpacks.

“This is all we have. We figured we’d shop while were

“Yes of course.”

The limo was right outside the door in a high priority
parking space. As they were getting in the car Tristan’s
cell phone rang. He answered it. Even though he thought
it might be his parents.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing? You can’t just
take somebody’s daughter on a trip with you without
telling her parents! You just don’t!”

“Ms. Gilmore?”

Rory’s ears perked up at the name and she started to

“Yes! Of course it’s me and when I get my hands on you
I’m going to wring you little ne…. Luke, give me back
the damn phone.”

“This Tristan?”

“Uumm yes?”

“Is Rory okay?”

“Of course.”

“In that case, what the hell do you think you were doing?
Where are you? I’m coming to pick her up right away.”

“Were not exactly in the same country as you right now.”

“I hope to god you said county and not country.”

“I said country.”

“You took her out of the country? How? She doesn’t even
have a passport!”

“Well I had someone make up some fake ones really quick.”

“You what!?”

“Tristan, give me the phone,” Rory reached for it.

“Okay, only because they sound scary.”


“Rory are you okay? Where are you? Are you in Mexico?”

“Yes, somewhere and no.”

“Your mom wants to talk to you.”

“RORY! Do you know how much trouble you’re in. Going away
and with that evil one! Dean and Jess are worried sick
about you. So am I.”

“I’m sorry. I just needed to get away. Tristan has a big
imagination. When I said away I meant the mall or
something. He thought I meant Timbuktu.”

“Your in Timbuktu?”

“No I’m not actually in Timbuktu.” Tristan started to
laugh at that statement.

“Dean wants to talk to you.”


“Hey Rory. What in god’s name made you go off with that

“I donno. Let me talk to Jess please,” Tristan stopped

“Rory? Are you okay? Where are you?” He sounded generally
concerned unlike Dean who sounded jealous and pissed.

“I’m fine. In a limo.”

“Oh, ok. I didn’t need details that specific about your
location. Be less specific.”

“Not in Stars Hallow.”

“Okay fine, if you don’t want me to know, that’s okay. I
thought we had something?”

“We do. I just don’t know what. Tell Dean its over. I
gotta go. I’ll call you later. Bye.”

“I love you Rory.”

“I know.” She felt horrible not saying it back, because
she did love him. She just wasn’t sure if it was a
boyfriend or a brotherly love she felt for him. He was
silent and she pushed the off button.”

“So, you just broke up with Dean through Jess, who you
love, while you’re on your way to hotel with me?”

“Yup, I guess so.”

“Wow. OK. Look at that we’re at the hotel.”

“Oooh it’s so big.”

“I guess.”

* CHAPTER – 10 *

The hotel was very elegant. The lobby had white and black
leather couches and chairs. Everything was glass, marble,
silver and leather. Designed to look sleek and elegant at
the same time. They walked up to the front desk. The
woman who stood behind it was dressed in an elegant

“Si, Senoir?”

“We have reservations. DuGrey, penthouse.”

The receptionist eyed him doubtfully.

“Here you are. I’ll need to see your identification.”

Tristan gave her his fake license.

“Ok, Sir. Here are your keys. The bellhop will help you
with your things. There will be a map of the hotel in
your suite. Do you have any questions?”

“Nope, I think that about covers it. Thanks.”

The elegant lady cringed at the words ‘nope’ and

The bellhop came over taking Rory and Tristan’s
backpacks. “Do you have anymore luggage Senoir?”

“No, that’s all of it.”

“You obviously don’t plan on going out much,” the bellhop
smiled at the young couple.

“Not if I have anything to say about.”

Rory slapped his arm playfully, but hard. “I don’t plan
for us to come out at all,” she laughed at the look of
utter shock on the man’s face.

“We’ll here we are, the penthouse. Anything else I can

“No. Thank you very much,” Tristan said as he handed him
a 20-dollar bill.

“Thank you senoir.”

“No problem.”

Rory walked in and sat down on the bed and cried out in
shock as it moved.

“It’s a water bed Rory.”

“I realize that.”

“So what do you want to do?”

“I donno, it’s pretty late. And it’s raining.”

“Do you just want to order some room service and go to

“That would be great.”

“What do you like?”

“Surprise me. I’m going to go take a quick shower.”

“Ok. How do you like your steak?”

“Well done.”


“And Tristan.”


“Coffee, please?”

“Sure thing.”

“Thanks.” Rory walked into the bathroom and gasped. It
was huge! There was a tub as big as Rory’s whole bathroom
at home. She opted for the shower though, which was next
to the tub. She really wanted to take a bath but decided
against it, she didn’t want to take that much time.
*Maybe Tris and I can try it out later.* She thought. *Oh
my god. Where did that thought come from? I don’t even
like him like that.* She stepped into the shower. And an
image of Tristan all soapy and wet came to her mind.

Meanwhile Tristan was ordering dinner. “This is the pent
house. I need two filet minion steaks one medium rare and
one well done. Two baked potatoes, with the works. And
the best bottle of wine you have. Yes thank you.”

He figured he had better call the maid back home and tell
her where he was. He started to get dressed. He was
shirtless and pulling his pants on and talking on the
phone when Rory opened the bathroom door. In only a

He fell over onto the bed. Rory shrieked and ran to help
him up. Forgetting about the towel and offering him her
hands. The towel dropped, down to her hips before she
grabbed it.

“Oops,” she said as she started to cover herself up. “I
forgot my bag.”


“Are you okay Tristan?”

“I think I hit my head.”

“Why? You’re not by anything to hit your head.”

“Cuz I’m hallucinating.”

“Oh. Yeah sorry about the little show.”

“Not much of a show, didn’t eve get to stuff $20’s in
your G-string. Course you probably aren’t wearing one.”

“Nope. Hey I need to call my mom. Can I use your phone?”

“Yeah sure, its on the…uh…um…”


“Yes… the bed…”


She picked up the phone and called the inn.

“Hello?” Michele answered.

“Hi. Can I talk to my mom?”


“Why not.”

“She is not here.”

“Can you tell her I’ll try to reach her later?”

“Do I look like a messenger?”

“I don’t know. Do you?”

“Ugh. Try Luke’s, you insufferable little child.”

“Thank you.”

“Ugh. Good bye.”

She hung up and dialed Luke’s.


“Hi. Jess.”

“Ror? Hi.”



“Um, can I talk to my mom?”

“Yeah sure. Call your house.”

“Oh. She moved back in?”

“They both did. Sense there are two of them they get the
bigger house.’


“Um Rory, do you…. um…. you know?”

“No idea what your talking about.”

“Never mind. I gotta go.”

“Kay. And Jess?” she looked to see if Tristan was
listening. He had disappeared.”


“I don’t know how I love you. But I do.”

“Yeah okay.”

Tristan walked out. Rory didn’t see him.

“I do love you.”

“I love you too Rory. And I’ll take your love in anyway I
can get it.”



She looked over to see Tristan turn around and walk out
the door.


“Why? You’ve made your choice. You want him. That’s fine,
I understand. I’m leaving.”

He threw down a credit card.

“Here. That should get you home,” with that he walked out
the door. She might fallow but first she had to get

She threw on the first thing she saw. His boxers and his
T-shirt, and her sandals. She flew out the door in time
to see the elevator close. She ran down the stairs as
fast as she could. At first she thought she was too late.
She saw the limo driving away. She also saw a cab. She
jumped in and said, “Fallow that car!”

“Ok miss.”

“Don’t loose it.”

“Who is?”

“A friend.”

The driver was driving like a maniac. Weaving in and out
of traffic trying to keep up with the limo. It was headed
to the airport.

“Only a friend?”

“Maybe more. If he ever talks to me again.”

They stopped in front of the airport unloading area.
Tristan was already going inside. Rory reached for the
$20 she had in her pocket.

“Don’t worry about it. Go get your man,” the cabby said
with a big smile.

She started to run. “Thanks,” she shouted over the sound
of the rain.

By the time she made it into the terminal she was soaked.
She saw Tristan in the middle of terminal, sitting, head
in his hands.


He looked up, surprised to see her there. Soaking wet,
and in his underwear.

“Rory? What are you doing?

“I can’t let you leave like this. We need to talk.

“Talk. I have nothing to say.”

“Come back with me. Please?”

“Fine.” The word came out of his mouth dry. *She didn’t
love him. She just didn’t want to be stuck here without
him.* He thought.


“I suppose you want to go back to the hotel?”



They took a cab through the streets back to the grand
hotel. The driver turned on the radio to a popular
station and began to sing along in English. It was an old
Madonna song made way to an O-town song.

I know when he’s been on your mind,
That distant look is in your eyes,
I thought with time you’d realize,
It’s over, over.
It’s not the way I choose to live,
And something somewhere’s got to give,
As sharing this relationship gets older, older,
You know I’d fight for you.
But how I can fight someone who isn’t even there,
I’ve had the rest of you now I want the best of you.
I don’t care if that’s not fair,
Cause I want it all,
Or nothing at all,
There’s nowhere left to fall,
When you reach the bottom it’s now or never,
Is it all!
Or are we just friends,
Is this how it ends,
With a simple telephone call,
You leave me here with nothing at all.
There are times it seems to me,
I’m sharing you with memories,
I feel it in my heart,
But I don’t show it, show it,
And then there’s times you look at me,
As though I’m all that you can see.
Those times I don’t believe it’s right,
I know it, know it,
Don’t make me promises,
Baby you never did know how to keep them well.
I’ve had the rest of you,
Now I want the best of you,
It’s time for show and tell,
Cause I want it all,
Or nothing at all.
There’s nowhere left to fall
When you reach the bottom it’s now or never
Is it all
Or are we just friends
Is this how it ends
With a simple telephone call
You leave me here with nothing at all
Cause you and I
Could lose it all if you’ve got no more room
No room inside for me in your life
Cause I want it all
Or nothing at all
There’s nowhere left to fall
It’s now or never
Cause I want it all
Or nothing at all
There’s nowhere left to fall
When you reach the bottom it’s now or never
Is it all
Or are we just friends
Is this how it ends
With a simple telephone call
You leave me here with nothing at all
Cause I want it all
Or nothing at all
There’s nowhere left to fall
When you reach the bottom it’s now or never
Is it all
Or are we just friends
Is this how it ends
With a simple telephone call
You leave me here with nothing at all.

Neither of them said anything until they got to the hotel
room. But Tristan started to talk as soon as they got
into the room.

“Did you listen to that song Rory? That’s how I feel
about you. You’re here but your not really. You love
Jess. I don’t want to be friends with you. I want to be
more. I can’t keep playing this game with you Rory. I
want you. All of you. I don’t care if that’s wrong. Maybe
you can give me that. Maybe it’s too much to ask. But I
don’t care. I’m asking Rory. I have been asking. You
don’t answer. You throw me through more loops then a
roller coaster. You say I love you to Jess, and then
chase me down. What do you want? To be friends? That’s
not going to happen. I love you Rory.”

“I love you too Tristan.”


“Of course I do. I love Jess… like a brother. Maybe it
took me a while to see it. And I’m sorry. I love you
Tristan. More than anything.

He kissed her.


As they lay in bed later, Rory sighed contentedly. She
had been ready for Tristan after all. She snuggled up
next to his firm warm body and sighed again. It was
wonderful, sex with him had been wonderful, in fact it
had been better than anything she could have imagined.

Rory looked up at Tristan’s sleeping face and remembered
who only a short while ago he had been like a Greek god,
making passionate soft love to her. She could envision
his body atop hers and the feelings it cause her when he
found her love for the first, the thrust and the feeling
of completeness.

Rory blinked back a tear of pure joy and sighed once
more. She ran her soft hand down Tristan’s smooth muscled
chest, down his flat stomach and further down until his
eyes opened and he smiled at her. “I love you too,” he
said as he rose up and pushed Rory back into the down-
filled mattress. Ready for more.