Nana Visitor invites her two friends, Sandra Bullock and Maura Tierney to join her at a haunted house

Has anybody out there ever wonder what type of mysteries
are still out there and could those mysteries possibly
be solved with the right amount of scientific knowledge?

Well, if you were to ask me that exact same question,
all I could do to answer it is tell you the story that
I’m writing right now, which had began on the Fourth day
of January and somewhere within the state of California.

You see, while she was researching for a possible
upcoming role, an actress named Nana Visitor — who was
once one of the stars on the hit TV series STAR
TREK:DEEP SPACE NINE — had suddenly noticed something
inside an unexplained mysteries magazine that had
suddenly caught her interest.

That something was the Worthington estate, which
happened to be a large house that some of its former
owners had said that it was possibly possessed by some
unearthly force that has caused each and every one of
them to run for their lives and never look back.

“Hmmmm. Now this is a mystery that really needs to be
solved,” said Nana, after she had gotten off of her
living room sofa and walked over to her phone. “However,
one thing’s for sure. I wouldn’t be able to do it

And with that, she had picked up the phone and called
her former co-star on the WORKING GIRL TV series, Sandra
Bullock, who had heard each and every word of Nana’s
suggestion and said, “Well, I’m really not so sure about
that, Nan. You see, I’m about to star in an upcoming
movie with Maura and…”

But just as Sandra was about to say another word, Nana
had raised her hand and said, “Hey, Sandra. It’s no
problem. Go ahead and bring Maura along. The more, the

And so, after she had realized that there was no way of
talking Nana out of her latest crazy scheme, Sandra had
called her old FORCES OF NATURE co-star, Maura Tierney
and invited her to go meet Nana at the Worthington

Just then, at 3:35 PM on January the 4th, a taxi cab had
pulled itself into the driveway of a large mansion that
had looked more like it should’ve been in one of the
many horror flicks which had starred Boris Karloff and
Bela Lugosi.

After they’ve gotten themselves and their bags out of
the cab and Maura had tipped the cab driver, Sandra had
looked around the grounds and called, “Nan, it’s Sandra!
I’m here and I’ve brought along Maura!”

Then, after the front door has opened, a smiling Nana
Visitor had stepped out of the house, walked over to her
two fellow actors, gave them a big hug and said,
“Oooohhhh. Welcome, my friends. Welcome to what should
be considered to be the experience of a lifetime.”

“Ah, I mean no offense, Nan. But so far, seeing a large
and creepy-looking mansion during the daytime really
doesn’t do it for me. “, said a confused Maura, after
she had turned her head towards Nana, who had just said,
“Actually, Maura. It’s what’s inside that’s the real
attention-grabber. Shall we go inside?”

And with that, the three actresses had walked into the
house and into the palor, where both Sandra and Maura
were shocked to discover a portrait of a woman who had
looked like Sandra sitting next to a handsome young

“I see that you’ve noticed the portrait,” Nana said,
while she was tending to the fire that was burning in
the fireplace underneath the portrait. “Her name was
Constance Worthington and both she and her husband,
Richard Worthington have been married ever since his
family had came to America and struck it rich in both
oil and gold.”

“Well, so what?” asked Maura, after she had allowed a
small smile to appear on her lips. “If I’m not mistaken,
everyone had gone through the Gold Rush back in those

“Actually, Maura. That was only the half of it,” said
Nana, after she had placed the fireplace poker right
back where she had gotten it from. “You see, what the
rest of the world really doesn’t know is that both
Richard and Constance were also into a sexual game known
as BDSM.”

“Whoa! Wait a minute, Nan,” said a wide-eyed Sandra,
after she had raised her hand in front of her good
friend. “Are you really trying to tell us that those two
were also into some very heavy bondage?”

“You’ve got that right, Sandra,” answered Nana, after
she had taken a deep breath. “And believe me, you really
don’t want to know how heavy.”

Just then, after they were finally able to take
themselves and their luggage upstairs and into their
rooms and gotten themselves settled in, Sandra had
decided to get herself ready to take a shower, only to
have some unseen force watch her remove all of her
clothes and exposing her nude body.

But then, just as she was about to put her bathrobe on,
Sandra had suddenly heard a voice from out of nowhere
saying, “Con. . . stance. “, causing her to turn quickly
around to see who was inside the room with her.

Then, after she had noticed that there was actually no
one else in the room with her, Sandra had figured that
it was only her imagination, let out a sigh of relief
and turned towards the bed where she had placed her
bathrobe, only to be shocked at the sight of a handsome
young nude male standing in front of her.

And then, just as she was about to scream, the male
stranger had placed the tips of his fingers on Sandra’s
lips and said, “Sssshhhh. There’s no need for you to be
afraid. You may be known as Sandra Bullock in this era
of time. But back in the days of the Old West, you were
also known as Constance Worthington, my beloved wife.
Constance, it’s me. It’s Richard. Please try to remember
— and surrender yourself once again to the pure erotic

And even though she had known that she was really Sandra
Bullock, something inside of her has caused Sandra to
allow Richard to kiss her passionately on the lips, just
before he had started licking all over her nude body–
all the way down to her suddenly hot, wet pussy and
carressing her suddenly firm breasts.

“Aaaahhhh! No, Richard!You don’t understand! Please,
don’t do that! Stop! Oooohhhh, please don’t stop! That’s
it! Do it, Richard!” Sandra moaned, after she had placed
her gentle hands on Richard’s bare shoulders. “Touch me!
Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!”

Meanwhile, inside one of the other bedrooms, Maura had
changed into her nightgown and looked on the bookcase
for something to read before going to sleep, only to
discover a book entitled THE DEVIL’S EROTICA on one of
the shelves of the bookcase.

After she had taken that particular book off of the
shelf, a curious Maura had climbed into bed, opened the
book and started reading these words, “They all say that
he was evil and should never be trusted with the affairs
of all human beings, for he shall bring death to those
who allow themselves to be sedduced by his evil. And
yet, I’ve suddenly discovered that it was all nothing,
but lies, for one day, he had suddenly appeared to me
and I was able to see his true form.”

And after she had suddenly felt some sort of feverish
warmth within her entire body and she had placed her
gentle hand on one of her breasts, Maura had looked at
the book and read these words, “He had allowed me to
approach him and let me know that there was nothing to
fear, just before he had allowed all of my clothing to
disolve itself off of my body and expose my bare skin to
his warm carressing touch. And after he had opened his
robe, he had lowered me down to his long staff and
allowed me to suck long and deep on it.”

But then, while those very words were causing a
mesmerized Maura to start ripping all of her clothing
off of her body, Nana was still inside the palor gazing
at the portrait and saying, “I wish the both of you are
still alive today, so that you could tell me all about
the wonderous experiences that you’ve had together.”

However, after she had turned around and just as she was
about to walk towards the palor door, a strange and
mysterious force has shoved a suddenly-shocked Nana
against a wall and ripped off all of her clothes,
causing her to yell, “HEY, WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS

Meanwhile, back in Sandra’s room, Richard had placed his
stiff cock inside her asshole and used each of his hands
to carress both her breasts and pussy, causing Sandra to
place her gentle hands on his bare arms and yell,

Just then, inside Maura’s room, after she had ran her
gentle hand all over her nude body and all the way down
to her suddenly hot, moist snatch, she had once again
looked at the book and read these words, “AND THEN,

Meanwhile, back downstairs in the palor, after the
mysterious invisible force has tied her hands to the
coffee table and each of her bare legs to a leg of a
chair, a helpless Nana had suddenly felt a pair of hot,
burning hands being placed on her exposed flesh, causing
her to scream as loud as her human lungs would allow her

teary-eyed Nana, while the very same invisible being had
started slaming his stiff cock in and out of her exposed

And then, back inside Sandra’s room, after they’ve
started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking
has reached its final haunted house, the two newfound
lovers had cum and collapsed due to exhaustion.

After they were both finally able to catch their breath,
Sandra had placed her head on Richard’s chest, took a
deep breath and said, “Please, Richard. Take me with
you. I don’t wish to be Sandra Bullock anymore. Take me
with you and allow me to become Constance Worthington
again. ”

“Your wish is my command, my darling Constance. Your
wish is my command. “, said Richard, after he had placed
his gentle hands on Sandra’s bare back and a wave of
bright light had suddenly appeared and engulfed the
entire room.

And then, after a few minutes, the wave of bright light
had finally disappeared and both Sandra and Richard were
no longer in the room, for he had finally taken his
beloved Constance back with him.

As for both Maura and Nana, after she had woken up from
her little nap and discovered that she had somehow
ripped off all of her clothes during the night, a
concerned Maura had gotten out of her bed, put on her
bathrobe and ran over to Sandra’s room, only to have her
open the door and discover that Sandra was nowhere
inside that very room.

That very discovery has caused Maura to run downstairs
with the hope that she would’ve been able to find Sandra
in the palor, but after she had opened the palor door
and noticed a stark naked Nana with her hands and feet
tied to some furniture and burn marks on her body, Maura
had released Nana from her bondage and told her that
Sandra had disappeared.

“OH SHIT! This is all my fault! I’ve thought that we
could be able to solve the mystery of this fucking
place!” said an upset Nana, while Maura was helping her
get back on her feet. “But instead, this fucking shit
happens! I should’ve kept my big, fat fucking mouth shut
about this place!”

But then, after Maura had grabbed a blanket off of a
sofa and covered Nana’s abused body with it, the two
friends had looked at the coffee table and discovered a
note on it, which had said:

“Nana, I’m so sorry about what happened to you. I hope
you’ll be able to forgive and bounce back from this.

“Maura, I hope you really do like the book entitled ‘The
Devil’s Erotica’. It’s yours to keep if you want it. As
for me, I’ve finally found my one true love and I’ve
decided to stay with him.

“May you both continue to live full and healthy lives.
Your very good friend, the one formerly known as Sandra

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