Celeb Trainers: Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattison was still recovering from the breakup. Kristen’s affair caught him by surprise. What resulted was a mixture of grief and anger. And despite his best efforts to reconcile, the feelings were not going away.
When a friend of a friend suggested a certain place that “fixes these relationship problems”, Robert was skeptical. The business card said “Stockholm Industries” and listed a number. The friend did not give much more detail or explanation. Pattison had to schedule an appointment on the phone . The whole thing was very secretive. “Still”, thought Robert,” it’s worth a look”.
The office on the business card was located on the far outskirts of East Los Angeles. No sign was posted above or in front of the door, just an office number. The inside the office Robert found 4 blank white walls, simple desk and chairs. There was another door on the opposite side of the office. The occupant of the desk was a plain looking man in his mid-40s. His receding hairline, reading glasses and expanding waistline gave an impression of a career office worker.
“Mr. Pattison, come in please”.
Pattison took a seat.
“You may call me Mr. Smith. First things first, Mr. Pattison” said the man, “As you have probably surmised from the Cloak and Dagger routine, the services that we offer are very exclusive. You need not only money, but the right connections, which you obviously do. We are secretive for a reason. The legality of our services is questionable. But we are very good at what we do, and nobody ever gets hurt”.
“Ok…” Robert replied “I still don’t understand how you can help me. What exactly do you do? And what does any of this have to do with me?”
Mr. Smith leaned forward “You are a public figure, Mr. Pattison. Your recent breakup with Ms. Kristen Stewart is public knowledge. Ms. Stewart cheated on you, and you are unwilling to move on. What we do here, Mr. Pattison, is behavior modification. If you choose to employ our services, I can guarantee that not only will infidelity no longer be a concern in your relationship, but Ms. Stewart well be a lot more agreeable and pleasing to you. There will be no more fights or disagreements. Ms. Stewart will obey you in every way possible, especially sexually. She will submit to your every desire and will stay true to you ”.
“How exactly do you plan to achieve this?” Pattison asked.
“We employ a combination of techniques, including bondage, S & M and psychological training. What I can guarantee is 100% success rate and that nobody is going to get hurt. However, we have reached the point of no return. If you agree to use our services, I will give you ALL the details. If you choose not to use our services, this conversation is over. You will never hear from us again. If you contact the police or the media, they will find nothing but a legitimate insurance agency. We are good at what we do and we have never had problems. So, Mr. Pattison, what is your answer”?
Pattison hesitated for only a moment:”Tell me more”.
The news frenzy that came after her affair was revealed caused Kristen Stewart to cancel several media appearances. She did not feel like answering any questions about the affair or the breakup. In fact she did not feel like doing anything for the rest of the week. She made the calls to cancel her appointments and dismissed the staff of her mansion. The only thing she would be doing for the next 7 days is fucking Rupert Sanders, her new favorite boy toy. Robert was fun for a while, but it got old. As far as Kristen was concerned, Robert needed to man up and move on.
After putting on her favorite top, skinny jeans and brushing her long reddish brown hair, Kristen made her way toward her bedroom door. A tall stranger waited for her in the doorway. Kristen was pinned against the bedroom wall. A knife was pressed to her slender neck. “ Cooperate, and this will all go a lot smoother” said the masked intruder. Kristen was frozen in fear. The stranger put away the knife and quickly spun Kristen around, pinning her face first against the wall.
HEEEEEELP!!!!! Kristen finally managed to scream.
The intruder chuckled while tying her wrists behind her “Go ahead and scream, princess, there is nobody here but us”.
With her hands tightly secured, Kristen was shoved face up on top of her bed. The intruder took out more rope and started tying her ankles.
“What do you want from me??? I have money! Take my wallet”. Kristen started pleading
With her ankles secured, the stranger stood over Kristen, smiling.
“I don’t want your money, princess.”
“OH, God” Kristen nearly broke into tears “ please don’t rape me!”
Still wearing a smile on his masked face, the intruder took out a rag and pressed it against Kristen’s nose and mouth, all while pinning her slender bound form to the bed.
The futile but sexy struggles continued for just a few minutes. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her lids closed and her body went limp.
“Well, there goes the fun part” sighed the intruder, ”now, where is the brat’s cell phone?”

When Kristen woke up, her world was dark and cold. The bag was still over her head. She was laying face down on the floor, her bare nipples pressed against the cold concrete. Her legs were free, but her hands were still tied, more painfully than before. When she tried to move her head and roll on her back, pain shot through her spine and arms. She tried to wiggle her fingers and realized they were touching higher up spine than they were supposed to. She started to panic and breathe faster. She then realized something big and round was stuck in her mouth.
Though still groggy from the drugs, she started to hear voices in the room. She thought she recognized one of them.
“…nobody will miss her for days” said the other, unfamiliar voice
“good, looks like she is waking up” said the other.
A pair of strong hands grabbed her by the arms and set her upright, sitting on her knees. The bag was pulled off her head and Kristen was blinded by the bright lights.
“Good afternoon, Ms. Stewart. I know you have a lot of questions, but given your predicament, you are not in the position to ask. If we feel generous, we will answer those questions in time.”
“MMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!” was all Kristen could muster with a ball gag in her mouth.
“First things first” Said the stranger” You are tied up in a reverse prayer position. It is designed to not only be painful but to also limit your movement considerably. So try not to struggle if you want to avoid unnecessary pain.”
“As you may have also noticed, you are wearing a ball gag. It is not designed to keep you quiet, but rather to make you salivate, mostly for humiliation purposes. Feel free to scream all you like. Nobody outside these walls can hear you.”
By now Kristen’s eyes had adjusted to the light. In front of her stood a man in a ski mask and a short whip in his hand. The Stranger’s voice belonged to him. The sight of him, his clothes and the whip sent shivers down her spine.
She saw herself, naked and bound. Ropes were encircling her torso and breasts.
She then saw the other man. He was slowly circling around the room, watching her intently. He had no mask.
“ROBERT???” screamed Kristen in her mind. Her MMFFing through the gag was less articulate.
“Since you are a guest , ” continued the masked stranger,” there are rules you have to follow, break them and risk punishment. Rule 1…
Kristen’s mind drowned out the speaker. She was looking instead at Robert. Her head was spinning. What was he doing here? Why am I tied up? What do they want from me?
She screamed at Robert through her gag, She shot him looks of anger and confusion. Robert’s expression didn’t change. The sound of the whip slicing through the air got her attention. The speaker was standing right in front of her. “ Do you understand the house rules”
A look of helpless confusion was all Kristen could manage
The masked man grabbed the bound girl by the chin and loosened the strap on the ball gag just slightly. It took Kristen a few seconds to spit the gag out.
“Do you understand the rules?” repeated the man
“WHO ARE YOU??? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM ME??? ROBERT WH….” Demanded Kristen hysterically
The masked man shoved the ball gag back into her mouth, holding it there while he talked:
“I will ask you one more time, do you understand the rules?”
He let go of the gag and Kristen spit it out immediately “YOU BASTARD!!! You better let me go. People will be looking for me. Rupert has probably already called the police…”
The masked man shoved the ball gag back into the girls mouth, this time tightening the strap.
“Ill take that as a no, Ms. Stewart. Let’s clear some things up. NOBODY is looking for you, and you won’t be missed for at least a week. You were kind enough to cancel all of your appointments for the next 7 days, so the media won’t be looking for you. As for Mr. Sanders, he received a text shortly after you were kidnapped. Apparently, you broke up with him and blocked his number. You even issued a statement on your twitter page announcing the termination of your relationship and a very heartfelt apology to his family and your fans. In short, nobody will be looking for you for a while. At this time you are completely at our mercy”.
“As for the house rules, it is clear you did not hear them. You broke several of them just now. For that you must be punished. First rule is that you will address me as sir and Mr. Pattison as master. You failed to do that. You also spoke out of turn and used foul language”. The masked man looked up at Robert, standing just behind Kristen “How many transgressions did you count, Mr. Pattison?”
“I counted 5” was Robert’s answer.
“Then you should dispense with the punishment”, said the masked man as he handed Robert the whip.
Before Kristen had a chance to object, her head was forced down on the ground. She was still on her knees. With her hands tied and her butt straight up in the air, the girl was the very definition of vulnerability. The first thrash came without warning. The pain across her butt cheek was sudden and sharp. Kristen let out an agonized and prolonged scream.
The shock was quickly followed by fear and an impending feeling of doom.
The second strike of the whip was as shocking as the first. Kristen has never even been spanked before, so the amount of pain she was in was overwhelming.
The third strike of the whip sent an echo across the small room. The pain similarly echoed from her buttocks, through her spine and throughout the rest of her contorted body. Kristen could not think or understand what was happening to her. Her throat became very tight.
Perhaps it was the sheer helplessness she was experiencing, or the panic that has washed over her. Perhaps it was simply the pain. Whatever the reason, Kristen was in tears and sobbing uncontrollably by the time the whip struck her defenseless ass for the 4th time. Time seemed like it was standing still. Kristen was slumped over on the floor with no strength or will to get up.
“WHY?????” was all she could think…
CRRAAAACK echoed the whip for the 5th time.
“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA????” was all Kristen could annunciate through her ball gag and between her uncontrolled sobs.
“Why?” came a quiet response from behind her. This was the first time that Robert spoke to her in weeks.
Robert sat in front of the trussed up Kristen, grabbing her by the scalp and pulling her up to a sitting position
“WHY???” he asked incredulously, “You have betrayed me, Kristen! You told me you loved me and then you cheated on me! You have broken my trust! You have caused me incredible pain! This is why!!! “
Kristen stared wide eyed at Robert. This was the first time she has seen such rage.
The room was once again silent. Only two sounds filled the storage room were the small whimpers and sobs that occasionally escaped Kristen’s ball gag.
Robert let go of Kristen’s hair and walked behind her. Kristen heard his pants being unzipped. This was her only warning before she felt Roberts penis thrust inside her. Kristen let out a short yelp.
“ If you insist on acting like a whore” Robert whispered in her ear “then you will be treated like one.
He grabbed Kristen’s hair again. Kristen’s back was arched in a painful manner. The web of ropes that surrounded her torso and kept her hands in a reverse prayer position only made it worse. Robert gave his hips one powerful thrust. Pain shot through Kristen’s scalp, down her spine and through her arms. Kristen’s let out a guttural scream.
“You think this is pain? “
You know nothing of pain”
“ You two timing whore”
Each of Robert’s sentences was punctuated by a strong pelvic thrust. Each thrust brought on more screams. The screams seemed to feed Robert’s lust. The thrusts became more regular and frequent. Kristen was being fucked brutally. She was in pain. The agonized screams were replaced by desperate, pain filled moaning.
Her agony was not limited to pain alone. She was helpless. The feeling of desperation filled her with panic. She was once again bawling. Her ball gag prevented her from swallowing. As a result she was drooling uncontrollably. In short, she was dominated and humiliated completely.
But a new sensation soon washed over her; arousal. As Robert continued to fuck her, she felt her loins swell. “NO” she thought “this can’t be happening”. She was in agony. Not only was she bound, helpless and abused, but now her own body started to betray her.
Each thrust sent a wave through Kristen’s body. Whether it was one of pain or pleasure, the poor girl could no longer tell. The warm sensation spread from her loins to the rest of her body. Her mind was racing, her sight became cloudy. She was doing everything to prevent the seemingly inevitable climax. She was fighting a losing battle.
Just then, Robert tensed up, gave one final thrust, grunted and released his load inside Kristen. She felt him momentarily slump over on top of her bound form. She then felt him extract himself from inside her. Her body was still in agony. The pain was slowly fading and so was the feeling of arousal. Kristen was exhausted and gasping for air, but she was also relieved.
Robert pulled on his pants and started to walk out of the room.
“Make sure she is…comfortable” he said to the masked man before he disappeared behind the door. The masked man took out more rope. One end of the rope was passed through the loop on the ceiling and attached to a pulley on the side of the wall. The masked man used the other end to tie yet another knot behind Kristen’s back, adding to the web already holding Kristen’s bound form. Kristen heard the pulley clicking away and found herself being lifted from the floor. As the ropes pulled her higher, she once again felt the pain in her lower back and shoulders. Kristen struggled to her feet, but her captor continued to pull up on the rope. Soon Kristen was forced to stand on her toes. And still, she was being pulled up higher. When her captor finally stopped pulling up the rope, Kristen could barely touch the ground with her toes. She was nearly suspended by her torso. The pain in her back, arms and shoulders was excruciating.
“Try not to move, Ms. Stewart” said the masked man, “movement will only make the pain worse”
The man walked out of the room. The lights went off. The heavy metal door clamped shut. Kristen was all alone in the dark with nothing but her pain to keep her company. The whimpers and sobs filled the empty space.
“I don’t want her hurt permanently” said Robert Pattison. He was watching the monitor. The screen showed Kristen Stewart hanging in the air. Her breathing was panicked. Her body contorted. Her eyes portrayed utter agony.
“This is not the first time I have done this” rebuked Mr. Smith ”I am not in the business of maiming people. When this is done, Ms. Stewart will still be able to function in her normal environment. She will still act, or at least try to. She will still walk the red carpet. She will do all the things she has done before. The only thing that will change will be her psychology”.
Robert Pattison still looked skeptical.
“ We have begun the process and I need you to do exactly as I say. Stockholm syndrome is quite easy to bring on if you know the right buttons to push. Ms. Stewart has to become submissive to you. She has to be dependent on you. You need to make this relationship strictly about rewards and punishments. If she disobeys, you punish her. If she cooperates, you reward her, but always on your own terms. This is simple mental conditioning. You need to be the alpha. She needs to learn to depend on you completely.
“Now, she is definitely hungry by now. Bring her food in about an hour. Make her earn it”.
Kristen did not feel hunger. Her mind was completely concentrated on the pain. She was fighting to keep her consciousness. The pain was overwhelming. She was beginning to lose her battle.
The chamber door opened. Kristen was momentarily blinded by the light. When she recovered, she saw Robert. The rage in his eyes was gone.
He put the two plates he brought with him on the floor and went over to the pulley. Kristen’s exhausted body was lowered to the ground. Her legs could not hold her weight and collapsed under her. Robert untied the knot responsible for holding up Kristen’s body.
“ I brought you some food” He said calmly. “ I will take off your gag. Please stay silent.”
The ball was removed. Her jaw ached, her mouth was parched. Robert offered her a glass of water and Kristen quickly drank it.
“You must be hungry” said Robert in an almost pleasant tone.
“Yes. Thank you” croaked Kristen. Truth was, she was very hungry. Her breakfast was small and she had nothing to eat after her abduction
“Thank you are just words, Kristen. Actions speak louder. Show me just how thankful you are” replied Robert.
Kristen looked at him confused. Robert unzipped his pants and let his engorged penis fall out. “No teeth now”, he warned.
Kristen’s eyes bulged at the sight of his member. She has never performed a blowjob. The very thought of it disgusted her. Kristen started to stutter and shake her head
“N…N…No…Robert, please d…don’t…”
A slap across the cheek startled and shook Kristen. The girl’s cheek was stinging from the impact.
“You ungrateful bitch!” Yelled Robert. He shoved the ball gag back into her mouth and tightened it.
“Perhaps you can eat when you are more willing to cooperate.” He growled.
He exited the chamber and closed the door. Kristen once again found herself in the dark. She was no longer suspended above the floor. As long as she did not struggle against her bonds, she did not feel the pain. But without the pain, her other senses were once again working. Within 10 minutes the sensation of hunger was unbearable. She could crawl right next to the food bowl, but het gag did not let her chew or swallow. The smell filled her nostrils and made the sensation even more acute. This was a different kind of torture.
The hour seemed almost like an eternity. The door opened once again. Robert entered the room and looked at Kristen’s bound form.
“Are you ready to express your gratitude?” he asked
Kristen shook her head desperately and moaned through the gag. Robert took his time undoing the ball gag. “Beg for it” demanded Robert when the ball gag was removed.
Another slap across the face shut Kristen up.
“You will call me master, and you will beg me to allow you to blow me!” Yelled Robert, “If I am feeling generous, I will feed you. Do you understand?”
“Yes…master” Kristen managed.
“Good, now be a good whore and beg”
A knot started to form in Kristen’s throat. She has never been this humiliated.
“Please…Master…May I please suck your cock?”
Robert unzipped his pants and let his dick hang out. The thing was engorged.
“Let’s have you earn this meal, whore”
Kristen slowly crawled on her knees toward the waiting Robert. She kept her eyes on the now bulging member, hesitant to get close to it. The thought of putting that thing in her mouth was almost vomit inducing.
“Perhaps you would like wait another hour…” started Robert.
Kristen leaned her head toward the penis, hesitating just a little before taking it in her mouth. She encircled the shaft with her lips ever so slightly and bobbed her head up and down.
Robert rolled his eyes. “ Don’t waste my time, whore. Suck it like you mean it.”
Kristen applied a little more pressure with her lips and licked the bottom of the penis with the tip of her tongue. She wanted nothing to do with it and she was determined not to let it touch the inside of her mouth.
Robert lost patience and grabbed the back of Kristen’s scalp, shoving her head forward and forcing his dick deep inside Kristen’s throat. Kristen gave a frightened yelp, then started to struggle against Robert’s grip.
“If I feel just one tooth, whore, I will whip you raw! You got that?” yelled Robert.
Kristen understood and took care to keep her jaw opened. But she could not help but struggle against Robert’s grip. His dick was moving in and out of her throat, making it hard to breathe. Unfortunately for Kristen, her struggles only seemed to turn Robert on even more. His thrusts increased in quickness.
All Kristen could do was concentrate on her breathing, which became harder and harder.
Robert suddenly tensed up. Kristen knew he had reached his orgasm. Soon after, her mouth was filled with Robert’s hot seed. Robert pulled out and raised Kristen’s head so he could look into her eyes. The sperm was starting to drip out of her mouth.
“Swallow it” he demanded, “you will need the protein”. Kristen was doing all she could not to throw up. She swallowed once, but her gag reflex nearly kicked in. she started to cough.
“Don’t you dare spit it out, bitch.” Kristen suppressed the urge to throw up. It took several more swallows. While she managed to keep it down, she could not fake the expression of disgust that washed over her face. That expression seemed to give Robert satisfaction.
He let go of her hair. “I guess you earned that meal. Eat up.” He kicked the silver bowl of food in front of her.
He started to walk out of the room.
“Master…. can you please untie my arms” reluctantly asked Kristen.
Robert turned around and sneered: “You will eat that food like the bitch that you are. Do you understand that?”
Kristen knew better than to argue with him.
The Heavy door closed and Kristen was once again alone and in the dark. She was tied up and hunched over on her knees. Eating out of a doggie bowl was yet another humiliation, but one that she was willing to live with. She shoved her mouth deep in to the bowl. By the time she was done, the bowl was licked clean. So was the floor where the stray bits of food fell.
Kristen was exhausted. She tried laying on her back, her belly and finally her side. The concrete floor was hard and freezing. Kristen has given up on trying to get comfortable. She has given up struggling and screaming for help. Even tears were no longer an option. She curled herself in the fetal position. Her teeth chattered and her body shook from the cold. Eventually exhaustion won over and she passed out.
When the sound of the door opening and the bright lights woke her, she did not know where she was. She was hoping that the horrors of the night before were just a bad dream. When she managed to open her eyes, she fell into despair once again.
Her body ached all over. Her butt cheeks still stung rom the whipping. Her pussy felt sore from the rape. She could barely feel her hands.
Robert and the masked man entered the room.
“Mr. Smith is going to untie you, but only if you promise to behave yourself. Can you do that for me Kristen?” asked Robert.
Kristen tried to speak, but found her throat to be completely dry. She nodded her hear instead. Mr. Smith went behind Kristen and started undoing the knots. Robert approached the girl with a bottle of water and some wet wipes.
“You must be thirsty” he said gently. Again, Kristen nodded. After giving her water, Robert started cleaning her face with the wipes. Kristen was a mess. Her hair was disheveled, dried tears, saliva and bits of food covered her face.
Robert was very gentle with her. This was not the same man that raped her the night before.
“I never really cared for your makeup or your Goth look, you know” he said casually, brushing her long, reddish brown hair, “ You are a natural beauty. You should not hide your features”.
Kristen just sat there, waiting for the other shoe to drop. She tried to look calm, but her mind was screaming, panicking.
Mr. Smith undid her bonds. Kristen was able to move her hands for the first time in many hours. She gasped as pain shot through her arms. It would take a while to regain their full mobility.
Mr. Smith turned away from her, putting the ropes away in his bag. Soon after, Robert turned away as well, walking over to the garbage and checking his phone.
It suddenly hit Kristen that she was completely free. Moreover, the heavy door was open and unobstructed. The whole process took only a few seconds, but Kristen decided to make a run for it.
Her legs were sore and painful. Her sense of balance was off and she was still exhausted from last night’s ordeal, but she managed to get up and run toward the door. She stumbled several times before reaching the stairs. While climbing, she alternated between running and crawling up the stairs. Her mind was racing. She was afraid to look back. She just kept on going. After climbing the stairs for what seemed like an eternity, she reached a door. She pulled on the handle, but the door would not give. She pounded on the door, she screamed for help, but nothing helped. Whatever strength carried her up the stairs was suddenly gone. She collapsed near the door and started crying. She hugged her knees and rocked back and forth, not knowing what to do next.
A few minutes later she heard the footsteps coming from below. The footsteps were deliberate, lacking urgency or panic. Eventually she saw Robert climbing up the stairs.
“You disappoint me, Kristen” he said, intensity hidden in that calm voice.
“Robert, please. Let’s talk about this!” pleaded Kristen.
A backhanded slap made her see stars.
“Do you enjoy lying to me, Kristen? Why do you insist on betraying me at every turn?.”
Kristen was hysterical. Her tears flowed freely and sobs prevented her from speaking.
Robert grabbed a handful of Kristen’s hair and pulled her to her feet.
“ I ask you to behave and you run from me!!! How am I supposed to trust you?” screamed Robert.
He started dragging her down the stairs by her scalp. Kristen continued to choke on her own sobs, grabbing at the walls to keep her balance.
“ You are a traitorous, backstabbing whore. I extended you a little kindness, and you betrayed me. How am I supposed to trust you ever again?”
When they reached the chamber, Robert threw Kristen on the floor.
“I …..I….sorryyyyy….” Kristen managed to say between the uncontrollable sobs
“Words, Kristen, just words! Your actions speak otherwise!” spat out Robert.
He then addressed to the masked man; ”Mr. Smith, the whore has betrayed me yet again. She needs her punishment.”
MR. Smith nodded and grabbed Kristen by her wrists, forcing them behind Kristen’s back. He tied the wrists together then did the same to her elbows. He then tied a long piece of rope to Kristen’s wrists and hooked the other end on the ceiling pulley. He pulled the rope tight enough to raise the girl’s wrists as high as her shoulders, but allowed Kristen to continue to stand up straight.
Mr. Smith then brought out a 3 foot long metal pole with straps attached to each end. The pole was attached to the ankles, leaving Kristen’s legs spread. The ring gag, which was unceremoniously forced into Kristen’s mouth completed the ensemble. Kristen was once again helpless and exposed.
Robert walked over to Kristen and grabbed her by the chin. “You have nobody to blame but yourself”. Whip in hand, he took a swing at Kristen’s torso. Kristen let out an agonized scream. A big red welt started to appear across her abdomen. Another swing of the whip, another loud scream, another red welt. Kristen was quickly brought to tears. She began to beg through the gag. After 5 whips across the abdomen, Robert walked behind the girl and started whipping her back. More screams followed.
“The first 10 are for lying to me, bitch.” He walked in front of Kristen once more. His next swing was aimed squarely at her breasts. The pain was so intense, Kristen nearly blacked out.
“The next 10 are for trying to escape”. The whip continued to ravage Kristen’s breasts, especially her now ultra-sensitive nipples. By the time the 20th blow landed, Kristen was in utter hysterics.
“Now, for the fun part” said Robert
With that he took out two clamps. He attached weights to them. Each weight was the size of a golf ball and weighed thrice as much. He pulled and flicked Kristen’s nipples to stimulate them. Kristen let out a loud squeals. When the nipple clamps were attached, those squeals turned into screams.
Kristen’s moans grew louder. “Remember,” said Robert, “actions have consequences”.
He waked behind the trussed up girl. A quick unzipping sound and she was skewered by Robert’s penis.
His thrusts were short and quick. The waves of pleasure pulsed from her pussy to the rest of her body. Meanwhile the sharp pain from the nipple clamps radiated through her chest. The mixture of pain and pleasure confused Kristen and sent her body reeling.
Worst of all, Kristen started to get aroused again. She did not understand how she was getting off from rape, but it was the reality. The poor girl tried to suppress the orgasm but nothing worked. Her breaths became frequent and shallow. Her body started to go into convulsions. Sweat rolled down her bound limbs.
She was nearing release and she knew it. She yelled, she shook her head. Nothing worked. As she climaxed, she led out an erotic scream. Soon after she heard Robert’s pleasurable scream. For a while the room was filled with sounds of heavy breathing. Then Robert stood in front of Kristen, his penis still hanging out, dripping with vaginal juices and sperm.
“ Time to clean it off” he said before sticking his dick in her mouth. The ring gag made it impossible to move her jaw and difficult to swallow.
“Lick it off, Bitch” Robert said as he inserted his member deeper into her mouth. Kristen did her best to lick it, but the gunk just stayed in her mouth.
It took half an hour to lick it off completely. Robert Zipped himself up , then grabbed a whip. He brushed it up against Kristen’s face. A sadistic look washed over his face.
“Now, lets talk about that orgasm. You did have one, didn’t you.
Confused, Kristen nodded her head.
“ Now, you know you are not supposed to have one, unless I allow it, right?”
Kristen shook her head, her body starting to tremble.
“You do not piss, you do not shit, you do not cum unless I let you, otherwise you get punished”
Robert walked around Kristen’s bound frame. Whipped her 5 times, lashes coming in quick, one after another. Kristen tensed up, held her breath and tried not to scream.
“Now, you will stand there for a while and you think about what you have done. Oh, and try not to pass out or fall asleep. You will dislocate your shoulders if you do.” said Robert as he walked out of the room. The heavy door slammed shut.
Kristen was once again in the dark. She hated the dark. There was nothing but pain in the dark. The nipple clamps still tugged at her sore nipples. The ring gag still kept her from swallowing. She still had the taste of her own vaginal juices in her mouth. She did not want to be this way anymore. She did not want to be whipped anymore. She swore to herself she would never disobey Robert again.

She had no idea how long it took for Robert to come back. When he did, he brought food and water with him.
“Have you learned your lesson, Kristen?”
Kristen shook her head affirmatively.
“Are you ever going to lie to me or disobey me again?
Kristen shook her head no.
“That’s my girl” said Robert, petting her on the back of her head and then kissing her on the forehead.
He carefully removed the ring gag. Kristen managed to lick her dried lips. He untied her wrists from the ceiling rope and undid the straps separating her ankles. Kristen collapsed on the floor. She licked dry lips.
She did not need any reminders to know what to do next.
“Thank you… Master. May I …please suck your cock”
Robert smiled and took off his pants. Kristen knew what to do. She took his sock in her mouth like an ice cream cone. She licked it; she squeezed it with her lips. She swallowed it as far as her throat would allow.
When she felt the dick start to pulse, she redoubled her efforts. And when the hot cum exploded in her mouth, she swallowed it all. She lapped up the juices, licking Robert’s shaft clean.
“Thank you master” she said when she was done. Robert was impressed.
He went back up the stairs and came down with a blanket.
“This is for being a good girl. Now, Eat. We have a long day tomorrow”.
Kristen licked that plate clean. She then laid down on the blanket. Her wrists and shoulders were still tied behind her. But she was getting used to that. Just yesterday she would have been disgusted by what she just did. But she has given up trying to resist. She has given up trying to fight. Most of all, she was earnestly afraid of disappointing Robert.
She fell asleep on the blanket
The flickering lights woke Kristen up. Her body ached all over. Her labia, her butt cheeks and her breasts all stung from the day before. Still, her heart fluttered when she saw Robert walk into the room. She was determined to obey him this time. Whether it was out of fear or genuine affection, she did not know. Much like her reactions to pleasure and pain in the last 2 days, this one was not easily explainable.
Robert started to clean her face and brush her hair while Mr. Smith untied her wrists and elbows.
“Thank you Master… May please I suck your cock now?” Kristen’s response was almost unconscious.
“Not quite yet, sweetie” said Robert. His tone was calm and soothing
“ Kristen, you love me, don’t you?” He asked earnestly
“Yes, master” Kristen responded. Was it true? Did she mean it? Kristen was not sure what to think.
“And you would do anything to prove it, wouldn’t you?” Robert continued
“Yes, Master”
“ I will do things to you today, Some of them painful. I want you to know that I am not punishing you. I am simply seeing if you love me. I love you Kristen. I don’t like to hurt you. You believe me, don’t you?”
“Yes Master” She did not know what to believe anymore.
Robert took out a pair of handcuffs and secured Kristen’s hands behind her back. “Good, now, suck my cock.”
Kristen did not need to be told twice. She lunged at the elongated and took it in her mouth. She bobbed her back and forth, up and down and side to side. Her tongue licked and caressed every inch of that penis. She sucked up the pre ejaculate juices. When the Robert ejaculated, she once again swallowed them all. She licked her lips.
“Thank you master” she said eagerly “what else do you want me to do?”
Robert did not skip a beat. “Suck my balls, slave”
Kristen complied without question. Taking the sack in her mouth, she proceeded to massage it with her tongue and lips. She sucked the balls clean, filling her mouth with their salty taste. This was just to avoid punishment, she told herself. But somewhere deep inside she began to like these nasty games.
“Good girl.” Robert decided this was enough pleasuring for now. He got Kristen to her feet. It was then that the girl noticed a long rope running across the room. Knots were tied all along the length of the rope. Rope was set about waist high.
“Now, honey, we have to do this. You have to do this. For our love.”
Kristen nodded her head. Robert stood back and allowed Mr. Smith to get Kristen ready. Mr. Smith took out a ball gag, nipple clamps and 2 sets of weights. He put on the gag and clipped the weights to Kristen’s nipples. He then directed Kristen toward the rope. He helped her swing one of her legs over the rope. He then made sure that Kristen’s pussy lips were hugging the rope.
Robert stood on the other side of the rope.
“This is a trust exercise, Kristen. You will walk toward me, when you reach me, I’ll take off a piece of paraphernalia. Start when you are ready”.
Kristen felt the pain as soon as she started moving. She had to stand on her toes to keep the rope from digging in too deep, but that did not help much. The rope was still rubbing up against her pussy.
“Don’t go too fast. I don’t want you to burn yourself” warned Robert.
Going fast was the last thing Kristen wanted to do, especially once she reached the first knot. Kristen could not help but let out an agonized scream. There was no going around it. Even standing on her toes, the rope was digging in to her pussy. She had to force her pussy over the knot, clenching her jaw in the process. 10 inches further down the rope she had to conquer another knot. By the time she reached Robert, Kristen was ready to cry.
Robert embraced her gently, rubbing her shoulders, kissing her on the forehead and taking off her ball gag. “Very good. Now go back and do it again. Once you do, I’ll start to take off the weights on the nipple clams”.
Kristen was ready to give up. But she pressed on. “I won’t disappoint Robert”, she thought to herself. Was this out of self-preservation or genuine loyalty to her captor? She did not know.
Kristen struggled over every knot, stumbling, moaning, nearly losing her consciousness from the pain on a few occasions. But she completed the cycle not once, but four more times. When Robert finally took her off the rope, she cried tears of joy.
“Thank you, master” she said as Robert
“On your knees” commanded Robert.
He sat behind the keeling Kristen and pulled out a vibrator. Kristen gasped at the sight of the instrument but said nothing.
“Do you want it, slave? Do you want me to get you off?
Word came out o her mouth before Kristen could even think them “Yes master”
“Then you have to earn it. Make your hands useful”
Kristen’s hands were still cuffed. She hesitated, not knowing what to do.
Robert twisted one of her tits with his strong fingers. “Stupid girl, you should know what I want!”
Using the other hand he directed Kristen’s bound hands toward his bulging penis. His pants were still on.
“Stroke it, you little whore”.
Kristen obeyed, pressing and squeezing his engorged member underneath his pants
“goooooood” he said” now you get a reward. He brought the vibrator to Kristen’s pussy, shoved it in and turned it on.
Waves of pleasure started to ripple from her crotch to the rest of her body. Kristen let out small moans of pleasure.
“You like that, you little skank?” asked Robert.
“yessss master” purred Kristen. She started, ever so subtly, to grind against the vibrator. Her hands were still busy rubbing his dick.
“Is it as good as when Rupert did it to you?” asked Robert. Caught off guard, Kristen stiffened. The grinding stopped. She held her breath.

Another tight squeeze and pull on her nipple elicited and loud gasp.
“Well, was it, you little whore?” Robert insisted
“No….master” answered Kristen
The hand that molested the nipple let go, grabbing instead at Kristen’s hair, pulling her head back
“Don’t you lie to me, whore” growled Robert through his teeth.
Kristen started to whimper
“ Now answer again, did you enjoy this as much when Rupert did this?” Robert repeated
“…Yes….master” Kristen managed. She was completely confused about her feelings.
“ I suspected as much.” Robert pressed the vibrator back against Kristen’s pussy
Kristen, still on guard, let out a small moan. She continued to rub Robert’s penis with her hands
“It all comes down to why, Kristen. Why did you cheat on me?”
Kristen was getting increasingly aroused. “I don’t know master”
A painful pinch of her nipple made Kristen squeal.
“You know perfectly why, you little whore” Robert whispered in the girl’s ear. “Say it”
“ I….I wanted a someone new…Master. I got bored. I’m sorry…”
“Good, Kristen, good. You are finally being honest with me.”
Robert continued to stimulate Kristen’s sex. She was getting more and more aroused. Her breathing started to get heavier. She started to sweat. The most surprising thing for Kristen was, she was no longer trying to resist.
“You wanted a new fuck toy, didn’t you Kristen?”
“Yes master”. Her heart rate was increasing. The warm, bubbly feeling started to spread through her body. Her breathing was becoming more and more intense. She was grinding against the vibrator with more and more fervor. The same fervor drove Kristen to rub Robert’s penis even harder.
“Do you know what that makes you, Kristen?”
“A bad girlfriend, master”
Robert Twisted her nipple. Kristen moaned
“You are smarter than that, Kristen. “He hissed in her ears, “Try again”
“A cheater, master!”
“NO! Try again!” Robert twisted her nipple one more time. Kristen threw her head back, repressing a scream. It was still painful. But was she starting to like it?
“A WHORE, MASTER!” Kristen was moaning. Her lower jaw became stiff. Rubbing herself ever harder against Robert’s vibrator she was only seconds away from release.
“MAY I CUM, Master!!!” she screamed.
Kristen was stopped short. The vibrator disappeared behind her. So did Robert’s hand that was rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Robert stood in front of her.
Kristen was breathing hard. Her breasts were rising up and down dramatically. A look of surprise, frustration and disappointment washed over her face. “So close…” she thought, though she dared not say anything.
“And the truth shall set you free” said Robert triumphantly, “You ARE a whore, Kristen.”
“Yes, master” Kristen looked down, averting Robert’s gaze out of shame.
“And what should I do with a cheating whore like you?” Robert continued
Another knot started creeping into Kristen’s throat. Words came out like a flood.“ Punish me, master. Spank me, whip me, do anything you want with me, master”. She yelled hysterically. “I am a dirty whore, I deserve punishment!”
Robert quickly grabbed a cat-o-nine-tails, grabbed Kristen by her hair, pulled her to her feet and shoved her against the wall.
“STAND STILL!” He yelled. Kristen was frozen in fear. She was naked, handcuffed, standing with her back against the wall. Robert swung the whip and landed a vicious blow against Kristen’s breasts. Kristen opened her mouth to scream, but stifled it in the last moment. She bent her knees from the pain, but stood straight back up. She was scared. Robert was readying another hard blow. Kristen looked away and shut her eyes, holding her breath and anticipating another blow. The blow came, even more painful than the first. Her frame bent, and an agonized scream escaped her mouth. Red welts started to appear on her breasts. Kristen was afraid, humiliated and …aroused?
8 more blows came. Kristen suppressed her urge to scream, only occasionally letting out a whimper. Despite the pain, her nipples were erect and her pussy was wet.
Robert threw down the whip and walked over Kristen. He stood over her trembling form. Kristen looked away, not wanting to meet Robert’s gaze. Robert grabbed a handful of her right breast and squeezed hard . Kristen winced. Roberts’s fingers slid down to her nipple. He pinched it, as if intending to milk the exposed mammary. Kristen let out a moan. Her breasts were sore from the whipping. Her skin seemed like it was on fire.
“Would you like me to stop?” Robert asked gently
“No, master” Kristen responded, not knowing why.
Robert grabbed the other breast, squeezing it in a similar manner. This time he bent down , took the nipple in the mouth and started licking the sore nipple. Another moan escaped Kristen’s mouth. She cursed herself. She was enjoying it. She was ashamed of the fact, but did not have the will to fight it. Robert bit down on the nipple. Kristen screamed. Her breath was ragged.
“Do you want me to stop?”
“No, master”
Robert eventually lost interest in her breasts. Instead, he sat down on his haunches in front of Kristen’s pussy.
“Spread your legs”
Kristen complied without question. She realized just how exposed she was to him. But she was powerless to do anything about it. And she liked it.
Robert extended his middle finger and thrust it inside Kristen. Kristen’s body shuddered. Robert continued to thrust, first slowly, then with increasing speed. It did not take long for Kristen get turned on. She lot out long erotic moans. She breathed heavily from her mouth. She got up on her toes, ready to lose control.
“MAY I PLEASE CUM MASTER!!!” she screamed.
Robert quickly took his finger out of her pussy. Breathing raggedly, Kristen moaned, whimpered and gave Robert a look of great frustration, but thought better about saying anything. Robert only showed her his middle finger, one used to bring her so agonizingly close to an orgasm.
“Lick it off” he said. Kristen eagerly complied. She licked the finger, as if she would a penis. Everywhere she tasted her vaginal juices.
Robert took off his pants. He grabbed Kristen’s throat and squeezed. Kristen could not breathe. Pinning her to the wall, he thrust his dick deep in her vagina. Kristen would have screamed, had she been able to breathe. Robert lifted Kristen off the ground with the powerful thrusts of his hips. One, two, three strong, deliberated thrusts was all it took. Both slave and master climaxed in unison, shock and pleasure shooting through their bodies. Robert let go of Kristen’s throat. The rush of blood back into her brain only doubled the orgasmic sensation. Kristen took a deep breath and let out a several long, erotic moans. Her body went limp from the pleasurable rush. Kristen’s juices rand down her leg and thigh. It took her almost 30 seconds to start breathing normally. She was exhausted. Robert disentangled himself from Kristen, carrying the poor girl over to her blanket and laying her down on it.
All Kristen could do was look at him. She was still breathing heavily, an occasional moan escaping her throat. She was laying limp on the floor, strands of hair obscuring her face. Her small, round breasts were rising and falling quickly.
Robert was done as well. He turned toward the door, picking up pieces of paraphernalia on the way out.
“Master, please don’t leave”. Kristen begged
Robert did not even turn around. “Ill be back in a few hours. Get some rest”
“Master, please!” Kristen struggled to sit up “I want to apologize!”
Robert stopped and turned back around. “Apologize?” he asked, surprise in his voice.
“ I am sorry I cheated on you. I was selfish. I wanted scared. You were so good to me. You were the perfect boyfriend. I just knew that you were going to propose to me…”
Robert could see that Kristen was becoming more and more emotional. Every sentence was filled with more and more hysterics. She was getting to the verge of crying. He walked back and knelt beside her.
“… I loved you with all my heart. But I was scared that my life was ending. I wanted to be wild and free. When Rupert came on to me, I welcomed it. Not because I forgot about you…
Tears started to appear in her eyes.
“I just wanted to be bad and naughty. Oh, GOD, Robert, I am so sorry…I never meant to hurt you…Rupert…means nothing… to me…I swear…”
Uncontrollable sobs quickly replaced words. Robert took her in her arms.
“ I am sorry…I am sorry…” Kristen kept repeating between sobs.
“I know” Robert answered.
He let go of Kristen and started to get up
“Please, Master, don’t go. Please don’t leave me alone here. I’ll do anything you want. Anything.
“Robert took her head in his arms and kissed her on the forehead”
“Kristen, do you love me?”
He knew then and there that Kristen had never spoken truer words than these. “Yes master, with all my heart”.
“Then you will wait for me here. Do you understand?”
Kristen nodded, tears running down her face. “Yes, master”.
As the heavy door closed, Kristen was once again alone, in the dark. She hated the dark. She hated to be alone. And she knew she wanted nothing more than to be with her master. She fell asleep, crying. Her sobs eventually melted away into deep sleep.
“She woke up to the familiar sound of the opening door. Robert entered the room. Her hear fluttered. She even allowed herself a smile.
Robert went through his normal routine without saying a work. He brushed her hair and wiped her naked body down with wet cloths. Kristen was trying to look into his eyes, to find a clue to his mood. She found nothing.
She was even more perplexed when, upon finishing the hygiene routine, Robert produced a small key and unlocked her handcuffs. Kristen rubbed her sore wrists, not knowing what to make of it all. He tossed some clothes in front of her. “Put these on and meet me upstairs. Quickly”.
She recognized the shirt and the skinny jeans. This is what she was wearing when she was kidnapped in her home. I seemed like an eternity ago. In another life, perhaps.
Robert disappeared up the stairs. Kristen quickly dressed and got up. The clothes felt alien to her. So was the feeling of ambulating under her own power. She went through the heavy door way and up the stairs. She reached the second doorway, one that kept her from escaping. This time the door was open wide. She climbed some more stairs and reached the top. She saw Robert talking to a chubby gentleman with glasses. “Is that the rope master?” she thought.
“I am almost done slave. Sit by me” Robert commanded. Kristen quickly obeyed, kneeling by his feet.
“…now remember, the process is not complete” continued the chubby man. ”This is not something that happens overnight, but you seemed to have progressed very well. Follow my instructions to the letter and continue with the exercises…”
While the two men conversed, Kristen looked around. She saw what looked like a rundown street through a tinted window. She has not seen the outside world for days. Already it seemed foreign to her.
Robert shook the man’s hand and turned his gaze to Kristen.
“Come, slave. We have a lot to talk about”
“Yes, master”. Kristen got up obediently and followed Robert.
“ Oh, Mr. Pattison. Let me ask you for one last favor” said the Mr. Smith.” I am aware that you run in the same circles as one Michael Bay. If you could give him my card and tell him that I could solve his Megan Fox problem, I would be much obliged.”
A week later the Hollywood media broke the story:” Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison are back together”. They even arranged for an interview.
Mr. Smith saw a familiar face on TV and turned up the volume “ I was stupid and selfish. I made a huge mistake. Robert was kind enough to take me back. I will forever be thankful to him…”
The media hailed it as a story of redemption, of love surviving the ultimate test. Only a trained eye could see the true story: Ms. Stewart’s posture when she sat next to Mr. Pattison, the submissive manner in which she addressed him on camera, the quick looks she gave Robert while silently seeking permission to speak to the interviewer. Kristen Stewart, the Hollywood bad girl, was completely dominated, submissive to her loving fiancé and soon-to-be husband.
The phone rang; “Stockholm Industries, Smith speaking. Ah, Mr. Bay, it’s good to talk to you. Sure, meeting on Wednesday will be just fine…”