Captured – with Hailee Steinfeld

This isn’t something I wanted to do. I never wanted to hurt her, but my back was up against the wall and I was becoming desperate. I hated myself the entire time I climbed the garden terrace to her window. I hated myself as I climbed into her room and tiptoed across the bedroom floor. I hated myself as I dug through my backpack and found my clothe and bottle of chloroform I stole from a university science lab.

She was lying on her bed, so peacefully sleeping. She never saw me coming, didn’t even get to open her eyes before I put the clothe right under her nose and she breathe in deeply, making my job so much easier. I waited a moment until I knew she wouldn’t be waking up, and then I carefully put her small frame over my shoulder, and headed back out the window.

I made my way back to my car that was just three houses down, and made off with my precious cargo, one Hailee Steinfeld. I carefully situated Hailee in the front seat, strapped her in, and reclined her chair to make her as comfortable as possible, even though she was, at the moment, unconscious. She would be waking up before we got to my place, and I knew she’d have questions.

As I had expected, the young Ms. Steinfeld woke up about three hours down the road. We’re not even in my state yet. She slowly came to and started looking around in a dazed confusion. I didn’t want to talk just yet. She would focus in on me soon enough. After two minutes of trying to gauge where she was by the things passing by her window, she realized that she wasn’t dreaming, and that she wasn’t alone. Her beautiful hazel eyes slowly drifted to me and I watched her from the corner of my own eyes as she tried to stay composed and not completely freak out.

“Who are you?” she asked groggily, the effects of my drugs still wearing off.

“Hello, Hailee. I’m Sebastian. I’m sure you have questions,” I said calmly. “I will be happy to answer any of them.” By no means does Hailee have any say over her current predicament, but there’s no reason for me to be impolite or overly hostile.

“Where are we?” I’m honestly surprised and impressed by Ms. Steinfeld’s maturity, given the circumstances. I’m surprised she’s not ugly crying and screaming.

“We are half an hour from the state line and about an hour from where we need to be,” I explain, my eyes on the road.

She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes for a moment. She looks out the window and I can see her trying to hold on. “Where do we need to be?” She’s asking good questions, and I appreciate how she’s carrying herself.

“We’re going to my house. I don’t wish to hurt you, and certainly nothing invasive.”

Hailee visually and audibly sighed in relief when she learned her body was not in physical danger. “Then why did you take me?” she asks softly.

“I’m in a bit of a tight spot, and I need your help. Specifically your sheer presence,” I vaguely explain.

“What do you mean?” she asks me, anxiously rubbing her knees that are hidden by her lavender colored pajama bottoms.

“Officially, you’re kidnapped, or abducted. Take your pick. Tomorrow, your family and your business associates will receive a letter of intent and false threats, demanding a certain amount of money, but nothing obscene, as far as your net worth is concerned.”

“Okay,” she says and gulps in deeply. “So I have no reason to fear you as long as I…”

I shake my head to stop anything she’s thinking. “Consider yourself a guest at my home, kind of like a bed and breakfast. I have a guest room. There are two baths so you will have privacy. The only time you will have to see me is when I bring you your meals, which I will prepare for you,” I explain in greater detail.

“Can I ask what you’re going to do with the ransom money?” she asks nervously.

“I’m afraid not,” I respond politely. “It’s very personal to, and that knowledge helps you in no way, but could do harm to me.”

“Oh, okay,” she says with an understanding nod. “You’re name is Sebastian. We’re going to your house. You have no plans to hurt me as long as I behave. You need money, but you can’t tell me why,” she says to herself, probably trying to wrap her mind around what’s going on.

“Precisely, Ms. Steinfeld. No more than three days, I hope,” I try to reassure her. “It will almost be like a mini vacation,” I tell her, flashing a brief smile, but nothing wolfish or creepy.

“Hailee, we’re here,” I tell the sleeping beauty, gently shaking her awake. She jolts to consciousness and looks around with a twinge of worry in her sharp eyes, the last effects of the drug I had given her worn off now. I could tell by watching her that Hailee wasn’t just a pretty face, but a highly aware and intelligent young lady, which also goes towards explaining why she was so calm when she first awoke.

I get out of my car and go around to her side, opening the door for her and offering my hand. It was a weak, gentlemanly move coming from the man who whisked her away from home and family during the early hours of the morning, but I want her to feel safe and welcome with me. I promised her I won’t hurt her, and I mean it.

“This isn’t a bad place,” Hailee tells me, ignoring my hand and showing her strength by getting up on her own, but not putting on too much of a show by walking ahead of me. We walk towards my three-bedroom house that I inherited from my late father. I’m not some kind of creepy, terrifying monster that lives in a crippled, falling down house with a murder shed. It’s a red and white house with a covered front porch and a swing beside the door.

“I imagine you’re still pretty tired,” I begin, opening the front door for her. “Would you like me to show you to your room, or would you like something to drink or eat?” I offer in a mellow tone, letting her know none of those options would be a bother to me.

“I don’t I if I can fall asleep immediately,” she says with the tiniest frown. “I know I’m not in a position to ask for anything, but is there any chance you have tea I can make?” I smile briefly at this young girl. She’s literally worth millions and I just abducted her, but she’s still nervous about if I will permit her to make herself tea.

“Please, making you some tea would be my pleasure,” I inform her with a small bow. “Any particular flavor? My favorite right now is lemon grass and camomile.”

“That sounds good,” she says meekly, obviously still anxious about asking me for anything. “Do you want me to follow you, or is there somewhere you want me to wait?”

I shake my head slowly. “Feel free to go about the house. You should get to know it, as it’s yours, too, for the next three days or so.” She glances around tentatively. “You’re not going to find any secret passage ways or anything cryptic,” I tell her with a light smile. “Definitely nothing sinister.” She flashes me the smallest smile and she begins to amble. I lock the door and set the security alarm before heading off to make us tea.

Once the tea is done, I take a tray with our tea, cream, and sugar to my living room where I find Hailee sitting on my couch and staring at a blank TV. I know better than to ask if she’s okay. I just fucking abducted her. “You can watch TV if you’d like. Netflix, Hulu, a movie,” I offer plainly like she’s an old friend and not my hostage.

“No, I’m okay,” she shakes her head gently and purses her lips. I see her eyes scanning my bookshelf.

“Are you much of a reader?” I ask. She looks at me and for the first time, I see a real smile on her soft lips, and a fire behind her eyes. I think I was right in my assessment of Ms. Steinfeld: she is intelligent. “Take a look and pick what you like. What’s your favorite kind of book?”

“Believe it or not, but I’m a sucker for a good Western. Since I was a little girl, I always loved cowboys and Texas Rangers, the classic damsel in distress,” she admits.

“Ah yeah, I remember seeing you in True Grit with Jeff Bridges, I say with a fond smile, but again, nothing predatory. “I’m afraid the only Western I have is Lonesome Dove. I’m more of a non-fiction or fantasy kind of guy. I have a lot of Tolkien.”

“Like this one?” Hailee asks, holding up a beat-up copy of The Hobbit. She takes it with her back to the couch and I have to say that I have real butterflies. I pick up my copy of The Fellowship of the Ring and join her, but in my Lazy-Boy chair next to the couch, the arm of the chair and of the couch making a ‘v’.

The next time I glance over at Hailee, her tea is empty, and she’s laid out on the couch, her eyes closed and her chest rising and falling slowly, the book still open with the cover up. She’s so peaceful and angelic laying there. I stand over her, watching her sleep, fighting myself on whether to leave her or pick her up and carry her to her bed. I decide on the latter, and ever-so-carefully scoop her up into my arms. In her sleep, she nuzzles her face into my chest and sighs, her hands in little fists clutching my button-up shirt.

I take a moment to savor this before I quietly head up the stairs and deposit her into the guest bedroom I had preemptively set up for her. As I lay her down, her arms snake their way around my neck and Hailee’s face presses into my neck. I feel her hot breath on my skin and it gives me goosebumps.

“Stay here?” she asks sleepily.

“What?” I ask, just as softly. “Why would you want me to stay here?”

“I want to know who you are,” she says as if it’s a no-brainer. “You’re a good man, I know it. Why did you capture me?” she asks, keeping her voice a delicious whisper. “Please tell me?”

I sigh and she scoots over, making room for me on the bed. She’s still lying down, and she presses her delicate hand on my chest, telling me to lay down, too. “What do you want to know?” I ask, letting her know that I’m willing to talk.

“Don’t you want to get comfy?” Hailee asks, pulling lightly on my shirt sleeve. I sigh again and remove my over-shirt, leaving me in a black tank-top. “Better?” she asks with a knowing smile and I look at her skeptically, wondering where this is coming from. “Look, I want to understand you. I can feel that you’re a good guy, that you don’t want to hurt me. I watched you reading for a bit. You looked so pensive when you were reading, and I know you’re beating yourself up over all this. So obviously, there’s a good reason behind this, and I want to know what it is.”

I close my eyes and swallow hard before I slowly nod, my head on a pillow. Hailee’s watching me, propped up on one arm and rubbing my shoulder supportively. “I have a younger brother, and he needs help. He needs a surgery neither of us can afford, and he has four days to get the money or we’ll be in serious debt,” I explain.

“How much are you looking at?” Hailee asks, shock registering on her face for the first time tonight.

“$418,000. There’s nothing cheap about a kidney transplant, I tell her, doing my best to stay in control. “I swear I won’t hurt you. I won’t touch a hair on your head, but I can’t let you go for free.” Hailee shocks me. She lays back down and puts her arm over my chest, pulling her body to mine.

“I understand. I promise I’m not mad. I get it, and you’ll get your money. I just want to say thank you for not being rough with me, for being generous to me and telling me what’s going on. Knowing why, I won’t press any charges or look for retribution. You’ll get your money, hand me back over, you save your brother and we’ll pretend we never met.”

I wake up to sunlight coming through the curtains and Hailee Steinfeld’s head on my chest. I think she’s still sleeping, so I gamble and touch her hair. I gently take a few locks of her silky smooth hair in my peasant hand. I can’t believe how velvety it is. I take an even bigger risk and just graze my fingers over her soft and creamy, flawless skin. I briefly stop when I feel Hailee’s much smaller hand tracing circles over my stomach.

“Don’t stop,” she whispers as she lifts up my shirt hem and slides her delicate hand under to touch my bare belly. I shudder at her touch. “It’s okay,” she coos and pulls my shirt up higher, up to my chin. I get the point and take it off. She slides up my torso, her hands leading the way until we’re at eye level with each other. “It’s okay,” she whispers again and presses her soft, supple lips to my rougher ones.

I respond instantly and thread my fingers through her thick, healthy mane. She moans against my mouth and her tongues probes out, traces my lips, and begs for entrance to my mouth. I can’t believe that Hailee Steinfeld, singer, actress, goddess, is offering herself to me. I let her have me. I let her control the kiss. I let her caress my tongue with hers, and I’m absolutely melting into her.

Hailee’s foot is rubbing my thigh, her toes getting dangerously close to my crotch, and I don’t know how far she wants to take this until her toes find my cock. She doesn’t pull away. She sighs again into my mouth, her tongue still moving languidly, but her big toe traces the length and shape of my member. One of her hands leaves my chest and drifts down to the jeans I fell asleep in. Her hand replaces her foot and I have to reluctantly pull away from her kisses so I can breath.

“Hailee,” I say, trying to get a grip on the situation, but her slender fingers making work of my button and fly keep any more words in my throat where Hailee’s tongue had put them.

“It’s okay. Let me touch you,” she tells me, her voice almost sounding like a plea. “You need this.” Her hand slips under my underwear waistband and her fingertips brush my bare skin, causing me to gasp. “There it is,” she whispers with a smile and starts kissing my jaw, her lips trailing down to my neck. Her hand fully wraps around my dick and works with the tiny bit of room it has under the layers. I give in to her touch and lift my ass enough for me to pull my pants and underwear down to my knees.

Hailee turns her head just enough for me to know that she’s looking at what she has to work with. “Oh my God. Look at this beautiful length. I love the curve of it,” she says softly as she rubs me with just the flat of her palm. “You’re so warm,” she says and her hand drifts down to my freely exposed balls. My head shoots up at the sensation of her fingertips on my sensitive rocks. She giggles before attaching her lips to my neck again.

I can’t believe my luck as Hailee Steinfeld’s lips and tongue make their way down my torso at a torturous pace until she’s licking just above the base of my cock. “Is it alright if I taste you?” Hailee asks me, looking up at me from over the head of my dick, her lips touching the soft mushroom head. I can only nod, then I see her lips part just a little, and her pink tongue slowly leaves her mouth and touches my skin. It’s so light, barely even there. I don’t even really feel it until she flattens out the muscle and slides it down my hot spike. I intake a deep breath and she smiles, a playful light behind her green eyes with brown flecks.

She licks me up and down a couple times; long, drawn out strokes of her wet tongue like I’m some kind of ice cream cone that needs to be savored. “Oh my God, Hailee. I don’t deserve this.”

“Yes you do,” she argues as she laps at my balls, and I can’t believe that this beautiful, graceful creature is suckling my balls one by one, watching my squirm at her pleasure. ” You deserve everything I want to do to you,” she says as she kisses my dick tip and wraps her sweet lips around me. She teasingly sucks on the head and moves her tongue over my dick slit. I groan and grab the sheets as she starts slowly working her mouth further down my shaft, sucking and tonguing as she goes. She gets about two-thirds of the way down my entire length before she reaches her limit and starts to bob her head. She keeps eye contact with me and flips her hair over to one side of her head so we can properly see each other.

The only sounds in the room are my breathing and Hailee beginning to slurp as her slick saliva runs down my pole and reaches my balls. Her hand reaches down and starts carefully playing with my rocks, getting them wet with the spit that’s escaped from her mouth. I have her hair in both of my hands like a high ponytail, and I let what comes to my hips naturally. I can’t help but buck gently up into Hailee’s little mouth, and she doesn’t complain.

She starts to moan with each thrust as I get progressively harder until she’s bracing both hands on my thighs and I’m using her hair in my hands like a control rod as I guide her up and down my dick. I don’t go further than she was going, but I control the speed. I promised I wouldn’t hurt her, and I meant it. After a bit, the only sounds in the room are my breathing and the sweet sound of Hailee moaning and gulping around my sword. I want to take absolute control. I want to drive hard up into the back of her throat and absolutely destroy her. I want to skull fuck this innocent, adorable thing to pieces, but as much as I want to be that animal, I won’t do that to this woman whose shown me so much compassion and caring in such a small bit of time.

Instead of being the fucking disgusting animal my mind is calling for, I pull her off of me with a satisfying ‘pop’ from her mouth that had been like a vacuum. She gasps for air and wipes what she’s done from her sinful lips. “Oh my God, Hailee. That was so fucking hot. I don’t have words for how great that was,” I praise the little vixen, trying to remember just who I’m with.

“I’m glad you liked it,” she says with a heart warming smile. I don’t know how anyone can suck grade-a dick like that and still have that innocent smile. “Thank you for not getting too rough,” she giggled.

“I promised you I wouldn’t hurt you,” I remind her. “I might be carnal, I may have wanted to own you harder than that, but I do have control.”

Hailee quickly presses her lips to mine again and kisses me soundly. I’m not sure if that was a thank you, or if what I said put more thirst into her. To keep this new energy going, I flip her over onto her back and tug her loose-fitting white t-shirt to her chin, exposing the prettiest set of breasts topped with peaked brown nipples.

Hailee looks up at me with a bit of shock, probably from the speed at which I changed her position, or from perhaps realizing how exposed she had become to an total stranger. I dip my head and lavish her collar bones in turn with my tongue before kissing the top of her breasts, circling her aureolas with my tongue before pressing my lips to her perfect brown nipples. It’s her turn to put her hands in my hair as I tongue-flick her nipples, trace them with my tongue and suck on her breasts as she moans out “oh yes. Oh God you’re sexy right now. Right there!” I love the encouragement I’m getting from my captive as I worship her body and treat her like the queen I know most boys wouldn’t in my case. They would use Hailee without getting her off, without putting her on the highest pedestal. This is my goddess.

I continue to pay homage to her chest as I sneak my hand down to her pajama pants and slip it under the waistband. I start gently feeling out her hot, damp peach from over her underwear. I begin to rub her hot opening, using the clothe to excite her with it’s texture. I know I found a good spot when she starts humping up into my hand.

“Oh fuck. Please don’t stop. That feels so good!” Hailee directs me as I remove my attentions from her lovely breasts and start to trail kisses down her toned torso, over her ribs to her tight abs. I dip my tongue into her cute little belly button and she jolts, and I can’t help but smile. “What are you going to do?” Hailee asks teasingly, knowing damn well what I’m playing towards.

To answer her question, I straighten up long enough to take her waistline in my hands and pull her pants down her long legs. I toss them aside and spread her legs for her. I kiss my way down her calf, to her knee, and then I switch legs, doing the same. The whole time I torture her, Hailee watches me with those eyes of her, and that tortures me just as much. I get down to her inner thighs, and finally get my nose to my prize.

I inhale her unique scent through the fabric of her panties, this alone making her squirm in anticipation. I rub my hand over her slit a few more times before pressing the flat of my tongue hard against the dark blue lace. She tries to clamp her legs shut around my head as I lick her snatch through her panties. I can just taste her as my saliva meets her juices, and it makes me want more.

I pull the lace aside and I take in another deep breath as I see her bare lips looking right at me. I stick out the tip of my tongue and take a tentative like of Hailee’s nether-lips, collecting her juice and her flavor on just the tip. She shudders and almost cries at the gentle sensation. “Oh my God!” I take that to mean go time. “Oh! Oh!” she keeps going as I take bigger and bigger tongue swipes each time.

Finally, I pull my face away from her snatch long enough to rid her of her panties. With the morning light, I see all of her now, and I take a moment to save this picture of Hailee Steinfeld in my head. She’s hot and excited, just starting to sweat with her glistening lips waiting for me to devour. The only thing she has on is that t-shirt, still bunched up around her neck.

“Sebastian, please,” she begs as she touches my cock with her foot. “Don’t leave me like this.”

“I wouldn’t ever do that to you. I was just saving how you look right now.” Hailee blushes and smiles at the same time, and I go back down and wipe that smile from her face by burying my tongue into her cookie.

“Oh! Oh shit!” Hailee shouts, damn near shooting up off the bed as I ravenously tongue-punch her juice box. “Oh my God!” she can’t help but cry out as I bury a finger into her hot, wet chasm and start to suck on her clit. “Oh Christ! Oh! Oh! Fuuuuuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuuuuck!” Hailee loses all control, grinding into my mouth and hand as I absolutely demolish her like I wanted to do to her face earlier. Two fingers fill her tight, sopping wet pussy as I flick the shit out of her little pink bean with my tongue. She’s pulling my hair and pressing my face deeper into her hot crevice as she comes, firing hot juice down my throat and all over my mouth. It’s a flood of arousal, but not quite squirting.

I clean her up before rolling her over onto her belly. I massage her sweet, plump ass with both hands. I pull her cheeks apart to reveal her still dripping cunt and her rose bud. I plant open mouth kisses to both globes of her ass and spit on her pussy before rubbing her down with my whole hand. She starts arching her back and it’s so fucking hot. I can’t help but to press her upper back down, keeping her into the mattress as I insert two fingers into her again. She immediately starts humping my digits. I start finger-banging her again with one hand, reach around to play with her dangling breasts with the other. My mouth is basically watering as I stare at her little starfish and it stares back at me.

I can’t take it anymore. I lunge forward, pressing the flat of my tongue against her shithole and star lapping at it like I’m a dog on a hot summer’s day.

“What the fuck?” Hailee asks, her face still buried in a pillow. “What are you doing?” She asks, sounding almost frantic, but still in bliss as my fingers keep her gushing, my tongue burying itself in her precious back door. “Nobody’s ever eaten my ass before!”

“They’re mising out,” I told her, taking my mouth away from her chocolate run long enough to tell her that and to spit right on her hole.

“I didn’t, uh! Think it would feel that good!” she admitted as her knuckles went white, full of sheets. “But please, can I get that cock? Not in my ass, thouh,” she made sure to tag on last minute.

I obliged the lady and withdrew my wet fingers from her weeping clam. I sucked them into my mouth and rolled my eyes at her heavenly taste before falling onto my back. Hailee took the cue, found the strength to get up, and straddled me, a hand for balance as she aimed her entrance right over my waiting, straining dick.

Hailee nustled my head against wet wet, puffy lips before slowly sliding down my length, her eyes screwed shut and her mouth wide open as she impaled herself inch by inch. “Oh fuck! Oh my God you feel so big!” she moaned as she began to slowly rock her hips. I put both hands on her gorgeous ass and begin to meet her wave-like movements until both of us are groaning, moaning, saying each other’s names and breaking a sweat. Hailee finally takes her damned shirt off and my hands fly up to those perky, perfect tits I missed.

“Oh my God! You feel so good in me! I love your hands. Everything about this is just fucking hot,” Hailee tells me as she leans back, both of her arms behind her. I get deeper, harder thrusts in at this angle, and I’m closer to sitting up, allowing me to get more hip throw into it.

“Jesus Christ are you fucking tight!” I groan as I throw a particularly hard hip and she yelps. “I swear to God I’ve never had better.”

“I know,” Hailee says with a strained giggle as she leans forward, her arms wrapped around my neck and our foreheads touching. I roll us over quickly, pressing her back to the sweat and juice soaked sheet. From on top of her, I mercilessly drive into her until she can only cry out and squeal, unable to say names.

I feel her start to flutter, her walls clamping down uncontrollably and her arms fall to her side. I push off the mattress and watch her erratic breathing, the redness all throughout her body and the tightness in her face that would look like pain if she wasn’t shouting “oh yes! Make me cum! Oh fuck!” until she did come. Her walls lost all power and a river gushed against the head of my cock, damn-near pushing me out of her tight little hole.

I had just enough time to pull out of her exhausted halls and blast my own shot all over her lower belly, hitting just below her belly button to make sure none of my swimmers were anywhere near her perfectly hairless pussy.

Hailee lay there on my bed, covered in sweat and now my own cum, her hair a mess and her perfect chest rising and falling heavily, trying to restore balance. Again, I had to save this image. I had only three days with this angel, and I want to make sure we both get as much out of them as possible.