Fantastic Four: Fantastic Sex

Sue Richards was happy she was finally married to the
man she loved, Reed Richards. She was happily married,
but not satisfied. Sexually that is. Whether it was
‘saving the world’ or his scientific work, he never had
enough time to give her what she needed. Sure, they had
sex, and it was amazing sex, but Reed didn’t fuck Sue.

Sue lay in bed naked and horny. Reed was in his lab
working through the night again. Sue moaned as she
cupped her large dark-nippled breasts. She pushed down
the flimsy sheet that could not mask her exquisite body.
Spreading her firm legs, Sue slid a hand down to her
pussy, her very wet, achy pussy. She loved the feel of
her unshaven mass of dark blonde pubes. Sue closed her
eyes as she rubbed herself. Her eyes flew open in and
she made a groaned disgruntledly.

Pushing off the sheet, she threw her legs over the side
of the bed and sat there. She needed a real cock. A big
cock like Reed’s. She stood up and threw on one of her
long t-shirts. Sue decided to go get something to drink.

As she went down to the kitchen all she could think
about was cock; between her breasts, in her mouth, in
her pussy, up her ass… She couldn’t help herself. Sue
needed to get fucked badly, but she could never cheat on

…At least not with a stranger, she thought. Who did
she know that she could get to fuck her who’d keep his
mouth shut? Not Ben. Sue could only imagine how big his
cock must be now and there was no way she wanted to
stretch out her pussy and asshole with that thing… Not
Johnny. He was her own brother for goodness’ sake.

Then again, he was so handsome and muscular… Not to
mention he was popular with the ladies… And she knew
he would keep his mouth shut. Her nipples were poking
through her thin t-shirt now, and her pussy was
dripping, her juices running down her thighs.

“NO!” Sue yelled inside her head, shaking it. It was
incest and it was wrong, her brain told her. But she
found her body leading her to Johnny’s room. Sue heard
his shower running.

She bit her lip, picturing his naked body with water
cascading down it, him soaping up his hairy pecs, his
large cock dangling between his legs… NO! Sue stopped
in her tracks, willing herself to turn around but she
could not move. She moaned, closing her eyes.

What if he has someone in there with him? She thought.
So? A threesome might be fun, she smirked. But Sue was
sure he was alone. She would have heard voices, female
cries of pleasure knowing Johnny. Sue found herself
moving forward again, pushing open the bathroom door.

Steam filled the bathroom. Sue put up an invisible
shield to keep the steam in and the cooler air out. Once
the door was shut behind her Sue dropped the shield. Her
brother was indeed alone, his back to her. Sue smirked
once more as she whipped her t-shirt over her head and
let it drift to the floor. Her firm ass swayed as she
moved towards the shower stall. She opened the door and
crept up behind him. Sue pressed her body against him at
the same time reached around and took hold of his cock.

“Hey, little brother…” Sue whispered seductively in
his ear, pressing her breasts into his back.

“Sue, what the hell?!?”

She shushed him and began jerking his cock. “I’m horny
and you’re going to fuck me…”

Johnny said nothing as his sister jacked his cock to
hardness. He had to admit he had noticed his big
sister’s body over the years ever since he’d hit
puberty. He knew she had a better body than most of the
girls he hooked up with. But she was still his sister.
Even if his cock was in her hand…

Mmmm, Sue thought. He’s bigger than i’d’ve guessed. She
turned him around, then she turned herself and bent
over. Holding his cock steady, Sue slid her tight pussy
back onto it.

Johnny grunted.

“It’s all yours, bro, now show me a good time…” Sue
moaned back over her shoulder.

Too late to turn back now, Johnny thought. He dropped
the bar of soap and grabbed his big sister’s hips. He
began to pump in and out of Sue. She gasped. It thrilled
him to engage in such a forbidden act with his own
gorgeous sister.

Sue was too busy cumming to think about it either way.
Her huge tits swayed under her, her nipples achingly
hard. Now she knew why the girls loved her little
brother so much… Johnny rammed into Sue harder, making
her scream. He loved hearing a girl lose it during
orgasm and scream her lungs out. His sister was no
exception. He reached under her and squeezed her large,
firm breasts. Sue hissed as soon as he touched them.
Reed never touched her breasts. Johnny began to knead
them as he sawed into her tight, hot pussy faster.

Sue was cumming again. Damn… She thought. Johnny was
good; real good. Reed made her orgasm but not this often
or this intense. Plus he would only fuck her in the old
missionary position. She loved how Johnny’s cock plunged
into her more deeply when she took it from behind.

Johnny began slamming into his sister harder, making her
scream again. He slid his hands back to her hips and
straightened up. He gave Sue all he had, ramming her
hard and fast. Sue came again as he unloaded into her


“But Alicia…” Ben Grimm protested.

“No buts, Ben,” she replied. “I want this.”

“But Alicia!”

“Stop it, Ben. I’m horny,” she giggled. “Besides, you
know us black women can handle massive dicks.”

Ben started to say something but Alicia was already
working his pants down. Soon she had his cock in her
hands. It wasn’t rough like the rest of his rock skin
was; it was like one smooth piece of stone, a very
massive, phallical stone.

“Oh, Ben…” Alicia cooed. “Ben, why is it so slimy?”

“Uhhh, well you see, it gets like that when I get turned
on you know…”

And why wouldn’t he be turned on? His girlfriend was
standing before him naked as the day she was born. Long,
jet black hair topped her short, very curvy body.
Massive breasts, a narrow waist, generous hips, a black-
haired pussy and thighs with just enough jiggle. “Oh,”
She said, then giggled. “That’s helpful. It’ll make it
easier to glide in and out of my already wet pussy! Come
on and fuck me!” Ben had to admit he was extremely
turned on at the moment.

Ben gently picked up Alicia by her good-sized ass and
led her over to the sofa. Standing behind it, he placed
her on the back of it. Alicia spread her legs and put
her arms around his neck. “Now be careful, Ben. I’m
fragile you know,” she giggled.

“I will,” He promised. Holding his cock – it may have
been made out of rock but he wasn’t technically erect,
but it would do – he guided it to her opening, her
dripping wet slot. He eased it in and she sighed,
gripping his neck more firmly. He put his hands on the
back of the sofa on either side of her [he was afraid of
crushing her, better the sofa than Alicia] and began to
move in and out of her. Alicia moaned, closing her eyes.

As he eased his massive cock in further, Ben was
surprise she could handle so much of his length and
girth. Alicia kept moaning, and once he was fully inside
her, she actually came. Not loud like Sue but a high
squeal. Ben began to slowly pump in and out of her.
Alicia was breathing heavy and gasping.

When she began to orgasm a second time, Ben found
himself so turned on he actually started to really
become erect. When Alicia moaned for him to go faster,
his cock eventually became fully erect within her. And
she came more intensely and longer. Ben gripped the back
of the sofa tightly as he fucked her harder.

Sex hadn’t been this intense when he was just a man. I
guess there are benefits to being a blockhead, he said
to himself with a chuckle. Alicia came more often and
she was in sheer ecstasy. Ben hadn’t been this happy in
a long time as he plowed in and out of Alicia’s
quivering pussy. They fucked for at least an hour before
Ben let out what could only be categorized as a roar as
he shot off in her hard.

If Alicia had not been holding on to Ben so tightly
she’d have been blown off his cock. She came twice more
as he came and came and came in her hot pussy. Alicia
collapsed against Ben, exhausted, once he finished
pumping his massive load into her…

Back in Johnny’s room, Sue was bouncing up and down on
her brother’s cock in his bed where they had moved the
festivities to. Sue had already cum three times. Johnny
reached up and kneaded his sister’s breasts again
roughly. He sat up and began sucking on one of her
nipples, gently biting it as he twisted the other. Sue
never slowed her pace, making herself cum many more

Carrying his sister, Johnny got out of bed and leaned
her against the wall and fucked her hard against it.
Sue’s eyes rolled back in her head as she came again,
her fingers clawing at the wall behind her. Johnny held
his sister by her perfect ass as he rammed up into her,
making her scream louder. It was a long time before
Johnny blasted his second load into his sister.

“Oh, Johnny!” sue moaned. “That… Oh, that was
fantastic sex!”

Johnny laughed at her pun as Sue just grinned