Doctor Who: The Silence Rises

His name was Tek’Hamin’Acutl’bil’Tamin but mostly people just called him Bill. Unless their tongues could spiral, then he was usually Tek’Hamin but mostly it was just Bill. As far as humans went he was fairly plain for an alien, five foot ten, brown hair, only the two eyes, and of medium weight and build, nothing exceptional really except for his dreams. Every since he been born in the Hollarer Province on Frellp 2 he had wanted to travel and see the stars. Most people from his village had that dream but every since he was young he had sworn he was going to do it and then one day he did. And he’d been trying to get back ever since.

It wasn’t that outer space was bad but it was big. So big. So incredibly big. And filled with stars. Stars set so far apart it could take years to journey between them. Long, boring years. Stars so far apart that by the time you heard of something exciting happening some place that when you got there the grandchildren of the people who had actually lived through it were the ones to tell you about it. And the fuel. Space travel was so expensive that he had worked hundreds of odd-jobs just to try and save enough money to get back home and as far as work went he was now pretty much a Jack of all Trades.

Bill walked quietly down the dark corridor of his latest assignment, septic removal. It wasn’t the biggest space station he had ever been on but Demons Run was the creepiest. It was probably the Headless Monks. He had no idea what religion required you to lop your noggin off but he didn’t want any part of it. The monks served The Order of the Silence or some such and were looking for a man known as The Doctor. A very specific doctor apparently because Bill knew for a fact that The Order had a Time Scoop and were searching through all of time and space for him. And judging by all the soldiers on board with the monks nothing good was going to come of them finding their doctor.

Not a lot of people knew what a Time Scoop was but Bill did. He had seen a derelict one a few years ago outside of the Medusa Cascade that a bunch of Time Agents had secured. He had worked the salvage on that job and had helped them put the pieces back together and it was a pretty simple machine to operate all things considered equal.

Bill spotted a group of monks heading towards him and ducked into a storage closet before they could see him, or whatever it was they did. As a Septic Removal Specialist he had authorization to be down here but the monks just plain creeped him out. When the monks had passed he scurried out of his hidey hole and skittered down the hall to the Time Scoop.

The Silence had recruited most of their members for the specific purpose of finding the Doctor and most of their agents had some sort of history with him but not Bill. He was only interested in the paycheck to help get him back home. And the Doctor’s companions, he was very interested in them. He had missed two spawning cycles back home and was very lonely so when the Silence had passed out the dossiers on the Doctor’s companions he had hit upon a plan to finally get some relief.

Bill slipped into the Time Scoop control room and locked the door behind him. The consoles looked exactly as he remembered them and activating them was child’s play. A window into the next room opened and a bright light was emanating from inside, the machine was prepped. Adjusting the environmental controls for the brightly lit room he finally punched in all the time coordinates he wanted and activated the scoop.

As the light dimmed, Bill looked into the adjoining room and saw 8 females. He nearly clapped in glee before pressing one of the control buttons and filling the crowded room with gas. He could hear the females coughing as the gas quickly dissipated and he eagerly entered the room. Walking down a short flight of stairs he looked at all of the women staring at him and each other.

Bill looked lustfully at the women as he gave the gas time to take effect. Seven humans and one lizard-like Silurian. Two of the women had red hair, one dark and the other light, four brunettes and three blondes, and the Silurian of course had no hair atop her ridged head. They were nearly all the same height except the dark red haired one who was nearly six feet tall and one of the brunettes who was barely over five feet. The Silurian was wearing a long, flowing black gown while her brunette companion was wearing a maid’s uniform. The shortest brunette was wearing a red Victorian gown while her brunette friend was wearing a form fitting gray sweater and a short skirt. The shortest skirt belonged to the tallest red head while the other was wearing functional cream colored pants and a matching jacket. One of the blondes was wearing prison clothes of a gray tank top and dark pants while the other blonde was wearing a black blouse and jeans.

The light red-haired woman with wild curls glared at Bill and went for her side arm. “Who are you and where are we?” she demanded before realizing her gun was gone.

“Don’t worry,” Bill said as he held his hands up to show he wasn’t a threat, “The Time Scoop automatically removes all weapons. They’ll all be returned to you later.”

“That still doesn’t answer her question,” the tallest female said sternly as she crossed her arms and glared angrily at Bill.

“My name’s Bill,” he said as non-threatening as possible, “…and you’re at Demons Run. It’s a space station.”

“Demons Run,” the curly red head said. “You work for the Silence!” she said in an accusing tone of voice. “How did you bring us here?”

“I used a device call a Time Scoop and everybody has to work for someone,” Bill explained.

“So what’s all this have to do with us then?” one of the blondes asked.

“Well, working for the Silence I learned about the Doctor and his companions,” Bill said as he looked over the beautiful females. “I’m so excited to meet you all.”

“So you already know who we are,” one of the brunettes said.

“You’re Martha Jones,” Bill said pointing the the beautiful African British woman. “…and you’re Rose Tyler,” he said nodding to the blonde, “…and you’re Amy Pond,” he told the tallest woman, “…and River Song,” he nodded to the curly red-haired human, “…and you’re Clara Oswald and the immortal Me,” he said to the one in the tight sweater and the shortest one in the Victorian gown, “…and Madam Vastra and her wife Jenny,” he said to the Silurian and the brunette dressed as a maid, “And lastly Sally Sparrow and Lucy Saxon,” he said to the last blonde and brunette.

“So what is you want exactly ‘coz we’re not going to help you if you’re after the Doctor,” Rose said defiantly.

“No, no, no,” Bill said as he walked slowly over to Rose. “I’m not here to hurt the Doctor or anybody.”

Rose looked up at Bill, trying to pretend she wasn’t nervous. “So what exactly is it you want?”

“Just this,” Bill said as he bent down a bit and kissed Rose. Her mouth opened in shock and he used the opportunity to slide his tongue in, thoroughly and eagerly exploring her mouth. The rest of the women just stared on in shock as their kidnapper kissed Rose and she began to respond, her arms reaching up around his shoulders to hold him to her.

Breaking the kiss with Rose, Bill pulled Martha towards him and kissed her next. She immediately wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing herself to him as she moaned into his mouth. Rose leaned towards them and joined in, kissing Martha deeply before kissing Bill again, pressing her body against both of theirs.

Amy leaned over and whispered into River’s ear. “What’s going on and why do I feel so strange?”

River looked up into Amy’s wide eyes. Even though she was older than Amy, River Song was her daughter from Amy’s future but unfortunately for her, Amy wasn’t far enough down her own time-line to know it yet. “He must have used the Time Scoop to pluck us all out of our times lines,” she told her mother.

“But why do I feel so… funny?” Amy repeated as she felt her nipples grow tight and her pussy begin to warm.

River turned to Amy, trembling as she tried to resist the neurological agent she knew was what must have been in the gas. “I’m sorry, mother.”

“Mother?” Amy asked in bewilderment before River threw her arms around her and kissed her. Their bodies melded together as Amy wrapped her arms around River, both women moaning in pleasure.

Being married, Jenny and Vastra embraced each other much more easily and eagerly than the rest. Jenny’s warm, wet tongue quickly slid into Vastra’s cooler, dryer mouth, caressing and exploring her wife’s mouth, their bodies rubbing together as they moaned with pleasure.

“I believe we are under the influence of some kind of drug,” Vastra said between kisses.

“I’m sure you’re right, mum,” Jenny agreed as she felt her nipples harden beneath her clothes.

Clara looked down at Me with wide-eyed surprise as the small woman slid her arms around Clara’s waist. Neither one spoke as Clara bent down slightly and Me leaned up until their lips met. Their tongues quickly slid between their lips as each woman gave themselves over to the inevitable and kissed passionately.

Sally and Lucy looked around the chamber fearfully as they edged closed to each other. Their hips touched and startled the two women causing them to jump. They peered at each other with fearful eyes as they continued to move against one another, their bodies slowly melding together as they began to embrace and their quivering lips touched.

Excitedly, Bill removed his clothing leaving him totally naked, his cock already hard and throbbing with lust. He and Martha quickly removed Rose’s top to reveal her medium sized breasts capped with hard, excited nipples. They latched onto a hard nub each while their hands eagerly began massaging her firm, horny body. They both broke away from Rose’s chest at the same time before he and Rose quickly did away with Martha’s top as well. Her breasts were slightly larger and firmer than Rose’s and they both latched onto one dark tit each as well, licking and sucking at her warm flesh.

Set further apart from the other small groups, the two red-heads continued kissing passionatly. Being older and more sexually expressive than her mother, River took control and hurriedly removed Amy’s top. She quickly latched onto one of her mother’s small, firm tits and began eagerly licking and sucking on her ripe, pale nipple. River heard Amy moan in appreciation above her and her pussy gushed with excitement at the shameful taboo of what they were doing. Her mother pushed her away from her chest and pulled her up straighter they both could remove her top as well. They pressed their heated bodies together, chest to chest, and kissed deeply, groaning in pleasure into each others mouths.

As River and Amy slid their flushed bodies together, Vastra already had Jenny’s top down, her long, serpentine tongue wrapped around one of her hard, pink nipples as she pinched and rolled the other nipple between her fingertips. Jenny ran her hands over her wife’s smooth, scaly head moving her across her chest from breast to breast. “Oh, mum, I’m a lucky woman indeed to have a wife with such a talented tongue,” Jenny cooed in pleasure as Vastra’s free hand wandered down her back to squeeze her taunt ass.

As the lizard woman kneaded her wife’s pert, little rear-end, the two shortest companions giggled wildly. Me and Clara shared a certain sense of adventure and already had most of their clothes off. Both women were considered shorter than average with Me being even shorter than Clara so both women were on their knees on the floor as they embraced. They had barely broke their kiss as they stripped each other to just their panties and knelt down and were now pressing their heated bodies firmly together. They rubbed their naked flesh together as they kissed, their hands sliding up and down their backs, dipping lightly into their panties as they moaned lustfully into one another’s eager mouths.

As Me and Clara quickly embraced, Lucy and Sally began lightly, more tentativly kissing while still fully clothed. Lucy leaned back against a near-by wall as Sally pressed against her, one of her legs between Lucy’s trembling thighs as their hands slid up and down their sides. They each placed small, quick kisses on the other one’s face until Sally began kissing down Lucy’s jaw to her graceful neck. Lucy held her head back as she began moaning out while Sally kissed down to her bare shoulder and ran her hands below the hem of her shirt.

With Sally and Lucy slowly taking their time with each other, Bill, Rose, and Martha were already completely naked as they rubbed their heated flesh against each other and moaned in pleasure, their hands flowing over their bodies. Rose and Martha kissed each other deeply before giggling girlishly and then kissing down Bill’s body until they were on their knees in front of him. Rose gripped the base of his shaft and began tugging on his cock as Martha began massaging his balls in her talented hand, drawing a groan of lust from him.

Rose kissed the tip of Bill’s prick and then pointed it at Martha allowing the other woman to kiss it as well before taking it back past her pink lips and licking around his sensitive head until it gleamed. She swallowed the first few inches of his throbbing cock, bobbing her head back and forth before releasing it and letting Martha suck on it as well, both girls kissing around the hard shaft as they shared him.

In thier own out of the way spot, River quickly removed the last of her mother’s clothes before laying Amy down on her back on the cool floor. Far too eager to waste any more time she quickly laid down on her stomach between Amy’s long legs and threw them over her shoulders, wrapping her arms around the red-head’s firm, slender thighs. She kissed her mother’s dewy pussy-lips and heard Amy coo as the younger woman wound her fingers through her curly and rolled her slender hips up to meet River’s mouth. River licked lightly up each pink labia, collecting her mother’s tart juices on her tongue as she nuzzled her nose against Amy’s clit.

Normally the more reserved of the companions due to her Victorian upbringing, Jenny hurriedly removed her wife’s clothes before undressing herself. Vastra’s body was extremely similar to a human’s but covered in a layer of soft, green scales rather than skin that Jenny found all the more exciting. She licked Vastra’s dark green nipples poking through her scales, little nubs of warm flesh surrounded by her cool lizard like exterior. She ran her hands over the lizard woman’s body, running them down to caress her tight, muscular ass, squeezing it gently and appreciating how firm it was in her hands.

As Jenny began kissing down her wife’s body she got down on her knees rubbing her hands up and down Vastra’s toned thighs. Her wife was a warrior and had the body of one which Jenny found even more enticing than she would have ever imagined before they had met.

Vastra moaned as she allowed Jenny to enjoy her body while Me and Clara were now on the floor near them, completely naked, writhing against one another in complete bliss. Clara was on her back with Me on top of her, the smaller woman’s chest pressed just above her’s as they kissed deeply, their tongues wrestling eagerly inside of their mouths.

Their hands flowed over their heated flesh, Clara’s fingers sliding between Me’s pert, little ass-cheeks and crawling over the puckered little hole of her ass causing her to squeal into her mouth. Me slid her hand down to Clara’s hips as the school teacher wrapped her legs around Me’s calves and rolled her hips up to meet the smaller, older woman’s heated groin.

Now on their knees on the floor as they slowly lost their inhibitions, Sally pulled Lucy’s top over her head and threw it over her shoulder. Lucy wasn’t wearing a bra beneath her prison top and Sally pressed herself against her chest as Lucy ran her hands up and down Sally’s still clothed back. They broke their kiss only to remove Lucy’s top and immediately resumed kissing as they began pushing their hips together, grinding against one another and moaning lightly into each others mouths.

On her knees the same as Sally and Lucy, Martha took Bill’s cock into her eager mouth all the way to the base as he stood above her and Rose, rubbing along the underside of his shaft with her tongue as the blonde companion licked and sucked on his dangling balls. Bobbing her head back and forth, Martha continued deep-throating him as he held the sides of her head and began fucking her talented mouth, groaning in pleasure above them as Rose’s tongue covered his balls in her warm saliva.

With a childish pout, Rose pulled Martha’s mouth off of the hard prick and quickly swallowed the tip of him while Martha giggled and began tugging on Bill’s balls playfully.

Bill gasped as Rose circled his cock-tip with her tongue again while Martha bent down and took one of Rose’s hard nipples into her mouth as she slid her hand up the insides of the sucking girl’s firm thighs. The blonde companion quickly spread her knees far apart allowing the dark-haired companion easy access to her dripping cunt.

In their own, private space on the floor, the daughter and unkowning mother didn’t notice their kidnapper peering at them from the corner of his eye. “Oh God yes!” Amy screamed out as River drove her tongue deep into her wet hole. The older, more experienced woman quickly had her panting and moaning in pleasure as her pussy gushed and River eagerly lapped up her mother’s juices. She groaned out from deep in her slender chest as the older time traveler drove her wild with lust.

River slid her hands up Amy’s writhing body and palmed the younger girl’s small, firm tits, pinching her rosy pink nipples between her fingertips as her mother humped her heated pussy up against her face. Amy began grinding against River’s mouth as she felt another orgasm quickly began to rise inside of Amy’s naked body, the younger woman pulling at her hair.

“Yes, my love, yes!” Vastra moaned out as Jenny licked inside of her warm pussy, her voice joining Amy’s. The human wife’s juices were gushing out and covering her wife’s chin before dripping down on the floor. She ran her rough hands through Jenny’s hair, holding her to her cunt, humping herself against the human woman’s beautiful face . On her back she was humping up so hard against Jenny’s face that her ass was lifting up off the floor, clenching tightly as Jenny held her up, squeezing her rough, muscular cheeks, her fingertips caressing lightly over her tightly puckered asshole.

Me was on her knees a few groups over from the groaning Vastra with her slender thighs spread wide, one of Clara’s legs thrown over her shoulders as she pressed her dripping pussy against the school teacher’s. They scissored enthusiastically, grunting and moaning as they fucked each other, their pants and moans echoing through the chamber louder than anybody else’s.

“Ohhh, fuck,” Clara groaned as her back began to ache while she held herself up, rocking her hips, grinding her cunt against Me’s, making the smaller woman gasp out in pleasure.

Mirroring opposite from Clara and Me, Lucy and Sally, being more subdued, rolled slowly around on the floor, their chests pressed together with their breasts spilling out from their sides as they continued kissing passionately. Their hands slid up and down their backs, over the tops of their pants, their fingertips slipping inside, teasing each other as they groaned in pleasure into each other mouths. Their hard nipples slid across the sensitive flesh of their tits as they rubbed together, their heated bodies flushed with rising desire.

The Septic Removal Specialist couldn’t keep his eye on any one small group as they all lost themselves to chemical desire. Bill sat down on his knees, his calves tucked underneath him as he pulled Rose’s round ass on top of his thighs, her upper back and shoulders on the floor with her arms spread out. Her small, firm tits heaved on her chest, her nipples hard and pointed as Martha began to straddle her head, facing Bill.

Rose wrapped her arms around Martha’s firm thighs, holding the darker woman to her face as she poked her tongue up and began eagerly licking the medical student’s dripping cunt.

Bill pushed himself forward as he held firmly to the blonde girl’s firm ass, sliding his prick into Rose’s tight, clutching pussy, her juices running down on top of his thighs and dripping onto the cold floor. The alien kidnapper started fucking her slow and deep, building up his pace to match Martha’s as she rode the shop girl’s beautiful face in the middle of the strange room.

As he and Martha fucked Rose, Bill couldn’t keep his eyes off of the two red heads writhing around together. After she had brought Amy to a shuddering climax, River crawled up her mother’s naked body until they were chest to chest, their small breasts pressed together, their nipples sliding across their sensitive, heated flesh. They rubbed their sweat-slick bodies together as they kissed and groaned into one another’s mouths, their hands sliding up and down each other.

Amy wrapped her long legs around River’s thighs, their hot, wet pussies pressed together as they began humping against each other. They kissed deeply as they continued to rub against one another, grinding against their naked, needy bodies together as they panted and moaned in pleasure together.

Amy rocked her hips up to grind against River’s hot cunt while River rolled her hips down, pressing herself against her mother’s drooling pussy as their tongues caressed and wrestled in each other’s mouths, each one humping against the other, desperate to make the other one cum. Amy clawed at River’s graceful back as the older woman tugged at the younger woman’s flowing hair and chewed at her bottom lip.

The happily married couple paid no attention to any of the couples around them, their only real desire for each other. Vastra got on her knees, her breasts pressed flat on the floor and her scaly ass high in the air as Jenny’s knowledgeable hands ran over her firm, rough skin.

Jenny slid her moist tongue between Vastra’s muscular ass-cheeks, circling around her puckered ass, teasing her wife before pressing herself against her wife’s tightest hole. Vastra’s ass parted slightly as Jenny pushed the tip of her tongue inside and circled it around, stretching the tight ring of muscle as she pushed more and more of her tongue inside. As Vastra’s ass began opening up to Jenny she began sliding her tongue in and out, fucking her ass and causing the lizard woman to moan in desire.

The shortest of the Doctor’s female companions stayed eagerly occupied with each other as they explored every erogonous zone that they could on the other woman. Me straddled Clara’s head, the school teacher holding her thighs as she rode her face. Clara’s talented tongue danced inside of the smaller girl’s pussy, making the much older woman pant in lust as she rode Clara’s beautiful face. Me gripped Clara’s dark hair in one hand, her eyes closed in pleasure as she palmed her own small tits with the other, gasping out as she rocked her hips back and forth, grinding herself down on the school teacher’s hungry mouth.

As the more delicate of the happily fucking women, Lucy and Sally, both now completely naked, made a small pile with their clothes, trying to make the hard floor more comfortable for each other. They sat on their naked asses, their legs wrapped around each others waists as their hands slid up and down their naked backs, their chests pressed together as they began kissing more fiercely.

Lucy kissed down Sally’s face, down her neck and across her shoulders.

Sally groaned in pleasure as Lucy kissed down to her chest between her small breasts, licking at her warm, silky skin.

With Sally and Lucy becoming more passionite, Bill began thrusting himself furiously into Rose’s tight, wet pussy, her warm juices covering his thighs as she eagerly licked at Martha’s churning cunt. The blonde girl’s whole body started to seize, tightening up like a spring, her pussy rippling around her kidnapper’s shaft as she began to orgasm.

As Rose’s orgasm rolled through her trembling body, Martha quickly climbed off of her gasping face and scooted down her side to where Bill was thrusting into the blonde girl’s gushing cunt. Rose gasped and stuttered in pleasure as she came, her juices rolling down the strange alien’s legs and puddling on the floor.

Bill moved out of Martha’s way as the blonde girl began slowly coming down from her orgasmic high, laying Rose on the ground and letting the dark skinned companion in between her trembling thighs on her hands and knees. As Martha began licking at the orgasming woman’s drooling pussy he lined his cock up behind her at the entrance to the medical student’s wet pussy and began pushing himself inside of her tight hole.

Also on her knees, River spread her thighs, straddling across one of Amy’s long legs. She wrapped one of her mothers legs around her waist, bringing her groin up and pressed herself down, pussy to pussy, scissoring the younger woman similar to what Clara and Me had already done. The panting, lust filled red-heads began thrusting themselves together, rubbing their heated, dripping cunts against one another, fucking each other to orgasm.

Amy held her hips up as high as she could as she humped against River’s drooling pussy, her weight on her shoulders and her small tits jiggling around on her chest. She wrapped her long legs as tightly as she could around the older woman, her arms braced against the cool floor.

River lifted as much weight off Amy’s lower body as she could as she lustfully humped her mother, their juices mingling and dripping onto the floor. She groaned in lust as Amy’s long, slender legs squeezed her lower body letting the younger woman hump up more firmly against her boiling pussy.

As the family of River and Pond scissored each other in nearly desperate need, the family consiting of the Silurian and human groaned lustfully together. Jenny shoved her tongue as deep as she could into Vastra’s tight, clutching ass, making her wife yell out in pleasure. She flattened her tongue, digging into the lizard woman’s rear-end as she slid a finger inside of her. Jenny wiggled her finger and tongue together, wetting her digit enough to slide a second finger in. She slid her tongue out as she began fingering Vastra’s tight ass, circling her wife’s puckered hole before licking her wife’s sensitive taint. Jenny smiled to herself in pride as her lizard wife began writhing in pleasure before her as she continued using her talented fingers and tongue on an in her.

As Vastra kept on her flat stomach to let her wife finger her tight ass, Clara had stayed flat on her back with her legs spread wide to let Me crawl in between her thighs, as she rocked her hips up, humping Me’s face between her lewdly spread thighs. She gasped and moaned as the immortal girl shoved her tongue as far into her pussy as she could, delving deep inside of her flushed body. She held Me by her hair between her legs with one hand as she used her other hand to squeeze on of her own firm tits, the brown flesh bulging out between her fingers. Her eyes rolled back in her head in pleasure as she rocked her hips up and groaned out in lust.

With Me vigoursly tongue-fucking Clara a few feet away, Sally laid back on the soft pile of clothes pulling Lucy down on top of her. She spread her legs to allow the blonde girl to lay down between them, their groins pressed together. They rubbed their naked bodies together, chest to chest, pussy to pussy, gasping out in passion.

Lucy slid an arm down between their sweat slick bodies reaching for Sally’s wet cunt as Sally mirrored her, reaching between them until she found Lucy’s gushing hole. They slid their delicate fingers into each others pussies, gasping in pleasure as they began fingering each other, their juices soaking into their clothes, their gasps echoing throught the chamber and over to Bill as he fucked Marth.

On her hands and knees above Rose, Martha groaned out in pleasure as Bill angled his cock down with every thrust from behind her, rubbing against her G-spot as the blonde companion reached down the length of her rocking body and began sliding her thumb around her clit. Martha bent her head down and kissed Rose passionately, their chests pressed together, their breasts bulging out from their sides as she was rocked back and forth on her knees by Bill pounding into her up-thrust little pussy.