Kathryn Erbe: Sexbomb – Law and Order



K. E.
In this day of global corporatocracy, powerful and rich
men are in danger for their SECRETS as they conduct
business on never before known scales. When their
private security fails them, they have one last hope.
Kathryn Erbe is a super hero for a new age. Someone who
cannot be bought. She works on her own initiative and

On a dark, rain soaked night in a big city, a very rich
man is in danger of his secrets by a group of highly
trained foreign agents. If they catch him, they might
take him to an expensive restaurant and PLY him with
coffee, forcing the loquacious executive to tell all.
All of his security has been eluded and he has run away
from his car trying to escape.

Taking him by surprise, a black Ferrari targa sports
car SKIDS to a stop, on the curb next to him! The
driver of the car is a sexy brunette vixen, sporting
exquisitely colored and cut shoulder length hair, her
flawless body is clad in an attractive skin tight
leather jumpsuit and boots. The jumpsuit is so
exquisitely tailored the definition of her big
magnificent nipples could be made out from under the
tough leather.

K. E.
(The sexy vixen intones attractively.)
Need a ride?

The rich man jumps in the car and smiles his approval.
They race off to the safety of a lavish five star hotel


Inside the room, everything is sterile and dry, a
striking juxtaposition to Kathryn Erbe’s SEXY wet pussy
that is getting more SOAKED the more she basks in the
grateful acknowledgements of the rich man. (WHO LOOKS
P.I. FAME.) But suddenly the FAMOUS rich man, pins her
body, clothed only in the black, skin tight leather
jump suit, to the inside of the closed door. He must
have her tonight. She will relent.

R. M. #1
Thank you for SAVING me.

K. E.
(Allowing herself to MELT for him.)
Thank you for being so HANDSOME.

The two kiss passionately, then Kathryn Erbe succumbs
to the brutal assault of the rich mans surprisingly
hard male organ. He unzips her FABULOUSLY flawless body
out of the leather jumpsuit until her boobs pop out,
unzipping down to the already melted pussy, that is
wonderfully wet and sticky, and has himself a nice
passionate feel on that, after deftly groping her
boobs, that have popped out, one after another, from
under the leather jump suit! The powerfully WANTON, yet
tremendously GRATUITOUS feel of our heroines wet pussy,
leaves her, at first, in a hopeless fit of orgasms and
she WETS the floor with her juices!

Her partner is so surprised by this uncontrollable sexy
display that HE jealously and mercilessly fingers the
wonderfully sexy woman to more and similar orgasms!
When he is finally done, she is too tired to RESIST him
further! His manhood pounds soundly on all of her
secret holes, as she struggles, cries and orgasms,
again and again. Charmingly, after coming so many
times, our sexy vixen is unable to let go of the
HANDSOME rich man; nevertheless, he turns her over and
has his way with her ass with his ceaseless hard-on!

Just another night of adventure and love for our
beloved female super hero. When she awakens the next
morning, in a bed stained with organic evidence of the
previous nights gratuitous crime fighting activities
and orgasms, Kathryn Erbe, finds a note and breakfast
on a silver tray waiting for her. It is already late in
the morning, and the handsome Tom Selleck is showering
in the bathroom. As Kathryn Erbe delicately sips her
coffee, Mr. Selleck emerges handsomely from the shower
and kisses her hand in a gentlemanly fashion. Different
from the brutal love of the previous evening.

R. M. #1
(100% The Actor Tom Selleck Handsomeness and Propriety)
I’m so grateful to you for last night.

K. E.
(Gushes Gratefully!)
You’re my dream man, usually soft but HARD when you
need to be!

The rich executive who looks EXACTLY like Tom Selleck
smiles RICHLY AND APPRECIATIVELY at the beautiful
WOMAN. The two take breakfast together, and then
continue with the previous nights interests. He PUTS
her in the DOGGY POSITION and POUNDS her viciously from
behind. The ATTRACTIVE WOMAN’S boobs bounce back and
fourth furiously, until the rich man’s aids finally
come to retrieve the spent executive.

Our heroin, Kathryn Erbe is extremely PROUD to be
“found” in this position by R. M. #1’s aids, when they
arrive. It is a moment that is handled very delicately
and politely by the head aid, in the face of our very
smiling and feeling triumphant and very sore heroine.
As the rich and VERY WELL ENDOWED executive’s aids look
on, HE draws his HUGE male organ out of our sexy
heroine’s pussy, and it is covered in a thick layer of
the woman’s sexy mucous and it streams off his hard
cock to the mattress. Wet and wonderful.



K. E.
For her “cover job,” Kathryn Erbe serves as executive
level coffee girl for Color Green Corp., one of
America’s largest and most prestigious corporations. In
this job, she meets many heads of state, and the
President of the United States knows her by name. She
wears sexy, yet not quite provocative, business
clothing during the day. The CEO and every other
corporate head, all the way down to the vice-
presidents, frequently confided in her, interesting and
classified stories of world events. She is obscenely
well paid for someone employed as a coffee girl.

The Very beautiful and strikingly attractive Kathryn
Erbe strides into a conference room filled with some of
THE MOST IMPORTANT World executives. She is dressed in
a striking tweed suit perfectly tailored. Shaped jacket
and flirty below the knees pencil skirt. She carries a
modern silver tray and coffee service. She pours
delicately for the important men sitting around the
table for those of them who signal her. Many of the
dignified and important men eye her with a view to what
she is doing for that evening. She is the FIRST woman
some of these men will be seeing this morning! She
COMMANDS attention, yet she respects the dignity and
importance of the men sitting around the table. She is
a PERFECT representative for the American Color Green


AFTER the meeting, some of the important world
executives enjoy each other’s company, renewing old
acquaintances, and some of the men have CORNERED our
beloved heroine for after the meeting conversation!


The number of admires talking to our heroine has
dwindled down to one, yet, many of the conversations in
the room have waited around to see who will be the
“last executive standing” in conversation with the
beautiful Kathryn Erbe.


After dinner, still wearing the same suit from earlier
that day, Kathryn Erbe sits on a large lavish couch in
the hotel room of the “last executive standing.” She
sitits in easy conversation sipping a delicious cup of
coffee. The executive, obviously happy to have her
there, regales her with a top secret and classified
tale of business intrigue. Even to the point of pulling
out a laptop computer and showing her a boring

We use our Satellite to map the globe and search for
oil. The uplink also gives up feeds of communications
that other parties put in the air. Our engineers have
made a program that lets us capture the information as

At this point the foreign executive #1 gets and opens
up his laptop excitedly.

(Excitedly Demonstrating.)
You see, people broadcast their sex lives and we can
see it on our exploration satellite! It picks up feeds
from all over the world!

The beautiful Kathryn Erbe laughs lavishly and enjoys
at the foreign executive #1’s stories. At length, he
goes to her and takes her by the hand, our heroine
perfunctorily gets up unsure what he will do. He kisses
her hand delicately and puts it to his crotch,
encouraging her to feel him! Kathryn Erbe obliges,
enjoying herself. Soon the foreign executive #1 turns
our beautiful heroine around and peels off her
clothing, finally feeling her up, making her have an
orgasm. Then he cautiously whispers into her ear…

(Cautiously and Firmly.)
I want to spank you sweetheart.

K. E.
(Humorously with excitement and tiredness.)
As long as you make it hurt. I hate a limp wristed man!

Our heroine turns around, allowing foreign executive #1
to take a good long look at her lovely and appealing
shape. She tosses her head and eyes him intently.

K. E.
I’m YOUR girl.

The foreign executive #1 UNBUCKLES and peals off his

Turn around honey, and bend over the table.

Not in too much of a hurry to follow the order, the
beautiful Kathryn Erbe plays with her hair in a sexy
pose, her gaze, directing a SPECIAL kiss, into the eyes
of foreign executive #1, BEFRIENDING him in a deep and
meaningful way.

Beginning to WIMP OUT, foreign executive #1, fondles
the beautiful WOMAN’S breasts with both his hands. She
places her “hands above her head” and enjoys the
gentleman’s groping, as, she STRIKES a sexy pose for
him! He has the folded up belt in one hand. Wanting to
savor the beautiful woman even more, and not quite
READY to do the deed, the foreign executive #1 asks.

(not feeling like a man, not doing what he should do.)
Do you want to have another drink? Maybe a smoke?

K. E.
(laughing seductively and casually, disappointed!)

They sit on large over upholstered chairs facing each
other. Kathryn Erbe drinks a drink and then smokes a
cigarette. The foreign executive #1 enjoys her and
tells her an amusing story.

(boring monologue)
over a WOMAN who I had been entertaining over in the
old country! The YOUNG man fumbled with a camera he
had, and began snapping pictures of the lady in
question, she wore a slinky French bikini!

The woman sits on the floor and models a few poses for
the young man, Suddenly she unties her bikini top and
removes it, allowing this young inexperienced man, to
view her amazing breasts. The boy snaps pictures and
she continues to model sexy poses.

Soon she notices the vulnerable young boy has a hard
erection in his pants! She models some very provocative
poses. The woman, being much more experienced then he
was, unzips his pants and frees his boner. She sucks
him off letting the boy ejaculate on her face.

One of my friends, who had watched it with me, picked
up the camera and took a few pictures of the woman with
the boy’s come dripping off her face! She allows the
pictures! Very erotic. I have COPIES of the pictures on
my laptop. Would you like to see them?

K. E.
(with sanguine smartness)
Sure! I LOVE pictures.

Kathryn Erbe views the pictures on foreign executive
#1’s laptop as he shows them to her. The woman in
question is nude, except that she wears an oversized
spiked dog collar and chain leash! Her face is covered
in a man’s come.

K. E.
(getting the LAST WORD)
I thought she was WEARING a bikini?!

As you can see, we had her do some modeling for us