Amy Schumer is secretly filmed by her husband and coerced into sex with one of his friends

When Amy told me she was going to take a shower, I got
pretty excited. You see, I had recently installed one of
those hidden cameras in the bathroom, and now I was going
to see just how well it worked. Actually, I had already
tested it, but not with a person in the room. When I
tested it, the picture was great, nice and sharp with
good color. I was anxious to see how well it showcased
Amy’s tight body. As soon as Amy shut the bathroom door,
I went down to the living room and turned on the TV and
switched to the cable coming from the camera and
recording equipment.

Amy was just starting to get undressed. The picture was
just as sharp as it was the other day. I watched as she
peeled off her T-shirt and jeans. She was wearing a
matching bra and thong panty set that was pretty sexy.
The bra was a demi-bra and it presented her 36B breasts
nicely. Amy was being very cooperative by turning around
and showing the camera different angles. Of course, she
didn’t know there was a camera.

Amy is my 27-year-old wife. She is by no means a prude,
but she would never allow me to spy on her like this,
especially if she knew the camera was hooked up to our
VCR! Just for fun I threw a tape in the VCR and hit the
record button. Amy continued to disrobe. She turned away
from the camera and slipped her panties down, bending
over a little, really showing off her firm ass. She
turned back around to face the camera and unclasped her
bra. Her bra dropped, freeing her beautiful breasts. Amy
has perfect breasts, nice and full with long hard
nipples. When she was completely naked, she turned the
water on, stepped into the shower and pulled the curtain
shut behind her. I stopped the tape, switched the camera
off and returned the switch to the TV setting.

I couldn’t really believe that I had Amy on tape,
stripping off her underwear! I watched it a few times,
jacking off as I did. I just couldn’t believe she had
unknowingly performed so well for me! After I came, I
took the tape out and stashed it downstairs under my
workbench and I started thinking about other tapes I
might make of Amy. Amy loves oral sex; both giving and
getting. I decided that I’d really like to get her on
tape sucking my cock, so I formulated a plan. I knew I
couldn’t drag her into the bathroom every time I wanted
to have sex; that would just be too odd. So I decided to
get another camera and install it in the bedroom.

I was able to run the wire for the bedcam through the
attic and down into the wall beside our bed. The camera
itself was installed in an actual working smoke detector.
We had never had a smoke detector in our bedroom before,
so I just told Amy that we should have one there. She
agreed that it was a good idea, and two days later I had
a working color camera attached to the wall beside our

Before I got a chance to test out the bedcam with any
real action, a friend of mine dropped by for a visit
after supper one night. Amy works as a waitress and
usually doesn’t get home till after 8:00 PM, so she
wasn’t there. My buddy Bill had never hidden how he felt
about Amy’s body from Amy or me. He always said that I
was the luckiest guy on earth to have such a hot wife.
Amy liked the attention he paid her and I think she
sometimes rewarded him with a peek down her blouse or by
wearing something skimpy when he dropped by. I thought it
was pretty neat the way she flirted with her body like
that, and it was all done in innocent fun.

Anyway, as Bill and I talked, I got to thinking about the
tape I had of Amy stripping in the bathroom. I was
actually dying to tell someone about my set-up, and I
knew Bill would appreciate it more than anyone. So, I
decided to show the tape to him! I told him I had
something he might want to see and I went downstairs and
got the tape. I put it in the machine and I punched play.

There wasn’t really any lead-in to the tape, so as soon
as I turned it on, the TV displayed the image of Amy in
her sexy demi-bra and thong! Bill’s jaw dropped as he
watched Amy peel off her panties and bra. He had
certainly never seen her naked before, and his eyes were
glued to the screen. I only had about a minute of her on
the tape, but it was enough for Bill! There wasn’t a
single intelligible word uttered while we watched that
minute of tape. When it was over, Bill turned to me and
said, “Jesus Christ Bob, how did you get her to do

I told him all about my setup, including the new bedcam.
He was amazed by my resourcefulness, and he was grateful
that I had decided to share it with him. It may sound odd
to most people, but I like the idea of other guys seeing
my wife naked. I’m not sure why I feel that way, but for
me it’s a huge turn-on. Anyway, Bill told me what a great
idea it was to install the cameras while we watched the
tape a few more times. Bill asked if he could borrow it
for a day or two, so I told him he could. I knew what he
was going to do with it. I knew he was going to watch Amy
strip while he jacked off, and that sounded okay to me. I
made him promise not to show it to anyone else and he
said okay.

Bill put the tape in his car and we talked some more.
When Amy got home from work she greeted us and then went
upstairs to change. I thought that we might as well test
out the new bedcam, so as soon as she disappeared
upstairs, I switched the TV to the bedcam. We watched Amy
enter the room and close the door. Then we watched as she
unzipped and stepped out of her skirt. It was summer time
and Amy didn’t wear pantyhose in the summer. She was
wearing a white thong that looked incredible on her. She
pulled her sweater over her head and we saw that she was

Both Bill and I kept our eyes glued to the TV screen as
Amy walked over to her dresser to get some comfortable
clothes to wear. It was pure luck that her dresser was
across the room from the bedcam, and even better luck
that she had to bend forward to get her things out of the
bottom drawer! In that position we could see Amy’s
perfect ass with the thong tight between her cheeks! She
actually bent over far enough that we could see the
outline of her pussy through the thin fabric of the
thong! All good things must come to an end, and Amy
straightened up. She pulled on some shorts and a T-shirt
and started to leave the room.

I quickly switched the TV back to cable. I wish I’d had
the presence of mind to record what we’d just seen, but I
hadn’t. As Amy made her way down the stairs, both Bill
and I had to arrange our pants to hide our erections.
When Amy entered the room, I couldn’t stop thinking about
how Bill had just seen her almost naked. Like I said, I
get a kick out of having other guys lust after my wife,
and I knew for sure that’s what Bill was doing right
then! And what made it really hot was that Amy didn’t
have any idea that I was showing her off to Bill!

After Bill left, I started getting a little frisky with
Amy. We ended up going to bed early and had some of the
most intense sex we’d ever had. Amy noticed my increased
level of stimulation and asked what was up. I just told
her that she looked particularly good to me right then
and she didn’t press me for any further explanation. I
wish I’d stuck a tape in the VCR before we came upstairs,
but I didn’t know how to do it without the possibility of

I felt like I could safely watch and/or record her
without discovery when I had the remote in my hand,
sitting in front of the TV. But I didn’t feel confident
that I could control things while we were both upstairs.
I mean, what if she got downstairs before I did? Imagine
what she’d do if she walked into the living room and saw
an image on our TV of the upstairs bedroom! Anyway, I
didn’t want to risk it.

A couple of evenings later, Bill stopped by to return my
tape of Amy stripping in the bathroom. As he was handing
it over, he mentioned that a friend of his had stopped
over while he was watching it, and that he’d really had
to scramble to get presentable. Essentially, he told me
that he’d been watching a tape of my wife and jacking
off! Instead of being angry, I was excited! Bill saw that
I wasn’t upset and he asked, “So, did you really mean it
when you said I shouldn’t show it to anyone else?”

I told him that I had meant it at the time, and asked
whom he had shown it to. He told me that he had showed
his friend in order to explain away his disheveled state.
Again, I wasn’t angry, but even more excited! He told me
that his friend had asked to borrow the tape, and asked
if it was okay. He said his friend didn’t know either of
us. I didn’t see how there would be any harm, since he
didn’t know Amy, so I gave the tape back to Bill to loan
to his friend.

I told Bill how I wanted to get Amy on tape doing more
than stripping, but that I couldn’t figure out how to do
it without the possibility of getting caught. We talked
for a while and came up with a plan. We decided that Bill
should come over that Friday evening. The three of us
could rent a couple of videos and have a few drinks. Bill
lives all the way across town, so we figured that he
could act a little too tipsy to drive home, and he would
sleep on the couch in the living room. So, Bill planned
to come back Friday evening unless he heard differently.
Later, I talked to Amy about it and she said she thought
it would be fun to have Bill over for the evening.

That Friday night Bill and Amy and I watched two movies.
The second movie was fairly erotic, and things could have
been uncomfortable for the three of us, but we kind of
joked about it and it was okay. I did notice that Amy’s
nipples got hard during the love scenes, so I knew she
was enjoying herself. Amy was wearing a halter top and
short-shorts and looked particularly fetching. I was
pretty sure she had dressed that way for our guest, and
on more than one occasion I had noticed her situating
herself so that Bill could get a good look at her.

When the movies were over, Bill and I acted out our plan
and actually got Amy to suggest that he spend the night
on the couch. So far – so good. Amy and I said goodnight
and headed up to bed. I had already showed Bill how to
switch between cameras and how to record the images.

I used the bathroom first and then headed to the bedroom
as Amy went into the bathroom. I got naked and turned on
a couple of low lights for mood lighting (and for the
camera). When Amy came to bed, she slowly peeled off her
shorts and top. She had not been wearing any underwear at
all and her naked body looked spectacular in the subdued
lighting. It was a warm night and I asked Amy if it was
okay to pull the sheets down. She said that would be
fine. I knew that Bill was watching and that he could see
Amy’s beautiful body.

I leaned over to kiss her and started caressing her
breasts. Her nipples were already hard, indicating that
she was ready and willing to have some fun. Like I said
before, Amy loves oral sex and usually can’t wait to go
down on me, and tonight was no different. I lay on my
back and Amy slid down between my legs and took my hard
cock between her lips. I made sure that we were
positioned so that the camera could record the action. It
really excited me to know that Bill was watching Amy’s
head bobbing up and down on my cock and could see how
much she got into it!

I had to stop her after only a couple of minutes because
I was about to cum. I told Amy to climb on and she moved
up and positioned her dripping pussy over my hard cock.
She sighed as she lowered herself down onto me, taking my
full 7″ in one stroke. The way we were positioned gave
the camera a good side view. I was pretty sure Bill would
be able to see Amy’s breasts bouncing up and down as she
rode me, as well as my cock disappearing into her with
every bounce.

Amy was really getting off on being on top and it didn’t
take her too long to reach an orgasm that caused her to
shudder all over. I wanted to really capture her slutty
side on the tape so I asked her if I could cum in her
mouth. Amy actually likes it when I shoot in her mouth so
she was more than happy to oblige me. I stood up on the
bed and she got up on her knees in front of me. I
positioned us so Bill would get a great view and Amy
hungrily sucked my hard cock into her mouth.

Amy moved her hand up and down the shaft of my cock while
she bobbed her head up and down, sucking as much of me as
she could into her mouth and partway down her throat. It
felt really good, especially knowing that Bill was
watching. When I was about to cum I turned a little away
from the camera, which forced Amy to turn more toward the
camera. I started to squirt into her mouth and she began
swallowing madly trying to keep up. I was still squirting
when I pulled my cock from between her lips, spraying cum
all over her face. Amy didn’t mind at all as she held her
mouth open and tried to catch my streams of cum in her

When I stopped cumming, Amy licked her lips and then used
her fingers to scoop up the rest of my cum from her face.
She proceeded to lick her fingers clean as I watched from
above. After that, we both lay down exhausted. After a
minute or two, when we had both caught our breath, Amy
got up and turned off the lights. We snuggled for a while
and then drifted off to sleep.

Amy and I got up at the same time Saturday morning, which
meant that I couldn’t talk to Bill about the tape until
she decided to take her shower. We’re pretty casual in
the morning, meaning we don’t usually wear many clothes,
but because Bill was there I decided to dress a little
more modestly. Amy did not.

Amy’s choice of clothing was pretty revealing. Her choice
of clothing was a pair of thin flannel pajamas. The top
was pretty brief with only two buttons keeping her ample
breasts from bursting forth. It left her midriff bare and
also showed a decent (or was it indecent) amount of skin.
Also, the thin material did very little to hide the
impression of her erect nipples. The bottoms were what
they call tap pants. They were made from the same thin
material and were cut short with wide leg openings.

The one concession she made to modesty was to put on a
pair of thong panties. Let’s just say that the bottoms
ere short enough that Bill and I were able to see her
thong whenever she sat down or got up, or when she bent
over in front of us to tidy up in the living room. It was
really quite a show.

After we ate a small breakfast with Bill and I staring at
Amy’s tits, she went upstairs to take a shower. Bill
couldn’t wait to tell me about the tape. Apparently, we
got everything on tape in remarkable clarity. He was
especially excited about the way Amy had let me cum in
her mouth and all over her face. I wanted to see how it
looked, so we threw the tape in (Bill had wisely hidden
it) and started to watch the show.

I was really taken with how slutty Amy appeared in the
recording. It was apparent from the tape that Amy REALLY
loved sucking cock! I guess we got absorbed in the tape
and kind of lost touch with our surroundings. It seemed
so natural to pull my cock out and start stroking it. I
guess Bill felt the same way, because when I looked over
his way, I saw that he was doing the same thing. The only
difference was that Bill had a very large cock! It had to
be nine or ten inches long and was quite thick. I guess
we were both too distracted to notice Amy standing in the

Apparently, she wanted to ask me something before she
took her shower. When I finally saw her, she looked like
she was fit to be tied. Amy was understandably upset when
she saw both Bill and I jacking off in her living room to
a porno film, still she just stood there looking at us
without saying a word. Bill and I were to stunned to do
anything and the tape kept rolling. Luckily, Amy was at a
sharp angle to the TV and hadn’t recognized herself as
the star of the porno film!

Amy was a sight standing there in her skimpy PJs. She was
breathing heavily with her erect nipples pressing against
the thin material of her top. Ordinarily you would expect
that Bill’s and my erections would have gone away, but
that didn’t happen. We were still both very hard, and I
noticed that as Amy stared at us, her gaze became fixed
on Bill’s giant cock! She was clearly trying to think of
something to say, but was too distracted to formulate
anything coherent! She just stood there with her mouth
open with her gaze fixed on Bill’s cock.

Finally, she stuttered out a sentence. “What are you guys
doing,” she demanded! And then she looked at the movie! I
thought she might burst a vein as she pointed at the
screen and shouted, “Where the hell did you get that?!!”

I didn’t know what to say or do! Amy was about as angry
as I had ever seen her, yet as she stood there demanding
an explanation, I just continued to stroke my cock! Bill
was doing the same thing, too, all the while looking from
the screen to Amy and back again! Finally Bill said

“We made this tape of you with a hidden camera, when you
and Bob went upstairs last night,” Bill said. We thought
you might be angry about it, so we didn’t tell you. And
clearly we were right not to tell you.”

Amy tried to digest what Bill had just said as she
continued to be distracted by him and I stroking our
cocks. “Of course I wouldn’t have allowed it,” she
screamed! “You just can’t do something like this! Can’t
you see that!”

Then Bill said, “I just wanted to see you naked. Surely
you can’t blame me for that! I’ve even dreamed of doing
something like that with you.” Bill pointed at the screen
as he said that, where porno Amy was sucking my cock and
clearly enjoying herself.

Amy looked at herself sucking my cock on the screen and
then at Bill. “How could you imagine that I would do that
to you?! Doesn’t my being married to Bob mean anything to
you?!” Still she stood there, nipples erect, obviously
taken with Bill’s cock.

“Bob’s all for it. He’s told me so lot’s of times,
haven’t you Bob,” Bill said.

Amy fixed her gaze on me and asked, “Is that true?”

“What if it was true, would that be so bad?” I replied.
“Tell me truthfully, aren’t you drawn to Bill? I mean,
you flirt with him all the time, and I’ve seen the way
you dress when he’s here. Look at the way you’re dressed
right now! We can practically see right through your top,
and every time you sit down, get up or bend over we can
see your thong! You’ve got to admit that you dress that
way intentionally.”

That really put Amy on the defensive. She couldn’t very
well deny dressing sexy for Bill, plus, now we were all
very conscious of the way her body showed through her
PJs. Amy realized that she couldn’t deny flirting with
Bill. Every word I said was true and she knew it, and she
knew we knew it!

“So what if I like to flirt a little,” she admitted.
“I’ve seen the way your cock gets hard when you catch me
showing of to Bill. You’ve never once tried to discourage
me, have you,” she said?

Bill jumped in then. “That’s just the point Amy, Bob
wants you to suck my cock!” Then Bill stood up and walked
over to where Amy stood. He continued to stroke his cock
as he approached her. Amy started to back away, but Bill
told her to stop. “Come on Amy, I’ve already seen you do
it! Come on; do it to me!”

Amy stopped backing away. Bill walked right up to her
with his thick, hard ten-inch cock sticking out at her.
As he stood in front of her, Amy looked down at his
massive member. I stood and walked over to her. I put my
hands on her shoulders from behind and told her to get on
her knees as I applied downward pressure to her

Amy protested, but she also knelt in front of Bill. “Suck
his cock Amy,” I ordered her. “And suck it like you mean

I knelt beside Amy and reached over and undid the two
buttons on her PJ top, letting her perfect tits burst
free. I caressed her tits as I told her firmly, “open up
and do it.”

That’s all it took! Amy opened her mouth and leaning
forward, took the head of Bill’s massive cock between her

It didn’t take Amy any more than 30 seconds to get
completely into what she was doing. In that short span of
time, she was bobbing her head up and down on Bill’s cock
while rubbing her hand up and down his shaft. I moved
behind Amy and reached around and played with her nipples
as she sucked Bill’s cock. I rubbed my cock up and down
between her cheeks as I enjoyed the close-up view of
Amy’s head bobbing up and down with Bill’s cock sliding
in and out of her mouth.

Both Bill and I had been in a state of arousal for quite
a while by then, and I wasn’t surprised when Bill told
Amy he was going to cum. Amy tried to take Bill’s cock
from between her lips, but Bill wasn’t having any of it.
He put his hands behind her head to keep her from backing
off. Amy didn’t struggle very much, so when Bill started
to buck and cum, it went right down her throat!

Once Bill started cumming, Amy got right back into it,
trying to slurp it all down. I moved around to her side
so I could see her more clearly. There appeared to be a
lot of cum and Amy almost swallowed it all, but a little
bit dripped out from between her lips and ran down her
face. It was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!
Bill stopped bucking, while Amy continued to suck him
dry. As his cock softened, Amy still sucked him, licking
up any cum she had missed. Then she let Bill’s cock slip
from her mouth as she sat back on her feet exhausted.

Amy looked over at me with a glazed look on her face and
asked, “is that what you wanted?” I told her that it was
a good start, and she looked a little startled. “You want
me to do more,” she asked incredulously?

“Don’t you want Bill to fuck you with that big cock of
his,” I asked her. “Just think how good it would feel.”
Amy just looked at me. She seemed to be really having
trouble with what I was saying. “You mean, you actually
want me to fuck him,” she asked? “Aren’t you at all

I took Bill’s place in front of Amy and waved my cock at
her. “Why don’t you suck me off while Bill rests up to
fuck you,” I said. Amy didn’t say a word, but she got
back up on her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth.
She looked right up into my eyes as I fucked her mouth.
Amy moaned and slurped as I did her.

Bill watched from the couch, slowly stroking himself back
into an erection. As Amy sucked my cock, I talked to her
about how good she was going to feel with Bill’s huge
cock inside of her. As I talked about it, Amy got more
and more excited. She continued to gaze up into my eyes
as I told her what a beautiful slut she was, and then I
shot my cum into her mouth!

As Amy cleaned me up, I could see her looking over at
Bill. She actually cut my cleanup short, I guess so she
could get at Bill again. She was no longer pretending
that she didn’t want to do it. In fact, it was quite
apparent that she was eager to have Bill stuff his huge
cock into her.

Amy got up and sat next to Bill on the couch. As she
kissed Bill, her hand moved over and grasped his cock.
Amy began to pump her hand up and down on Bill’s cock as
the two of them exchanged a passionate kiss. I decided
that I really needed to get this action on tape, so I
told Amy that I wanted she and Bill to move to our
bedroom. Bill knew what I was up to, so he broke of the
kiss and stood up. He grabbed Amy’s hand and pulled her
from the couch and said, “let’s go make a movie Amy!”

Amy balked at the thought of fucking Bill on tape and
said so. She insisted that they do it right there in the
living room. Well, there was no way I was not getting the
next hour on tape, so I told her, “you really don’t have
a choice here Amy. You obviously want to fuck Bill, and
you’re going to do it in front of the camera, either
willingly or with force.”

Amy looked at me with wide eyes and said, “You wouldn’t
do that, would you? You wouldn’t force your own wife!” I
told Amy that if she insisted on resisting, Bill and I
would tie her to the bed, if that’s what it took to get
her to do it on tape. “Believe me Amy, this is something
I very much want to happen. And now that you’ve shown a
willingness to go this far, I’m not about to let you stop
just short of what I want. Just think of it this way, you
get the biggest cock you’ve ever had, and all you have to
do is let me record it. So, what do you say?”

“I don’t believe you would force me, Bob, so I’m going to
insist that Bill fuck me down here. You can watch, but
I’m not letting you put it on tape for you to show to

Well, Amy should never have resisted. I told Bill to grab
her, and the two of us dragged her upstairs. We used rags
to secure her hands and feet to the corners of our bed.
Amy let out a constant stream of swear words and was
clearly unhappy. I went downstairs and put a fresh tape
in the VCR while Bill tried to sooth her ruffled

As I switched to the view from the bedcam, I saw Amy
writhing around while Bill straddled her chest. With Bill
on top of Amy, her movements subsided some. Then Bill
began to rub his semi-hard cock between her ample
breasts. As he moved back and forth, he used his right
hand to gently rub Amy’s clit.

As his cock slid back and forth between Amy’s tits, it
began to harden, and as it hardened, Amy started to look
at it intently. Bill moved up and down, always stopping
short of Amy’s face, and I could see her starting to
strain to get to the tip of his cock. Finally, Bill moved
forward until the hardening head of his cock was right
above her mouth. I watched mesmerized as Amy extended her
tongue and licked Bill’s cockhead.

After that, I knew Amy wouldn’t resist any more. Once she
had gotten another taste of Bill’s huge cock, she would
surely do whatever we told her to do. She really was such
a slut! Amy progressed from licking to bending her head
up to take Bill into her mouth. It was really erotic to
see her struggle to get Bill’s cock into her mouth. Bill
helped her out by placing both pillows under her head.
Then he moved slowly back and forth, rubbing his cock
between Amy’s tits and into her mouth.

After Bill was taught-skin hard, he moved down and placed
his cock at the opening of Amy’s pussy. With her tied to
the corners of the bed it was kind-of difficult for him
to penetrate her with his huge member. Bill dismounted
for a moment and untied her feet. Then he got back over
her as Amy pulled her legs back to give him better

In one stoke I watched Bill’s cock disappear into Amy’s
pussy! As far as I know, she had never had ten inches of
cock inside of her before, but she took him like a pro! I
sat downstairs and watched for a while as Bill pounded
Amy’s pussy. At first I couldn’t hear her (there was no
microphone with the camera), but after a little while, I
started hearing her moans and grunts from upstairs. Amy
isn’t usually very vocal, but she certainly was then! I
decided to go upstairs to get in on the action.

I walked into the bedroom and up to the side of the bed
so that I could talk to Amy. “Is everything okay Amy,” I
asked? She just nodded her head and grunted. “Are you
glad we tied you up,” I said? Again, Amy nodded and
grunted. Bill was really slamming into her and all Amy
was capable of uttering were guttural moans and grunts. I
asked her if she wanted something to suck on and again
she nodded.

I untied her hands and asked Bill if he would mind
fucking her from behind. Bill was fine with that, so I
told Amy to get on her hands and knees. I positioned her
so that the camera would be able to record booth cocks
penetrating her. I knelt in front of her face and Bill
re-entered her pussy from behind. It was great! I offered
Amy my cock and she greedily sucked it in to her mouth.
Every time Bill slammed his cock into Amy’s pussy, it
would drive her forward, forcing my cock all the way in.
I couldn’t wait to see the video of Amy fucking two guys!

Bill continued to force his thick meat deep into Amy’s
pussy and she continued to take all the cock I could give
her. I came first, squirting my second load of the day
into Amy’s mouth and all over her face. Amy loved it! She
licked and slurped at my cock, getting all the cum she
could get. I pulled out just about the time Bill said he
was ready to cum. Amy got a little panicky, practically
begging bill to cum in her mouth. She actually acted like
a little kid that wasn’t going to get her way! She
settled right down though when Bill flipped her over and
straddled her chest again.

This time he didn’t mess around rubbing his cock between
Amy’s tits. He moved up so his balls were up by her chin,
and he forced his big, hard cock into her mouth. He
stroked his cock for about thirty seconds until he jerked
and groaned. Amy’s mouth was completely full of cock, so
all of Bill’s cum didn’t fit. Amy gagged and choked as
Bill’s cum tried to force its way down her throat. The
cum that wasn’t choking her was squirting out the sides
of her mouth! God, what a slut! Amy was quick to recover
from that initial blast, and then she was able to swallow
the rest of bill’s gooey gift.

Amy sucked and licked up every drop that she could find.
I purposely didn’t tell her about a couple strings of cum
on her face so that she’d appear even sluttier on the
tape. When she was done I asked her if she minded being a
porno star. She was still a little out of it from the
whole experience, but she was coherent enough to tell me
that it had been worth it. “Would you do it again, with
other guys,” I asked?

“I’ll do it again,” she said as she licked more cum of
her fingers, “but only if they have cocks as big as

Later, we went down and watched the tape. Amy sat in the
middle on the couch with Bill and I on either side. Amy
acted embarrassed a couple of times when she saw how well
her passion and lust had been captured on the tape. At
the end of the viewing, Amy asked, “What are you going to
do with it?”

I told her, “I thought I’d give it to Bill to safeguard.
He probably won’t show it to too many guys, will you

“Not more than a few good friends,” he laughed. Amy
pleaded with us to not show it to anyone, but we wouldn’t
guarantee it. “I’ll only show it to guys you don’t know,”
Bill said, “Is that good enough?”

Amy said she didn’t like it, but knew she had no control
over who got to see the tape. I don’t think she really
minded though. She feigned concern, but she really wasn’t
that convincing. I thought then (and Bill agreed later)
that Amy wanted guys to see her acting the complete slut.
I planned to test my theory, too. I figured that I could
post an add in one of the Internet newsgroups, asking for
well-endowed men to fuck my wife.

I wonder how Amy would like a couple of big cocks, maybe
twelve-inchers this time?

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