Debby Ryan – Down And Dirty

A lot of people probably think working a porn store is the worst job on Earth. To tell you the truth. It’s not that bad, at least in my position. I’m not the guy whop has to clean up the privater booths though. I just handle the register. My responsibilities are just taking care of purchases, restocking, and making sure people don’t stop putting money in the booths. Pretty simple job, no hassle, and fair pay, since I’m the only one on staff at the moment, at least where the register is concerned.

Constantly being at the register, I recognized more than a few regulars we had. I never knew their names, just the nicknames I gave them. On that particular night a couple of the regular were there. Neckbeard was the first to arrive, followed by Specks, the Geezer, and Shaft rounding up the four. It was going to be a busy night. How busy it was actually going to be though was a surprise no one could be prepared for.

I was sitting behind the counter, watching the TV we had hooked behind the counter when the rarest of beasts in this kind of store, the single young woman, walked in. She was wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses as she walked in, but something about this redhead was familiar.

She went to the DVDs, then to the sex toys, pretending to be looking them over. I’d seen the act before, I knew exactly where she was heading and that was to the video booths for a little gloryhole action. Those booths were probably are biggest business next to the theater just for all the anonymous sex that was going on behind there. Frankly, no one at the store cared because, like said, money talks.

After this familiar yet mysterious woman was done with her show, she made her way past the counter and towards the theater and booth areas. When she got closer to me,that’s when it hit me who it was. The woman in question was Debby Ryan, current Disney starlet. I knew she was familiar. Her disguise was shit, then again she probably figured in a place like this she didn’t need it. She should have remembered anybody could have a couple rugrats at home or has nieces and nephews to babysit for. She was banking on the lack of eye contact prevalent in these places to save her sunglass disguise. That might work on customers, but for the staff, like me? No chance. We don’t have security cameras here, so being eagle eyed is a must.

Once she passed me by, I breathed deep. I already knew I was going to take advantage of the situation, I just needed to formulate a plan as to how. A light lit up in front me me, signalling she was in one of the couples booths. I knew the one she was in. I remembered it from the tour I got of the place when I was first hired and the gloryhole thing was explained to me. It was the only one in the place with only one gloryhole. With that piece of information, my plan was set.

The store was empty, so I set about securing things. I walked to the front door and locked it. I placed the “be back soon” sign up, set the alarm, then breathed deep and smiled. If anyone tried to leave, i’d be alerted and could search them. Though with this crowd, I knew they wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon, especially with a live woman in the back. Hell, most of the guys would want seconds or thirds, I know I was planning on it. It was time to put this into motion. I grabbed a bottle of lube, put it in my pocket and headed to the booths.

I walked down the hallways, a spring in my step, my cock already getting hard as I approached Debby’s booth. The moans and groans from the movies playing supplying a great background noise.

Soon I approached her booth, and the sound of recorded sex was replaced by the sound of very real and live activity. It wasn’t sex, though i did hear the sound of someone moaning. Debby was already hard at work. I reached into my pocket and grabbed my set of keys and walked to her booth door and unlocked it as quietly as I could, then entered.

I was greeted by the sight of Debby, her trenchcoat off and on the floor, on her knees. Her sunglasses were recklessly tossed on the seat she wasn’t using and her mouth was filled with hard cock, sucking away like the happiest whore I’d ever seen.

I stress the word happy. She was so pleased and focused on what she was doing she didn’t notice me come in and shut the door behind me. That kind of focus was being dearly enjoyed by the man on the other side of the wall, his moans getting increasing in volume with every second.

Taking a small moment to look away from Debby, I took in my surroundings, really being pleased at the size of the booth. It was designed for two people, giving me enough room to get behind Debby as she sucked and still stretch my arms out. I wasn’t ready to move just yet. That would just ruin the show.

That show though, seemed to be coming to an end soon. With what can only be described as a roar, the man unleashed in Debby’s mouth, a small trickle of cum leaking from her lips. She gave the man a few more sucks, then he slowly pulled away from her mouth.

“Thank you,” Debby said in a surprisingly sweet tone that just made me want to fuck her on the spot, but I wanted a bit more than a quick little fuck.

“Good show,” I said, applauding the cute little slut. Debby looked at me startled. “Calm down, Ms. Ryan. Or can I call you Debby?”

“You know who I am?” she asked, legitimately shocked at the revelation. I simply nodded in response. “Look, I can explain.”

“No need to explain,” I said. “You wanted to have some fun, right? Kick back, relax, but in just a very dirty way. Am I right? No need to be ashamed.”

Debby nodded. “So, what do you want?” she asked sheepishly. “You can’t tell anyone.”

“I wasn’t planning to.” I replied. “I just wanted to see if you wanted to have a little fun with me is all.”


“Really. Believe me, ratting someone out here is not good for business. A young, beautiful woman like yourself coming for a bit of anonymous fun? That is good for business. Selling you out isn’t in anyone’s best interest.”

“That’s a relief. That’s really nice of you. Now, how about we go to your office so I can be nice to you back?” She was about to get up off her knees when I stopped her. She looked up at me, a sexy little smile on her face.

“How about we have some fun right here?” I suggested, already undoing my pants. “Besides, I think someone wants the same show I got.” I gestured to the hole and Debby looked, noticing someone watching us from it. Whether or not it was the same guy she just blew, we didn’t know, it didn’t matter.

Once my pants were undone, Debby reached for them and yanked them down to my ankles, my hard cock springing free.

“Suck it,” the man on the other side of the wall said. “Suck his cock you filthy tramp.”

The sexy little tart licked her lips and grabbed my cock, softly stroking it before taking just the head between those bee stung lips.

“That’s nice,” I said softly, my hands going to her auburn locks as she softly sucked the head. She hadn’t even gone all the way down my pole, and she was already driving me nuts. She couldn’t have been more than twenty, but this girl was a cocksucking pro.

Debby knew exactly how to use her tongue, swirling it around the head. Slowly at first, then fast and back again. Perfect teasing with her teeth as well. I couldn’t help but wonder what she would do once the blowjob began in earnest.

That wondering didn’t last long, as Debby soon began to swallow my stalk, venturing her mouth further down. She really surprised me by deep-throating me on the first go round, not even bothering a build up. “Fuck!” I exclaimed, completely shocked at what this young lady was releasing.

She held me there for about twenty seconds before pulling off, a string of saliva connect my cockhead to her full lips.

She jacked my slick meat, pausing to catch her breath before moving her mouth the my balls, licking and sucking the orbs feverishly. The woman not only knew how to give the blowjob of the century, but also how to put on a show. The feelings were intense, yet she knew to hold back just enough to keep me from cumming.

She went on like this for a few more minutes, balls to cock, fast and slow, pushing me to the brink of orgasm then letting me fall back. We were both so lost in it we didn’t notice when the man in the other room stuck is cock through the hole. Hell, I only caught it when I randomly glanced over and saw it, a big back cock waiting to sucked. The sight meant that Shaft was in the other booth, and that made on idea pop into my head.

“I think he wants some attention,” I said, pausing Debby’s work. She removed herself from my crotch and looked over to Shaft’s cock, her eyes growing wide at the new prospect.

“You don’t mind?” she asked, biting on her lower lip.

“Not at all. This is about fun, remember?” The curvy little slut smiled wide and turned her head to the hole again. With no fanfare, she engulfed the ebony member, Shaft’s groan so looud it might have been audible outside the store.

As Debby worked her mouth’s magic, I decided to have some fun with her elsewhere. I maneuvered behind her, again being thankful for the spaciousness of the booth. I got Debby to stand up slightly, bending over at the waste so she could still suck the the cock in front of her. I hiked up her skirt, exposing her plump behind to me, draped in black satin panties.

I grabbed the underwear at the hem, ready to pull them down. I tapped her on the shoulder, Debby looking over her shoulder at me. “You don’t mind?” I asked, gesturing to my position and making my intent clear.

“Not at all,” she said with a wink before going back to her mouth’s wonderful work. I slid her underwear down her body, Debby stepping out of them once they were at her ankles. Once the garment was removed, I placed it in my pocket, a lovely souvenir.

Before I rose back up, I looked at her perfect little pussy, wet and ready to go. It looked good enough to eat, so I did, sampling the flavor of Debby Ryan.

I heard Debby moan with a mouth full of cock at the first feel of my tongue to her pussy. I was only back there a few seconds, but it was more than enough to get her primed. Hell, she probably came into the store ready to go.

I rose up behind her and entered Debby, the heat of her tight box almost unbelievable. Once I was all the way in, I grasped her round hips and began to build up a fast rhythm inside her.

“Fuck me,” Debby said in a whisper. “Fucking use me to get off…use me like I’m using you…” With such a green light given to me, I did just that.

“Such a delightful little slut, aren’t you?” I asked. “So fucking hungry for cock.”

“Mmmhmmm,” Debby said, her mouth once again working on Shaft.

“It’s only beginning for you sweetie,” I said, my pace increasing. I was sweating bullets at the point, the scent of sex actually becoming conspicuous even for a sex shop. “We’re going to have a lot more fun before the night’s over.”

I could hear loud groans from the other side of the booth again, signaling that Debby’s was about to get a fresh prize in her mouth. With every thrust I made into her, I could just imagine the cock in her mouth going deeper and deeper, urging the partner on theother side to gve her a nice hot treat, one she was desperate for and would get more of as time went on.

I geared a hand back and smacked Debby hard on the ass, loving the sight of that ass quivering from the impact. Debby let out a loud, high pitched moan at the impact. SMACK!, I did it again, Debby loving the feeling. “Bad girls love a good spanking, don’t they?” I said, giving her an extra hard thrust with a another loud smack to punctuate it.

Any response Debby might have had was muffled by Shaft’s orgasm. “Take it bitch!” he yelled, flooding the starlets mouth a hot, fresh load of cum for her to swallow down. Debby loudly moaned in approval, no doubt loving the taste of his cum just as she had the man before him.

When Shaft was done and Debby’s mouth free, I pulled her up, her back to my chest. I began to pound into her even faster, my hands roughly mauling her breasts through her dress.

“Give me that fucking cock,” Debby growled. “So close…just fucking shoot in me…that’s the only place I want cum…in my…my mouth…my pussy…just inside me…please…”

After a few more minutes, Debby got her wish. I held her close and still as I shot my own wad of cum into her pussy, giving her a third dose of cum. My orgasm must have triggered Debby’s, as the hourglass-shaped woman shook in my arms and let out a pleased sigh.

After savoring the post-coital bliss, I slid out of Debby’s pussy and set her short skirt back down. “How’s the fun so far?” I asked with a smile.

“Splendidly,” Debby said, her tone almost absent-minded. “I don’t know if it could get better.”

“Want to try?” I asked, pulling my pants back up.

“Not sure how you’re planning on that with your pants up,” Debby joked, picking up the trenchcoat and sunglasses.

“Well, I have an idea or two if you want to hear them.” Debby nodded, her wicked smile showing her eagerness.

“Well, you seem to like having a lot of attention on you, to put it lightly. So I thought, why not go out of the booth and go into the theater?”

“The th-theater?” stuttered Debby. “I don’t know…”

“Look, no one is going to give you away. It’s not even that crowded in there, trust me. Just go in, have some fun. I’ll keep thos emope in line.” I reached my fan out to caress her face, trying to comfort her. If she went along with this, this could lead to some serious fun.

Debby seemed to think it over, then nodded, taking my thumb into her mouth and sucking on it.

“Follow me,” I said. I lead Debby to the theater. I walked in first, Debby close behind me. I walked in first, the movie on appropriately a gangbang film.

I spotted Neckbeard, the Geezer, Speck, and Shaft. Shaft must have been up and out as soon as he came. I was somewhat surprised he wasn’t already bragging about what was going on, but he, liked the others, seemed to be focused on the movie, and himself of course.

“While I’m talking, why don’t you take off that dress,” I suggested. “Leave the shoes on though.”

“Okay,” Debby said, an excited tone to her voice. As Debby began to disrobe, I walked to the aisle of the theater.

“Excuse me you guys,” I said, snapping my fingers to call attention to me. “You guys like what you see on the screen?”

“Hell yeah,” Neckbeard yelled, his southern drawl making the other laugh as they nodded in agreement.

“Well, do I have a deal for you regulars. A deal that a couple of you may have already had tonight. Come on down.” I gestured my hand up the aisle, and Debby walked down, nude except for her black heels. “Why don’t you guys come over and greet our guest. Let me make one thing crystal clear though. If any of you fucks goes even half a step too far, your asses are out of her permanently and I will personally make sure the owner calls around town to have you banned elsewhere. Am I understood?”

The men all mumbled in response. “I’m sorry, I can’t fucking hear you, do you understand?” This time the response was louder; they under stood. “Then in that case, why don’t you show these men a good time. And guys, please do the same for our lovely guest. I’ll join in a few.”

Debby took a deep breath and walked down to the front of the theater, dropping to her knees in front of the screen which was previewing what she was about to do. The usuals surrounded her like vulture, all eager to have Debby work her magic on them. I just leaned back and watched, letting myself recharge from my own activities and enjoy the pre-show.

Of the usual suspects, Neckbeard seemed to be the most eager, the heavyset hick being to first one to get his cock inside Debby’s skilled mouth. I had my eyes glued to the scene like a hawk, both for pleasure and to make sure no one took any undue liberties with Debby. It was rare a true slut like her came into the store, let alone one as hot as she was. No one was going to fuck this up.

Fortunately, Debby seemed very eager for the men to be eager, letting the large man use her mouth as he wanted to, and to his credit, when she wanted him to back off he did. She then moved on to the Geezer, taking his still limp cock in his mouth, working hard to get him hard and ready to go.

The old man was sweating in not time, Debby’s work on his cock frantic in pace. The sweet yet depraved woman threw her hands into the mix for the grey haired man. He definitely appreciated it, his gentler touch also being openly welcomed by Debby. Soft and savage, what a lovely combination.

Once Geezer got his little taste, Debby got to Shaft, a rematch, she winked at him before again devouring his onyx pole, this time finally getting to work her finers over his veiny granite as well as his balls. She gave him the full treatment, knowing full well that having just cum, the dark-skinned man would be able to take it without worry of blowing.

“God damn, girl!” the black man exclaimed as he guided Debby up and down his fleshy member. “Fucking goddess at this, I swear.” I had to snicker at the bravado, though i knew from his prior visits to the store that Shaft over there wasn’t one for silence. One time I was on the second floor doing inventory and heard him.

Debby removed her mouth from Shaft and went to the last guy on the rotation, the young buck, Speck, he couldn’t have been much older than Debby, if he was at all. The blowjob also seemed to be a formality for him, as the guy was hard as a rock, or he was from my view. Still, Ms. Ryan had no problems with formalities. She also devoured his cock, slobbering all over the throbbing tool, putting a sheen of wetness on it just like she had with the three prior to him.

Everyone was having a good time, and now it was my turn to re-enter the fray. I approached the circle, my ideas all coming to fruition.

“How about we move this to the couch?” I suggested as I approached the circle. “Then we can really get the party started.”

“I’m game,” Debby breathlessly said, stroking off Specks and Neckbeard .

“Who goes first?” Specks asked in a loud outburst, his question obviously a request.

“How about you, eager boy?” Debby giggled.

“Lady’s choice,” I said. “Right guys?” The group agreed, especially Specks. Debby rose to her feet and led Specks to the couch, her hand gently holding on to his cock. Once we were at the couch, Specks took a seat at the end of the couch, Geezer and Shaft going behind it and Neckbeard waiting at the arm of the couch. I held back, patting my pocket with one hand while undoing my pants with the other.

Debby straddled Specks and wasted no time getting his cock inside her. Once he was sunk in, Debby planted her hands on the back of the couch began to ride the young man hard. As soon as the two settled into a good rhythm the starlet made her mouth available to the rest of the men, Geezer being the first one to take advantage.

I stared on at the scene, leering like a hungry wolf, my eyes on Debby’s ass as she bounced on Speck’s dick. Time to make my move. I reached in my pocket and got out the tube of lube. It was now or never.

I again approached Debby from behind. When I was close enough, I began rubbing her ass, her skin slick with sweat. I put a bit of lube on my fingers and brought them to her anus. Debby froze at first contact, so did I. She turned around and looked at me, a bit of nervousness on her face. She looked me in the eyes, then nodded, a sweet smile on her face. She then went back to riding Specks and sucking the cocks on display. I had the greenlight, now it was time to get her ready.

I worked my index finger into her, letting the buxom beauty get used to a small intrusion at first, Debby began to moan, making Neckbeard swear from the vibrations on his cock. Her back arch a little as I worked my finger in deeper. I pulled out only to add my middle finger into it, doing my best to loosen her up a bit without causing too much discomfort.

To Debby’s credit, she took it all in stride, loving the attention being showered on her. The moans of approval from the men, the filth coming from their mouths and Speck’s attention on her wonderfully big tits combined with the anal intrusion all driving her wild.

Feeling she was ready, I dropped my pants to my ankles and added a bit of the lube to my cock, getting it nice and slick before I pressed the tip against her asshole.

“Stay still a second sugar,” the southern belle said to Specks. She then lifted her ass slightly to give me a better angle for entry. I grasped onto her full hips again and eased my length into her, Debby exhaling once I was in her completely. From there, the young gun and I built up a pace in Debby, alternating our strokes. Every stroke I bade in, he went out.

“Oh shit that’s tight,” Debby squealed. “I fucking love it!”

“Not so bad on this end either,” I joked. “Sexy little harlot…” Mine an Speck’s pace increased to the point we were slamming full force into the tight young woman, Debby loving every second of it.

“So many fucking cocks,” she gasped. “I want them all!”

“That’s no problem darlin’,” Neckbeard said, a wide grin on his face. “None at all.”

“Shit,” Specks said. “I think I’m gonna…”

“You better do it in me…you better fill me the fuck up…” Debby breathlessly uttered.

“Shit!” Specks said, stopping his thrusts and filling Debby up with his spunk.

“Good boy,” Debby said. “Every last drop. Now, how about you next, old man?”

“What about me? Neckbeard protested.

“Lady’s choice,” I repeated, still thrusting into Debby. “Remember?”


“Don’t worry, everyone is going to have some fun,” Debby assured him, winking. I stopped thrusting into Debby’s wonderful ass long enough for Specks to switch out with the Geezer. Once the older man was inside her, I resumed thrusting into her almost unbelievable tightness.

“You like this don’t you?” I said, reaching my hand around to her luscious breasts. “A cock in your pussy, one in your ass, three for your mouth…taking on all comers like a good little whore.”

“I fucking love it!” Debby yelled, flashing me a look over her shoulder. “I really love it…I love a nice hard dick in the ass…one dick is never enough…one load is never enough…fuck me…all of you fuck me!”

“You heard her,” I said. “Best give her what she wants!” I began to drive into Debby as fast I could, my own orgasm approaching. From the way Debby was breathing she was due for a huge one of her own.

Her body was shaking, her breathing getting ragged, and with a loud scream of pleasure, Debby Ryan came hard, her asshole clamping down on my cock and triggering my own orgasm. I gripped her ass hard as I filled it up with a shot of scalding jism, coating her bowels with my spunk.

I gave her a few light after pumps before slowly pulling out of her ass completely wrecked by the intensity of the feeling.

Debby looked right into Neckbeard’s eyes. “You’re next back there.” The big man wasted no time in getting back there. Before he entered, he looked to Shaft.

“You cool with this?”

“I can wait my turn,” he said, giving Debby a knowing Wink.

We went on like this for a while everyone getting a sampling of everything Debby had to offer until finally we were at the end of it, Debby again in the center of a circle jerk, her mouth going to each of us as we built up to a final orgasm. The woman was tired to, having had several of her own, but she wanted a big finish for this. she was lost in the moment, wonderfully lost.

“Right on my tits…all o you…right on my fucking tits,” she growled. “I want to see you all shoot just for me…that cum is mine and I want it…I want it boys..please give it to me, please?”

Her tone of voice and gorgeous face broke the Geezer, the grey haired gentlemen unleashing on the young star’s tits, giving them their first coat of cum.

“Mmmm, thank you baby,” she said, sucking the head as he dribbled his last, placing a final kiss on it.

That sight proved to be too much for Shaft, who followed suit in giving Debby’s breasts a second coating of jizz. Then came Neckbeard, and finally Specks, Debby loving every moment of her bath.

I was all that was left. I moved to aim my cock at her tits until she stopped me.

“Not you,” she said. “You, you cum in my mouth…I haven’t gotten to taste you yet…and I want it, badly…right on my slutty little tongue…don’t deprive me…cum for me, cum for Debby….”

Debby stuck her tongue out, sweetly waiting for me to give her what she wanted. With her tongue out and mouth opened wide, I grunted and shot my final streams of cum into her mouth, Debby happily swallowing when I was done and giving my cock one last loving suck.

Once we were all done, the usuals went back to their seats like nothing had happened, aside from thanking Debby for the whole event of course. Good mannered perverts, the lot of them.

Debby and I exited the theater and I lead her to the employee washroom to clean up while I reopened the store. When was cleaned up, she came from the back and kissed me on the cheek, then handed me a piece of paper.

“Call me,” she said with a wink. “We can do this again sometime. Maybe I’ll even learn your name.” With that, she turned on her heels and exited the store. I knew I would call her right then and there…but how could today be topped?