Jerked off in a Restaurant by Madonna

I dated Madonna. You know, Madonna the sex/porn
rock singer Madonna. She had me trailing around after
her for several weeks, before she dumped me for this
really huge Chinese guy.

This story is about one incident at a sidewalk
cafe on Sunset Blvd. Right inside West Hollywood. We
were waiting for some friends of hers, and they were
late so we took a table nearest the street so we could
watch for them. We were seated at the back of the area
and this allowed her to open her blouse and let anyone
who walked by see her bright pink nipples with the gold
piercing rings.

Madonna loved to flash waiters, especially the
gay ones. She felt it was a real challenge to get
their cocks hard. She also liked to expose my cock to
watch their reaction. When we got our vegetable plate,
we found that the dip wasn’t very good. I usually
don’t like to eat vegetables but she came up with a way
to make them more tasty for me.

She pulled up her short leather skirt and slowly
slid the carrot stick up her perfectly shaved pussy
with matching gold rings. After she wiggled it around
for awhile, she slowly withdrew it and put it to my

“Taste me baby”, “it is real nice.”

I sucked the cunt juice off the carrot stick and
then let her enjoy her own creamy cunt sauce. This
really got her going and the next thing to disappear
between her shaved lips was a large hard bread stick.
When this doughy cock came out of her, she sucked it
hard and then bit off a hunk.

“Wish I could have a hunk of your cock, baby”
she whispered to me. I tried the bread also and her
sweet creamy cunt juice did lend an unusual taste to
the bread. The waiter came over at that point and I
know he saw her bare pussy glistening with her own
sweet juices. Since West Hollywood is pretty wide
open, he just asked us what we wanted to drink. She
got a bloody mary and I ordered a snapple ice tea.
While we waited her hands slip into her blouse and
pulled on her nipples which caused her to start moan-
ing and fingering her pussy harder. Some of the other
patrons glanced over and wondered.

When the drinks appeared, Madonna got a crazy
look in her eyes and told me to take out my cock. Even
though we were in back, I was facing the street more
than she was and needed to be promised an ass fucking
before I would go through with it. Finally I fumbled
open my pants and pulled out my shaved cock. It still
had the leather band she made me wear to keep it hard.

“Get it hard honey ” she cooed.

I took some butter and slowly began to stroke my
exposed shaved cock. It quickly started to get really
hard and the excitement of jerking off in public made
it even harder. Now we were getting stares from other
couples. Knowing that a lot of the patrons were gay
males made it a little different. When my cock was
hard and shining from the butter, she took the snapple
bottle and pushed the opening against the head of my
cock. With a wiggle, suddenly my cock was down in the
cold raspberry tea. It would not come off now until I
had gone down. Madonna had no intention of allowing
this to happen as she leaned over and pushed her tits
against me. One hand slid under my balls and started
to pinch and pull my flesh. Her other hand was pumping
the bottle up and down. No tea could leak out because
of the suction that her actions formed.

Soon I could not hold back and I twisted in my
seat as shot after shot of hot cum spurted into the
tea. The patrons near us gasped at the sight of me
unloading into the bottle of tea. It was hard for the
cum to shoot out because the bottle was so full.
Finally, I finished letting my load go.

With a pop she pulled off the bottle and slowly
lifted it to her lips. Her tongue played with the
strands of cum dripping from the lip of the bottle.
When she had one large glob, she pulled my head to hers
and I tasted raspberry cum for the first time.

Even the gay males now looked hungry at the
sight of my shiny cock and the sweet cum drink we were
sharing. With a laugh, she stood up and pulled her
blouse completely open.

Madonna grabbed my arm, and in a loud voice said
“come on honey, I need that greasy dick fucking me.
Take me home now, so we can get comfortable.” And with
that I stumbled after Madonna as she pulled me after
her. Struggling to get my pants closed, and car keys
in hand, I thought to myself, ‘wow, how often dose
something like this happen to a guy?

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