Another sex story with Alexandra Daddario

This is purely fantasy, and should be treated as such.
“Anything you would like to tell me?”

As her boyfriend handed her the phone, she wondered what he was talking about. Looking at the phone’s screen and finding it in a search page, she only needed to look at the first result to see what it was.

Zac Efron & Alexandra Daddario Stir Up Romance Rumors On Sunset Boat Ride

Her eyes widened a bit comically, and she felt the urge to laugh; her and Zac? Seriously? Looking at her boyfriend she found him looking back at her with a frown, yet his eyes betrayed his attempt at a serious look; they were full of mirth, almost laughing, showing he was just joking around as well.

And with that, Alexandra couldn’t help laughing a bit.

“I’m serious Alex, are you going behind my back?” He asked with a mock serious voice, his frown turning almost pouty.

Alex snickered at her boyfriend’s playful accusation, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him for a tender kiss. “Of course not. Besides, you know I prefer older men.”

“Then I should be worried, don’t I? We are the same age.”

“Nah, you are some months older than me. That works.” She gave him one of her wide smiles, leaning in to kiss him again which he reciprocated. “Now, let’s go. I can’t wait to get away for a while… We have the whole weekend for ourselves…”

“This is not what I was hoping for…”

Friday night, the first night of their little weekend together. Alexandra had finally found time off her busy schedule to spend a weekend away from cameras and interviews and events and shit, and to stay close to her non-famous ‘secret’ boyfriend. And what happens? Rather than what she expected, meaning they would fuck like rabbits, he went and got passed out drunk on the very first night.

Who would have thought he was such a weak drinker?

So Alexandra Daddario stood lying there, naked and sexually unsatisfied, with thoughts of murder going through her head aimed at the sleeping man besides her.

And then he snored.

“Fuck it!” Alexandra threw her covers off and stood up, walking out of the bedroom before she gave in and killed him in his sleep—something that, in her mind, he certainly deserved.

For her luck, she picked up his thrown-off shirt—which was big enough on her to hide her still naked crotch and ass—and put it on before leaving, unconsciously deciding not to go out fully naked. Why though? They were alone in her boyfriend’s house, right?


As she went to the kitchen and opened the fridge to look for something to drink or eat, she didn’t even notice how her shirt rode up, revealing her round posterior for all to see. What did she care, after all; there was no one to see it…

“Nice ass.”

With a jump Alexandra turned around, finding herself face to face with the speaker. She had completely forgotten about him…

You see, there was another small problem Alexandra hadn’t counted on regarding her weekend stay at her boyfriend’s. His father, William—or Bill, as her boyfriend sometimes called him and he insisted she call him as well—was also staying there for the time being.

And like her, he apparently was at enough ease in the house to walk nearly naked—in his case, in his boxers only.

“What are you doing here?” Alex asked, unconsciously tugging down on the hem of her shirt to keep herself from flashing him again.

Bill raised an eyebrow, whether at her question or her action unknown, and his eyes drifted. “Don’t know if you remember but I’m staying here as well…”

Alexandra followed his eyes and found what he was looking at: in tugging her shirt down, it had began stretching where her big breasts were, really making them stand out.

With a glare at him, she let go of her shirt and instead brought her hands to her hips. “Well, liking the view?”

“Other than the shirt, yes I am.” He said with a smirk, leaning on the kitchen’s counter.

That was the thing about Bill, as his son had warned Alexandra: he was a dirty old man. Alexandra had learned it as well from her own experience, as each time they saw each other during that day Bill had taken the chance to flirt or make innuendos at her.

“Well, two can play this game…”

“Take a picture then, might last longer.” Alexandra quipped, continuing to glare at him but letting a smirk grace her features.

“Don’t need to, considering I can find it easily on the internet.”

That comment drew a reaction from Alexandra, making her eyes widen.

Bill chuckled at it. “What, you thought I didn’t know you were an actress? That lil’ fucker couldn’t stop babbling to me how he was fucking the Alexandra Daddario, so I looked you up.”

“I’m gonna kill him, I really will…” Alexandra spoke under her breath, but apparently loud enough for Bill to hear as he chuckled again. Turning back to Bill, she wondered abut something he said. “Why do you call him lil’ fucker?”

For his part, the older man just shrugged. “He is just a kid after all, always was and always will be.”

“He is older than me.”

“Yeah, so he tells me.” Bill chuckled. “If you think that, than you should see what a real older man is.” He gave her a smirk at that.

Alexandra blushed, not so much at the hidden meaning of his words but at the words themselves.

A real older man.

Truth was, the whole ‘older man’ thing wasn’t just sexual banter between her and her boyfriend; Alexandra truly had an attraction—or, as some would say, a fetish—for older man. She didn’t know what it was she saw in them: maybe it was their experience, maybe it was how young and alive they made her feel…

What mattered was, Alexandra Daddario liked older men.

Seeing Alexandra blush and space out, Bill chuckled thinking he had gotten to her. Deciding that was enough teasing for a night, he walked past her and to the fridge, leaning down to pick a beer. Picking another, he held it out for the still spaced out girl. “Want one?”

Alexandra broke out of her musing, looking at the offered beer and frowning. “No, thanks. Don’t remind me.”

“Huh?” Bill questioned, placing the offered beer back in the fridge. As she explained, however, he laughed; not a chuckle like he had been doing lately, but a full-blown belly laugh. “Oh God, can’t believe that lil’ fucker! The kid never could hold his alcohol, that he couldn’t.”

Hearing Bill laugh, for some reason, made Alexandra crack a smile herself. After a moment she even joined in with a few snickers, before surprising herself and slapping him lightly on the arm. “Don’t laugh, it wasn’t funny in the least!”

“Sorry, sorry.” Bill recomposed himself, taking a moment to catch his breath and take a drink from his beer. “I apologize for my son.”

“Don’t need to…” Alexandra said, smiling a bit.

Her ‘animosity’ towards her boyfriend’s dad gone and starting to actually warm up to it, Alexandra accepted a beer. Before they knew it they had been hanging out for nearly an hour, talking and laughing and… yes, at times flirting.

Except this time Alexandra flirted right back, creating some rather explicit back-and-forth between them.

As they talked and drank, Alexandra found herself drifting her sight just like Bill had one they first met. For the first time she actually paid attention to him, to his physique, and she had to admit she liked what she saw.

For a man of his age, Bill had never really let himself go. True, he was not muscled like some younger men who worked out, but he didn’t have those pot bellies many men his age had nor was he skinny. He was just… nice to look at, for a man on his 50’s—probably pushing on his 60’s. His face gave off a tough guy vibe, with his rugged and slightly unshaven looks.

All in all, Bill was the kind of older man Alexandra liked. And if he was as good as his son in bed…

“Goddamnit, Alex! Take your mind off the gutter!” Alexandra chastised herself mentally, shaking her head to ward off these thoughts. As she looked back at Bill, though, she couldn’t keep her eyes from wandering… downwards…

And finding themselves fixed on the bulge on his boxers.

“Hey, Alex. You there?” Bill spoke with laughter in his voice, breaking her out of her trance. “Geez, my eyes are up here.” He said, chuckling as he spoke words he never expected to.

“I could say the same.” Alexandra replied, tugging on her shirt to accentuate her tits once more; like moths to a fire, his eyes immediately wandered down to them. “Testing… See? You fail as well.”

“That was cheating.” Bill said with a smirk, placing his empty beer can down.

“All’s fair in love and war.”

“And what is this? Love or war?” Bill asked, walking closer to Alex.

“Wouldn’t you like to know? Old man?” Alex said, crossing her arms under her breasts—intentionally accentuating them. “Care to take a guess.”

Bill stopped in front of her, giving her a look with one eyebrow raised. “What about my son?”

“The lil’ fucker?” Alexandra said, the two smiling as she used his nickname. “Well, he kinda deserves it for leaving me hanging like that…”

Alexandra barely finished speaking before she was lifted off the ground, spun around and made to sit on the lower counter of the kitchen isle. Before she could speak anything he grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up, throwing the shirt off on the ground and leaving her bare, naked body for his eyes to feast on.

“God, this looks even better than on TV…” He said, taking in every inch of her body.

“Yeah, and you know what?” He raised his head to look her in the eye, her beautiful blue eyes looking back with overflowing lust. In a quick movement she brought her legs forward and wrapped them around his waist, pulling him forward and pressing her tits to his naked chest. “It feels even better to touch.”

Deciding to get over with the teasing for now, Bill brought a hand up to the back of her head and pulled her forward, meeting her incoming lips with his own. Alexandra moaned in his mouth as they kissed, not the tender or loving kiss she often gave her boyfriend, but a passionate, sloppy kiss reserved for fucking only.

As their tongues came out to play and began a game of wrestling between their mouths, Bill brought another hand up to grab on to her left breast, squeezing it almost painfully before kneading it like dough. The foreplay was enough to make Alexandra lose their tongue fight, allowing the older man to plunder her mouth as she submissively licked his tongue back.

When they finally broke their liplock, Bill leaned back a little and brought his hand—the one that had been holding the back of her head—to join his other hand on molesting her tits. Together the two mauled them, squeezing and groping every inch of flesh they could, pinching and rubbing the nipples and making Alexandra moan out loud and even—at one particular rough nipple-pinching—to scream.

“Be louder, I think the neighbors didn’t hear.” Bill said, leaning down to kiss and lick the porcelain white skin of her neck. “Want my son to hear you?”

“Oooohhh… Fuck him…” Alex moaned, loving the pricking feel of his stubbly beard against her skin, as well as his hands’ ministrations. “Let him hear it… He deserves it…”

Truth was, her boyfriend was still passed out drunk in his bed, blissfully unaware of what was going on, and was gonna stay that way. Both Alexandra and Bill knew there was no chance for them to be caught, that in his alcohol-induced sleep he wouldn’t wake up with an earthquake; yet, the mere notion that they could be caught by their boyfriend/son in the act was enough to make them even more excited.

And, in Bill’s case, it showed.

“Ooooh fuck…” Alexandra moaned, feeling the clothed cock of her new lover pressing against her naked pussy. “C’mon… fuck me… you dirty old man…”

“If you insist, little girl.” He quipped back, leaning up to kiss her again before pulling back from her. Alexandra let a moan of disappointment at the lack of contact, but let her legs untangle from his waist as she knew what was coming; sure enough, he leaned down and pulled his boxers out, revealing his rock-hard cock for her.

“Oh my God…” Alexandra said, her breath catching in her throat for a moment as she saw his size.

A dirty old man with a big dick, ready to fuck her? It was her dream come through!

“What, too big for you?” Bill asked, with a smirk.

Alexandra looked him in the eye, smirk mirroring his. “Nah, it’s just as big as your son’s.”

Bill just shrugged, taking it in stride. “Well, like father like son.” He grabbed Alexandra’s arm, pulling her to her feet and against him; her breasts mashed against his chest, her rock-hard nipples pricking against his chest, and his cock was pressing against her thighs. “Though you will find out I’m much better than him.”

“I can believe it.” She said, leaning up a bit to kiss his chin—he was a couple inches taller than her—loving the way his stub of a beard pricked her lips. “You older guys are always more experienced… you know how to fuck…” She added between kisses.

“That we do…” Bill said, deciding to hold this information for a later point. Instead, he spun her around and made her bend over the kitchen isle, her ass jutting out to attention. “What a nice ass…”

“Too bad you ain’t going near it…” Alexandra said, looking over her shoulder and shaking her ass at him. “Might give you a heart attack, old man.”

“That would be a great way to go.” He said back, palming her ass and taking a moment to slap her asscheek. Alexandra jumped a bit at that and moaned, making him smirk. “Seems like someone likes getting spanked. Want daddy to spank you, little girl?”

Moaning as he gave her other asscheek a slap, Alexandra just pushed her ass back more for him as she nodded. “Yes… Please, daddy…”

Bill’s smirk widened further as he brought his hand up and then smacking down once more, continuing to spank her ass.

“Yes daddy… Give me some more…”

For a couple minutes the two engaged in this little game, Alexandra moaning out incentives as he alternated between asscheeks, intent on leaving a red imprint of his hand on both. Once he finally achieved what he intended, he squatted down and gave a kiss on each reddened cheek, earning a laugh from the woman.

“Oh God, should have expected you to be an ass-kisser.”

“Oh, you did say I was a dirty old man, didn’t you?” Smirking at her, he grabbed and pulled her asscheeks apart, revealing her puckered asshole for his eyes. Pushing his face forward into her ass, he jutted out his tongue and licked it, making Alexandra jump and squeal.

Before he could continue, he felt her hands grab his greying hair and pull him away. “Sorry, but I was serious; the ass is off-limits.” She said with seriousness in her voice.

Disappointed but quick to recover, Bill nodded. As she let go of him, he grabbed her hips and stood in position behind her, aligning his cock with her pussy. “Ready, little girl?”

“As ready as ever, old man. C’mon and fuck me!” Alexandra almost growled, looking over her shoulder at him.

Smiling as he felt her lustful gaze on him, Bill pushed forward slowly, teasingly, his head splitting open her lips until it was inside. As Alexandra opened her mouth to complain about his teasing, he suddenly pushed forward violently, spearing his entire length inside.

“AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH… Ooooooohhhh…” Alexandra, mouth already open, screamed loudly at the intrusion but soon enough it turned into a moan; she wasn’t lying when she said he was the same size as his son, and she had experience fitting him in.

“Oh fuck damnit… What a nice pussy…” It felt good being inside Alexandra Daddario, Bill would never deny it. She wasn’t tight, at least not as much as he would have preferred, but she wasn’t too loose either; it just… felt right.

He might have taken a moment too long in contemplating this feeling, for when he came to she was pushing her hips back against him, trying to fuck herself against his cock since he wasn’t moving. With a smirk he took a hold of her hips, keeping her in place much to her chagrin.

“C’mon, fuck me…” She whimpered, looking back over her shoulder with a pleading look.

“Careful what you ask for, little girl…” He began pulling out his cock from her pussy, earning a moan from her. “You might just get it.” Almost as if emphasizing his words, he thrust back forward, impaling her once more and earning another loud scream/moan from her.

Their rhythm wasn’t slow, there was no romance like Alexandra often did with her boyfriend; it was a just a hard, fast rutting, Bill pistoning her pussy from behind with force as they aimed at nothing other than pure carnal pleasure. Alexandra’s mouth seemed to be open in an eternal ‘O’ as she moaned and cried out, occasionally mumbling obscenities, her body rocking and humping the isle’s counter as she got fucked.

On Bill’s end, he felt he just couldn’t afford to be slow. At his age, even though he kept in shape, he knew he wouldn’t last too much against such hotness like Alexandra Daddario; holding on to her hips, he continued to pound into her from behind, watching what he could of her ass ripple a bit each time his crotch came into contact with it.

“Fuck, I love this cunt!” Bill groaned out, one of his hands letting go from her hip and up to her big bouncing breasts, taking a hold of one as he squeezed the life out of it—earning another cry from her.

“Oh fuck, you dirty old fucker!” Alexandra moaned out, holding on to the isle’s counter for support as his pace seemed to get harder by the second.

And then, suddenly he began slowing down.

“Wha-?” Alexandra began as she felt him start to pull out, but stopped as he turned her around so she was sideways with the isle.

“I’m not finished.” He grabbed one of her legs and lifted it up, holding it behind the knee to keep it up as he inserted his cock again in her pussy. Alexandra moaned out once more, feeling him reach even deeper in this new position.

Now getting fucked sideways against the counter, one arm support her against it while the other reached forward to hold on to the back of Bill’s head to pull him closer, Alexandra Daddario did her best to keep eye contact with him as they fucked. Still holding on to her lifted leg, Bill alternated between gazing back into her lust-filled eyes and down to her bouncing tits, one sight as amazing as the other that he couldn’t decide.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohfuckofuckohfuck…!” Alexandra moaned out, her face scrunched up a bit as she tried her best to keep her eyes trained on Bill’s, her tits swaying enticingly up and down in tempo with his powerful thrusts, her side humping the counter almost painfully for her.

“Who fucks you best, uh? Tell me, whose cock does this pussy belongs to?!” Bill growled out, never once letting go of the animalistic rhythm he had going.

“Oh fuck… You! You, you big-dicked old man!” Alexandra moaned out, now unable to hold back anymore and closing her eyes as she turned her face upwards. “It belongs to you now!!”

With a mighty cry, Alexandra tightened her grip on the back of his hair as her pussy began contracting on his cock, her whole body squirming. Bill also groaned out, feeling the effects of her own orgasm: her pussy dampening even further and trying to milk his cock. He could feel her almost dripping out now.

“Fuck it!” Knowing he himself was reaching the brink, Bill let go of her leg and pushed her forward against the isle once more; this time, too tired to support herself, Alexandra pretty much fell face forward on it, completely bent over the counter, as Bill held her hips and railed hard on her once more from the back.

“C’mon daddy… Fuuuuck!” Alexandra moaned out at first as she felt him start faltering in his thrusts, then went silent as he gave a final, hard thrust. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as she felt him cum inside her, feeling the sloshing feel of his cum start filling her up and his veiny member start pulsating against her walls, small and weak thrusts still coming from him.

“Oooooohhh…” Bill moaned, feeling himself empty his spunk in the beautiful woman’s pussy. Once he felt done he pulled back out, shooting a couple more strands into her back before staggering a moment as he moved to a kitchen’s counter for support. As he recovered, he looked over his handiwork: the woman still bent over the isle, his cum dripping from her pussy and some of it on her back.

“Fucking… hell…” Alexandra moaned out, standing up and turning around to face her new lover. As she carefully sat on the isle’s counter, the two found themselves once more face to face, now completely naked and spent, breathings labored and eyes meeting without the haze of lust in them anymore. “Well… That happened.”

“Yeah, it did.” Bill answered, dreading the awkwardness that was starting to come over the room. “You regretting it?”

“Hell no.” Alexandra said, smiling and chuckling a bit. “Why would I regret some great sex with a dirty old man?”

There was a moment of silence once more.

“Can you go again?” Alexandra asked, looking down at his limp cock.

“Maybe later…” Bill looked towards the kitchen’s door, before looking back at Alexandra. “You know, he isn’t gonna wake up tonight…”

Suffice to say, Alexandra didn’t spend the night at her boyfriend’s bedroom.

Following their first encounter that Friday night, things between Alexandra and Bill had cooled off. Other than a certain… incident the following morning, which ended with him eating her out in the shower—and the both of them nearly getting caught by their boyfriend/son—the two had spent the remainder of the weekend without each other.

Following their disastrous first night, Alexandra and her boyfriend reconciled the following day and spent the weekend much like Alexandra hoped—meaning they fucked or played with each other every chance they had.

Overall, Alexandra didn’t really have any complaints as far as her weekend went.

And right now, Monday morning, as their weekend came to an end, it was time for her to return to her life of a celebrity and all the shit it came with. But first…

“For some reason, I don’t think this is the airport…” Alexandra spoke sarcastically as she looked up to see that the car they were in indeed wasn’t at the airport’s parking lot, but rather at an underground parking lot somewhere; not that she cared at the moment, as she returned to more important matters.

In that case, the hard cock of her driver, which she returned to sucking enthusiastically.

“We still have time…” Bill’s gruffy voice sounded, followed by a groan, as he let a hand carefully caress her dark hair and incited her to push down further on his lap.

He had volunteered to take her to the airport since his son had to go to work. On the way he had taken the chance to bring up once more what they did, tease her a bit, and…

“He started the weekend off, might as well finish it off.” Alexandra had reasoned, as she opened the flyer on his jeans and bent over to suck him off.

And thus they were right now, her sucking him off in his car, him just lying back in his seat as he enjoyed the feel of her lips going all the way down to his pubic hairs as she deepthroated him.

“I missed that mouth…” Bill groaned as Alexandra moved up again, sucking in a breath and wiping the excess saliva from her mouth; to compensate for it, she began jerking him off.

“And I missed this cock…” She spoke sultrily, looking up into his eyes. Before he could say anything she moved towards him, taking his lips with hers in a searing, passionate kiss.

“Say, you ever fucked in a car, old man?” Alexandra said between kisses, never once faltering in jerking him off.

“I’ve been doing that since before you were born, little girl…” He said, moving his mouth down to her neck and giving her a bite down, earning a yelp from her and a squeeze of his dick. “But I have an even better idea…”

With that he pushed her off him and back to her seat, earning a disappointed glare from her. Opening the door and leaving the car, he left Alexandra there just staring in confusion… until her own door opened to reveal Bill there.

“C’mon up.”

Alexandra grinned up at him, taking his hand as she stood up outside. She was led to stand in front of the car, at which point she understood what was Bill’s plan.

“You are bad.” Alexandra smirked, leaning back against the hood of the car. “What if someone sees us?”

“You didn’t seem to care about that when we fucked back in my son’s house.” Bill said, pulling on Alexandra’s shirt and taking it off with her help. To his surprise, he found her completely bare underneath. “No bra?”

“It would just be another inconvenience, don’t you think?” Alexandra said, putting her hands on her hips and striking a pose for him.

“Very true.” Bill replied matter-of-factly, bringing his hands up to play with her big boobs. Alexandra snickered before moaning, closing her eyes as she let herself be taken by the lovely feel of his hands kneading and mashing her boobs together; she yelped a bit as he suddenly brought his face along with his hands, giving her tits a nice sucking like a baby’s and occasional bites.

Before long Bill straightened up once more, bringing his lips up from her tits all the way back to her lips for another heated, passionate kiss. As they kissed his hands moved down from her breasts to grasp her hips and, in a quick movement, spun Alexandra around, earning a squeal from her.

“You dirty old man…” Alexandra moaned, closing her eyes and leaning her head back as he began kissing, nibbling and nuzzling against her neck, his hands moving down to undo her jeans and pull them down along with her panties, forcing him to squat a bit to take the garments off—and making Alexandra shiver as his stubby beard grazed her back as he went down along.

“Ever been fucked on the hood of a car?” He asked, straightening again and pushing Alexandra down till she was completely bent over the car, her big tits mashed against it. The woman giggled, trying to turn her head to look at him but being stopped as he placed a hand against her head, forcing her to keep her cheek pressed against the hood. “I haven’t cummed since that shower, girl. I’ve been holding it out this long; I’m going all out now.”

“Yeah? Gonna give me your big old man dick, you dirty old fucker?” Alexandra asked, smiling a bit in excitement as she felt his cock rub slowly against her pussy from behind, aligning with it. “Go on the-FUCK!!”

Bill didn’t answer with words, nor did he let her finish speaking, as he thrust himself forward and speared her insides once more. Like before she wasn’t particularly tight, a fact he associated with his son giving her her fair share of dicking during the weekend; still, it fit just right, snug enough she could milk him by tightening a bit and he could get enough friction to pleasure them both.

“Oh fuck!” Alexandra moaned out as Bill grasped her hips and wasted no time building up a fast and rough pace to his movements.

Soon Alexandra’s body was rocking back and forward on top of the car, her big tits giving the hood a good rub down when not flatly mashing against it, the entire vehicle rocking with their every rough movement. Alexandra’s moans and squeals echoed around the lot, a fact that kept bugging the back of both their hands…

What if someone was there, heard it and decided to see what was going on?

What if they were caught fucking right there?

The parking lot was mostly empty, they knew that if someone came by they would see them almost immediately. Yet not even once did the thought of stopping cross their mind; if anything, it only excited them further, the thrill of possibly being caught becoming stronger by the moment, even more so than when they did it back in their boyfriend’s/son’s house.

And so they continued, giving each other and their car quite the workout.

As she moaned and squealed, Alexandra began trying to lean on her arms, trying to lift herself up a bit. Seeing this, Bill ‘helped’ her; he moved his hands up from her hips, reaching between her and the car’s hood to grasp her boobs and pull her up through them. In the end Alexandra got what she wanted, managing enough strength to lean on her arms, while Bill found a new set of hangers for his hands to grasp on.

Bending over a bit, Bill moved so his head was against her ear, whispering to her. “You gonna cum, girl? You gonna cum with this hard old cock inside your little pussy?”

Alexandra gave a small scream, scrunching up her face as she arched her back, trying to push her ass back against him. For his part Bill just continued humping her, hitting deep strokes with his cock inside her, all the while continuing to feed her dirty talk and occasionally nibble her ear or neck.

“OOOOHHH FUUUCCKKK!!!” Alexandra cried out, arching her back as far as she could, before her cunt clamped on Bill’s cock. Her arms gave out and she fell a bit forward, Bill’s hands on her chest the only thing keeping her from face-faulting into the hood.

For his part, Bill wasn’t going to hold out much longer either. Finding his thrusts more erratic and slower, he helped her down on the hood before pulling out.

Alexandra, despite her still being a bit out of it, read the situation correctly and promptly turned around, dropping down to her knees and coming face to face with his hard, pulsating cock.

“Do it…” She said, bringing her hands to his cock and jerking him off once more. “Cum on my face and tits, old man… Cover me in your dirty cum…”

Seeing the beautiful Alexandra Daddario on her knees in front of him, jerking his cock and begging him to cum on her was just too much. Aiming his cock at an invisible target on her face, Bill groaned before unleashing his seed. Rope after rope of cum spewed forth on Alexandra’s face, hitting right into her open mouth for the first few spurts before going around to drench her face. After a couple shots on her face Alexandra leaned back, giving him a new target in the way of her tits; the remainder of Bill’s cum was gladly given to them, drenching her milky white tits in his sticky seed.

Once done, Bill’s breathing was labored once more; feeling his age weighting on him, he moved to her side and sat down on the car’s hood, catching his breath while watching the younger woman play with his cum.

“Hhhhmm… Yummy…” Alexandra said, her fingers scooping the cum on her tits and bringing it up to her mouth, where she licked and sucked her fingers clean. “Old men’s cum is the best…”

“You speak like you have any experience with them…” Bill said, smirking a bit as she looked up at him; the combination of her bright blue eyes and the cum still lingering around her mouth and chin giving her an ethereal look.

“And who said I don’t?” She gave him a wink, giggling a bit as she let her tongue out to lick along her lips. “The question here is… Can you go again?”

Bill blinked in surprise. “Aren’t you gonna miss your flight?”

“I did an online check-in, so I don’t need to be there so soon. We still got…” She looked at her watch. “Well, we can have another hour for us.”

Bill smirked, already feeling his limp cock twitching back into life. “Well, give me that ass and we can see what we can do.”

Alexandra looked up at him again, smirking back. “Easy there, even your son hasn’t tasted my ass yet. What makes you think I’m willing to give it to you?”

“Because you would love an old man’s cock up that tight little ass of yours?” Bill guessed.

“Hhhmmm… You are right, I would…” Alexandra moved around so she was right in front of the seated Bill, though still on her knees. “But I’m still not giving it to you. Maybe next time, this way you have something to look forward to…”

“Next time? Is there going to be a next time?”

“Of course. What? Gonna say something like you regret doing this to your son?”

“You still fuck him, don’t you? A little sharing won’t hurt him.”

“Agreed.” Alexandra moved forward, her hands grasping his reviving cock and pushing it up as she began trailing her lips along his shaft. “So, you up for another go?”

Bill just smiled down at her, his hand moving to the back of her head as she engulfed his cock to the base.

For the next hour the sounds of moaning, groaning and skin slapping against skin echoed around the parking lot, and their car shook as they fiercely fucked once more.

Walking into the airport, Alexandra couldn’t help the smile on her face as she felt the dampness of her panties rubbing against her pussy. Bill had helped her take the luggage, and true to her assumption she had arrived in time for her flight.

Having left Bill with her number, in case he was ever in New York and wanted to meet again, Alexandra couldn’t help thinking back to the weekend that just passed. A weekend that had not gone entirely like she planned… It had gone better, and now she had another older lover. Speaking of which…

She picked her phone up and pressed the speed dial.

“Hey Dwayne! It’s me, Alex. Listen, you are in New York right? Well, I’m about to take a flight there, so… Want to meet up later? Hm? My place, yeah. Good then, see you later… Old man.”

Yes, Alexandra Daddario just loved her older men.

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