Sex Kitten – Camren Bicondova

Frustration grew in the pit of my stomach and I angrily grit my teeth as I fought with the dark blue tie, struggling to get it right. Usually I didn’t wear one and in the rare instances the occasion dictated it, it was my wife who helped me out.

No such luck today however, Evie was gone for the weekend with a few of her girlfriends, some spa event somewhere up the coast, and my business dinner called for very formal attire, so I was on my own, with time running out.


I sighed at the sound of the doorbell, checking the clock on the bedroom wall. The babysitter! Camren was here and it was time for me to go.

I smirked for the hundredth time as I made my way down the stairs to the front door and thought of the fact that my two-year-old son was about to get a fucking celebrity babysitter, “Gotham” star, 17-year-old Camren Bicondova. A strange situation and the little guy wouldn’t even be able to appreciate it.

Camren had been more or less in the public eye for a few years now, first as part of her dancing group on some ‘Talent’ show. Following that she had risen to considerable fame when she had managed to snatch the role of Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle on “Gotham”, some sort of Batman prequel showing the main characters in their teen years.

While incredibly proud of her daughter, Camren’s mom had always been worried that the fame would get to her and her sweet daughter would turn into a privileged little Hollywood brat (even though, to her credit, the seventeen-year-old showed no signs of that). The fact that she was an only child with no siblings to help keep her grounded only made matters worse, and lately every teenage bickering was made out to be a huge catastrophe at the Bicondova’s place.

Now while her mom decided that while fame was great, what Camren really needed was ‘the normal teenager experience’, which to her daughter’s annoyance involved doing small youngster jobs for a little money and since my wife and Camren’s mother had been friends for a long time, the girl had been offered as a babysitter to us should the need for it arise.

Which brought us here. Checking my reflection one last time in the hallway mirror, I opened the door, finding myself facing the teenage actress.

“Hello, Mr. Jones!” Camren chirped, despite not being here entirely by choice she seemed cheerful as ever.

“Whoa, looking sharp there!”

She looked me up and down with her big, green eyes.

“Hi, Cam!” I smiled and pushed the door wide,

“Thank you for being on time, come on in!”

As the petite teen strode past me I couldn’t help but notice that she didn’t look too bad herself, which immediately made me feel guilty as she not only was my wife’s best friend’s daughter, but she also wasn’t even close to being half my age. However, the casual clothes the girl wore on this warm summer evening were accentuating her petite, muscular frame incredibly well. The black tights clung to her lean dancer shaped legs and the grey tank top bared her midriff, putting the girl’s toned stomach on display.

Quickly I looked away, not wanting to be caught ogling her like some old creep and pulled out my wallet.

“Thanks again for doing this, Cam!” I smiled and winked, “I know you don’t really want to do this, but still…”

Camren smiled sweetly. I had gotten to know her at the age of eight (which made the sensations she was causing me even worse) and while we naturally didn’t have much to do with each other, I always found her pleasant whenever my wife and I visited.

“Could be worse. Now at least I get my ‘teenage experience’ sitting for a cute boy…”

I grinned and pulled out a few notes.

“Gotta leave you now, Cam. Gonna be back at eleven at the latest. Jack is already asleep upstairs, so it should be an easy job. Watch TV or use the PC if you like. If you wanna order Pizza, it’s on me. In any emergency, my number is on the fridge. And Camren…” I said in a stern tone before grinning and giving her a straight faced look and hiding my childlike nature,

“No boys, please! Cover that part of this ‘experience’ of yours on another day!”

Camren rolled her eyes and giggled. “Sure, Mr. Jones! I’ll be good.”

Chuckling I handed her the money. “I’m sure you will. We said 20 Dollars, right?”

The girl’s eyes widened in protest. “We said 25!”

“Oh, come on, Cam.” I teased,

“You’re a famous actress, probably making more than me as it is and you’re gonna haggle over five dollars?”

“Haggling comes with this ‘teenage experience’, sir!” Camren grinned cheekily,

“I’m afraid I going to have to insist…”

“Good point…” I handed her another five dollar note and with a last, sweet smile Camren turned to head upstairs and check in on my son.

As the girl walked up the stairs I again couldn’t help but notice the way her tight, firm teen butt was accentuated by her tights, quickly cursing myself for the impure thoughts running through my head about my wife’s friend’s teenage daughter.

“See you at eleven!” I called after her, causing Camren to give me a smile back over her shoulder before I quickly pulled the front door shut, feeling more than a little inappropriate.

“Well, that was a waste!” I growled as my car rolled to a stop in front of my house at barely 10 pm. While I had hoped to seal a fruitful partnership tonight when I had arrived I had quickly realized that the ‘business dinner’ was their way of letting me down easily.

And sure enough, half an hour in I was informed that the partnership was never about to happen. Sighing I got out of my car and locked it. An hour earlier than what I had told Camren.

“Well, maybe this way I can haggle my five dollars back,” I thought with a grim smile as I walked up to the front door.

Letting myself in I found the house dark and quiet. A quick look into the living room told me that Camren wasn’t there, so the girl was probably upstairs, maybe with my son.

Silently making my way up to the first floor I crept up to Jack’s room, careful not to make any noise in case Camren was just putting him back to sleep. However, when I opened the door enough to peek inside I found my son’s room in darkness with him sleeping peacefully in his little bed.

While she had done a good job apparently, this made me wonder where Camren was when all of a sudden I heard a muffled noise from down the hallway. Surprised, I looked in the direction where the moaning sound was coming from, realizing that it came straight from the master bedroom.

Confused I slowly approached my own bedroom, finding the door slightly ajar and even from a few feet away I could see the flickering light of our bedroom’s TV.

While she maybe just wanted to be closer to Jack’s room in case she was called into action, I had to say that having the teenage girl hang out in my bedroom made me feel more than a little weird. Somehow it didn’t feel right…

I was just about to knock on the doorframe when through the crack of the slightly open door I got a view of the TV and what was playing on it. My eyes widened with shock when I realized that it was my very own sextape!

A while ago I had bought a new video camera and just like every time when I buy some new technical toy, I’d go crazy over it for the next few days, so I began filming everything.

The idea to film the wife and I during sex however had come from Evie herself (and I was more than game!). So after a few glasses of wine we had filmed our ‘adult playtime’, resulting in forty five minutes of me and my wife in all kinds of activities, including a blowjob, cunnilingus and sex in several different positions before I finished on her face.

It had been a great evening and we had watched the tape together recently (which set off another great evening). Afterwards we had contemplated what to do with the tape, coming to the decision that we both enjoyed it too much to delete it. So in the end we had just stored it on our TV’s memory for casual watching.

Matter of fact, only this morning I had used that tape to get over the fact that my wife wasn’t with me, which meant that if anyone were to check the recently played files, then the kinky tape would be the first to come up!

And Camren seemed to have done exactly that. Anger arose in the pit of my stomach at this invasion of my privacy and I was about to burst inside when my gaze travelled over to the bed, stopping me dead in my tracks.

The nosy teen was completely oblivious to my presence, her eyes fixed on the TV watching me fuck my wife quite roughly doggystyle. And not only did she watch, the little slut was lying on my bed, one hand inside her tights, with her lean legs spread apart, clearly touching herself to the show.

My mouth went dry as I watched Camren clearly rub her little cunt to my private tape, her fingers working in circles, barely obstructed by her pants while her other hand was groping her small chest, tweaking and tugging her stiff nipples through the flimsy fabric of her top. The bitch was clearly enjoying herself.

“Mmmh… Mr Jones…!”

My eyes widened as I heard the teen moan my name, our friend’s teen daughter obviously fantasising about ME taking her!

Unable to stop myself I pushed the door wide open! “What the HELL do you think you’re doing!” I shouted angrily.

Camren squealed in shock as she reacted to my sudden presence. Ripping her hand from her tights and her covered tits, she rolled away from me and onto her knees, her eyes wide in horror as she stared at me in embarrassment.

“Mr. Jones…” she stammered, clearly shell-shocked, “Wha… what are you doing here?!”

“I live here!” I said coldly, stepping into the room and grabbing the remote from my nightstand, turning the smut off,

“Question is what are YOU doing here?”

“I… uh… I…” the girl was at a loss for words, unable to look at me as she searched for an explanation,

“I thought…. You said you were coming back later…” she finally weakly explained.

“So this is what you are doing when I trust you with my house, with my SON!” I growled, towering over the petrified teen kneeling on my bed. I saw tears well up in her pretty eyes, her lower lip shivering.

“Please, Mr. Jones…” she weakly stuttered.

I sighed. “Fine…” Pulling my phone out of my pocket, “I am gonna call your parents!”


Her shocked scream made me stop as she lurched forward and grabbed my shirt, looking at me with begging eyes,

“Please! You can’t call my parents! Mom’s gonna KILL me!”

I frowned, lowering my phone.

“What the hell were you thinking Camren?” I asked, shaking my head.

“I don’t know!” she whimpered, her voice shaky.

“Please, I am so sorry! I won’t do it again. Please, don’t tell mom, I’m begging you!”

Looking down to where her hands so desperately clenched my shirt (the same hands that had fondled her teenage cunt only moments earlier) I sighed.

“What do you suggest then Camren?” I asked, my voice a little calmer.

“I don’t know” the teen begged, her hands letting go of my shirt as she knelt in front of me on my bed, tears in her eyes,

“Anything! Just don’t tell my mom, please!” she continued to plead.

I put my phone down on the nightstand, next to the remote and sat down next to her. The initial rage slowly subsided and I felt a pang of sympathy for the panicking girl.

“You know, this wasn’t exactly what I expected to come home to Camren” I said, my voice a lot more gentle now as I reached out and carefully wiped the single tear from her cheek.

My calm nature had a soothing effect on the teen actress and while she sniveled a little, my willingness to negotiate gave her some hope and eased the terror.

“I know, I’m really sorry Mr. Jones. C… can we just forget this ever happened?” she asked in a small voice, looking at me with huge eyes.

I shook my head.

“You violated my trust here, Camren! Part of the ‘teen experience’ your mom is always on about is that your actions have consequences…”

Swallowing hard, Camren nodded, resigned to her fate.

“Can’t YOU just punish me?” she whispered.

I thought about this for a second, contemplating a solution which would leave her mom out of this. It was true, the woman would probably flip out if she ever got wind of this and blow the whole thing out of proportion in her eagerness to raise her daughter right.

“Fine,” I finally said, making her eyes light up.

“How do you suggest I do that? What would your mother do?”

Camren blushed. “Mom spanks me…” She lowered her eyes, obviously embarrassed at her admission.

My mind raced. I didn’t believe in beating your child in general, but it certainly would teach Camren a lesson. In my own embarrassment I also felt my dick twitch at the thought of having the fit teen across my lap, her succulent little ass at my mercy.

This was morally questionable to say the least, but Camren absolutely had an innocent appeal and suddenly I realized that I really WANTED this. Who would ever know about it, after all?

“Okay!” I said, shifting in my position and patting my knees with my hands,

“Come here then!”

Camren fell silent and nodded.

“Thank you!” she whispered, her eyes lowering as she crawled across my lap, lying down over my knees.

My cock twitched again at the sight of her small, firm booty right in front of my eyes, wrapped only in the thin fabric of her tights. I couldn’t deny my attraction to the naïve girl any longer, and now I wanted to see how far I could take this.

“No, Camren!” I said, feeling a little guilty about taking advantage of her, “It won’t work like this! Pull your tights down!”

Turning her head to look up, the teenager looked up at me with big innocent eyes, but she didn’t say a word of protest and after a second, she simply nodded.

Camren hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her black tights and lifted her hips to push them down, exposing her flawless little ass to me.

Holding my breath I felt my cock harden inside my slacks as inch after inch of her butt-crack was exposed to my eyes, her small butt almost pushed up towards my face. I was immediately hit with the smell of teen pussy, proof of how riled up she had been from watching me fuck my wife.

As she lay back down with her teen ass bare I had to take in a deep breath to calm down my heartbeat, the whole situation exciting me, evidenced by my manhood completely stiffening. It made me wonder if the girl had felt my hardon underneath her.

I took a second and placed my hand on her left buttock, feeling her soft, warm skin under my fingers. Unable to resist I gave the cheek a firm squeeze, testing its incredible ripeness before licking my lips.

“Ready?” I asked, my voice sounding hoarse even to me.

Camren nodded, bracing herself against the carpeted floor with both hands.

I lifted my hand and saw and felt her whole body tense in preparation of the impact. We both held our breath.


“Ow!” Camren couldn’t help but whimper as I slapped her square across the left buttock, making the firm flesh jiggle. Her little ass felt spectacular against my palm.


“OW!” One to the other cheek, her moan a little louder as she twisted slightly in my lap, her movement causing my cock to throb. I waited for her to settle down before I continued, varying slaps left, right and center on her butt, gradually giving both formerly pale cheeks a red glow, each blow making her cry out a little as I tried not to overdo it. I didn’t want to harm her after all.

After fifteen slaps I gave her a short break. Camren snivelled a little as I put my palm on her butt and gently rubbed the sore flesh.

“Are you okay?” I asked, my eyes fixated on her perky posterior.

“Yes!” Camren sobbed, her breath going hard.

“Only five more, okay?” I said, giving both cheeks another squeeze before something came over me and before I knew it I used my hand to spread her ass-crack.

Only for a second I stole a quick glance at Camren’s sweet, pink teenage butthole, looking untouched and perfectly innocent, as well as her glorious little cunt. My breath stopped for a second when I realized the 17-year-old was completely and utterly hairless in between her supple young thighs! Her young sex was smooth and bald and not only that: Camren was soaking wet down there!

My cock was fully rigid by now and I was almost certain she felt it press against her hip through my pants, so I quickly resumed the spanking.



“You’re a bad girl, Camren!”



“Say it!”

“I… I’m a bad girl!” she almost moaned, twisting in my lap with what now felt something else than pain.



“Anything else?”

“I’m so sorry!”



“Little SLUT!”


“OWW!” she squealed with the final, firmer slap to her glowing behind, “I am a little slut!”

I rubbed her ass with my warm hand, feeling the heat emitting from it as I admired my handiwork. My cock was pushing awkwardly against my pants. “Stand up!”

Slowly Camren obliged, awkwardly climbing off my lap and standing up before me. Her face was as red as her ass, her hair was tussled and there were some streaks of tears, but her eyes looked at me with a different gaze: need!

For a few seconds we both looked into each other’s eyes with lust, before I looked down. Camren had not yet pulled her tights back up and they were tangled mid-way around her thighs as she stood in front of me, giving me a full frontal look at her bald, dripping wet teenage cunt, the girl making no attempt to cover up!

The sight was what pushed me over.
Abruptly standing up in front of her, I grabbed the teen’s face with both hands and pressed my lips to hers, kissing the pint-sized girl roughly. Camren didn’t hesitate, putting her arms around me and responding with her small pink tongue playfully teasing me.

“This is so wrong!” I whispered between kisses, none of us slowing down.

Grabbing the hem of her tank top I quickly peeled it upwards. Camren lifted her arms and allowed me to pull it over her head and toss it aside, leaving the curly-headed actress topless. However, I was unable to take in the sight as she immediately kissed me again, pressing her almost naked body against mine.

I felt her small stiff nipples poke through my shirt as our tongues again dueled. As we were making out I slowly turned us around until the teen was with her back to the bed, before I suddenly lifted her up and tossed her onto the sheets.

Camren gasped as she bounced off the mattress, her hair awry as she looked at me, giving me my first chance to take her almost naked body in. Her thighs were slightly spread, as far as her tights would allow, granting me a nice view of her teenage pussy, gleaming with her juices. Her tits were small but very firm a-cups, with little stiff nipples that jutted proudly into the air.

Overcome with lust for the teen starlet, I jumped onto the bed and grasped her tights, literally tearing them down her legs and off her body, making Camren gasp and leaving her naked as the day she was born on the bed in front of me.

Tossing the pants carelessly across the room I grabbed both of the girl’s ankles and roughly yanked them apart.

“Show me that teen pussy!” I growled as I spread her legs wide.

Camren gasped as I exposed her naked body, her hands wandering up and down her pale white frame, writhing with lust.

“Ohgooood!” she groaned, her whole body bucking as I dove forward and enveloped her whole pussy with my mouth, eagerly sucking on her juicy little clam.

I roughly pushed her legs back against her chest as I let my tongue flicker up and down her soaked slit, bending the girl in half. Camren grabbed a hold of her own calves to help me out, keeping the position I had manhandled her into as I attacked her snatch with my mouth, allowing my hands to be free.

While my mouth fiercely sucked upon her teenage cunt, licking her clit, lips and lapping up her juices, my hands roamed over her smooth thighs, groping and squeezing her soft flesh before I placed them on her reddened butt and used them to spread her ass, once again exposing her little, pink sphincter.

As soon as I had exposed it I couldn’t help myself! The whole naughty forbidden feeling was so delectable, had me so intoxicated that I wanted more. It made the whole affair all the more dirtier!

Pulling her hips up and angling her butt upwards I pulled my mouth off Camren’s soaked snatch and before she could even protest, I swiftly jammed my tongue between her cheeks, hungrily rimming her petite butthole.

The curly-haired teen jumped with shock as my tongue wormed itself against her puckered asshole.

“Ohmigod!” she gasped, her eyes big as saucers, “What are you doing?”

It was clear that the concept of a rimjob was something that had never occurred to the young actress and I gave her a juice-smeared grin.

“Shut up and enjoy it!” I told her with a wink, “This is what happens to naughty teen sluts…”

With that said I continued to tongue Camren’s backdoor vigorously, putting all my years of experience to use. After mere seconds the little minx started moaning, her face blushing with equal parts excitement and embarrassment as I worked her sphincter.

“Aah! Oooh! Aaah!”

Putting my thumb on her small clit I rubbed the little nub of flesh as I ate her ass, multiplying the sensations coursing through her inexperienced teen body. Within minutes she was grunting with pleasure, her moans picking up speed as she approached release from the dirty fun.

“Where is my tongue, Camren?” I demanded to know as I jammed the tip past her ring muscle, thrashing about wildly.

“Ooh… it’s in my… ass!” the poor dear moaned, throwing her head from side to side, her hips beginning to buck as I teased her towards the edge.

I watched the show with glee, the emotions on her face, her twitching pussy as I tongue-fucked her glorious asshole.

“P… please let me cum, Mr. Jones!” Camren begged desperately, her voice taking a feverish pitch and her dainty toes curling in excitement.

Feeling generous I decided to let her off the hook without teasing, as the girl looked as if she was on the edge of insanity. Simultaneously I pressed her stiff little clit with my thumb and jammed two fingers into her soft, tight cunt as I buried my tongue deeper than ever inside her young anus.

That did it!

“AAAAAIIIIIII!” Camren squealed as she came, her tiny body shaking violently with pleasure. I sat back and watched in amazement as the petite 17-year-old flopped about on top of my marital bed, every muscle in her body jolting in orgasm!

As her heavy breathing began to subside, I was desperate for some release of my own, quickly slipping off my business shirt and pants, leaving me in just a pair of boxers.

Camren’s green eyes were still a little hazy after her intense orgasm, and when they finally regained full focus, I was by this time sitting beside the naked teen on my bed.

“We need to keep this a secret, Camren. No one can ever know what happens here. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mr. Jones” she replied, eyeing me a little nervously as she propped herself up onto her elbows, probably wondering what else I had in store for her.

“Did that video turn you on?”

“Uh-huh. It got me all wet and excited” she openly admitted.

“I’m glad you thought so. As our babysitter you’d do anything to please me right?”

“Yes sir, anything at all”.

“Show me, Camren” I said, dropping my eyes down to the huge bulge in my pants.

Camren took the hint, reaching down and softly running her dainty little hand over the front bulge in my boxers, a shiver coursing up my spine as her delicate fingers ran up and down the length of my clothed cock.
When I heard the very faint sound of her loosening the buttons on my shorts, it was like music to my ears.

There was a real eagerness in her eyes as the teen swiftly slid my shorts down to my knees, until my rock hard member was finally unveiled.

“Wow…” she remarked with a breathless sigh, her eyes widening to saucers as my long, thick meat nearly smacked against her wrist.

“Think you can handle it?” I cockily said, knowing how in awe of it she was.

“It’s a lot bigger than it looked on the TV” she remarked as she lowered her face so her lips were right up close to the bulbous tip.

I could feel her cool breath upon my sensitive head, the sensation intensifying when she spat in her hand to act as lubrication when she started stroking my cock. It was obvious that it wasn’t the first she had given head before, given the way she used her soft fingers to spread her saliva over every inch of me, even rubbing some of her lather onto my sac.

I grunted as Camren stroked my throbbing tool quicker, made all the better when she cupped my tender balls with the fingers of her other hand and began to massage them lightly. She was evidently doing a great job, as some of my precum flowed out of my cock slit.

“Lick it, Camren” I demanded, tired of her teasing.

She didn’t hesitate, quickly moving to all fours on the bed in front of me when she opened her small mouth and extended her delicate tongue to caress the spongy head, making me groan as the tip of her little tongue flickered all over my bellend. She eagerly lapped the small amount of precum up, tasting a sample of what I had to offer.

“Suck it, you little slut” I commanded, growing further impatient with her stalling. I placed one hand on the back of her curly locks , though for now I did nothing to push her.

“Yes, Mr. Jones” she replied, widening her mouth and taking an inch or two of my swollen member in, her soft, pink lips wrapping tightly around my thick member.

“Good girl, nice and deep” I moaned, both my hands now to the back of her head as she sucked me deeper, her face bobbing back and forth on the first three inches of my cock, making lewd slurping noises as she fucked me with her gorgeous face.

I grit my teeth as I watched my wife’s best friend’s teen daughter naked and on all fours in front of me, sucking my cock. Her pristine, pale skin glistened with a light layer of sweat as she worked me, my eyes lingering down her lithe frame, along her delicate spine down to her incredible tight ass, which was thrust up high in the air in her current position.

Unable to help myself I lifted one hand and heavily brought it down on Camren’s butt in a loud smack, making the girl grunt and mumble on my cock, sending pleasurable sensations tingling up my spine.

“That’s a good little slut!” I complimented her, giving her teen ass a rough squeeze before my hand came back up to grab her hair.

When she leaned up to catch her breath, I took a hold of my sturdy shaft and smacked it against her tongue, before placing it back into her mouth as if I was preparing to penetrate her tight little pussy instead.

“One nasty little mouth you got there, Camren” I said as my hips gyrated so I was essentially fucking her pretty face.

She gagged a little, trying desperately to take me into her throat whilst begging me with her eyes for approval.

I assured her that she didn’t need to, knowing it probably wasn’t possible for a girl given her age and inexperience.

Instead I pulled my slick shaft from between her lips and lifted it, presenting her with my ballsack.

“Lick them!” I demanded, my hand, still on the back of her head, urging her.

Camren hesitated only for half a moment, giving me a shy smile before she leaned in and wrapped her pretty mouth around my right nut, giving it a good suckle.