Star Trek: Uhura and Rand

Janice Rand hurried down the corridors of the
Enterprise. Most of the crew had already beamed over to
Starbase 17 for shore leave. The Enterprise would be in
orbit for at least eight days while repairs were made
to the impulse engines, so no time had been wasted by
those looking to jump ship as it were.

None of this mattered to the blonde haired woman as she
turned the corner and spotted the cabin she was headed
for. In 72 hours she was due to report aboard the
survey ship Crockett. If she left by tomorrow morning,
she would be able to link up with her new assignment
before they set out on another deep space probe. But
first she had one last thing to take care of.

She knew she had spent far too much time deciding on
the contents of the small box she carried. What if its
intended recipient had already left on leave. With a
deep breath she reached out and rang the door chime.
Her look of anxiety immediately changed to a smile as
the door slid open.

“Uhura?” she called out as she entered the room.

“Be out in a minute…” came the voice from the other

Janice was so glad she was in time. She would never
have forgiven herself if she never got the chance to
say goodbye.

“Hello Janice,” Nyota Uhura said as she glided into the
room wearing a long flowing white dress, cut low to
display an ample bosom. “I see my message caught up to
you, you’re just in time for dinner.”

“Dinner?” Janice asked.

“Yes, dinner. You know, some good food, a nice wine,
maybe a little interesting conversation. You did get
the message I left on your com-station?”

“No, I haven’t been back to my room all day.” I’ve been
running around so much, trying to get everything done.
My orders came in, I’m going to the Crockett.”

“I know.”

“You know?” Janice said in surprise “I only found out
this morning.”

“Ten minutes after I did,” Uhura said as she smiled.
“I’m Chief Communications Officer… remember?”

Janice felt a little silly, of course her friend
would’ve seen her orders as soon as they came in.

“Well good fortune smiles on both of us, dinner is
nearly ready and you’re here just in time.” Uhura said
as she indicated the table settings with a flourish of
her outstretched hand. “I couldn’t let your last night
on the Enterprise consist of an empty ward room and pot
luck from the galley.”

“Thank you.” Janice replied. “I only wish I’d gotten
the message. Then at least I could’ve dressed for the
occasion.” she added as she indicated the red uniform
dress she wore.

“Nonsense,” Uhura said as she poured two glasses of
wine and handed one to Rand. “I think you would’ve worn
the uniform anyway, any chance to show off that new
Lieutenant’s stripe.”

Janice could only smile at her friend’s good natured
ribbing as she accepted the wineglass.

“A toast,” the dark skinned woman said as she raised
her glass. “To Lieutenant Janice Rand.”

“To Lieutenant Commander Nyota Uhura,” Janice counter-
toasted. “Without whose help and encouragement I’d
never have won officer’s bars.”

“You’d have made it on your own, Janice,” Uhura said
after drinking the toast. “All I did was give you a
little push now and then.”

“Well either way, I’m very grateful for those pushes.”
Rand answered as she placed her glass on the table and
picked up the small package she had brought. “This is
for you.”

Uhura held the package in her hands and carefully undid
the gold and white paper wrapping. She opened the box
and lifted out a gold chain and locket. The locket was
carved in the shape of a unicorn’s head, with a diamond
set in place of an eye.

“I know its a little thing,” Janice said. “But I’ve
always liked unicorns. Maybe because they were so rare
— just like real friends.”

“I think its beautiful.” Uhura beamed as she lifted it
around her neck and locked the chain into place. The
light brightly reflected off the polished locket,
forming a sharp contrast against the dark brown breasts
it rested between.

“Thank you,” Uhura said as she leaned over and kissed
Janice on the cheek. “I’ll treasure it.”

Just then the timer for dinner went off, causing a
break in the moment. Uhura looked like she wanted to
say something else, but stopped at the sound. She
looked into Janice’s blue eyes for a moment, then
simply said. “I guess we’d better sit down to eat.”

Janice had to admit, the dinner had been one of the
finest she had ever tasted. The wine had also been
excellent, and the conversation best of all. She was
realizing shat she would miss most about the Enterprise
was this woman sitting across from her.

“I’ve got a little something for you too,” Uhura said
as she handed Janice a flat package across the table.

“O’my lord!” Janice exclaimed in surprise as she opened
it. Where in the world did you ever get this?”

In the package was a photograph of a very young crewman
Rand reporting for duty aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise
for the very first time. And the officer she was
reporting to was a Lieutenant named Nyota Uhura.

“I found it in the archives and thought it might make a
nice keepsake of your time here.”

“I was so young.” Janice said. “Look at that hairdo I
used to wear.”

“Oh it wasn’t all that bad,” Uhura said, moving over to
stand over Rand’s shoulder and lean down to get another
look at the photograph.

“Yes it was, I thought it made me look so much older, I
was just 19.”

“Yet even then I could see the potential in you.”

“I can’t see how. I wasn’t even onboard a week before I
fell head over heels for the Captain, like some love-
struck schoolgirl.”

“You and eighty percent of the female population on
board,” smiled Uhura.

“And then when I was assigned as his yeoman, I used to
have runaway fantasies.”

“Well it’s a pity that we were closer back then, I
could’ve saved you a lot of frustration.”

“What do you mean?” Janice asked as she looked into
Nyota’s brown eyes just inches away.

“Well, let me put it this way. Christine Chapel had
more of a chance waking up and finding Spock sharing
her bed than you did Jim Kirk.”

“I don’t understand.”

“The Captain could be the most charming man in the
universe when he wanted to be, always making the female
heart go aflutter. But he had one firm rule that he
would never get involved in anyone under his command.”

“I guess that also answers something else I’ve always
wondered about.”

“And what would that be?” asked the dark woman.

“If you and the Captain had ever… you know.”

“Don’t be so sure about that answer, my friend.” Nyota
said smiling as she rose to her feet. “Jim Kirk wasn’t
always a Captain… and I wasn’t always under his

Janice just sat there speechless for a moment, then
followed Nyota over to the plush couch in the center of
the room.

As they talked, Uhura gently stroked the locked hanging
between her breasts. She would miss Janice, she was
like a little sister at times, one that had grown in to
a very special friend. The locket would always remind
her of that friendship. She now wished she had given
her something more than just the photograph.

“I really am going to miss you Nyota,” Janice said. “I
don’t think I realized until just now how much.”

“It’s funny, I was just thinking the same thing,” Uhura
replied. “But I guess that’s life in Starfleet. But
even though we’re light-years away from each other,
we’ll still have our memories.”

“I guess that’s true,” Rand said half-heartedly. “And
we’ll keep in touch of course.”

“Honey, if a communication’s officer can’t keep in
touch, who can?”

They both laughed at the joke.

“There’s is one more thing I did want to give you,”
Uhura said.

“What was that?”

The Communications Officer was silent as she leaned
over and kissed Janice for the second time this evening
– this time on the lips.

Janice was caught off guard for a moment, then began to
respond to the kiss. She opened her mouth and allowed
Uhura’s tongue easy access. Their lips pressed together
as their tongues met. A warm glow radiated outward,
filling both of them with excitement.

“I want you to stay with me,” Uhura said softly as she
broke the kiss. “I want you to stay with me until your
shuttle leaves tomorrow. If I can only have you in my
memories, I want those memories to have been of loving

Janice’s reply was lost as she kissed Nyota with all of
the passion she could muster. She wanted the memory as
much as Uhura did.

Still locked in the kiss, Janice reached down and slid
her hands inside Uhura’s gown, cupping the large black
breasts contained within. Her fingers brushed against
the large nipples, feeling them harden at her touch.
She reached up and slid the gown downward, allowing her
unrestricted access to the huge mounds of ebony

Continuing to play with Uhura’s nipples, Janice began
to kiss her way downward. First her neck, then her
shoulders received the full attention of the red clad
woman’s hot mouth and tongue. Moving to the large
crevice between Nyota’s breasts, she licked the skin
around the locket, then moved to the surrounding

Rand needed both hands to get a firm grip on one of the
black woman’s breasts. Lifting it to her mouth, she
reached out with her tongue and licked along the edge
of the large aureole, then touched on the nipple. Her
mouth then closed on the nipple, sucking at it, then
biting it just enough to send ripples though Uhura. A
soft moan from her new lover brought a smile to the
blonde woman’s face.

Janice continued to feast on that ebony delight, then
moved over to it’s twin. Whichever breast was denied
the warm embrace of he mouth was rewarded with the soft
touch of her hand. She alternating between the two for
a few minutes, feeling the nipples grow harder with
each sucking.

As she laid back and enjoyed the attention given her
breasts, Uhura had reached up under Janice’s red skirt
and traced the outline of her womanhood. To her
surprise, the young woman was bare beneath her skirt,
neither panties or vaginal hair impeded her fingers
access inside of her.

Janice sighed loudly as she felt Uhura’s fingers enter
her. First one, then a second, finally a third dark
finger filled her deep crevice, stroking the small clit
they found there.

With each passionate breath, Uhura slid her fingers in
and out, coating them with a steady supply of
lubricant. Janice meanwhile was still feasting on those
beautiful chocolate mounds, trying to take more of them
into her mouth with each attempt.

Finally Uhura lifted her head and told her to get out
of her uniform — which she did in record time. Nyota
used the time to also rid herself of any remaining
clothing, and they both dropped nude to the carpeted

She kissed Janice again, feeling the fire in her young
body. She moved down and now gave Rand’s small pink
nipples the same loving attention her own had received.
Her more experienced tongue sent electric sparks up and
down the younger woman’s moist flesh, as she pushed
both small breasts together and sucked on both nipples
at once.

They then moved to a sixty-nine position, so that each
might pleasure the other. Janice found Nyota’s mound
covered with a dark hairy main, hair covered with
bright droplets of precum. With a flourish of her
tongue she dove right it, smearing the juices across
her face. Pulling the cunt lips open with one hand, she
slid two fingers in and finger-fucked Uhura as she
continued to lick with abandon.

Uhura was already getting her fill of girl-juice having
already used her fingers on Rand’s hairless pink cunt.
Her tongue scooped out the precious honey as she
pressed it deeper and deeper. The deeper she sent the
louder the moans of the woman atop her.

Not to be outdone, Janice increased the speed of her
activities, taking Uhura’s swollen clit into her mouth
again and again. Now it was her senior officer’s turn
to moan loudly.

Time lost all meaning as both women lost themselves in
the other’s valley of delight. Every stroke caused the
pressure to build in each of them, rising to an
explosive climax. Cum smeared faces continued to dive
deeper and deeper into the other’s sexual center as
their bodies shook with anticipation. it was impossible
to tell who came first, each felt the other’s body
stiffen and they held each other as tight as they
could. Both buried their faces between the other’s legs
as they unleashed a torrid of girl-cum, more than
either could hope to swallow.

After a few minutes their breathing slowed enough to
speak. Panted breath spoke words if mutual love, and a
happiness that they had consummated that love. Janice
shifted her position and came up so they were now face
to face.

They kissed again, this time softly. Repeating the kiss
over and over, as they moved about each other’s face
and kissed it clean.

Finally fell asleep in each other’s arms, and they both
dreamed of the day when they would again be together.