Girlfriends – Lynn Makes Monica An Offer

I was awoken by the sound of an alarm clock.

No, not an alarm clock. Someone had turned up the ringer
on my cell phone.

Lynn. It had to be.

I sat up in Lynn’s bed, naked and alone. Where was Lynn?

I picked up my phone. It WAS Lynn texting me.

The text read: We’re going to play a game. Go take a
shower. Further instructions will follow.

I grinned. This was a game I had a feeling I would

So I went into the bathroom and took a nice, hot shower.
It was what I needed after marathon sex with my Lynn.
She just could not get enough.

I stayed in the shower longer than I usually do. I
finally strolled out naked and at that moment my phone
rang again. Another text from Lynn.

It read: Turn your ringer to Vibrate. The doorbell is
about to ring. Answer it in just your boxers and keep
your phone with you.

The doorbell rang. I smiled. It had to be Lynn. I
slipped on my boxers and went out to answer the door,
changing my ringer to vibrate as Lynn instructed.

I opened the door. It wasn’t Lynn. Or Maya. Or Toni.

Whoever she was she was shorter than Lynn and bigger-
titted than Toni, and way curvier. My cock pulsed.

The woman looked shocked when she saw me and gasped. She
looked turned on and embarrassed at the same time.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

She blinked and looked even more embarrassed. Then I saw
something else in her eyes, an intensity. She pushed
passed me and went in.

My phone vibrated and I shut the front door.

Lynn’s new text read: This is Monica. She had a rape
fantasy. Drag her into the bedroom, handcuff her to the
bed and put the ball gag in her mouth – you’ll find them
under my pillow – then do whatever you want with her as
long as you fuck her ruthlessness and cum in her pussy.

I knew I’d like this game. I went up to Monica and
grabbed her, dragging her into Lynn’s bedroom.

“What the fuck?!?” was all Monica had time to say.

I threw her on the bed, reached under Lynn’s pillow and
found two pairs of handcuffs. I cuffed Monica to the
metal headboard.

“Shit” was all she could hiss before I got the ball gag
out and had it on her, muffling her cries.

Monica had on a beautiful dark blue wraparound dress on.
I didn’t want to ruin it. I unbelted it and pushed the
dress up to her neck, exposing her silky black matching
bra and panties. Her bra barely contained her huge tits.
I pushed it up as well, baring her firm tits and huge
black areolae. Then I pulled off her panties. Her pussy
was very hairy.

I was rock hard now as I pushed down my boxers. Monica’s
eyes nearly bugged out when she saw my cock.

I climbed on top of her, pushing her legs apart and
started sucking on her nipples. They quickly hardened.
Soon I moved down her body, licked her pussy a few
moments before repositioning myself and jamming my cock
into her pussy. Monica tried to screamed behind the ball
gag but it was to no avail.

I fucked her hard and mercilessly as Lynn instructed.
Monica was crying now, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Fucking her rapid fire, not slowing my pace or ever
stopping, I lasted fifteen minutes. I grunted and pumped
my jizz in Monica’s pussy as she struggled weakly
underneath me.

I pulled out, my cream oozing out of Monica’s pussy.

My phone vibrated again. Lynn’s new instructions were:
Lick out her asshole. If she likes it, remove the ball
gag and cuffs.

I crawled between Monica’s, lifted her ass and stabbed
my tongue into her butt. Monica moaned and stopped
struggling. I stabbed my tongue deep into her anus. Her
body writhed and her nipples grew harder. Monica pushed
her lower body up into my face hornily.

I licked out her anal chute until she had an orgasm and
collapsed on the bed.

I uncuffed Monica and removed the ball gag. “Shit,” She
hissed. “No one’s ever reamed me out before!”

She crawled between my legs and wrapped her lips around
my throbbing cock. I could tell Monica loved sucking
cock and was amazing at it. Her lips clamped tightly to
my shaft as Monica deep-throated me effortlessly.

Her fingers roughly massaged my nuts as she sucked me
harder and faster, her tongue all over my cock at the
same time.

Since I’d cum already I lasted twenty minutes before I
flooded her mouth. Monica moaned and greedily gulped
down my jizz, blast after freakin’ blast. She kept on
sucking me long after I was drained, obviously to insure
I’d stay hard.

“I wanna be a top,” Monica said breathily.

I laid on my back and she straddled me. But instead of
taking me up her pussy, Monica sank her asshole down
around my pulsing cock. We both groaned simultaneously.

I reached up and kneaded her huge tits as she slowly
began to ride my cock. She looked so sexy bouncing up
and down on my cock, eyes closed as she bit her lower

As her anus adjusted to my cock size and opened slowly,
Monica rode me faster and had several orgasms. After a
few, she began to ride me faster and harder, as I
kneaded her tits more roughly and she came more
intensely and longer.

I loved watching Monica’s soft, not so tone belly move
as she slammed up and down on my cock, her rectum
rippling along my sensitive shaft.

This went on forty-five, fifty minutes, until I groaned
“I’m gonna cum!” I grunted and spewed a third load into
Monica’s fuckin’ hot body.

We were both a sweaty mess as we came down from our
euphoric high, Monica still sitting up on my cock.

My phone vibrated once more. I picked it up. It was
Lynn, calling this time. She told me to put the phone
and speaker and hand it to Monica.

“It’s Lynn,” I said as I handed it to her.

“Where are you, you crazy bitch?!” Monica hissed loudly.

There was a knock on the bedroom window. I looked up as
Monica turned her head. It was Lynn with a camcorder
pointed at as, the red RECORD light visible from here.

“Bitch, if you ever hurt my good friend William again
I’ll show him this tape.”

Monica is aghast, slowly turning back to me.

“But,” Lynn continues, “if you’re a good girl, I’ll let
my boyfriend here fuck you anytime you want. THAT’S my
offer to you.”

Monica looked from the phone to me. I knew what she
wanted by the look in her eyes even before she spoke.

“I’ll be good! I swear!”

I looked at Lynn. She smiled and winked. Of course I
smiled back. Things are never uninteresting with my Lynn