F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – Let’s Be Friends

It was a fairly warm March evening in New York City,
Rachel sat alone on her couch watching TV, her friends
Monica and Phoebe were out on dates. Despite the fact
that she was much sexier than her friends she hadn’t had
much desire to date lately, not since she had broken up
with Ross, who was Monica’s brother.

Joey sat alone in his apartment at the same time. His
roommate Chandler and his best friend Ross were at a
Knicks game, they only had 2 tickets and Joey got the
shortest straw, so he got to spend the night by himself.
He tried watching the game on TV. but it wasn’t the
same, he turned it off about five minutes in and decided
to make himself a microwave burrito. OUCH!! He screamed
as he tried to remove the burrito from the microwave. He
had cooked it to long and burned his hand. He quickly
ran to the freezer to get some ice, but there was none
frozen. The girls, he thought to himself, I bet they
have some ice.

What does he want, Rachel thought to herself as she got
up and opened the door for him. ICE, ICE I NEED SOME
ICE! Joey screamed as ran through the door and shoved
his hand inside the girl’s freezer. What did you do?
Rachel asked as she returned to the couch. “I burnt my
hand in the microwave, do you have a microwave?” He

“Yes,” she replied.

“Be careful, those things get hot.” Joey said
dumbfounded. Rachel just rolled her eyes and quickly
turned her attention back to the movie in the VCR. Joey
sat for a few minutes at the kitchen table with his hand
wrapped in a towel of ice. “What yeah watchin?” he

“Independence Day,” came the reply back.

“Oh that’s good, how Jeff Goldblume figures out how to
destroy the aliens and all.”

“Joey! Rachel screamed, “I haven’t finished watching it

“Sorry,” Joey apologized stuffing a donut in his mouth.

“That’s alright, I was planning on going to bed anyway.”
Rachel said kind of sadly.

“Oh, come on! Its not even 8 o’clock yet, lets do
something.” Joey begged.

Rachel asked him what he had in mind. After a few
minutes of batting ideas back and forth, Joey mentioned
that he had a copy of Mission Impossible at his
apartment. Rachel had never seen it and decided that
watching a Tom Cruise movie wasn’t the worst way she
could spend an evening. Joey went next door to get the
tape as Rachel put some popcorn in the microwave.

“Be careful with that thing,” Joey said as he left. Joey
quickly ran to his cabinet and picked out the first
tape, it was unlabeled but as near as he could remember,
it was he and Chandler’s copy of Mission Impossible that
a friend had made for him.

When he returned to the girls apartment he shoved the
tape in the machine and ran to the bathroom. “I gotta
pee,” he said speeding pass Rachel.

Rachel stood at the microwave waiting for the second bag
of popcorn to get done popping. “Oh yeah, that’s it show
me those tits, ooh you have nice tits, can I suck on
them for a little while?” She could barely hear over the
hum of the microwave. Rachel jerked her head to see a
woman being videotaped on the TV.

For a moment she watched in shock until the woman on the
tape took the camera and scanned her lover’s body, first
his legs then an impressive 8-inch cock, then a buff
upper body, finally his face. “JOEY!” She screamed, “its

“What is it!” Joey asked loudly as he raced out of the
bathroom, his jeans not even zippered yet.

Rachel looked at him in amazement, then began to laugh.

“What! What?” He asked, before turning his head to see
the tape which now featured the young woman performing
faletto on him as he held the camera.

“Hey!!” Joey began walking towards the TV until Rachel
grabbed him.

“Leave it on,” she quipped, “this may be you’re big
breakthrough in acting.”

“Very funny,” he said as he picked up the remote and
turned the tape off. “That is a tape of a very private
moment between me and a woman I cared for deeply.”

“What’s her name?” Rachel asked. “Mandy…. er Candy….
Dee, Dee, her name was Dee….. I think, ah who cares!”
Joey said as he removed the tape from the VCR and walked
back to his apartment to get the real tape, all the
while listening to Rachel laugh. The 2 settled on the
couch to watch the movie, but Rachel couldn’t resist
jibbing Joey every chance she got.

After a while Joey got fed up, “Come on Rachel…”

“Cum!” She began laughing again as she cut him off in
mid sentence.

“That’s it, I’m outta here,” he yelled as he made his
way to the door, “Yeah know what I think? I think you’re
horny as hell and need to get laid.”

I’m sorry Joey,” Rachel begged still chortling as he
started to leave. “Come back and watch the movie,” she
begged, “Cum on back in,” and once again she burst out
in laughter.

Joey slammed the door and made his way back to his
apartment. Rachel sat there for a few minutes and
thought about what he had said, it was true, she hadn’t
been with a man since she split with Ross, she was still
considering getting back with him but wasn’t quite ready
yet, and at the same time she felt a burning need to get
fucked. But she couldn’t just ask Ross to sleep with her
and not expect any attachment, that would be unfair to

Finally she decided to take a bath and maybe masturbate,
that oughta hold me over for a while she thought to
herself. Rachel made herself a hot bath and removed her
jeans and tee shirt, then slipping out of her panties
she stepped into the tub. “OWWW,” she shrieked as her
soft skin hit the very hot water, she had neglected to
check it before stepping in. She quickly made her way to
the kitchen to get some ice.

At the same time Joey came running in, “You ok?” He
queried as he ran thru the door. As soon as he realized
Rachel was standing naked before him his jaw dropped. He
knew how sexy she was, but he never realized exactly how
firm and shapely her body was, and those breasts! Oh
those breasts!

“Joey! Cover you’re eyes!” she shrieked.

“OK, OK there shut!” He replied, squinting slightly to
see her body. When she was turned around completely
making her back to the bathroom, he opened his eyes
fully, allowing himself a view of her perfect ass as she
made her way back into the bathroom. Proud of himself
for inadvertently turning the tables on his neighbor
Joey sat on the couch and waited for her to return.

“Isn’t it ironic? Don’t yeah think?” He asked as Rachel
returned, once again in her jeans and tee shirt.

“Shut up Joey! What the hells the deal with you running
in here anyway?”

“What?! I thought something was wrong, I heard you
scream, and I knew there weren’t any guys in here,” he
said sniveling.

“You jerk!” Rachel yelled as she jumped on him and began
hitting him.

“What? What?” he asked as he fought her off,” You’ve got
a beautiful body, you couldn’t be ashamed of it!” He
yelled, still trying to deflect her swipes at him.
Suddenly she stopped as she was poised right on top of

“Yeah think?” She asked looking into his eyes.

“Yeah, you’ve got a killer body,” he said in his
dimwitted style, not aware of the overtures of her
previous statement.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she remarked, still poised
on top of him.

Joey now felt her breasts pressing to his own chest, she
was breathing very heavily and he could feel himself
become more aroused with each one she took. At the same
time she could feel his cock stiffen and brush against
her leg.

“What’s going on down there?” She asked coyly.

Joey didn’t respond, he was trying to work the situation
out in his mind, on one hand he had the chance to make
love to one of the sexiest women he had ever known, on
the other hand, it was the woman Ross loved!

“Joey?” Rachel asked lowly, “You wanna take my shirt

He tried to resist, but at the same time he caught a
whiff of her sensuous aroma, she smells so good, he
thought to himself.

“Joey?” She asked again.

“Oh boy, yes do I!” he said happily. He lifted her up
and sat her against the back of the couch. She lifted
her arms up and let him slide her tee shirt up,
revealing her perfect round globes. They were as firm as
they were big, and with her breath still heavy, they
heaved almost as if to say, fuck me, fuck me.

Joey went right for them, he took one in his mouth and
tickled her nipple with his tongue as he sucked on it
like a bottle. Rachel was in extasy, her head bobbed
back as she just let herself go and took in every caress
his tongue gave her tits.

An exquisite feeling shot through her body, a feeling
she hadn’t felt in quite a long time. An orgasm? She
wondered to herself. I’m having an orgasm already? She
couldn’t believe it was happening already, but happening
it was, and in a big way. She let out a soft moan, then
as his tongue traced up her neck and behind her ear, she
felt it coming on stronger. “Oh Joey! Yes that’s it!
Ummmm, uh, uhhhhhhh, ooooohhhhh yes. She wrapped her
arms around him and pulled him tightly to her, squeezing
him violently as she came thunderously.

He looked up at her drained face, “You came? He asked,

“Don’t worry about it, I’m multi orgasmic, just give me
a minute,” she mumbled as she crawled to the edge of the
couch and sat on her knees with her shoulders sitting on
the arm of the couch.

Joey leaned back and just sat there for a minute
thinking about what he had done. A feeling of relief
overtook him, he really didn’t do anything that bad, he
just saw her tits really, hell he can even tell Ross
that he saw her naked, it wasn’t like he’d meant too, as
long as this didn’t go any further he could keep a clear
conscious. “Rache, this was wrong,” he told her, still
not turning his head.

“Joey!” Rachel said scolding, “I’m not getting back with
Ross, I’m free to see who I want.” She knew this wasn’t
totally true, but she wanted to set his mind at ease,
she knew he was a bit of lummox, but he prided himself
on being a good friend and she didn’t want him to feel

“I know but….” he stopped in mid sentence as he turned
his head and noticed the arch of her back and the waist
of her jeans standing out, revealing a trail to her
gorgeous ass. “Ross has always been a great friend to me
and I, I…” he continued to stumble through his words
as a desire built back within him.

Rachel turned her head to look at him as he stammered,
she saw how he was looking at her ass.

“I don’t want to hurt him,” Joey finished his sentence.

“Oh Joey,” Rachel exclaimed as she rolled over and laid
her head on the arm and placed her outstretched legs in
his lap, “I don’t wanta hurt Ross either, but Joey, he
hurt me, I trusted him, and he threw our love away for a
cheap fling. I don’t think I can ever be with him again
knowing what he did to me. Rub my feet would yeah,” she
asked wiggling her toes in his lap.

Joey began massaging her feet and continued the
conversation. “He still loves you Rachel, he was
confused, he thought it was over.”

“Ughh,” she groaned as her eyes rolled back into her
head, “I know! I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”

Joey continued rubbing her feet as the conversation
stalled, every once in a while he would steal a glimpse
at her chest and flat hard stomach. Rachel would
occasionally let out a soft moan which would add to
Joey’s excitement. “Rache! This is wrong, I gotta go,”
Joey proclaimed as he hurriedly pushed her legs off and
moved towards the door.

“Joey,” he heard her call out behind him. He turned
around to face her, she was now on her knees with her
chest pressed to back of the couch.

“What,” he asked.

“What time is it?”

He looked at his watch. “8:30,” came his reply.

“One hour, no questions no regrets, one hour, at 9:30 we
get dressed and that’s it… One hour, whata yeah think

Her proposal was too much for him to handle, “One hour
and that’s it right?”

“Yep, one hour and we both get our rocks off, and then
that’s it.” she answered back.

He thought about it for a minute then turned his back on
her and stood facing the door. “Ill lock the door you
set the clock,” he said excitement growing physically.
He fumbled with the latch as she ran to the bedroom and
quickly set the her alarm clock, he then undid his pants
and let them fall to the ground, stepping out of them as
Rachel ran back across the living room towards him.

They met in back of the couch, him lifting her into his
arms and kissing her deeply and wildly with his tongue,
he hungered to taste every crevice of her mouth. As they
backed up they fell over the couch. He landed on top of
her this time. He ran his hand over her tit as he probed
her mouth even deeper, he had never tasted someone as
sweet, he wondered if her pussy tasted this sweet, he
was soon to find out.

“Take my pants off,” she sighed in his ear.

He needed no further prodding. He clenched the waist of
her pants on each hip and then stood up, one tug later
and her naked body was spread out before him. She was
neatly trimmed, with a light auburn down covering her
pussy. He was on his knees in no time, he lapped at the
folds of her fine looking twat like a thirsty dog
savoring a cold drink on a summer day.

Her head immediately shot back again, she’s having
another orgasm he thought to himself. Joey turned his
head sideway and stuck his tongue directly in her hot
hole while running the palm of his hand along one of her

Rachel let out a soft gasp each time his tongue entered
her. As his tongue fucked her needful box she grabbed
his hand and held it tight, he could feel by the
pressure she was exerting on his hand that she was
cumming. “Grab my hands!” She gasped.

He reached up and took her other hand in his. Her legs
slowly spread further apart underneath him to increase
the sensation, she found out some time ago that the
wider her legs were apart the more intense her orgasm

“TIGHTER!” She yelled.

He clenched her hands as tight as he could without
hurting her. He continued his tongue fucking as she let
out more and more audible grunts and moans, he gripped
harder as she began to buck more violently, he could
feel orgasm building up inside her.

“Joey! Oh Joey, fuck me! Fuck me with you’re tongue, yes
that’s it, I’m cumming Joey…. Oh, ahhhhhh.” Suddenly a
thick burst of hot juice shot out of her box, covering
his face. “OOoooh,” she gently sighed, her head falling
to the side.

He grinned and stuck his juice covered head up from
between her legs, “You’re a squirter,” he said slyly
with an impish grin on his face, “Me too.”

He climbed up on the couch next to her and began
fondling with her breasts again, running his fingers
from her lip down to her nipples, which became erect
after only a few more seconds. She turned her head and
gathered some of her own cum off of his face and began
to lick it. “Um, I taste pretty good, huh?” She asked.

He told her she tasted great but never took his
attention off of her tits, those big firm jugs, he
couldn’t decide which part of her body he enjoyed more.
In spite of the pleasure he was giving her, she felt it
was only right for her to return the favor. Her head
moved down and her hands ran along the outside of his
underwear, she waited till she felt his cock stiffen to
its full potential and then she reached in and set it
free. It was huge! Probably a good 9 inches, Ross was a
good lover but his dick was barely 5 1/2 inches, in fact
the biggest one she had ever seen was only 7 inches, she
wasn’t sure she could even handle this much, but she was
sure she wanted to try.

Slowly she ran her tongue along the head as her hand
cupped his balls, Rachel rested her tongue on the tip of
Joey’s dick and began moving her head back and forth, in
effect scrubbing his dick, as she did this she slid a
finger to the base of his rectum and began pressing
hard, then in a quick motion, took as much of his cock
into her mouth as she could, tightly wrapping her lips
around it and sucking as fast and as tight as she could.
Joey felt the cum rising inside him, he was ready to
shoot after just a few moments of vigorous sucking from
his long time friend.

“Rache,” he mumbled, “can I tit fuck you?”

“You wanna tit fuck me baby?” She asked, raising her
head to look at him but continuing to jerk him off with
her hand.

“Yeah, I do, I really do.”

“OK come on,” she said, taking a hold of his hand and
leading him to the floor. She laid on her back and
bunched her tits together. “Cum here sexy man,” she

Joey knelt down with a knee on each side of her and then
mounted her, he took turns jerking his cock and slapping
it on her stomach, when he could take no more he thrust
forward and slid his hard member in between her tits, he
thrust a few times but was having trouble with the
friction, he was concentrating too much on getting a
good pump and the impending orgasm began to fade. He
tried spitting on her tits to lube them up, but that
didn’t work, finally he got an idea, he slid his hand
down between her legs and inserted a finger.

Rachel’s eyes rolled back as his first one, then 2
fingers entered her. She was still wet from her first
orgasm almost 45 minutes ago. “Huh, hhhhh,” she gasped
as his fingers fiddled inside her box.

He pulled out his fingers and ran his hands all along
her pussy, this was enough lubrication he thought to
himself. He brought his hand to her chest and rubbed all
her love goo along the inside of each big tit. He then
stroked his cock a few more times, told her to push her
tits together and slid it in.

This time it was much better, it felt so slick and his
dick just slid between her luscious boobs, they jiggled
as he thrust but he wasn’t watching, instead he was
staring into her eyes, oh those sexy sparkling eyes. Her
lips were clenched as she emitted slight whimpering
sounds, the feeling of his big dick sliding between her
tits got her even more wet than she already was. She
lifted her legs up and pushed her knees into his back as
he fucked away.

It took only a few minutes of constant pounding for the
lube of her pussy juice to dry up which made it even
harder than before for Joey to maintain a good rhythm on
Rachel’s globes. But he was determined to cum now,
instead of stopping he labored on until he felt it
rising inside him. His eyes shut and he lowered his
head, concentrating even harder on the task.

Sensing he was near explosion, Rachel began talking
nasty to him, to help him along. “That’s it baby, fuck
my tits, fuck em’ Joey. When you cum, you can cum in my
mouth, shoot you’re load in my mouth, can you baby? Can
you reach my mouth Joey, cum on babe, dump you’re load
in my mouth Joey.”

He could stand no more, as Rachel’s legs pressed into
his back Joey removed his cock from her breast flesh and
leaned forward, aiming his head right above her open
mouth and shot his load down her throat, just like she
asked. His second load splattered all over her red lips
and chin, still a third shot to come. He moved back down
and shot another gob of white love on her tits.

When he’d recovered he stood up and motioned for her to
clean his dick with her tongue, she obliged, reaching up
and getting a hold of his member with one hand she moved
her mouth to it and licked it clean.

“What time is it?” Rachel asked as she laid back on the

“About 10 after 9,” Joey replied.

“You up for some more?” Rachel asked in a sexy voice as
she ran her hands along her thighs.

“Oh yeah, just gimme a minute to catch my breath,” Joey

“Ill be waiting,” Rachel cooed as she got up and walked
out onto the roof. But it’s cold out there! Joey thought
to himself.

Any reservations Joey had quickly disappeared as he
looked over Rachel’s body, he sat down for a few minutes
to collect his thoughts then joined her outside. She was
leaning on the guard looking down to the street below
when Joey snuck up behind her took a hold of her hips.
He leaned over and began licking at her ear, then he
whispered how much he would like to take her from
behind. She gave him the okay with a little nibble on
his chin and a sly spread of her legs. Joey bent down
behind her and took hold of one leg in his hands as
licked the back of her thigh, he then did the same to
the other leg, stopping after each to give a few quick
tongue darts to her ass hole.

Rachel had never had anything in her ass before but each
time his tongue slipped in she could feel an almost
instant orgasm fire up. Joey stood straight up and
massaged his cock back to attention and wasted no time
driveling it in Rachel’s pussy. She let out a loud gasp
as he entered her, she had forgotten how big it was!

Although it was a bit uncomfortable she let Joey have
his way with her for a few minutes. When she could no
longer handle being slammed to the hilt she suggested
that he lay down and she would ride him. Joey agreed and
laid on his back.

Rachel stood over him and did a little dance before
sitting down on his dick, which was sticking straight
up. She eased herself onto the thick muscle an inch at
time, Rachel was very strong and had no trouble
squatting on the tool. Faster and faster she rode his
dick, squeezing it for all she was worth with her tight
vagina. Joey was trying to suck on her tits but it was
hard for him to reach, finally she got on her knees and
pressed her chest into his face, smothering him with her
boobs. Quicker and quicker they pumped together meeting
each other’s thrusts with equal vigor.

The door to the girl’s apartment opened slowly, “Joey?
Rachel? Anyone here?” Chandlers voice asked lowly, so as
not to wake anyone up, “Monica, Phoebe, you girls home

He walked across the living room slowly and then noticed
2 pairs of jeans and 2 tee shirts and a pair of
underwear and panties lying on the floor. He realized
that Rachel must be with someone, now he was even
gladder that Ross hadn’t come up with him. He began
tiptoeing back to the door when a startled expression
came across his face. “Joey!” Oh god please tell me
that’s not Joeys shirt,” he pleaded to himself as he
made his way back into the living room.

Picking up the shirt he realized that it was indeed
Joeys. Suddenly he heard 2 voices coming from outside,
it was Phoebe and ROSS! Ross? What the hell was Ross
doing coming in with Phoebe?

Chandler quickly gathered the clothes and ran into the
bathroom, he didn’t want to get caught when Ross saw
Joey screwing Rachel! Ross and Phoebe came into the
living room and sat down on the couch and started
talking. Ross began lamenting over how sorry he was that
he’d hurt Rachel, Phoebe tried to console him but Ross
just got more and more upset as the minutes past.

Meanwhile out on the roof, Joey was busy spooning
Rachel, his dick moving in and out of her wet snatch as
he grabbed handfuls of tit. Both were moaning rather
loudly now as climax was approaching for both of them.

Back inside Ross began to cry on Phoebe’s shoulder.

“Uhmm, okay, you know what Ross, I think you need to get

“What?” Ross asked, raising his head off of Phoebe’s

“Yeah, you know, its like you’re very frustrated and you
need to loosen up, and what better way to loosen up than
to bust a nut.”

Ross looked at her in amazement, could this be the same
the Phoebe? “Well who..who do you suppose I bust a nut
in?” He asked puzzled.

“Uhh, Ross! I’m not saying to go get a new girlfriend
yet, but lets face it, Its gonna take Rachel time to get
over what happened, now come here.” she said as she took
his hand and drew him to closer.

“Phebes, I don’t know about this,” Ross said as his lips
locked with hers.

“Shush,” she whispered, running her hands through his
hair,” don’t say anything.” Phoebe ran her hands down
and undid Ross’s pants, then sliding down his underwear
she let his cock fall out into her hands. “OK now pull
my panties down.”

Ross hesitated a bit, but then did as she asked and
pulled her panties down. The further they went the
hotter he got. Phoebe was wearing a cute little sundress
that made it easy for Ross to get to her panties. As
Ross pulled them off Phoebe leaned back and raised her
legs, letting the dress fall back and giving him a nice
view of her twat. Ross lifted the underwear over her
feet and set them on the floor, then turning his head
got his first glimpse of Phoebe’s womanhood.

“Tha..tha…that’s nice,” he stammered.

“Thanks, I try to keep it in good shape in case of
emergencies like this,” she wisecracked, “now come
here.” She pulled him on top of her and rested one leg
on top of the couch and let the other hang off the
couch, allowing her new lover maximum access to her
cunt. She led his cock inside of her and held him
tightly as he pumped, wrapping her long thin legs around
his back. Ross was overtaken with passion and began
kissing Phoebe.

Outside, Joey had Rachel squirming below him as he had
her sleek legs over his shoulders and pounded
unmercifully at her button, Rachel had cum a few times
but Joey had yet to lose his juice, although he was
building up to it. In the bathroom, Chandler heard
footsteps coming to the apartment.

Quietly he opened the door and crawled on his knees to
the front door, he opened it quietly and grabbed Monica
as she was about to come in. “Ssssh! He whispered to

“What?” Monica asked in a soft voice.

Chandler ushered her into his apartment and closed the
door behind them.

“Joey and Rachel and Ross and Phoebe!” He said,
“they’re…. they’re….”

“They’re what!” Monica asked angrily.

“They’re…. They’re…..”

Monica interrupted him again, “You mean they’re….

“Exactly! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!”
Chandler said excitedly.

“You mean together?” She yelled.

Chandler grabbed her and once again told her to be
quiet. “No, not together, Joey is with Rachel out on the
roof and Ross is with Phoebe on the couch, but neither
know that the other is there.”

“We’ve got to do something,” Monica declared.

“Oh I did do something, I got the hell out of there,”
Chandler wisecracked.

“I’m serious, if Ross sees Joey he’ll kill him.”

“All I know is my two best friends are screwing my two
best friends and I haven’t been laid in weeks,
everybody’s sleeping around and sleeping with each other
and I’m trying to get cum stains out of my recliner from
watching ESPN morning workout too much!” Monica pleaded
for Chandlers help.

Finally he broke down and agreed, they were his best
friends after all. The two made their way across the
hall and Chandler queried Monica as to why Phoebe and
Ross were together. Monica told him that they had all
met for dinner and that Ross and Phoebe came home
together because she had to stop at a friends and return
some money she borrowed. Chandler knocked on the girl’s
door lightly, so that only Phoebe and Ross could hear.