Courteney Cox – Friends Pay The Bill

Chandler had taken a non-paid internship at an advertising agency. He and Monica were paying their bills one day, and realized just how broke they were. Monica wanted to borrow some money from her folks, but Chandler was insistent that as “Bings” they wouldn’t borrow money from anyone. He resolved to figure out how to get them through the crunch.

Monica admired him for this, but as she thought about it later, she realized that there was simply no way they could come up with the extra cash. So she decided to see if Joey would lend her some money to pay their bills that month. Shortly after Chandler left, Monica heard Rachel leave as well. She went across the hall, hoping she could talk with Joey privately.

“Hey Joey!” she said as she entered his apartment.

He spun around in his recliner. “Hey!”

Monica closed the door and walked over to kneel down beside him. “Listen… I need to know that what I’m about to ask you… will never get back to Chandler.”

Joey frowned for a moment, then gave her an accepting look, thinking that he knew her meaning.

“I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought about it myself… But… Chandler is my best friend… It would be wrong. Good…” He winked at her. “But wrong.”

Monica paused, frustrated and amazed at Joey’s ability to make any situation sexual.

“Ok first of all…” she said bluntly, “it would be great. But that’s not what I’m here to talk to you about. I need to borrow some money.”

“Awww… I don’t know, Monica…” he said, getting up and walking to the counter. “You know… um… lending friends money is always a mistake.”

“But Chandler lent you money!” she asserted.

Joey affirmed this. “And I think he would tell you it was a mistake.”

“Come on,” she implored, “I just need it for some rent and… and some other bills.”

“Oh… how much?” he said, reconsidering.

“Two thousand dollars?” she replied, tentatively.

“Two thousand dollars!? What do you think I am? A soap opera star!?”


“That’s right I am!” he said, proudly. “But still… I can’t loan you the money. Oh… but I could…” He got a sly smile on his face. “I could let you EARN… the $2000.”

Monica crossed her arms and looked at him suspiciously. “How?”

“Well, you just said that it would be great… And I think it would be pretty damn great!”

Monica filled in the gaps in his offer.

“Joey,” she protested, “I’m not going to have sex with you for money, like some… like some cheap hooker.”

Joey chuckled. “Trust me, Mon. Two thousand dollars? No cheap hooker costs $2000. Hell, for that money, you’d be right up there with the best of ’em.”

She paused, liking the idea of being the best, but then decided to counter-offer, suggesting seductively, “How about if I just let you cop a feel?”

Monica wore a snug, long-sleeved, sand-colored top. The outline of her bra was visible, just barely, underneath the semi-opaque fabric. A generous amount of her tanned chest was framed by a low and wide ruffled neckline. Her long, dark hair came halfway to her breasts.

Joey’s eyes wandered from her face, down her torso. He reached across the counter and gently held the large bauble that hung from a short black cord necklace. He caressed her soft skin with the back of his fingers. His hand went lower and he cupped her left breast, enjoying how it fit in his hand. But then he withdrew.

“Nope. It’s gotta be more than that for $2000.”

Her slight smile melted away at his words. “Joey, would you stop talking about the money?!”

“Okay, sorry. But I don’t see what the big deal is. This will be just between you and me. Just a little…” he fumbled for the word, “…transaction… between two consenting adults.”

Monica gave him a sideways look, sizing up the situation. Joey gradually got more insistent, in his slightly doltish way.

“Oh, come on, Monica. Don’t be such a baby. Just get on your knees and suck me off!”

Monica thought about how good it would be, with her and Joey. She thought about having his cock in her mouth… Then taking it inside her… Filling her… Thrusting into her… And well… if they made sure Chandler never found out…

“Damn it, Joey,” she gave in, “Lock the door.”

By the time Joey had locked it and turned around, Monica was already kneeling by the end of the counter. She was sitting back on her heels, with an uncertain, yet determined look on her face.

She spoke, trying to strengthen her resolve. “All right… full-boat sex… $2000.”

“Yeah, baby,” he agreed as he stepped toward her, taking out his limp cock.

He straddled Monica as she knelt, his member dangling in front of her face. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth. Slowly, she brought her lips around Joey’s head. Monica gently sucked, noticing his cock swelling in size.

She took it in her hand, and deeply swallowed it, pushing her lips to his pelvis, and feeling it lengthen to the back of her throat. She dragged her lips the full length of the semi-hard dick, then pushed them back down, as far as she could go along his shaft, as it grew longer and harder in her mouth.

“Yeaahhhhh, Mon,” Joey groaned. “Damn! What did Chandler ever do to deserve you? You give incredible head!”

She pulled her mouth off his dick and stroked it to full hardness.

“Well, uh… thank you. I, um, I’ve done it a lot… for, for a lot of guys,” she admitted, not entirely trying to hide her pride.

“Hell, you might just be the best I’ve ever had. Now, how about you give ol’ Joey a little more of your special lovin’?”

Monica looked at him, skeptically, as she continued the handjob. Her smirk showed that her bull-shit detector was reading 100%. But, she wanted to make sure that this, indeed, would be the best blowjob Joey had ever had.

She raised up on her knees, as she licked him from balls to tip. Her mouth went over the top and once again engulfed his head. She ran her fingers through her hair, and hooked it over her ear, as she started bobbing back and forth on Joey’s cock.

He moaned, deeply, “Oh Mon!”

She glanced up at him. His head was back, as he indulged in her oral services.

Monica slowly pushed her lips down his shaft, taking more and more of him with each passing moment. She opened her throat and eventually took his whole dick in her mouth. It was much easier when he was still soft, but since he wasn’t too long, she could deep throat him without much effort.

She pulled her mouth straight off him, and a train of saliva draped between his dick and her lower lip. He looked down at her and watched her break the bridge with her tongue, quickly wiping her chin with her fingertips. She flashed a look at him, as though caught, and gave a shy smile. Then she cupped her hand over the crown and rapidly rubbed her palm back and forth across his wet head. Sharp tingles shot through his dick as she teased the sensitive flesh.

“AWWWWHHH,” he moaned, as his mouth fell open.

Monica promptly took him back in her mouth. Her tongue slathered all sides of his head, before she resumed suckling it like a baby calf.

“Oh, gawd!” he whined, amazed at how good Monica really was.

He looked down at her crystal blue eyes and perfect features. His head was barely inside those luscious lips. He wondered if he had ever gotten head from a more beautiful woman.

Monica paused from her sucking, and licked all around the shaft of Joey’s cock. He placed his hands on her cheeks and gently stopped her.

“You better ease up, Mon, or I’ll never get to the rest of the good stuff.” She smiled as she slowly stroked him. “You ready?” he asked.

“Joey, you’re paying for me… I mean, I’ve never done this before, but I don’t think you have to ask if I’m ready.”

He smiled, a bit embarrassed, “Oh yeah… you’re probably right. But I just didn’t want…”

She stood, smiling at his unexpected vulnerability. “Joey, it’s alright. I agreed to do this.”

She opened her tight black pants and wiggled them down her thighs, along with her sexy pink panties. Then she turned to the counter and promptly bent over it, resting her elbows on the tile surface. She looked back at him.

“You should probably go get a condom, though. Chandler and I are trying.. and it would NOT be good if we find out that my baby likes sandwiches more than my breasts.”

“Right. Gotcha!” he said, and pulled out 3 or 4 that he usually kept in his back pocket. He tore open one wrapper.

Monica chuckled, “Well, Joey, I see you came prepared.”

“Yeah, well, ya never know when something like this might happen.”

“You mean paying women for sex?” she teased.

“No, but I always gotta be ready for a hot piece of ass, like you,” he smiled and winked, knowing that Monica wouldn’t be offended by his version of a complement.

She smiled back, and turned to face the microwave at the other end of the counter, waiting for Joey to go in her. Joey paused and looked Monica up and down. “Oh, damn!” he muttered to himself, as he admired the curve of her little ass and her slim thighs. He set down the condom package beside her.

“Stand up, Mon,” he said, caressing her butt.

“What is it?” she asked as she straightened up, “Do you want to go to your room?”

He turned her around to him. “No. Here’s good,” he said fondly, “I just want to do stuff for you too. I mean, you ARE still my friend and all…”

“Joey!” she smiled, “you do have a tender side.”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and they kissed passionately. Joey unbuttoned Monica’s shirt, and opened it.

“We better not get too far undressed, in case… you know,” she said, cocking her head to the door.

“Yeah, you’re right. I just wanted these,” he smiled as he unclasped the front of her lace bra.

She beamed at him. “So Joey wants to see the girls, huh?” she teased.

“Oh, not just ‘see’, Mon,” he said as he groped and caressed Monica’s bare breasts.

She gave him a knowing grin. He stooped and flicked his tongue across her nipple before taking it in his mouth.

“Ohhhh,” she purred as she closed her eyes with a smile. Having her breasts sucked was one of Monica’s favorite things, and Joey was certainly not disappointing her. This was easily becoming the best $2000 she ever made.

His hand slid down between her legs. Monica gave a little gasp as Joey’s middle finger rubbed against her clitoris, then a deeper gasp as he pressed it up into her. A little stuttered whimper escaped her lips as Joey began rocking his digit in and out of her, rubbing her clit with every stroke.

“Oh… god… omigod…” she said with a rapid panting.

Joey straightened up and caressed her breast with one hand as he masturbated her. Monica moved closer to him and rested her forehead on his cheek, as his finger pumped more and more of her juices from her pussy. She was breathing hard, and whispering, “Yes… yes… yes…”

She wondered if he was going to make her cum like this, or if he had other things in mind. She didn’t wait long for an answer, as Joey said quietly, “Get up on the stool, Mon.”

He withdrew his hand, and she shuffled around the corner of the counter. She sat her little bare rump on the stool.

“No,” he smiled. “Up ON the stool. On your knees.”

Monica smiled, seeing where this was going. She hiked up her pants, her panties simply going along for the ride, and climbed up on the forest green barstool. Her knees were close together, and pressed down into the padded seat.

“Now bend over,” he instructed, affectionately, as he pressed a hand between her shoulder blades. Monica followed his lead, and placed her forearms and palms on the counter.

Joey walked around behind her and felt her legs and butt, before grabbing the top of her jeans and pulling them down to her knees. Her pink underwear remained bunched up just below her ass cheeks. Joey eased those down too, his hands gliding along her toned thighs.

Monica lowered her shoulders, feeling the cold tile on her nipples, and presenting her little shaved peach to him. Joey saw it glisten with her own wetness. He softly rubbed it with his fingertips, barely brushing her skin. Monica knew what he was going to do, but she still wanted to ask for it.

“Joey, will you lick me?” she said, softly.

“You read my mind,” he replied, as he leaned in and took a long lap up Monica’s pussy.

“Oh god,” she gasped, almost surprised that it felt so good. She begged quietly, “Oh lick me, Joey.”

He didn’t disappoint her as his tongue worked up and down in her slit. He pulled her feet apart, so he could move in a little closer. She separated her knees as much as she could, while keeping her balance on the stool.

Joey’s hands roamed her ass and legs, as he ate out Monica. Her hands grasped the other edge of the counter, holding tightly as the warm sensations in her pussy began moving throughout her body. She felt his finger slide back into her, and his tongue move down to her clit.

“Oh yeah… oh yeah,” she uttered in quick, sharp moans.

Joey flicked his tongue rapidly across Monica’s clit, sending little chills up her body.

“Oh! OH!”

His finger remained still, giving her a little pressure and feeling of penetration, but allowing her to focus on the sensations in her clitoris. His tongue motions gradually became a soft-sensual petting.

Monica’s eyes were closed as she rested her chin on the counter, thinking only of the feelings Joey was giving her. She took in a deep breath, and held it, knowing that something good was coming next. Then, ever so slowly, he began finger-fucking her.

She let out her breath in a low, stuttered groan. “Aaaahhhhhh.”

He slid it in and out of her, burying it almost to the last knuckle every time. Monica relished Joey’s carnal touching. If only she could have this every day, she mused.

Amid all this, thoughts entered Monica’s mind, that she didn’t even try to push away.

She was cheating on her husband. She was having sex for money. She should feel guilty about this. She should feel ashamed. But knowing that she was doing all this with one of her best friends, turned all those thoughts erotic.

The lascivious part of her was aroused, knowing that she was an adulteress. She felt a delicious dirtiness knowing that, for right now, she was being a very high priced whore. Soon, her husband was the farthest thing from her mind. She only wanted her “client” to pleasure her. And Monica was now more than willing to give him “full-boat sex,” as she termed it.

“Mmmm, Joey can pay me for this anytime,” she thought to herself as she reveled in his touches.

Then suddenly, she realized she didn’t know how long Rachel would be gone. And they certainly couldn’t get caught like this. Something told her that Rachel would be a while, but nonetheless, Monica knew that she couldn’t get too wrapped up in what Joey was doing for her.

“Go in me, Joey,” she moaned, almost regretting the need to say it.

First his tongue, then his finger left her. As he sheathed his cock, Monica felt the cool kisses of air on her wet pussy. She started to get down from the stool, but Joey stopped her.

“No. Stay there,” he directed, as he pushed her feet back together.

Moments later, he held her hips, and stepped up on the foot rung, mounting both the stool and Monica. She felt the ribbing of the condom tingle her lips as he slowly pushed into her. More and more and more, until his thighs touched the backs of hers.

“How do you want it, Mon?” he said tenderly, as he paused.

“Oh, I’ll love anything you do, Joe,” she purred.

She decided she would fake an orgasm, so he would get the full Monica Bing effect. But as he began screwing her slowly, and the ribbed condom rubbed inside her tight pussy, Monica knew that there would be no need to fake anything.

His easy pace was mainly so they wouldn’t lose their balance, as they used the stool in a way the designer never intended. But the real effect was one of gently pumping Monica up to her climax.

“Uhnnn…. uhnnnnn… oh Joey… I love that…” she moaned. “Yes… like that… just like that… oh, you are so good… oh so good…”

He held her waist as his hips rocked forward and back. Each time, he would pull out to his head, then push all the way in, so his pelvis pressed firmly against her ass.

“Oh yes… do it like this and I know I’ll cum,” Monica encouraged.

Her sensual sounds urged him to keep screwing her, nice and slow. Feeling the tightness of her pussy gripping his cock each time he moved in her.

Monica was breathing quite heavily now, unaware of anything but Joey’s fucking. She began moaning quick words, with a lilting whine, gasping and holding a breath between each.

“Oh yes… oh yes… do it… do it Joey… oh… yes… do me… do me… ohhh… uhnnn… mmmm…”

Her lips clamped together. Monica knew that if she didn’t watch it, she’d be screaming his name as she came. That would never do, if someone happened to walk by the apartment right then. She rolled her lips slightly between her teeth and gently bit down as she felt her climax growing closer.

“Mmmm… mmmm….” She breathed hard through her nose. “MMmmm… MMMMMM…”

Joey began fucking her harder, deeper, and faster. All the things he knew she’d be begging for, if only she spoke. His cock was almost all the way in her, and his hips shook with the rapid fucking he was giving. His balls slapped against her clit. Within a few thrusts, Monica’s orgasm began to swell.


She caught herself and her mouth slammed shut. She felt Joey’s banging spurred on by her stifled screams.

“MMMAAHHhhh…” she let one out, then silenced it. Her breathing took on a deep, hollow sound, as she tried with all her might, not to make noise. Still, a few hushed peeps escaped. Her forehead was on the counter and her whole body trembled.

Joey could sense that her orgasm was passing, and he slowed down. Monica was panting, though regaining her composure as fast as she could.

“Do… do you… want to…. um…” she stuttered, trying to gather her thoughts, “do you want to do me… um… in the ass?”

She looked back over her shoulder. Her face held a mixture of desire, permission, and expectation.

Joey had always admired Monica’s tight little tush. He couldn’t help staring whenever she wore jeans, pants, a tight skirt… and that time they all went to the beach, and she wore those little cut-off sweatshorts. “Damn what a great ass,” he thought, as he looked down as his friend’s bare bottom and remembered his past lusting. Joey jumped at the chance.

“Like you wouldn’t believe!” he eagerly replied, as he pulled out of her pussy. He stepped off the rung, and helped her down from the stool. “Maybe… maybe lay down on the carpet,” he suggested.

Monica held her pants around her thighs as she got down on her knees, then laid on her stomach, resting her head on her crossed forearms.

“Just be-,” she cautioned.

“I know,” he interrupted with a smile, “I’ll be gentle.”

“Damn, that sounds so corny,” she laughed.

Their shared joke melted away as Joey knelt to straddle her knees. He leaned forward, resting on one hand, as he guided his dick between Monica’s ass cheeks. He carefully pushed.

“A little harder,” she guided. Joey followed her lead and soon they felt the head of his cock pop into her.

“A little more… little more,” she offered, as she enjoyed the feeling of a cock going into her ass, once more.

Once he was in, they waited a bit. He lowered his body onto hers, and rested his forearms outside her elbows. The only skin she felt was his pelvis and legs touching her ass and thighs. As she thought about that, the eroticism of the moment was heightened.

Joey brushed the hair from Monica’s face, and kissed her on the cheek.

“Thank you, Mon… for all this. I, I do love you… you know that, right?”

She smiled sweetly. “Yeah, Joey, I do. I wanted to do this for you. After all, I said ‘full-boat sex”. And I want this to be the best $2000 you’ve ever spent… for anything.”

“Damn right, it is,” Joey chuckled, then slowly started fucking her ass.

Monica felt wonderfully trapped under the weight of his body. Each time he would pull out, his chest would press into her back, pushing her breasts into the rug. And then he would slide back in, slowly and carefully at first. But as she gradually accommodated his size, he began to drive harder.

She heard Joey’s soft grunting as he humped her. His lips were right next to her ear. With each thrust in her ass, she heard a quiet grunt, with its exhale blowing across her skin. The closeness caused a shiver to run her spine. She loved hearing a guy’s sounds during sex. It made her feel sexy and beautiful and erotic, to know that a man was enjoying her body, as she was enjoying his.

Soon, he was allowing his hips almost to fall against her firm cheeks. His dick would plunge in, filling her to the hilt.

Monica found herself giving little grunts in unison with Joey. Each time his cock went down into her, the ribbed condom sent sensations through her hips, reaching her pussy and clit. She let out a ragged breath.

“Does it… ohgod… does it feel good? Fucking me… like this? uhn… uhn… mmmm…”

“Ohh, Mon… it’s like… a dream come true!”

“Oh good, Joey,” Monica moaned. “Do it… oh, do it… fuck my ass… fuck my ass ’til you cum.”

Joey’s hips moved quicker, and his body began to tense. His arms moved in to corral her petite body beneath him, gently squeezing her. His grunts turned to deep moans, as he came closer to cumming.

“Oh, Mon, this is fucking incredible,” he groaned. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum real soon.”

“Do you want to cum like… like this? Or… or, um… do you want me to suck it… while you cum?”

“Damn, Monica, you know everything a guy wants!”

Joey’s hips kept moving as he answered, almost as if his body knew nothing else but how to ream Monica’s cute little butt.

Monica moaned, eyes closed, swimming in the last moments of her anal pleasure. “Right now, it’s just about… about what you want, Joey. So whenever… whenever you’re ready…”

Soon Joey pulled out of her ass and stood up, rolling off the condom. Monica immediately turned over and went up to her knees, as he put his dick between her lips.

He held her head and fucked it, sliding in and out of Monica’s warm, wet mouth. Her beautiful eyes looked up at him.

Joey pulled back until the crown of his cock was just inside Monica’s lips. He released her and began jacking himself. Monica started suckling on the head, trying to coax out the creamy fluid.

“Oh yeah… that’s it, Monica… suck on it… yeah baby… suck on it…”

His legs gradually went rigid, and she increased the intensity of her sucking.

“AAAAWWWHHHH,” he groaned as the first shot of his cum hit the back of Monica’s throat.

Stream after stream flooded her tongue. Monica murmured a muffled “mm hmm… mm hmm” as she encouraged him to give her everything he had.

His hand and her mouth continued milking jizz from his cock. She swallowed a mouthful, then sucked more spurts out of the head.

“Oh yeah, that’s the stuff,” he moaned as Monica drew out the last few drops.

She moved his hand and took the shaft in both of hers. Holding it, she gently scraped her upper teeth along the top of the crown.

Joey groaned a shaky “ohhhh,” as his body shivered. Monica smiled and laughed around his dick. She gave the head a few sloppy kisses, as she slowly stroked him a few more times. Removing her mouth, she subtly smacked her lips.

“So…” she said knowingly, “Was it worth $2000?”

“Oh, hell yeah,” he said enthusiastically.

“Good,” Monica said with a satisfied smile. She pulled his pants up and tucked his still-firm rod into them. She lovingly petted the long bulge.

“Well now… I better get dressed before Rach gets home. And um, you still need to pay me,” she said sweetly, as she clasped the front of her bra.

“Gladly,” he replied, walking around the counter and pulling his check book out of the drawer.

Monica buttoned her blouse as she bantered, “And you better not make that out to Monica ‘Good-Time’ Bing. Chandler might wonder.”

“Riiiight,” he said in agreement, not realizing it was a joke. Monica got up off her knees, smiling and shaking her head. She pulled up her sexy panties, followed by her black jeans.

Dressed again, Monica flushed the condom, then went to unlock the door. On her way past Joey, she tucked the extra prophylactics in his back pocket, paused to retrieve a piece of mint gum from the drawer, then returned to stand on the other side of the counter as he finished the check. She looked around for anything out of place, and ran her fingers to straighten her messy hair, wanting to avoid any unintentional clues, just in case Rachel walked in before she left. Monica had developed a keen sense for this in the months that she and Chandler hid their sexual relationship from everyone.

“So you’re gonna pay me back in a few weeks, right?” he asked, matter-of-factly.

“What?” she said, with a little rise. “Joey, I EARNED this $2000, remember?”

“Well yeah… but what would Chandler think if I just GAVE you $2000? Dontcha think that’ll make him more suspicious than anything I write on the check. Well… unless I wrote “for sex” on the little memo line.” He chuckled.

A pensive look crossed Monica’s face. “DAMN IT! How could I not see this coming? And from JOEY?”

“Oh, don’t feel bad, Mon,” Joey said kindly, as he handed her the check. “When it comes to sex, it’s the one part of my brain that’s always workin’.”

Monica smiled, still stunned that Joey had bested her. “Yeah, Joe. You’re like a sexual idiot savant.”

“I KNOW!” he said with a big grin, nodding his head. Then he paused, and with seriousness, asked, “Wait a minute… what’s a savant?

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