Jennifer Lawrence’s Wild Weekend

This little getaway was the best idea I ever had. I knew that even before I saw Jennifer Lawrence in that one piece, cleavage baring red swimsuit before we went into my pool today. Always best to be sure, though.

Though we hadn’t been together for too long, it was fortunate that we started out while her schedule was open for once. As such, it was far easier to set up this little weekend getaway at my house. A little late Friday afternoon swim in my pool seemed like the perfect way to start.

Leaving aside all the erections I had to hide both in and out of the pool. Especially inside, when Jennifer jumped around in the water, swam near me in the water, and generally got wet in the water. As if it wasn’t easy enough to think of those hypnotic boobs popping out just a little more from that suit – since they were certainly wet enough too.

Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence

We hadn’t gone far enough for boob action, or any other major action, quite yet. But given how she was staying the weekend, I had to consider that it was on the table. Yet I wasn’t going to bring it up if she wasn’t – although actions and swimsuits could speak louder than words.

Still, Jennifer didn’t make any deliberate moves on me in that swimsuit, and that water. She didn’t make them when she changed back into regular clothes, ate with me and longed around on the couch with me either. All it did was store up even more….memories to access during bedtime, when I could alter them to be more….graphic.

Of course, doing that tonight while Jennifer was right in my guest room would be problematic. Then again, holding off for three straight nights was just….well, impractical would be the kindest way to describe it. Maybe if I was quiet and didn’t go to bed early enough for her to suspect anything….

So I announced I was heading to bed at a reasonable hour, while Jennifer said she’d stay in the living room and finish watching TV before turning in. I kissed her good night, lingering just enough to inspire me, but not long enough for her to see how much. Hiding that kind of inspiration had become a great skill of mine around her.

I hid it until I got to my room, got into my pajamas and jumped under the covers. Still, I didn’t reach for anything right away. I still had to finish getting through the whole “masturbating to my sexy, award-winning semi-girlfriend while she’s in the other room” issue — and I had to steel myself so I would last longer than a minute once I did.

It took about two minutes until I reached down to touch my cock. I spent another minute just slowly stroking it, with no thoughts coming to mind in particular. Once I felt confident, I began to access my vault of Jennifer thoughts and images – but I didn’t count on a sound getting in the way.

Much less the sound of my bedroom door knocking. Or Jennifer’s voice calling, “Are you asleep yet?”

“No!” I answered with more panic than I should have.

“Thought not,” I heard her say much more calmly.

“Good guess,” I said, buying time while I slipped my sweatpants back on. “Give me a second and I’ll let you in.”

“No, I don’t need that yet. I wanted to say some things first,” Jennifer said. “You don’t even have to get out of bed right now.”

“Well….if you say so,” I went along with it, while still getting my pants on and willing my erection to go down. It was manageable by the time Jennifer spoke again.

“Look, I know some of this is weird. You didn’t want to make it weirder by bringing up certain things, I know. Like what bed I sleep in, how far you expect us to go with sex stuff, those things. I didn’t bring them up either, but it’s not because I didn’t want to!” she explained.

“It’s because I had my own ideas on that stuff. I just wanted to wait till now to….try them out.”

I almost wanted to pinch my cock to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. But that would be going too far. Maybe it was best not to put pressure on it for other reasons now too….

“I hope you know how much I like you. I don’t whip out that one piece and ignore erections that blatantly for everyone,” Jennifer revealed. “And this weekend’s a real chance to take it easy and let loose. And not the ‘quirky, girl next door’ kinda loose they’re used to from me by now.”

There was an obvious joke to make about looseness, but I wasn’t going to be the one to say it. Instead I asked, “What should I get used to, then?” which was more diplomatic.

“Right now, I’m not Jennifer Lawrence. You can’t see the quotation marks I made around my name, but trust me, I made them,” Jennifer assured. “For this weekend, I’m just someone who wants to spend her vacation going crazy with her guy for the first time. That’s a normal thing to do, and I’m supposed to be the ‘normal’ it girl, right?”

“I sensed the quotation marks that time,” I answered instead, keeping me steady for another few seconds. I now felt ready enough to ask, “So, are you quote unquote coming in, then?”

“If you’re decent enough,” Jennifer said.

“I sense irony in there somewhere,” I laughed off – the only thing I could do without feeling nerves. Even though one part of me certainly didn’t feel nervous.

“No, it’s just me being impatient,” she responded. “I know you’ve been patient enough. I’ve tested the limits of what little patience I have too. In fact, I kind of gave up on it already.”

On that note, I saw the doorknob turn.

Before I could prepare myself, I saw Jennifer enter my room. Before I could take her in, she turned around and closed the door. She stayed there as a few other facts dawned on me.

Like the fact her back was completely bare. And that the only piece of clothing I could see was the back of a black pair of panties. Even that didn’t do too much to hide Jennifer’s….speech-defying ass. And nothing hid the lusciously curved upper body located above it.

All that was hiding the front of it was Jennifer not turning around. And she promptly took care of that.

“They’re not crammed up in a swimsuit, but….” Jennifer explained. She said it like it was supposed to make up for something. Seeing those round, full tits underneath those chest freckles and above those incredible, finally bare curves….well, there was nothing to apologize for.

“God….” I said under my breath, although the smile Jennifer gave suggested I sounded louder than that. I started to sit up, but Jennifer made me stiffen up – even more so – by crawling onto the bed. She headed towards me on her hands and knees, her breasts hanging down enticingly and her ass wiggling even hotter.

My eyes wandered all over her ass and naked back, until they got back to her face. Before I glanced down below, Jennifer distracted me by placing her lips on mine. I had no choice but to close my eyes and kiss back, though I could hardly keep up with the way her lips glided on mine and slid into my mouth.

Her tongue followed by the time I got my hands involved, placing them on her back. While we’d made out and touched a bit already, I’d never felt this much naked skin on her – and I already couldn’t get enough. But that theory might be tested down the road….

I rubbed up and down her back and waist, unsure of whether to go higher or lower. Yet Jennifer made the decision for me, once she broke off and sat on her knees. I sat myself up on my knees as well, getting the covers off me. This left only one thing to cover my own bulging genitals.

“Touch them,” Jennifer suggested. Before she could make it an order, my hands eagerly obeyed. They felt so soft and they were overflowing just right in my hands. I rubbed them together right as Jennifer said, “Mmm….now kiss them.”

Putting my head down, I kissed the top of Jennifer’s left breast with the same slow, steamy passion I used on her lips. I did the same to her right breast, then followed up right on her cleavage as my hands pushed her chest up. My face stayed between her tits as I licked, sucked and nibbled away at each of them, while rubbing and cupping them underneath.

Jennifer followed suit by letting a hand trail down my shirt, stopping right at the top of my pants. I felt her pull the front of them down, just as my mouth engulfed her left nipple. I suckled away and stopped right before her hand brushed my cock – which kept me from suckling away at her right breast longer than it should have.

“Okay….you got to kiss and suck something that was teasing you all day. Now let me do the same,” Jennifer requested. To make it easier, I threw the covers and my pants off the bed, sitting right up and lying against the wall while Jennifer laid down between my legs.

“Well, well….” Jennifer commented. Without another word, she took my cock into her left hand, rested her right on my thigh, and lowered her head down.

She started by teasing my tip with her tongue, sliding over my slit until she covered it. Her lips soon followed, very slowly sucking my head into her mouth. When it got in, she opened up and took more of my cock in much faster.

Jennifer sucked my whole top half down before breaking off, then licking up and down the bottom half. She soon made my entire cock completely wet, although the tip was getting wet on its own – especially when she started full on bobbling on me.

Her tongue worked itself all over my cock as her mouth suckled away. But she popped off and sat herself up a bit, so that she could press me against her breast. She rubbed the saliva and wetness on my erection onto her breasts, when she wasn’t rubbing my head onto her nipples.

“Oh, that feels good,” Jennifer credited. Yet she rolled off the bed and went down to the floor, sitting on her knees. I sat myself on the edge of the bed in front of her, which gave her reign to lift herself back up and cover my cock with her tits.

“Oh, that feels even better,” Jennifer followed up, and I wordlessly agreed. She pumped her breasts up and down my cock, dipping her tongue out to lick my head every several seconds. Eventually, I started thrusting between her tits myself and she let me take over the fucking.

Jennifer held the side of her tits as I fucked them, and I soon put my fingers on her nipples as well. “Squeeze them,” she got more vocal, and I responded just how she wanted.

After a few rounds of tweaking and fucking, Jennifer took her tits away and went back to sucking me, with even more speed. But she stopped just as quickly, rubbing me against the front of her breasts again.

“I wanted to do this in the pool….” Jennifer admitted. “But we still can. We can do anything….”

“Anything?” I got out, hoping that included cumming soon – and hoping it didn’t as well.

“Yeah….but first I want you to cum,” Jennifer fulfilled the first hope I had. “I want you to cum on my tits. Make them all wet again. I know your cock’s been ready to explode for so long….I wanna see what it’s been holding back….”

“I do too….” I conceded. “You have no idea….”

“I kinda doubt it,” Jennifer said, and I saw where she was coming from. “You’ve spilled so much cum over me, haven’t you? You were gonna do it tonight, even with me here, weren’t you? Well, now I wanna see it….it’s my cum. I want my cum on my tits….”

It was her cum, all right. All my cum for the last several weeks was hers, really. She really was entitled to see it after all that….

I still held off while Jennifer sucked me off, then rubbed me between and against her tits. I even held off as she stroked me and let me fondle her breasts in the meaning. Her moans and hot breathing against the tip of my cock, followed by her quick little licks of my head, finally did it though.

She pointed my cock back at her chest just as it finally went off. After shooting off so many streams over Jennifer that landed on my hands, sheets, tissues and even my pants, these big ones landed all over her chest. They covered her freckles and nipples, dripped between her breasts and made them look as wet as they did in the pool.

Of course, it wasn’t completely the same at all. I didn’t have to worry about gawking as I saw liquid go down the top of her breasts. I didn’t have to mentally erase the clothing on the bottom of her breasts, although it was covered with something different now. And thoughts of licking the wet stuff off her chest….were less prevalent.

However, this way did take much more out of me. It took all I had to stay upright, even as Jennifer pushed her breasts up to lick some of my cum. When she rubbed some of it in, I closed my eyes and almost didn’t want to open them again – not with that image playing on a loop.

I did hear her get up and head away, if only to clean up what she didn’t lick and rub. When she left, I laid flat on my back and willed myself not to fall asleep, at least not until she came back. Once she did, I kept my eyes open enough to see her drop down next to me.

Maybe keeping myself busy would keep me up a while longer. There were some things I still needed to do – for courtesy’s sake, really. But after my hand went down her back, Jennifer stopped me before I reached my destination.

“No need right now. I got enough to tide me over until morning. So do you, really,” she figured. “But trust me….we’ll get on it first thing.” And there went my last bit of resistance towards sleeping.

Jennifer clearly wasn’t heading to her guest room. Not that I really wanted her there in the first place, even before this. Yet I didn’t want to make the offer, in case I had read this weekend wrong – and she didn’t want to tell me just how I’d really read it wrong until now. But it was all out in the open now and all was as it should have been.

Until I woke up alone in the morning.

Maybe she’d already gotten up to do non-sexual activities. Maybe she’d finished the night in the guest room after all. Maybe I snored enough to drive her to sleep on the couch. Or maybe I imagined the whole night as one very vivid sex dream.

I arrived at that theory just as I went down to the living room. At that point, when I saw Jennifer sitting upright on the couch, with a pink bra and nothing else on, I was more inclined to think I was imagining things.

Even when Jennifer coughed to get my full attention, I needed more convincing. I got it when she flung last night’s panties over to me.

After catching them and remembering the last time I saw them – and what they were covering – everything came back to me. Including Jennifer’s promise at the very end. A promise on full display on my couch right now.

I could smell it on her panties. If I just moved my ass and feet forward, I could do more than that on her….

Thus I revised whatever my earlier breakfast plans were.

Getting on my hands and knees this time, I heard Jennifer laugh as I crawled to the couch. I sat up on my knees and between her legs, before dipping my head between them without so much as a good morning.

Jennifer’s wet, fully shaven pussy greeted me to start the day. I greeted it in kind with a lick and a moan, one which she returned as I felt her hand on the back of my head. I pressed it deeper against her pussy myself, although Jennifer still gripped my head and pushed it down harder.

I did have to take a breath of fresh air eventually, but only one or two of them. Then I quickly went back to inhaling Jennifer, while suckling and tonguing her as well. My hands rested on the top of her long legs, giving them as full a rubdown as I could.

“Oh, good morning to you….” I heard Jennifer groan.

“Yes it is,” I said right onto her, hoping she felt the vibrations. She clutched my hair harder, so I guessed she did.

Nevertheless, I lifted my head from her pussy to get a fuller look at her. I saw Jennifer catch her breath, looking as aroused as she was when she ate me out last night. But this time, I could see more of her bare lower body, while getting an even closer look at her whole sexy figure in general.

Stopping at her legs, I decided to do some multi-tasking. I dipped my mouth down to kiss up her leg, while my right hand started to rub her center. As I began tweaking and fingering Jennifer, my tongue and my left hand ran down the top of her leg as slowly as they could.

Jennifer’s moaning continued as I changed things up again, putting my left hand on her pussy while my right went to her right leg, along with my mouth. I kissed the side of her leg and put my hand right on her curvy hip, holding on gently while my left hand brushed her clit and thigh.

“Put it in…..put something in….” Jennifer urged. I settled for letting my left index finger fit the bill. In the meantime, I went over to kiss her right thigh and start licking next to my occupied finger, all as my right hand held onto her side.

I looked up in time to see Jennifer reach up and hold her own breasts, since my hands were otherwise occupied. She traced her cleavage and the top of her boobs, until she gave up and pulled her cups down, exposing her tits once more.

Regardless, I couldn’t take my hands away to play with them again. Not with the way I was wiggling my finger in her, or the way my right hand jiggled her hip. Or the way Jennifer groaned from the combined effort – regardless of how much her tit grabbing also factored in.

“Okay…okay, go ahead and sit up….” Jennifer offered out of the blue. I still got in a few big finger thrusts before Jennifer got my hands off her. But it was clear she didn’t want me gone for long.

She sat on her knees onto the couch, and I soon followed suit. Facing her, I reached over and put my left finger back into her, and was now in a position to suckle her breast again this time. As for my free hand, it went back on her right hip and couldn’t resist reaching around further.

I was sucking Jennifer’s tits and finger-fucking her for the first time, while holding her thick, bare ass for the first time. I knew I was overwhelmed by the combination, so I hoped it was almost as good for her. She sure sounded pleased enough, though.

She further confirmed it by reaching back into my pants, pulling my cock once more. As I pumped her, she went back to pumping me as well. I almost thought I was dreaming after all – what else could it be when Jennifer Lawrence was jacking you off while you fingered her, sucked her tits and squeezed her ass?

Whatever it was, it wasn’t a world I’d make myself wake up from.

I showed my gratitude by fucking Jennifer harder with my finger, along with lightly swatting her ass and biting down on her right nipple. Jennifer gave a low moan, muttering her share of “Yeah” and “fuck”‘s under her breath. I just kept groaning on her tits while I rubbed everything in my path.

“Oh fuck, that is fucking….ugh.…” Jennifer trailed off. “Son of a….okay, just get back there!”

“Huh?” I asked against her cleavage.

“I made you cum with my mouth. Mostly. It’s fair you do the same for me. Even with that hand of yours. And that cock,” Jennifer punctuated with one more squeeze of my shaft. “Just get me off back there before I think of something else.”

I exhaled and had no choice but to let go of Jennifer, in front and back. But when I got up from the couch and saw Jennifer turn around and bend over on her knees, I saw the upside. Or rather, the absolutely stunning backside.

Feeling her ass was one thing, but seeing it look so full, heart shaped, plump, juicy and bare like this….God help me. He had so far, but my heart and cock would need a little more assistance. Then again, my mouth had all the help it could get for all of us.

So I sat down between the back of Jennifer’s legs, held both her hips and planted my face right into that immaculate ass. My actual target was right below it, though, as I licked away at her pussy with more speed and determination than ever. Squeezing her hips and having greater access to her cheeks helped me along too.

My face pressed right up against Jennifer from behind, even while my hands tried to move around, jiggle and wiggle as much of her behind as possible. Yet I did move one of my hands around to rub the front of her pussy, in between licking the back. Once I added the suckling, Jennifer moaned and arched herself against me deeper.

With my tongue and fingers in unison, Jennifer’s pussy got the oral and hand stimulation she carved – while my face got the ass stimulation it wanted too. Everything collided and rubbed on each other so smoothly and perfectly.

I pulled my face back to admire the view again, only to dig right back in and slide my tongue all the way into her. Jennifer called and cursed out her approval as I held and licked her for dear life. It was all too much to ignore my throbbing cock at the same time.

Seeing no choice in my clouded brain, I took my right hand off Jennifer’s ass and started stroking myself below. Between the taste, feel and sound of her, it wouldn’t take long to make me go off – even if she was a way’s off.

Yet she got me over with her fingers and mouth, so I would do the same. Reaching around to finger her with my left hand, I tongued her right beside her filled opening. Keeping my wiggling finger and tongue in sync kept me from pumping myself too far, yet it wouldn’t hold forever.

Jennifer helped by bucking herself against my tongue, face and finger. The calls to eat her and fuck her were an asset too. But there was really nothing else to be done, at least not from me.

It should have troubled me that Jennifer reached up and started playing with her own tits, since I was supposed to get her over the top. However, I would reap the rewards anyway.

Her own work, and hopefully the final little tricks I did as well, helped trigger a big eruption on my tongue and finger. I tried to swallow her orgasm up, which she technically didn’t do for mine. But while I had the harder task, I licked and gulped down as much as I could.

It was enough to make my other hand work faster than ever, that was for sure.

As I got washed away in her taste, her pleased gasps and my own budding orgasm, I found myself getting on my feet – while not letting go of my cock. At that point, I wouldn’t start to let go until I let something else go all over Jennifer again.

This time, I came right on her ass, although a spurt or two got onto her back. It was probably a miracle that nothing got on her hair. Thankfully, everything landed on her skin – skin she couldn’t well sit on at the moment. After all, she would be making a mess on my couch if she did.

“Um….let me take care of it this time,” I had to tell her once I cooled down. I raced to get a few tissues, as I would be the one to carefully wipe my cum off and against her. I probably lingered in doing so longer than she did last night, and I certainly didn’t use my tongue to help things along.

When she was all clean again, I wasn’t too sure what to do next. We both fell asleep after the last orgasms, but we had the whole day ahead of us now. A whole day — two, actually – for things to get awkward and weird once the sex high wore off, if we weren’t careful.

I carefully sat myself down on my couch, despite not having pants on. Soon after, Jennifer did the same. “Should be clean enough now, right? Maybe even cleaner than you,” Jennifer pointed out. It was just light enough to deflate any tension.

In fact, we felt lazier the more we longed around naked on this couch. Finally, Jennifer figured, “If we’re going to sit around, we might as well get a tan.”


Soon enough, we were back at my pool, sitting around on the deck. Of course, just sitting there was a bit of a challenge for me, thanks to Jennifer’s latest swimwear.

This time she had a white two-piece, but it was still a plenty revealing white two-piece. Even with everything I’d seen and felt on Jennifer, it still took my breath away to see her covered up so skimpily. Even with all I’d seen of her bare breasts, seeing them halfway covered up like that remained thrilling – which also applied to the rest of her body in spades.

Still, after the night and the morning, we did probably need some down time. So just lying in our chairs, getting some sun and acting like we didn’t just cum all over each other wasn’t so bad. Now that we finally knew what that was like with each other, things didn’t feel so….urgent.

It probably should have been awkward, but it wasn’t. We crossed the line and we knew we would a few more times before the weekend ended. Knowing that in advance made me less worried and self-conscious, and God knew that those words never described Jennifer.

Words like easy and normal actually came to mind as we got our tans, and then when we went back in the pool. Yet again, it was all too easy to stare at her and her wet exposed parts, and all too easy for her to see how I was affected by them. But it felt like it was less of a big deal in the air this time.

Jennifer even ‘accidentally’ brushed against my affected areas more, and I soon did the same with her. We would have gone further, if it wasn’t still the afternoon and way too easy to get caught. So we waited to get wet and wild until we got inside, and in the shower.

Even then, I wasn’t quite in the mood to get hard core, and neither was Jennifer. We hadn’t technically fucked yet, and it would be impractical to do it in the shower for a first time. We weren’t even in a hurry to get each other off, although I for one always felt more sensitive to get off after time in the pool or shower.

For now, though, it was enough to finally be both wet and naked with Jennifer. It was enough to have us naked together and standing up at the same time. It was enough to actually have her bare, wet body against my own at last, feeling her up and down and all around.

Jennifer had her fun putting her hands on my ass, after all the fun I had on hers. When we got around to using soap and loofas, she went first in scrubbing me up – every which way. Then it was my turn to clean her up with suds wherever I could.

After making sure her tits were covered up well enough with soap, I aimed the shower head at her chest and helped wipe it down. She returned the favor by soaping up her hands and lathering up my cock and balls. However, despite our work on each other in that shower, we didn’t get to the edge this time.

Unaffected, we dried each other off and enjoyed watching ourselves do it in front of the bathroom mirror. Once we got back into comfortable clothes and got some dinner in us, we were back on the couch, lounging around near the TV.

Yet with Jennifer lying on top of me, there was only so much regular lounging I wanted to do.

My hands went on her back, slowly going lower and lower. I waited for Jennifer to say anything, either for or against the move she knew was coming. When I heard nothing, I went down to the back of her pants and started pulling them down.

When her panties were exposed, I lowered them just enough to reveal her ample rear. Sliding down said rear, I let my fingers dance around the pussy below, until I stuck one right into her. I started pumping her nice and slow, to which Jennifer groaned onto my neck.

I palmed her ass with my left hand and fingered her with my right, as Jennifer just relaxed on top of me and took it. She arched her ass back to take more of me in, establishing an easy, leisurely rhythm.

Jennifer let out a few soft “yeah”‘s as her lips went up my neck to my ear, inspiring me to go faster. The way she started grinding on my groin was an added bonus. But I just kept going, letting out some heavy breaths and a few “Uh huh”‘s to go with it.

Soon she was fucking herself on my finger harder and deeper, breathing out “Fuck me,” over and over. My finger and even my hips went faster in kind, as I wondered if it would be enough. Perhaps this was the moment when we’d officially have to go all the way.

But then I heard her start to call out, “I’m gonna cum,” repeatedly in my ear. So I ‘resigned myself’ to letting my finger finish the job there. With a few well placed wiggles and thrusts, along with a few not so innocent squeezes of her ass, I felt the job getting done.

Jennifer soon stopped moving her ass and let it rest on my crotch, as I took my hand away from the whole area. My wet finger wound up between our faces, and I narrowly beat her into licking it clean. I reached back to her center and wiped up the rest before having it for seconds.

Undeterred, Jennifer slid down the couch and down my body as well. “I need a taste too,” she decided. “I’ve only had it after you got it all over me. It’s time I tried it right from the source.”

Without needing a further explanation, she took the front of my pants down one more time, putting her mouth right on me in short order. She didn’t stroke me, tease me or use any other special tricks. She merely sucked my cock hard and passionately, looking to swallow up the results.

I wanted to hold out for at least more than a few minutes. Yet Jennifer’s tongue, her throat, her vocal cords and the way her mouth engulfed my balls had other plans. “These are nice appetizers,” she credited before sucking and cupping them all again.

My hips involuntarily went forward, but not deep enough to go down her throat. She came off and I thought she might be upset at me for allegedly trying, yet she said, “Keep going.”

I might have if she didn’t break off to tell me to. But once she took me back in, I let my hips pump forward uninterrupted. I fucked her mouth nice and steady, even with her suction and her tongue work. Even when her mouth came off, she wrapped her hand around me and I kept thrusting.

Jennifer licked my tip and suckled my head in the meantime, until she removed her hand and went all the way down to my base. I tried to slow down before I went too far in her mouth, yet she came off first. Then she just bobbled on me and took more of me down her throat, before sucking hard and slowly popping off.

“Cum in my mouth,” Jennifer requested. “I’m ready. I can tell you are too,” she accurately figured out. After a few more bobbles while she stroked me, she pulled back, opened her mouth and started catching my shots.

She was content to just catch the first few, before going forward and wrapping her lips around me. The rest of my cum went right down her throat, as she swallowed it all right from the source, like she promised. After drenching her tits and ass, her mouth could now be crossed off as a cum depository.

Just two more of those left to go, I figured.

But like before, we were both too drained to keep experimenting. Like before, we decided to just rest up, laze around with each other and enjoy our non-sexual time together. After enough of it, we adjourned back to my bedroom, where I figured we’d just go to sleep and rest up before our big final day.

That was until I saw Jennifer bend down in front of the bed and me, her polka dot bed dress riding up and showing absolutely nothing over her ass. Even by the high standards of Jennifer’s ‘bending her bare ass over’ poses, this one was a doozy. So much so I had to adjust myself under the covers, and way too obviously.

“You’d be jacking off if I wasn’t sleeping here, wouldn’t you?” Jennifer asked. Dead on question, albeit with odd timing.

“After everything….I guess it wouldn’t be that bad if I said yes,” I admitted. “Unless it would be,” I covered my bases.

“Like I said, it’s obvious you made a lot of cum over me. Before you….had me as a partner,” Jennifer phrased. After a pause, she confessed, “I probably didn’t make as much as you. But I might have come close a few nights.”

That was probably one of the sweeter ways to admit that we both jacked off to each other. And one of the better segways for her to ask, “I’ll show you how I did it if you show me a few things.”

This was how we found ourselves sitting on opposite ends of the bed, staring at each other and masturbating to the sight of us.

I thought when she jerked me off on the couch this morning, it beat out regular masturbating by a storm. It still did, but masturbating myself to her – with her in front of me and masturbating to me right back – was the real next level.

Eventually, Jennifer stopped long enough to actually remove her gown, showing the rest of herself off for me. I remembered to do the same before going back to work, hoping it helped her about half as much.

Jennifer sat up and put her hands over her nipples, tweaking them and putting on a noteworthy show for me. I couldn’t really match it, but I tried by cupping my balls and jiggling them as I jacked off, like I imagined she would do during my session – and almost like she actually did earlier tonight.

While it was still no contest, Jennifer went back to fingering herself quite hard, her eyes right on my cock and my hand. She eyed my bare chest, and I could swear the look on her face was halfway as impressed as when I looked at her chest. The thought of it made me pump harder, whether it was true or not.

We stroked and fucked ourselves harder and faster, our eyes never leaving each other’s bodies. After all the cum we’d already spilled since last night, I started to wonder how much was in the tank. But as Jennifer thrust her pussy up against her hand, bouncing everywhere along the way, I resolved to find a bit more in the tank.

I felt a little bit of it start to come out soon after, and then I felt a bigger burst on the way. She was too far away for me to shoot any right at her, so I laid on my back and covered myself with my hands. I even stopped looking at her and stopped checking if she was getting close too, as the imagery in my head carried me the rest of the way.

I started shooting into my hand before long, groaning out loud in the process – though I thought I heard Jennifer groan just as loud. I kept my focus on making sure my cum only spilled on myself, though. When it was over, my crotch and right hand were more than messy enough, just like in so many other sessions.

In this one, however, a fantasy came true after it was all over. In this one, Jennifer came over to me and pulled out the hand she had masturbated with – which was now fairly wet. She put it against my mouth as she took my even wetter hand and started licking it clean.

I followed suit as we sucked and tasted each other’s cum from our hands. When it was over, Jennifer put both hands together, mixing what little remains were left. I almost thought she would take them apart and start licking again, but she just kept looking at me.

Although we both came hard and had little left for tonight as it was, we both used what little we had devouring each other’s mouths – despite what we just put in them.

Once we both laid on the bed, we kept going for several minutes and got to grope a few things. But we didn’t have the stamina to do much more beyond that, before we started to close our eyes.

I knew that wouldn’t be an excuse for tomorrow, though. I suspected she did too.


One look at her when we woke up the next morning confirmed my suspicions.

A silent understanding passed between us. It was the morning, we weren’t fully awake yet and we’d used most of our creative sexual ideas. But right now, we just wanted to get the last little technicality from this weekend crossed off.

The one where I hadn’t actually put myself inside Jennifer Lawrence’s pussy – this weekend or ever. Yet without any unnecessary fanfare or words, she parted her legs for me and I fixed that at long last.

We had one day left in this little vacation. We could use the remainder of it to be more thoughtful and imaginative, but that wasn’t what this one was about. I just wanted to properly fuck her, and I’d waited long enough. So had she.

All I wanted to do was pound away, put my fingers between us to help her along, nibble at her neck and breasts, and then let her roll me over to rock on top of me next. It was kind of standard, especially after all we did without actual fucking this weekend. Still, standard did work on some occasions like this one.

I could just relax, let Jennifer fuck me, feel her getting more awake and more into it, and relish how much better we would get at it as the day went on. For this time, holding onto her ass, teasing her holes from behind, feeling her breasts rub against my chest and hearing her squeal her way into orgasm was enough, before I’d had enough.

After exploding on virtually every part of Jennifer in the last two days, my seed finally went deep into her womb. Since she was so prepared for this weekend, I was sure she’d make sure it wouldn’t go….all the way in. But that wasn’t what I wanted to spend my limited brain power thinking of right now.

I stayed relatively thoughtless as we came down together, almost going right back to sleep. But we made ourselves get up and go through the motions of getting dressed and eating lunch. Slowly, our energy came back and the impact of what we’d finally gotten around to doing hit home.

Then we celebrated by clearing the lunch table and getting right on top of it.

This time we had the right mind to use our hands more. I wound up doing more with them for once, as Jennifer let herself lie down on the table while I stood over her and went off. I wasn’t sure why she was letting me have more control this time, but maybe she figured I’d been pent up enough.

As I quickly ravaged her, I saw her hypothetical point.

Jennifer cried out endlessly, and I was barely quieter as I pounded her like I’d often imagined. I watched her tits sway greedily, then held on and squeezed for some time until my fingers went down to her pussy. They worked it over on the outside while my cock wore it down on the inside.

Now that I’d truly fucked her, the sky was the limit. Now that I knew she really wanted to fuck me, in every which way, it had really set me off. Getting inside her was just the beginning – maybe this weekend was as well.

For this moment, I groaned and pounded away as Jennifer thrust back against me, fingering herself and her boobs along with me. We each helped her cum all over my cock again, and when she was finished, I pulled out and tugged myself until I unloaded on her anew.

This time, the damage was left right on her face, with some getting down to her neck. However, my cum once again found one of the rare targets it hadn’t already found this weekend, leaving her face doused in it.

Jennifer licked her lips, but that hardly made a difference. I had to get a few paper towels to help her clean up, as we both came down from our intense high. As we cleaned up, I for one felt more relatively normal – not that I was entirely abnormal back there.

If we were going to continue experimenting and expanding our sexual resume together, rougher times like that were probably part of the deal. As long as that was as rough as it got, and as long as it was inspired by the kind of passion that round was, I could live with that. It looked like Jennifer could as well.

But as per usual, things cooled down after we got our lust out of our system. We settled back into a state of calm, letting our libidos recharge and finding other ways to pass the time together. By the time we got to the part where we would go out for dinner, we were in a more romantic state.

When I saw Jennifer put on her light blue dress for the evening, it got into a bit more of a horny state. When I saw her make sure her boobs didn’t pop out too much – then pull the top of the dress down anyway and let her breasts hang out for a laugh – it was a cross between romantic and horny.

The horny part won out for a bit when I came over and she let me tweak her boobs, and kiss them, before stuffing them back in. I was tempting to skip the dinner part of the evening then and there, but Jennifer was set on building the suspense first. It was a strategy that had been paying off since Friday, so there was no sense arguing with it now.

I was sure it was the right call by the time we got back to the house, in the mood enough to take things elsewhere. Elsewhere being my pool, in this case.

We had gotten frisky and tempted ourselves in there for two straight days, without going over. Now on this last night, with enough feelings, nostalgia and horniness in our system, we were set to go that extra mile as a final climax.

So under the lights, we stripped off our fancy clothes and jumped into the pool naked, swimming and brushing against each other yet again. With no clothes between us, no one around to watch or see us, and no more reason to hold back, this time it could really go somewhere.

It went far enough for me to run my hands through all the wet parts of Jennifer’s body – with not all of them wet from the pool water. It went far enough for her to stroke me down below, and even go underwater to very briefly use her mouth. That made me go far enough to pin her against the nearest pool wall.

I ran my hands over her body and pussy while grinding against her. “Look at you, all wet,” I teased. “Been wet all weekend, I’ll bet. You wanna get really wet for me one more time?”

“Oh yeah,” Jennifer groaned. But before I got my way back in, she stopped and said, “Damnit, this isn’t gonna work.”

“Please explain that quickly,” I urged with my remaining self control.

“No one’s noticing us in the dark….but they could still hear us if we get carried away,” Jennifer reminded. “And I really don’t want to stop myself from getting carried away,” she said more hotly. “Not with my body or my voice.”

Getting the idea, I was more inclined to agree when she suggested, “So how about we dry off….just a little bit….and we go inside and make people only think they can hear us scream?”

In as little time as possible, we got out, dried ourselves off just enough so we wouldn’t completely drip all over my rooms, then rushed back inside. Thinking quickly, I decided I didn’t want to stop at the living room table again – I needed her on the couch again.

Once Jennifer got to the couch, I had her turn away from me. While she wasn’t looking, I got on my knees behind her and kissed up the back of her leg, all the way to her ass. She made it easier by bending over against the clock, just like yesterday morning – only now I hoped to work with even more.

I dabbed my tongue below into her pussy, like before. My hands squeezed her ass like before, rubbing the spare water on it into her skin. In the process, they brushed between her cheeks as well while I ate out her other hole.

“You want it? You want to go higher?” Jennifer deduced. My fingers brushed her crack again for my answer, and her deep moan seemed to be her approving reply.

My next reply came when I buried my face right into her oh so sweet ass. My tongue found the…..perhaps less sweet center of it, but I didn’t care. Being consumed by that ass and getting it wet enough for my next idea was sweet enough.

Jennifer moaned up a storm, backing up her theory that we could be less restrained indoors. I backed it up by deeply licking up and down her backdoor, then by getting up and sliding my cockhead up and down it as well.

“Okay?” I asked as patiently as possible, under the circumstances. “Will this do?”

“There’s no other way this can end,” Jennifer breathed out. Thinking back at all the positions we’d done, she really was right. With that, I started out on the last frontier we hadn’t conquered yet.

After pushing my still somewhat wet cockhead into her more wet asshole, I let it settle in. In the meantime, I placed my right hand on her pussy and got it going, then let my left hand go around and up to her chest. Jennifer just stayed bent over and gripped the top of the couch as I started my attack in full.

“This is how you wanna fuck me, huh?” Jennifer said. “Thinking about this for a while, huh? Glad I’m not alone….”

“No, you’re not,” I confirmed, sliding deeper into her ass.

“Oh, that’s so good,” she said. “Oh….so’s that,” she went on when I pulled out and slowly thrust back in. Taking that in, I started fucking her ass in earnest while tweaking her pussy and nipple.

“It’s how you like being fucked too, eh?” I teased. “Who’d have thought? I bet you don’t show everyone this stuff, though? Can you?”

“Not….for everyone,” she confirmed. “Oh….consider yourself special….”

“Should I?” I went on.

“Fuck yes….your cock, those hands, your fucking cum….oh, I’m done waiting around for it….” Jennifer promised. “You’re gonna give it all to me….I got ways to make it all work….”

“I can tell….” I reminded, fucking her a little faster.

“Oh, this weekend’s nothing!” Jennifer called out. “Just you wait….you love my ass, tits, body and mouth now….”

“I do….” I agreed – although maybe that was halfway to something I shouldn’t have admitted this soon. Halfway admitting it during anal sex probably didn’t count, which was likely for the best. Right now, I knew we had to keep indulging in less sentimental feelings.

“Oh, fuck me…’re gonna fuck me so good….you are fucking me so good….” Jennifer babbled. “You’re gonna get to fuck me like….oh, like that should do it!”

“Good….” I growled, taking my hands off her tits and pussy and gluing them to her hips. I let them play around with the plump space of her ass, while I fucked the inside of it deeper and harder. Jennifer moaned and thrust it back, gripping the couch and looking more and more possessed.

“Shoot it in my ass,” Jennifer wanted. “I want your cum to stay right in my ass when I leave tomorrow….it’s been everywhere else….” That it had.

“Keep telling me how much you want it….” I needed to hear. “Say and do things you wouldn’t….let anyone else see….it’s just for me….”

“Just for you….” Jennifer gasped. “All just for you….like I wanted all weekend. Like I…..oh, shit mother fuck!” she called out when my thumb went deep inside her pussy. It rubbed her all around as my cock drove as far as it could go.

“Fuck me, make me cum and cum in me!” Jennifer yelled. “I’ll swallow it down next time, but this time…..” God damn….a next time was one thing….

By then, there was no more need for words from Jennifer. For once, she felt no more need to add more once my cock and thumb worked in unison. When I reached over and grasped her hanging nipple with my left hand, she was reduced to grunts.

As she tightened around my cock, I was too. Until the last big one. The one that lasted all throughout my latest, last and biggest orgasm of them all – the evidence of which disappeared right into Jennifer’s ass.

The evidence of Jennifer’s own climactic climax spilled onto my thumb and hand. When I could finally pull then and my cock away, Jennifer finally let go of the couch.

She all but collapsed beside it, and I didn’t take too long to join her.

Our heavy breathing were the only sounds echoing through the house. When that died down, we weren’t eager to add more to it. We couldn’t even get ourselves up to bed, or even to the couch.

We would just lie against the couch together until morning – when the wild weekend ended and we went back to our normal lives. Waiting for the next time we could have a break like this, now that this first one came repeatedly and went.

Until then, I would have nothing to hold me over except my regular time with Jennifer, my memories and my imagination. It got me by until we took this next step, and it would get me by again until we repeated it. Even if fantasy wasn’t always more creative than reality.

The images, acts and wild side to America’s sweetheart would last a lifetime in my head. Regardless of how many more weekends like this came about, or whether there’d even be another weekend like this.

But for all the unforgettable memories, it was almost a shame there wasn’t anything more….concrete to remember this time and her experiments by.

The key word still being almost, of course. Let’s leave no doubt about that.