Karrine Steffans – Not-So-SUPERBUTT

I live in a luxury high rise in one of the biggest,
most famous cities in the states [but I won’t say
which one Wink]. Many celebrities live here but with
my schedule I haven’t seen any yet. You see, the only
reason I can afford my pad is I was working the
overnight on my job which said LOTS more. But I’ve
been with the company a long time and worked hard, so
they let me switch to days at the higher pay. I’m
still getting used to the hours but the perks are

I was coming in from work late one afternoon. Until
now I hadn’t really run into any of my neighbors
because of my old hours. But I was in the elevator
with a gorgeous, light-skinned african-american lady.
She looked familiar but… She had these thick, sexy
lips that looked familiar, long, curly jet black hair
that didn’t, a big butt in white tights, and big, big
tits, maybe DDDs, but in a vaguely familiar way
shouldn’t be that big…

When I reached my floor, t was hers, too, so I let her
step out first. She gave me a gorgeous smile in
thanks. I watched her big ass sway in her tight tight
tights as she walked a few yards ahead of me. She
dropped her keys. “MOTHERFUCKER!!!” she screamed.
“FUCKIN’ SHIT!” As she bent over, her ass looked ready
to tear out of her tights.

My cock began to swell in my loose-fitting dress
pants. She straightened up and continued to a door a
few past mine but across the hall. I turned and was
about to put my key in the lock when she swore once
more. “FUCK! BASTARD!”

Suddenly I remembered who she was. I turned to her and
without thinking said, “You’re Karrine Steffans!” She
was picking up her keys [again], straightened up and
turned to me with a giggle. “What gave me away?”

I laughed. “Your lips, your butt, and your favorite
words.” She was obviously amused, but also a bit
confused. “My favorite words?” I grinned.

“You swore a lot in your video. You know…” Karrine
blushed. “I’m surprised anyone remembered it. It’s
been like 5 years…”

“I bought it last month. You’re name on it looked
familiar, and I just love black women, so I had to
have it.”

Karrine blushes darker. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied, then added, “I felt bad
for Mr. Marcus. You had a way of making a pro feel
like any amateur.”

Karrine laughed. “They didn’t call me ‘SUPERHEAD’ for

“I almost didn’t recognize you. Your hair looks
different and you’re, ummm, chest area looks…

Karrine smiled, fluffing her hair. “Someone noticed!
Yeah, I changed my hair a long while back.”

“This way looks hotter on you,” I said, blushing.

“Thank you!” She gushed. “As far as the other thing…
things… I was pregnant over a year ago. My breasts
like tripled in size! But something went wrong and I
lost the baby…”

“I am SO sorry! And I’m sorry I made you have to think
about it.”

“It’s all right,” Karrine replied. “Maybe it was for
the best…”

“Huh?” I blinked. “What do you mean? Didn’t your
husband want a child?”

“That ASSHOLE!!! He’s the reason I’m glad I didn’t
have the baby! I hadn’t planned on getting pregnant,
but when I did I thought it would change things, but
they didn’t change. I finally gave up and moved far
away, I came here to be closer to my career.”

“I hope things are working out then. You’re my first
celebrity,” I grinned.

“I’m hardly a celebrity!” Karrine blushed.

“C’mon, you’re the one and only ‘SUPERHEAD’!” I
replied. “With a superpussy!” I added. [I usually
don’t talk like that but I was trying to cheer Karrine
up and it just slipped out.] Karrine did smile. I was
feeling bold now, having gotten comfortable with her.
“And I bet you have a superass, too…” I said, eyeing
it playfully. “If you know what I mean…”

Karrine let out a playful squeal and her mouth hung
open as if shocked. “Nobody taps this ass!” She
lightly slapped my arm. “And I mean NOBODY.” She
winked. Now I don’t have that much sexual experience,
but I was really emboldened now. “Oh, I see… Your
ass isn’t super. That’s why you’re afraid to use it.”

“White boy,” she said playfully, “I guarantee my ass
is the best. Primo junk in my trunk.”

I acted unimpressed. “I guess, if you say so.”

Karrine let out her faux shocked squeal again. Looking
me up and down, she finally said, “White boys are
known to pack it small, and you are pretty hot… I
usually don’t do this, but I’ve taken a liking to you.
So what’s your name?” I told her I felt the same way
and gave her my name. “All right, Jim, how’s about
tomorrow night, say 8?”

“How about say 7?”

Karrine seemed impressed by my boldness. “Sure, why
not?” She kissed me on the cheek, one huge tit pressed
into my chest. “See you then. And thanks for being so
sweet,” Karrine smiled. She went in I turned and left.


The next afternoon I got home later because I stopped
to pick up a few things. When Karrine arrived, I had a
candlelight dinner set up in the middle of my living
room for us. She was obviously pleasantly surprised.
“Oh, Jim, you didn’t have to go through all this
trouble just for me!” She gushed. “I’m glad I put on
something nice instead of my ‘fuck-me’ shorts.”

Karrine looked beyond nice and I told her so. She wore
a sparkly, low-cut black button-down stretchy blouse
that showed off her tits with a loose-fitting dark
green skirt and black high heels. Like yesterday my
cock began to swell inside my dress pants. She kissed
me on the cheek, pressing both tits into me this time.
“Thank you! You always seem to know what to say, Jim.”

“You’re so welcome! And I was glad to do all of this.
I love to cook and never get to do it for anyone,” I
said. “Besides, I’m hoping if I’m romantic enough this
won’t be a onetime event and you won’t go back to your
husband,” I winked.

“Trust me,” Karrine began, “I am NEVER going back to
that COCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!!!” With a smile she
added, “And there’s no chance of me dating a white

I pulled out a chair for Karrine to sit in. As I eased
it forward I whispered in her ear, “Who said anything
about dating?” I went off into the kitchen before
Karrine could reply. “I bought a bottle of wine. I
don’t drink but would you like a glass?”

I called out. “I’ll drink what you’re drinking.” I
poured us both sodas which I placed on the cart I’d
borrowed from my mother for the evening. I added 2
plates of casserole and 2 small plates of salad with
my favorite dressing. I wheeled the cart into the
living room and Karrine oohed over it all as I set a
plate of salad and of the casserole in front of her. I
placed the glass of soda near the center of the table
so her arm wouldn’t accidently knock it over. Karrine
waited for me to do the same with my plates and glass
then sat down before she began to eat.

Karrine kept telling me how she wasn’t used to a home
cooked meal, and how delicious this was. She said her
mother was never home when she was growing up so she
had to eat what she could find. She went on and on
about my cooking and how if her husband cooked she
might never have left him but she doubted it because
they had other problems she didn’t want to burden me
with. She did all the talking as I ate and quietly
took it all in.

When she realized how much talking she was doing she
marveled at what a good listener I was and wished her
husband had been. It didn’t bother me having Karrine
bring up her husband, especially since she was with me
and I was going to sample her butt and not him. Wink I
told she could relax on the sofa while I cleared the
table. She gushed at how comfortable and big it was. I
wheeled the cart back in the kitchen and quickly put
everything in the dishwasher so I could go rejoin

When I reentered the living room I couldn’t help
notice how hot Karrine looked on the sofa. I sat
beside her, grabbed my stereo remote and turned on the
CD I’d set up. “A romantic meal AND romantic music…”
She cooed. “Someone might think you were trying to get
into my panties…” She winked.

I put one arm around Karrine and reached up with the
other and cupped a tit. “Maybe they’d be right,” I

Karrine put her hand on my thigh. “Nah,” She grinned.
“I’m not WEARING any panties!”

Without replying I leaned over and kissed Karrine
while I kneaded her DDD tit. She kissed back hard
squeezing my thigh. I felt her nipple poke out into my
palm and it made my cock harder.

Karrine broke the kiss, breathing heavy. “Fuck, boo,
you’re making me so fucking horny! I haven’t had cock
in like forever!” Karrine pulled away from me and
stood up. She kicked off her high heels as she quickly
unbuttoned her blouse. As she shed it her purple
massive bra came into view. I thought my cock would
burst through my pants!

Karrine turned away from me, reached back and began to
unclasp her bra. It took a while because she had 5 or
6 clasps on that giant bra. Finally it did pop open
and Karrine slowly slid it off her massive tits. Fuck,
I thought. They looked better than they had in the
video! Her darker areolae were very huge and her
nipples very long and rubbery and super thick. She
reached back again to unbutton and unzip her skirt. It
slid down her perfect legs and puddled around her
feet. Her butt looked even better right in my face!
All thick, firm and wide, with a deep, deep crack.

I couldn’t stop myself. I dropped to my knees, spread
her butt cheeks and buried my face in Karrine’s
lightly-haired butt crack. She tasted sweet, tangy. I
could tell she’d bathed affons coming over. Karrine
moaned. “FUCK, baby… No one has EVER ate my ass
crack!” She grunted. Then when I pressed my tongue
against her butt hole, “SHIT, definitely not back in
there before! MOTHERFUCK!”

I spread her cheeks more and her back door opened
slightly and I pressed my tongue into her. “Fuck…”
Karrine mumbled. “Looks like I’ll be ‘dating’ you…”

I felt Karrine’s body begin to stiffen, and she
screamed out as a massive orgasm hit her hard. [Good
thing they built these walls thick] As she calmed
down, her breathing still heavy, I teased, “Sensitive
back here, aren’t we?” I went back to work without
waiting for her reply. Her legs seemed to turn to
jello and she put her hands back on my shoulders for

“I guess…” Karrine giggled weakly.

I had my tongue halfway up her butt hole as her second
orgasm flooded her body. Karrine gripped my shoulders
tightly as she grunted and groaned, trying to stifle
the scream this time. I didn’t let up on her until my
tongue was buried in her butt and she let loose
another scream as Karrine third orgasm hit. As her
body calmed down, she sobbed softly as she dropped to
her knees on my thickly carpeted floor. I leaned back
and started unbuttoning my shirt.

I had my shirt off before Karrine sat up and turned
around. She was still catching her breath and blushing
darkly. Without a word, she undid my belt, unbuttoned
and unzipped my pants and took them off of me after I
kicked off my shoes. My hard on was visible through my
black briefs but Karrine didn’t seem to pay full
attention until she had my briefs down to my knees.
She froze, staring at my erect cock.

“Too small?” I teased.

“No,” Karrine said as if in a daze. “I-I… thought
white guys had smaller cocks… But yours, yours is at
least nine inches long!” She drooled. “And pretty

“But not too much for SUPERHEAD, right?” I chuckled.

Karrine looked up at me and smiled mischievously. She
lowered her mouth and proceeded to suck me off like
she did Mr. Marcus on the video. I won’t go into
detail, you can see the video if you need to know.
Wink I will tell you this, she didn’t make me cum as
quick because I stroked off 3 times before Karrine

She looked puzzled, but never asked and never stopped
sucking until I blasted bolt after bolt of cum into
her mouth which she quickly swallowed. I pulled her up
and kissed her, reaching back behind her and fingered
her butt hole a bit. Sliding out from under Karrine I
went back behind her and kicked her back door a little
more. I told her to spread her butt cheeks and after I
rubbed the head of my cock against her butt hole then
pressed it in. Karrine gasped as the head popped in.
She began to whimper as I pushed more of my cock.
“Fuck…” She groaned. “Motherf-fuck son of a beotch!”
She screamed louder than before as she had her first
orgasm with my cock up her butt.

I moved back and then forward, sliding more in as she
kept crying out in pleasure and spreadin her butt
cheeks. Karrine came twice more before my coal was
fully within her. She was whimpering louder and
gasping for breath. “Ohfuck ohfuck ohfuck…”

I started slowly fucking Karrine’s ass as she came a
fourth time.


I fucked harder and she screamed louder. I lost count
of how many times Karrine came but I know it was at
least 20 minutes before I shot my load deep up her hot
ass, giving her one more screaming orgasm.

My cock was still buried in her butt as we tried to
catch our breaths, our bodies covered in sweat. She
finally looked back at me. “I gotta tell you…”


“I really need a shower…”

“Is that all you have to say?”

Karrine tried to laugh but still hadn’t caught her
breath. “Well, come take one with me and I’ll tell you
more after you fuck me again with that superdick…”