Hilary Duff sexy pics and fan fiction

It was a bright sunny day with a beautiful clear blue sky and all of Los Angeles was taking advantage of it. Skimpy bikinis, lots of alcohol, food sizzling on the grills and loud powerful beats through the neighborhoods. You could say these were the ingredients for a great time. Great stories, great flirting and lustful encounters all over. Summer time was here.

Listening to some old school hip-hop jams, Hilary finished up her editing for the photo shoot she just completed, humming the beat of “I got 5 on it.” The pictures were now being uploaded to the various websites and social media accounts. All she had to do was wait for the flood. She made sure she had her best view to bring in the fans.

“Hello, my friends. Head on over to Caylee’s instagram to grab all of the newest pics we just took!” she said in a quick video, sending it off.

“Hey, baby!” she called out towards the pool.

Kicking her way through the warm deep end, the young blonde was swirling back around and exploded out, planting herself. She revealed those big hazel eyes and smiled.



“What’s up?”

“Get in on this,” Hilary said, waving her over.

The wet girl quickly stepped over and dropped down in front of the phone with her friend.

“Better cover those,” Hilary laughed.

“Bitch, why…you’ll get way more hits with these out,” they both laughed again.

Hilary wrapped her arm around Caylee’s boobs as a make-shift bra and they posed for the camera. Peace signs, smiles and two amazing blondes was like crack to the internet junkies. They both giggled at some of the stuff being sent to them and like clockwork, the inevitable hit the inbox.

“Yay, dick pics!” Caylee shouted. She kissed Hilary’s cheek and leaned back against her. “That’s a big one. Holy shit,” she grinned.

Hilary bit her lip and kissed her back, “If I weren’t married…”

The laughs continued and Caylee swiped to the next monster dong that probably didn’t belong to the account it came from. “If they walked up in here, you would turn slut instantly and let them have you,” she said, slapping Hilary’s thigh.

“Oh, you ass, don’t talk like that,” Hilary let out a sigh.

Caylee turned her head up and planted small kisses along her jaw and up to her ear. “Mm, don’t talk like what? That you want those big black dicks stuffing you even though you have the ring on? It’s okay to have fantasies.”

Hilary shivered and the hair stood up on her arms. Entertaining the idea of cheating on her husband was something she did her best not to do, even though she was surrounded by an infinite amount of temptations given her status. Imagine being in her shoes and having to fight off every dick that ever comes her way. With Caylee, she didn’t consider it infidelity. Her husband would probably approve, but it’s a secret for now.

“I would suck the biggest load out of this one,” she said, staring at the new message.

Caylee nibbled her ear and saw the package out of the corner of her eye. “I think we’d just suck that one together…look at those huge balls…”

“He wouldn’t last long with us, huh,” Hilary laughed.

The young blonde took the phone and swiped to another photo. “Wanna lotion me up, babes?”

Hilary found the bottle next to them and popped the top. Caylee spread her arms and globs of mango scent splattered across her big luscious breasts. Hilary drenched them before bringing her hot hands from underneath and pushing those beautiful tits together, smushing lotion between her fingers and smearing it towards her neck. She went down and slathered the boobs from the top and caught her hardening nips, pulling on them. Caylee let out an approving groan and Hilary smashed her knockers together again before sliding through her cleavage and spreading it across her soft belly.

“Mm, that’s so nice,” she cooed.

The older mom had her hands roaming all over the young woman’s sensitive bits, gliding up and down her inner thighs and culminating together in the crease of her legs and pushing her quivering lips together. Caylee let out a soft moan and Hilary swirled her delicate fingers around the perfectly smooth mound. The folds were split and Caylee shuddered as Hilary worked her over, circling her digits in tight consistent movements.

“I would let this one fuck my brains out,” Caylee sighed, wiggling her toes in pleasure.

“That is an amazing cock,” Hilary agreed.

“Trying to make me cum or what, baby,” Caylee groaned, her head falling back.

Her hand was firmly pressing and spreading the folds, slowly circling the precise nooks and she could feel Caylee’s light sweat forming against her own chest. The phone was laying at rest and Caylee’s arms were jelly, now just putty in Hilary’s grasp. She didn’t let up with her momentum and the girl’s hips started to work side to side. Hilary thought the music would suffice to cover their moment, but she clamped around Caylee’s mouth and leaned back, furiously slathering her friend in a mixture of mango and her own slippery juices. Caylee pushed into the concrete and lifted up, panting erratically between her lover’s fingers, bucking her hips and crying out into her palm. Breathing heavily herself, Hilary watched those gorgeous boobs rock up and down until the young woman shuddered violently in her arms, collapsing down immediately. Caylee’s legs sunk in and trapped the hand, feeling a sudden sensitivity.

“Oh, my fuck…in’ hell, Hilary,” she gasped out, trying to get air.

“Mmm, you’re so cute when I do that,” Hilary said with a smile, caressing her face.

“I’m going to get you back for that one,” Caylee said softly, trying to find the energy to move.

“Good, because I am so fucking horny,” she said quickly.

Caylee turned and planted a long juicy kiss on Hilary’s pretty pink lips and held it until she felt hands sliding through her hair.

“You want this?” Caylee said with a whisper.

Reaching behind her friend, she started untying her bikini top, taking in that beautiful gaze. Hilary’s eyes fluttered and she tried to catch her breath, a sharp feeling of guilt and arousal slicing through her entire body. Caylee wasn’t giving her time to give an answer and Hilary’s perfect globes fell apart across her chest. The glistening hot blonde pushed Hilary’s legs apart and forcefully wrapped them around her waist before leaning in and grabbing her by the hair. Hilary was admiring her stunning form up and down until she was tilted back and a tongue slithered into her gaping mouth. The two gorgeous babes locked lips and Caylee suckled and squelched away with her kisses, staying possessive and holding her taut. Hilary snaked her arms behind and held tight, the sudden burst of real intimacy making her bottoms drenched in hot wetness.

“Things not so hot at home?” Caylee dug deep; a rhetorical question that no one needed to answer.

She knew and as she descended with sweet kisses down her neck and between the exquisite cleavage, Caylee felt a neglected wife tighten around her damp hair and sink into her scalp. The girl spent as much time as she was allowed on the woman’s firm mid-section but her face was quickly sliding against flowery white bottoms. Caylee opened wide and gathered up as much wet fabric as she could, closing around the hot box and groaning into Hilary’s sex. Hilary forced her head side to side and back and forth, grinding herself on the young blonde. Caylee was able to untie the side and pull it away, revealing a perfect pussy, slick and shiny.

Caylee’s mouth fell open and her fat lengthy tongue spilled out, dabbling near Hilary’s taint. She sucked in the entirety of the cute peach, her tenacious muscle pushing deep inside and then lathering the pink folds to the top before swirling back down and sinking in again. Hilary’s face shifted from happy to sad to orgasmic within a few seconds. She couldn’t believe how easy it was to let Caylee do this to her and she moaned out to her, wanting so much more.

“Caylee…Caylee, baby…don’t…don’t stop…” she said, her breaths interrupting her words.

Soft hands traveled along Hilary’s thick thighs and grasped the back of her knees, pushing outward and in. Caylee pushed her wider and wider until her ass was off of the chair and Caylee had access to absolutely everything. Hilary dropped a hand behind her head and grabbed her own while forcing Caylee up and down, getting her gooey walls caressed by that sweltering plunging tongue. She clinched the girl’s head with purpose and used her as a fuck toy.

“Uhhmmmnnng…I love you,” she moaned out, trying not to be too loud. “Mmmhunn…fuck me, baby, please…keep going…”

Caylee was ravenous, swirling her head back and forth and slathering Hilary’s yummy juicy pussy with long forceful swathes all over. She slurped up everything she siphoned out of the sweaty blonde before pushing it between her lips and spreading it around. Just as Hilary’s moans were getting louder and louder, Caylee abruptly lifted away and escaped her clutches.

“No no…nonono,” Hilary’s eyes flew open, gasping. “Cay!” she shouted, denied from creaming all over her friend’s beautiful face.

Before Hilary could lift up her arms and shout an obscenity, Caylee was scribbling a copious stream of lotion across her chest. Hilary was taken aback and relaxed just a pinch, the mango goodness hitting her nose. Her friend dropped the bottle and leaned in with her hands, filling them with the silky cream and cupping her palms with Hilary’s big busty mom tits, dense and heavy. She pushed and manipulated them together, infusing her skin with the balm. Those bright red nails ran down her rock solid torso, creating lines through the orange liquid, tickling her.

The girl straddled her midsection and grabbed the back of the chair, dangling her humongous boobs a mere inch away from Hilary’s hungry mouth. Without hesitation, she slurped a large nipple between her pouty lips and pulled on the heavy bag. Caylee tossed her head back and sighed at her extreme sensitivity, loving every second. The big boob slipped from her grasp and the other one was quickly lapped up and slobbered on with her meaty tongue. Caylee shimmied her fingers into Hilary’s hair and held her tight, the feeling of this sexy woman making love to her tits electrifying her senses.

“Mmm…I love you too, baby. More than you know…” Caylee almost swooned.

Caylee slid down and their pair of mountainous breasts pressed and swirled together. Hilary couldn’t believe how undeniably beautiful Caylee was and she knew she would become a star in the future. Interrupted from her thoughts, the angel’s finger tips were sliding up and under her golden hoops to cradle her just under the ears. She came in with those perfect cherry lips, taking in Hilary’s pretty pink mouth and injecting a strong but tender passion deep into her. Caylee’s head gently moved side to side, attacking Hilary from all angles until plunging herself deep down, wrapping her tongue around her partners. Letting out little moans to each other, they sat calm, slowly making love between the pair of plump lips. Wanting to stay there forever, Caylee slurped away from their tender moment, staring down with lust while holding her girlfriend’s captivating beauty.

Without having to stay a single word, Caylee pulled Hilary’s arm across them and kept going until the hint was found and she turned over onto her belly. Heavy tits descended down her back until pursed lips were tickling inside the valley of her thick cheeks. Meticulous, affectionate, kisses lined each side of the crevice, covering every bit of soft skin until her face was completely buried in abundant divine booty. With eyes closed and a smile, Hilary laid quiet while Caylee started to bathe her butt hole in long hot strokes. She made a fuss earlier, but it was all worth it to have her girl take care of her proper. Hilary swung a hand back and captured her by the hair, pulling in.

“Keep going, keep going,” she sighed. With another tug, she wiggled her ass on the fat muscle and let out a sustained moan the moment Caylee sunk into her. “…Mmmnnyeaaah,” she faded out, nuzzling back into the cushion.

Caylee was casually eating out Hilary’s thick ass and she realized this was a first for her. She was caught up in the moment and didn’t hesitate to let this young blonde shove her tongue deep into her butt. This was new territory for her and she couldn’t be more turned on. The loud smacks and slurps from behind her was making her short circuit while she fed on her tight bud. Her eyes were fluttering and her shoulders kept flexing up when hit with lightning bolts of pleasure through her body. Hilary was lost in her own mind and felt a different kind of pressure nudging into her.


The girl was silent and popped the top of her strapless dildo into Hilary’s tight hole with a loud gasp coming from below. Hilary’s arms stuck out in a mild protest.

“Wait, wait!” she said.

“I think I just popped your cherry,” Caylee said, smiling.

Hilary groaned into the cushion as Caylee laid her body down, forcing the large cock to puncture her. As her weight came down onto her back, she buried to the bottom, stuffing a good eight fat inches deep into Hilary’s rectum. She curled her arms around Hilary’s chest and neck, but not before hitting the button and activating the hardest vibration setting she had. Hilary’s eyes shook and her eye lids batted frantically as she was held down and fucked slowly. Caylee dropped her hips up and down, colliding into Hilary’s broad vanilla buns, throwing all of her weight around and slamming it to the hilt.

“I knew you were a butt slut, momma,” Caylee whispered, attacking her ear with light kisses. “How does my big dick feel?”

Hilary grabbed onto Caylee’s forearm that was tight around her neck and held on while the girl picked up the pace, squishing in and out of her booty hole. The cock throbbed and twitched against her walls, shaking her core and electrifying the perfect spots. Caylee was in a heavy and steady rhythm, not holding back on her desire, fucking Hilary’s ass with strong determination. Their mango covered bodies were gleaming in the sunlight, mixed with light beads forming. Hilary’s light erotic delirium had her laughing while she got pounded harder and harder. She quickly changed to a sustained frown, frozen in ecstasy. Caylee had her tongue dabbling into her ear, sending every last restraint her body had into the ether.

“Cum for me,” she whispered, suckling her earlobe. “Mmmph, gimme it,” she teased her, “Gimme that pussy…”

Caylee vibrated and plowed her way through Hilary’s soul, feeling a tightness on her arm. Hilary’s breathing became erratic and she huffed and puffed as her head was bounced back and forth.

“I’m…I’mcumming…” Hilary got out, her voice breaking apart.

Doubling down on her, Caylee tightened her grip as she started to squirm around on the long chair, trying to escape the feeling of absolute pleasure and overblown euphoria. Hilary’s hips instinctively lifted to take as much dick as possible, not caring about what guilt she may be feeling. Caylee smacked her lips and pursed multiple kisses up and down the side of her face, moaning at her.

“I love you, baby. Cum, cum,” she whispered through her heavenly breaths.

Hilary bit down on the cushion and let out a monstrous groan that transitioned into a long bit of silence as her body convulsed violently against her. Caylee stopped her onslaught and simply gyrated the fat vibrating shaft around while Hilary exploded not once, not twice but three massive bursts. Hilary’s legs were stretched as far as they could, her toes curled and doing her best to ride out this storm inside of herself. The two sweat covered women slowly came down from that amazing cloud.

Caylee hit the button and relaxed, keeping her cock lodged deep. She glanced over Hilary’s disheveled hair and down to her glowing face. Hilary was quiet and breathing rapidly, the drool pooling heavily with no sign of slowing down.

“Let’s go take a shower,” Caylee said with a whisper. “Before we get caught or something stupid.”

Hilary gave a light nod and closed her eyes…