The Bet with Victoria Justice

I was sitting on my couch in my high-rise condo playing videogames when Victoria barged in and with a long, exaggerated sigh collapsed onto the other side of the couch. Without ceremony or even asking she plopped her gorgeous, slender and miles long bare legs in my lap and wiggled further down into the couch so her head rested over the arm of the couch.

“Why hello to you too Victoria and please do come in. So nice to see you.”

“Oh, shut up and don’t be such a drama queen. I’m coming back from my photo shoot and I am exhausted.”

“Me? The drama queen? Pot meet kettle there sweetheart.”

I raised my eyebrows and spared a quick glance over at my long-time friend and frequent wank material fantasy girl. Even though I had seen Victoria in all manners of undress (yes, I had the opportunity to see her drying her naked self-off in the bathroom after a shower not too long ago), the fact still remained that she was so casually gorgeous and she wasn’t even trying this time. Her high-waisted jean shorts and simple white cotton tee told me that she was trying to blend in with the New York crowds and she wiggled her cast-off sneakers onto the hardwood floor.

Her dainty feet resumed their place in my lap and she wiggled her feet with an adorable little pout on her face. I sighed, paused my game and took her feet into my hands. She cooed and closed her eyes as I massaged the soles of her feet.

“This is why I love you Cayde. Mmm…you’re so good at…that!”

I must have hit a sensitive spot in her foot as Victoria’s hips jutted up into the air all of a sudden and I had a good view of her gray cotton panties. I kept massaging that sensitive spot on her foot for as long as I could maintain normalcy and marveled at the contrast of her smooth skin and the thin-looking cotton of her panties. Regrettably I moved onto a different spot on her foot and Victoria’s hips settled back down onto the couch. Her chest heaved as she regained her breath and these were the times that I cursed my ‘best friend’ status. These were the moments were if I were her boyfriend, friends with benefit or even fuck boy that I could dial in on the sexy times but instead I was always left with a raging hard-on.

“Oooh. Okay. Mmm. Hey, where’s Miranda? Weren’t the two of you supposed to hang out today while I was gone?”

“Miranda left about an hour before you arrived.”

The forced indifference in my tone must have alerted my sexy best friend because she opened her eyes and raised an eyebrow at me. I sighed and moved my massage up to her ankles/calves. Victoria squirmed but kept her eyebrow raised. I sighed and shrugged.

“Nothing is going to happen between us Vee. No matter how much you want to set me up with your friends we just don’t seem to click beyond being good friends or-”

“One-time, very loud one-night stands? All of my friends that I set you up with always stagger or limp out of your bedroom the next morning. Just what are you hiding in those shorts of yours? An anaconda or something?”

I rolled my eyes at Victoria’s cheeky quip and tickled the bottom of her foot in retaliation. She giggled and cried for mercy. I relented and fell silent. How was I supposed to tell Victoria that the reason that I never took it further with any of her admittedly stunning friends (Chloe Bridges and Demi Lovato being the first two ladies to come to mind) was because why settle for second or third best when your fantasy girl was right in front of you?

“Hey, where’d you go? I feel like I lost you for a minute.”

“It’s nothing. Just remembering something but it’s not important. So, what brings you over to my humble abode anyway? Your place is a lot bigger and you’re usually knackered after these hours long shoots.”

“Yeah I don’t believe you. What? Were you remembering the intimate and saucy details about some of your sexy times with my friends? Chloe just smirks and winks and Demi just blushes bright red. Neither one of them ever remains quiet about their sex life but they won’t share the details.”

I pinched the inside of Victoria’s thigh and she squealed. Her right foot accidentally dragged across my cock and two things happened at once. I let out a low groan, my cock being sensitive from the panty peek Victoria gave me earlier and the constant questioning of my sex sessions with Chloe Bridges and Demi Lovato. At the same time a positively naughty smile crossed Victoria’s face and she settled both feet firmly over my cock.

“So, this is what you’ve been hiding and why my friends won’t share any of the dirty deeds. Oh, my my my. This is quite…impressive Cayden.”

“Knock it off Vee.”

I tried to push Victoria’s wiggling feet off my lap but she kept fighting me. By now my cock was half-erect in my loose basketball shorts and every delightful brush of Victoria’s feet against my woken member felt teasingly exquisite. In a flash of sudden movement Victoria sat up and straddled me. While not uncommon, I never had a raging hard-on and Victoria didn’t deliberately roll her hips low and tight against my pelvis. Reflexively I grabbed her hips to stop her and my fingers found purchase on the smooth skin above the hemline of her jean shorts.

“Oh no you don’t. You don’t think I notice all of the staring you do when you think I’m not looking? I know you saw up my shorts a few moments ago and I do extra squats just so
you’ll continue to stare at my ass. I know you’re crushing on me Cayde and I keep throwing my friends at you so eventually you’ll slake this lust filled desire to have me.”

“You knew? I mean you know?”

Victoria rolled her eyes and flicked her long hair out of her face. She rolled her hips low and slow again and I tossed my head back with a loud groan. I opened my eyes a few seconds later and saw Victoria smirking smugly at me.

“Cayde I know why you take ten-minute showers and I stand at your door to listen to you jacking off to me. But you need to stop jacking off to me and find yourself a girlfriend. Although I find your attention very flattering and I might tease you on purpose sometimes, I am not the girl for you.”

“So, you walking around in camisoles and no bras is on purpose?”

“How about I put you out of your misery just this once hmm? I’ll fulfill your last lewd fantasy and then you’ll settle down with a nice girl that can tame this absolute monster of a trouser snake you’re sporting right now.”

Victoria’s logic made absolutely no sense whatsoever but I was most certainly not going to tell her. She stood up, the warmth from her firm curvy body instantly noticeable and without warning she pulled her t-shirt over her head. Her world famous and perfect 34B tits stood proud and perky encased in a white t-shirt bra and I felt my mouth drop open. Before I could fully appreciate how well the bra framed her perky breasts she took the undergarment off. I couldn’t complain too loudly as now I had an up close and personal view of her tits and my mind went blank.

The teasing vixen didn’t stop there though and soon she slid her fingers deep under the hemline of her jean shorts. The tight jean fabric gave way and the top hemline of her gray panties peeked out from behind her fingers. She put me out of my misery, slid her shorts down her long legs and kicked them away. This left her in nothing than a scanty pair of light gray cotton hip-hugger panties that just encased her snatch. I almost swallowed my tongue when she gave a little twirl and her tight little ass came into view. The panties lifted and framed her ass perfectly and she backed up so her ass was mere inches for my face.

“Haha! Cayden really?”

Victoria jumped and whirled around when I leaned forward and bit her right ass cheek. I grinned and shrugged my shoulders.

“You can’t blame me when you put something so delicious and perfect in reach.”

“Oh, you are the little sweet talker. Now here’s the deal. I will drop to my knees, crawl over there and pull out your cock. Then I will give you the best blow-job you have ever gotten and I will even swallow. To put a cherry on top I will even clean you up and you can then pass out on the couch. After that however, you look for a girlfriend for real.”

Once again Victoria’s logic and demands made no sense but I was unbelievably turned on by her matter-of-fact dirty talk and almost blindly agreed with a nod of my head. However, I caught myself and shook my head now. Victoria raised both eyebrows and placed her hands on her hips. This did things to her breasts that distracted me for a moment but Victoria brought me out of my daze by clearing her throat.

“I don’t mean to brag Vee but I’m not no blushing virgin and I’ve gotten head from some pretty spectacular cock-suckers.”

“You haven’t felt my lips around your cock and you have no idea how good my tongue play action is. Plus, did I mention that I have very little gag-reflex? But do wow me with your counter-offer oh great sex god Cayde.”

I closed my eyes with a moan and willed myself not to explode right at that moment.

“How about this? You think you’re pretty good with that mouth of yours and you probably aren’t half-bad. I know myself and my stamina though and I bet that I can last for longer than two minutes.”

Victoria had started at my ‘not half-bad comment’ but I held up a hand and she let me finish. The stunning brunette sank to her knees in front of me and pushed my legs far apart.

“Oh, I don’t think you’ll even last for one minute.”

“Want to bet?”

And here was the moment of truth for me. Victoria Justice and I had been friends for years now and there wasn’t much that we didn’t know about each other. Throughout the many years of our solid friendship Victoria and I would bet on anything and everything. Most of the time the bets were innocuous and innocent but sometimes we did bet on serious and important things. And I knew that Victoria never backed down from a challenge.

“Oh, I will most certainly take this bet and win. I bet that you’ll be cumming down my throat in thick streams in under a minute and if that happens then you have to one, tell me
about your fuck sessions with Demi and Chloe and two, I get to watch you fuck a girl of my choosing.”

Once again it took every iota of self-control that I had to not cream the inside of my shorts at Victoria’s dirty talk and bet requests. I was totally okay with losing the bet if these were the stakes and my mind raced to figure out what Victoria got out of this. It hit me like a ton of bricks as I realized that sweet little Victoria Justice was an exhibitionist and that she could come away the winner in this epic power struggle in our friendship. She would have ‘I told you so’ rights for the rest of our friendship and she could dictate the terms of our friendship from here on out. For someone like Victoria Justice who loved to hold all the card and be the top-dog, there was no greater reward.

“Okay, fine. But my bet is that I will not come within two minutes and when I don’t I get to fuck you when I want, where I want and in all three holes for an entire week.”

Victoria squirmed on the floor in between my legs and squeezed her firm thighs together. I smirked as that and how hard her nipples were giving away how aroused and horny she was at the moment. I raised my eyebrows and Victoria swallowed thickly but nodded.

“I-I accept. Set the timer on your phone and place it on the arm of the couch out of arms reach. I don’t want you to knock the seconds off while I’m busy.”

I did as she asked and my finger hovered over the start button. Victoria reached up and pulled my shorts and boxers down. I had already taken off my shirt earlier on in the day so I now sat completely naked on my couch. Victoria ran her hands up the inside of my thighs and cupped my balls with one hand and wrapped her hand around my cock with the other. She looked up at me, her eyes dark with desire, eyebrow raised saucily and a naughty smirk twisting her lips.

“You ready cowboy?”


I hit the start button on my phone and pushed it out of arms reach. Victoria squeezed my balls gently and blew a long, slow hot breath on the head of my cock. She teasingly lapped at my bell-end with her tongue and then eased her warm, gloriously wet mouth down my aching shaft.

“Oooooh yeeeees! That’s it sweetheart. Goodness.”

I couldn’t help the litany of moans that came out of my mouth as Victoria worked a quarter of the way down my cock, then slid back up to slide hallway down. Down three quarters, back up and then my 7 inches disappeared into the wonderful suction of her mouth. Her nose pressed down into my pubic bone and I twitched as her tongue flicked and wiggled down the sensitive underside of my shaft. Already I could feel the tell-tale first warning pulse in my balls that I was going to come and soon but I forced my mind to think of anything else other than an almost entirely naked gorgeous Victoria Justice blowing me with such excellent technique and skill.

“How you doing lover boy? Ready to pop into my tight, narrow throat? Oh, that’s right, I haven’t even gotten there yet.”

“Then shut up and get on with it already.”

I didn’t know whether to curse my best friend for her filthy dirty talk (as her oh so talented mouth, tongue and lips came off my weeping cock) or curse her for removing that wet, warm suction. I didn’t have to fret for long as she messily slobbered down my cock and made loud slurping and gagging noises. The porn star actions riled me up further but I did see black spots when my cock inched into her narrow throat. Victoria wasn’t kidding when she said she had very little gag reflex as her throat muscles massaged the head of my cock and the first two inches of my shaft. The pressure and suction were intense and I fisted my hands in her soft, silky hair. Victoria took that moment to look up at me, wink and bob her head up and down.

I knew that I had lost the bet and I gave into the last bit of temptation with a needy groan. I pumped my hips and throat fucked my best friend as smoothly as I could. Just as I was
beginning to get into my stride and rhythm the loud, blaring sound of the timer/alarm on my phone went off and I pulled my cock out of Victoria’s throat. I collapsed back on the couch and was grateful for the cool air as it held off my impending release. I looked over at Victoria and she had a look of utter disbelief on her face.

“Holy shit, you actually won the bet! How in the world did you do that? Every guy that I have ever given head to has nutted within a minute and some of them I didn’t have to even do more than one pass down their cock before they blew.”

“Oh, we’re about to see how much more stamina I actually have girlie.”

I stood up and, in an instant, had my cock deep down Victoria’s throat. I didn’t give much of a chance to resituate herself as I took my own selfish pleasure and vindictive pride out on her mouth and throat. Victoria adapted quickly with only one death glare but allowed me my victory lap so to speak and twenty seconds later I bowed to the inevitable. With a mighty pleasure filled groan I erupted in thick, heavy spurts and unloaded a torrent of cum down Victoria’s throat. She handled herself like a professional porn start and swallowed everything I had to give, even with her nose buried in my pubic bone and me holding her down for a long moment on my spasming cock.

“Oh, that was the best. Hands down. The best I ever had.”

I fell back down onto the couch and closed my eyes. Victoria coughed for a moment but then wiggled her way back in between my knees. I cracked my eyes open and she smirked.

“I lost the bet and I did say I would clean you up. To the victor go the spoils.”

I had no jizz left to give but Victoria did clean off my cock and she tucked me back into my shorts. I didn’t resist when she snuggled into my side, still wonderfully naked except for her small panties and I wrapped my arm around her.

“So, when does this week start?”

“Tomorrow morning. I need a night to recuperate after that ordeal.”

Victoria giggled and snuggled more into my side.

“You’re not going to tie me up or anything like that right? Or record these little sessions?”

“Whenever, wherever and however I want. Remember Victoria?”

“You sure you can survive? My mouth is my loosest hole and it’s not even that loose.”

“Well it will be a hell of a way to go. Especially with my cock buried in that tight little ass of yours.”