The DC super heroines Power Girl and Supergirl attempt to infiltrate a super villain sex club, with predictable results

“Things are not going well,” Karen Starr thought. Five
hours ago, she was arguing with Supergirl about the
best way to infiltrate super villain sex club.
Supergirl’s plan had been for them to pretend to be
normal girls dressed up as Power Girl and Supergirl. Of
course, they needed to have power suppressor collars,
otherwise they would have been detected in no time
because of their powers.

Now Supergirl was on all fours on the black rubber
floor of a backstage room of the basement club. Her
lithe teenage body was glistening with sweat, her
ridiculously short skirt riding up, her skimpy top in
shreds, barely containing her firm, large breasts. Lex
Luthor was face-fucking her, holding her by the hair to
guide his cock into her throat. Karen suspected
Supergirl was enjoying her degradation: she was
touching herself between her legs as Luthor violated
her mouth.

Supergirl had argued it was a great plan. They’d dress
in their usual sexy costumes, and the people at the
door would be blinded by their desire to fuck them.
They would buy the story hook line and sinker. It would
be necessary to do inside incognito, otherwise all the
bad guys would flee before they could be caught.

The doorman had told them that there was a special
dress code at this club. After Power Girl dropped her
coat, the doorman almost started to drool at the way
her costume displayed her ample bosom.

“I think this one likes being restrained and made to
watch,” the Penguin said as he touched Power Girl’s
cunt with his fingers. Karen had been so intent on
watching Supergirl’s humiliation, she hadn’t noticed
the short villain coming up to her. It was true. She
was dripping with the juices of her arousal. She
couldn’t help it, Supergirl just looked so fuckable and
delicious when she was being violated.

Power Girl wanted to complain and protest, but instead
she would only bite the large black ballgag in her
mouth impotently. She writhed in her restraints as the
Penguin’s hands roamed over her bound, voluptuous body.
Why was Supergirl getting fucked by a handsome,
dangerous man like Luthor, while she was being fondled
by a creep like the Penguin?

Power Girl was hanging from a hook in the ceiling by
her wrists, her ankles bound far apart to hooks in the
floor. The Penguin moved behind her, cupping her breast
with one hand, touching her cunt with the other. It
felt so good, she couldn’t stop herself from gyrating
her hips so he would touch her more.

Normally these guys would be no match for her and
Supergirl. But now they had Supergirl’s damnable power
suppressor collars on. Where did she get those? They
looked like they were made of black leather and were
studded with rivets.

Karen remembered the way Supergirl looked at her when
they were changing clothes at her place. She had
undressed to put on her costume, and Kara had stared at
her massive breasts with undisguised lust. When she had
helped her put the collar on, she had deliberately
touched their breasts together.

As the Penguin chuckled and pleasured her bound body,
Power Girl fantasized for a moment about a huge, black,
evil-looking strap-on she could use to fuck Supergirl.
She would have to be punished for getting them into
this predicament, and an ass-fucking was just the

The club was a glamorous, sinful affair, with dim
lights, suggestive, old school club music, beautiful
women in glamorous, revealing clothes and handsome,
dangerous men. Power Girl and Supergirl had looked out
of place, but appreciated. They looked around from the
bar, and the tuxedoed barman gave them drinks on the

Power Girl remembered getting into the groove of the
place almost despite herself. She enjoyed the sexy
atmosphere and surprised Supergirl flirting with some
of the guys checking them out.

A very polite old man who seemed to work there came to
talk to them and asked if they’d like to join a couple
of gentlemen in the private rooms at the back. Figuring
that that must be where all the action was and
surprised that Supergirl’s plan seemed to be working,
Power Girl agreed. The man said that there was a
special dress code, and went behind Karen’s back,
gently bending her wrists together and restraining her
with leather cuffs. Karen remembered giggling. The man
did the same for Supergirl. Karen noticed how having
her hands bound behind her back made her walk with
better posture and brought out her breasts. She and
Kara had both totally forgotten that they didn’t have
their powers and would be unable to break free now that
they couldn’t reach their collars.

The man had led both girls through and unassuming door
at the back into the low, dungeon-like back area with
its walls and floor coated in black rubber mats. Power
Girl had been barely able to conceal her shock when she
came face to face with Lex Luthor and realized she was

Suddenly Power Girl wondered, what would happen if
Supergirl regained her powers but she didn’t Would she
be tempted to fuck her, make her a slave and a toy. The
thought made her press her body against the Penguin and
moan without realizing it.

“I didn’t give you permission to touch yourself,”
Luthor roared and slapped Supergirl across the face.
She stopped and lay panting on the floor. Power Girl
saw another blonde woman come on her knees behind
Luthor, and start jerking him off as he pressed
Supergirl to the floor with his foot. The new girl had
a white face and a domino mask, and Power Girl realized
she was Harley Quinn, out of costume except for her
face. She had her hair in a little girl ponytail and
was wearing sexy, red lingerie and high heels.

Luthor stroked her head absentmindedly and Harley
purred as she continued to pleasure him. Luthor grunted
and came, his white cum spraying all over the floor.
Without being asked, Supergirl crawled over to where
his seed had landed and started to lick it into her
mouth. Power Girl felt she should be disgusted at this
teenage slut behavior, but for a moment she thought
what it would feel like to be on her knees right next
to the supple seventeen year old, licking Luthor’s cum.

Thank God these villains didn’t know who we are, Power
Girl thought. They think we’re just blonde lookalikes
who have a thing for bad guy cock.

“I think it’s time we took a look at these babies,” the
Penguin said and ripped the front of Power Girl’s
costume open. Her massive breasts fell into view and
she gasped at the sudden violation. Even Supergirl
stared at her gorgeous assets. Everyone could see she
had thick golden rings piercing her nipples. “My my,”
the Penguin said and looped his finger though one of
the rings, pulling on it gently. “You’re a real slut.”

Power Girl felt she could die of shame. She had always
felt underappreciated. Her civilian life was in
shambles. The last time she had had sex was over a year
ago. She really liked it when people paid attention to
her breasts, and she designed her costume to show them
off to maximum effect. It made her feel wanted. She’d
had her nipples pierced because it made them poke
through the fabric of her costume, bringing more
attention to her tits. They also made her nipples more
sensitive, and liked it when they rubbed against the
fabric of her clothes, reminding her of the one thing
everyone wanted to touch.

Now the Penguin had exposed her secret for all to see.
She turned face in shame, juices flowing down her legs
from her cunt. She wondered if Supergirl had already
seen her piercings when they were changing clothes.
Maybe that made her look so horny.

“I think I’m turned on,” the Penguin said. “You’re
going to suck my cock, aren’t you?”

Power Girl looked at the little man and nodded. The
Penguin undid the restraints on her ankles and hands,
but she had been immobilized so long, she fell to her
knees and the Penguin had her arms bound behind her
back before she could do anything.

“Chair,” the Penguin said, and Harley Quinn brought him
a comfortable chair. If Harley was here, so would be
Joker, Power Girl thought as she found her head in the
Penguin’s crotch. She licked and caressed his cock with
her tongue before taking his erect member into her
mouth. Her breasts hung obscenely and she had trouble
with her balance because she couldn’t move her arms.
The Penguin caressed her hair and sighed contentedly.

Meanwhile Luthor had also sat down absentmindedly.
Supergirl was on her knees in front of him, licking his
shoes clean.

“Luthor, sir, can I have some of that, please?” Harley
asked, her hands in a posture of supplication. Luthor
gave a nod.

“Yes, yes, you’re going to lick my shoes now,” Harley
said as she pulled Supergirl to her by her hair. Harley
sat down on a bench by the side of the room and offered
Kara her foot, clad in a red high heel shoe. Kara
hungrily accepted the heel into her mouth, sucking it.
Power Girl realized Kara had had her hands free the
whole time. Why didn’t she take off the collar? The
bitch liked this.

Power Girl was still trying not to fall over as she
sucked the Penguin. For such a small man, he had a
huge cock, a white, veiny affair he insisted thrusting
into her throat. I wish someone would fuck me, Power
Girl thought. It has been such a long time…

The last time Power Girl got laid was a year ago.
Superman had told her he was looking for a third for a
threeway with his wife, Lois Lane. Lois had suggested
Karen, because she wanted a superpowered blonde with
big tits she could humiliate and use. Superman had
explained that while Lois submitted to him in bed, she
liked to play with girls as well. Power Girl had
accepted. It was Superman after all. She had ended up
on all fours, licking Lois’s boots while Superman
rammed his enormous cock into her ass.

They had thrown her out of the apartment after Power
Girl had licked Superman’s cock clean after the
assfucking. She had found herself naked in the hallway
while Superman evidently went to town with Lois. She’d
been naked and exposed, her arms bound behind her back
with a magical rope Superman had had, strong enough to
keep her from freeing herself. She hadn’t been able to
find a way out of the building without compromising
anyone’s secret identity, and ended up sucking off the
janitor so he’d give her a coat and call her a taxi.
Superman and Lois hadn’t let her cum, and when she got
home, she was masturbating furiously before the door
was closed.

Power Girl felt someone behind as, but the Penguin’s
hand on her head prevented her from looking. The last
shreds of her bodysuit were ripped from her, leaving
only her boots.

“Ha ha ha ha, giggle.”

Power Girl realized she was going to get fucked by the
Joker. This was not fair! Why did Supergirl get to play
around with Harley Quinn and Lex Luthor? Then she felt
the Joker’s cock inside her, and it felt good to be
fucked. She moaned and drooled, her breasts swaying as
she was being fucked from both ends. The Penguin came
all over her face and breasts, and the next thing she
knew, Harley Quinn was holding her by her hair and
slapping her face.

“Nobody steals my Joker, you slut!” she screamed, on
her knees next to Power Girl while the Joker continued
fucking her.

“Now now girls, don’t fight over little ole me,” the
Joker said.

“I’ll teach you,” Harley yelled and slapped Power
Girl’s pendulous breasts, pulled and twsited her nipple
rings, and spat on her face.

The Joker undid Power Girl’s ballgag, and suddenly she
found herself kissing deeply with Harley while she
continued to torture her breasts. She started kissing
Harley’s breasts. Suddenly she realized that Harley was
wearing a huge, black starp-on dildo. She got on the
floor on her back under Power Girl, and thrust the
dildo deep into her cunt as the Joker switched to
fucking her in the ass.

For a moment, Power Girl couldn’t breath. This was
sexier than being anally taken by Superman. She gasped
and screamed as the Joker and Harley punished her holes
until she was so close to cumming, it would have taken
just one more thrust.

Power Girl was lying on the floor, sobbing with need.

“The joke’s on you,” the Joker said as he cummed in
Harley’s mouth.

After a moment, Power Girl regained enough of her
composure to sit. She saw Supergirl sitting on a
bench. She was wearing red PVC ballerina boots, her
arms encased in red PVC opera gloves that constricted
her hands into useless fists. She wouldn’t be opening
her collar without the use of her fingers. Supergirl’s
back was arched, and Power Girl could see Luthor
smiling as he finished piercing the teen superhero’s
nipples with the same kind of large, golden hoops Karen
herself had.

The Penguin was nowhere to be seen.

“Your slut’s going to take these two to the common
room?” Luthor asked.

“Yes yes, she’s very obedient,” the Joker replied and
they exited together.

Supergirl was gingerly moving her breasts and
experimenting with how the piercings felt. Her cunt was
dripping and she was biting her lip with arousal.
Harley forced Power Girl to sit next to Supergirl and
took off her boots, the last vestiges of her costume.
Soon Power Girl was wearing white PCV ballerina boots
and restricting opera gloves, identical to those
Supergirl had. Apart from the colors, they looked quite
the same, two helpless, blonde, young girls. One had a
toned teenagers body, the other huge, firm breasts.
Both had pierced nipples now. Power Girl wanted to say
something, but she was too aroused to manage before
Harley forced them both to stand up. It was very hard
with the ballerina boots, and both were on the verge of
falling down as Harley cheerfully guided them back to
the club proper.

Power Girl and Supergirl emerged from behind red velvet
curtains onto a small, well-lit stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen! These two girls will be your
playthings for tonight. Fuck them any way you want,
tonight, on the house!” Harley announced and pushed
both girls so they found themselves on all fours,
basking in the bright lights and the cheering of the
decadent crowd.

Soon Power Girl was on her back, a man fucking her
enormous breasts, another fucking her cunt, as she gave
a handjob to a third man waiting for his turn.
Supergirl was on all fours, getting reamed in her
teenage cunt, ass and mouth, with sadistic, well-heeled
women slapping her breasts.

The orgy went on until morning. The girls soon lost
count of the men and women they serviced, the
indignities inflicted on them, the amount of cum they
had swallowed. They both had huge butt plugs with
horsehair tails, both had nipple piercings that had
been pulled, twisted and bitten, both had been pissed
on by men and women and forced to lick the golden
liquid from the floor and swallow it. Now their
audience was finally satisfied.

Supergirl crawled over to Karen and started to gingerly
lick her pussy. Power Girl was on her back and moaned
with tired pleasure. It felt so good to be serviced by
the younger girl. Supergirl pleasured her gently as
Power Girl moaned and touched her breasts. She cummed,
and cummed again. After a while, she realized that
Supergirl was lying beside her, masturbating. Power
Girl managed to get on all fours, took Supergirl’s hand
from between her legs, and started licking and kissing
her. Soon she had her head between Supergirl’s legs,
and soon the younger superhero was cumming too.

The sun was already up when they left the club, flying
fast to avoid being seen. Both said that they would
never speak about this night, and both secretly planned
to go back as soon as possible.