Space Odyssey : Inside the invader’s Den

Previously: The Dragonfly rescue team have managed to eliminate one of the six breeders in Mao’s chamber but paid a heavy price sacrificing many ass holes. In this chapter Stuller leads the heroic attempts of his women to save the ship from oxygen deprivation!

A few well calculated blasts halved the large analingus biting Cpt. Stella’s prolapse and making the amazon roar in range and pain. Her destroyed guts stopped shooting out eggs while the remaining four large worms roamed around their mistress in a rush to recover. While Eleen was trying to kill the last super aliens without harming the Brazilian, an 10 inch wide analingus shoot out from ambush under the ground slime and attacked the instructor’s rear. It charged into the wide opening with such brutal force all the crap inside went into the female’s stomach and made her fall on the ground, belching on the sleazy floor.

Her compatriots immediately attacked the intruder, although their fighting techniques proved parallel to their level of lust and intelligence. First Private Erene came to the rescue charging at the analingus with her baton. The creature wiggled it’s slimy body in response knocking out by a lucky accident the hanging prolapsing guts of the pregnant woman and causing her to sit down in pain, spewing hundreds of worms in the process. The bimbo’s womb showed up for a moment completely exposing the fetus to the hostile environment before retreating back to the questionable protection of the vagina.

Intern Judy’s feminine screams were heard next as she charged at Eleen’s rear..literally! Since the small woman was packed so well in the midsection she could not actually run properly, but sort of paddle her feet in a comical way. Once in position she started hitting like a maniac at the half polish ass and back. The intense pain made the short haired blond roll around mashing her torpedo tits without mercy and belch some pretty large worms out of her mouth from all the pain.

Suddenly a well calculated blast eviscerated Judy’s baton making the intern snap out of her trans. Apparently the lust in the air has gotten to her badly despite the “gas mask” and she dropped the handle in a surprise following the shot.

– Not today sweetheart! – Sheila said as she blew out her smoking gun before approaching the scenery. Contrary to the confident wording, the older woman was in a somewhat grotesque posture bending severely at her waist. As she waddled being filled with milk from her suctions, the veteran crew member looked actually pretty humiliated.

The large worm have already made room for himself to get all the 50 inches inside the broken and roomy guts of Eleen. Only the tale was visible by now and was madly wiggling. Sheila knew there was no point blasting it. Instead she decided to pick some of the automatic guns the instructor have brought and continue shooting at cpt. Stella’s entourage of anal eradicators.

As the heavily bulging woman approached the pile of deadly metal, she could not help but notice the weapons were all covered in small worms and slimy puke! It was freshly released from Eleen as she was continuing to vomit large amounts, pushed by the large intruder in her behind. By now at least the worm was almost all the way in and soon the torture of the half polish would be over…for now.

As Sheila picked up on the of weapons and aimed at the surrounding analinguses it did not fire. The barrel was simply filled with goo and put down the spark before it even spread out for the shot to be released 🙁

And just then Magda crawled out and tried to pick a weapon as well. The foreign correspondent, left alone from the vicious attacks of Stella’s eggs have found the strength and courage to seek vengeance and give some of the pain she endured back to the colony. All of the spawning inside her destroyed anal system however proved to be too much and just as she reached the pile of blasters her mouth gave away all the content of the 43 years old woman’s stomach. Gooey vomit and worms all covered the barrels in a thick lair removing all hope of fast recovery for the blasting power of the group.

– What are you doing you slut Magdalenna! – Exasperating yell came out of Sheila recalling the names she heard coming out of the correspondent’s room, as she hit the half Italian with the back of her weapon. The action alone caused a huge cramming inside the milk filled and tightly clamped guts of the Private but she managed to endure.

The quivering woman underneath could not do anything else but continue to vomit as the hundreds of eggs that were banged inside of her were finally starting to hatch and spew out in the world from both ends! Sheila kicked Magdalena’s corps a couple of time right on the left tit sack to move the humiliated analingus breeder out of the weapons before turning to her blaster. Hitting repeatedly the trigger did seem to evaporate some of the goo and a laser ignition started to form in the barrel.

Mandy watched the mesmerising sight of Mao’s captain transformation ongoing before her, ignoring all the worms hatching inside of her guts and trying to push the milk canister out of the young BDSM performer’s used-to-be anus. 25 years old’s rear muscle have gone limp long years ago, but the clamps holding it were be enough to contain the ever expanding swarm inside the well trained masochist.

And the sight in front of Sheila’s daughter was indeed extraterrestrial and luring the human attention at the same time. Cpt. Stella have stopped screaming and had her eyes shut again. The four remaining analinguses have gotten into a defensive stance luring their lower halves behind and under the large prolapsing gut of the curly female. Then suddenly one of them bashed itself into the heavily infested vaginal opening of the captain full ten inches inside, making an enormous bulge in the Brazilian’s abdomen!

The nest breeder did not show any signs of discomfort thought as she continued to stroke the 15 inch wide worms still sucking on her right saggy milkbag gone almost dry by now. Her milk production must have gone into overdrive because the other sack of tit flesh have expanded during her egg-shooting attack and another large worm started sucking on it! But that was not all.

The large worm inside the captain’s vagina suddenly appeared limp then as if from a horror movie it’s skin started to fall off! A slimy ten eight wide tale was the last Mandy saw of it before it wiggled all into the reproductive organ of the Brazilian hell of an analingus breeder.

A minute of silence followed while the BDSM performer admired the regulations under Stella’s abdominal skin and contemplating with her own ever expanding rear. Breathing the mist in the air she felt something great will happen and grabbed her suction cups. She started pulling down on one of them with all her might, despite the powerful engine still working in full force. It took all her strength and stretched her tormented tit almost off her chest but finally the cup popped free, followed shortly by the other. The two pipes hit the slime bellow and started sucking the infestation bellow filling up the rear canister of Mandy with all sorts of wiggly stuff.

She did could care less however and simply started playing with her large nipple piercings by twisting them as far it will go ignoring the milk seeping out in a tiny but steady stream. Mandy strained her feminine muscles with determination until she felt her boobs will split in half, making sure at least some of the supportive tissue could be heard tearing away, before going the other way around. While doing this the masochistic private moved her hips as if under a dance rhythm inside her head, making her large cunt piercings hit their rubber sheathing with a dull sound. Worms ranging from 0.1 to whole 5 inches dropped from Sheila’s daughter’s cunt and joined the swarm on the ground.

An overused protrusion came into view from within Stella’s vaginal opening. It seemed to have scars of burns and cuts which were probably from before, but what stunned Mandy was the opening that was pointing down to the ground. Under an internal force it straightened up and showed it’s true proportions – the hole was massive, at least ten inches wide! The sight made Mandy so hot she started fingering herself. By doing so her own cervix became so excited it showed itself too!! The heavy weight of worm infestation developing inside must have contributed to this show of depravity as well…

And then the unthinkable happened – Cpt. Stella’s womb contracted inside the widely spread out vagina and shot out it’s first 10 inch wide egg straight into Mandy’s gag! The aroused female barely flinched as she could do nothing but allow the ball to go straight through the hollow dildo and into her trachea! Soon after another shot came this time aiming for Mandy’s womb entrance, missing by an inch and splashing on her heavy nipple rings instead. By that time they were already twisted with no mercy twelve – thirteen times by the metropolitan born crew member

Sheila’s daughter became totally lewd from the sight in front and tore away all her remaining suit which was only covering the top half of her breasts anyway! The tight bondage with a barbed wire underneath revealed how badly they were treated thus far by their owner. Metal constrictions was illegal on the ship and she would get in trouble under different circumstances….

Mao’s captain continued to shoot with her large 15 inch wide prolapse of a gut and her 10 inch wide falling off uterus making a minsmy out of the spasming Mandy’s self awareness. Hit after hit landed in either her gagged mouth with no flinch of resistance, inside or around her two sealed and one open lower orifices or simply splashing on her naked empty titty sacks causing a spray of milk to erupt. It was not long before Mandy succumbed to the combined attack from womb & anal egg shots and fell to the ground having her internal scream muffled by her large gag.

The splash drove the attention of her mother a few meters behind. By now her blaster have started working and Sheila was defending the incoming hoard of worms as best as she could. Right behind her Eleen have stopped vomiting and was up on her feet trying to clear another of the contaminated weapons. Judy could not be trusted with a weapon so she just tried to be helpful by removing at least some of the parasites inside the instructor’s lower orifices.

Primarily her cunt and urethra since the anal opening of the American Pole was out of the question with the enormous ever expanding analingus occupying most of it’s bottom room. Judy was never so close to the famous Dragonfly member and was surprised to see the half polish’s pee hole was even more dilated then hers! The small intern was being able to fist it single handed no problem..and may be if she can insert a couple more fingers soon to be two…That being said the worms seeping out of it were mostly dead and Judy made sure the kept her mouth shut away from these creature corpses…

Sheila had to act if she was to save her daughter and do so fast. First thing was to have pregnant Erene act as a shield keeping her back. The bimbo was of not much use anyway with her long prolapsing guts spilled on the floor unable to contract back due to the anal muscle pried ever so wide by the strong gapers. Her permanently broken overused urethra seemed to have give in to the infestation as well and begun welcoming more and more worms. The womb of the Scandinavian American was showing signs of defeat just as much because the placenta was stating to seep out of the uterus!

Sheila sighed in recent mumbling to herself she had to do this to protect the fetus. The mother of one removed one of her strong anal clamp and gave a scream in pain from the sudden rush of blood to her dilapidated rear ring. Not before long the old Dragonfly private applied it in full force to Erene’s womb! The sheer pain from the action have awoken the blond on her knees and forced the poor woman to hold her privates cursing:

– Shit, Shit, Shiiiiit!

Sheila muffled her mouth quickly waiting till the dumb bimbo went to her trans again. Her large saline filled jugs spilled heavily on either side as she simply laid on the ground allowing her anus and urethra to be penetrated by the younglings roaming around.

Sheila herself felt some small warms making their way in her own roomy guts thought, now that one of the two clamps was missing. Still this was a price she was willing to pay. The determined mother having secured her tilt frontier for the time being started shooting at the fourth worm responsible for loading Stella’s prolapse with eggs. Her shots were concentrated and hurt the worm badly, but it was too large and managed to escape in time.

Magda in the meantime moaned underneath. Despite the enormous bulge in her stomach giving away that something huge was moving and possibly reborn, the over qualified masochist was unhappy her place as a shield woman was being taken. With the last of her strength she put her rear in the air which was taken mostly by her enormous empty cavern that was sometimes mistaken for ass. The white gooey infestation inside could be seen all the way from Stuller’s position! Obeying again her instincts cpt. Stella positioned her fucked up uterus and begun shooting into Magda’s opening.

With each shot of an egg to her depths the pee hole of the half Italian released liquid unable to contain her bladder’s condition. Being old school she have not broken her pee sphincter beyond repair and it was still somewhat functioning being able to contract. Perhaps now that she was so vulnerable and at the mercy of this alien race this might change however by the end when all of this was over…if it was ever gonna be over!

Lt. Stuller was dragging adjutant Kim by her large fake tits up the ladder. The Korean was seeping out worms and yellow liquid out of her broken holes. What was most stunning about this subordinate of cpt. Stella was her urethra was actually prolapsing as well as her guts! It was not clear to the lieutenant exactly what kind of activities were going on on Mao, but they must had to be connected with a lot of pee hole breaking and stretching. Because… was it Kim’s inverted inner urethra muscle showing up near her clit.?

The woman in her late 30s was way too heavy though. The large tits must have been 20 kilos together alone and the bulge was probably another frothy! Lt. Stuller wished he would have had better gym instead of the maximum 50 lbs deadlift allowed on the spacecraft. No wonder men were starting to become more feminine in the spaceships. May be that is why so many were born as females too…

Eleen gazed in the distance to see the progress of Stuller and saw that the lieutenant was struggling a lot lifting the next breeder up on the ladder. He needed her assistance if they were going to shut down this infestation!

The muscular fit shortly cut woman stood up on her feet and started sprinting towards the man or at least tried to. Her heavily impregnated condition due to her filled up anal opening impeded her every move!

Sensing how their enemy was receiving reinforcements the colony diverted one of the large worms which used to do the travelling to Kim for eggs move out of it’s hiding spot and attack the female instructor. The brave space crew member finally got her blaster fully operational though just in time to shoot directly in the face of her attacker. The blast hit straight between the worm’s mouth on and killed the bastard on the spot. In the meantime a hoard of worms attacked Eleen’s broken anus making it slowly prolapse. Her constantly open bladder also was expanded with tiny warms who accidentally hatched from earlier. In the constantly open pee hole a few of the egg splashes have entered the cavity and begun wiggling out, but this was something Eleen was used to by now.

When finally the fitness instructor arrived, Lt. Stuller was still halfway up on the ladder. With the help of his faithful compatriot, adjutant Kim was finally tied by her large fake ZZ jugs to a strong metal pipe and both her urethral and anal prolapses inserted in the tight vent. The zipping sound of cut alien flesh gave away the offspring of the human breeder were not going to see another hour!

As she was going down however Eleen had to pay a hefty price as all the worms waiting for her kept shoving inside her rear despite the female’s efforts to shoot them down. At the end lt. Stuller scolded her to stop wasting ammunition, but instead get private Sunny to protect the ladder as a shield.

One look at the mousy woman however deterred the fitness instructor to recruit her for this task. The top janitor had her orifices full so to say. It was particularly painful to watch as an enormous 11 inch wide worm was being born out of her ass which prolapsed already 11 inches on it’s own! And then another 9 inch analingus wiggled out of her cracking urethra stretching it so much the skin was turning white from the strain of the poor pee skin. No it must be Judy’s turn now…

As Eleen headed towards the rescue group, she suddenly realised tits hurt as hell as well, being constricted for so long. Despite loving the pain, the fit female felt she needed all her strength and decide to release on of her jug’s nipples by removing the vicious clamp. Muffling her own mouth Eleen released the cruel item. Liquid started ripping out of the crushed nipple immediately making the right boob a clap down a bit. The other one was still looking like a torpedo pointing straight forward.

The Polish American power sprinted back to the dwindling group of Drafonfly rescue team to recruit Judy as her new shield woman. Judging by the losses suffered so far the blonde knew they won’t be able to sustain much longer before infested cpt. Stella brings them down…By now Mao’s captain have forced Sheila to lay on the ground and use Magda as a sandbag. Still the brave mother was shooting at the captain hitting her large worms here and there.

Eleen saw a better opening from her side position. In a less then a moment of thinking, she lifted the P13, switched to highest mode and using half of her battery, delivered a devastating shot! It reached it’s target and halved the large 15 inch wide worm delivering the eggs in half!

Stella became silent for a moment before giving away a sound of pure rage! All the worms in the colony started to wiggle and converge on poor Eleen!

The tom boyish girl was not so easily intimidated however. She did not win the Horse Garter Competition and survive the Pee Breaking Rodeo to give up on these mindless suckers. Gathering all her strength the muscular female reached the last group of sane women on Mao.

Without asking for permission she turned Judy on her heavily pierced C cups. Then she proceeded and grabbed with both hands the enormous 11 inch wide heavily coarse dildo the half Japaneese crammed with so much effort in her broken ass! The petrified intern realising what this huge woman was going to do cried out for help in vain!

– Incoming! – yelled Sheila as the hoard of worms surrounded them from all sides..

The plug was shut so tight, parts of the anal muscle started to give away as Eleen contracted her powerful physique to the maximum. She was so absorbed in her monumental effort to unplug Juddy’s ass her hole body stiffened up.

Internal abdomen muscles, long forgotten awakened and hardened, forcing out hundreds of worms to seep out of Eleen’s pregnant stomach!! Even her pee hole twitched as yellowing gooey liquid started streaming out of her heavily infested bladder system…