Mean Girls – Lesbian Style – Lindsay Lohan

It’s 2004

Regina George, Karen Smith and Gretchen Wieners are yummy plastic SLUTS…. the most powerful girls in school. Nobody DARES mess with them. They OWN the boys… because of their cock sucking skills and their willingness to shower in the boy’s locker room. It has given them Carte Blanche at school. The girls are scared of them because they’ve caught an enemy girl and sucked and fucked her into a slutty little worshiper. Regina is the Queen bee and is most excellent at licking pussy…. she LOVES to turn out innocent little freshmen girls…. and then let whichever boy she wants something from…. pop their cherry. Many a young girl has been seduced by her. Karen loves the boys and they LOVE to fuck her tits and cum on her face or in her mouth. Gretchen is very bi….. she’s happy to suck a cock but she was turned out by Regina a couple years ago and lets Regina fuck her with a strap on whenever she’s hard up…. she’s not quite as slutty as Karen.

It’s the first day of their Senior year and in walks Cady Heron and Regina immediately sets her eyes on those luscious tits and ass. “Look at THAT little slut….. I want her.” she said. Gretchen looked at Cady and smiled thinking of the faces she’ll make when Regina eats her pussy. Karen looked at her and said, “She’s not a freshmen.” “No matter”, Regina said…. “Whether she’s a virgin or not…. She’s going to cum in my mouth and then I’m going to sit on her face.” The trio laughed….

At lunch Regina saw Cady with her tray and motioned Cady to come over and sit down….. which she did and they began to talk. Regina was licking her lips like a lioness when she realized that Cady was almost definitely a virgin and had NO experience at all with boys….. She was going to HAVE HER…. and make her give up that juicy pussy.

“Meet us after school… We’re going to my house to hang out.” Regina said. Cady not realizing she was being set up nodded and went off to class. Later when she bumped into Gretchen she mentioned meeting Aaron and Gretchen immediately told Regina who set her plan in motion. Aaron is Regina’s boy toy and he knows that if Regina wants him to come over, he’s going to get laid and maybe even get himself some young pussy.

Aaron raced over ahead of the girls and got the cameras set up…. One hidden pointing at the bed and the other that he would shoot to make sure they didn’t miss anything.

When Regina showed up with the girls and Cady in tow Aaron’s cock twitched… the red head from math class…. OH MAN he drooled at the thought of fucking her hot pussy…. maybe she was even a virgin.

Regina sat the girls down and then Gretchen entered with a tray of drinks. Regina offered a toast to their new friend Cady and they all drank. “Is there alcohol in this.” Cady asked. “Just a smidge to take the edge off after school.” Regina said and took another drink. The other girls followed suit and then looked at Cady. Feeling pressured she took a drink too.

The girls proceeded to talk about boys and pretended that it was sweet that Cady liked Aaron. Hidden away…. Aaron’s cock throbbed when he thought about her sexy lips wrapped around it. Another round and Cady was feeling a little tipsy.

Regina got up and started to take off her clothes. “Oh I LOVE this part” Gretchen piped up…. “Regina has a ‘deal’ with some fashion designers so she gets all these really awesome samples!” “I share” Regina said. “Come here. If you’re going to be one of us you CAN’T wear that to school. We have a reputation to uphold.” Regina handed her a halter…. “Try this on…..” Regina said with a smirk. Cady feeling obligated took off her blouse and began to try on the halter. “Seriously?” Regina chided and the girls laughed. “What?” Cady asked. “You don’t wear a bra with a halter top silly….. take it off.” Regina ordered. Now Cady had changed in front of girls in the locker room so it was no big deal…. She reached back and unhooked her bra and out came her luscious cones. “Wow Cady…. nice rack.” Regina complimented…. making Cady blush. “Those are almost bigger than Karen’s”, She continued…. “Kare…. bring the girls over…. we have a challenger.” Karen was quickly up and removing her shirt…. and then her bra and she faced Cady who was now feeling a little self conscious. “Yours are bigger”, she confessed covering her breasts slightly. “Don’t be so shy” Karen replied. “Yours are GREAT!” Now Gretchen and Regina both had theirs out… And Regina turned to look at the group in the mirror and put her arm around Cady. “See…. You fit right in.” Then she turned around and hugged Cady pressing her boobs against hers. Karen and Gretchen followed suit hugging Cady and pressing their naked breasts against hers. Now Cady felt a little less uncomfortable because everyone was topless and Regina took off her pants. “BUT…. we simply MUST fix your wardrobe….. those pants…. corduroy…. really?… take them off…. and burn them.” The girls laughed. “Regina HATES corduroy.” Gretchen confessed…. “You shouldn’t make noise when you walk.” Karen added. Cady feeling obligated again removed her pants. “OMG… white cotton panties??…. Please tell me you own at least one thong….” Regina teased. “A thong?” Cady replied. “Some Black panties?” Regina pressed. Cady shook her head. “Any sexy underwear at all?” Regina exclaimed. Cady just stood there… “Okay well we are taking you shopping as soon as possible. If Aaron sees you in white cotton panties, it’s over.” Regina scolded.

Regina went over to her closet and pulled out a slinky black dress. “This is something EVERY woman needs…. a little black dress. Try this on.” she ordered. Cady handed back the halter and slipped the dress on. Regina zipped it up and Cady looked really glamorous. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. “Panties.” Gretchen chirped. “What?” Cady replied. “You can see your panties under the dress.” she explained. “UGH!” Regina groaned. “We have GOT to get you a thong…. but for now you’ll have to go commando.” Regina continued. “Commando?” Cady replied. “Wait, you’ve never gone commando?” Regina said incredulously. “What is that?” Cady replied naively. “It’s when you don’t wear anything.” Gretchen replied. “Like this.” and with that Gretchen slipped out of her jeans revealing her naked and very neatly trimmed pussy. “You’ve seriously never?” Regina asked. Cady just shook her head no. “You HAVE to try it.” Karen urged. The other girls nodded. “I feel sexier when I do it” Gretchen added. Regina took Cady by the shoulders…. “Do it now…. See what it feels like.” Cady was just tipsy enough to try it. She lifted up the dress just enough to hook her panties and slipped them off. Regina stood there in her thong, Gretchen nude and Karen in her sexy panties and they all got up and frolicked around the room. “Come on…. move around…. feel the air against it.” Regina offered.

Just then the doorbell rang. “PERFECT!” Regina shouted…. “That’s the pizza I ordered…. Cady…. go and pay for the pizza…. See what it feels like to be naked underneath your dress with a boy right in front of you.” “YES YES YES” the other girls chimed in. Cady took the money and walked out towards the front door. She could feel the cool air on her pussy and it DID feel sexy having nothing but the thin fabric of the dress. It made her nipples hard too. She opened the door and the delivery boy smiled HUGE. “HELLO!” he said… his eyes soaked in the sexy girl in the short dress. “Here’s your pizza.” “Thank You.” Cady said… and she smiled at him feeling very daring. The guy turned away and Cady began to close the door when Regina stopped her…. She swung to door back open. “EXCUSE ME” she called out to the driver and when he turned around Regina quickly pulled up Cady’s dress and flashed her pussy at him. Cady squealed, “OH MY GOD!” and she pushed the dress back but Regina had already let go and was laughing hysterically at her…. She let the driver see her tits and thong as she slowly closed the door with a wave. “Regina how could you?!” Cady exclaimed. “Don’t be such a prude…. Nobody saw but that boy and now he’s going to go home and jerk off thinking about you.” Cady stood there dumbfounded…. and Regina grabbed the pizza and took her other hand and dragged her back to the room. “Did you do it?” Gretchen asked. “Yep…. Flashed her kitty right at him…. You should have seen his face.” Regina replied. “Don’t worry Cady… she did the same thing to me last year.” Gretchen confessed. “I got out of a ticket by showing a cop my boobs”, Karen added. “Your pussy is POWERFUL.” Regina offered. “You need to learn how to use it…. because boys are stupid and they’ll do anything you want just to get it.”

“All this pussy talk has got me hot….. can I use IT?” Gretchen asked. “Again?” Regina said. “Please… please PLEASE.” Gretchen whined. “Oh alright” Regina relented. She walked over to her underwear drawer and pulled out a butterfly vibrator. “What is that?” Cady asked. “It’s a butterfly.” Regina replied with a devilish grin. “You wanna see what it does?” Gretchen gabbed Cady from behind and whispered in her ear “Cady you HAVE to try it…. It’s my favorite thing to do when we hang out.” “Yeah because you’re insatiable and boy crazy.” Regina sniped. “You wanna try it…. ?” Regina asked again. Cady was feeling pretty sexy…. She had no panties on… she had just flashed a complete stranger and she was curious. “Okay I guess.” she replied. “Slip your legs through these and pull it on like panties.” Regina instructed. Cady nervously complied and pulled the object up until it was positioned correctly. “Ready?” Regina asked and without waiting she flipped on the vibrator making Cady clench. “OHHH” Cady was about to move the butterfly when Gretchen stopped her. “Wait…. just wait for a minute.” Regina watched as the vibrator did its job heating up Cady’s insides. Gretchen still had a hold of her arms. She whispered into Cady’s ear “Imagine if Aaron was licking it.” Then Regina reached down under the dress and put her hand right on the butterfly pressing it again Cady’s pussy and clit and she turned it up higher. “UGGGGHHHHH” Cady moaned as the vibrations rippled through her pussy. She wanted to struggle but found that it was easier to relax as Regina worked the butterfly over her moist slit. Cady began to breath harder and Gretchen pressed her body into Cady’s back while Regina slipped her finger inside Cady’s juicy pussy. “Ooohhh” Cady moaned… she was close. Regina worked her finger around inside her and ground the butterfly into her clit and that was it. Cady’s legs trembled and her pussy clutched at Regina’s finger as she came. Regina knelt down and slipped it off with both hands out from under her dress and as she knelt in front of Cady she seized her opportunity. She lifted up Cady’s dress again and planted her mouth right on her pussy. “OH GOD REGEEEEENA!” Gretchen held Cady’s arms as Regina expertly licked Cady’s already swollen clit. Regina slid two fingers inside the panting teen and fingered her…. Cady was beside herself. She’d never masturbated… and now her girl parts were on fire as Regina drove her closer and closer to an even more powerful orgasm. Regina worked her two fingers around Cady’s channel and the girl began to buck and moan. “OH GOD….. OH GOD….. OHHH…. OHHHH….. OHHHHHHH….. GOOOOOODDDD!” and Cady came again shuddering and weak.

Karen and Gretchen supported her and slipped off the dress. Cady was putty in their experienced hands as they laid her down on the bed and Gretchen took over for Regina. Gretchen’s technique was different as she liked to vary between finger fucking and sucking on the clit…. building each one up until the girl had a huge orgasm. It was no different with Cady as she pushed open her legs wide and Regina and Karen flanked her and began to kiss her. Cady had never kissed a boy with her tongue and now Regina forced her tongue into Cady’s mouth as she moaned while Gretchen licked her clit and Karen sucked on her nipples. The trio had done this so many times they were like a machine. Cady’s hips rocked unconsciously and all these overwhelming sensations made it impossible to resist. She just let all this keep happening. “You taste so good Cady.” Regina chimed. “I love your tits.” Karen added. Gretchen munched away at Cady’s pussy her fingers working in and out of the teen. Cady began to buck again. “Come on baby….. cum in her mouth…. Imagine Aaron is fucking your hot, juicy pussy.” Regina purred into her ear. Cady was losing it again…. “MMmmmm.. OOOHhhhhh…. OH GOD….. .OOHHHHH GOD!…. OH MY GOD!…….. OHHHHHYYYYYEEESSSSUUUGHHHHH.” She came in a shuddering orgasm.

Now things got interesting… Regina kissed Cady deeply and Karen moved with her tits onto Cady’s to block her view as Aaron crept out of the closet and handed the camera to Gretchen. She focused on him as he now moved between Cady’s outstretched thighs. He could smell her scent everywhere and he was finally going to taste her beautiful red muff. For Cady it felt different but exquisite as Aaron began to lick her delicious pussy. “MMMMMMMmmmmmmugh” she moaned as Aaron’s tongue felt amazing and his fingers bigger and thicker and he started to rub her G spot and Cady thrust her hips up. Karen and Regina knew what he was doing and they watched as Cady’s eyes rolled back in her head. Aaron fingered her G spot purposefully and sucked on her burning clit. Regina moved around beside Cady and lifted her head so she could see. “Look at Aaron sucking your hot cunt.” Regina hissed in her ear. The sight of her crush with his mouth around her clit and his fingers inside her quivering pussy made her start to buck out of control. “OH OH OHHH OHH (CUM IN HIS MOUTH CADY! REGINA ORDERED) OHHHHHH..MMMYYYY GOOOOHHHHHHHHHUUUUGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Cady shrieked as her pussy gushed juices into Aaron’s mouth Gretchen capturing the entire orgasm in HD.

Regina switched places with Aaron and he brought his hard cock right up to Cady’s face and lips. Regina slid her tongue into Cady’s pussy and when she moaned Aaron pushed his cock between her lips. “MMMPH!” she squeaked with her mouth full of cock. This was another first for her as she’d never even seen a fully erect cock let alone tasted one…. his precum oozed into her mouth as Aaron moaned. “OH GOD CADY” Something about the way he groaned, his cock throbbing and Karen eagerly watching was mesmerizing to her. “Use your lips and your tongue to massage and suck on it.” Karen advised. Aaron moved his cock in and out of Cady’s more willing mouth. Karen continued to coach Cady as Gretchen focused the camera on the blowjob. Cady saw the camera but couldn’t stop what was happening to her. Her newfound lust had taken over logic and reason and she felt powerful as she sucked harder on Aaron’s cock. “OH YES BABY…. !” “Yeah…. suck his cock Cady.” Karen urged. Cady had to take a breath and Karen immediately picked up and stuffed Aaron’s rocket into her mouth taking it deeply. “UUGGGGHHHHH” He moaned as Karen had blown him many times and knew exactly how to get him off. Karen worked him up as Cady watched with rapt attention and then she stuck it back in Cady’s eager mouth. As Cady began again she redoubled her efforts wanting to prove she was as good as Karen. Karen put one of Cady’s hands on Aaron’s scrotum and whispered, “Caress it and he’ll cum.” Cady followed instructions and Aaron began to pump faster and moan. “OH CADY…. OH BABY…. THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” “Yea, suck his cock Cady….. make him cum in your mouth.” Karen cheered. Cady felt Aaron’s balls twitch and the first rail of spunk shot into her mouth. “OHHHHH YEEESSSSSS GOD BABY MMMMMmmmm” Aaron groaned as his cock exploded hot jizz into Cady’s mouth. “Yeah you hot slut…. swallow his cum.” Karen insisted. Gretchen got the entire blow job on HD.

Now they switched again as Regina moved back to Cady and kissed her deeply. “You are DELICIOUS.” she said to the helpless teen. Regina watched as Aaron moved back between her thighs and slid his tongue deep inside her. “UUUUGGGHHHH” Cady moaned. “He’s wonderful isn’t he?” Regina praised. Cady nodded. Karen knelt beside the bed and slipped Aaron’s cock into her mouth until he filled her….. Her expert lips had him back to 100% in minutes. Gretchen focused on Aaron as he moved into position. Again they had a virgin about to be deflowered. Cady was kissing Regina back when she felt the tip of Aaron’s cock against her. Karen oozed saliva all over his cock and her pussy to make it slide in easy. Cady was scared…. She wasn’t sure she wanted to “do it” right then…. but everything happened so fast and it all felt so good…. Aaron’s cock head slipped between her folds and she moaned into Regina’s mouth. Aaron pressed in a little deeper and he could feel her cherry. Cady broke the kiss and tried to look down at Aaron’s cock. “Look at me.” Regina insisted…. “Focus on me.” she continued and Aaron pressed forward a few inches and broke through. “AHHHHHWWWMMMM” Cady cried as Regina silenced her with a kiss. Aaron eased another couple inches in and Cady winced again….. Finally Aaron bottomed out as their groins met. Cady was stuffed…. her virginity gone just like that… Regina stared down at her duped conquest as Gretchen panned over the prostrate victim. Karen watched in anticipation of a wild ride…. Aaron felt Cady’s cunt twitching and clenching at him. “Are you ready to get fucked?” Regina said. Cady looked past her to Aaron who’s eyes burned with desire….. he was so ready to impale her again and again. “Are you ready baby?” Aaron whispered. Cady nodded unconsciously and Aaron withdrew. Gretchen focused and Aaron plunged into her honey hole. “UUUUUGGGHGHHHH!” she moaned. Out he pulled again and back in…. “OHHHHHUUUGGGHH” she groaned. Aaron began to steadily pump Cady’s dripping pussy and Regina held her head up so Cady could see his hard cock plunging into her depths. “Don’t you just LOVE his hard cock.” she cooed. “YESSSUUUGGHHH” Cady hissed in response. Aaron scooped up Cady’s legs and began to fuck her more forcefully. “UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH OHH GOD…. OOHHHH…. OOHHHHH” Cady moaned as Regina watched her pussy being impaled. Aaron was in Heaven as her tight cunt gripped him. “Yes baby…. come on.” he urged as Cady’s hips began to thrust up to meet him. “OH AARON…. OH GOD…. UGH HUH!” Cady groaned. “Yeah come on Cady you slut… tell him to fuck you harder Regina whispered. “OH GOD AARON…. HARDER….. FUCK ME HARDER!” Aaron began to thrust and Cady wailed her approval…. “OH GOD YEEESSSSSGHHHH…. UH…. UH….. UH….UH…. FUCK… ME…. FUCK .. ME….. Now she looked up at him and her apprehension was gone…. his cock was like a fiery stake into her pussy and she was gonna cum. Cady gripped his arms and her legs slid up onto his back. “HERE SHE GOES!” shouted Regina…. “OHHHH…. YEESS…. YEESSS…. COME ON…. FUCK ME….. GOD …. AARON….. FUCK…. OH YES…. OH OH OHHHH…OOHHHHH…. MMMMYYYYY GGGGOOOOODDDDDDUUUGGGGHHHHNNNNN…..” and Cady came HARD her first fucking orgasm. Aaron stopped and pulled out as her knew Regina’s procedure.

Regina pushed Cady up to him and they kissed….. She hadn’t kissed a boy like this before and it was magical as he had just fucked her stupid…. “Okay slut….. get on your hands and knees.” Regina ordered. Cady…. pretty much whipped now, complied. Gretchen gave the camera to Aaron and he got a close up of Gretchen opening Cady’s cheeks and licking her slit and all the juices. “OHHHUUGGGHH” Cady moaned. “Oh you like having your pussy licked huh slut?” Regina taunted. “YEEESSSS” Cady hissed blissfully. Gretchen took the camera back and Aaron prepared to impale his little princess again. Regina kissed Cady again and she responded enthusiastically tonguing her back. “Beg him to fuck your pussy.” Regina ordered. “Fuck my pussy Aaron.” Cady replied. “NO SLUT…. BEG FOR IT….. Tell him how bad you want it….. how much you need his cock in you right now.” Regina scolded. Cady looked back at Aaron and saw the camera and totally played to it. “Aaron baby please…. I need you…. I need you to fuck me now…. Please baby….. please fuck me (put your big cock deep inside my pussy Regina whispered) Please slide your big hard cock inside me…. fuck my pussy….. I’m so wet….. put it deep inside me now.” Cady purred obediently. She felt Aaron grab her hips and anxiously waited. She felt the tip of his cock spread her lips and he pressed into her tight channel. “OOOOOHHHHH GOD YEEEEESSSSS!!!” she hissed and Aaron began again, wasting no time he fucked her hard and deep making Cady yelp with pleasure.

Now the final capitulation was coming. Aaron fucked Cady….. and she was loving every stroke….. He was strong and not going to cum yet. Gretchen gave the camera to Karen and climbed underneath Cady’s pussy…. She pulled her thighs down and started to suck on Cady’s clit…. and Cady started to thrash and buck and she came again….. Regina moved into place underneath Cady’s face and took her head….. “Okay slut…. time for you to suck pussy too.” and she pushed Cady’s face into her pussy. Dizzy, filled with cock…. clit burning from Gretchen’s expert tongue Cady gave in and started licking Regina’s pussy…. it tasted pretty good so she licked harder and tried harder. She started to want to make Regina cum the way Regina had made her cum. Soon the whole group was moaning and groaning with Cady vibrating in the middle. Finally Aaron could take no more and he signaled Regina. She moved and he pulled out. Regina tugged Cady off the bed. “On your knees!” she commanded and Cady obeyed. Aaron moved his cock to her face and Cady enthusiastically started to suck his cock. Karen watched with pride as Cady dutifully cupped his balls and caressed them while taking as much cock as she could. Aaron rocked his hips and thrust into her mouth as he approached his boiling point. Then he suddenly pulled out and jerked his cock in her face…. Cady looked on in surprise as it erupted hot blasts of cum across her face making her shut her eyes as he painted her gorgeous face with cum…. of course Karen captured it all in HD. Cady, a whipped little slut licked it off his cock and Karen gave the camera to Gretchen so she could lick cum off Cady’s face too and suck on Aaron’s cock together.

“Okay Cady…. You are one of us now….. we do everything for each other…. no exceptions…. If we say suck…. you suck…. if we say fuck….. you fuck…. understand?” Regina stated. “Yes” she replied. “Good…. eat Gretchen’s pussy…. she’s sucked you off more than once today…. time for some payback.” Regina ordered. Cady got up and kissed Gretchen…. then she laid her down on the bed and started to lick her pussy. Gretchen purred and ran her fingers through Cady’s hair as she savored the young girl’s surrender.

Meanwhile Regina got down and stuck Aaron’s fuck stick in her mouth and slowly brought him back to life…. Then she laid back as Aaron fucked her and Karen sat on her face. Regina was content as her pussy clenched around Aaron’s cock and Karen rocked her juices into her mouth.

Regina heard Gretchen cum and ordered Aaron to go fuck her too. He happily complied although Regina would have been okay if he came inside her…. She just made Karen eat her pussy and watched as Aaron turned Gretchen to doggie style and told Cady to lick her pussy…. Then he fucked Gretchen until she was leaking into Cady’s mouth….. and finally when he was going to blow… Aaron pulled out and stuffed his cock in Cady’s mouth and spunked all that he had left. She savored the combination of his jizz and Gretchen’s juice.

They all sat around and drank and ate the pizza…. Cady was the newest Yummy Plastic Slut and Regina had plans for her.