Paris Hilton and Lindsay Sex-Adventure

Paris Hilton felt good as she walked in to club Shock a new
L.A. nightclub. Her entourage surrounded her as she made her way to the
bar area. She ordered her drink of choice and walked to the VIP area of
the club. Once inside she was greeted by a few friends that frequently
accompanied her to the club scene. Paris downed her first round and
quickly ordered another.

After an hour of constant drinking and dancing Paris decided to take
a break, at which point she sat in her corner of the room and talked with
friends. The conversation was light until Paris noticed her former friend
Lindsay Lohan standing on the other side of the room. The two locked eyes
and shot each other dirty looks. Paris was the first to turn away and
continue her previous conversation. Lindsay on the other was less willing
to let this situation end peacefully.

“Hey Paris, nice to see you’ve recovered from last nights bender.”

“Shut up bitch.”

“Takes one to know one”

Lindsay stormed off to the dance floor and Paris was left stunned
and nearly spilled her drink. This night turned out to be like so many
others. She did her best to forget what had happened and continued to
drown her sorrows with alcohol. Before long she could barely stand and had
to be escorted out of the club by a few of her companions.

Once outside the club Paris again crossed paths with Lindsay. The
red head stared at her for a minute and almost walked away. But she felt
herself overcome by a feeling to confront her.

“Nice to see you setting a good example Paris, gain some weight then
maybe you can hold your liquor better.”

Paris snapped and slugged Lindsay across the jaw. She stumbled
slightly and nearly hit the ground.

“At least I know how to drive. Hit any paparazzi lately?”

In a fury Lindsay dove at Paris grabbing at her throat. With
realizing it Lindsay had popped out of her top. The crowd that surrounded
the pair had grown and no one seemed anxious to alert Lindsay. She
continued to claw at Paris who did her best to cover her face. The brawl
intensified once Paris forced Lindsay against her SUV. Paris noticed
Lindsay’s malfunction and gave her nipple a tweak. Lindsay pulled at her
hair and smiled with every pull. Suddenly the two froze when they saw
police approaching them.

“Break it up you two.”

A Burly male officer stepped forward and forcibly pulled them apart.
It was at this point that Lindsay adjusted her top. Paris and Lindsay were
escorted to a squad car and continued to squabble with each other.

“This is your fault Paris, why couldn’t you have just walked away?”

“Looks whose talking bitch”

“Pipe down you two.”

Paris and Lindsay continued to glare at each other throughout the
ride. The two officers barely acknowledged their presence. Once they
reached the station the pair was separated and ushered inside. Shortly
entering both were placed in a holding cell. Paris stood against the back
wall while Lindsay sat on the bench.

“I can’t believe this, I get a phone.”

“Calm down Ms Hilton, you’re not going anywhere right now. A night
in this cell should do the both of you some good.”

The officer delivered this message and walked away. Paris began to
sob, while Lindsay began to laugh. Another woman in the cell also began to

“I hate you Lindsay.”

“Don’t be so dramatic Paris one night in jail shouldn’t kill you.”

“Not if I kill you first.”

Paris advanced towards Lindsay but what interrupted.

“First of all if anyone is killing in here it’s me.”

A third person in the cell stepped forward. She was dressed in
tight blues jeans a white tank stopped which displayed prominent nipples
and a leather jacket. The petite blonde pushed Paris back and laughed at
how easily she moved.

“My name is Trina, and you’ll do as I say unless you want to get
hurt. You may be somebody out there but in here you are nobody. Both of
you are scum in here. Nothing more then fresh meat, now sit down and shut
up, you too Pippy not one word.”

Trina turned and looked out into the hall way. The area was empty
so she decided to make a move.

“Ok pretty it’s time to have some fun. Kiss shorty and show me some

Both seemed appaulled at this thought and shot each other dirty
looks. Paris voiced there objection.

“No fucking way, she’s nothing more than a dirty street rat.”

“Do it before I hurt you.”

Paris realized she had no option so she reluctantly leaned in and
kissed Lindsay. The pair tied tongues until Lindsay bit Paris’s.

Trina walked over to Lindsay and slapped her across the head.

“Not cute red, now I am going to hurt you. Stand up.”

Lindsay stood reluctantly, afraid of what would happen if she

“Hike up your skirt and turn around.”

Lindsay turned and Paris pulled her skirt up, and gave her bare ass
a little smack. Trina smiled and took off her belt.

“This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.”

Lindsay let out a loud cry as the belt made impact with her ass.
Paris smiled as her former friend whined in pain. This sight was like a
dream to her. Lindsay was finally getting what she deserved. After ten
solid strikes Trina stopped. She pushed Lindsay back on the bench and she
let out a loud whimper when she hit.

“Your turn Ms. Hilton”

Paris stayed where she was and Trina had no choice but to grab her.
The fact that Trina was 5 inches shorter than Paris didn’t seemed to make.
Because Paris was so frail she moved easily.

“Let me go you crazy bitch.”

“I’ll show you crazy.”

Trina ripped off Paris’s dress and forced her to the floor. The
sight of Paris naked drove Trina wild. Her breasts were so small that
Trina had no trouble cupping them in her hands and squeezing her perky
nipples. Trina pounced and dove in going down on Paris while Lindsay
watched. Lindsay retreated slightly fearing that Trina may come at her

“Please stop. I…”

Paris tried to force Trina off her but she wasn’t strong enough.
She looked around the jail trying to find help and was surprised to see
Lindsay playing with herself. Her hands were rapidly rubbed her cunt in
rhythm with Paris’s moaning. This sight distracted her from what Trina was
doing and she found herself enjoying what was happening. Paris squirmed
from the sensation Trina’s nose ring caused when it brushed against her
cunt. Trina was amused by how wet she was and even took a whiff of her
panties before she removed them.

“Smells like heaven. That’s a good little pitch. Cum for me.”

Lindsay was caught up in the moment and realized she needed a
release. The sensation her fingers caused pushed her to a new level of
pleasure. Trina smiled when she saw Lindsay fingering herself and pulling
at her halter top so she could play with her nipples. The nights
festivities had awaken desires which had been buried. For quite some time,
Lindsay had been attracted to Paris. This presented a problem and Lindsay
felt it necessary to distance herself.

That occurred six months ago and now here she was fucking herself in
front of Paris who was being screwed by a lesbian biker chick. The present
situation seemed like something out of a dream.

Lindsay awoke from her daze to see Paris arch her back and let out a
tremendous scream as she reached orgasm. Her legs tensed up around Trina
who didn’t seem to mind. Trina kept up her efforts until she reached her
own climax. She held her head in place for a moment than gave Paris’s
inner thigh a peck before she stood up.

“Alright your turn LL. Get over her and eat me.”

Trina stood and removed her jeans and underwear. Lindsay froze
until Paris grabbed her and threw her towards Trina.

“Hurry up I’m still horny.”

Trina forced Lindsay to her knees then placed her head between her
legs. Lindsay stopped for a second and smelled her crotch. The smell was
pleasing to her and she dove in. Paris remained on the ground and leaned
against the wall. She watched Lindsay work over Trina wished she was
Trina. She let out a laugh when Lindsay grabbed a hold of Trina’s ass.

“Hey watch it, my ass is very sensitive.”

In response Lindsey grabbed a hold of Trina’s pussy lips. Her knees
buckled slightly and grabbed a hold of Lindsay’s hair to keep her balance.

“That’s it make me cum you little whore, eat me faster, I want you
to rock my world.”

This little bit of encouragement increased Lindsay’s enthusiasm.
She forced Trina against the wall and managed to place a few fingers in her
ass. Suddenly Lindsay felt Trina tighten up and noticed her biting her lip
as she came hard on Lindsay’s face. Before Lindsay could clean herself off
Trina forced Paris to due it for her. Having Paris so close to Lindsay
excited her so much that she kissed Paris before she could finish.

After a moment of embrace the two looked at each other. Neither
knew what to do next.

“What was that about Lindsay?”

“I couldn’t help myself I want you so much.”

“I want you to.”

Lindsay smiled wrapped her hands around Paris. The pair embraced
then looked at Trina. She looked scared at the crazed look the two girls
had on their face. Paris walked over to her and went down on her while
Lindsay held her arms. Trina didn’t like having her arms held so she tried
to fight back. Paris licked Trina from her next to her cunt removing her
t-shirt in the process and freeing her massive breasts. Paris admired them
for moment than moved on. When she reached Trina’s neck raven haired
beauty let out a laugh. This was one of her sweet spots.

“Eat me bitch, make me cum.”

Paris smile and continued her assault. Trina began to pant once she
neared orgasm. This made Lindsay smiled and she nibbles on her ear another
sweet spot. Amazingly this didn’t push Trina over the edge. That didn’t
happen until Paris pinched her right nipple.

“Oh my god, I can’t…hold it…ughh!”

Trina shook as her body felt the impact of her orgasm. Once she
stopped squirming Lindsay released Trina. After doing so, she grabbed
Paris and pushed her against the cell bars. Paris didn’t mind and grabbed
Lindsay bare ass and gave it a hard squeeze.

“Lindsay I want you to eat me.”

“As you wish”

Lindsay kneeled in front of her and did as requested. Lindsay
pulled Paris closer with hands and held them on her asses occasionally
squeezing it.

“Oh I love it when you play with ass that’s so hot. Keep it up ho.”

Lindsay removed one hand and began to play with herself. She waited
for a moment like this and she wanted to fully enjoy it. Watching Paris
squirm and scream what was a wonderful sight to Lindsay. Paris would moan
and groan and even grabbed own hair from time to time a move which
encouraged Lindsay to keep going even after Paris climaxed once. Lindsay
continued until Paris had hardly any strength left.

Paris collapsed into Lindsay’s arms and the night appeared to over
until Lindsay felt Paris insert a finger into her cunt.

“You dirty bitch, I guess you’re ready for more.”

“I wanna feel your pussy against mine.”

Paris lifted her left leg and placed between Lindsay. The blonde’s
height advantage was negated by Lindsay’s three inch heels. During the
sexual fury Paris had removed her own heels. The sensation of their pussy
rubbing together created a great deal of heat between them. Beads of sweat
were running down their bodies hitting the floor.

“That’s it L, keep it up your pussy feels amazing. Faster baby make
me quiver.”

“I’m glad you like it…now cum for me baby. Let your juices run
down my leg.”

The room began to spin and a mighty roar shook the walls a bit.
Both girls held each other tight as they reached simultaneous orgasm. They
stayed motionless for a moment until a round of applause brought them back.

Trina gave her approval for their performance. She walked over to
them and delivered a soft peck on their cheek. Lindsay gave her ass a hard
squeeze when she kissed her. Trina growled after the impact.

“That was just about the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. If I had a
dick I would tap both your sweat asses.”

Paris and Lindsay kissed each other a few times before gathering
their clothes. The rest of the night was very pleasant and Paris took
Lindsay home with her once they were released. This was a turning point
for the two who became very close friends afterwards. They never heard
from Trina again.