Strip with Paris and Lindsay

Paris walked into a building in L.A. She was headed to an audition on one of the top floors. Her agent had told her that Lindsay Lohan was going for the same role, which made her extra motivated to get it. Yeah Lindsay was her friend, but she always got the big roles. It was Paris time. Plus Lindsay had been getting all the attention lately. Last week when they went out clubbing Paris had to get wasted for anyone to give a shit and even then Lindsay was picking up all the action. She hooked up with at least four hot blonds and the guys were swarming her. And she dared tell Paris to go distract the paparazzi as Lindsay led two innocent little whores into a backroom. Yes Lindsay is going down today.

Paris wore a little white micro mini with a sexy pink thong to show of her ass…ets. She paired it with a casual black halter. She felt the outfit fit the role of the stripper she was trying to earn.

When she got to the room there was a panel of 8 men. They welcomed her and handed her a script. They told her they were doing scene 4… a strip show. There was a pole and a stage set up in front of the men. She got on stage, flipped on a cd and started dancing around. She let her hands roam around her body. Paris looked up at the men in front of her. Their hands were already touching their groins. And she had just started! She moved over to the pole and wrapped her leg around it giving the men a small view of what was under her skirt. She did the ‘drop it like it’s hot’ move. Slowly. Just so her ass slightly peaked out from under the skirt. When she came back up she turned to the men. The one right in the middle had opened his pants and his hand was down touching himself.

Paris walked over towards the man in the middle. Lap dance time! She moved his hands away and stratled his lap. She rubbed her pussy in circles on his cock. ‘He’s enjoying this too much’ Paris thought. She turned herself around and dropped her skirt to the floor so her ass was right in front of his face. She started shaking it around and touching it softly playing with the string of her thong. The man in the middle came in his pants along with a few others around the room. If she could get them all to cum then the role was hers for sure. For a grand finale she turned around and pulled off her top revealing her perky tits. That got the rest of them.

The music went off and all the men started clapping and thanked her for coming and promised she would hear from them soon.

She left the room and headed for the elevator. When it opened she found a startled Lindsay Lohan with her eyes full of tears.

“awww” Paris said “were you crying?”

Paris moved forward and hugged her friend tightly.

“I can’t do this Paris. My publicist wants me to branch out, but this isn’t me. I’m not ready for this.” Lindsay looks down at her red silky tank top that barely covered her large boobs and her short black skirt and leather boots.

“Aww sweety you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

“I’m just not r-r-ready for this. It’s too much.”

“Hey wanna get out of here and get some lunch?”

Lindsay wiped her eyes dry “sure. I’d love to”

Paris kept Lindsay close with a reassuring arm around her lower waist.

As they walked down to Paris’ car she began making her plan.

Lindsay Lohan is going down.

Chp 2

The whole ride over to the restaurant Paris kept her left hand on lindsay’s upper thigh in a seemingly reassuring way. When they got to Broze they were immediately seated in the back room away from everyone else. Paris ordered them both drinks. For Paris a cosmopolitan, and for Lindsay a rum and coke. She was too lost in her own mind to notice the twinge in her drink.

Over the hour they were there Lindsay began loosening up. (Maybe because she had about 14 of those cokes). She was especially chatty about the recent fued between Paris and her former bff Nicole Richie. “I think the whole thing is stupid. I mean, Nicole can just be so childish sometimes.” Paris nodded but was thinking about what Lindsay says behind her back.

By the time they left Lindsay was totally plastered. She barely was able to stumble to the car even with Paris’s help.

On the way home Paris stopped at a grocery store to pick up some things to complete their evening.

“Wake up whore”


“get up. I can’t just leave you in the car.”

“uggggg. I’m up I’m up”

They put on their sunglasses in hopes that nobody would recognize them and started walking to the door. Lindsay sat down in one of the kiddie carts. Paris just rolled her eyes and pushed the cart. She started roaming around. Paris wasn’t really the type of person who knew her way around a grocery store. She walked by the meat section and picked up a summer sausage. Next was the produce. cucumbers, grapes and bananas.

“are we done yet?”

“almost. Just a few more things”

She got whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate syrup.

“okay we’re done”

“about fucking time.”

The checkout lady gave them a strange look. Either she recognized them or she was wondering why a 17 year old girl was sitting in a kiddie cart. “oh and this too” Paris added a snickers bar to the pile. They left the store and started towards Paris’s home in L.A. the presidential suite of the L.A. Hilton.

“Come on let’s get you up to the room before the paparazzi sees you like this.”

Lindsay just mumbled and got out of the car. ‘she’s pretty out of it’ Paris noted. As she helped guide her up the steps and to the elevator, Paris let her hand slip down from a friendly position on Lindsay’s back to a less innocent one cupping her ass. When they were in the elevator Lindsay practically collapsed on Paris. Which only encouraged Paris to feel up her ass more. Paris pinched and kneaded at first softly but then increasingly harder. She turned to face Lindsay and added a second hand.


‘dammit we’re here’

Paris unlocked the door and showed Lindsay to the bathroom. The last thing she wanted was puke all over her beautiful suite. She went to go put the special items in the kitchen area, and then went to go check on Lindsay. As Paris walked in the bathroom Lindsay flushed the toilet and was attempting to get up.

“woah woah woah. Where do you think you’re going young lady?”


“Later. But for now you need a shower. It seems that you made a bit of a mess on your top.” Paris chuckled at Lindsay’s whorish outfit spotted with bits of her own throw up.

Lindsay put the lid of the toilet down and sat on it. She raised her arms up hinting to Paris to take it off for her. Paris continued to undress her and helped her into the shower. Then turned to walk away.

“Aren’t you going to help me?”

Paris turned around surprised. “sure I was. I was just…” she looked around.

“I’m just grabbing some towels for us.”

She placed the new found towels on the toilet where Lindsay was sitting just a few seconds ago in all her nakedness. Paris stripped off her clothes quickly. She felt Lindsay watching her and could’ve easily turned it into a raunchy striptease but she’d had enough of that for today. Plus she wanted to take advantage of her situation.

She climbed in the shower and grabbed the soap. She lathered her hands and guided Lindsay to lean against the wall. Paris started innocently enough. Washing her friend’s arms and legs. She started on her back and moved to her sides. Her hand brushed Lindsay’s left breast. Lindsay inhaled sharply. Paris noted this reaction and re-lathered her hands.

She started on Lindsay’s stomach but gradually moved up. She cupped her breasts and started squeezing them. Moans started escaping from Lindsay. She arched her back encouraging Paris’s roaming hands. She pinched Lindsay’s erect nipples. Lindsay was trying to hold back her scream of pleasure.

“Mo… more…” Paris happily obliged.

She once again re-lathered her hands and turned Lindsay around to face her. Paris guided her friend to rest her head on her shoulder, while she returned to feeling up Lindsay’s ass. Paris always has been a booty girl. She continued this for about five minutes until she let her fingertips brush Lindsay’s pussy.


Paris stepped back for a second to admire Lindsay’s soft red curls. They were a sharp contrast to her now jet-black locks. She then turned Lindsay around again, but this time Paris pulled Lindsay right up against her. Paris’s left hand rested on Lindsay’s left breast playing and pinching the nipple. Her right hand was distracted by another prize. She went straight for it and stuck he middle finger in. Lindsay trembled. She swirled her finger around, exploring the space. ‘she’s still pretty damn tight. I’d think a whore like her…’

“Uhhhhhh. Oooooohh.” It seemed like Lindsay was close to her orgasm.

Paris added another finger and increased the pace. She felt Lindsay closing around her. Tighter and tighter and then… Paris pulled her fingers out and turned off the water. She leaned a confused Lindsay back against the wall. Parish saw Lindsay’s hand moving down to finish herself off. She playfully slapped it away and shook her head. “I n need to cum”

“You don’t have permission” With that Paris grabbed a towel and began drying herself off. Once Paris was completely dry, she pulled on a robe and helped Lindsay out of the shower. She placed Lindsay right in front of a full mirror and began drying her off. Paris had Lindsay stand in erotic poses while she dried her.

Paris guided Lindsay to the bed and laid her down. Paris noticed that Lindsay was becoming more and more alert, which didn’t go along with her plan. She couldn’t have little miss Lohan asking questions.

Paris left the room to go collect her select play toys. But first she stopped by the mini bar and pulled out every kind of alcohol she could find. She poured all the little bottles into one glass and added a bit of v8 juice. She mixed it with a spoon and brought it to Lindsay. “It’ll get rid of the headache”

“Oh, thanks”

Paris grabbed one of her Louis Vuitton bags and started collecting her supplies. She came back about ten minutes later to find Lindsay laying on her side with her fingers pounding into herself. Once again she seemed close to the edge but Paris came over and chastised her. “No no no” Paris harshly pulled her fingers out. “I told you once already YOU DON’T HAVE PERMISSION TO CUM!”

“please Paris…”

“No begging. If you beg like a whore I’ll treat you like one.”

Paris pulled out a paddle from her bag. She bent Lindsay over. It was like she was touching her toes, but her feet were more spread (she didn’t have very good balance at this point” and she was attempting to keep her balance by pushing onto the floor. Paris showed no mercy. She gave her fifteen hard hits right down the crack. Paris was only going to start her win ten, but she just loved the way Lindsay’s boobs jiggled in time with her stroke.

And with that Lindsay turned and laid down on the floor rubbing her sore bum. “I’m sorry Lids but I had to punish you. You were being a bad little whore”

Paris moved Lindsay to the bed. She went off to go find something to tie Lindsay’s hands to the bedposts. She couldn’t have her pleasuring herself again without permission. Plus she wanted to see if Lindsay had learned her lesson. When she returned she found Lindsay asleep with her hands on her breasts. Paris wasn’t happy with this, but at least Lindsay had learned a little bit.

‘Hmm. What game shall we play? Ooo I know the perfect one! If lids wants to cum she’s going to have to earn it.’

Before waking Lindsay, Paris laid out her toys. She pulled out a cucumber, banana, summer sausage, snickers bar, several sizes of dildos and vibrators, a pencil, a feather, a silk scarf, and a string of pearls.

Paris laid on the bed by Lindsay and roughly woke her up. Lindsay raised her head and looked around until her eyes focused on Paris. She quickly drew her hands away from her breasts, remembering her punishment earlier.

“We’re going to play a little game. If you do good maybe I’ll let you cum.” Paris said in a seemingly reassuring way.

Lindsay nodded her head. “How do we play?” she asked in an anxious way clearly horny as hell.

“You lay on your back, blindfolded, and I stick these in your holes. You have to guess what it is. For every one you get wrong you get 5 spanks, but if you get them right then…we’ll see”

Paris grabbed Lindsay and turned her towards the wall before she could memorize the items. Paris knew good and well that Lindsay wasn’t used to getting fucked by toys. In fact, she pretty much only let people eat her out. Other than that and masturbating she was purely a virgin. Paris knew there was no way Lindsay would be able to guess right. Even if she wasn’t so drunk…

‘I think I’ll start with her pussy. Her ass still looks a bit red.’ Paris chuckled as she admired her work. She took the silk scarf and let it dangle a bit in front of Lindsay before lightly pulling it across her right breast. Lindsay gasped at the feeling. Paris quickly withdrew it and tied it tight around Lindsay’s head. Making sure she couldn’t see a thing.

She laid Lindsay on her back with her shoulders propped up against the pile of pillows. Paris wanted to see the look on her face as she was pounding her toys into Lindsay’s tight hole. She spread Lindsay’s legs as wide as they would go and moved her face in getting a close of view of her pussy.

‘She’s so wet already. I don’t see how she’s going to hold back her orgasm. I guess I’ll just need a harsher punishment…’

Paris chose the pencil first. She wanted to start off slow so Lindsay wouldn’t come yet. She stuck the eraser side in first and moved it around in circles stretching the space. Lindsay’s face was scrunched up in attempted concentration. ‘It must be hard to think with a pencil up your pussy.’ Paris began pushing it in further and further. It wasn’t as easy to get in as Paris expected. ‘tight fit…hmm maybe she isn’t ready for the bigger things’

“Is it…a pencil?” Lindsay practically moaned out.

“Very good, whore.” Paris said going for one last deep stroke. Lindsay arched her back to this, begging for more. Instead, Paris quickly and roughly pulled out the pencil smiling at the little puddle now on the bedspread. ‘she’ll never last.’ Paris thought shaking her head.

‘hmm what shall I fuck her with next? I’m thinking the snickers bar. I wonder what it will taste like covered in Lindsay’s juices.’

She quietly unwrapped the bar. ‘Oh darn, I must’ve accidentally picked up king size. Oh well…’ she thought with a smile.

Paris placed the snickers at Lindsay’s entrance moving it around a bit, teasing her. “uhhhhh uhhhhhhhh” Paris decided that too much of this would cause the game to end too quick so she pushed it in. It didn’t slip in as easily as expected, but Paris slowly worked her way into fucking her with quick, hard strokes. Paris moved to Lindsay’s side and slipped her arm underneath her hips holding on so she could get in deeper. ‘I wonder what’s taking so long. The smell of chocolate is so obvious. Hurry up and guess!’

“Any clue?”

“None. I’m so close though. I think I’m going to”

“You better not. Don’t forget the rules Lids.”

“I know, but I’m so close. And I can’t think of anything it could be.”

“I guess you lose this round then.” Paris said simply as she withdrew the snickers.

“nooooooooooo” Lindsay screamed out, losing yet another chance at her orgasm.

“Shut up. You were the whore that couldn’t guess what she was being fucked with.”

Lindsay laid back trying to catch her breath. Paris ate her marinated snickers bar. ‘not bad. Kinda sweet kinda tangy. Too bad she can’t guess right. Maybe she’ll be better in her other hole.’

“Round three.” Paris declared as she flipped Lindsay over. She put a few pillows under Lindsay’s crotch so her ass stuck up in the air. “Ever been fucked up the ass before Lids?” Paris asked as she curiously admired her new whore’s ass.

“I didn’t know you could…” Lindsay said drowsily.

“Good.” Paris was happy to be taking lots of virginity tonight.

‘I guess we’ll have to start slow’ Paris thought disappointedly ‘maybe I’ll get in some fucking with the cucumber after awhile.’

When Paris went to get some lube she found an old friend. Her strap-on. ‘Perfect! I’ll be fucking her up the ass with a real dick like the whore she is.’

She practically ran back to the bed in excitement. “This should be the easiest one so far. I’m trying to help you out Lids.”

Paris strapped on the harness and lubed up the cock of it. She slathered lube all over her fingers. “Open your cheeks, whore” Lindsay quickly pulled apart her butt cheeks revealing her tiny whole. Paris wasted no time.

She put her knees inside Lindsay’s sprawled out legs and put her hands on her hips. She carefully put her cock right on Lindsay’s hole. She pushed in slowly waiting for Lindsay to loosen up. Once she had got about half of the cock in she began to pull it out then thrust it back in. Soon they had a good rhythm going. Paris removed one of the pillows from beneath Lindsay so she could fuck her downward pushing her face into the pillow.

Paris moved her hands from Lindsay’s hips to pushing down on her shoulders. Lindsay squirmed around nearing an orgasm. Paris couldn’t stop though, not yet. She wrapped her hands around so that her fingertips could reach Lindsay’s nipples, which were now rock hard. She started pinching them, holding nothing back. Lindsay was screaming out at this point, growing ever closer to her orgasm. Her right hand subconsciously drifted to her pussy when Paris saw this she was furious. She pulled out immediately and slapped her hand away. “No!”

“I didn’t want to have to do this, but you leave me no choice Lids.” Paris pulled two nipple clips out of her bag and roughly pinched Lindsay’s nipples in the most painful way she could find and attached the clips. “Paris…”

“Don’t Paris me. We’re not done yet.” Paris pulled Lindsay over her lap with her ass right in Paris’s face. She started spanking again, this time she had more access to the bottom part of her ass, right by her newly opened anus and her sensitive pussy. She made sure she grazed both with each stroke.

When she was done she rubbed Lindsay’s pussy fiercely knowing how close she was and right as her orgasm began Paris stopped and made Lindsay stand up. She grabbed the paddle and had Lindsay get on the edge of the bed on her knees and bend over leaving only her ass hanging off the bed. She gave her one last big spank with the hard paddle and Lindsay cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure.

‘It’s no mercy now.’

“So now round 4?”

“mmhmm” Lindsay said. Turning around on her back hoping that Paris was done with her poor little ass.

“uh uhh. You weren’t good enough to get your cute little pussy fucked.” Lindsay turned herself over on her stomach again. Paris grabbed two more scarves and tied Lindsay’s arms to the bed. “I don’t want to do this to you, but you’ve been a bad girl.”

‘Finally time for the big dogs. Hmm cucumber or sausage? I’ll be nice, but if she screws it up this time there is no mercy.

“There are only a couple rounds left and you’ve only guessed one right. You better get going girl or you’ll see nothing but the paddle all night.”

Paris soaked one side of the 8 inch cucumber in lube before fiercely sticking it into her crack. It went in easier this time. ‘I wonder if I could turn this into a double ended dildo?’ Paris thought getting pretty wet herself. She climbed on top of Lindsay and sat on the other edge. She rode it for awhile as it slid deeper and deeper into Lindsay. Paris finally came all over Lindsay’s ass. By that time the cucumber was only about and inch and a half of it not in her hole. ‘She learned how to be an ass whore pretty quick.’ Paris admitted impressed.

“Wanna guess?”

“umm…” Lindsay thought about the few items she saw before Paris turned her around. “a..aa…cucumber?”

“finally you get one!”

“Can I cum now?”

“We’re still playing. This is the last round but it’s twice as hard because there is twice as much to guess.” Paris smiled to herself.

“Lay on your side and hold your leg up in the air.”

“Can you take these things off of me?” Lindsay asked innocently, nodding towards the clips.

“Sure…” Paris said unclipping them and putting one of them on Lindsay’s clit.

‘That’ll teach her. I was being nice but she wouldn’t let me. Now she has to take her punishment.’

“uhhh ohhhhhhhuh”

Paris grabbed the sausage. ‘which hole should I stick this in?’ she saw the newest puddle of Lindsay’s pussy juices and decided it was time to really fuck her good. Paris put the banana on the corner of the bed planning on using it later.

She slowly pushed the sausage in. Not even and inch of it could go in. “hold your pussy open.” Paris demanded. She got about three inches in. Lindsay was pushing back on it trying to get more of it in. ‘Who does that whore think she is. This is MY game. She’s not supposed to like it. It’s for ME!’ Paris viciously pushed it into Lindsay knowing it would probably hurt. She grabbed the end of the sausage and rotated it around in a circle getting her used to the new length inside her. Once about 6 inches was in (half of the sausage) Paris began to fuck her with it. Every once in awhile the sausage would graze the clip on her clit causing Lindsay’s screams to get louder. Paris got to eyelevel with the fucking action and remembered the banana. ‘I almost forgot’

Paris grabbed the banana and stuck it up Lindsay’s ass. She fucked her in time with the two of them. Lindsay began to arch her back and her screams were louder and more intense. She was almost there.

“What are they?”

“um…a dildo?”

“Wrong.” Paris pulled out the sausage.

“One more guess. The banana?”

“Yes. Gameover you lose.” She untied Lindsay from the bed.

“But but but”

“What’s that? Your butt needs more spankings? Okay I guess I’ll have to give them to you.”

Paris climbed on the bed and removed Lindsay’s blindfold. Paris laid down and placed Lindsay on top of her. With her ass right in Paris’s face. She lined them up so she could comfortably smack the hell out of Lindsay’s ass and have Lindsay eat her out.

“Lick my pussy whore” Lindsay happily did as she was told. Paris smacked Lindsay’s ass until she came allover Lindsay’s face. Lindsay licked up every drop of it.

“Good girl. Now lay down like a good little whore while I go get something.”

She purposely left the room for about 15 minutes. When she came back Lindsay was asleep. This time with her hands far away from all her body parts. “Now it’s my play time.” Paris said with a smile as she went to go gather more supplies.

Paris positioned Lindsay with her boobs facing up her arms and her legs sprawled out on both sides and a great view of her pussy. “Time for my midnight snack.” She grabbed the redi-whip and carefully squirted some on each of her nipples covering each completely. She moved down to her pussy she stuck the tip inside her hole and watched Lindsay’s face for a reaction. She softly moaned but didn’t wake, so Paris shot some right into her pussy. She lined her labia lips with some too and covered all her red curls with the tasty white cream. Lindsay began to move. She turned over onto her side revealing her still reddened bottom. Paris stuck the tip up her Hershey’s highway too and shot a load of it up there. She covered her ass crack in the pleasure cream as well. ‘I can’t wait to lick all of this off.’ Paris thought as she connected the trail from Lindsay’s ass to the one from her pussy.

Next she got out the chocolate syrup and squirted it in circles ALL OVER Lindsay’s body. She looked good enough to eat. Paris saw the banana she had tossed aside earlier. This time she opened it’s peal and pulled it into three pieces. ‘one for each hole’ Paris thought excitedly. She pushed one in Lindsay’s pussy and heard a soft moan. “That’s all!” She stuffed another one up her ass and Lindsay whimpered a bit. It was still very sensitive from earlier. She carefully opened Lindsay’s mouth and had another idea. “I think she’ll sober up to quickly once she wakes up” so Paris went and found the only alcohol remaining in the apartment. A bottle of Rum. She opened Lindsay’s mouth again and slowly poured it down. Paris whispered in her ear “drink my cum whore, drink it all down” hoping it would direct her dream into making her swallow. It worked. Soon she had drank ¾ of the bottle. Then Paris put the banana halfway in.

She took two cherries and put them on the tips of Lindsay’s nipples. And she placed another one right on the edge of each of her former virgin holes.

She decided a photo shoot was in order. She grabbed her camera and shot several pictures of her masterpiece.

“And now to eat it.”

She started in the back so she could flip her off her side, facing up. She decided to just lick the stuff of the surface and go inside the holes later, once Lindsay was awake. Paris licked her way to Lindsay’s pussy. She pulled the cherry out with her tongue and probed deeper for the banana. She had to put three fingers in there to get it out, but it was mighty tasty covered in cum. Lindsay squirmed in her sleep. Paris couldn’t help but finger fuck her while she was asleep. First just one, then two and then three! She was really getting into it. Looking at Lindsay off in dream world while Paris is fucking her almost to the edge. It took less than five minutes for Lindsay to orgasm. Her body shook. Paris grabbed a cup and collected as much of Lindsay’s juices as she could. She licked Lindsay clean before licking up all the whipped cream on her bikini line.

She moved up to Lindsay’s round, beautiful breasts. She licked all the whipped cream around the cherries then ate them up too. Paris covered her whole breasts in her saliva and lightly bit the nipples.

Paris turned Lindsay over and masterfully retrieved the banana from up her ass.

Bored with Lindsay’s sleeping state. Paris turned on a girl on girl porno flick and watched it. Paris moved Lindsay so her ass was once again on her lap and squeezed and kneaded. She gave her one slap on the ass and left the room to get dressed. She pulled on some slinky lingerie and brought Lindsay’s clothes from earlier back and redressed her. She moved her into the bathroom by the toilet and went to go lay down in bed.