Emilia Clarke

A couple of weeks had passed since I interviewed Katie Cassidy for CSS Magazine, and I couldn’t get the image of her down on her knees, giving me one of, if not the best blowjob of my life, out of my head. If I was being honest though, I got caught up in the moment, and regretted not fucking the Arrow actress, as well that night, when I had the chance, so I told myself that the next time I got an opportunity like that again, I wouldn’t pass it up.

As luck would have it, I would soon find myself being handed my next assignment, as my boss Trevor called me up on my cell, informing me that I needed to book a flight to jolly old England to interview Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke. Having never been to the U.K. before, I decided I would book a flight out to London, a few days early to get some sightseeing done, before my scheduled meeting with the English actress.

I spent the first two days of my trip, seeing all the tourist attractions, that caught my interest, before heading out to the Hampstead Village, which was Northwest of Charing Cross, in the London Borough of Camden, on the third evening. Once the cab had pulled up to the location, I had given the driver, I paid the cabbie my fare, I then got out of the yellow vehicle and watched it speed away, before heading up the front steps where I noticed an intercom system.


Having pressed the button on the intercom, I only had to wait a couple of seconds, until I heard a woman’s voice over the speaker.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Lee… Lee Thompson, I uh, I have an interview scheduled with Miss Clarke.”

“Just a minute,” the female voice said.

Moments later, Emilia Clarke answered the door, wearing a white dress, that left my jaw dropping to the ground, as she leaned in, greeting me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, before inviting me into her home.

“I take it your flight out here was pleasant, Mr. Thompson?”

“It was, thanks for asking,” I answer her, “…but please, Lee is fine… after all, Mr. Thompson is my father.”

“Sorry,” the London born actress responds back, “…Lee it is then.”

Once we reached the living room arena and taken our seats, I wasted little time getting the interview process underway.

Lee Thompson: First off before we get started, I just want to say, you look absolutely stunning today, Emilia.

Emilia Clarke: Why thank you.

Lee Thompson: Anyways, for the last several years, you’ve been playing Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, on HBO’s Game of Thrones, what has that been like for you?

Emilia Clarke: It’s been amazing, I’ve loved every second of it, and have the privilege of working with some truly wonderful people.

Lee Thompson: Now throughout the seven seasons that have aired so far, your character Daenerys has had some risque scenes, from walking through fire and coming out on the other end completely nude, to having sex scenes with both Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington), I assume it was your stand-in that filmed those scenes?

Emilia Clarke: Oh no, I actually filmed those scenes myself.

Lee Thompson: Interesting, so I imagine, you’ve probably received a lot of fan mail over the years, due in part to those very scenes, I just mentioned?

(Emilia let’s out a laugh, before once again speaking)

Emilia Clarke: Yeah, you could say that.

Lee Thompson: Hopefully nothing too creepy.

Emilia Clarke: I suppose a lot of woman in my position, would find it creepy, but if I’m speaking honestly, I actually get off on it.

Lee Thompson: Oh really? What do you mean by that?

Emilia Clarke: Like you know, when I read their letters describing all the things they want to do to me, from wanting to cum down my throat, to making me their own personal fuck toy. I dunno, I just can’t help but rub one out, be it with my hand, or my vibe, when I get those kind of letters, just fantasizing about them having their way with me, really gets the juices flowing down there for me.

Lee Thompson: So you’re a submissive, when it comes to having sex?

Emilia Clarke: Definitely, I love being dominated in the bedroom… or just about anywhere else for that matter.

Lee Thompson: Or anywhere else? Well now I gotta ask, where is the craziest place you’ve been fucked?

Emilia Clarke: The craziest place? Oh god, that was probably before I was really famous, outside of some night club, that I can’t even remember the name of. Anyways, I met this really hot guy inside of the club and we hit it off, one thing led to another and the next thing I know, we’re out back behind the club, with my legs wrapped around his waist, while my back is pressed up against the dumpster, and I’m getting fucked.

Lee Thompson: That sounds dirty, both literally and figuratively speaking, of course.

Emilia Clarke: Indeed it was.

Lee Thompson: Let’s back up a bit, you mentioned using a vibe on yourself, do you own any other sex toys?

Emilia Clarke: I do actually, besides the pink vibe, I also have a 10-inch black dildo that I occasionally use, as well as a riding crop, that I find guys really like to spank my ass with, not that I’m complaining mind you, as like I said, when it comes to sex I’m a submissive that likes to be dominated.

Lee Thompson: To be fair, I couldn’t help but notice how well that dress hugs your ass, so I can see why men would get enjoyment out of spanking your rear end with a riding crop.

Emilia Clarke: Aww shucks, you like the way my ass looks in this dress?

Lee Thompson: Of course, anyways I just have to say, it’s been a pleasure meeting you.

Emilia Clarke: Likewise.

With that, both Emilia and I make our way to the front door, as the ‘Mother of Dragons’ leads the way, however before we reach the entrance, I decide to make a bold move, as I lean in whispering into the ear of the actress who played Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys.

“Is that what you really want Emilia, someone to come along and make you their fuck toy?”


“How about me? Do you want me to dominate you?”

“God yes! The whole time you were interviewing me, I was getting so wet, just thinking about you using me, turning me into your own personal little submissive slut.”

“Well then, what are you waiting for?” I tell her, “…be a good little slut, drop to your knees and start sucking my cock.”

Doing as she is told, Emilia Clarke does just that, as I pull my dick out, offering it to the TV star, who grabs the base of my candle wick and starts pumping her hand up and down, while at the same time, licking the crown of my cock. For the next couple of minutes, the thirty-year-old actress would continue to tease me, as she ran tongue all along my shaft, before eventually parting her lips and taking me into her awaiting mouth.

“Good girl, such a good girl.”

With my schlong inside the English actresses mouth, she shows some rather impressive skills, as Emilia works over my cock with her oral hole, bobbing her head in a back and forth motion, taking as much of my meat stick, as she possibly can. Having decided, I wasn’t content with just getting a blowjob from the actress, I wrap my hand around her hair, and quickly pick up the pace, as I start sliding my pecker in and out of her mouth, throat fucking the back of her oral hole.

“Ughhh!” I groan.

I continue to thrust my boom stick into her throat, slowly pushing her head further down my shaft, forcing the star of HBO’s Game of Thrones to take more and more of my rock hard cock, until she can’t take any more of it. With her lips clamped around my one eyed monster, I reach down and pinch her nose, cutting off any air getting to her, before releasing my fingers a good thirty seconds later, when the actress starts to gag on my prick.

Once I pull out of Emilia’s mouth, she instantly starts gasping for breath while saliva runs down her chin, as I grab my cock and smack it across her cheek’s several times, before inserting my pole shaft back into her mouth. The two of us, would continue this process quite a few more times, each time I fed her my dick, I would thrust into her mouth a couple times, pinch her nose until she started choking, and then pull out, allowing the famous babe to inhale some air.

“Which way to the bedroom?” I ask, as Emilia points towards an area, just off of the living room.

With Emilia down on her knees, and a fistful of her hair, still gripped around my hand, I essentially use it as a makeshift leash, walking the actress over to the bedroom, on her hands and knees, as a way to show her that I was still in charge. As we enter the bedroom, the both of us get undressed, before I order the London born actress to get on top of the bed, which she does so.

“So these toys, where do you keep them?” I ask the submissive slut that is Emilia Clarke.

The starlet reaches over to the nightstand next to the bed, opening the top door and showing me her toys. I head over to the stand pulling out both her pink vibrator and the crop, before handing the vibe over to the TV star, and telling her to use it on her clit. Emilia Clarke gets into the doggystyle position, before turning the sex toy on and bringing it down underneath her, as she starts rub the vibe against her clit, at the same time I walk around the bed so I’m standing behind the actress known for her role of Daenerys.

“Somebody has been a bad girl,” I hiss, as I bring the crop down across Emilia’s ass cheeks.



“Bad girls need to be punished don’t they?”



“I’ll make sure my submissive little slut gets the punishment she deserves.”



While I was spanking Emilia’s ass with the riding crop, turning her cheeks a beat red, not once did she let up, when it came to probing her cunt with the vibrator, no doubt due to finding herself in similar situations in the past.

I toss the crop on the bed next to the TV/Movie star, before making my way to the dresser across the bedroom, and start rummaging through the makeup, she had set up on top of the stand, until I settled on a dark shade of red lipstick, before heading back to the TV starlet, who was still smashing her love mound, with her sex toy. Once I reach Emilia, I uncap the lipstick and write down ‘anal slut’ across her lower back, before drawing an arrow that pointed towards the Game of Thrones star’s bunghole.

Climbing onto the bed, I get in position behind the English actress, lining my pole shaft up with her wet lips, before sliding my cock into her snatch as she drops the vibe onto the mattress. I move my hips side to side, repeatedly jamming it into Emilia Clarke’s sex hole, long enough to get my dick covered in her pussy juices, before pulling out, and plunging into her asshole.

“Ugh fuck!” the starlet cries out.

With my schlong inside of her buttocks, I continue to rock my body back and forth, attacking her backside with one hard thrust after another, working the English star over. It’s while I was relentlessly slamming into Emilia’s anal hole, that I noticed that she had brought her hand up to her love mound and was rubbing one out.

“God, you’ve got such a tight ass, ” I stated, as I continued to ravage Emilia Clarke’s flawless naked body with my sex organ.

As the starlet persistently fondled herself, it didn’t take long as her body started to tremble, and she brought herself to an orgasm, before bringing her fingers up to her lips, licking them clean.

Once Emilia came down from her intense high, I instructed her to flip over, so she was lying back first on the bed, I then took her legs, placing them onto my shoulders and entered her twat, however before fucking her, I grabbed the lipstick from earlier and wrote ‘whore’ across her chest, then told her to turn her head side to side so I could write ‘fuck’ on one cheek, and ‘toy’ on the other side.

Already inside of her, I started hammering away, pulling in and out, as I pumped my cock into her neatly trimmed sex hole, giving the Game of Thrones star exactly what she wanted. I grabbed Emilia’s legs, folding her up like an accordion, steadily pounding into her well fucked snatch, for another five minutes, but I knew I was about to cum, when my cock started to pulsate, and seconds later I emptied a load of baby batter inside of Emilia Clarke’s womb.

After the two of us got dressed, Emilia walked me to the door, however before leaving I pulled a business card out of my wallet, telling her that if she was ever in New York to give me a call.