Dirty pleasures with Ariana Grande

I had arrived at the house party later than I expected and my gorgeous girlfriend, Katy Perry was pissed. She was stood out the front of house, waiting for me to arrive for at least thirty minutes and I could tell from the moment I pulled up that she was fuming.

“What kept you?!” she demanded as I got out of the car.

“Work” I replied bluntly, still not in the best of moods from the forced overtime. “Wow…” I exclaimed as I turned and got a full eye-full of her.

I had seen her in plenty of sexy outfits, both in and outside the bedroom but this particular festive attire blew them all away. Her legs were covered in black fishnet stockings and would be completely revealed if not for the few inches her bright, red dress covered with its fluffy, white trim. The dress was tight over her flat stomach and even tighter around her chest. It seemed to be designed so that it showed as much of her breasts as physically possible without showing any nipple.

“Oooh, you like this?” she giggled, her bad mood instantly forgotten as she gave me a twirl. While she turned, I reached out and gave her a firm slap on her barely covered ass along with a good squeeze which caused Katy to yelp again as we made our way up the garden and into the party.

As we reached the door, I swung it open and was instantly met with a beautiful red head on the other side. I paused for a moment, staring into her large brown doe-eyes before she blushed and squeezed past me with what sounded like an apology. Katy didn’t seem to notice as she took my hand and brought me back to Earth and dragged me inside.

“Who was that?” I asked as we made our way to the drinks.


“The girl at the door.” I replied, thinking it was obvious who I meant. “The red-head.” I continued, seeing the confusion on her face.

“Oh right, probably the young Miss Ariana Grande.” Katy told me as she poured herself a drink while I started scanning the room.

I saw a few stars I knew such as Selena Gomez, a couple I recognised but couldn’t put a name to like the tall, chatty brunette in the corner and plenty who I didn’t have a clue about. I saw no sign of Ariana though and it seemed Katy could see my disappointment.

“I wouldn’t bother with her anyway,” she said as she joined me to watch the room. “She’s way too much of a goody goody but feel free to try, you seem to have a way with words.” She winked as she walked off to mingle with a group she knew.

I watched her go, aware that I had the greatest girlfriend in the world. She was happy for me to fuck anyone who would let me as long as she got all the details afterwards. She was well aware that it was all mindless sex anyway and she had her own methods which let her know that I wouldn’t be leaving her in a hurry.

A few hours later, Katy was wasted. Unfortunately for me, I was the driver so I was stuck sober while pretty much everyone else in the star-studded party were out of their minds. I has seen brief glances of Ariana a couple of times across the room but I still hadn’t managed a conversation with her, I was just happy to know she hadn’t left the party.

It was another half an hour before I spotted her. I was wandering through the house, trying to find someone who’d give me a coherent conversation. I strode into what seemed to be a third living room and spotter her instantly.

She was sat at the end of a large sofa. Her legs held together with her hands placed on her knees. It was obvious she didn’t want to be there, surrounded by a group of rowdy boys. I noticed one was gradually sliding up to her on the sofa until he was right up next to her, stroking her arm, trying to get her to put out. She was having none of it, she continually shrugged the guy off but he persisted. Eventually, I figured that I should intervene.

I walked over to her and extended a hand and said the first thing which popped to my head, “Your car is ready Ms.Grande.”

For a moment she stared up at me in confusion then the boy tried it on again and she took my hand instantly. I pulled her to her feet and out of reach of the drunk teenager and walked her out of the room. We aimlessly walked through the house in silence until we arrived at the garden which seemed to be deserted.

The garden was huge and very well kept. We stopped on a little wooden bridge over a small river which flowed down the entire length of the garden. Bushes surrounded us on either side so the house was barely visible.

“You ok?” I asked, finally breaking the silence.

“Oh, um, yeah I guess.” she replied, blushing again. “Thanks for that by the way.” she looked up at me and gave me a small smile before turning to look over the bridge.

I took the chance to look at her cute little outfit. It was rather similar to Katy’s although it was much looser and the skirt fell half way down her thighs. She also wore a headband which I assumed once had little antlers on it but they seemed to have been broken off. She also had fluffy white cuffs on her wrists and even a plaid collar with a little bell around her neck. The very thought of her in a collar sent hundreds of images through my mind which made my cock jump in my pants.

“No worries,” I answered when I was done ogling her. “Its nice to have a conversation with someone who isn’t only barely conscious.”

“I don’t have a driver by the way.” she smirked. I noticed that she had the cutest smile.
I started laughing at that, only just realising how dumb I must have sounded, claiming to be her driver.

“Well it worked didn’t it?” I grinned back.

“It was very sweet.” she blushed yet again.

I glanced down at her and saw her staring up at me with those big brown eyes. I then decided to just go for it, turning to face her then reached down and kissed her full on the lips while I wrapped an arm around her waist.

For a moment, she resisted and tried to pull away but she quickly melted into the kiss, edged closer and started to kiss me back. We kissed for seemed like hours, eventually our tongues forced there way into each others mouths but we soon needed to break away for air.

“Oh my god.” Ariana sighed quietly as she panted to get her breath back.

Meanwhile, I hand was rising up her back until I found the small zip which kept her outfit secure. I started to ease it down but she noticed instantly and jumped back.

“We can’t do that!” she whispered as if someone would hear.

“It’s fine, no one’s out here and anyone who is wouldn’t remember it tomorrow anyway.” I assured her. “Out here is probably safer than anywhere inside anyway.”

She hesitated for a moment, thinking it over until she finally stepped back into my open arms and kissed me again while my hands returned to her zip. I eased it down slowly until I could go no more and the outfit loosened.

The sexy costume dropped down and pooled around her waist, I glanced down and was surprised to see that she hadn’t been wearing a bra. I broke the kiss again and bent down to lick at her amazing breasts which were a good size bigger than I had thought they were.

Above me, Ariana threw her head back and sighed as I took a nipple in my mouth while I massaged the other tit with my hand, relishing the perfectly smoothness and firmness of her body.

I took my hands away and began to fumble with my belt buckle while she pulled my head into her chest, urging me to lick and tease her more. I quickly got my rock hard length out and rubbed it to full attention.

“You know,” she started when she caught sight of my cock, “I’ve never had, y’know, a real one.” she blushed yet again but I could still see the hunger and lust in her eyes as she stared at my throbbing eight inches.

“It’s ok, I’ll be gentle.” I replied, stroking her breasts again while she nodded her consent.
I knelt down and pulled at her skirt, it fell to her ankles where she quickly stepped out of it although her tops was still wrapped around her stomach but neither of us bothered to dispose of it. There were still two layers keeping me from her entrance, her fishnet tights and, yet another surprise, her bright red thong.

I started to pull the tights down but she knocked my hand away. “Just rip them.” she whispered, clearly still worried they’d be caught.

I did as she asked, ripping a sizable hole in the tights over her crotch. I then reached forward and rubbed her tiny thong, feeling the dampness before pushing it to the side, out of the way, finally revealing her glistening pussy.

I smelt her musky scent while I opened her legs a little wider and rubbed her lips gently with my fingers which caused her to moan quietly. She was already wet enough so I knew she was ready for it but I lent forward anyway and licked once up her slit, savouring her taste before I stood back up.

“You ready?” I asked, making sure she was still up for it. She replied by nodding silently. “Put your leg up here.” I indicated.

She did as I asked immediately. Placing both hands on my shoulders for support, she lifted one leg and placed it on the side of the bridge which seemed to be the perfect height. I edged closer until my penis and her cunt were barely an inch apart. She was a good deal shorter than me so I had to look down while she looked up, our eyes met as I pushed myself inside her.

She gasped loudly and her whole body rose. She wrapped her arms around the back of my head more tightly while her head fell forward on my shoulder as she tried to endure the pain. I knew she’d be tight but I never imagined she’d be this tight. Her walls were clamped down on my entire length as I slowly pushed myself deeper and deeper.

“Jesus” she whispered, finally leaning back to stare at me. “Do it.”

I began pulling down, just as I was about to come all the way out, I thrust back in, each time, I did it harder and each time, Ariana would grunt loudly and her tits would jiggle enticingly.

I was holding onto her around her waist while she still had her hands locked around my neck. I watched her face as I pounded into her harder and harder. All signs of pain were now gone, replaced with nothing but pleasure. Her eyes were closed as if she were sleeping and her mouth was gaped open, letting out moans and gasps.

Suddenly, her eyes snapped open and her brow furrowed. “Holy fuuuuck” she groaned loudly, clearly forgetting her concerns of being caught.

I was beginning to tire and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer anyway so I really started railing into her, desperate to make her scream before I was done.

She noticed the increased pace immediately, “Fuck fuck fuck, oh my god you’re going to make me cum! Aaaahhh SHIIIT!” she screamed as she came and a powerful gush squirted out of her clenched pussy and drenched my trousers.

Her orgasm seemed to last an age and I continued fucking her throughout while I watched her tremble as the waves of pleasure washed over her. “My face, my tits.” she stammered.

“Huh?” I grunted, still fucking her relentlessly.

“I want you to cum all over my face and tits.” she repeated, louder this time.

Hearing this innocent girl talking dirty like this was too much for me so I gave her exactly what she wanted. I pulled my soaked cock from her dripping lips while Ariana quickly lifted her leg off the bridge and got down to her knees, grabbing my cock in her hand and jacking me off furiously to get her reward.

It didn’t take long, watching the young starlet with my own big cock in hand, biting her lip in anticipation while she stared up at me with her huge eyes, begging me silently for my cum.

When I did cum, I came hard. Ariana lent her head back as my load painted her face white and glued her eyes shut while it dripped into her open mouth and down her chin onto her panting chest.

“Mmmmm, tastes good.” she giggled as she wiped the cum from her eyes and deposited it into her mouth.

When she had cleaned her face, she moved onto her tits, licking each one slowly and showing me the pools of cum on her tongue before she swallowed it. When she was done, she stood back up and began to straighten her top.

“You didn’t tell me you were a squirter.” I smiled as I did my soaked trousers back up.

“I figured I’d surprise you.” she winked before reaching up and kissing me again.

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