Bella Twins

It’s been two weeks since I saw Nicole and I’m already frustrated. Two weeks seem like two months and jerking off to a few pics of her is not that great, especially if you have them on your phone. Don’t ask me about my computer since it’s in the electronic hospital, which I like to call it, and it won’t be ready till another week. Great.

I speed dialed Nikki’s number to see what she was up to. A few seconds later, she answered. “Hey” she said.

“I really need to see you, Nikki. Do you think I can see you today?” I pleaded.

“Hm… I’m doing yoga with Brie at the moment. You can drop by and join us if you want. We can go out afterwards if you like?” She said.

“That sounds great. What are you wearing?” I asked.

Nicole took a while to reply. “Purple booty shorts, knee length socks and a shirt. If you come over you can have a better view. I even let you take photos of my ass if you want.” She knew how to get into my cock, even mentally.

“You’re such a tease” I told her.

“I know. So are you coming?” she asked me.

Hell yeah I am, where the words that went through my mind. “I will be there in 10 minutes”


When I arrived at Nikki’s place, they were halfway done with the workout. Brie brought me a glass of wine but I wasn’t really in the mood for drinking at the time. I’m not really a drinker anyway so I let it pass by. “I’m glad you came over, we were getting kind of bored so it’s great to have some company.” Brie said. Nikki stepped out of her room as soon as she heard me ask for her. “You ready Nicole?” Brie asked her sister.

“Yes, lets finish this.”

Nikki waved her hand and I waved back, but wow. She was looking thicker than the last time I saw her. Her ass so round and those boobs of hers looked so amazing. I instantly popped a boner. Nikki than covered those large breasts with a shirt. Oh well, I still loved her ass better though.

Nikki and Brie continued their workout for 10 minutes and me, well my pants were pretty sticky. I stood up from where I was sitting and walked towards Nikki who had her hands and toes on the floor, her legs spread apart and her ass up in the air, just in the perfect position. I took a couple of photos from different angles.

When their session was over, they were both a sweaty mess but damn, both looked so good in sweat. Brie went to take a shower leaving us alone in the living room.

I was already sitted when Nikki sat on my lap. “I’m so happy you came over,” she said with a gentle kiss.

“I’m glad I did, you look so good doing yoga.” I felt Nikki’s tounge exploring my hungry mouth seconds later.

I ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her deeply. I missed her. I needed her, I craved her. Nikki then worked my neck with her tongue. Sucking it, making me moan in pleasure. I grabbed her ass with both of my hands and squeezed so tightly, she knew exactly what I wanted. “Your cum, on these shorts is what I want and I know you want it too,” She said seductively.

Nikki and I had sex two weeks ago, but this time, time wasn’t on our side. She had to leave as soon as Brie walked out so we had to hurry. Nikki got on all fours on the carpet floor; I pulled out my cock and kneeled in front of her ass. I placed my left hand on her hip and started stoking myself with my right hand. The sensation was incredible. I continued stroking my cock and feeling Nikki’s ass for two minutes.

I stroked faster feeling the need of Cumming. I usually liked to take my time and enjoy the moment when times like these occured but today was an exception.

Nikki was great at twerking and she was doing just that. I placed my cock in her purple booty short covered ass right before ejaculating my big white load on it.

I came so hard and so good that I let out a soft moan trying to be as quiet as possible so that Brie won’t hear me. I rubbed my cock all over her ass so that I could spread my cum all over those purple shorts. That was when I knew she was mine.

“Wow… that’s a lot of cum on my ass. I just love what it does to you… Now, I need to change before Brie sees this.”

Nikki reached for her bag and pulled out some black boxers. She could be a tomboy if she wanted to and still look amazing no matter what.

She handed me the used ones as she ran to another room and me, well I stood there the happiest man alive…