Britney Spears – Take on me

A row of clear fluorescent lights were attached to the white ceiling but with no need to be activated. Across the right side of the room was a set of glass windows stretching across the entire wall, divided by four small pieces. The color of the room was white, all visible from the bright sunlight that lit up the room from outside. Beyond the glass was an ocean view as the building itself sat among the east side of South Beach. On the other side of the room was a makeup table and an open closet filled with various articles of clothing. Two chairs The building itself belonged to a production studio operating under the name of True Blue. It was a recent studio that had only popped up just three years ago after two previously smaller studios had merged together under a corporate buyout. None of this mattered to the man sitting alone in the room, patiently waiting for the moment when he was called in for his photo session.

Josh Anderson had only been under contract with True Blue for a few months so far into the year. Born in northern Florida, Josh had worked his way down to Miami after dropping out of college and gambling away his trust fund on a new career. He was pushed into an education for computer engineering but lacked the passion to pursue an extensive career. Through the luck of knowing a few people, Josh ended up in the modelling industry alongside two of his friends. One of them had an uncle who was an executive with the former studio that had merged into becoming True Blue. Sometime in college Josh became dedicated to working out, building up his body. He was short, standing at only five foot and seven inches in height, but he didn’t let it bother him. Over the next few years, he created a hobby out of working out and developing his muscles. His hair was short and black while his muscular body was always clean and shaved of the light hair he had already grown at twenty-five years of age. Despite this clean look, he liked to go a day without shaving his face. It was a suggestion from a photographer a few years ago when he had first began modelling. Such a tip of advice had become a staple to his physical image.

The computer nerd had changed his appearance entirely over a four year span, creating an image that suited a male model such as him. Beyond the brown hues of his eyes was a man who enjoyed a fun time at the expense of his modelling career. It was usually his job to put on expensive brand name clothing and take various photographs for what would be used in advertisements. The dress up game was something Josh enjoyed, keeping an album of his various photo shoots as a portfolio. His career was a luxury that led to him having enough money to live a quiet life in a South Beach penthouse suite. From time to time, the male models of True Blue had their opportunities to do a photo session with models of famous names who had approached the studio. Today was such a day, as Josh was on a short list of men who would have this chance with a special woman who was doing a photo shoot. Who she was remained a mystery at least for now. The door came swinging open as Josh was greeted to a man in a suit.

“Hey, you should go downstairs. I’m sure you don’t wanna miss who showed up today.”

It was Matthew calling out to him only temporarily before he hurried back outside. Matthew was another model working under contract at the studio. Judging by his choice of an outfit, Josh could only assume that he was called in for a photo session. It was a stark difference from how Josh was only dressed in a white T-shirt and a pair of gym shorts. He didn’t expect to be called into a photo shoot with how management had selected the other men. Hurrying out the door, Josh called out to the other man.

“You didn’t tell me who it is.”

With one hand on the metal railing to the staircase, Matthew turned around gazed back to Josh. Beyond his wavy blonde hair and green eyes was a face that didn’t show much amusement as he replied back to his friend.

“Britney Spears. Come on, she’s shooting downstairs with some big name photographer out of Italy. They’ve got a studio room all blocked off. Her security team’s all over the place.”

In a sudden halt, Josh’s lower lip fell as the name echoed throughout his mind. Matthew had already stomped his way down the stairs while Josh needed a few moments to catch his train of thought. Just hearing the name Britney Spears was a complete rush of many happy memories to Josh’s mind. A devoted fan to her music was only one thing he could claim. There were a number of fond memories he had from his youth when Britney was the first woman he had crushed on in his younger years. It didn’t matter to him that time passed on, she was still a goddess and forever would be within his view. He licked his lips before heading down the stairs, catching up with Matthew as he replied to him.

“Britney Spears is really here!?”

“Yeah, it’s her alright.”

Hurrying down the staircase side by side, Josh spoke again.

“Nah, you gotta be pulling some kinda joke on me, I’ve gotta see her for myself.”

Matthew laughed as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Why do you find this so hard to believe, man? She’s old and hasn’t had a hit in years. It makes sense for her to be with a studio like this and not some big time place.”

Josh froze almost as if he had been insulted by Matthew’s hard-hitting words.

“Old? She’s in her mid-thirties, that ain’t old. You make it sound like she’s ancient and no one cares anymore.”

Rolling his eyes, Matthew chuckled slightly.

“So? She isn’t ruling the charts like she was back in the day. I don’t find her to be as relevant today as you seem to believe.”

“It doesn’t matter. She’s still smoking hot and will always be a legend. The legendary Miss. Britney Spears, I think that’s a more fitting title.”

Letting out a sigh, Matthew thought to himself. It would be so easy for him to tease Josh over his instant reaction to this, but now wasn’t the time.

“Alright, come on man. You wanna see that it’s really her? Let’s go.”

Ever since the studio merger that had birthed True Blue, sometimes famed freelance photographers would negotiate to work with the company. They were usually requesting photo sessions for artistic purposes, sometimes involving famed models. Earlier in the year, Josh had heard rumors about two big name models showing up at the studio with a photographer demanding a specific style of photo session. Never in his wildest dreams did Josh believe that Britney Spears would show up at this place for a photo shoot. There were some truth to Matthew’s words, for this wouldn’t be a modelling shoot that would be gracing the cover of Rolling Stone magazine any time soon. To Josh, she would always be the ‘Pop Princess’ as she had been nicknamed, a token back to his youth when he fantasized over her. She had seen better days by this point in her music career, but still left behind a legacy that was to be respected. After walking through another hallway down they encountered two tall bodyguards to an open doorway. Matthew spoke up.

“Right in there. I’m pretty sure she’s too busy to sign an autograph or take a selfie with you.”

He smirked after his comment, just to see if he could provoke a reaction out of Josh. The other man refused the bait, as he simply walked through the doorway. There were a number of bodyguards, all dressed the same in double breasted black suits. Some of the men were dark skinned while others were white. Josh learned right away that Matthew wasn’t kidding about Britney’s security team. She had at least a dozen bodyguards in and out of the room, he could hardly guess how many bodyguards she had outside. Inside the session room was three large panels of a creamy, aged white color held up. A pattern on them revealed that this was something of a small bedroom while Britney herself sat on a bed wearing a black lingerie outfit. From beyond the main camera work station, Josh was able to witness Britney in person with his very own eyes.

Beyond the wavy golden hair was a face that Josh could always recognize with his eyes. Britney parted her lips, gritting her teeth as she gazed back into the camera. She sat on a bed in the middle of the set piece with a white blanket folded over her lap. Round shaped pearl rings hung from her ears while a small gold necklace was down below. She wore a black bra with small straps over both of her shoulders, allowing that heavy cleavage to hang. Josh couldn’t see what was the bottom piece of her outfit but for the time being, he embraced this moment of beauty from a distance. Britney had meant a great deal to Josh over the course of his life. He could never deny that she was the first woman he crushed on back in his teen years. The music video for ‘Toxic’ was something he had fond memories of. Lustful evenings were spent alone with a number of sexy photos of her, having obscene dreams within old rusty beds.

That was a lifetime ago of teenage innocent but it felt as if it were merely days ago as Josh was gazing back at the woman of his dreams. Nostalgic memories flooded into his thoughts. The photo shoot continued, as Britney got up and shifted around. The main photographer had everything set up for her to move and take alternate shots in different angles. She left the set once, only to go change into a new outfit. Josh couldn’t resist but to stand there and continue observing as time was simply passing by quicker than he realized. Time stood still in Josh’s mind, as he failed to realize that he had been standing idle on the set for a little over thirty minutes. While she was off the set, the photographer in charge turned around and gazed back at everyone standing before him. A white T-shirt hugged over his thin body. His curly hair was a color of dark brown, matching the beard he had over his face. He pointed his finger towards Josh and another man standing next to him.

“I need one of you on the set and both of you look ready. We need a man for the next few photos, so you fellas need to make your mind up quick. Whoever it’s gonna be, I need you shirtless in a pair of black shorts and bare foot. You’re just taking a few shots on the set with her. It’ll be over with in a matter of ten minutes, I don’t wanna wait around.”

From his words, Josh quickly realized that this was a golden opportunity for him to get on the set. He didn’t realize that Matthew was standing to the left of his body and perhaps the man was speaking to him instead. It didn’t matter to Josh, as he now had an opportunity that was one he only had dreamed of in life. To share a photo shoot with the one and only Britney Spears was something he could be proud of forever. It could be the one photo shoot in his portfolio he would always reminisce over. The two men looked at each other and Josh wasted no time with his demand.

“Let me do this. You gotta let me on the set with her.”

Matthew laughed.

“Dude, he clearly was pointing at me, not you.”

“I don’t care! You don’t even like her, so let me be the one. Come on, I’ve always wanted to meet Britney.”

Laughing again, Matthew couldn’t believe how determined Josh was to have this moment. He had to admire such a determination to get the spotlight for this woman. Thinking for a moment, he nodded his head before replying.

“Alright, man. I’ll let you be the one to do it, but you owe me for this. Don’t forget about that.”

“Thanks! You have no idea how much this means to me.”

Josh didn’t ponder thoughts on Matthew’s words. Whatever he owed him, he simply assumed that it would be a small favor down the road. None of it mattered as he was filled with excitement, prepared to embrace this moment of sharing a set piece with his dream woman. The photographer nodded to him, giving him the approval and then Josh made his way around the set going back to the changing rooms. He knew the layout of the building all too well from his time spent employed with True Blue. A door way across the room led to a small hallway where the changing section was. Two doors were down the hall with one closed. Josh knew Britney had to be in there, undoubtedly changing into a new outfit for the final part of the photo shoot. This was it, a moment that he would never forget in his life.

To stand face to face with Britney Spears and talk with her. Josh took a deep breath as he was already beginning to feel a nervous twitch aching through his body. Ignoring his emotional senses, Josh twisted his hand around the door knob for the changing room and stepped inside. He let out a second deep breath before moving around the room where a metal stand held a number of clothes of change into. Sitting above the makeup stand was a large mirror in which Josh looked over himself before stripping off his shirt. He glanced over his muscular chest completely clean of any small hairs as his strong abs were visible. Licking his lips, he felt more confident now and was freeing himself of the nervous pressure. He stripped down and then moved to the rack of clothes hanging among dozens of clothes hangers. Once Josh found the correct waist line size to fit over him. It took only a minute to get properly dressed and then Josh moved to the door again, twisting it open as he stepped out to be greeted by Britney herself.

“Hi there! So you’re gonna be on the set with me soon?”

There she stood in all of her glory. A woman that Josh could never resist going back to his youthful innocent. Britney stood in a pair of black pump heels. Every inch of her muscular toned legs were visible through a pair of black fishnet style lingerie stockings that traced up to her thighs. Above the stockings was a black thong, fitting over her curvy hips. Over her body was a fancy white fur coat. Her flat stomach was visible, showing off a cute silver belly button ring before his eyes traced up to a black push up bra covering her large breasts. Britney’s signature long blonde hair had been fixed up with a small wave beyond her shoulder, giving her a glamorous appearance of vintage Hollywood. The fancy dress up image was topped off with the color of ruby red for her lipstick. A diamond necklace hung below her neck. Josh was greeted with her radiant smile. It took him a moment to snap out of a starstruck moment to answer her back.

“Yeah, that’s me. My name is Josh by the way.”

“I’m Britney, but I think you already know that.”

She giggled after replying as a way to try and relieve his nervousness in front of her. Josh took a deep breath before smiling. His cheeks flushed into a red hue as it became an obvious sign that he was blushing.

“You’re beautiful Britney. I absolutely love the outfit you’ve got on.”

“Awwwww, thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself, Josh.”

She stepped in front of him, but not before glancing over her shoulder and offering a small wink. Josh couldn’t help but smile back to her. Now he was truly self assured that there wouldn’t be anymore uneasy feelings about this photo session. He had met Britney and spoken to her for a few seconds, but to hear her call out his name sent a rush of excitement and relief. He followed her from the changing room back to the set piece. Behind both of them was the bed set piece. The sheets were of an aged white creamy looking color. The main photographer in charge nodded his head once they were back on the set before speaking.

“Alright, looks like we’re good to go. Britney, go ahead and instruct him where you want him to pose with you.”

Judging the words spoken, Josh had clearly learned that Britney was the one in charge of this photo session. This photographer may have been big time, but it was all her show. Usually the models who came in for True Blue didn’t end up having creative freedom, but Britney was on a different level of power and name. Without replying back to the photographer, Britney turned to look at Josh before she took a glance towards the bed from behind.

“I need you to climb on the bed and lay down, but you’ve gotta be starring at my back while I stand in front of you. You can do that, right?”

Josh nodded his head before following her instructions. Moving onto the bed, he allowed his feet to dangle off the left side while he moved into a position where he could rest his chin in his left hand. His body was arched over the bed in a stance while Britney moved to the left side. She smiled back at him, giving him a thumbs up.

“That’s perfect! Stay right there for me.”

Spreading her legs out a bit, Britney planted her hands on her hips and offered up a sultry grin in front of the camera. Her perfect pearly white teeth flashed while the diamond necklace below was sparkling from the ample lighting the room offered. The man standing before the camera glanced into the large work station piece and then Josh’s fixated his eyes to Britney’s back side. A series of bright flashes began to flicker as the photos were snapped. Josh didn’t flinch, as he had become acclimated with such things with his modelling career. At least ten images were created from the same pose before Britney stepped away. Turning around she gazed at Josh over the bed while pulling the fur coat from her voluptuous figure before him.

“I need you to sit up for me, Josh. I’m gonna be joining you now for a different position.”

Unable to prevent his wandering gaze, Josh raised his eyebrows as he looked over Britney’s beautiful thick body standing before him in nothing but a black thong and bra with lingerie stockings over her legs. Her tight fit body was almost in complete display before his eyes. The starstruck expression across his face just made Britney smile. She was used to men reacting like this when they had first witnessed her body in front of them with their own eyes. Josh sat up, moving so his feet were now hanging off the edge of the bed. Britney sat next to him, brushing her shoulder against his. As he inhaled the strong scent of her perfume, she spoke to him again.

“I’m gonna lean back just a little bit. I need you to get up and move behind me. Make it like you’re crawling from the front of the bed. Put one of your hands over my shoulder and move your face around my neck, sorta like the cover of a romance novel. Can you do that for me, Josh?”

Like before, he nodded his head to her.

“Yes, just give me a sec.”

Never did Josh consider the possibility that he would be touching her skin. He climbed back from the bed, moving into the position as Britney had instructed for him. His knees sank down into the mattress cushion while Britney leaned back with both of her palms sinking down into the bed sheets. It took a few more seconds for Josh to crawl a bit on the bed and then move into the desired position. Britney soon felt his left hand over her left shoulder. He could feel the warmness of her skin from beneath his fingertips. Josh took a deep breath, silently fighting off the goosebumps of nervous thoughts attempting to sneak back into his mind.

“You can wrap your other arm around my stomach if you want. Might make this pose a little easier.”

Britney’s words caught him by surprise. It was almost as if she could sense that he wanted a little more. Josh licked his lips and then edged his right arm to wrap around her stomach. He leaned up a little bit while Britney moved back her. Her long golden hair was overflying beyond his left arm while he planted his head to the right side of her neck. This time around, he was able to inhale the full scent of her intoxicating sensual perfume. The aura filled his nostrils quietly while he brushed his lips over her neck.

“Close your eyes for me.”

Her voice was quiet with an almost intimate whisper. Josh shut his eyes as Britney commanded and then he felt her warm hand resting over his right arm. Her big brown eyes gazed up into the camera as she dropped her lower lip, gritting her teeth together. It was a classic posture of desire, one that she was known for in previous photo shoots from years ago. Josh could hear the machine moving as bright flashes soon lit up the small set piece. Britney held her pose while the snapshots were created. A few seconds later, Britney began to move. It was the one alert that quietly informed Josh that were done with this position.

“These pictures look excellent so far. Britney, you wanna come have a look at them?”

“Sure thing!”

She got up from the bed, leaving Josh there all by himself to listen at the sound of her heels stomping and booming over the floor as Britney hurried back to the photographer. When Josh reopened his eyes, it was similar to waking up from a wonderful dream. He let out a quiet sigh and then smiled to himself before rising up. Josh figured the photo session was completely now. Getting up from the bed, he turned around and began to walk off.

“Hey Josh! You did great! I think you’ll love how these have turned out.”

It was Britney calling out to him. He turned to look at her beautiful smile as she gave him a thumbs up with her right hand. Josh grinned back and returned the thumbs up sign to her. As he began to walk away back to the dressing room, he kept thinking over just what he had accomplished in today’s work. A dream had come true as he had shared a photo session with a woman he had lusted over going back to his youth. Before walking back to the changing room, Josh couldn’t stop himself from turning around to see what Britney was occupied with. To his surprise, she had stepped away from the camera work station and was now headed towards his direction. Those high heels stomped and boomed over the floor just like before. All Josh could do was smile as they were both headed to the changing rooms together now. Britney spoke up to him as she caught up with his pace.

“Did you have fun shooting with me? I don’t think I’ve worked with anymore excited than you in a few years now.”

Josh completely stopped walking and turned around to smile back at Britney.

“Oh my god, you just don’t know. I’m a huge fan, have been for a long time.”

“I can tell!”

“It was a dream come true to do something like this. When I was told that Britney Spears was here in the building, I didn’t believe it. I had to come out and see for myself.”

Britney giggled at his words, placing her hands on her hips while his eyes moved over her voluptuous body. Her eyes followed his face, as she almost seemed to predict that Josh would survey over her body with wandering eyes. He wasn’t unlike other men she had seen in the past, for his attraction to her was hard to ignore.

“Well, it was a good thing you did come out and see. I’m glad that I could make someone’s dream come true today.”

Josh starred his eyes into her heavy cleavage only for a few seconds before looking back into her beautiful face. It didn’t matter to him that Britney was older from what he remembered. She was a goddess to him and nothing was going to change that. He stumbled his thoughts, unable to say another word. Britney couldn’t help but tease him now as she realized such a golden opportunity to do so.

“You really like my bra huh, Josh?”

“Huh? Oh damn, sorry I was looking. I know that’s kinda rude of me.”

She laughed at his reaction while watching his cheeks turn red. Josh couldn’t hide his blushing, just as she had witnessed before.

“I understand, you think I’m hot, it’s okay. I could stand here all day and look at those muscles on you. I like a nice strong man.”

Giving him a wink, Britney studied his reaction. Josh just smirked, unable to come up with a reply to match her. He didn’t expect to have Britney flirting with him like this as a surprise. She spoke again once she figured he wasn’t going to say anything back.

“How about we meet up in an hour after we get changed? That’s if you aren’t doing anything for the rest of the day. I wouldn’t mind getting to know you better, Josh.”

A smile slowly formed over his face. Could this day possibly get any better? Josh had already achieved something that dreams were made of, but to spend more time with Britney was enough to turn this day into something of a fantasy coming true.

“I’d give anything to spend more time with you. There ain’t no way in hell I would turn down this chance.”

“Great! Let’s both get changed and give me an hour to settle things with my schedule and I’ll have one of my bodyguards drive you over to my hotel. We can call this a little date between one of my loyal fans and me.”

With her words spoken, Britney winked at him before hurrying into the changing room and leaving Josh standing there for a moment to take in the sudden plans for the rest of his day. It was merely a coincidence that he had met her today but now he was having what she called ‘a little date’ back at her place. When Josh finally pulled at the metal knob for the changing door, he grinned to himself. This was going to be a day that he would never forget for as long as he lived. All he had to do was make a quick change of clothes, go back upstairs and grab his belongings and then he would be ready to leave. Thankfully it was almost time to clock out at the studio anyway, but that didn’t bother Josh. He would’ve gladly walked off from any job to go off with Britney somewhere, even if it meant the consequence of losing a hard day’s pay.



The Fontainebleau hotel was often considered the peak of luxury when it came to Miami Beach hotels. As a Miami landmark, it sat in the heart of what was known as Millionaire’s Row on Collins Avenue. Josh had passed by it several times when driving along through Miami Beach but had never considered staying in one of the suite’s before. The hotel in which he had penthouse residency was located south, closer to the ocean view with the Art Deco themed hotels that were often flanked with tourists who had deep enough pockets to enjoy the night life that Miami offered. Britney had the kind of wealth to avoid such a thing and go for the biggest and best hotel suite that money could buy. This was a trip that Josh never could’ve imagined in his wildest dreams to witness the extravagance of such a fine place with a beautiful woman.

Josh had left the True Blue building after changing into his casual clothes and gathering up his small bag of belongings he brought to work daily. Among the bag was his old iPod Classic and a purple pair of big muff headphones. He enjoyed putting on music when he worked out or was alone on lunch break. A good track list with a number of eighties synth pop hits and club music was just enough to get the blood pumping and adrenaline rush for pumping iron or running the treadmill. His iPod had been turned off for the past several hours, stopped on a song by Norwegian New Wave band A-ha. ‘Take On Me’ was the title of a tune that Josh couldn’t get out of his mind. ‘Slowly learning that life is okay. Say after me, it’s no better to be safe than sorry’. The lyrics flowed through his mind while sitting down to enjoy a late lunch across from Britney. Little did he know that there was a unique reason Britney had invited him on a little date back to her hotel. The time spent between them having conversations together was a simple section of a quiet test.

Apart from her army of bodyguards watching over the building at all times, she was all alone without her two sons and no one else. Her loneliness was killing her, as said from an old hit song. He passed one part of the exam solely based off his handsome looks, as that was the ticket that led him here to start with. With Josh, the two of them talked about life and music. She didn’t waste any time poking the question if he was in a relationship with anyone in town. He answered no, as she could’ve predicted. Britney enjoyed every lasting moment of capturing his attention as the young man still had the eyes of a starstruck fan. Dressed down in casual clothes of a pink tank top and white booty shorts, Britney had often caught Josh’s eyes glancing down into the view of heavy cleavage that her top offered. Her long blonde hair was pinned up in a pony tail. When he got up from the dinner table to head off to the bathroom, she went through his bag to find his iPod. A smile ran across her pink lips when she noticed the song it was stopped on.

What did it take to become a boy toy for someone like her? Britney knew that she could have most men in the world, just based off her famous status and wealth alone. At thirty-six years of age, she was done looking for men with the hope of getting married again. All she wanted was a good boy toy in a town that she planned on returning to. The best were the type of men who kept their mouths shut and would never repeat the wild tales of bedding the pop princess. Josh seemed like the kind of man who would be satisfied enough with a lucky day to never post about it online or sell the story to a tabloid magazine. A tour was planned that she would soon be embarking on and Britney knew Miami was well placed on the American leg of the anticipated tour. Josh had the body of a strong young man but would his handsome looks translate into success in the bedroom? That was the real question lingering among her thoughts.

“Quite a view huh?”

Britney spoke while they stood at the balcony outside the sliding glass door of her hotel room. Josh inhaled the cool breeze while glancing down at the view of the beach down below. From the distance he could see dark clouds rolling through while he almost anticipated to see some crazed paparazzi photographer down below attempting to snap a photo of the two of them there. If there was such a person, they were so far out of sight from his eyes. The people down below looked as if they were tiny bugs. Josh nodded before replying back to her.

“Yeah, it’s like this back at my penthouse suite. I don’t really go out on the balcony much.”

“Afraid of heights?”

He chuckled at her question.

“I guess you could say that. I like looking at out at tall heights from behind a closed window. It feels safer that way.”

Down below, Britney glanced at the front of his white shorts. Josh had taken off his shoes earlier when they had arrived back at her hotel suite. Over his body was a simple blue shirt, completing his wardrobe of casual summer wear. She expected to see a bulge poking up in the front of his pants but not quite yet. It would be her job to make it form real soon. Stepping behind him, she slid the glass door back open for both of them to go back inside. Josh followed behind her, his eyes glancing down to see that cute tramp stamp fairy tattoo just above her thick ass. After they stepped back in, Britney turned around and smirked at him while Josh shut the door.

“You think I’m still sexy these days huh, Josh?”

A puzzled expression moved across his face.

“What kinda question is that? You’re Britney Spears, the pop princess. You’re a legend and always will be. I shouldn’t have to tell you that. I’ve always thought you were the hottest woman on this planet and today was my lucky day to be doing a photo shoot with you. You’ll always be in a class above the rest.”

“You’re really proud of those photos?”

“Yeah, I’m proud! Tomorrow I’m going to have them blown up in portrait size. I’m putting them on the wall in my bedroom.”

She giggled at his words.

“You say that like you used to have a photo of me on your bedroom wall when you were younger.”

Blushing to her, Josh chuckled briefly before admitting the truth.

“Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.”

Britney had this young man right where she wanted him. Stepping a bit closer, she planted her right hand over one of his shoulders and gazed into his eyes.

“I saw your iPod earlier. I like the song you had it set on, haven’t heard Take On Me in years.”

“You did? Did you go through my iPod to see if I had any of your music?”

She laughed at him.

“No, silly! That would be quite vain of me to do something like that.”

Standing face to face, Britney watched his eyes to see if he would glance down into her heavy cleavage as she had caught him doing so many times before. Josh resisted the temptation, gazing back into her eyes through the silence. She moved her left hand to feel down his clothed stomach. His body reacted with his imprisoned cock instantly springing to life from inside his pants. Britney pushed her lips to his at the same time her left hand pulled at the front of his pants. Josh parted his lips, inviting her tongue to slip through as he was now embracing the moment of kissing the sole famous woman he had fantasized over for most of his life. Their locked lips soon sparked into a passionate fire as Britney moaned into his mouth. The question he had in his mind would soon be answered, for this day was indeed about to get even better. She broke their kiss and stepped back, moving her hands away from him.

“Oh my god, you didn’t just do that!”

His initial reaction was just what Britney anticipated to witness from him. It was something she had seen many times before when she kissed a long time fan.

“I didn’t just do what?”

“Kissed me! Holy fucking shit, Britney Spears just kissed me!”

He was bewildered with his mind lost in a forest of thoughts. It was unthinkable to ever believe he would experience something like a kiss from this woman. Britney smirked at him and replied in a low seductive tone of voice.

“She’s about to be doing a lot more than just kissing you.”

Licking her lips, Britney moved closed to him, resting her hand on his shoulder as she gazed into his eyes.

“Come on, baby. You know I didn’t just bring you here cause you’re a big fan. You’ve got the body of a hunk and I know you want me. Don’t deny it, Josh. I know what your real fantasy is, you can go on and tell me.”

Swallowing his breath, it was impossible for Josh could deny this directly to Britney’s face. He moved his hands to cup her face, leaning in to kiss her lips softly again. This time he could accept and believe that they were here. This wasn’t a dream, he was truly on her radar of lustful needs.

“You wanna piece of me, Josh?”

Britney teased him with a little word play on a song she was certain he would know of. She stepped back, moving towards the bed as she remained gazing into his eyes with the face of desire.

“Take off your clothes. I wanna see those sexy muscles again, you handsome stud.”

Josh grinned to her and shook his head. Before they were to begin, he wanted to at least know what Britney was doing here.

“I will but first you gotta tell me something. Did you really just bring me to your hotel cause you wanna fuck me? I mean, I ain’t gonna complain. I don’t know how ANYONE could complain about getting lucky with Britney Spears, but I really wanna know what this whole game is you’re playing.”

She laughed at him before sitting down on the bed. Britney decided she would at least be truthful to him about her plan.

“Fine, I’ll tell you what. I’ve been hoping I’d find some kinda boy toy in this town for a while. You see, I like to come here from time to time for vacations but it’s nicer when you can come back and hook up with somebody. Maybe if you can fuck me real good and impress me, I’ll let you do this again with me in a few months.”

“That’s an offer I can’t refuse.”

He replied while grabbing the bottom ends of his shirt and slipping his head and arms from out. Britney sat on the bed, her eyes tracing up his muscular abs as he became shirtless before her. Josh unbuttoned the front of his shorts, shoving them down along with the white pair of brief underwear. Britney licked her lips when she watched his semi-hard dick come spilling out. The pop princess didn’t waste any time falling down to her knees and crawling her way over to him. Josh stepped out of his shirts and underwear, creating a small pile of his discarded clothing as Britney had made her way to him and wrapped her small hands around his cock.

“Ohhhhhh, this is what I really wanna see.”

Her voice was low, that cute southern accent coming out strong from Britney’s words. Josh just stood there, watching as Britney jerked his cock back and forth with both of her warm hands wrapped around his fattening pole. She stopped after a minute, realizing he was finally at full length hardness. Moving her hands away, Britney observed the size of his long pole and then smiled up at him before wrapping her right hand back around it.

“Baby, this is a great big cock. Just look how big it is!”

Britney refused to break eye contact with him as Josh watched her part her lips and place a wet kiss over the crown of his long cock. Shoving her hand down to the base, Britney finally looked away from him when she closed her eyes and pushed the first few inches of his swollen meat pole into her loving mouth. Josh let out a moan as he thought to himself over this new reality, watching his dream woman slobber all over his dick.

“Ohhhhh, Britney. Suck that cock for me, ohhhhh yeah…”

Josh just couldn’t help himself. He had to moan out to her while the sounds of her mouth working down his cock were heard clearly through the quiet room. The sunlight crept in beyond the glass doors leading to the balcony as the evening hours were close to hand. His eyes wandered to the bed, looking over the light blue sheets and white pillows while he could hear the sucking noises from her wonderful mouth. Josh glanced back down, watching as Britney bobbed her head up and down. Taking a few more inches of his cock into her mouth she soon unwrapped her fingers from the base to move both of her hands down below to cup his balls, rubbing her fingernails over the hair. ‘Mmmmmmm’, Britney pushed her tongue across the underside of his thick shaft while audibly moaning over him. Josh could feel the vibrations moving through his body as his goddess of a woman continued to taste his cock.

She continued to push her mouth down, sucking inch after inch of his veiny shaft. All Josh could do was stand there and hear the slobbering and sucking noises that Britney’s mouth created as she worked those lips up and down his cock. Moving her right hand, she pushed it over his leg while her left hand was still massaging his ball sack. With her hair pinned up in a pony tail, Britney didn’t have to worry about it distracting her as she opened her eyes and gazed up into Josh’s face while moving her lips up and down his cock. It was a wonder that he could manage to keep control of himself and not blast a load of cum right down her throat. This was something he had fantasized about for so long and now it was a new reality for Josh. Taking in a deep breath, he moaned while still hearing those wonderful sucking noises that her mouth was still producing. Britney finally stopped, raising her lips back up to the head before releasing with an echoing pop sound.

“Mmmmmmm. This cock is so fuckin’ good. I like it a lot.”

The southern accent in her voice came out strong with her words. Britney flicked her tongue to her upper lip before spitting on his shaft. It was special praise for her to tell him that she was impressed with his rod. Josh’s long cock glistened in her saliva as she lowered her head down below to where his balls were. Britney wrapped her right hand back around his pole as she began to lick and slobber on his nuts while wanking his cock back and forth.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah! FUCK YEAH!! Slobber all over those nuts, Britney!”

If he was screaming over a little mouth play with his balls, Britney was confident she would have this man wailing for her with the other surprises she had in store for him. She raked her teeth gently over his balls before using her left hand to stuff the right nut between her lips while her right hand continued to pump his shaft up and down. Josh moaned as he witnessed her inflated jaw containing one of his balls. Still stroking that cock with her right hand gripped tightly around it, Britney then used her left hand to push his other ball between her lips. Josh’s cock was extended across her beautiful face while both of her jaws were inflated with his entire nut sack. Britney maintained the position only for a few more seconds before freeing her mouth of his balls. She raised her head back up, dropping her lower lip with her teeth gritted as she gazed up into Josh’s eyes. Lustful hunger was the silent message her eyes gave to him.

He knew this posture all too well from various pictures of her years ago. It was the same expression he had witnessed time and time again from re-watching her ‘Toxic’ music video over the years. Josh took a deep breath as Britney quit stroking his cock only to bring it back into her mouth. This time she moved her hand away and pushed her lips all the way down to deepthroat every last inch of his fuck stick. She choked at first, gagging over his length before pulling her lips back up to the head. Josh heard another popping sound like the one before as Britney pulled her lips free of his cock. A few strands of her saliva dripped from his glistening pole before she locked eyes with him and began to furiously bob her head up and down, sucking his cock faster. She wrapped her right hand fingers around it, wanking him in perfect sync with her lips to give him double the pleasure.


Upon hearing his loud screams, Britney knew that she was close to forcing Josh into an early orgasm already. Still sucking his cock, she bobbed her lips up and down a few more times before coming back off his rod with another popping noise. Her big brown eyes looked up at him as strands of saliva were dripping from the corners of her mouth. Small drops of pre-cum oozed from the head of his big dick. To say Josh was impressed with her cock sucking skills was a complete understatement. Grabbing his cock again, Britney held it up to her face, just to demonstrate the length. The head of his slobber-coated shaft extended up to her left temple.

“Just look how big this fuckin’ cock is!”

Like before, her southern accent was heard loudly. Britney flicked her tongue over her upper lip and then began to beat his cock up against the left cheek of her face. Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound echoed while she let out a soft whimpering moan, teasing him with such actions. She came to a halt and then removed her hand from his cock before rising up from the floor. Josh took a step back as Britney moved her hands over her booty shorts and slid the zipper down. She gave him a grin before speaking once more.

“Ready now, baby? Are you ready to take on me?”

“Fuck yeah, Britney!”

It felt wonderful to hear her call him baby, but more than anything Josh was impressed with the word play of that special song he adored so dearly. After Britney had shoved her shorts down and stepped her bare feet out of them, Josh watched her push down the red thong she was wearing, allowing it to fall down to her ankles and expose her shaved pink pussy before his eyes. While he was busy studying her moist heat, Britney brought her hands behind her back and undid the top covering her breasts before pulling it away before freeing her great big tits from a lacy red bra that contained them. There she was, the woman of his dreams standing before him without a shred of clothing covering her tight fit lustful body. Josh watched as Britney laid her back down on the bed, offering a perfect position for him to move between her legs and slide his long cock directly into her loving cup. It was apparent this is where she wanted from him.

“Come on over here and take me on, lover boy.”

She didn’t have to call to him with her words, for Josh was already making the foot steps close to join her. Britney spread her legs out as she gazed up at him. Josh’s eyes were surveying over her gorgeous tight fit body. This was perfection in the form of a female body. Nothing came close to this in Josh’s opinion. Grinning to himself, he grabbed his cock with his right hand and began to slowly guide it into Britney’s warm and waiting pussy. She dropped her lower lip, moaning as she felt the first few inches slipping in.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s it. Slide that big cock inside me. Remember what I told you. If you fuck me real good, we might be doing this again in the future. I wanna see the best you’ve got to offer.”

Her words were a subtle reminder but translated to a different message in Josh’s mind. Don’t screw this up. Those were the only words he could tell himself as he bit down on his lower lip and was ready to give Britney all the pleasure she was expecting from him. Bucking his hips forward, he moved both of his hands away to softly caress the skin of her muscular legs. Britney gasped, flashing her perfect white teeth at him as she moaned.

“There you go. I want you to fuck that pussy, Josh. Fuck it hard like a real lover boy would do for a woman. Give me that cock, I need it.”

As he began to thrust, Britney moaned once more. She moved her hands beyond her head and began to undo her pony tail wrap.

“Mmmmmm, yeah. Just remember this, when you’re ready to cum for me, I want you to pull out and let me jack you off. Can you remember that?”

“Yes, Britney! Don’t worry, I’m gonna remember.”

“Good, I’m looking forward to it. Now fuck me, Josh! Fuck me!!”

After screaming at him, she slung the pony tail band across the room as her long blonde hair was now undone laying over the blue sheets of the bed. Josh brought his hands down to grip her sides, pounding his cock into her tight cunt with each hard thrust.

“That’s it, that’s it! Just like that!!”

Britney raised her arms up, spreading them over the bed as Josh continued to buck his hips hard and slam his long cock into her pussy. Over and over, he continued to give her every inch of his swollen dick, pounding it into her tight pussy. His eyes glanced up to see her large breasts bouncing and shaking with each thrust he made to send his cock inside her. He gritted his teeth, grunting as Britney was now screaming his name.


The inflection came out from her raised voice, slightly slurring her speech. The true test had already commenced as Josh was giving Britney all she could handle with his lengthy dick pumping into her pussy. As her breasts were bouncing and shaking before him, he wanted to place his hands over them but didn’t. Josh’s hands remained gripping her sides.


She knew he wouldn’t be able to force her into a climax before blowing his own load. Not after the pleasure she had given him earlier with her mouth. It was a miracle for Josh that he had yet to cum, but the time was drawing closer with each thrust he sent into her. Grunting to himself, Josh’s hands slipped from where he had been holding her sides. He pushed his palms down into the light blue colored sheets of the bed, gritting his teeth as he tried to hold off for as long as possible. He didn’t want to cum, not just yet.

“God-fucking-dammit, Britney! You’re so tight!”

Josh cried out his words as he began to slow down. Britney knew just the reason he had suddenly lost his faster pace. He was about to blow his load but would he remember to pull out? Britney wasn’t certain. She knew men could get lost in the feeling of pleasure, so she had to remind him just to sure.

“Pull out! Pull that fuckin’ cock out and let me jack you off!”

Reaching her right hand down, Britney flicked her tongue while she watched Josh tak one step back and pull his cock free from her pussy. She wasted no time wrapping her fingers tightly around his wet pole and then jerking it back and forth. He moved his hands near her thighs, watching her hand pump and down his shaft while Britney yelled to him.

“Cum on me, Josh!”

“Ohhhhh, god! Ohhhhhhh yeah, Britney! OHHHHHHH, FUCK!!”

He clenched his teeth after screaming as his cock exploded from the touch of her hand. A thick wad of cum went flying out of his rod before plastering Britney’s stomach in the warm gooey mess. She continued to quickly wank his cock within her tight grip, causing her own breasts to slightly jiggle. Another string went flying out of his cock and streaking up to her left breast.

“Mmmmmmm, yeah! Your cum feels so fucking warm over me. Make a mess with this cock.”

Britney giggled after finishing her words, still pumping his shaft back and forth with her tight grip. Some of his cum went over the sheets but most of it was splattered across her stomach, going up to her breasts. Josh was out of breath, watching at the mess created over her smooth skin. Britney didn’t stop until she could no longer squeeze any drops of cum from his cock. Her stomach had become drenched in a painting of his thick semen with various lines and wads. A smile slowly formed over her lips as she let go of his drained dick and then used her right hand to collect a scoop of his cum over her finger tips. Josh caught his breath while watching her feed the tips of her cum covered fingers past her lips.

“How’s it taste?”

“It tastes delicious, mmmmmmmmm.”

Josh watched her throat as he witnessed the movement to tell him that she had swallowed down his cum. Britney then used her hand to scoop up more of his cum and feed it to her mouth again. He was still fatigued, needing to recover from such a powerful orgasm before he would be prepared for another round of fucking. After Britney had licked her hand clean, she repeated the process to scoop up more cum. In a second glance at Josh, she could see the exhaustion with his facial expression. She had yet to cum but had an idea in mind that would undoubtedly get him ready to fuck her again.

“Sit down next to me, baby. I’m about to do a little somethin’ for ya. Just watch me, you’re gonna love this.”

“Oh, do you?”

Letting out a sigh of relief, Josh sat down next to her left side making sure to avoid the strands of cum staining over the bed sheets. It took Britney only two more attempts at using her hand to scoop up the cum from her stomach before she had successfully cleaned her skin and fed it into her mouth. She leaned over and brushed her lips to his. Josh leaned forward a bit as they began to kiss. What began as small kisses soon became a passionate one when Britney slipped her tongue into his mouth. He closed his eyes, embracing her passionate lust as their tongues touched. After a moment Britney broke the kiss and gave him a goofy smile across her lips before she slid off the bed and down to her knees. Luckily for her, the bed wasn’t positioned too high up from the floor. It offered a good position for Britney to rest on her knees and pleasure Josh from between his legs. He figured that she wanted his cock in her mouth again once she reached back up and wrapped her right hand back around it. Straightening up from the bed, he moved down a bit so his feet were touching the floor.

“You just can’t get enough of my cock, huh?”

His words prompted her to glance up into his eyes while her hand moved up and down the shaft. She raised her eyebrows before replying.

“It’s a great cock. Didn’t I tell you that?”

“Second time you’ve informed me of that, babe.”

“I love a strong, sexy man with a big fucking cock.”

She broke eye contact off from him to glance down into the extensive length of his dick. Britney parted her lips and licked over the head while counting. One, two and three was her limit. He had no idea what she had planned and that was part of the surprise. She hoped to fool him into believing that he was about to get a second blow job from her but she had something different planned instead. Squeezing her lips around the head, Britney moaned while moving her hands down below to push over her big tits. With her hair undone from the pony tail, Britney had a familiar face that brought a rush of nostalgia into Josh’s mind. That signature golden hair was something that never failed to make him smile. After a minute of sucking on his cock, she pulled her lips up to release it with a slight pop. Britney then moved her hands over her breasts, bringing them up before using her right hand to tuck his shaft right between them. His expression changed to one of a sudden surprise. Britney smiled up at him.

“You wanna fuck these tits, lover boy? Mmmmmm, I’ve caught you starring at them all day.”

How could he deny such a treat? She knew he wouldn’t resist this pleasure. Britney licked her lips, holding her breasts together as she began to move them up and down. She squeezed her tits harder, feeling every inch of his dick between them. Josh’s mouth was gaping open as he then moaned aloud at the feeling of his cock pumping between her lovely tits.

“Ohhhhhhh, fuck. That feels so amazing.”

“You like big tits huh, Josh?”

She spoke just before pumping her breasts down. Josh was caught in a bind of trying to concentrate his view on the action with her tits and not gaze up into her gorgeous face. Those big brown eyes gazed at him, almost as if Britney could see into his soul.

“Fuck yeah I do. You’ve got a great set of boobs, Britney. You know that, right?”

“Mmmmmhhhmmmm. Damn right, I know that! They’re my tits after all!”

Had it not been for the feeling of such wondrous pleasure, Josh could’ve laughed at her goofy response. Slowly, she moved her breasts up and down, fucking his cock to a pulp with them. Josh took in a deep breath, licking his lips as he watched Britney work at a steady pace. With each pump she made down, the head of his cock would poke up. As she began to work her tits at a faster speed, Britney took her eyes away from him only to glance down and watch the head of his thick shaft poke up. She parted her lips, lashing her tongue at the head each time she had the chance. All Josh could do was throw his head back and moan at this wonderful pleasure.

“Ohhhhh my god. This is so fucking amazing. I love your tits, Britney. Ohhhhh man, work ’em on me.”

His request was already fulfilled as Britney had no desire to quit, at least for the next minute or so. She stopped licking the head of his dick and lifted her head to look back into his face. Still moving her breasts up and down, she began to tease him with her soft voice.

“You like that, Josh?”

“Fuck yeah!”

“Mmmmmmmm, your big fuckin’ cock feels so good pumping between my tits. I knew you were gonna love this.”

Pushing her lips together, she pretended as if she wanted to kiss him while still pumping those large boobs up and down his long cock. By now Britney needed to feel him doing something with her pussy down below. It was only fair after the pleasure she was giving him at this moment. She came to a stop, letting go of her breasts only to wrap her right hand back around his cock and kiss the head. Britney felt that she was in control for the next position she wanted to test with this handsome stud. Rising up from the floor, she ordered him with her words.

“Lay down for me, I’m about to get on top.”

“Are you gonna ride my cock, Britney?”

With a smirk on her face, she shook her head to him.

“Nope! I wanna see if you can eat pussy good enough to make me scream.”

This wasn’t the answer Josh had anticipated from her. Time and time again, Britney had proven that she could surprise him with such lascivious desires. Climbing back up on the bed, Britney turned around to face his cock while Josh moved his hands over her hips to help her around to complete this sixty-nine position. She slid her left hand thumb and index finger in position around his cock, holding it up to spit down onto it. Josh felt her saliva hit his rod while moving her around. A string of drool dangled from Britney’s bottom lip while she moved her right leg over him. Josh leaned down on his back once he caught sight of her wet pussy hovering precisely above his face. He didn’t waste any time striking his tongue across the sensitive part of her clit. With Britney laying down over him, Josh moved his hands to grip her thick ass cheeks from above while feeling her breathing down onto his cock from below.

“Mmmmmmm, yeah. Come on, I wanna feel that tongue inside of me. Show me how you eat pussy, lover boy. You’re a good kisser, so I’ve got a good feeling about this.”

Her words were a command despite the subtle voice she used in speaking to him. Britney brushed her hair beyond her shoulders before planting her lips back down over his cock. Josh closed his eyes as he felt her mouth slowly taking his rod in. He parted his lips and snaked his tongue between the folds of her juicy labia. It didn’t take long for the feeling of his mouth tasting her to force Britney into a harmony of moans. ‘Mmmmmm, mmmm’ her muffled voice was audible while her lips slowly worked up and down his thick cock. She brought her hands above, cupping his balls and playfully massaging them by rolling her fingers back and forth. Josh was in another dimension while slithering his tongue into her tasty pussy. He went slow upon the first strike, but not without shaking his tongue from within her. Her muffled cries were enough to tell him that he was doing something right. Moving his hands over her thick ass from above, he gave a squeeze at both cheeks before raising up his right hand.

As badly as he wanted to spank that ass from atop, he had lost his train of thought from Britney’s magical lips. She bobbed her head up and down, taking inch after inch of his swollen cock into oral hole. Her tongue pushed up against the shaft from within her mouth while feeling the sensational bliss of his tongue darted back and forth in her pussy. There was no way for Britney to tell him in words how impressed she was with his tongue skills, for she could only show such appreciation by forcing him to moan out to her. Pushing her lips all the way down, she revealed her deep-throating skills like before. Josh’s voice was muffled like her own cries. His teeth lightly raked over her pussy as he responded by slithering his tongue back into the fold. This was the act of pleasure turned into a game between the two of them. Who would reach their climax first?

Britney was confident in believing the odds were in her favor. From years of experience, she knew that her skills with sucking dick were enough to drive most men beyond the brink before they were ready. Only the best boy toys knew how make her squirt. So far and so good, Josh had left a solid impression that motivated her to furiously suck every last inch of his lengthy dick. This was an adventure in his mind. Such a journey where Josh was pushing his tongue to the limit of it’s reaches, digging deep within the loving entrance of the woman he had always dreamed of. Not until Britney had felt his tongue reaching her most sensitive spot from inside her, did she begin to second guess at the chances of who would be pushed to the edge of no return. The tip of his tongue slithered through her again and again. Choking on his cock out of reaction from the feeling inside her, Britney had no other choice but to surrender this moment. Pushing her lips to the head of his cock she released it before screaming to him.


The southern pronunciation and raised pitch of her voice had slurred her words in such a way from how he had previously heard. Darting his tongue into her pussy for the final stretch, he shook it from within as Britney gasped loudly.


She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes. With a slight growl, she gasped a second time as her orgasm was successfully reached from the work of his tongue.


The sudden rush of her love nectar gushing out and squirting into his mouth was something he could’ve never anticipated. Josh tried to swallow down the flood before he ended up choking and moving his face, causing Britney’s warm juices to splash over his chin. It didn’t take her long to recover from such a hard climax, as she crawled forward and off Josh’s body while biting down on her lower lip. He moved his hands away as her body moved off him. With the palms of her hands touching the floor, Britney pushed her strength to do a forward flip in front of him. Josh raised his eyebrow, watching the swift movements of her body.


Britney’s acrobatic demonstration had thrilled Josh as he sat there witnessing it. She had flipped her body instantly, landing on her feet and standing straight up. Her great plump ass was now facing him with her legs pushed together. Raising up both her hands, Britney slapped her palms down over her powerful cheeks to make them rumble before him. With such an action, it was apparent what Britney wanted to do next.

“I love looking at your ass, babe.”

“Mmmmmm, you ain’t the only one. I know I don’t have like a super jumbo sized ass those girls have today, but-”

Josh quickly cut her off.

“That ass is the best I’ve ever seen. Don’t tell me someone else has one better, I refuse to hear that.”

Glancing beyond her right shoulder, her golden hair whipped about. Britney smirked towards him before calling out.

“Really now? Why don’t you prove it.”

She turned around, stomping her bare feet back over towards the bed before she climbed up. Josh’s eyes followed her as he was forced to turn around to see the position Britney was moving into. Grabbing a pillow with her left hand, she tucked it beneath her chin before laying her left cheek down upon it. Not until Britney had pushed her knees down into the bed to raise her supreme ass before him, did Josh realize what she was about to demand from him.

“Fuck my ass. If you think my big ass is the best you’ve ever seen, then I want you to prove it. Fuck my ass and fuck it hard, lover boy.”

This was the final page of what had been a long test from Britney. Josh knew from the tone of her voice that she was expecting only the best of his efforts with this task. Rising up from his knees, Josh’s eyes examined the small of her back before tracing down to see that beautiful little tramp stamp tattoo of the little fairy. His feet were planted down over the blue sheets of the bed, slightly sinking into the mattress like her knees had done. He was aware of the tattoo, as he had always admired the ink over Britney’s body. Beyond the pretty art was the immense thickness of Britney’s wonderful booty. His eyes narrowed down the crack of her ass before Josh focused on those firm cheeks. He placed both of his hands over her buttocks, taking in the smooth feeling of her skin before pressing his fingertips down for an ample squeeze.

“Mmmmmmm, are you gonna keep teasin’ me back there, baby?”

Britney’s voice was so tender. Pumping her hips out, she shook her ass before him. Josh responded by raising his right hand and smacking her ass hard. She moaned before calling out to him once again.

“No more teasing. Give mah ass dat big fuckin’ cock!”

To hear her filthy words slurring in that amazing southern accent, Josh almost shot his load from the power of her voice. He bit down on his lower lip before taking in a deep breath as he wrapped his right hand around his cock. Britney reached back with her right hand, grabbing one of her thick cheeks and pulling it back. Josh responded by shoving his fat meat pole right into the crack of her ass and thrusting it forward. She whimpered softly with her lips pushed together. It wasn’t until the head of his cock had pushed forward into her dark little hole, as the moment when Britney gasped.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah. There ya go, get on up in there. Mmmmmmm…”

Flicking her tongue upward to her lip, Britney closed her eyes but kept her right hand palm stretched over her right side ass cheek. The sensation of feeling a long thick pole pumping into her ass was always a delightful moment. The slow pacing movements of his thrusts were only the beginning. She was confident in him, at least for this short time. The final section of her test was among the most important. Josh placed his hands down over her back, planting his thumbs side by side just above her ass as he leaned forward.

“Damn, babe! I thought that pussy was tight, but this ass? It’s something else, let me tell you that.”

Biting down over her lower lip, Britney had to stop herself from giggling. She didn’t want to ruin this moment of the man’s amazement in experiencing her plump phat ass for the first time. Moving her hand away from her right ass cheeks, Britney closed her eyes and let out a soft moan as he began to pump his fat cock in and out of that tight hole from in back.

“Ohhhhh yeah! That’s it, keep going! Fuck my big ass. Mmmmmmm, let me feel that big cock stretchin’ that hole hard. Fuck my ass hard, Josh! MMMMMMMM!!”

With her voice raising in pitch, Josh grunted while slamming his cock down into her ass. The acceleration of his body movements were now moving into complete force. This was what Britney wanted from him. Gritting her teeth, she growled a moan before reaching her right hand back like before.


The cadence in her voice had slurred her words once more. She moved her palm over the right cheek of her ass like before, giving it a gentle squeeze and pulling it back. From beyond her shoulder, Britney could witness the image of satisfaction painted across Josh’s cute face. He breathed out, huffing and puffing while plowing her thick ass with his long meaty cock. Fortunately for her, he proved to have the stamina to match the strength within his fit body.


Her screaming words were nothing short of encouragement for him to continue. It seemed Britney couldn’t complete a sentence without her words slurring in her sexy voice. Josh didn’t stop as he pumped every inch of his long fat cock into her ass, ramming it over and over. Gritting his teeth, he let out a grunting roar of bliss. The feeling of his hot seed pushing through his veins was the only thing he feared at this point. He had a different idea in mind for the second load that would soon come rushing out of his pole. Britney also had her own plan in mind. A little something that would be the final question at the end of this long winding test. Closing her eyes, she embraced the rush of excitement with his giant cock ramming her ass back and forth.


A bead of sweat dripped from Josh’s forehead while he moved his hands up the sides of Britney’s voluptuous body. He slowed down a bit, realizing that he had a scarce amount of time before the eruption of his dick from within her. Reacting out of pure instinct, he came to a complete stop from within her ass and raised both of his hands. His palms came crashing down over her firm skin for a double spank. Britney gasped, for she knew with his sudden halt that he had to be close. She could’ve nearly concluded the very moment of him stepping back and carefully pulling his cock from the hole between her thick cheeks. She turned around to see the look of fatigue across his face.

“Britney, I’m gonna fucking cum real soon. I wanna-”

She cut him off from speaking.

“Hold on and let me get back down on the floor. I want you to cum all over my fuckin’ face!”

How in the fuck did she know? Josh couldn’t speak aloud at how astonished he was that Britney had seemingly guessed just where he wanted his seed to go over her this time. Crawling up from the bed, she quickly moved to place her feet back down over the floor before moving down to her knees. Josh followed behind her movements, standing in front of Britney before she wrapped her hands around his swollen cock. For what was the final time in today’s hours, he was able to witness her parting her lips and sliding his cock between them.

“Ohhhhhh, FUCK! Ohhhhhh, babe!!”

His words were uttered in sheer desperation as Britney’s tongue twirled around the head of his pole from within her lips. If she wanted to, she could’ve easily devoured his length and forced him to blow his load down her throat but that wasn’t part of the plan in motion. Britney worked her hands, grinding them both left and right as she slowly wanked his cock while sucking on the head. She was confident that Josh would tell her before the very moment of his big dick’s coming wet eruption. All he could do was stand there, breathing in heavily as he panted and moaned. Britney had made him cry in pleasure all day and now this was the final part of her test. She had already witnessed him make a mess over her stomach but could he drench her face in the same way? Swallowing his breath, Josh whimpered before calling out to the woman of his dreams.


She moved her hands away from his cock with a quick release, pulling her lips off the head. Josh quickly responded by wrapping his right hand around his cock and beginning to stroke it fast. Since she had finished him off early, this was his turn to complete the task. Closing her eyes, she lifted her head and parted her lips to drop her tongue out. Within seconds, Josh’s grunting and heavy breathing had paid off as he watched his cock begin firing off his hot seed.


A hot string of cum went flying directly over Britney’s nose and forehead before the final drops streaked into her hair. He gritted his teeth, grunting as a thick wad of his cum splashed directly below her right eye and dripped down her cheek. Britney moaned at the feeling of his warm bodily fluid decorating her face into a filthy mess. Josh whimpered as more strings of cum landed over her nose, dripping down both sides and over her upper lip. He aimed down, shooting a wad of cum over her chin while excess droplets landed over her neck and a few strings went down below over her breasts. Despite the fact he had blown his load earlier, he was impressed to build up enough cum for a second large load all in the act of turning his fantasy with this woman into a reality.

Out of breath and panting, the final spurts of his cum were no where close to the thick wads that glazed her skin seconds earlier. Josh wiped his forehead of sweat with his left hand, grunting as he squeezed his cock to force the final drops of his seed to fall directly onto Britney’s waiting tongue. Her face had become a sticky mess of his seed, not unlike the first mess he had made during the day. She slowly opened her eyes, closing her lips to swallow the excess drops that had landed on her tongue. Towering over Britney was a man who had just spent the last several hours experiencing what began as a small coincidence in the day, blossoming into a wonderful evening where the wildest fantasies he had dreamed of had all become precious memories for his life.

“Mmmmmmm, that was wonderful.”

Britney gazed up into his face, offering him the moment to look down at her messy cum-coated face for the time being. Josh had only a single question for the pop princess. After all this fun, he had to know how well his performance was.

“Yeah, that was fucking amazing. Well, what do you think? Was that good enough to maybe do this again some other time?”

Still looking up into his face, Britney smirked while thinking of a response to his question. She had already made her mind up but didn’t want to tell him just yet. It was better to let him sit and ponder the possibility of her decision. Licking her lips, she began to rise up from the floor. A shower was in order, along with sharing a drink with Josh before sun down. She had plenty of time at hand to eventually tell him. For now, she had a simple answer for him.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”

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