Kaley Cuoco’s Snapshots

I was wandering around my girlfriend’s home, trying out my new phone and its recording capabilities. By the time I got to the bathroom, I was vaguely aware of my girlfriend walking around in there, but it wasn’t enough to make me stop. The door was open, so I figured nothing extremely private was going on.

Then I walked in on my girlfriend pulling up her underwear, just in time to catch her naked pussy on my camera phone. Her pink top and her black sweatpants hanging below her ankles kept any more nudity from being shown, but I still got part of it without trying for one second.

And my girlfriend is Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco. Perhaps I buried the lead there.

In that case, I should explain just to be safe that by the time you have read this, she got married. And not to me. She didn’t break up because I accidentally filmed part of her naked, though. In fact, she laughed it off and then did….much more later.

But that’s for later. I’ll try to speed it up until then, I promise.

By this point in this story, we were still together and she was okay with me seeing her naked genitals. Even on camera. At this time, however, she was about to start another season of filming for The Big Bang Theory. As such, our time together would be more limited for the foreseeable future.

I had fears this would hurt us, just as we were getting going. We were still new enough that we could grow apart pretty quickly. I didn’t go over the top in sharing those fears, though. Maybe if I did, those fears wouldn’t have actually come true in the end – and then Mr. Sweeting couldn’t have swooped in.

But on this night, after we laughed off the accidentally strip show – one where she was putting more clothes on, technically – I went far enough to share how I worried moments like this would be scarce for a while. It wasn’t that I was too busy to see her on set or at night, but I knew she’d have bigger things to do than laugh it up with me. Probably better things, too.

I wasn’t quite that manipulative on purpose. Maybe I should have been down the line. But at this time, I wasn’t really aiming for anything – just reassurance we’d be fine. It was silly deep down – or I feared it was at the time — and I wouldn’t have blamed her if she saw it that way.

Instead, she took it in a way I never expected.

“You know what? If we’re not gonna have moments like that for a while, let’s cram them in now,” Kaley offered. “Let’s get wild in all the ways we supposedly won’t get to do for months. And when we’re both lonely and horny, we can remember the old days. And think of how the new ones will be even hotter.”

“Is that what I suggested?” I double checked.

“Well, you lit the spark to get me where I needed to go. You are good at that. I’ll miss being reminded of that almost every night,” Kaley suggested. “But if I’m too tired or busy to get that back, we can look through your phone and remember just how good we were.”

“My phone,” I repeated. “I think you skipped a part somewhere in your plan.”

“Oh, fine, I’ll simplify it,” Kaley resigned, taking my phone. She held onto it even as she took her sweatpants back down, then removed her pink top. I barely had time to freshly admire her ample breasts before she covered them up with one hand – then took a picture of herself with the other.

“Okay….” I spoke instead of drooled. “That filled in a few parts….and so will I at some point, then?”

“Correct. Whether you want to snap a pic of it or not,” Kaley helped me catch on further, while almost cruelly putting her top back on. But maybe that wouldn’t matter soon enough.

“I can record stuff on there, as you well know. You sure you don’t want me to….test those skills?” I hinted.

“I’m getting filmed in a far different way tomorrow. Doing something like that tonight is just….a little too weird. At least for this moment,” Kaley said. “But I’m thinking ahead of when it won’t be weird to do that with you! And I’m talking about you taking pictures of me naked while we fuck tonight! That’s gotta tell you how confident I am in us, right?”

“It’s getting louder and clearer,” I conceded.

“Yeah. That’s the idea,” Kaley said. There were probably a lot more dirty ideas involved too. If they were really okay with her….and if that’s the way she wanted to spend our last free night before work….

Well, this was an Apple phone I just bought. Whatever I took would be safe there. One less thing to worry about while I looked at pics like this in the bathroom at work. Or in my bedroom if she was late, wasn’t scheduled to come by or had to cancel a visit. Or in my bathroom if I just got out of the shower and still felt….backed up. Or –

Right, right, I remembered as Kaley cleared her throat. There was the matter of taking them first. And doing anything else we could jam in between snapshots. “So is this how you want to start the….shoot?” I asked her.

“Nah. You already have shots of me coming out of this stuff,” Kaley reminded. “Let’s change the wardrobe a bit. While I still need one.”

Kaley got me to go into the living room while she got ready for ‘the shoot.’ I stayed on her couch, looking through my Apple phone and making sure it was secure. That made me sufficiently guilt free enough to look through Kaley’s nearly naked photo and that nearly naked video again.

If there would be more of those on this camera tonight, I had to get myself used to them. To guarantee a better performance when I shot the next batch. And better performances in other tasks. It was all very scientific.

“Okay. If you want to go back in the bathroom now, you can,” Kaley called out. At that point, science could be damned.

I headed back over to ‘go to the bathroom’ – relieved I didn’t have to actually go and drain myself too soon, and not in the hot way. But when I opened the door after a brief courtesy knock, I was relieved I didn’t go that way right in my pants.

Kaley was bent over in front of the mirror, her underwear basically serving as a thong. She now had on a white and grey striped top, with no strap, and a knot tied up in the center. As if the center was close to holding in those tits of hers anyway, especially in this position.

Between ogling how they looked in the mirror and how they looked on Kaley, it was a wonder I didn’t drop the phone. When I remembered I had it, however, I quickly took a picture without asking her. But she looked over her shoulder and stayed bent over with most of her formidable tits and ass hanging out, so I gathered that as permission.

“Need anything else?” Kaley teasingly offered. As temping as it was to ask for more poses, I really felt pressed for time.

“No, I got it from here,” I told her, walking over to the mirror. I couldn’t figure out where to start first, so I went on instinct – the one telling me to drop to my knees, anyway.

I placed my tongue at the center of her panties and pussy and licked up, although I wasn’t really licking Katy. It still made a nice image for my next shot, thought. Getting it at the right angle while licking her and pressing my face against her bare cheeks was a challenge, but I figured enough of it would get in the shot.

When just licking her panties wasn’t enough, I pulled them down until they were right below her ass. Kaley then got the idea to hold their hips, making them hug and push up her already high cheeks. Still made for a nice, clear, shot though – and so did her bending back over when she got her panties completely off.

After getting that shot of her bare pussy, I had to get a few licks in too. I gave the camera a rest and focused on teasing her with my tongue, and letting her moans and her wiggling ass tease me to near oblivion. Before long, I had to at least unzip my pants and free my cock, even if it wasn’t safe to use it yet.

It took a few more licks and nibbles of her pussy and ass before I could get back on my feet. With my cock hanging out and in range of Kaley, I pushed myself against her and placed my shaft right between her buns.

Kaley turned her head and watched me fuck her ass crack, and I took photographic evidence of it, in case the image hadn’t burned what was left of our brains. If that hadn’t, the shot I got of her pushing and shaking her ass against my cock and hips did. For insurance, there was the shot of me reaching over and dipping my left fingers into her cleavage.

“Okay, that’s enough multitasking. If you’re gonna fuck me, then fuck me. Hard,” Kaley stressed. “Just get a couple shots before you go really hard, k?”

First I took my cock out of her crack and shoved it into her pussy. Once I saw that was just hard enough for Kaley, I took my phone and got some good shots of her ass and pussy pushing against me. After another shot of Kaley’s upper body and its reflection, I put the phone down on the sink and did some hard, fast off camera work.

Kaley squeaked and groaned as my right hand went down to her pussy, my left arm went across her chest and I bent down over her from behind. She held onto the sink with her hands, keeping me from falling down on her as I got deeper into her.

“That’s it, fuck me, sweetie,” Kaley urged. “Make my tits and ass really bounce….”

“Yeah….they’re both so big on your tiny, skinny little body for a reason,” I got carried away enough to say. It seemed to be a common ailment for blonde actresses on her show. But I figured I’d have to wait several months to bring up co-star Melissa Rauch in that context. Turned out I waited too long, but this isn’t the time to dwell on that.

The right thing to dwell on at this point is how Kaley took my phone, pointed it at herself and got a pretty decent shot of me drilling her. It fueled me on to pump her deeper and press and swing my hips against her curvy ones.

After a few final squeezes of her breasts, which were just about out of her top by then, I let my left hand join my right on her pussy. As a result, I had to stand up straight while both hands rubbed her filled center, along with the hair above it.

“Fuck me, fuck me….get a picture of me cumming,” Kaley called. “Take it when I cum all over your cock….” This made me get the phone back and fuck her with extra vigor.

Vigor only wouldn’t be enough to make her cum before I went off. While my right hand got the phone set up, my left kept rubbing, tweaking and stroking her. I looked at Kaley’s face and her reflection to get an idea of whether she was close – and looks at her real and reflected tits helped me get her closer too. It was a vicious, bouncy cycle.

“Here it is! Here it is, get ready, give it to me….watch me cum so….” Kaley trailed off, which told me I had to move fast. After a few more tugs and thrusts, I focused completely on my camera work – as much as I could – to get the right photo of Kaley and the mirror as she started cumming.

Luckily I got the shot before she clenched too hard on me. But it was still hard enough to make me pull out of her halfway through, barely able to hold on. Still, with her juices on my cock, I’d only need a few pumps to go off – even if my masturbating hand was busy holding the camera.

As Kaley finished cumming, I used my inexperienced left hand to pump myself. Yet despite feeling it with the wrong hand, seeing all the wetness and ample skin in front of me, the shot I got of Kaley’s orgasmic face, and her current glowing face and chest was more than enough.

I would have taken a shot of me cumming onto her pussy then and there. That is, if my orgasm wasn’t that distracting.

As it was, it was strong enough that I could only hold on tight to the phone and her hip. It would have been all too funny to drop and break the phone now after all that, but I wasn’t the funny one in this relationship.

My cum landed on her pussy, thighs and upper legs, beginning to drip down by the time I finished. As I caught my breath, I took one shot of all the streaks of cum below her ass, if only to complete the collection. Besides, Kaley probably couldn’t see much of it from her angle.

I handed over the camera to let her see our work while I ripped up some toilet paper. She stood up straight and looked pleased enough at the camera as I cleaned her up on my knees. After I was done, I got back up in time to see her look through the last few shots.

“Those are some photographic memories,” Kaley said. “Let me e-mail a couple of these to my phone.” Since I was too drained to suggest anything else, I let her send herself our little slideshow. “Now we’ll both have reason to go to the bathroom more at work. Even by ourselves.”

“I think we’ll get more from the bedroom at this point,” I replied. At this moment, we’d probably need it to rest more than anything else. Yet Kaley had been bent over with me pounding her from behind all this time, and she didn’t look too worn out. Most of her didn’t, anyway.

We walked over to the bed and I plopped myself down, with Kaley soon sitting next to me with her panties back on. We laid down and started browsing through my phone again, and through all the pictures we had taken. “Should have asked for more cock pics,” Kaley broke the silence with.

“You already have an idea of how it looks,” I answered.

“You have more than enough ideas on how your cum and my tits, ass, and o-face look too. Yet you still needed all that proof,” she pointed out.

“Yeah, there’s a double standard in nude pics, got me there,” I conceded. “It’s not like it’d make a good subject right this second, though.”

“Maybe not yet,” Kaley commented. Instead of explaining further, she just browsed through our pictures on the phone again. I stayed quiet in return and watched along, relieving everything all over again – as I would for some time to come, I imagined.

I imagined that and much more over the next few minutes, as Kaley and I kept looking through our album over and over. My imagination over stuff like that had….side effects, though. One of them was the beginning of a very familiar sensation down there.

Kaley saw that my cock was slowly returning to life too. Then she helped it along.

Without a word, she reached over with her free hand and got a hold of my mostly flaccid cock. Since she wasn’t talking and was still browsing our pictures with her other hand, I stayed quiet too. But between feeling her hand and looking at those photos at the same time….

….I understood how Kaley would make me less quiet in a moment.

With that understanding, I just kept looking at those hot photos while Kaley jacked me off – a deadly combination. Or at least it was building up to be.

Kaley helped it along further by giving me the phone, letting go of my cock and finally removing that skimpy top. I rushed to get my own shirt off before I forgot, although Kaley had already taken hold of me again by then.

For the next few minutes, I was torn between looking at the hot pictures of Kaley on my phone, and actually looking at a live, topless Kaley stroking me off. It probably shouldn’t have been that close a contest, I know.

“I guess you need new material on that phone now,” Kaley said. “That’s another thing I can help you with now.” Getting right down to it, Kaley went down to me – and then on me.

Although my cock wasn’t fully hard yet, Kaley still let her mouth, lips and tongue speed up the process. It took a while for me to remember I had other things to do, but when Kaley dragged her teeth down my shaft, my memory returned.

Kaley went back to just sucking as I set up the phone, then came off to show me I was indeed….fully ready for camera. She plunged her mouth back on me as I took the first picture, and luckily had her eyes closed when the flash went in her face.

I turned that off as she rubbed my cock over her face, taking a flash free picture as her lips teased my underside. I took a few more of her sliding her lips down towards my balls, then one of her looking up at me as she slipped my head between her lips.

The coup de grace was when she got into position, took hold of her breasts and had them smother my erection. I got a shot of my head peeking out between her tits, then two of her pumping me with them, and one of her sticking her tongue out over my head. At that point, I couldn’t take any more pictures with a steady hand.

Soon I wouldn’t be able to control myself in other ways either. So I forced myself to say, “Okay, I got more than enough.”

“Oh, fine,” Kaley pretended to pout over my cock and her breasts. With one more lick on my tip, and then one more trick of rubbing my shaft over her nipples, she sat back up. Almost fully naked while I actually still had my pants over my ankles.

“All right, there are other things I can do while I….cool down again,” I set up. The first thing was to finally get out of those pants. The second was to hand Kaley the phone, then get her down onto her back this time. To close, I stated, “Time for your directorial debut.”

To distract us both from how cheesy that was, I went down Kaley’s body and lowered her panties, getting them completely off this time. Then it was time to get her off again. In this case, she would be in a prime position to see me do it – and get the proof.

Like me, Kaley mainly moaned and clenched herself when I started licking her out. But before long, I heard a familiar click from my phone. Looking up to see her face behind my phone, I made a show of dragging my tongue over her pussy until she got the shot.

“Shove your head between my legs. Let me get you buried against me,” Kaley said. Not needing any further direction, I dropped my head over her pussy and licked and suckled away, while I heard groans and clicks above me. I even got my hands involved by holding her hips down.

I stayed down there, not minding that my face wasn’t getting any camera time. After all, despite the phrasing, you couldn’t literally make love to the camera. Or at least not a certain kind of love.

“Get me all over your lips, then look up,” Kaley’s voice told me. So I shook my head and lips over her pussy, got as much of her as I could on my lips, then looked up in time for Kaley to get the picture. I resisted the temptation to smile and break character.

“That’s it, you got it. Arch those lips before you lick them clean,” Kaley went on, a clear bit of amusement in her voice now. After following instructions, I was then told to, “Work those hands now,” which I interpreted as a command to finger her.

She took a few snapshots of that, then said, “Now lick me and fuck me. Do it like a good boy.”

I put my head back down, stuck my tongue out and teased whatever I wasn’t finger-fucking. Kaley groaned, clicked and ordered, “Work that tongue…..yeah, now curl that finger. Rub my juices inside my….god, fuck, that’s it! Work that finger, rub it, wiggle it, pound it….ohh!”

Kaley was moaning in pleasure, but it soon began to sound more….mirthful. That hint of amusement at spoofing fashion photographers — and likely a bunch of other photographers she’d met over the years — was turning into full hysteria. That kind of horny laughter eventually made me break character as well.

I took my finger and tongue off her, helping her catch her breath a little. When she finally got quiet, she could tell me, “Well, we sure ran that into the ground.”

Stretching jokes to their repetitive limit was a tool of the sitcom trade, but I kept that satirical joke in my head. Despite our laughter, this was supposed to be more hot than funny. But maybe the mood had broken somewhat now.

Yet Kaley went on to say, “We have more than enough to fuck ourselves for five lonely bathroom breaks now. But…..there’s some things that shouldn’t be performed for a camera. At least for a few minutes, anyway.”

“What kind of things?” I asked as if I hadn’t guessed.

“Let me finally get off this damn phone and I’ll show you,” Kaley proposed as I sat on my knees in front of her. “I’ll show you things that even technology can’t give you yet. You can see it everywhere online and in pictures, but….it’s still not the same.”

No it wasn’t.

Even if there were pictures to see of Kaley kissing me and pressing her naked body against me, it wasn’t the same as feeling it. Even if there were scandalous shots of me running my hands up and down her naked back and ass, pictures couldn’t do it the right kind of justice. Even if there was a shot online of me sucking on her tits and pushing them into my face, experiencing it dwarfed seeing it on a laptop.

Only those who’d gotten to do both at some point in their lives could know the difference. Only someone who’d done them both with someone like Kaley could really fathom it.

And when she got me to lean back against the bedroom wall, then climbed back on my lap and whispered, “I want you to fuck me right in front of me,” I could have given up iPhones forever if she’d asked me to. It might have taught me a lesson about spending so much on them, truthfully.

But she used her power merely to sink onto my cock and start riding me, as I wrapped my arms around her. I went back to sucking her tits and holding her skinny but curvy waist, while her fuller ass dropped down on me.

After a few moments, I noticed something quite ironic. On the other side of my room, there was a mirror facing the bed and over my dresser – and I could now see ourselves in that reflection. Or rather, I could see my face, and Kaley’s naked back and ass covering the rest of my body.

This actually let me see myself reach down and grab two handfuls of Kaley’s ass. I enjoyed the sight and the moans that followed from her, then let myself lightly tap her behind. Kaley didn’t object, even when I did it a bit harder.

“More….” she said instead.

I was fortunate to have enough brain power left to work out how I’d do that. But I stayed smart enough to lean over and gently suck on Kaley’s neck, before I lightly slapped her ass and watched myself do it on my mirror.

“That’s it….” she said as she kept on riding me. “I wanna feel it sting when I sit down for work tomorrow. That’ll help me remember what’s waiting for me after a long day too….” If she needed that kind of help, then….

I gave her collar bone a suckle before laying a heavier hand on her ass. I did the same to her other cheek, then took turn slapping each cheek and watching it ripple on the mirror. But before and after each slap, I gave her neck, collar bone or her shoulder a kiss or suckle, trying to balance it out somehow.

Maybe this balanced out how I was once again watching and enjoying sex through some other reflection, instead of just being 100 percent focused on what was in front of me. Yet Kaley was in front of me – pretty damn in my face, really – and I didn’t need to use technology, so that rationalized it too.

I could watch mirror Kaley and enjoy flesh and blood Kaley at the same time. I was spanking both their asses pretty seriously as well. “Oh, God, sweetie….” she cried out. “Am I getting red?”

My first instinct was to look at her in the mirror and confirmed it. Then I actually looked down below her shoulder, really looking at the ass right in front of me. As I saw it turn red and bounce, jiggle and ride my lap, I realized anew that just seeing it in a mirror or a phone wasn’t enough.

No matter how often I saw those photos or looked at her on a mirror, it didn’t compare to seeing it, or her, writhing inches from my face. A sight I would see a lot less of for the immediate future. And here I was, not really looking right at it before then.

“Yeah,” I remembered to ask her question. “But I can kiss it and make it better.”

It was a little easier than it should have been to get Kaley off my lap. It was worth it when she got back on all fours and I went behind her, bending my head down to press it against her more sensitive ass. And I did it without looking at it in a mirror, or planning to take pictures of it.

Now my focus was on having her in front of my eyes alone, with nothing else to distract me. Nothing to block my view of kissing and gently rubbing the red parts of her ass. Nothing to divide my attention from kissing the ample, still freshly pink parts of it. And nothing else for me to do but kiss and lick the wet treasure below those cheeks.

Yet this wasn’t all I had to do without technology or a mirror.

Next I had to get Kaley on her back, while hopefully she didn’t feel too bad of a sting sitting on her ass. She hissed a bit, but she sounded half horny anyway. In any case, she laid down spread eagle, with her long parted legs, dripping pussy, heaving round breasts, flushed blond head and hungry green eyes waiting for my next move.

It was something you just had to see unobstructed with your own eyes. So was the sight of me driving my cock right back into her. And holding onto her tits as I fucked her deeper and faster.

Maybe hearing her say “Fuck me,” and “Make me cum,” would sound and feel the same on a porn video. I hadn’t recorded us doing anything, so I couldn’t say for sure. She was bucking and tightening around me too much for me to find out.

I did notice the phone lying beside us, staying in place even as the bed shook. Kaley saw me noticing it too before long. She did a bit more by reaching over and taking the phone, though.

I really didn’t want to stop and ask questions, though, or point out that I didn’t need to use that anymore. But she still found a use for it, pointing and clicking at me fucking her and at me holding her breasts. Then she pulled her hips back, put my wet cock into view and got a picture of that resting on top of her pussy too.

“There….last ones, I swear,” Kaley promised. She then shifted her hips and my cock to insert them back together, and I couldn’t question her.

Instead, I promised, “Next time you see my cock, it’ll be covered in your cum.”

“Yeah….oh yeah….I gotta see that with my own eyes,” she admitted. “Fuck me and make me see….”

I was pretty glad I wasn’t holding a phone now – leaving my hands free to work on Kaley’s pussy. From rubbing her lips as they surrounded my cock, to running my fingers lightly and teasingly through her hair, it was another point for living in the moment.

Kaley merely ran up the score by bucking her hips, seemingly trying to milk us both. I was trying to get her off first, yet with the way her hips and boobs swayed, it might be a draw at best. Yet she wanted her cum on my cock, so I had to ride it out.

I had one more idea in the meantime that didn’t involve pictures. I left my left hand between Kaley’s legs, grasped her right tit with my free hand, then fell down and started biting and suckling. Between that, my hand work and my hip work, Kaley made it sound like she reached her breaking point.

“Oh, fuck, shit! Hands, cock, fuck!” Kaley babbled. “I’m almost….oh, get up, let me see me cum!”

I still took a few more nips and suckles from her breast before propping myself back up. Yet my hands quickly went right back where they were, stroking her pussy and nipples and waiting to feel her cum. Hearing her say, “Fuck, I’m cumming!” was another tip off.

Kaley arched her hips and let herself cum off camera, while I let her go and couldn’t do much of anything else. I stayed still and let her cum all over me, keeping it from making me cum myself.

However, when her hips came down, I quickly went out of her and plopped onto my back. Kaley could probably see my wet, barely restrained cock from there, I assumed. My eyes were closed, so I couldn’t tell right away.

I let myself savor the wetness on my shaft for a few seconds, before trying to get my mind off it. Yet I then felt something more metallic go into my hands. When I opened my eyes and saw my phone back in my hand, I felt an even greater wetness on my erection – this one coming from Kaley’s tongue.

Kaley licked herself and me up and down, in a sight I really should have gotten on camera. As it was, it was difficult enough to take it and set it up while she made me ready to cum. But somehow, I was ready just as Kaley closed her lips around me and hummed and suckled to both our content.

My content then started to explode right in her mouth. And yet you couldn’t tell from the picture I got of her swallowing.

On the surface, it merely looked like she was just sucking me off. Without any drops of cum coming out, and with her eyes closed like normal, it was like a normal blowjob. In the future, I could almost trick myself into believing I wasn’t filling Kaley’s mouth with long streams of cum in this shot.

But while this picture would lie, Kaley didn’t. Not when she audibly gulped me down, popped off and finished licking me clean. She brought me back to life this way, at least partly, and now it was coming full circle.

As groan inducing as that sounds when you think about, it’s better than saying she was giving my erection a final sendoff.

There’d be enough of those after this night.

When we were done, or at least when we couldn’t get it up anymore after browsing through the pictures, we felt pretty secure after all. I did, anyway. Looking through those pics did get me through a few work bathroom breaks, and even a few long nights apart.

But despite how my fears of growing apart were beaten that night, they were still prophetic after all.

When things ran their course, and when Kaley found her apparent dream guy/future husband soon after, those pictures of happier, hotter times became a weight around my neck. Seeing them to remember those better times, and solve untimely erections in a hurry, could only help so much.

I wanted to delete them all at one point, and leak them at a….much lower, drunken point I wasn’t proud of. It was after that night that I took all the naked pictures off my phone and my iCloud, and printed them out instead.

Without them on my phone, and with the pictures unleakable and locked up in my home, it was a key part of the healing process. Soon enough, having pictures on my phone of her fully/partly clothed in happier times wasn’t so bad. And when I was in a nostalgic, dirty mood at night, taking those pictures out of my safe became merely hot again.

It turned out I got those filthy pictures off my cloud just in time in other ways too. I can only assume she got lucky the same way.

Or those hackers got shut down before they could leak the naked sex stuff. Luckily the public saw enough of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton to not realize what else they’d missed out on.