Becky Gomez – My Brother’s Hot Girl

It was my first time meeting my older brother’s new girlfriend so you can imagine my surprise when Becky greeted me at the door in nothing more than an over-sized t-shirt. My eyes were immediately drawn to her prominent pokies as she excitedly invited me in.

I’d seen photos of her of course but I was so stunned by the sexy minx and her lack of clothing, I couldn’t help but check her out as she rushed down the hall to fetch my brother and I almost started drooling at the ass on her, her shirt pulled tight around it and making me wonder if she was even wearing any underwear.

The moment my brother, Sebastian showed his face however I forced my guilty, inappropriate thoughts about his girlfriend from my mind and gratefully accepted the cold beer he was handing me.

“Nice place,” I commented as he gave me the quick tour of his small mansion – a far cry from the living arrangements I was used to.

As friendly and sweet as she was, I was actually thankful when Seb’s sexy, distracting girlfriend left us alone to catch up. With our work schedules it had been a long time – years even – since we’d hung out and now I had a whole week crashing at his place like old times.

With drinks flowing, it wasn’t long before Becky re-joined us, cuddling up to my brother on the sofa opposite me as she showed us she was more than capable at keeping up with us as far as alcohol was involved.

Unfortunately the more buzzed I got the more difficult it became not to leer my Becky’s bare naked legs and it didn’t help matters that she was constantly fidgeting and repeatedly at risk of flashing me an accidental upskirt.

I wasn’t the only one under the influence of the alcohol. It quickly became apparent that the more she drank, the cruder and louder she got, making several inappropriate comments that Seb had to shush her for and constantly bringing up the topic of sex.

“So what’s your story?” she directed at me. “No girlfriend to bring with you? We have plenty of space!”

“Nah, nothing like that right now, work keeps me too busy,” I explained with a shrug.

“Aww, poor baby,” she pouted. “Fuck work, you need to make time for fun!”

“Easier said than done in my line of work.”

“Well you’re cute and you’ve got a whole week off now, I’m sure I could hook you up with one of my friends,” she smirked with a wink.

“Alright,” Seb interjected. “Do we really have to discuss my little brother’s sex life?”

To be honest I was thankful for the interruption, as tempting as Becky’s offer was, I was growing uneasy as she began giving me odd looks, almost checking me out. I had to assume she was simply deciding which of her friend’s I’d be best suited for but the more she looked at me, as if she was undressing me with her eyes, the more dirty thoughts I had and the more uncomfortable I felt until I suddenly decided to call it a night.

“You mind if I grab a quick shower before I head up?” I asked, getting to my feet.

“Go head, make yourself at home, there should be clean towels in the bathroom,” Seb nodded, almost half-asleep himself.

I was frustrated to discover the bathroom had a broken lock. While I was going to shower, what I really wanted was to beat off like a mad man to my brother’s hot girlfriend but wouldn’t dare if either one of them might drunkenly stumble in and catch me in the act.

I jumped in the shower nonetheless but despite my concerns about one of them walking in on me, I didn’t even hear Becky enter until she spoke, startling me and almost making me slip and break my neck.

“Jesus!” Becky gasped. “Why can’t that thing run in the family?!”

“Fucking hell, what are you doing in here?!” I panted, trying and failing to cover up my obscene, uncontrollable hard-on.

“I could ask you the same thing,” she giggled, her dark, mischievous eyes not once leaving my erect member.

“Nothing, just showering,” I replied honestly but she clearly didn’t believe me.

“Relax, I don’t mind really,” Becky smiled before stepping up to the side of the tub and gently pulling my hand away. “Mmm, not so ‘little’ brother after all, eh?”

I gulped, finding myself unable to resist her as she openly admired my package.

“What are you doing?” I muttered uneasily. “Where’s Seb?”

“Tidying up,” she replied distractedly. “I just thought I’d come check on you…I was curious.”


“You really think I didn’t notice the bulge in your pants? And the way you were checking me out all night? I’m your brother’s girlfriend, I could get you into a whole lotta trouble.”

“Likewise,” I countered to which she cocked an eyebrow.

“Orrr…we could keep this between us?”

Before I could reply, Becky’s eyes met mine just as she reached out and ran one of her manicured fingers up the length of my shaft from base to tip, making me shudder as she teased me.


“Shh, shut up…just let me,” the petite starlet whispered, dropping to her knees. “Fucking hell, this thing’s almost the size of my forearm!”

“We really shouldn’t be doing this…what if Seb walks in?” I complained as his girlfriend continued to marvel my manhood.

“Do you really want me to stop? Just say so and I will,” she told me flatly. “Otherwise I want to find out how much of this thing I can fit in my mouth!”

I couldn’t believe the gall of the girl but my lack of resistance made me just as guilty. Unfortunately it had been some time since I’d had any action, let alone with a sexy, feisty twenty-year-old so although I opened my mouth with every intention of stopping her, my voice failed me the moment her sweet lips wrapped tightly around my cock.

“Mmm—we’re going to enjoy this,” she giggled, playfully biting the head of my cock.

But it was then, just as it was getting interesting, that my drunk brother knocked on the door.

“Becky?! You in there?” he called out, his voice slurred.

“Ah shit!” she hissed, quickly standing up and pulling the shower curtain across to hide me. “I’ll get rid of him.”

Despite the sound of the running shower, I barely dared to breathe or move a muscle as Becky opened the door and put on the sweet girlfriend act.

“—yeah he’s gone up to bed, I just figured I’d grab a quick shower too.” I heard her saying. “Why don’t you head up, I’ll be there in a minute?”

“I dunno, why don’t I give you a hand in here?”

My heart was racing as I listened to the couple kiss and stumble into the bathroom just a couple of feet away from me. From the sounds of their whispers and giggles, it didn’t seem my brother was taking no for an answer until Becky ultimately offered a compromise.

They fell quiet for a moment until I plucked up enough courage to peek through the gap in the curtain where I was floored to see Becky back on her knees with my brother’s cock buried deep down her throat!

She really was an insatiably little slut, I thought to myself. Watching her carry on, I almost had half the mind to burst out of the shower and spit-roast her then and there on the bathroom floor but common sense prevailed.

Despite the awkward situation I’d found myself in, I couldn’t help but feel more than a little smug when I realised I was in fact almost twice the size of my older brother – no wonder his girlfriend had been so enamoured with me.

It was clear Becky was trying to make him cum as quickly as possible and I suspected she knew I’d be watching and was putting on a real show for my benefit. It was one of the most intense, sloppy blowjobs I’d ever seen that wouldn’t go amiss in a dirty porno.

“Holy shit Becky!” my brother groaned, leaning back against the counter. “—what the fuck’s gotten into you?!”

“I want your cum babe!” she purred. “I’m gonna swallow every last drop!”

My brother’s eyes rolled back and he became incapable at stringing a coherent sentence together as he began to buck and thrust into her open mouth before gasping as he came hard, deep down her throat.

“Mmmm…thanks babe, now how about you go lie down and I’ll come up to bed as soon as I’m done down here?” the cunning minx grinned sweetly before kissing my dazed, spent brother on the cheek.

Naturally this time he didn’t argue and obediently left at which point Becky spun on her heels to see me watching.

“Enjoy the show?”

“You’re crazy, you know that, right?”

“So? What are you gonna do about it?”

I lost my voice again as the sexy tease finally shrugged off her over-sized shirt and dropped it to the floor leaving her to stand before me utterly naked and confirming my earlier suspicions about her lack of underwear.

At this point, it didn’t come as much of a surprise that she possessed the sweetest little shaved taco I’d seen in a long time and we both immediately knew what each other wanted as she stepped into the shower to join me where I eagerly went down on her.

Becky gasped as she leaned back against the slippery wall and lifted one leg to rest over my shoulder, offering her cunt for me to feast on. While I started with gentle, teasing ministrations, I soon couldn’t hold back and plunged my tongue inside her, making her groan above me and buck her hips into my face until I brought a finger up and slid it in to fingerblast her wet pussy..

“Oh-shiiit! Don’t stop,” she pleaded, her body already trembling. “I’m fucking close…”

I had no intention of stopping but while her eyes were closed and she was lost in her own world, I suddenly stood up, held one of her legs up and abruptly stuffed her tight pussy with my cock.

Becky’s eyes snapped open and grew to the size of saucers as I stretched her out to her petite, twenty-year-old limit, feeding her every inch of the biggest cock she’d ever had.

“Jesus—fuck-that’s amazing,” she groaned wantonly. “Keep going, gimme that big cock!”

I didn’t go easy on her and roughly pounded her good and hard in the shower. A part of me knew this was wrong – fucking my own brother’s girlfriend – but I refused to let common sense settle in. It just felt too good to stop.

Strangely enough, the rougher I was and the more I manhandled the young starlet, the more turned on she seemed to get and she gave as good as she got. While I pulled her hair and squeezed and played with her large, natural tits, she wrapped her arms around me and raked her nails up my back while she gasped and moaned in my ear.

Soon enough we got tired and were forced to slow down our intense fucking at which point we almost fell out of the shower in our rush to get out and change up positions. Becky was keen to take charge this time and had me lie down on the bathroom floor where she eagerly straddled my cock reverse-cowgirl style where she offered me my first good look at her impressive bubble butt.

“I’m gonna ride this big cock until you cum,” she purred as she impaled herself again.

It was quickly apparent this was her favourite position by the way she rode me like a professional pornstar and encouraged me when I thrust up into her.

“Ugh—yeah, give it to me! Spank me!” she growled. “Fuck your little slut!”

I did as she asked, giving each cheek a sharp, stinging slap which only made her wetter and up the tempo.

“Yeah? You like my ass?” she smirked over her shoulder. “Maybe when I’m done with your brother later I’ll sneak into your room and let you fuck it!”

“Fuck. I might not be able to wait…” I snarled back. “Might have to tell Seb what you’ve been up to, then we can both punish you together.”

“Nggh—oh-fuck—gonna spit-roast me? Fuck me in both my holes at the same time?”

Becky’s voice trailed off as she got lost in her fantasy and abruptly came a moment later, forced to cover her mouth to stifle her sudden shriek. Feeling her vice-like cunt squeeze down broke me as well and with a low grunt I joined her over the precipice, pulling out just in time to glaze her perfect ass with several thick ropes of cum.