Hypno Celeb – Kim Basinger

Kim Basinger frowned and pulled up the black dress she wore.
She was trying outfits out for the Oscars while Alec was at a
production meeting. Getting an outfit was bad enough, but the
fact she might actually win an award added to the pressure. Her
blond hair flowed past her shoulders and she kicked off the high
heels she wore, throwing them onto a growing pile near the
She paced the living room of her house, trying to keep her
breathing even. It wasn’t until she’d won the Golden Globe that
the possibility of an Oscar for “L.A. Confidential” became real.
She suddenly found herself wishing she was among the regular
celebrities in the crowd, the ones who could watch in patience,
not having to worry about the pressure. It was overwhelming and
she knew, win or lose, she was going to cry when the award was
presented. If she didn’t, she’d burst.
A knock on the door interrupted Kim’s musings. She walked
through the palatial living room and opened it to see a young man
wearing a white shirt and shorts standing there, a dress bag hung
over his shoulder. His blond hair was apparent under his cap and
he seemed in good shape. “Ms. Basinger? I’m Tim. I was sent to
deliver some outfits to you?”
“Oh, right, come on in,” Kim said, standing aside so Tim
could enter. “Just throw those on the chair, that’ll be fine.”
“Nervous about the big night?”
“Does it show?”
“I’ve delivered to women in your position before. I’ve seen
them all nervous. Well, except for Juliette Binoche, Marisa Tomei
and Anna Paquin. Go figure.”
“Any advice?” Kim said, taking a deep breath.
“Well, whenever I get nervous, I use this.” Tim reached into
his pocket and pulled out a small medallion attached to a chain.
Kim looked at it as it caught the light. It seemed to be a
kaleidoscope of some sort, patterns of color moving in lines,
merging together. “What does it do?” Kim asked.
“It helps me take my mind off things,” Tim explained. “See,
the patterns move slowly and gently. Very soothing, very
relaxing. You see them and you’re caught instantly. You watch as
they pulse and move, pulse and move, like wonderful windmills of
color. You watch as they move, around and around, in and out of
one another. The colors shift and merge, shift and merge. It’s so
relaxing just to watch the pretty waves turn, so relaxing. So
soothing. It just feels so good to let all the worries drift
away. Away with the wonderful waves.”
Kim’s eyes were firmly fixed to the medallion, her face
slightly flushed, but relaxed, her breathing even as Tim’s words
took hold. “So relaxing, Kim, so soothing. Just keep watching the
waves of color, watch them swim and merge, swim and merge and you
feel so very, very relaxed. All your worries are leaving you,
Kim, all your tension is leaving you. No more pressures, Kim. You
don’t feel any more pressure or worries or tension. You feel calm
and serene. Do you like that feeling, Kim?”
“Yes,” she whispered, her eyes stuck to the medallion.
“Good. Keep watching the waves, Kim. Watch the waves and
listen to my voice and you won’t have any more tension. You feel
so relaxed, Kim. Very relaxed. You feel sleepy, Kim. Very sleepy.
It’s all right, let it come. Don’t fight it. You don’t want to
fight it. You want to sleep so much, Kim. You’re so sleepy. You
can’t keep your eyes open any longer. You have to sleep. You want
to sleep. Just let your eyes close, Kim. Let them close and fall
into a nice, wonderful sleep.”
Kim’s eyes fluttered closed and her head slumped onto her
chest. Smiling, Tim pocketed the medallion and continued to speak
in a low, commanding tone. “Kim, are you relaxed now?”
“You like being this relaxed, Kim?”
“Would you do anything I say if it makes you feel this
relaxed, Kim?”
Her inviting lips went into a slight frown.
“Kim, you feel so relaxed, so at ease. You’d do anything to
stay this relaxed, Kim. Isn’t that true?”
“You will do anything I tell you to in order to remain this
relaxed, wouldn’t you?”
“If I told you you were feeling very excited, you’d feel it,
wouldn’t you?”
“If I said you were feeling horny, you’d feel it, wouldn’t
“Do you want me to fuck you, Kim?”
Tim was completely undressed by this point, his hard cock
ready to plunge into Kim. He began to slip the dress off of her,
pushing it down her shoulders and waist. She wore no bra and as
he slid off her dark panties, he let his hands feel her smooth
skin. For a 45-year old woman, she was in beautiful shape. He
took her by the neck and kissed her. She was slow to respond, her
reactions dulled by the hypnotic state she was in, but she did
manage to answer him, wrapping her tongue around his and pressing
herself against him. He felt her breasts pushed against his chest
and he nearly came as his cock touched her thigh. But he held
back, waiting.
He took her into the bedroom, placing her by the bed.
“Kneel,” he commanded. She obediently went to her knees on the
mattress. He stuck his hard member in her face and gave her a
command. “Suck it.” She took the rod in her hands and began to
mouth it, pushing it down her throat. He moaned as he felt her
hands on his ass, the nails touching the asshole. He pushed
himself forward slightly, as if willing his semen along. She
licked the tip of the cock, tasting the long tendrils of cum that
begin to come out of it. She pulled it down deeper in her throat
and her lips tickled the cock as she did. He shot his wad down
her throat and kept his cock inside until she had swallowed it
He pushed her onto her back and straddled her. Her breasts
weren’t huge, but they were enough for him to play with,
squeezing the mounds as he plunged his cock into her pussy. She
moaned with delight, her arousal turned on full blast by her
entranced state. He began to pump her, his cock sliding in and
out of her vagina as he went to work. He kissed one nipple as he
continued, thrusting in and out of the blonde star, enjoying her
increasing cries as she felt herself build up. He pushed her
deeper into the bed as he felt himself building to release,
kissing each of her breasts in succession. He brought his face to
hers and gave her a long, wet kiss. They were kissing when they
orgasmed, their cries muffled as they shoved their tongues into
each other’s mouths. It was an incredible feeling for both.
Pulling his cock out, Tim glanced at his watch. Damn,
Baldwin’s meeting was going to be ending soon and he couldn’t
stay here. He grabbed a towel from the bathroom and wiped off
Kim’s mouth and clit. “Kim, follow me.” He led her back into the
living room and had her put her dress back on. “Kim, when the
door closes, you’ll wake up. You won’t remember anything that has
happened here. If you do remember anything, it will simply be a
dream about Alec. A dream. The dresses have just been delivered
and that is all you will remember. Understand?” At Kim’s nod, Tim
moved forward and gave her a kiss to remember her by. He then
walked out, shutting the door behind him. He went back to his
van, shaking his head. “I love Oscar season.”