Ronda Rousey Gets Rowdy

The ESPY’s had only been over for a few minutes when I entered the crowded hotel ballroom where the ESPY post-show party was being held.

I had managed to snag a pair of tickets to this event through a friend in a high place on the Hollywood social ladder, and truth be told, I had been hoping to use them to see if I could “score” with one of the hot athletes at the show.

My best friend Mike, who was also a huge sports fan, had agreed to come with me so that I could use the second ticket, and while we had been scoping out Alex Morgan for a while, we decided to move on and see what (or who) else we could find when we spotted the apple of everyone’s mind at the moment, the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey.

The party was mostly filled with the beautiful people of Hollywood, but Ronda seemed to enjoy being by herself at the party, a fact that hadn’t gone unnoticed by us, as despite all of the “beautiful people” at this thing, Ronda seemed to enjoy the company of her fans more than all of the celebrities that were there.

“Excuse me? Miss Rousey? Hi. The name’s John, and this is my friend Mike, We’re kind of shy, so forgive us for waiting so long to talk to you,” I began, tapping her on the shoulder to get her attention as Ronda looked us over, sipping on some tequila as she did so.

“Yeah, but we’re big fans, and we were hoping to get your autograph?” Mike chimed in, both of us bracing for the possibility that she would mistake our request as a way of trying to hit on her that would result in a broken arm for both of us.

“I noticed you guys looking at me a little bit earlier, and to be honest, it kind of made me hot that out of all the athletes in this room, you would set your sights on me,” she told us, slurring her words a little as she pulled us into a corner of the room and continued the conversation.

“Is there any chance we could maybe get MORE than an autograph then tonight Ronda?” I asked her, sensing how drunk and vulnerable the world’s most dangerous woman seemed to be at that point and going in for the kill.

“I don’t think either of you could handle me,” she whispered in my ear, feeling between my legs and grabbing my dick as she rubbed Mike’s arm.

“We’d be willing to try,” I teased her, just about to lean in for a kiss when she pulled away and gave me the spare key to her hotel room.

“Not here. But if you come up to the room in a few minutes, I’ll be ready for you,” she told us, squeezing both of our dicks through our pants as she pulled out her phone and sent a text message to someone on it.

About half an hour later, we arrived at Ronda’s room, still not knowing what to expect, so we were quite surprised when she answered the door and let us in.

“Ah. So the two guys who think they can handle me have decided to come back for more,” she teased us as she led us into her room, closing the door behind her as she produced two pairs of handcuffs from the closet in the room.

“W-what are those for Ronda?” Mike asked her, wanting to run, but not getting the chance to before Ronda grabbed each of us and judo threw us to the bed, handcuffing each of us to one of the bed posts once she had us where she wanted us.

“You boys clearly want my pussy, and I made a promise to myself that I would fuck one guy tonight for every one of these I won. Since I won two of them that means you’re both getting lucky tonight. If you do everything I say,” she teased us as she pointed to her awards, clearly getting off on being in charge in the bedroom as much as she got off on being in charge in the octagon.

“Y-yes R-Ronda,” I responded to her as she climbed on top of me and pulled my pants down, smirking as she wrapped her hands around my dick.

“I’m gonna blow both of you while you’re handcuffed to the bed. And if you cum before I tell you to, this is all you’re getting,” she playfully warned us as she lowered her mouth around my dick, starting to suck me off better than I had ever been sucked off in my life.

“F-fuck…” I hissed as Ronda worked me over, deep-throating me and playing with my balls as she sucked me off, looking up at me every now and then and winking at me while she did it.

“If you want to put some of your cum inside of me, where it’s meant to be, later on, I suggest you don’t blow your load just yet baby,” she whispered to me as she went back to work on my dick, her hands holding it in place as blew me close to orgasm.

“I bet you REALLY want to cum right now, don’t you?” she teased me, licking the head of my cock as she worked me over, my hips jerking into her face as I somehow tried to stop myself from cumming.

“Good boy. You deserve a break. So let’s see if your friend over here will be getting just as lucky tonight,” she teased me when she pulled her mouth off of my dick just seconds before I would’ve popped down her throat, winking at me as she crawled over to Mike and started to blow him.

“Let’s see how much self-control you have big boy,” she teased Mike as she lowered her mouth around his dick, her hands holding it in place as she started to go to town on him.

“OHGOD. Suck…it…R-Ronda. Fuck…” he whispered as she blew him, his ships starting to push forward into her face as she deep-throated him and ran her tongue over his dick, moaning every now and then to add to his discomfort.

“If you want to cum, go ahead and cum. And your friend over there will be the only one to get inside my goldmine,” she teased him, going back to work on his dick as he threw his head back and lurched his hips into her face.

“FUCK. I made it,” Mike moaned when he felt Ronda stop sucking his dick and pull away from him, breathing another sigh of relief when she walked over to him and released him from his handcuffs before doing the same to me.

“Now it’s time to really have some fun,” she teased us as she worked us out of our clothes, our hands running over her body as we sipped her out of her dress and laid her down on the bed.

“Holy shit what a body you have,” I whispered to her as we slid her panties off of her and unhooked her bra, Mike starting to make out with her as I parted her legs and ran my tongue along her cunt lips.

“MMM…lick me baby. You earned it,” Ronda hissed as my tongue slid into her pussy, her walls immediately wrapping around it and pulling it deeper inside of her as Mike made out with her and sucked on her tits.

“Right…there…FUCK YES,” she hissed when my tongue found a sensitive spot inside of her, her legs wrapping around my head as I ate her out some more, backing my tongue out of her and quickly replacing it with my dick.

“Let’s give you something a little bigger to wrap this tight cunt of yours around Ronda,” I teased her as I parted her legs and slid my dick inside of her, Mike sucking on her tits and keeping her occupied as my dick started to tear up her insides.

“MMM…FUCK. Fuck me,” Ronda moaned as I thrust in and out of her, her legs going up on my shoulders as she twisted her hips around my dick.

“GODDAMN you’re tight Ronda. I’m not gonna last too much longer baby,” I told her as I hammered my dick home inside of her, her walls clinging to my dick as Mike laid down next to her and waited for me to finish up with her.

“Fuck me with that dick. Oh my fucking God I’m gonna cum,” Ronda shouted, throwing her head back when I found her g-spot, her legs leaving my shoulders and wrapping them around my waist as she came for me, her cunt juices spewing out over my dick as I thrust away inside of her.

“Ronda, tell me where to cum baby. Gonna blow soon,” I whispered to her as I buried myself balls-deep inside of her as she arched her back and threw her head back once more.

“Inside me. Please,” she begged me as I gave her a few more thrusts and blew my load into her, gobs of my cum shooting into her pussy as I held myself within her until I had completely emptied myself inside of her.

“I’m gonna need a minute Ronda,” I joked to her as I rolled off of her, still feeling the pressure of her spasming cunt around my dick even as she pinned Mike to the bed and climbed on top of him, lowering her pussy down around his dick.

“SHIT. Ride me Ronda,” Mike begged her as Ronda teased him, lowering herself down around his dick and then lifting up before finally going all the way and starting to bounce up and down on his hard cock.

“You can’t handle me,” she teased him as she rode him, once again enjoying being the one in charge.

“I bet I can,” Mike teased her back, grinding his dick deep into her pussy as Ronda rode him even harder, throwing her head back and grinding her pussy onto his dick.

“OHGOD, right there. Fuck that feels good,” she hissed suddenly when Mike sharply thrust his dick up into her, locating her g-spot and beginning to sharply thrust into her at that soot inside of her.

“G-gonna c-cum. OHGOD YES,” she moaned, her eyes rolling back into her head as she went limp and shot her cum out all over Mike’s dick as she started to bounce up and down on it again, her breath growing more and more ragged as he started to cum inside of her.

“OHGODYES. Gonna cum in you Ronda,” he whispered as he blew his load into her, her body tensing up in another orgasm as he fired his cum into her in thick, sticky streams, finally pulling out of her after losing every last drop of it inside of her.

“Now it’s time to ask you a question, Ronda. Can you handle both of us at the same time?” I teased her as all three of us got up and started a three-way make out session in the middle of the floor, Ronda wrapping her legs around my waist as I lined my dick up with her pussy once more and Mike slid into her ass.

“OHGOD. This is so fucking hot,” she whispered as I started thrusting into her pussy, her walls wrapping around my dick yet again as Mike started to thrust into her ass, tearing up her anal walls just as I was her vaginal ones.

“We’re gonna wear you out baby. This won’t be over until you’re the one tapping for us,” Mike told her as we double-teamed her, her tight, athletic body rocking back and forth as we ravaged her holes with our dicks.

“FUCK YES. Tear up my pussy, Fuck my ass,” she purred, her legs hooking into my back even tighter as my dick plunged as deep into her pussy as it could go while Mike’s dick sank deep into her ass.

“We’re gonna cum,” both of us said in unison as Ronda rocked back and forth on our dicks, a trickle of her cunt juice running down my dick once more as I shot a thick, sticky load of cum into her pussy and Mike filled up her ass with a load of his cum.

“Time to switch so I can get some of your tight ass,” I told her as I pulled out of her cunt, Mike removing his dick from her ass as we bent her over the dresser and slid out dicks into her holes again.

“FUCK. Such a tight fucking ass,” I moaned when I started thrusting into Ronda’s ass and felt her snug anal cavity pulling on my dick as Mike’s dick plunged in and out of her pussy.

“MMM,” Ronda purred as she threw her head back, her body tensing up as yet another orgasm fast approached.

“Cum for us Ronda. Then tap for us baby. Cause we’re the ones in charge now,” I teased her as she stiffened up and came all over Mike’s dick, her satisfied moans filling the room as he shot his last load of cum into her cunt, followed up a few seconds later by me cumming deep in her ass.

“OHGODOHGODYES. FUCK,” Ronda hissed as she came once again, her body being wracked by near-constant orgasms as we filled her up and pulled out of her, Ronda falling forward and slapping her hand on my leg as we did so.

“Well, I guess you guys knew how to handle me after all. Think I’ll give you something a little better than just a simple autograph to remember me by,” she whispered as she laid on the bed with us, making out with us for a few minutes before reaching for her dress and panties and autographing them for us while we got dressed.

“And thanks for getting “rowdy” with us Ronda,” we joked with her when we saw her sign the words “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey on the garments, sharing a laugh with her when she turned around to hand them to us.

“One of you can keep the dress. The other one can keep my panties. But now you both have permanent reminders of tonight,” she told us as she kissed us both one last time and walked us to the door.

“And we got to “autograph” your pussy and ass, so you’ll always have a little reminder of us, too, Ronda,” we teased her as we left her hotel room, still trying to process everything that had happened that night.

But every now and then when I get ready to settle in and watch Ronda kick someone’s ass, I think back to that night and smile, knowing I got to spend a night with the woman that most guys would kill for a night with, knowing most of them never will.

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