Ally McBeal’s juicy week

Hi, my name is Elaine. I work at Fish-Cage and Associates law
firm as a secretary. I have made many inventions over the
years, but all had failed. Some of them were brilliant, but
they just never caught on. But my newest invention is my
masterpiece. I have found a way to make mind control work. By
sending subliminal messages over the music system I can slowly
alter the mind of an individual. Will it work? There are no
guarantees, but this should work. I decided to test it on one
of my co-workers. After much contemplation, I have decided to
try it on Ally. She is the one who has treated me the worst of
all the lawyers. She is so condescending and so beautiful, she
gets all the guys. All that bitch has to do is give that sweet
innocent smile and she gets what she wants. It would be fun to
make her a submissive woman. One who would do anything I say. I
wonder if she has ever been with a woman? Anyways, I decide
that tonight I would make the first tape to play for Ally. This
tape will be a simple first message. {Ally, you want to be nice
to Elaine} It would repeat all day. I can’t wait to see what

So the day went by uneventful as I played the tape all day.
Unfortunately, Ally was at trial the majority of the day. I did
notice that Ally looked at me odd as she left for trial. She
came back at 4:40, but only to grab some things she needed to
prepare for another case. As she left she did manage to say
“Have a good night Elaine.” I simply smiled back at her as she
left. Of course, there was no definite way to know if the tape
worked yet. I would play it again tomorrow. She would be gone
all morning, but was suppose to be back in the afternoon.

I spent last night masturbating about Ally on her knees
munching on my box.

Yummy! Anyways, Ally returned from her case after lunch and
came over to me. She was dressed in one of her sexy outfits
that she used to tease the male judges. This one was a short,
black skirt, with beige nylons, black three inch pumps and a
white blouse that did a good job of displaying her rather large
breasts. She loved to tease. She knew she had an amazing body
and used it to her advantage in court. That is why I found it
hard to understand how she never seemed to be able to have a
relationship that worked. Anyways, I’m off topic(I tend to do
that a lot).

She walked over to me and said “Hi Elaine, how are you doing

Quickly I wonder if the tape has already affected her. She
almost never asks me how I am doing. I reply, “I’m doing well
thanks. I put your mail on your desk and you are suppose to
call Mr. Watkins as soon as possible.”

“Oh good, he probably has the plea bargain for me. Thanks
Elaine your an angel” says Ally as she gives me a smile. She
walks into her office and I watch her firm ass wiggle till she
closes the door. It must be working. She has never called me
angel or for that matter even thanked me for giving her a
message. I think it is time for the second tape. I think she is
ready for the next level. I hope so.

Well last night I made the second tape. This tape will make it
almost certain wether the tapes are working or not. It is a
simple message: {Ally, your feet are sore, you want to keep
your shoes off while in the office} Today Ally’s schedule was
pretty tame and she should be in the office all day. If I see
her walking around the office without shoes on, I will know the
tapes are working. If her shoes are on all day then I can
probably assume the tapes are a failure. Now, now Elaine, have
faith in yourself. Anyways, Ally showed up around nine and
stayed in her office till she called me into her office just
after 10:30. As I walked in I see Ally at her desk writing
something down.

Ally looked up and said “Elaine, I really need the Bergen file.
Could you be a sweetheart and get it for me.”

I try to somehow see if she has her shoes on, but I can not
because of the position of her desk. I reply “Sure,” be back in
a moment. I leave excited as I go and grab the file. As I am
retrieving the file I come up with a plan. I will simply go to
the desk to give her the file and I will accidently drop it on
the floor at the side of her desk. That way when I bend down to
pick it up I will be able to see her feet. I am giddy with
anticipation. Damn it, where the hell is the file? After a
couple of minutes I finally find the file and I head back to
Ally’s office. I walk into her office and walk to her desk. As
planned, I drop the file on the floor to the left of her desk.
I bend down to grab the file and Ally stands up and walks over
to assist me. I look and see 10 beautiful, exquisite toes, just
inches from me. Toenails that are painted bright red and feet
that are covered in black nylon. I smile. My panties are
drenched instantly. Ally bends down to assist me. I want to
grab her, throw her on her back and dive into her pussy. But, I
don’t. Someone once said that patience is a virtue. I don’t
know about that, but I now know that the tapes are working.

I hand Ally the file. She gets up and smiles “Thanks Elaine.”
I reply “Your welcome, anything else I can do for you?”
“No thanks. This should keep me busy for the rest of the day.”
Ally goes back to work and I slowly leave the office. I go
straight to the bathroom and go into one of the stalls. I
quickly begin masturbating and as soon as I touch my clit I
orgasm. I continue working on my pussy for a couple more
minutes, till I hear someone come into the washroom. I compose
myself and flush the toilet. I get up and leave my stall. “Oh
hi Georgia.” I say as I see Georgia looking into the mirror,
doing her hair.

“Hi Elaine,” replies Georgia with a bit of irritation in her

I go to the sink and wash my hands. I look at Georgia and say
“Your hair looks fine Georgia. I wish I had hair like you.”
Georgia gives a faint smile and replies “Thanks, your hair is
nice too. I would love to have your curls.”

I know she is just saying that. Georgia is so hot. Ally is
cute, which is sexy; Georgia is a complete sexual sensation. A
beautiful face, a thin body, with perfect curves and long
luscious legs. The thing is Georgia knows she is beautiful. She
will be mine yet I think as I think about the tapes. I leave
the washroom and go back to my desk. I have a hard time
focusing as I contemplate on what to do next. I know that I am
still days away from my final goal, I can not go to fast. One
day at a time.

Right before lunch I see Ally leave her office for lunch. I see
that she has her shoes in her left hand as she leaves the
office. I smile. This is easy. I think what the hell and decide
to make a tape during lunch. I sneak into one of the conference
room and make the tape. This one was just another simple
suggestion: {Ally, you respect Elaine, you think the world of
her opinion} I smile as I think of the possibilities. If this
tape worked she would be coming to me.

Damn bitch. She never did return for the afternoon. She phoned
and said that she had to meet with clients. The tape would have
to wait till tomorrow.


Last night masturbating wasn’t enough. I had to pull out one of
by personal toys. I fucked my cunt for what seemed like hours,
I just could not get enough.

The tape had been playing all morning. Ally had been in and out
of the office. Incidently, she still seemed to not where her
shoes while in the office. That meant that maybe the
suggestions were permanent. I smiled. She now hated to wear
shoes in the office. In case you were wondering she was wearing
slacks today. Her toenails were still painted red and she was
wearing white pantyhose. I imagined her in a nurses outfit.

Yummy. Anyways, in the afternoon she had a meeting with Fish
and a new client. She was working on a case about pornography.
I had read the case, it was an interesting one. It was a case
in which a company called ‘Submission’ was fighting the courts
to allow for pornography that included submissive men and
woman. In other words, they wanted to make fuck flicks that had
men and woman who were dominated sexually. Treated as slaves.
I had to smile to myself, think of the irony of it all. Here I
was in the process of making Ally my slave and here she was
fighting a case in which she suggested such action was ok. Well
not exactly ok, but you know, still ironic.

Well anyways, Ally came out of the meeting at around 4 o’clock
and seemed frustrated. She went into her office and I decided
to follow her in. I walked in and said “A penny for your

Ally looks up and says “Oh hi Elaine. We got the Submission

“You don’t seem to excited,” I reply.

“I’m not. This case is one I don’t believe in. You know?”

“I suppose,” I reply and continue “but really their case has a

Ally looks up intrigued, “How so?”

“Well, everyone has different sexual desires and fantasizes and
I don’t see how the courts can say what is sexually ok and what

Ally is quite interested in this as she says “But doesn’t that
degrade woman.

Make us look like submissive sluts.”

She is asking my advice. “Not really, the court case is for men
and woman, although I suppose more woman would fit the

Ally shrugs her shoulders and says “Can I be honest with you?”

“Well the thing is, the case worries me. I had never thought of
such a sexual situation before, but now it is out there and I
keep thinking about it. What it would be liked to be treated
like that.”

“Did it turn you on?”

“Um,” starts Ally blushing and embarrassed, “Yes it did.”

“Who did you have in mind,” I ask.

Ally looks up and says, “someone I can’t have.” Their is
silence till she says “I gotta get going, I have got to be at
the gym by quarter after five to meet Renee. But, thanks for
listening Elaine.”

“Sure thing,” I reply, “so do you still wish we didn’t get the

“I don’t know,” she replies, “I just don’t know.” She shakes
her head, grabs her shoes and heads out the door saying “She
you tomorrow Elaine.”

“See ya,” I reply and watch her leave. I smile thinking that
this is working even better than I thought. What next?


Last night was another night of major dildo fucking, I can’t
help myself. Ally is all I think about. My soon to be slave. I
made a new tape last night. This one was the start of pushing
Ally’s sexual buttons: {Ally, you will be constantly horny}. I
also had another one made for the afternoon that stated:
{Ally, you get hornier every time you see Elaine} The morning
was uneventful as Ally never left her office and she never ask
for my assistance. She even stayed in her office during lunch.
I switched tapes during lunch and decided to wait for Ally to
leave her office. I wore a rather sexy outfit today. I wore a
one piece sundress that when I leaned a certain way, or crossed
my legs would reveal that I was wearing a garter belt to hold
up my opache stockings. Finally around 1:30, while I was in
the washroom washing my hands, Ally walked in.

“Hi Ally,” I say, “You must be really busy today.”

Ally looks nervous as she says “What do you mean?”

“Nothing, its just that you have been in your office all day.”

“Oh,” replies Ally embarrassed, obviously she had been
pleasuring herself all day. Ally goes to the washroom. I wait
till I hear her flush and I bend over, pretending to buckle up
my shoe. Ally comes out of her stall and sees me. My garter is
clearly showing and she stops and stares. I turn and look her
straight in the eye. She blushes and quickly turns away and
walks next to me to wash her hands.

I get up and leave the washroom. She is falling under my spell.
She couldn’t resist staring at my thighs. She returns to her
office and walks by my desk without even looking at me. She
doesn’t know what to think I laugh to myself.

Ally stays in her office till I finally go in there at 5:00. I
walk in and notice that her right hand is under her desk. I
wonder what she is doing? I say “Ally, I am going home now.
Anything I can do for you?”

“No that will be ok, have a good weekend,” she says with a
struggle. She must have been close to an orgasm, her cheeks are
bright red.

I decide to play with her a bit. I say “Those are gorgeous
shoes, can I try them on?”

Ally obviously wants me to leave, but she reluctantly says

I walk to her desk, grab the shoes and sit down on a chair
where she can clearly see me. As I sit, my dress slides up my
thigh and again reveals the fact that my stockings are being
held up by a garterbelt. I unbuckle my shoes and slide off my
heels. I watch Ally from the corner of my eye, she is watching
me. I stretch my leg out straight as a tease. Ally tries to
pretend to work as I do this. I eventually put on the shoes and
stand up. I walk around in them and finally say “These are so
comfortable, how do they look?”

Ally looks up pretending to be distracted, “What? Oh, they look
good on you Elaine.”

“Thanks,” I reply, as I again sit down on the chair and slip my
feet out of her shoes. Again my garterbelt is in plain view. I
place my hand on it and pretend to adjust it. I look up at her
quickly, she doesn’t have time to look away. “I say,
garterbelts, they are sexy, but sometimes they are darn
uncomfortable.” Ally just smiles as she practically drools over
my body. “Do you ever wear one of these things, Ally?”

“Oh no,” replies Ally.

“Why not,” I ask, “it makes a woman feel sensual.”

“To embarrassing, what is someone saw,” she asks.

What a square. “Oh Ally, that is half the fun. It is an
incredible turn on when I turn a man on with my body. Men love
sexy things. They love garterbelts, stay up stockings, sexy
bras, silk panties, etc. You gotta tease them, if you really
want to please them. I love to tease men. I have even seen a
few woman take a peak.”

“I don’t think I could do that,” replies Ally awkwardly.

“Sure you could,” I reply. “You have a great body. You should
use it to your advantage. Bring out your sexual inhibitions.”

“I don’t know,” says Ally.

I place her shoes back here I got them and say “Think about it
Ally, you’ll love it.” I give her a wink and walk out of her


What a weekend. I bought some new outfits and more lingerie. I
also bought some new toys. Some for me and some for when I
finally got Ally back to my place for some fun. On the weekend
I made about 20 new tapes. I wouldn’t use them all probably,
but I made them anyways. The one I was playing right now was:
{Ally, you want to dress sexy all the time} Of course, I
wouldn’t see the results till at least tomorrow, but that was
ok. She wasn’t in the office long as she had to be in court for
the opening of the “Submission” case. I hoped she was at work
long enough to get the message.


Well last night I actually went out and picked up some 19 year
old from the bar. I needed to be fucked. I love young men, they
have stamina. Not much for style, but he made it up in the fact
that he quickly recovered from the first fuck session. I love
being fucked up the ass, but I only let a man fuck me their if
he as eaten me out earlier and already plugged my cunt. This
young stud had did that and he got the privaledge of pounding
my splinter. It was amazing. Of course, the whole time he
filled me up with his massive cock I was thinking of Ally. The
tape for today was: {Ally, you love the idea of being
submissive} Ally showed up at around 11:00 and had evidently
succumbed to yesterday’s message. She was dressed in a new
outfit. It includes a white silk blouse, a black leather skirt,
matching black stockings and in her hand were a pair of five
inch heels. Her toenails were newly painted red and really
stood out. As she went to her office I said “Good morning Ally,
you look sexy?”

Thanks,” she replies with a smile.

“I quickly whisper, “Garters?”

Ally blushes and shakes her head yes as she walks into her

She is in her office till noon. I go into her office and say
“I’m going for lunch, anything I can get you.”

“Sure, grab me a salad.”

“Sure,” I reply and go for lunch. When I return I go to Ally’s
office and give her the salad. She is working on the
‘Submission’ case. “So how is the case going?” I ask.

“Oh, good so far. But it is a ton of work. It will not be easy
to convince 12 average jurors to such a case.”

“How many men on the jury?”

“7 men, 5 woman,” replies Ally.

“How old are they?” I ask.

The five woman are all pretty young, the oldest may be 40, the
men range from early 20’s to probably 60.”

“Not a bad jury,” I say, “if you were on the jury what would
you vote?”

“I don’t know. Before I would have definitely been against such
a thing. But somehow since the talk with you my opinion seems
to have changed.”

“How so?”

“Well, it is a person’s opinion, and if they like being treated
that way, is it really wrong? I guess not. And even if some
people don’t agree with it, then don’t watch right?”

“Exactly,” I say, “plus, if you really think about it, all
woman want to be controlled.”

Ally is surprised by this. “How so?”

“Well, every woman wants to have a mate that is in charge, who
knows exactly what they want and need. I know I do. Don’t you?”

“Well, yes I suppose so. It would be nice to have a man who
knew what I wanted. Who…”

“Who told you what to do?”

Ally hesitates, but finally says “Yes, tells me what to do.”

“So you would like to be submissive?”

“I guess so.”

I decide to leave it at that and say “Well I can’t wait to see
how this turns out, how long will the case take?”

“Oh a couple days, I imagine. I am in court most of tomorrow.”

“Well I better let you get back to work. Oh how do you like the

“It is hard to get used to, but it does make me feel sexy.”

“it sure does,” I reply and leave the office.


As expected Ally was gone all morning, but did get to the
office at around 2:30. She was dressed a little more
conservative but still looked really sexy.

She was wearing a pink blouse, with a black blazer, a somewhat
short skirt, black nylons and three inch heels(in her hand of
course). The tape I made today was: {Ally, you answer all
Elaine’s questions honestly} She said hi to me and went into
her office. I waited a couple hours for the message to take
place before I went into her office. “How is it going Ally,”
I ask.

“Well,” I think. Our case is pretty strong. Closing arguments
are tomorrow.”

“Really, that is good. Are you prepared?”

“I think so. I just finished my first copy of my closing.”

“Let me here it,” I say.

“OH, ok. Ladies and gentleman of the jury, judge, this is an
easy case. It is one about our constitution. About freedom.
Does it not say that everyone is allowed to make their own
choices, to chose between right and wrong? ‘Submission’ is
simply trying to make videos. Yes, these videos will offend
some people. But that is not the point. It may offend you the
jurors, it may offend the judge, maybe even I don’t agree with
it, but again that is not the point. The key is freedom of
liberty. Freedom of choice. Freedom of the individual. If men
and woman want to make these tapes, is it really are say to say
it is wrong? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If the
people of America are against it, they will say it by not
purchasing the product. Again, that is their choice. Also,
remember sexual satisfaction and desires are different for
every individual. What may turn you on, may not turn on someone
else. For example some men like woman with large breasts,
others like redheads, others like woman who are jocks, etc. So
when you make your choice remember that a decision to refuse
these videos is a refusal of personal rights. Personal freedom.
Thank you.”

“That is good,” I say, “I ask you again would you vote yes if
you were a juror?”

“Yes, I would,” replies Ally. “I strongly believe that everyone
should have a choice and that their is nothing wrong with a
woman or man wanting to submit sexually.”

“Really,” I reply, “you should put that in your closing.”

“I don’t know, that makes me sound submissive.”

“But arn’t you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. I wasn’t before. But after this case, I
think well maybe if a man treated me that way I would get off.”

“Oh you probably would, there is nothing like having a man tell
you what to do, it is so sexually arousing.”

Ally doesn’t say anything.

“Do you have much experience with men,” I ask. Knowing the
suggestions will let her answer freely.

“Not really,” she replies embarrassed.

“How many guys have you done the wild thing with?”

Ally blushes as she says, “four.”

“That is it? I had four before grade 11.”

“How many have you had?” asks Ally.

“Oh you know the number at McDonalds that says one billion
served? I would be competitive. Men are just objects to me,
their simply to please me.”

“I-I think sex should be special.”

“Oh I don’t know about that. Sex should be hard, passionate,
intense. That is why having a man treat you like a piece of
meat is so fulfilling. It is simply raw passion. Lust. Are you
horny right now?”

“I-uh-I-Yes,” replies Ally quietly.

“There is nothing wrong with that. You should be horny when we
discuss such sexual things. I am drenched. IT means you would
love to have a master. Have someone tell you what to do and
treat you like a tramp.”

“A master? A tramp? I don’t know that is a bit extreme.”

“I suppose,” I say. I look at the clock and say “Oh shit, I
gotta get going, later Ally.”

“ya later,” she replies in a daze as I leave the room.
***** THURSDAY Well today would be the second last tape.

Today’s tape was:

{Ally, you want to do anything Elaine says}. The tape also
stated {Georgia, you respect Elaine greatly}

Ally returned shortly after lunch from the case. Today dressed
in a white skirt, white nylons, and a red blouse. Her red three
inch heels were in her hands as she entered.

She comes to me and says “The judge was ill, the closing
statements got to wait till tomorrow.”

“That is too bad,” I reply.

“Oh well, I can relax for the rest of the day,” she says as she
goes to her office.

I change the tape at around 2:30. The tape is similar in
regards to Ally but different for Georgia. {Georgia, you
respect Elaine’s opinion}
I left Ally alone to absorb the tape and was happy to see
Georgia come and start a conversation with me in the bathroom,
a first. “Hey Elaine, how you doing?”

“Oh, ok, what do you think of the case Ally is on?”

“It is disgusting, it is so wrong. Like any woman would want to
be treated like that. I can’t believe Ally can even do this

“I don’t know. I think Ally actually is siding with the
Submission side.”

“No way,” replies Georgia, “Ally even told me it was sick.”


“Before the case started.”

“I think she has had a change of heart. I think it is ok. It is
the woman’s choice and it is obvious that some woman want to be

“I don’t know,” replies Georgia, “I know I wouldn’t.”

“Really,” I reply, you wouldn’t get turned on by having Billy
demand you to suck his cock.”

“Elaine!” says Georgia in shock. “I’m leaving.” She quickly
leaves the bathroom. Oops, I better be careful with her, she is
more stubborn then Ally.


The tape I made for Friday was: {Ally, you want to be dominated
by Elaine. You want to be her submissive slave. Georgia, you
are incredible horny} Ally walks into the office just before 11
o’clock. Georgia walks with her. Ally is dressed extra sexy
today. She is wearing a delicious one piece pastel sun dress
that fits tightly around her beautiful body. She is also
wearing a pair of suntan nylons that really make her legs look
fine. Of course, her toenails are painted red and her 4 inch
heels are in her hands. Georgia, following Ally also has her
shoes in her left hand. Her shoes are a more conservative 2
inch heel. Her outfit is still quite sexy. A blue business
suit, with matching skirt, a white blouse underneath that did a
poor job of keeping those melons in their place. She is also
wearing navy nylons and to my disappointment her toenails are
not painted.

“We won,” she exclaimed as she threw her hands in the air and
came and gave me a big hug.

“Way to go Ally,” I reply. My hand kind of caresses her ass.
“I gotta go and fill out the final forms, but I say it is an
early day today. We got to celebrate.”

“I’m not gonna argue about that,” I reply as I give her a wink.
Ally goes to her office. I look at Georgia, who seems confused
and say, “So she won.”

“Yes, I guess she did,” was all she could reply as she still
seemed disgusted by the whole ordeal. She goes to her office. I
knew I had to keep Ally here for a couple hours to make sure
the tape did its duty. I looked at the clock 11:00. She won’t
quit till at least the middle of the afternoon, I know Ally.

I was right. It is now 3:30 and she is still working. I havn’t
seen Georgia yet. I wonder what she is up to? I decide to go
and take a peak. I walk to her door and hear moaning sounds. I
peak in the side window and see that Georgia is on her desk and
Billy, her husband, is on his knees munching on her box. I
continue watching as Billy gets up and in one motion plunges
his cock into his wife. Georgia gets all animated as the cock
fills her up. Fuck what a slut. The tape is obviously working.
I look around, no one else is around now, so I continue to
watch. Georgia’s twat must be tight, as Billy doesn’t last long
as I hear him say “I’m cumming.” He doesn’t pull out as he
shoots his hot seed deep inside his wife. As he pulls out I get
a good look at his cock. A nice piece of meat. I may have to
try that sometime.

I hear Georgia say, “I can’t believe we just did that. We just
had sex in my office.”

Billy replies “it was your idea.”

“I know, I know, I just couldn’t help it. I am so horny. I
don’t know why. I can usually control myself at work. But I
can’t stop thinking of that stupid case.”

“What about it,” asks Billy.

“I don’t know, the whole thing I guess. Submission, powerful
sex, dominate men.” Billy looks at his wife in shock. “I know
Billy, it is sick, but I can’t get it off my mind.” I knock on
the door. I watch as the two quickly try to make themselves
respectable. “Just a minute,” calls Georgia. She struggles to
smooth out her skirt and when she is proper Billy opens the
door. “Hi,” says Billy as he quickly leaves the room. I turn
and watch as I see he is heading to the bathroom.

“Hey Georgia, I am leaving early today, is there anything I can
do for you before I go?”

Goergia’s cheeks are flushed, the I’ve just been fucked silly
look. “Um, I don’t think so,” she says as she pretends to be

I look and see that on the floor, at the side of her desk is a
pair of red satin panties. I walk over and pick them up. As I
hand them to Georgia I say “Don’t forget to take these with

Georgia is completely embarrassed. “Oh my God, this is so
embarrassing. I can explain.”

“Oh don’t worry about it girl,” I assure her, “you are not the
first one to have some hanky panky in the office.”

“That doesn’t make it right, I am suppose to be a

“Yes and professionals get horny. It was the submission case
wasn’t it?”

Georgia shrugs her shoulders. “I guess so. I really have no
idea. I just couldn’t concentrate on my work. All I thought
about was sex.”

“it’s ok Georgia, don’t hold back in regards to sex. Let your
body guide you.

You fantasized about being dominated didn’t you?”

“I-I maybe,” she struggles to say.

Ally walks into the room and says “Ladies, are we ready to

“Sure,” I reply as I turn to leave.

Georgia obviously still embarrassed by the whole ordeal says
“No thanks, I still got some things I got to finish up.”

“Ok,” replies Ally, “but come down when your finished I have a
hunch we will be their for awhile.”

“Ya, ok,” replies Georgia, “have a good time.”

“Oh I will,” replies Ally, “lets go Elaine. The boys should
already be their.”

At the bar the party had already began. The boys were indeed
already their and were already on their second drinks. They
ordered double vodka’s for both of us and the celebration was
under way. In the next three hours Ally had drank 5 doubles and
3 shots of tequila. I had a buzz going by this time as well.
Georgia had stopped by, but after a drink she dragged Billy out
of their. I imagine they were going to have a fuckfest tonight.
Renee also showed up for a drink, but she had a date tonight.
So she was off. So with only Me, Ally, Fish and Cage left, I
whisper to Ally “Do you want to continue celebrating?”

“Sure,” Ally slurrs.

“Let’s leave these boys to talk shop and go back to my place.”

Ally simply says “Ok,” and gets up and stumbles. “Wow, I must
have had a lot to drink, I can barely stand up.”

“Hold on to me Ally,” I say as I assist Ally out of the bar. My
hand wrapped around her waist, I would on occasion slip my hand
to her ass and give it a light squeeze.

We get back to my place and I go and pour a couple drinks.
Being the caring girl I am I make Ally’s a double. When I
return, Ally is laying on the couch, her dress slid up high
enough for me to see that her suntan stockings are held up by a
red garter. “Wake up Ally,” I say, “we’re not done celebrating

“Oh, I am really tipsy,” she replies as she slowly sits up and
grabs the drink. She guzzles most of that down in a couple
minutes and smiles “We won, can you believe it?”

I lean and give her a big hug. I hold her for a long time and
when I break the hug I make sure my hand brushes her breast. I
think I hear a soft moan come from her juicy lips. I finally
break the silence by saying “You are incredible Ally, you won
one for sexual perversion everywhere.”

“Funny Elaine,” replies Ally, “I need another drink.” I go and
oblige her request and return with another double. She sips
this one.

“So are you wearing lingerie under your dress,” I ask.
“Elaine,” replies Ally shocked.

“Come on Ally, tell me,” I demand.

Ally whispers, “Yes.”

“What are you wearing?” I ask.

“i am-I am-wearing a red corded lace bra, with matching high
cut thong panties. I also have a red garter belt to hold up my
stockings. All the red matches my fingernails and toenails.”

“Does it make you feel sensual? Sexy?” I ask.

“Yes,” replies Ally. I nonchalantly put my left hand on her
knee. Ally seems to notice my hand, but does not attempt to
move it.

“Ally, are horny right now?”

“Yes,” replies Ally shyly as she finishes yet another drink. I
believe being drunk made it seem ok for her to be wanting me
right now.

“What is making you horny?” I ask.

“I don’t know. Maybe it is the alcohol, or maybe the courtcase
or maybe…” she pauses.

“Maybe what,” I ask demurely. But, before she can answer I get
up and say “I am going to change into something more
comfortable. Why don’t you go and get another drink.” As I go
to my bedroom, I watch as Ally gets up and struggles to get to
the bar. While in my room I slip out of my clothe and do indeed
change into something more comfortable. A simple red see
through chemise and matching red stay up stockings. I too had
painted my toenails red, I figured it would help turn her on.

Not that she probably needed anything else. I also slipped on a
strap on cock. A conservative 8 inch penis. I slipped on a
thick robe to cover up my lingerie and my cock. When I returned
to the living room Ally was sipping on her drink and flipping
channels on the tv. “Press play Ally.” I demand. Ally does and
soon is shocked to see a hardcore threesome in full motion. A
blonde woman, was taking a cock in her pussy while she sucked
on a thick black cock.

“Elaine what is this?”

“A movie produced by “Submission”” I reply. Ally is speechless
but she cannot keep her eyes of the tv set. I continue, “In
this seen this blonde is dominated by a friend and his black
pal. Sorry you missed the beginning.”

“I,” Ally tries to say something, but instead her eyes remain
glued to the debauchery of the blonde. Ally finishes her drink.
I grab her glass and go to get her another drink. When I return
she has a hand under her skirt and she is obviously rubbing her
clit. She quickly pulls her hand out when she sees me, but it
is too late.

“You seem to be enjoying the movie,” I say.

“Yes, it really is turning me on.”

“Wait I will fast forward to the next scene.” I fast forward to
the next scene. Ally continues sipping on her drink as she
watches the new scene develop. The scene begins with a female
woman behind her desk. Her red hair is in a ponytail and she is
busy working.

A blonde woman, with blue eyes, dressed in checkered wrap-front
short skirt, with a black zip front jacket and black nylons.
Her hair is down and she is a real beauty. “You’re late,” says
the red haired woman.

“I’m sorry Miss Williams, the traffic was horrible,” replies
the blonde.

“That is no excuse. I ought to fire you for such an occurrence.
This is your third time late.”

“Oh please Miss Williams, don’t fire me, I will do anything,”
the blonde begs.

“Anything?” asks the redhead as she stands up from behind her

“Yes,” replies a now unsure girl.

“You will do everything I say, understand?”

“Yes,” replies a now nervous redhead.

“Take off your shirt,” the boss demands. The blonde slowly and
nervously unzips the shirt. She reveals that she has no bra on
and has a huge pair of tits.

“They are huge,” says Ally, obviously completely in the movie.
I again place a hand on her knee. She doesn’t even seem to

“Have you ever ate pussy?” asks the redhead.

“Yes,” replies the blonde.

“Tell me about your first time”

The blonde is obviously uncomfortable as she begins, “Well

The redhead slaps the girl in the face and says “Do as I say
girl. Now tell me the story, and it better turn me on.”
A scared blonde begins, “Well I was 16 and my 17 year old
sister caught me my room. She came over to me
and simply kissed me on the lips. Before I could respond her
tongue was in my mouth. Soon her hand was caressing my breasts.
I was horny to begin with so the fondling really turned me on.
As she broke the kiss I tried to say this is wrong, but she
just went to my breasts and begin tenderly nibbling. I came
hard. She then went lower and began licking my clit. It felt so
good. I was a virgin and she was the first to even touch my
pussy. She brought me to numerous orgasms before she got up and
sat her pussy onto my face. I nervously started lapping at her
cunt. I was doing a pretty good job I guess, because she began
to buck her hips fast. Soon I felt sticky juices dripping all
over my mouth. She got up and left. My hand went back to my
pussy and she returned with something in her hand. I had never
seen anything like it. I didn’t get a look for long as it was
soon in my pussy. My sister took my cherry that night as she
fucked me for what seemed like hours. When she finished fucking
me she placed the cock at my mouth and told me to suck it. I
did. Before the night was over I had fucked her as well. After
this night, we would spend pretty much every free moment
inbetween each others legs. On occasion, she would bring over
one of her lesbian friends and we would have a great

Wow, you should be a good cuntlicker then. Get over here and
pleasure me like you did your sister,” says the boss as she
gets on top of her desk and spreads her legs. She is of course
not wearing any panties and her pussy is shaved.

“Her pussy is shaved,” says Ally in shock.

My hand slides to her thigh more as I say, “Are you telling me
you don’t keep your pussy nice and neat?”

Ally is confused as she tries to listen to my words and focus
on the blonde who is now licking her bosses’ pussy. “Um-no, I
have never shaved down there. I trim it of course.”

“Of course,” I reply, as my hand slips underneath her dress,
just a bit.

The movie continues and after the blonde brings her boss to an
orgasm, the boss gets up and goes to her desk. She returns to
her secretary and says “Here, help me put this on slut.” It was
a ten inch strap on cock. The blonde obeys and soon has the
device on her boss. The boss then demands “Slave, get on your
knees and suck this.” The blonde quickly drops to her knees and
takes the cock into her mouth. “You are a good slave bitch. You
always dress sexy for me don’t you? You have fantasized about
being my whore for a while havn’t you?”

The blonde quits sucking the plastic cock to say “Yes, Miss
Williams, I am a whore, your whore.”

I look at Ally, her eyes are still glued to the tv set. My hand
goes to her pussy. She is drenched. I begin rubbing her clit
through her panties. I say “Ally, did you dress all sexy for
me? Were you hoping I would let you be my slave?”

Ally just gives a grunt as I rub her clit hard. I stop and say
“Answer me slave. Do you want to be dominated by me. Treated as
my personal sex slave.”

Overwhelmed by everything, Ally begs “Oh please don’t stop.
Yes, I have fantasized about this all week.”

“Fantasized of what?” I tease.

“Of that,” points Ally to the screen. On the screen the boss is
demanding the blonde to take the whole cock in her mouth.
I slip off my robe, grab Ally’s head and shove my cock at her
mouth. Ally doesn’t hesitate as she takes it into her mouth.
She struggles to take the cock, but she keeps an eye on the
television and tries to intimidate the blonde. Soon she is
sliding her lovely lips up and down the fake cock. “That’s it
slut. Suck the plastic cock. Swallow the whole cock.”

Ally does and is soon bobbing her cute head up and down my
plastic dong. In the movie, the boss has demanded the secretary
to bend over and was now fucking her with the cock. I say to my
whore “Ally, do you want your mistress to fuck you. Do you need
a hard cock in your cunt.”

Ally quits sucking the toy and looks at me and realizing what
is going on, as if she had instantly sobered up says, “Oh my
God, what are we doing, this is wrong.”

“No its not Ally, you are submissive and you need a master.
That is me.”

“No, this is wrong, this is…”

“Ally, take off your dress,” I demand.

Of course, she is completely under my control and she is
already taking off her dress as she says, “No, I should be
going.” She then notices that her dress is on the floor. “What
am I doing?”

“Ally bend over like that blonde slave on tv.”

“No, I will,” begins Ally as she bends over my coffee table,
“why am I doing this. I can’t control myself. Please don’t do

“Don’t do what?” I ask.

“Don’t fuck me with that thing.”

“Arn’t you horny though Ally?”

“Yes, but…”

“Why is your pussy so wet,” I ask as I slip a hand under her
panties and place a finger at the entrance of her hole. “You
are drenched Ally.”

“It turns you on being treated as a slut, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, but…”

“Your cunt gets wetter every time I make a command doesn’t it?”

“Yes, but…”

“You want to be fucked by me don’t you. To be dominated. Used.
Fucked. Banged.

Pounded. Controlled.”


“Tell me Ally how much you want me to fuck you with this cock,”
I demand.

Ally’s control is finally broken as she begs “Oh yes mistress,
please fuck me.

I need it so bad.”

“Oh come on Ally, you can do better than that.”

Ally in desperate need of having my cock in her pussy pleads
“OH please Elaine, bang my cunt, treat me like a cheap slut,
use me as your personal fuck toy, I don’t care, I just need a
cock in me.”

“Get those panties off tramp,” I demand. Ally eagerly does and
with no effort at all I plunge all the cock into Ally’s box.
Fuck her pussy is wet. I grab her hips and start to fuck her
hard. “How does it feel to be fucked like a cheap whore? Like a

“Hmmm, I’m cumming. Don’t stop fucking me,” screams Ally. I
pull the cock out of Ally and rub it around her pussy. “Oh
please, put it back in, fuck your whore, fuck the shit out of
her, fill her cunt full with your cock.”

I thrust back into Ally and she quickly begins bucking her ass
back onto my cock. She obviously has another orgasm as I slide
the cock out of dripping hole.

I take off the cock and sit on the couch. I spread my legs and
say, “get on your knees and make love to my feet.”

Ally looks at me trying to refuse but instead crawls over and
slowly takes my nylon covered toes into her mouth, one at a
time. She sucks each one and does something amazingly sexual
with her mouth. I can not describe it, but I orgasmed more than
once from the toe sucking. Ally seemed to love pleasuring my
foot as she went from foot to foot continually pleasuring me.
Finally, I had to have this bitch’s tongue in my box. I was on
fire. I pulled Ally up by the hair and shoved her head into my
pussy. She tentatively began licking my pussy. It was obvious
this was her first cunt licking.

“Suck my clit, tramp,” I demand. Ally obeys and soon I am
feeling pretty darn good. To my surprise Ally slides a finger
into my pussy. Soon she is finger fucking me hard as she
continues to french kiss my clit. She is a quick learner. After
what seems like an eternity of constant pleasure, I pull her up
and kiss her. The taste of my juices on her lips is a turn on.

“Ally, how does it feel being a submissive whore?”

“I love it,” replies Ally as she fondles my breast through the
nightie, “I never thought sex could be so powerful.”

“You understand that you are my slave forever now, not just

“Hmmm, I hope so. I love the feeling of being dominated by you.
It felt so good. SO intense. I can’t explain it, but all I want
now is to be your slave.”

“Good,” I reply, “because the night is just beginning. Have you
ever been fucked in the ass, slave?”

“No,” replies Ally.

“Have you ever fantasized it?”

“Not really,” replies Ally as she looks to the tv and sees the
blonde secretary being reamed in the ass by her boss, “but it
looks like fun.”

“You understand that you will be expected to pleasure me at
work, in public and of course at home?”

“Whatever you say,” replies Ally, “can you—fuck me in the
ass, mistress.”

“You really are a slut, arn’t you Ally?”

“Yes, I guess I am,” replies Ally as she sucks on my nipples
through my thin nightie.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” I suggest.

“Yes mistress,” says Ally as she gets up and follows me into
the bedroom.

“Lay on your stomach and spread your arms and legs,” I demand.
Ally obeys and soon I have her spread eagled on my bed, with
her hands handcuffed to the bedpost, as well as her feet. I
grab a vibrator, and position it at the opening of her pussy. I
turned it on high. I leave the room and go and grab a bottle of
white wine. I return and watch as my little slave is moving her
hips up and down, desperately trying to get the toy into her
pussy. “Horny slut?” I ask.

“Oh stop teasing me, just fuck your whore,” begs Ally.

I go to the vibrator and push it between your pussy lips. “Oh,
thanks mistress, fuck your bitch.” After five hard, fast
strokes, I pull the vibrator back out. “No, put it back in,”
pouts Ally.

I replace the toy at her pussy, this time though, I push the
tip inside her. She quickly resumes bucking her hips up and
down as she desperately tries to get more of the toy in her
box. I go up to her ear and whisper “How does it feel to be a
submissive slave?”

“It feels great,” moans Ally.

“Tell me what you want, Ally.”

“I want to cum, I want to lick your pussy, I want to suck on
your firm tits, I want to be used.”

I pour wine on her back and slowly lick the wine off her. Next
I pour the wine on her ass and again slowly and seductively
lick up the wine. Next I, without warning, shove three fingers
all the way inside Ally’s box. She moans loudly, as I finger
fuck her. After a few moments of this, I pull my fingers out
and rub the pussy juice at my slaves’s anal entrance. “Does my
slave want to feel a finger in her ass.”

Ally doesn’t even respond as she tries to move her ass onto my
finger. I presume that is a yes and I slowly slip my middle
finger into her ass.

As my finger disappears into her ass, Ally screams, “Oh my
Godddddddddd.” I can’t tell if she is in pain or on the verge
of orgasmic bliss. Then again, I don’t really care. I begin to
move my finger in and out of her ass. Slowly at first and then
quicker as I realize Ally is loving her first ass fucking.
After a while of ass fucking I say “Do you want something a
little bigger in your ass?”

“Oh yes, mistress, I need more,” begs Ally. I take the vibrator
that is still partially in her box and position it at her
shithole entrance.

I rub the toy all around her anal entrance and say “Does my
slave deserve to be fucked in the ass?”

“Yes, mistress, I’ve been a good slave, havn’t eye?”

“I don’t know. How about all the condescending comments and
looks you have given me over the last few months? You were a
bitch to me.”

“I-I-I’m sorry,” says Ally, feeling guilty for displeasing her

“You have been a bad girl, havn’t you?”

“Yes mistress,” replies Ally like a little school girl.

“What will you do to make it up to me?”

“Anything mistress,” replies Ally.

“Seduce Georgia?” I inquire.

“You mean you want me to seduce Georgia?” questions Ally.
“Yes,” I reply, in a very sly tone.

She seems to understand the game as she says, “You want me to
get her drunk, wrip off her clothe, eat her pussy and force her
to suck her cunt till I come all over her pretty face?”

“Good answer, slave” I reply as I push the toy slowly into her

“Don’t be gentle mistress, rape my ass. Fuck the shit out of
me. Nail me with that hammer. Drill for oil.” I obey and am
soon drilling her tight virgin ass. “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me
hard, faster,” screams Ally as her whole body shakes. My free
hand goes to her clit and begin rubbing it quickly. “Oh my God,
your making your whore cum!” screams the chained slave.

I remove my hand from her clit and leave the vibrator, on high,
stuck deep inside her bowels. I go to my dresser drawer and
pull out another vibrator. I return to the bed; to my slave, my
whore, my Ally. Her body is writhering around like a snake as
she feels the sensation of the toy humming in her no longer
virgin ass. I slip my head under her so I can just touch her
pussy with my tongue. I begin licking while I slowly slip the
second vibrator, also turned on high, into her pussy. As he
begins to shake uncontrollably, I reposition myself so I can
suck on her clit. Soon I am sucking on her clit, while my hands
are busy sliding both cocks, simultaneously, in and out of her
two holes.

“Fuck, fuck, fuckkkkk,” screams Ally as she cums all over the
toy. I continue to work her over. Sweet sweat from my slave
drips down onto me as I continue to nibble on her clit. “Don’t
stop mistress, you are making your cheap whore cum. Suck my
clit. Double fuck your tramp. I am your whore! Your slutttttt!
Your cunt licking, cheap bitch. Fuck my ass. Drill my pussy.
Suck my slutty juices. I’m cumming again. Mistress, don’t
stoppppppp!” Ally collapses on my face after that last orgasm.
I am jealous. I need to cum. I struggle to get my head out from
under my slave. She is exhausted. I undo the handcuffs from her
feet and her hands. She rolls over to her back and stares at
me. “How do you feel sweet thing?” I ask.

“Exhausted,” she replies as she stretches her arms wide and
yawns. Man her tits were nice.

I simply crawl back onto the bed and straddle her face. I say
“Lick me slave.”

Ally extends her tongue to my pussy. She starts off slowly, but
starts to lap eagerly as my juices begin to flow and drip onto
my slaves face. She uses her tongue as a small cock as she
pushes her tongue into my wet hole and begins moving up and
down. My slave is doing such a good job I decide to reward her
and I lean over and begin to recuperate. Soon we are in a
heated 69 as he both eagerly work over each others pussies.

After a couple more intense orgasms, I get up , turn around and
kiss Ally. She responds eagerly and are tongues dance around
inside are mouths. I break the kiss as I say “Let’s go to
sleep, we got a lot of fun ahead this weekend. When you wake up
you will make me breakfast.”

“Yes master,” replies Ally as she closes her eyes and falls
asleep almost instantly.


I wake up next morning and see that Ally is not in bed. Quickly
I get up, still dressed just in stockings and garter, and go to
see if she is still here. I notice as I leave the room, that
her dress is still on the floor so I relax as I assume she must
still be here. I stop suddenly as I wonder what her mindset
will be. Will she still be my slave? Will she call the cops?
Will she? I grab my robe, put it on and go into the
livingroom. I hear sounds in the kitchen so I head that way. I
turn around the corner and see Ally, dressed only in one of my
robes and stockings. Man she is hot, She looks at me, but
doesn’t say anything. She seems confused. Finally I say, “So
how did you sleep?”

Ally looks at me and finally says, “I don’t know what happened
last night,m but it was wrong. I was really drunk and I guess I
got caught up in the feeling.”

Interesting I thought. She still has control of her mind. I
reply, ‘you didn’t enjoy everything we did last night.’

“I barely remember any of it, I was so drunk.”

“You don’t remember eating my pussy.’

She interrupts, “Elaine, it was wrong.” She goes to the fridge
and grabs some eggs.

“You don’t remember me fucking your pussy with a strap on.”

“That’s enough,” says Ally.

“You don’t remember me shoving a vibrator up your ass.”

“Elaine, please stop. I told you i was drunk. Yes I remember
what we did last night and yes, it felt good. But it is wrong.

I am not a lesbian. I like men. How do you like your eggs?”
she says trying to change the subject.

In theory, all the commands should still work and she should do
everything I

say. Well here it goes. I say “Scrambled slave,”

This pisses Ally off and she explodes, “That’s enough dammit.”
She starts to leave but I walk up behind her and grab her firm

“You were a good slave last night,”I whisper in her ear, “Now
be quiet and finish making my breakfast.” Ally tries to say
something, but after a few seconds of thought, turns around and
continues making breakfast.

I pour myself a glass of orange juice and sit at the table
waiting for breakfast to be served. I watch my sexy slave. She
is so cute. So innocent looking. Yet there she is in garters
and stockings making her mistress breakfast, delicious.

When Ally is done making breakfast she walks over to me and in
disgust places my plate in front of me.

I look at her and say “I like to have my pussy eaten while I

Ally looks at me, but doesn’t move.

“I guess I didn’t make myself clear, get on your knees and use
your tongue to make me cum.”

Ally doesn’t say a word as she drops to her knees and slowly
pushes my legs apart and begins to lick my pussy. I can tell
that she is crying. She licks my whole pussy and continues
doing so until I finish breakfast. I cum only once. I have a
tough time getting horny when I am sitting.

“Let’s go have a shower,” I say. Ally gets up and follows me
into the bathroom. I still havn’t given her permission to talk.
While in the shower we wash each other’s bodies. Spending a
long time working on each other’s breasts. I gab the shower
head and turn it onto stream. The water comes out powerful and
in a stream and I place it right at Ally’s clit. Ally quickly
cums from the powerful pressure of the water on her clit, not
to mention the fact that I am sucking on her melons this whole

After the shower we dry each other off and go in my bedroom to
get dressed.

“Slave Ally, you may talk now. Did you enjoy the orgasm let you

“Why and how are you doing this to me?” she asks.

“Because you were such a bitch to me. Now you will be my slave
forever. How is not important. Lets just say I have altered
your mind somewhat.”

I go to my closet and pull out an outfit. “Go into my top
drawer over their slave and find a pair of black stay up
stockings.” Ally reluctantly obeys. She finds a pair and slowly
slides them onto her beautiful tanned legs. I grab a pair of
white pantyhose, crotchless of course,(i like the support
pantyhose gives my ass) and put them on.

Ally grabs her panties and begins to put them on. “Slave, did I
say you could wear panties?”

“No, but…”

“No buts, here slave,” I grab a small butt plug and give it to
her, “Put this in your ass. It can not leave your ass till I
say so.”

Ally grabs the butt plug and says, “what is this?”

“Just put it in your ass,” I say with a definite tone of anger
that scares Ally. Slowly she puts it in her ass. It obviously
hurts a bit, as she is not drunk and horny this time. But with
a little work the plug is deep in her shit hole.

“You may wear panties to keep the plug in your ass.” Ally puts
her panties on. She looks on the bed and sees the outfit I
have prepared for her. It is a one piece, pure leather dress,
with cutaway shoulders, and a back zipper. It is so short that
any bending movement would reveal that she was wearing stay

“You don’t expect me to wear that do you?” she asks.

“Why not? Your a slut. A slut should dress like a slut.” Ally
begins crying again. “Fuck, Ally, stop crying. Do not cry
again.” Seconds later she stops and begins to put on the
outfit. As she slowly puts it on, I grab a much more
conservative outfit. A smooth, white, bodysuit with a lace and
satin kneckline that showcased by breasts and a long, side
skirt that hugged by body. It showcased my ass and the long
slip gave a good view of my lovely nylon covered legs. “You
look hot slave,” I say as I look at Ally fully dressed.

She gives me a evil look.

“What’s wrong slut?” I ask.

“I feel uncomfortable in this. We are not going out in public
are we?”

“Why yes we are Ally. You need some new clothes. Clothes for a

“But I…”

getting bored of listening to her whine I say “Listen, you love
dressing slutty. You love when men and woman look at you. It
turns you on. It makes you want to cum.”

Ally quits complaining.

“Here is a pair of shoes, put them on. I give her a pair of
sexy 4 inch heel Italian style spaghetti strap sandals. This
way her sexy toes are in clear view. I want to munch on her
pussy now. But I restrain myself. “Let’s go,” I say. Ally
follows me as we leave and go to my car.

As I drive I say “Ally, masturbate yourself while I drive and
tell me how you plan to seduce Georgia and this better get me

Suddenly, Ally remembers that part of the night. She quickly
moves her hand to her bush and starts rubbing her pussy from
the outside of her panty. “Mistress. I will invite her over to
my place to celebrate a victory over some case we won together.
We will have a few drinks and I will push the conversation
towards sex:

“Georgia, does Billy satisfy you?”

“Yes,” she replies surprised at the question.

“I mean do you orgasm everytime he fucks you?”

Georgia is shocked by the question but replies, “Well no.”
“When I was with Billy, he very rarely got me off, that was one
of our problems.”

“I havn’t orgasmed in over 6 months,” Georgia admits, “I
thought all men were like that.”

“I suppose most are,” I reply, “but after Billy I met a woman
who could satisfy those very needs.”

“You had sex with a woman?” asks Georgia shocked.

“No, we made love. She treated me so sensual. She kissed every
part of my body, kissed my nipples, sucked on my clit, made
sure I was enjoying every minute of it. She knew exactly how to
make me cum and cum and cum and cum.” My hand would drop
casually to her leg and rest there.

Georgia would look at me in shock. I would continue, “Don’t
look at me like that. As if you havn’t ever wondered what it
would be like to have sex with a woman?”


“I know, you have fantasized about having your pussy pleased by
an expert tongue, till you came all over it with her love


My hand moves up under her skirt and in one motion my hand
reaches her pussy.

“You are wet?” I would say as I lean close to her and press my
lips to hers. She would respond and soon we would be in a
passionate embrace. I would then break the kiss and say “Do you
want me to pleasure your pussy with my tongue? Let you have
that orgasm you have been holding inside for so long.” Before
she could answer I would drop to my knees, spread her legs
apart, pull her panties to the side and begin licking. As soon
as I did that she would be mine.

***Back to reality*** “Fuck that turned me on slut, but we are
here.” Ally looks up and sees we are at Frederick’s of

We go in the store. It is pretty empty. A couple teenage girls
looking at things out of their price range and a cute 20ish
saleswoman. She has blue eyes, blonde hair, with a cute face.
She is a little plump and looks to have extremely large
breasts. She is dressed very professional. She is wearing a
taupe full button jacket, with a matching short skirt. Her
stockings are beige. She looks up and just stares at Ally.

Finally, she walks over to us and says “Hi ladies, anything I
can help you with?”

“Yes,” I reply, “we are looking for sexy lingerie, and other
slutty outfits like this one for my slave here.” Ally is
shocked that I said that and her cheeks go red. Her head is
down and she just stares at the floor.

The saleswoman, whose name is Karen, says “Um-ok-why don’t we
try the lingerie first.” I shake my head yes and Ally and I
follow the woman.

The woman grabs a few outfits and hands them to me. I give Ally
one and say, “Here slut go try this one on.” Ally grabs the
outfit and goes into the changing room. I walk over to the two
teenage girls and say “Girls, I could really use your help. I
need your opinion on some clothe my friend is trying on. If you
will assist us for a while, I will make it worth your while.”

The two girls look at me odd, till finally one of them says
“How much?”

“Fifty bucks,” I reply as I open my purse and pull out the
money. The brunette takes it. “What are your names?” I ask.
The brunette says “I’m Sarah and this is Allison.” Sarah is a
short, petite little thing. Not even five feet. She must have
been 17, with almost no breasts and a tight ass. She was
wearing tight shorts and a t-shirt. Allison was a looker.
Probably 17 as well, she was well developed, with long red
hair, and long tanned legs. She could have been a model. She
was wearing a twill black skirt and a sexy little pink blouse.

No nylons.

Anyway, they followed me to the changeroom. They were surprised
to see Ally. She was dressed simply in a black long sleeved,
gloved, lace teddy with a revealing neckline. It wrapped around
her pussy and ass. Her breasts stood out in the thin fabric.

“Girls, what do you think? Does that look sexy?”

Allison quickly says “Oh yeah, that outfit is a dandy.”

“We’ll buy it,” I say and grab the second outfit and say “Here
Ally, try this one on.” Ally grabs the second outfit,
completely embarrassed as she realized two teens were seeing
her pretty much naked.

The two girls whispered to themselves as we waited for Ally to
return. When she did she was hot. She was dressed in a one
piece silver glitter catsuit that clinged tightly to her sexy
figure. “Is that crotchless,” I ask Ally.

Ally whispers “Yes.”

“Turn around, lets she your ass.” Ally obeys and turns around
so we can get a good look at her tight ass. “So girls what do
you think of this one?”

Again Allison is the one to speak. “It is ok, I think she would
look better in the red one. Though the outfit does bring out
her breasts and butt.”

“How about you Sarah?”

“Ummm-,” sputters the young girl. She can not take her eyes off
of Ally.

“Cat got your tongue,” I tease. The girl just blushes. “Here
Ally, try this one.” I hand it to her and Ally quickly goes
back into the changeroom.

As soon as the door is closed, Allison comes up to me and
whispers “She is your slave, isn’t she?”

“How did you know,” I ask.

“She seems so submissive, and she does anything you say.”

“How observant,” I reply.

Ally comes out before the conversation can continue. This
outfit is hot. It is a soft vinyl cami, with lace ruffles and
spaghetti strings. It also included vinyl gloves. It is all
black. “Ally, what is wrong with this picture?” I ask.

“I don’t know,” she says sincerely unaware.

“Shouldn’t this outfit include stockings?”


“Go put them on,” I demand. She quickly goes and grabs the stay
ups. She returns and starts putting them on her legs. After she
has them on I say, “Much better slave. But you have
disappointed me.” Ally puts her head down in shame. I go to my
purse and retrieve a small vibrator. I hand it to her. “You
must be punished. Here fuck yourself with this for us.”

“But, we are in public and those…”

“Do as your told,” I demand.

Ally lays down on the floor and begins to rub the vibrator onto
her clit. I here the door open and another customer comes in. I
look at Karen, who is enjoying the show, and say, “Why don’t
you get rid of her and close for lunch.” Karen shakes her head
yes and goes to the customer. Ally is beginning to enjoy
herself as the vibrator teases her clit. She slides it between
her pussy lips and starts to fuck herself with it. I look at
the two young girls. Sarah’s mouth is wide open; Allison has
already slipped her hand under her skirt.

“Hey Sarah, you want to eat her pussy, don’t ya?” Sarah looks
at me and shyly shakes her head yes. “Go ahead, munch on my
whore.” Sarah tentatively walks over to Ally. I grab Sarah,
push her to the floor and shove her face into Ally’s box. “Eat
her cunt.” I demand. Sarah slowly extends her tongue to Ally’s
clit. Ally grabs the girls head and pushes it hard against her

Allison comes over to me and says “Will you be my mistress

I look at her a little surprised. It is obvious she wants to be
treated like a slut so I simply grab her by the head, push her
to her knees and say “If you can make me cum within two
minutes, you may be my slave.”

Allison quickly pulls my skirt off and dives into my cunt. She
licks my clit while slipping a finger into my pussy. After
about 40 seconds of this, she slides a finger into my ass.

Obviously she was ate pussy before. As soon as her finger fills
my ass, I cum all over her tongue and finger.

I look down at her and say “You have pleased me slut. Tell me
where did a young girl like you learn to eat box.”

“Well, me and a couple friends started a couple years ago.
Sarah for one. Then one day when Sarah, Julie and I were busy
munching on each other’s pussies, my mother walked in. Instead
of being mad she joined in and taught us the exact way a woman
needed to be pleased Then this last year, since a rumour went
around that I was a little dyke, every female teacher in the
school was after me I have spent many a hours at school with a
teacher between my legs, pleasuring me Even the principal begs
to eat from my box But I was never as turned on as I was when I
saw you treat that sexy slut like a tramp It was then that I
knew what I wanted. To be your slave. I get bored of woman
begging to please me.”

“Well that you are now. Here is what I want from you. You are
on Monday to go to every teacher who has ate your pussy and
invite them over for some fun at my place. Make sure they all
come. How many are there?”

Before she can answer I here Ally scream “I’m cumming.”

“Slut Ally, return the favour munch on that teens young pussy.”
Ally obeys and quickly rips off the girl’s shorts and panties
and soon her head is between the chunky girls legs.

“Um–My English teacher-Mrs Cummings, my math teacher-Miss
Remarchuk, my intern social teacher Miss McIvor, my chemistry
teacher Mrs Moore, my guidance counsellor Miss Collins and the
principal Miss White 6 I guess.”

Will each come.”

“They will do anything to eat from my treasure.”

“Good, make sure each is dressed in a sexy outfit. They must be
wearing some sort of pantyhose. Garters, stay ups, crotchless,
understand. And I never want to see you again not wearing

“Yes, mistress,” replies my new slave.

“Now lets see what your teachers love so much.” I push her to
the floor and slip up her skirt. I pull off her panties and see
a shaved box. “You shave, good slave.” I start eating her box.
She is delicious. I am not eating long when I feel something
hard slide into my pussy.

I look up and see Karen, the saleslady, wearing a strap on. She
says “The store is closed.”

“Good,” I say and return to Allison’s golden pussy.

After I cum from the toy I say “Shove it in my ass bitch.” She
obliges and soon I have a plastic cock deep in my bowels. After
my new slave cums all over my face. I quit and say “Slave, go
in my purse and write down my address, make sure all 6 woman
and yourself are at my place by 7:00. Do not disappoint me

“Yes mistress.”

“Slut Allison, take your lesbian friend home and have some fun.
See you Monday. I look at Ally who is laying on the floor with
her hand rubbing her clit and the butt plug still in her ass.
“Ally go give Karen a good cuntlicking, while I find some
outfits for you.”

Before Ally can get up, Karen straddles Ally’s face and sits on
it. Karen rubs her pussy all over Ally’s face. I leave and look
for outfits. I return with a ton of stuff including:

Lingerie: (Besides the three outfits)

1. A vinyl choker collar, that had leather straps coming down
and chains. A vinyl garter and matching panties. 2. a leather
bra that opened at the nipples, with a matching crotchless
panty. 3. red underwired ruffle and bow trimmed bra with lace.
Matching lace gloves and garter. 4. I also grabbed two maids

* 1 pair of showgirl pantyhose in suntan * one pair of black
and another of white backseamed stay up stockings with ruffled
glovelets of floral lace. * 3 pairs of each of stay up
stockings: navy, suntan, black, ivory, white, off black, beige,
taupe, red, and green. * 5 pairs of each of each of the
following garterbelt pantyhose: ivory, red, black, beige,
suntan, black and white. * 2 pair of white, beige and black
suspender hose. * 3 pair of black, red, and ivory crotchless
bikini pantyhose.

* in green and in black-a crop length turtleneck that
clinged against the tits and a short paneled skirt * a two
piece business suit in red. The top was a simple jacket with a
zipper for easy access. The skirt was a tight one that clinged
to the ass. * a spandex dress in black that bared the whole
shoulder. * a leopard print one piece dress * a see through
silk top in black, red and white. * a vinyl halter top and zip
front vinyl pants.

When I returned Ally was still munching. I said “Slave get up
and give the lesbian slut your credit card.” Ally did and the
saleswoman, after getting her clothe back on, went and rang
everything in.

When she returned she said “I gave you a generous 40% off,
please cum back again.”

I walked over to her, grabbed the strap on from the floor and
said “Here bitch, suck this cock and fantasize about me fucking
you with it.” She obeyed and was busy sucking the plastic cock
when me and Ally left.

We got back to the car and headed to Sparkles, a classy
restaurant, for a late lunch. While we were driving I asked,
“How does it feel to violate a young teenager, slave?”
Ally, who is still horny, responds “Completely humiliating.”

“But you enjoyed every second right?”

“yes,” replies Ally totally frustrated.

I pull a dildo out from under my carseat and say “Here fuck
yourself with this.” Ally eagerly grabs the fuck stick and in
one swift motion shoves it into her box. She is turning into
such a slut. A few minutes later we reach the restaurant. “Put
the cock under your seat for now.”

Ally reluctantly pulls the cock out of her hole and puts it
under the seat. She follows me into the restaurant. We get a
seat. While sitting at our table I say “Ally cross your legs,
make sure anyone who looks can see that you are wearing stay
ups.” Ally obeys the command. An older couple is sitting across
from us. Either could see Ally’s legs clearly. The man starts
staring and I notice gets in heck from the wife. I hear the
woman call Ally a slut. Ally’s face is red. “Ally, smile at him
and blow her a kiss.” Ally is completely embarrassed, but she
does give the old man a smile and then very sexually, blows the
old lady a kiss. Moments later the waiter comes over to take
our order.

“May I take you order?” the waiter asks, as he sneaks a peak at
Ally’s legs.

“Yes, I would like the soup of the day and a caesar salad. My
slave here will have a club sandwich and a caesar salad too.”

The waiter is a little taken aback by the world slave, but
manages to say, “Anything to drink, maam?”

“Yes, a bottle of your best wine.”

“Yes maam.” and the waiter leaves.

“Ally, do you want to suck his cock and have him shoot his hot
seed deep inside your throat?”

“No,” she replies.

“Really, tell me the truth,” I ask.

“Yes, I would love to suck on the cute guys rod and let him cum
into my cocksucking mouth.”

The old couple had left and the table was currently being
cleaned by a young girl, maybe 18. As she bent over I could see
that she was wearing stay ups, white. Little slut. I say
“Excuse me.”

The girl turns around and says “Yes, how can I help you.”

“I was just wondering, where did you get such a sexy pair of
stay up stockings?”

The girl blushes and says “At the lingerie store at the end of
7th avenue.”

“Do they have a good selection?”

“My girlfriend thinks so,” she replies. She looks at Ally and
sees she is wearing stay ups.

“What do you think of my slave’s stockings?”

“Your slave? Interesting. Do you lend her out?’

“I don’t know, what did you have in mind?”

“Shit, my boss is looking at me.” She pulls out a pen and
writes down a number, “here, call me sometime, I would like to
use your slave.”

I look at the paper and say, “I’ll be in touch Tamara.” She
smiles and returns to work.

“Ally, would you like to be loaned to a cutie like that.”

“No, it could be dangerous.”

“Or it could be a thrill being treated as a slave, to a whole
bunch of young girls or whatever.”

“I suppose,” Ally replies as the food arrives. I can tell the
thought actually turns her on.

As we are eating I say “Ally get those panties off.” Ally tries
to get them off as unnoticeable as possible. I think she even
gets away with it. I slip off my shoe and slip it up so it hits
Ally’s pussy. I slip a couple toes into her pussy. Ally moans.
I see the waiter is coming back, so I drop my foot down.

“How is everything,” he asks.

“Good, thank you, I think my slave here has something for you.
Slut, give him your panties.” Ally is completely humiliated,
but she does and I continue “She has came in them more than
once today. See if you can take a break in about ten minutes.
My slave would like to suck your cock.”

The waiter shakes his head and leaves. We finish eating and as
we pay our bill I see the waiter coming our way. We head
outside and the young stud follows. We get to my car and I say
“Ally, take the stud into the back seat, I will stay watch.”
The two quickly get into the backseat and in moments Ally’s
head is bobbing up and down on the young man’s cock. I kind of
wish that was me sucking that young stud. The kid didn’t last
to long in Ally’s mouth as after only five minutes he was out
of the car. He smiled at me and went back into the restaurant.
I get into the car as Ally gets back into the front seat. I
start driving and say “So, did his cum taste good?”
Ally didn’t answer.

“Answer me whore, how did it taste?”

“Kind of salty,” replied my little slut.

I have a date tonight, so I drive Ally home. As I dropped my
bitch off I say, “Now when I see you Monday, you will be your
normal self. Unless I tell you otherwise. Understand?”

“Yes,” replies my whore.

“Good girl, now take the toy from under the seat. Have fun with
it this weekend. See you Monday.” I lean over and kiss her. My
finger slips into her box and I finger her hard. Just as she is
close to reaching her peak, I slip the finger out and shove it
in her mouth. She sucks it like a cock. “Get out,” I demand.

Ally obeys and I drive off thinking of my next move, Georgia.


Well I made more tapes this weekend.

The one for Ally was simple: {Ally, you are a slut}. For
Georgia it was:

{Georgia, you trust Ally and Elaine. You find Ally sexy}. The
morning was uneventful. Ally was gone all morning. Georgia was
dressed rather conservative: brown dress pants, a blue blouse,
a brown blazer and taupe nylons. Rather plain, I would have to
change that.

Ally returned around one. As she walked to her office I said
“Hi, Ally.”

She smiled nervously and replied, “Hi, Elaine.” As she walked
into her office I grabbed her ass. She quickly went into her
office, obviously embarrassed.

I followed her in and closed the door. I said “You dressed
really slutty today. Was it for the judge or for me?”

“For the judge,” replied Ally.

“Why for the judge?” I tease.

“All male judges are pigs. If you were a slutty outfit, they
can not stay focused. If they even have the slightest thought
that they may get a piece of me, they are mine.”

“Does it turn you on dressing like a slut,” I ask.

“A little,” replies Ally shyly.

“Open your top right drawer, I demand. Ally obeys and a shocked
look appears on her cute little face. Grab the black butt plug.

“It is huge,” says Ally as she grabs the plastic plug.

Oh by the way Ally is dressed rather slutty today. She is
wearing a thin see through white blouse, a white lace bra, a
black short skirt(and I mean short), and white nylons. They
must be crotchless, the skirt is too short for stockings or
stay ups. I walk over to her and say “Bend over slave.”

Ally says “Not at work.” But she still does bend over. I grab
the plug, lift up her skirt, shit they are stay ups. The judge
definitely must have seen that sometime during the trial. I
lean down and lick your anal entrance. After getting it a
little moist, I shove the butt plug in her ass. Ally yelps as
the plug stretches her still tight ass. “Hurt bitch?”

“Yeah,” moans Ally.

“Good, now keep that thing up your ass till the day is done,
and be at my place at 6:30,” I demand as I leave the office.
That was fun.

In the afternoon I made another tape. The same message for
Ally, but a new one for Georgia. {Georgia, you want to dress
like Ally} Just as Ally was leaving for the day, to prepare for
tonight’s activities, Georgia comes out of her office and
stares at Ally as she leaves. I walk over to Georgia and say “A
penny for your thoughts.”

Georgia quickly tries to cover her obvious fascination with
Ally and says “Oh hi Elaine.”

“Where you just staring at Ally?”

“Um-ya actually, I just can’t believe the outfits she wears
some days. I could even she that she was wearing stay ups.”

“Well dressing like that helps her in court.”

“You think so?”

“Sure, she hasn’t lost many cases when a male judge is on, has

“No, I suppose not,” she seems to be contemplating something.

“Your very pretty Georgia and you have a nice body, you should
use it to your advantage. Show it off. I guarantee you it will

“I don’t know, it makes me feel, well slutty.”

“Do you think Ally is a slut?”

“Well, no, although she sure likes to dress sleazy.”

“Its not sleaze Georgia, its a tease. Think about it Georgia, I
think you will come around. See you tomorrow.”

“Um ok, later.” replies a confused Georgia.

Around 6:30 Ally shows up. I say, “You are going to be the maid
tonight. Your outfit is on my bed. You will do anything that
any of the woman tell you too.”

Ally obeys. When she returns she is almost completely naked.
The outfit I left her was sleazy. A maid’s outfit. This one
though had no skirt. Just a white see through shirt, a black
hat, black garter belt and black stockings. I was wearing a
satin dress in burgundy, with ivory stay ups. Very
conservative. At ten to seven Allison arrived with two other
girls. Allison was dressed the slutiest. A tight red spandex
dress, with black nylons and obviously no bra as I could see
her nipples through the dress.

“Hi mistress,” says Allison, “Sarah could not make it, she is
grounded. But two of my other friends did want to come. I hope
you don’t mind.”

“No slave, as long as both understand their role here.”

“They too want a master,” Allison says. “This is Kristen and
Becky. Kristen and Becky are sisters. Kristen is in grade 12
and Becky grade 11.”

Both girls were real lookers. Both blondes and both had green
eyes. Kristen was wearing a green crop shirt that revealed her
bellybutton, with a matching green skirt, extremely short and
beige nylons. Becky, on the other hand, was wearing a sundress
and ivory nylons. She seemed really shy.

“If these two girls are going to be allowed in they must prove
their worthiness first. Kristen, tell me why you are a slut.”

Kristen smiles and says, “I love to be used. I love sex. I love
woman. I love the taste of a wet pussy. I also love the feel of
a hard cock in my ass. Either a dildo or a real one.”

“And how about you Becky?”

“Um, I,”

Kristen interrupts, “Actually she has never had any sexual
encounter before.

We made her come to this. We figured she needed it.”

“Interesting,” I reply, “Becky by the end of the night you will
be a different girl.” I walk over to her and kiss her. She
doesn’t react at first, but soon she starts to respond back. I
break the kiss. “You girls go to the livingroom and wait for
the other guests.” I look at the clock. It is 5 to seven. I
wonder if these teachers would show up. Can you imagine woman,
of such apparent prestige, would come to a strangers house
because they so badly need to have a young teens pussy. I
started to doubt they would show up when the doorbell rings.
My maid, Ally, goes and answers the door. Moments later two
ladies walk into my livingroom. They looked around and seemed
surprised to see Kristen and Becky. They whisper to each other
as I say, “Hi, my name is Elaine, I am your host for the
evening, and you are?”

A woman, probably over 40, rather attractive, dressed in a
incredibly slutty cropped, black, halter top that opened at her
breasts, with a black miniskirt and black stockings, says “My
name is Lisa White, I am the school principal at Watkin High.
This is Tara McIvor, Allison’s Social Studies teacher.” Tara is
probably 22, one of the most beautiful girls I have ever scene,
imagine Sharon stone, but with longer legs. She is wearing a
sexy and short floral mesh dress, with V neckline. It is
obvious that she is not wearing a bra. The dress is black and
she too is wearing black nylons. She is also wearing a black
choker around her neck. I wonder if she is the principal’s
slave. I will find that out later.

I say, “Nice to meet you Tara, Lisa, please have a seat and
wait till the others get here.” The ladies took a seat as i
hear a knock at the door. I hear the two woman say “others?”
Moments later three more ladies entered the livingroom. they
too seem very surprised too see students and other teachers
here. Allison had not told them much. Good. These woman must be
real lesbo sluts to be here.

Again I introduce myself. “Hi my name is Elaine, and I will be
your hostess for this evenings events.”

“Um, hi my name is Carol Collins,” says a brunette of around
28. She is rather short, but rather cute. She is wearing black
lace over satin dress. Part of her braless tits can be scene
through the dress. The dress is black and she is wearing beige

“I am Sharon Moore,” says a woman in her mid-40’s, nervously.
She is chubby, but not fat. She is wearing a leopard print
dress that looks a little sill on her. She is wearing suntan

The doorbell rings again.

“And my name is Miranda Remarchuk,” says a 25ish redhead. She
is tall and slim. She is dressed simply in a white shawl, with
white stay ups. I know this because the shawl is very see-
through. She is not wearing a bra and her ass is super.

As I say, “Please take a seat,” the final woman enters the
room.She is wearing a black overcoat. She is very cute. A cute
brunette, with dimples, and a sexy smile.

Before I can introduce myself she says, “Hi everyone.” She
looks at me and says “Hi, my name is Sheila.” As she says this
she takes off her jacket and reveals that she is dressed in
some very erotic lingerie. Red vinyl cami, with red leather
gloves and matching g-string. She is also wearing red stay ups.
All the red, brings out her long blonde hair. Fuck, I just

I recover and say, “Nice to meet you Sheila, I am Elaine.

Please take a seat.” She does. Fuck what an ass. I now address
the whole group. “We are here today, for a very interesting
night. I understand that each one of you has had the pleasure
of munching on slave Allison’s box.” A few of the girls blush.

“Anyways, understand that I am in charge here and you will
answer all my questions and do as I say. Also, this is my slave
Ally, she will be taping this whole session. If anyone has a
problem with this they may leave now.” No one moves. Good.
“First, we are going to sit back and listen to Allison tell us
how each one of her six teacher’s seduced her. Please to not
interrupt. Allison please tell us how each of these
professionals first came on to you.”

Allison smiles and begins, “Well, I think it is important to
start at how my image came out. As I told master Elaine
already, me and some of my friends were having some girl/girl
fun when my mother caught us. Instead of giving us shit, she
joined in and taught us how to pleasure a woman. After that, I
never wanted a man. That said, I would let any girl eat from my
box. Within the first two months of the school year I had my
pussy eaten by probably 40 girls. Soon rumours were spread
that I was a dyke and loved having my pussy chomped. Which was
actually true. Anyways, one day after school, I was working in
the SRC room, I am Vice-President master, and Samantha Jones, a
grade 11 nerd who could never get a man, was under my desk
eating me out. Suddenly, Mrs. Cummings, my English teacher,
came in. I squeezed my legs together and tried to act as if I
was working. Mrs. Cummings noticed a pair of shoes under my
desk. She asked the girl to get out from their. She was
surprised to see it was Samantha. Samantha, completely
humiliated, ran out and left us alone. Mrs. Cummings walked
over to me and said, ‘This is not appropriate for school
Allison.’ I remain quite, but I notice she is looking down at
my pussy. My skirt is pretty high up still. ‘I think I should
probably tell Miss White. Don’t you?’ I realize that she is
still staring at my legs, so I open them apart wide, so she can
almost all the way up. I don’t answer. Miss Cummings walks over
to the door and locks it. She walks over to me, gets on her
knees and crawls between my knees. I ask with a devilish
giggle, ‘What are you doing Mrs. Cummings?’ She doesn’t answer
as she extends her tongue and starts lapping at my snatch. She
was a good cuntlicker and she had me off in minutes. This has
since been a weekly thing. Same place, same time, isn’t it Miss
Cummings?” Miss Cummings blows her a kiss.

“Next was Mrs. Moore, my chemistry teacher. Really I seduced
her. I had a hunch she was a dyke as she was always checking me
out. She was older and , although she was married, I figured
she didn’t get much sex. She was always staring at my tits,
drooling over my long legs when I wore some slutty slut and
watching my ass every time I walked in and out of the room. So
I started teasing her. I would open my legs a bit so from her
desk she could see my shaved bush. I never wore panties to
school. I also sat in the front row, right in front of her
desk. As time went on she could not stay focused. After I did
rather poorly on an exam, she asked me if I could meet her
after school. Anyways, after school I came to her class and
for a few minutes we discussed chemistry actually. Finally, I
said it was hot in here and I talk off my sweatshirt.

Underneath I was wearing a white t-shirt, no bra, and my
nipples poked through clearly. I noticed that she was, as
usual, starring at my chest. This time I went over and locked
the door and simply said, ‘You want me don’t you Mrs.Moore?’

She was to embarrassed to answer. I simply sat on her desk and
lifted my skirt up. ‘Go ahead, Mrs.Moore, eat me.’ She slowly,
and I mean slowly, moved towards me. When she was in reach I
grabbed her head and pushed it into my shaved twat. She slowly
lapped away making love to my pussy. It was great. Her style
was so tender, not what I usually like, but this really turned
me on. She didn’t let me cum for a long time, she kept me on
the brink and when I did cum, it was earth shattering. Since
then we have been together quite a few times, always at her
place. She likes when I treat her like a slave.”

I look at Shannon, she is beat red and her head is down.

“Next was Miss McIvor, the intern. As soon as I saw her I knew
I wanted her, she was so cute and I had a hunch submissive. I
am not sure why, but I had a hunch. One day I simply walked up
to her and whisper, “I want you.’ and walk away. Next day in
class she keeps looking my way and while we are working on
research projects, I go over to her and say ‘My pussy is
shaved’ and again walk away. After school I see her leaving and
I catch up to her and say, ‘Take me to your place.’ She looks
at me as she gets to her car and she says ‘Get in’. When we get
to her place I simply push her on the floor and straddle her.
My pussy drops onto her lips and she pleasures me. It was
great. We spent the whole night using many of her different
vibrators. I even fucked her ass for the first time. She loved
that didn’t you Miss McIvor?”

“Yes, mistress Allison,” she replies.

“Next was Miss White, the principle. She called me in the next
day at noon. I figured I was in trouble. Instead she says ‘My
slave Tara tells me that she and you had a romantic interlude.’
I laugh and say ‘Not really, I just used her as my slut for a
night.’ Miss White is surprised by my words. I continue ‘Let me
guess’ I say as I walk over to her, ‘you want a piece of
Allison pie.’ She replies ‘Yes, I would Allison, I hear you are
delicious.’ I get on her desk and spread my legs. She moves
eagerly towards my pussy. I stop her and say ‘Beg for the
privaledge of eating me.’ The principal, the leader of the
school, begs “Please Allison, let me lick your pussy, I can
make you feel so good.’ Listening to the principal beg to munch
on my muff was too much and I push her head into my wet cunt.
Since then I have been called into the office many times and
always for the same thing. A lunch snack.”

“Next was Miss Collins and by now my reputation as a lesbian
whore who loved having her twat licked. I was meeting Miss
Collins to discuss what I was going to do next year. We
discussed things for awhile and then suddenly Miss Collin’s
hand was one my leg. I didn’t say anything as I put my hand on
her leg and slowly slid up her thigh, when I got to her pussy,
I slipped under her panties and slid a finger into her pussy. I
fucked her hard till she came, then I pulled the finger out and
placed it at her lips. She opened up and sucked her pussy juice
from my finger. I then pushed her head down and she worked my
clit over with her tongue while she slid two fingers deep into
my hole. Since ten we meet once every couple weeks for

“Lastly, Miss Remarchuk. Although she was last, she has been
the most frequent. She knows exactly how to use that tongue.
Anyways, I was walking home one day when she pulled up in her
car and said ‘Hi Allison, can I give you a lift?’ I say sure
and I am not surprised when we end up at her place. After we
are in her apartment she says, ‘I have wanted you for awhile.
Get over here and eat my pussy.’ The thrill of being controlled
was a turn on and I did as I was told. Unfortunately, after she
tasted my box she was hooked and lost all control. She licked
me forever and fucked both my cunt and ass with her finger. It
was amazing. But she no longer treated me as a whore and I
loved that. That said, I did love the way she worked my pussy

“Well that was educational,” I say and laugh at the pun, “So
are all six of you ladies lesbians? Let’s go left to right.”

Mrs. Cummings says, “Well I am married to a great sexy man and
I love to be fucked my his cock. But I also love the taste of a
woman. I ama sexual being and I love all kinds of sex.”

Miss Remarchuk is next and she says “Yes, I only have sex with
woman. I love to tease men, but I would never want to have sex
with one.” Interesting I think, it would be fun to have her
fuck some guy.

Next is young Tara McIvor, she says, “I had never had sex with
a woman till mistress Lisa told me it was the only way I would
pass my internship. She forced me to be her slave. Now all I
think about is woman and being dominated, I love it. I am not
sure I ever would want a man again.”

Miss White continues, “Men, who needs them? Woman can please
themselves. Only a woman knows what a woman wants. And a dildo,
or any other cock toy is just as good as a man and it stays
hard all night.”

Miss Collins laughs as she says, “Yeah, I suppose that is true,
but I do like the feeling of a hard cock in my pussy, once and
awhile. The taste of cum is delicious, but…not as delicious
as the taste of pussy. I love both.”

Mrs. Moore states, “I too am married, but he has got bored of
me. I havn’t been fucked by a man forever. So I turned to woman
and to my surprise I loved it. Now, I can not get enough. On
the way over here I ate out Miranda’s box in the car while
Carol drove.”

I look at Allison and she smiles and says, “Only pussy
mistress, although I will fuck any man you wish in my mouth,
cunt or ass.”

“Good answer,” I reply, “Kristen?”

“I have fucked a couple men, both friends of my father, but
they just treated me as a fuck. Allison, on the other hand,
made love to me, it was amazing.”

I looked lastly at innocent little Becky, she looked at me and
whispered, “I-I-I don’t know.”

“Well we will find out tonight. Let’s go around the circle
again and tell me briefly who and what was your best sexual

Sheila begins, “Hopefully tonight. Otherwise, the best sexual
encounter would be when I was in high school and all 10 of us
cheerleaders had a lesbian orgy on my birthday. At one time all
11 girls were pawing me. One was licking my clit, another
fingering my pussy, another fucking my ass with a dildo, two
playing with my breasts, one kissing me, two kissing each side
of my neck and the others touching caressing wherever they
could. It was amazing. Maybe tonight we could do something like
that for young Becky.”

Miranda went next and said, “That sounded like fun. My
favourite experience was when my sister and I first did it
together. It was my first time. She simply slid in my bed one
night and started kissing me. Soon she was fingering my pussy.

The rest of the night is a blur as we spent the whole night
inbetween each other’s legs. Even today, my sister and I try to
get together every month for some sisterly love. Becky let
Kristen sleep with you sometime. That is what sisters are

Tara was next and began, “Actually being turned into a
cuntlicking, lesbian slave by mistress Lisa, would be my most
intense sexual encounter. It opened up my sexuality.”

Lisa says, “Good reply slave. My favourite sexual encounter was
when I met my first mistress. She taught me everything I know.
I was 16 and at summer camp. The wife of the camp director
seduced me and then spent the next two weeks using me as her
personal sex toy. She fucked me with strap ons, made me lick
her asshole and even made me drink her piss. Ever since then I
have liked to be in control. But I have always searched for
another mistress.”

Carol looks at Lisa oddly before she begins, “My best encounter
was when I was in university, I was fucked by two football
hunks. It was my first double penetration and it was amazing.
Both of them ended up cumming in my mouth. After half an hour
of simply caressing, they banged me again, shooting two loads
of cum on my tits. After this I got a rep as a slut and spent
almost every free night being banged by one, two or three

Mrs. Moore looks around and finally says, “I havn’t really had
any great sexual experiences, like you girls. My husband is a
dud and the only man I have ever slept with. I guess my first
woman encounter, when a friend of mine and I ended up in each
other’s arms in her pool. She had just finalized a divorce and
I complained that my marriage sucked, next thing I know, we are
kissing and the rest of the night was a drunken blur.”

Allison looks at me and says, “Honestly everytime some lesbian
slut begs to eat my box I have an orgasm. I love watching woman
like teachers begging to suck on my cunt. The time mom caught
us was amazing. But the best time had to be when I met my
mistress and her maid.”

As she mentions my maid I decide to get Ally into the action I
demand “Ally, give me the camera, get on your knees and give
each of these lovely ladies twenty licks.”

Sheila quickly slides off her panties as Ally begs, “No, please
don’t make me do this.” But her protests are stopped as her
tongue reaches Shelia’s cunt.

Kristen then says, “My best would actually be tonight already.
The sexual tension in here is amazing. I so badly want to eat
out Mrs. Cummings, suck on Miss Remarchuk’s huge tits, treat
Miss McIvor as the tramp she is, finger fuck my slutty
principal, chew on Miss Collins clit, squeeze the chunky ass of
Mrs. Moore, fuck the ass of Allison, break my sister in and
become a slave to you mistress Elaine.”

By the time she is finished talking Ally has licked Sheila,
Miranda, Tara and was currently working on Lisa. I smile as I
look at Becky and say, “I know you have no sexual experience,
but tell me which of these six teachers would you like to

Becky shyly says, “Miss Remarchuk.”

“What would you like to do to Miss Remarchuk?”

“I would like to taste her?”

“You would like to lick her shaved box?”

“Yes,” she says completely embarrassed.

“Go ahead, go over to Miss Remarchuk and eat her snatch.” It
was so cool to watch as she slowly walked over to Miss
Remarchuk, who grabbed her and gave her a long passionate kiss.

Soon the young girl was on her knees with her head inbetween
the sexy math teacher. Ally has finished licking Lisa, Carol
and Shannon and had just started on Allison. I left and
returned with a huge bag of toys. I simply say, “Ladies, have
fun. Before the night is done, each one of you must be with
every girl here. Sheila you wear the thick black cock, your job
is to fuck these sluts. Miss White, grab a butt plug and use it
on each of these whores. The rest of you have fun. Soon the
ladies are all over each other.

Kristen grabs Miss McIvor and a huge dildo and says “Fuck me
with this.” She does.

Miss Collins and Mrs. Moore grab a two ended cock and soon are
fucking each others cunts.

Miss Remarchuk reaches for a vibrator and starts using it on
young Becky.

Becky cums on contact from the toy.

Mrs. Cummings goes over and bends Mrs. White over and starts
fucking her with the cock , while Miss White rims Allison’s

The rest of the night is a blur as the woman continually swap

Mrs. Moore took a rectum ride by Kristen.

Tara and Allison used a double dildo to fuck each others ass in

Sheila banged all 8 cunts with her cock, while Miss White lubed
the ass of all the ladies.

Miranda’s rump was reamed by Becky.

Mrs. Cummings was then double penetrated with two huge
vibrators, while she ate out Miss White.

Allison pulled large beads out of Miss McIvor’s ass.

All this time, Ally was back videotaping.

After probably three hours of this, I figured it was time for
the finale. I get on all fours in the middle of the floor and
say, “Pleasure your new mistress whores.” Soon all the woman
are on me. Sheila and Miranda are licking the soles of my nylon
covered feet, Tara and Shannon are nibbling on my nipples,
Carol struggles to lay underneath me and begins licking my box,
while lisa has put on the strap on and has started to fuck my
ass, allison and kristen were nibbling on my ears and neck and
becky was kissing me, slipping her tongue into my mouth. the
feeling of having all these sluts pleasing me was amazing. I
would watch this tape over and over again. The girls
continually rotated positions till every girl had slurped my
juices, fucked my ass, sucked on my nipples and generally
touched every part of their mistresses body. After uncountable
orgasms I finally get up and say, “That was very good slaves.
This will become a weekly thing. Every Monday. If you are to be
invited back next Monday you must do as I tell you now. Also,
you must found me in advance to get permission to have any type
of sex, except for the following the instructions I am about to
give. First, each one of you must always dressing stay ups,
garters, or crotchless pantyhose. You must also dress sexy.
Here are your personal instructions. Sheila, you are to bring
young Becky to your house and have a threesome with your
husband.” Shelia smiles. “Is that ok Becky?” I ask.

Becky smiles and says, “Yes mistress.”

Next I look at Miranda and say, “You will seduce and fuck at
least three men this week. One staff member, one student and
one complete stranger.” It is obvious she is appalled so I say,

“Is this a problem?”

“Well, I just don’t like men?”

“If you ever want to be touched by these woman again you will
do it and for questioning my authority you will beg the student
to fuck and cum in your ass. After he has done that you will
suck his cock again till he shoots a second load of goo down
your throat, understand.”

“Yes,” replies Miranda devastated.

“Lisa. You will be Kristen’s slave for the week. You will do
whatever she tells you no matter what. Lisa you will spend the
whole weekend at her place. Do you have a dog, Lisa?”

“Yes,” she replies, “A german shepard.”

“Kristen, you will suck the dogs cock and swallow his cum.”

“Hmmmm, yes mistress,” replies Kristen, as she fucks herself
with one of the cocks.

“Tara, you will pick up a guy one night, a girl the next, every
night this week and be their slave for the night.”

Tara smiles.

“Carol, you will ask every one of your male students if you can
suck their cock. If they say yes, you will suck him off till he
cums inside your mouth.”

“But what if…”

“Are you questioning me,” I explode.

“NO, I…”

“Ok, grab the biggest butt plug I have and you are no required
to keep it in your ass all week except when you have to take a

She doesn’t question me this time as she walks over, grabs the
huge black plug and slowly slips it into her rectum.

“Shannon, you will teach a unit of sexual chemistry this week.
You will show a porno film to the class and tell them exactly
what is going on. If any of the kids come on to you, you will
take them home and fuck them.”

“Lastly, slave Allison. You are my favourite. But you need to
try cock. So I want you to, after a football practice, be
waiting in the shower for the boys and offer your body to all
the boys.”

Allison smiles at the thought. “Good now next Monday when we
meet you will tell me how your duty went. I am looking forward
to hearing the stories. Now get out of my house.” Slowly, the
woman get dressed and leave.

With only Ally left, I say, “Did you enjoy that?”

“I can’t believe it. I know you are making me your slut and
although I am fighting it, I know I can’t stop you. But these
girls did it on their own. It really made me hot.”

“Interesting,” reply as I walk over to her and kiss her hard.

“Go home Ally and think about those young teenagers pleasing


I am exhausted today. Last night was amazing. I am looking
forward to next Monday’s stories. Anyways, today’s tape was:
{Ally, you want to fuck Billy;

Georgia, you get horny everytime you see Ally}

Georgia looked real sexy today. The tape and my conversation
with Georgia had definitely worked as Georgia was showing a lot
more skin today. She was wearing a red single breasted blazer
and a matching red skirt that tightly fitted around her perfect
ass. Her luscious legs her wrapped in a pair of beige
stockings. Red definitely was her colour. Yummy! Ally had not
shown up yet today. Just after lunch, Ally came in dressed in a
way I have never seen before. She was all sweaty and was
wearing a yellow, black and white tank top and matching spandex
bike shorts. This was a different look, but somehow still very

“Where were you?” I ask.

“Oh, after trial this morning, me and Renee met at the gym.
Somebody stole my clothe while I was working out, so I had to
come to work like this.”

“Well, you look good. John wants to see you ASAP,” I say.

“Ok,” says Ally as she heads for John’s office.

Fuck her ass is tight. Georgia, who had just recently came out
of the bathroom, is starring at Ally’s ass as it saunters
slowly into John’s office.

I stare at Georgia, till she sees me, blushes and turns away
and goes to her office.

Ten minutes later, John’s door slammed shut and Ally looks
furious. She storms past me and into her office. Slam. Her door
almost shatters from the force of the closure.

John comes out of his office, looks at me, shrugs his shoulders
and goes back into his office.

I wait a while for her to calm down and then I go into her
office. Her face is still red. “What?” she says in a bitter
voice I havn’t heard for a while.

“What is wrong?” I ask with compassion.

“John thinks I have been acting weird for the last couple
weeks. He is threatening to fore me to go see his therapist.
This is your fault.” Before I can say anything she continues,
“I don’t know what you did, but you have been somehow
controlling my mind. Making me do things I would never do.”

“You loved it,” I say, “you loved being submissive. Being
controlled. Your a whore and I brought it out for you.”

“No,” she yells, “you turned me into a whore.” She is crying
now. But still furious. “I want you to leave me alone. Stop
doing whatever you are doing. Let me have my life back.”

“Whatever you say?” I reply and leave the room.

I hear Ally whisper, “Just leave me alone.”

I figure I will actually comply with her wish for a few days. I
will focus on her and Billy. I also want to spend more time on
specimen number two: Georgia.

Anyways, the rest of the day is dull and I have a date tonight
with a young stud I met Sunday.


Well did I get fucked last night. The guys cock was massive and
he new how too use it. He was also really domineering, which
was a real turn on. On the way to his place he simply grabbed
my head and pulled it down onto his cock while he drove. I came
instantly. I also ended up slurping on his meat for a while and
then I noticed we stopped, I started to pull my head up, but he
pushed it back down, so I continued to work on his shaft. I
felt a bit of a draft and then I heard him say “Yes, fill it up
please.” Oh my God, I thought, this guy could see my head
eagerly bobbing up and down. I again tried to pull my head up,
and again he pushed it back down.

After what seemed like an eternity, the gas attendant returned
and said “That will be 18.75.”

“Here is 20.00, keep the change.” Soon the car is running again
and he pulls my head up and says “You are a pretty good
cocksucker.” He then pushes my head back down onto his rock
hard cock. I am so hot, that I wan o shove that cock in my
pussy. Finally the car stops and he says “Get up, we are here.”

I do and soon we are in his apartment. As I look around I hear
him say “Get rid of your clothes and get on the couch, I am
going to fuck her pussy now.”

I don’t hesitate as I am dying to have that stiff rod in my
box. In seconds I am spread eagled on the couch waiting this
stud’s cock. He walks over to me and places his cock at my
pussy. He plunges his cock into me and soon is fucking me hard
and fast. I am screaming in ecstasy and soon here another guys

I try to cover my tits up, but he grabs my hand and says “Let
my little brother she those melons. Hey Joey, you ever fucked a

Joey doesn’t say anything he looks completely dazed. Jim is
still fucking me as he continues “My brother here is a virgin,
till tonight. Joey get over here and shove your cock in her
mouth.” Joey looks a little tentative. “Slut, tell him you want
to suck his 16 year old cock.”

I am so turned on. The thought of breaking in some 16 year old
is too much. I seductively say “Hey stud, come over here and
let me suck on your pecker.” Slowly Joey does and as soon as he
is in reach I grab him and pull his underwear down. “Your cock
is hard stud. Do you want me to suck it?”

“Uh-uh,” stutters the shy kid, as I take him in my mouth, “Oh
my God.” I soon start to use my slut mouth to pleasure the kid
while his brother pounds my twat.

Just as I am about to cum, I hear Jim say “Joey, sit on the
couch, this bitch is gonna ride you.” Joey obeys and quickly
straddle the kids cock and take it into my pussy. The kid is in
heaven, I am riding him fast and suddenly I feel Jim’s cock at
my ass. I know what to do and I position myself for a double
penetration by two brothers. Soon Jim is in my ass and I am
being fucked hard by two young pieces of meet. This continues
for about 15 minutes till I feel a loud of cum shoot into my
bowels. Jim pulls out and says “Joey, do you want to cum in her
mouth, cunt or ass?”

“Can I fuck her ass?”

“Don’t ask, just do it,” says Jim.

The kid gets up and bends me over the coffee table and soon is
plugging my cum filled ass. The tightness is too much for the
kid and soon I feel my splinter fill with more sticky goo. The
kid pulls out and collapses on the couch. I crawl over to him
and take his cock back into my mouth. A couple minutes later I
hear Jim say “Bitch, thanks for the use of your slutty body,
now get outta here. The cab should be here soon.” I get up,
find my clothe and leave.

As I am in the cab on the way home I can’t believe the
sensation I had tonight it was amazing.

Anyways, Today’s tape was: {Ally, you can’t stop thinking about
Billy; Georgia, You think lesbian sex is a serious turn on}
Well the morning was dull as I was busy doing some crap for
Richard. Both Ally and Georgia were here all morning. Ally
dressed in a sexy black leather skirt, with matching black
nylons, and a sleeveless button shirted in a black and white
checkered pattern. Georgia was wearing a cute green one piece,
sleeveless till dress. With buttons coming all the way up the
front, the top two undone. She was also wearing a pair of
suntan hose. She looked good enough to throw on the floor and
munch. Soon that would be possible.

Interestingly enough Georgia was just given a case today by
Richard in which she was defending the rights of a young
secretary who was fired because she was a lesbian. Also, Billy
and Ally were working on a case together about sexual
harassment. This should make my suggestions to both girls more

Ally had ignored me whenever she could. I figured I would leave
her alone today as she tried to not jump Billy’s cock. I
figured though I would have some fun with Georgia. I walk into
her office and she is busy reading. Her legs are on her desk as
she leans back on her chair. Her nylon covered toes sticking in
the air. I was really turned on. I ask, “How is the case

“Ok, I guess. In all honesty, this case is a pain in the ass.
But it should be a cakewalk. It is open and shut. The sexual
orientation of the employee has nothing to do with what they do
at work. If anything, we may counter-sue for the fact that he
hit on her and then fired her because she sad no. That is what
I am reading on now.”

“Interesting, it wouldn’t bother you if one of your co-workers
was gay.”

“Well, yeah before it would have groused me out. But, now the
more I think about it, I think it is unfair and none of my
business if a person is a lesbian or gay.”

“I have had sex with a woman before.”

“Really?” says Georgia a little taken aback.

“Yes,” when I was in high school. It was a lot of fun. Havn’t
you ever found a woman sexy?”

“Well I suppose, I know when a woman is attractive. Usually I
am jealous of them.”

“Like Ally?” I question.

“Yes, like Ally. That sweet innocent look makes me sick.

Mostly, because I can’t do it. I can’t be cute. I can be sexy,
but not cute. Ally is both.”

I figure it is time to leave her to ponder the lesbian thing so
I say, “Yes, Ally is a complete sexual object. I got to get
back to work, later.”

Georgia shakes her head and goes back to her reading. As I
leave Georgia’s office, I see Ally and Billy leave the office
together. I wonder if she can resist fucking him.


I had a relaxing night last night. I had no sex. I didn’t even
bonk myself with any of my toys. Anyways, today’s tape is:
{Ally, you will seduce Billy today; Georgia who want to fuck a
woman} I also send a command to Billy: {Billy, you will not
resist Ally}

Today both ladies are dressed like they are going to a sleazy
bar to me picked up by some drunk stud. Ally is wearing a taupe
v-neck top, a matching miniskirt and a pair of almond shade
nylons. Georgia is wearing a curvy, swervy poly knit crop top
with a asymmetrical neckline. Her belly button is in clear
view. With this she is wearing the shortest skirt I have ever
seen(and think of what a slut I am). It was a suede cloth
skirt. Her stockings are suntan.

I decide that today I will try to get Georgia. I have a plan.

To make it work I got to make sure Ally seduces Billy in his

After lunch I switch the tape. Now it says: {Ally, seduce Billy
at 4:00; Georgia, do anything Elaine says, it makes you horny}

By the way, I also set up a hidden videocamera in Billy’s office
and hooked it up to a small tv at my desk. This way I can watch

Billy and Ally were together all morning and again all
afternoon. It was around 3:30 when Ally left Billy’s office and
went to hers.

At quarter to four I go into her office and we do some
irrelevant social talk.

Finally I say, “You and Billy have spent a lot of time
together, lately.”

“Yes, so?” she asks with irritation in her response.
“Just saying…”

“Saying what,” asks Ally a frustrated. Obviously, she was
having sexual thoughts about him.

“I was just wondering if you needed to talk. It is obvious you
still love him.

Or at least want him sexually.”

“Elaine , mind your own business.”

“Slave, I have been pretty good with you for the last couple
days and given you space. But you are not giving me the respect
you should be. Therefore, you must be punished. Although, I
doubt you will not enjoy this assignment.”

“Elaine, please no, I’m sorry, don’t make me…” Ally begs.

“Be quiet. A slave like you needs to be put in place every once
and a while.

Tell me, Ally, do you ever fantasize about fucking Billy?”

“Yes,” replies Ally quietly.


“Yes,” whispers Ally, knowing this is going somewhere she
rather it not.



“Thought about having his cock in your ass and him cumming all
over your hard nipples.”

“Elaine I…”

“Answer me honestly Ally,” I demand.

“Yes,” she says reluctantly.

“Yes, what?”

She knows what is expected of her as she says , “Yes, I can’t
stop thinking of having Billy’s cock inside my cunt and ass.”
I can tell that she is horny. The suggestions are obviously
slowly taking control.

The clock hits four and Ally gets up and begins to leave the
room. I ask, “Where are you going?”

“I got to talk to Billy,” she replies and leaves the room.
I call out, “Have fun!”

I go back to my desk and turn on my small tv. Everybody else,
by the way, is in court. Georgia should be back by five
o’clock. The rest should not be returning. I turn the volume up
loud so I can hear the conversation.

“Hi Billy, what you doing,” asks Ally.

“Oh, trying to get ready for out trial tomorrow,” replies Billy
as he looks up and stares at Ally.

Ally goes to the chair in front of his desk and sexily sits
down and slowly crosses one leg over the other. The fact that
she is wearing garters is in plain view. “Can I ask you
something, Billy?”


“I mean something really personal.”

“Uh-sure,” replies Billy a little unsure.

“Do you ever think of having sex with me?”

“What?” asks Billy a little taken aback.

“Do you ever fantasize about fucking me?”

“Ally, I…fucking you?”

Ally gets up and walks right up to him, “I have thought of it
Billy. I can’t stop thinking about it. Working on this case
together has just magnified it. Being so close to you.
Spelling your cologne. Feeling your breathe accidently hit my
neck. How could I not think about the past. You and I together.
You nibbling on my ear.”

Ally leans over and nipples his ear.

“Ally I,” Billy tries to say a complete logical thought.
But Ally stays at her ear and I think she says, “You caressing
me.” As her hand slides to his leg and slowly moves up.
Ally we shouldn’t…” Billy protests.

“Shouldn’t what Billy?” Billy doesn’t reply so Ally continues.
Her hand hits the bulge that is restrained inside his pants and
she says, “You kissing me.” She slowly moves her lips to his
and stops just millimetres away from his. “You kissing me,”
she repeats. Billy tries to resist. “You kissing me.” She
extends her tongue and licks his lips. Billy crumbles and
presses his lips to hers.

The kiss is one of the most passionate I have ever seen.
Months, years actually, of built up sexually heat explodes
suddenly. Ally breaks the kiss and frantically starts
unbuttoning his pants. Soon is 10 inch thick cock is standing
erect and Ally says, “I have thought about this exact position.
Me on my knees.” She places her hand on his raging shaft She
playfully says, “Oh I missed you.” She is obviously speaking
directly to the cock.

Billy suddenly gets a brief moment of clarity and studders,
“Ally I…we…”

“Do you want me to suck it Billy. I really want too. Can I suck

“Ally what has gotten in to you,” asks Billy as he moves away,
“I am married and we are at work.”

Ally grabs his cock and squeezes, “I don’t want a relationship
Billy, I just need your cock. Is that such a bad thing.” Before
Billy can answer Ally takes his stiff rod and takes it in her

Billy tries to pull out, but Ally grabs his ass and pulls his
cock deeper into her mouth. “Ally we shouldn’t be doing this.”
Ally quits and looks up at Billy and says “If you want me to
quit sucking your cock, just say so.”

Ally waits swirling her tongue around just the tip of his
prick. The teasing drives Billy nuts and he pushes his cock
forward. Ally takes the message and soon is pumping up and down
on his thick corkscrew with her sexy mouth.

I pull a vibrator out of my drawer and start fucking my pussy.
Ally quits sucking, jumps up onto his desk, spreads her legs
and says, “Lick my pussy Billy. Fuck my cunt with your tongue.”
Billy, overwhelmed with desire, quickly dives into his ex-
girlfriend’s drenched twat and starts to pleasure the bitch.
I’m jealous. Ally s squirming all over the desk. Billy must be
a pretty good cunt licker.

I look at the clock, 4:49. Georgia should be back soon.
I go back to watching the video. Damn it. I missed something.
Billy’s cock is deep in Ally and he is fucking her the way I
like it. Hard and fast. Ally is taking off her shirt and then
she starts playing with her sexy tits. Ally gets off the desk
and squeezes Billy’s cock inbetween her lovely melons. Soon she
is getting tit fucked by Billy. This is hot.

I look at the clock, a minute to five. Where is Georgia? This
won’t be as fun if Georgia doesn’t catch them. That is part of
my plan.

As I turn back to the video I hear Ally say, “Have you ever
fucked Georgia in the ass stud?” As she says this she bends
over the desk and gives Billy a clear view of the forbidden

Even the mention of his wife’s name doesn’t slow Billy down.
Billy goes behind Ally and places his cock at her ass, “Georgia
is kind of timid in bed. She doesn’t even suck my cock, except
on the rare occasion she is drunk.” He pushes his cock forward.
“Oh ya, Ally, your ass is tight.”

“Shut up and fuck my ass stud,” demands Ally.

“Hi, Elaine, what ya doing,” asks Georgia. Damn I didn’t even
see her. She can’t see my tv, but she hears the sound of Ally
scream, “Fuck my ass Billy, bury your cock in my shithole.”

Georgia isn’t a dumb, she quickly figures out where the sounds
are cumming from and she storms towards Billy’s office. She
opens the door and sees exactly what I am watching. Ally spread
over a desk, naked, with Billy’s cock plugging her ass. Georgia
stares at Ally at first, looking at her firm tits. Finally she
demands, “What the fuck is going on here.”

“Oh shit, uh, Georgia, I can explain this,” says a shocked
Billy. As he pulls his cock out of Ally. Ally hides under the
desk, embarrassed. To my surprise she actually takes Billy’s
cock back into her mouth as Billy tries to explain. What a
slut she is turning into.

“How can you explain this?” demands Georgia, now in tears.

“I-uh,” stutters Billy.

“Is she sucking your cock?” asks Georgia appalled.

Billy moans as he begins cumming, Ally pulls her mouth away and
cum sprays in the air.

“You bastard,” yells Georgia as she turns around and heads out
the door. Billy runs to follow and goes to the door, “Georgia
wait, I’m sorry.” Georgia storms out and he looks to see me
starring at him. Embarrassed he closes his door. “I’m fucked,
Ally, what am I going to do now.”

I walk to Billy’s office and open the door. Billy is getting
dressed quickly;

Ally not so quickly. I say “Ally be at my place at eight and
Billy, nice cock.”

I quickly leave to see if I can catch Georgia. I rush quickly
and find her just getting into her BMW convertible. I rush and
jump in the passengers seat.

I scare the shit out of a still crying Georgia. I say, “You
better hurry, Billy will be here any second”

Georgia quickly slips the car into reverse and then drive and
we are gone. Taking control of the situation, I say, ”
Georgia, you can not go to your house that is where Billy will
go. Why don’t you come to my place. We’ll order in some food
and you can relax.”

“That bitch. How could Ally do that to me? And him, that son of
a bitch. I-I,” cries Georgia.

“I’m sorry Georgia, I don’t know what to say.” We remain silent
the rest of the way to my place. We get in and Georgia
collapses on my couch. I go to the phone and order a couple
pizzas. I say, “Would you like a glass of wine?”

“Bring the bottle,” Georgia replies.

Before I leave I put in a new tape. This tape is simply
{Georgia, you will want to be dominated sexually by Elaine} I
leave and get a bottle of red wine. When I return with two
glasses and the wine. I see Georgia with one of my vibrators in
her hand. I must have left it their from a couple days ago. It
was my black 12 inch one, extra thick. It is my favourite. I
love to fuck my ass with it, fantasizing that some black stud
is reaming me and treating me like a white piece of meat.
Again, I am off topic. Anyways, I sit on the couch and she says

“Um-you don’t use this do you?”

“Sure,” I reply, “every girl should have one of these.”

Georgia looks at me shocked. She says “I have never even seen
anything like this before.”

“Don’t you ever pleasure yourself?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t you ever masturbate?”

“No, do you?”

“Oh every day. I even do it at work sometimes. No one can
pleasure me like I can.”

“I could never do that,” she says as she gulps down the glass
of wine. She grabs the bottle and pours herself another glass.
“What were we talking about?”

“About the fact that you never pleasure yourself.”

“Oh yeah, I just can’t see me doing that, it is wrong.”

“How does that cock feel?”

“It feels rubbery, wouldn’t it hurt inside?”

“Oh no, on the contrary, it feels amazing. Plus look here, you
can make it vibrate.” I can tell that Georgia is getting
interested. Just then the doorbell rings. I go and get it and
return with the two pizzas. I was disappointed. The pizza boy,
was a older man, probably 60. I love checking out pizza guys,
they are usually young high school boys or college men.

Anyways, we ate supper and Georgia had gulped down three more
glasses of wine. I looked at the clock, it was already 5 after
7. I had to make my move on Georgia before Ally got here. I
say, “So you want to watch a movie?”

“Sure,” she replies.

I say “Look I am gonna go change, through that tape over on the
tv in the VCR. I’ll be back in a couple minutes.” I get up and
leave. In my room I get out of my clothe and put on something
sexy. I put on a black corset with a front zipper. I also put
on a pair of black stay ups and a pair of black silk panties. I
put on my robe and return to the livingroom.

The tape I told her to put on was on. It was a porno. The scene
she was watching had a sexy blonde chick, on all fours, getting
fucked in the ass while she swallowed some guys dick. I sit on
the couch and say “Georgia finish your drink.”

Georgia takes her drink an finishes it and says “This movie is

“Pour yourself another,” I say. Remember the tape should be in
full force now.

She pours herself another and says “I can’t believe a woman
would take a cock up the ass. Never mind the fact that she is
with two guys.”

“Havn’t you ever fantasized about having two guys before?”
“Never,” replies Georgia disgusted.

“Never thought about having a cock in your ass?”

“Elaine, I am repulsed,” she says, while she watches the girl
now be double penetrated by the two men. Moments later the
scene ends as the two men shoot their cum on the blondes
average sized tits. The next scene was a lesbian scene. It
started out innocently. The two girls were talking in a ladies
bathroom at a bar. The girls were talking about how horny they
were and next thing you know they were in a stall and a cute
redhead was licking a brunette’s shaved box.

My hand slips onto her nylon covered knee. She doesn’t notice
at first, but then says, “Elaine, your hand is on my knee.”
“Doesn’t watching two woman have fun turn you on?”

“Not really?” replies Georgia.

“Then why are you wet,” I ask as I place my hand against her
panty covered

“Elaine,” screams Georgia as she stands up.

“Sit down,” I demand.

“I will not sit down,” she says as she sits back down.

“Good girl. Are you horny and answer me truthfully?”

“Yes, so what is it to you?” she replies.

“What is making your pussy all wet?”

“I don’t know,” she replies a little confused.

“You trust me understand.”

“Yes,” she whispers.

I put my hand back on her leg and start rubbing my hand up and
down. “Does this feel good?”

“A little,” she says.

I take my hand off, “Only a little?”

I can tell the excitement is getting to be too much as she says
“Ok, a lot.”

“Good girl,” I reply as I replace my hand on her leg, “watch
the video.”

Georgia returns to the video and sees that the brunette was
busy fingering the redhead. My hand slips under her skirt and
goes to her pussy. Oh by the way, she is wearing garter-hose, a
pleasant surprise. I slip the panties to the side and I easily
slip a finger into Georgia’s cunt. She moans, but keeps
watching the video. I look at the clock 5 to 8.

“Tell me Georgia,” I whisper, “Does my finger in your pussy
feel good?”

“HMMMM,” she moans, “I’m not a lesbian Ally.”

“Ally?” I ask, “are you fantasizing about Ally?”


“Do you wish Ally was here fingering your pussy?”


“Does Ally turn you on?”

“Yes,” she answers humiliated.

“Do you fantasize about her inbetween your legs lapping at your

Her hips are bucking. I take the finger out and say, “Do you
want me to finger fuck you?”

Georgia looks at me and pleads, “Yes dammit, please put that
finger in me, please, I need to orgasm so badddddd.”

I push the finger back in and say “Get that shirt off girl or
I’ll stop fucking you.” Georgia quickly fumbles to get the
shirt off and soon it is discarded to the floor. Man her tits
are huge. The black bra she is wearing is sexy too. Just then
the doorbell rings. I say, “Go get the door please and no
matter what act civilized to whoever is at the door.”

Georgia gets up and goes to grab her shirt. I say, “No, go to
the door like that.”

“But, I am practically naked,” she pleads.

“No, your not, take off the skirt.”

“But, I-I will not,” she says as she slips the skirt down her
creamy thighs.

“There, now you are practically naked. Now go answer the door.
You will cum hard when you open the door.”

As she walks to the door she says, “Why am I doing this? I
can’t believe I am doing this.” She opens the door and Ally is
their dressed quite differently then she was this afternoon.
She is wearing a tight, leather black one piece dress, with
black nylons.

“You bitch,” moans Georgia as she sees Ally, she is obviously
cumming hard. I can’t see Ally from here, but I imagine she is

“Ally, come in. Georgia, come back to the couch.”

Georgia reluctantly struggles back to the couch as Ally comes
and sits beside me as well. Ally seems nervous that Georgia is

“What is going on here?” asks Ally.

“I am training Georgia to become a slut, dyke , whore like you?
Now be good Ally and do as your told tonight.” I say “Georgia,
how did that orgasm feel?”

“It–felt–good,” she replies embarrassed.

“Ally, how did it feel to have Billy’s cock in your ass?”

Ally hesitates before whispering almost indistinguishably,

Georgia gets up to grab Ally and I stop her and say, “Georgia,
get on your knees and crawl inbetween Ally’s legs.”

Georgia does while saying, “What have you done to me, why can’t
I stop.”

“Are you horny Georgia?”

“Yes,” she screams, obviously frustrated.

“Go ahead then, eat the pussy that had your husband’s cock in
it just hours earlier and be tender.”

Georgia begins saying, “I don’t want to do…” But the words
are stopped as her tongue hits Ally’s shaved snatch.

“Ally, tell Georgia how great it felt to have Billy’s cock

“It-it-felt great.”

“Tell us the details. Tell us how good it was.”

Georgia’s tongue is making Ally horny as she says, ” He loved
it when I took his cock into my mouth and swallowed it whole.
He really loved when I would tease his cock and then deep
throat it completely. I, of course, loved when his cock was in
my pussy, I missed the feeing of his cock plunging in and out
of my moist cunt. But the best sensation was when he banged my
ass from behind. I came so hard I thought I was going to pass
out. I came again when his bitch caught us. I was a little
embarrassed at first, but as soon as I dropped to the floor and
saw his hard cock and my juices dripping off it, I knew I had
to see and taste is cum. So I started sucking him off, even
though I knew his wife was right their watching us. He came
seconds later. He tasted so good. He started getting dressed,
but after you too ran out, I went over to him and started
sucking on his cock again. That man has stamina. Ten minutes
later his cock was again buried in my ass, He fucked me for
over an hour and finally came deep in my ass.”

“You slut,” I say, “Georgia did you hear that. Your husband’s
sperm is just

sitting their in Ally’s ass. Why don’t you suck it out”

Georgia obeys and soon her tongue is in Ally’s ass. Georgia is
crying, so I say, “You love pleasing Ally.” Within a minute the
tears had stopped, and her tongue was now lapping with more
focus and speed. I leave the room and go to the phone. “Hi
Billy, yes, it is Elaine. Yes, she is over here right now. Why
don’t you come on over. Ok, the door will be open, just walk
right in. See you soon.” This should be fun.

I take off my robe, grab the huge black cock and go behind
Georgia “Georgia, do you want me to fuck your pussy.”

“No, please stop this,” she begs.

“Oh come on Georgia. All week you have been starring at Ally,
wishing you could have her. Face it you are a dyke.”

“No, I”

“Tell us Georgia. Tell Ally how much you want her.”

“No I, Ally you always dress so slutty. I couldn’t stop
starring at your tight

ass. Your long legs. Your perky tits. Your cute and sexy smile.
I came over and over fantasizing about you naked. You handcuffed
to my bed. Fuck why am I saying this,”

“Because your a lesbo Georgia,” I reply matter of factly.

“Now thank Ally for giving Billy what you wouldn’t.”

“Fuck, I, Ally, uh. thanks for giving Billy the fucking he
needed.” She stops as she feels the plastic.

Ally was gone before I woke up and I made a simple tape: {Ally,
Georgia and Billy at work you will be civil and pretend like
nothing happened last night.}

I didn’t see any of the them in the morning. Ally was at the
therapist, Georgia was in court and Billy was, I don’t know
were Billy was.

Anyways, after lunch Georgia and Billy returns and gives me a
wicked smile. She is wearing a cute one piece white sport
dress and ivory stockings. Both go to Billy’s office and I have
hunch what is going to happen next. I flip on the tv and
Georgia’s head is busy bobbing up and down on Billy’s rod. No
suggestions for that. I continue working and watching. After a
long snatch licking by Billy, he sat on his chair and let
Georgia ride his stick.

“That’s her,” I hear Ally say.

I look up and see Ally, dressed in a slim sundress and white
stockings, and a big black policeman. Shit, I never did
anything to protect myself from them going to the police. The
black policeman walks over to me and says, “You are under

I interrupt, “Officer what is the meaning of this?”

“You are accused of sexual harassment of Ally McBeal.”

“Really, do you have proof?”

“Enough to take you down for questioning.”

I get up and desperate say, “Ally, get on your knees and suck
off this officer.”

Ally falls to her knees and says, “See officer Williams, this
is the proof you need.”

The black cop undoes his belt and unzips his pants and says, “I
don’t know, I think I need more proof.”

Ally knows she is fucked as she pleads, “You are suppose to be
on my side to prot—” Her voice is muffled as the black cock
slides into her mouth.

After a few sucks I say, Why don’t we adjourn to Ally’s
office.” Ally gets up complaining, “You are suppose to protect
me, you are…” her voice trials off as she goes into her
office. The big black stud follows. I look at the tv and see
Georgia on all fours getting it up the ass doggie style. I go
into Ally’s office. The black man already had her sucking his
cock again.

I walk over to him and whisper to him, “You keep this quiet and
I will let you have this white cocksucking whore every
Wednesday. You can share her with your friends or whoever you
want. Bang her tight pussy, ream her white ass and cum all over
her cute slut face.

The black cop smiles as he says, “I need to test out the

He pulls her up and lifts her dress to reveal she is not
wearing any panties.

Ally protests, “Please don’t. Help me.”

“Could you shut this bitch up,” asks the cop.

“Ally, inside you hate this, but you can not say anything bad.
Actually, you want to convince this stud how bad you love his
hard cock.”

Ally looks at me with a beaten look as she says, “Hmmm, fuck me
with that stiff piece of manmeat. Stuff me with that thick
black cock.” The stud obliges and soon the black meet
disappears in Ally’s pink tunnel.

I walk over and say, “Slut, eat me out while this stud fucks
both your cunt and ass.”

Officer Williams takes that as a hint and takes his cock out of
her cunt and stuffs it into Ally’s ass. Ally is now lapping at
my cunt. The black stud fucks her ass hard for 10 or 15
strokes, pulls out and goes back to her pussy. This process is
repeated over and over again while she munches on my cunt. She
is having trouble working on my cunt as this stud is really
pleasuring her two holes. I want that cock. I get up and say,
“Stud, take my ass.”

I go to the desk and bend over. Officer Williams comes behind
me and easily slips into my ass. Fuck what a cock. I can’t stop
cumming. I call over to Ally, “Get over here and suck my cunt
while he fucks my ass.” She obeys and soon I am having the best
fucking off my life.

I feel the stud squeeze me tight and I know he is about to cum.
Seconds later I feel his hot seed lubricating my ass. He pulls
out and I say, “Ally, suck the cum from my ass.” Ally obeys and

I say to Officer Williams, “So is it a deal?”

“Can you keep her from every ratting on me?”

“Sure. Ally, you will never tell anybody about your plight. You
will be Mr.

Williams sex slave every Wednesday and do whatever he tells
you. Understand.”

“Yes,” she replies completely humiliated and beaten.

“Get back to my ass,” I demand. Ally obeys, “So, do we got a

“Throw your slutty ass in once a month and we got a deal.”

“Only if I get to have that cock in my ass,” I say.

“That is a given,” he replies, “I gotta get going. Here is my
card, have her at my place at 7 on Wednesday.”

“Sure thing stud,” I say with a wink as he leaves. “Ally, you
have been a bad girl.”

Ally looks at me scared. “I’m sorry, I just, I’m sorry

She is trying to save her ass. “You will never betray me again.
You can not tell anyone about me. But I do have to teach you a

“I’m sorry, I’ll never do it again. Please don’t…”

“No, you won’t do it again. Tonight I want you to dress in your
sluttiest outfit. The one you wore last Saturday. You are to go
to the bar now. The first person who speaks to you, you will
invite home to fuck you. If it is a girl you will offer to lick
her pussy in the washroom. If he says yes, you will take him
home and fuck him; if she says yes you will go to a bathroom
stall and have a snack. If he or she says no, which I doubt,
you will repeat the procedure with the next person who speaks
to you. Tomorrow morning you will be at my place by nine in the
morning to make me a breakfast. Now go home and change and be
the whore you are.”

Ally begs, “Please don’t make me do this.”

I go to my purse, pull out a butt plug and hand it to her.

“Here, keep this in your ass, unless one of the men wants to
fuck you there.”

“”But please I,” she begs.

I cut her off, “The first girl you eat out, beg her to fuck
your pussy with a beer bottle.”

Ally catches on and simply says, “Yes mistress.”

As she walks out of her office I call, “Have fun.”

I go back to my desk and to my surprise Georgia is still being
fucked by Billy,. They must be one round two. I pick up the
phone and dial 747-3324, Tamara’s number. Tomorrow Ally would
be making a special video. One I planned to sell.


Well Ally came over and made me a delicious breakfast. The slut
is a good cook. I asked her about her evening. She told me she
ended up taking both of the twins home and they took turns
fucking her till they simultaneously shot there ball juice all
over her white ass and face. Ally was wearing a one piece
sundress today, pink, with white stay ups. She looked pretty
good. I had set up an afternoon session with Tamara. When we
got there, I was introduced to 5 very attractive woman. All
only 18 or so and all dressed identical, only in different
colors. Each one was wearing only a lace bra, panties, garters
and stockings.(One in red, blue, black, white and beige) I
wanted to join in on the action, but I was filming the video. I
told Ally she was to do exactly as she was told. She

I played classical music in the background with a message for
Ally: {Ally, you will seduce Renee on Sunday evening} In the
video, Tamara told Ally to pretend to be the principal of a
school. I told her if she obeyed and acted the role well I
would leave her alone for awhile, maybe forever. So Ally sat at
a desk and was pretending to be reading when all 5 girls,
walked in and grabbed her and tied her up. Ally screamed, but
was quickly gagged. Tamara said, “Miss Williams,” you bitch.
You failed us. Now we are going to try to convince you to
change your mind.” They drag her to the bed and tie her legs
spread eagled apart and likewise with her arms. Ally is trying
to break free from the restraints but to no avail. A blonde
beauty, gets on the bed and rips Ally’s dress in half. She
licks her lips and begins kissing Ally’s belly. A brunette
straps on a huge cock and joins Ally and the blonde on the bed.

Another brunette, takes a knife and cuts Ally’s panties off.
The brunette positions were piston at Ally’s bush. She shows no
mercy as she shove s all 9 inches of the toy into Ally. How
does that feel Miss. Williams, do you wish you passed us now.”

Ally is obviously in pain from the sudden trust of the plastic
stick. A short redhead grabs a 5 inch dildo, takes off the gag
and Ally screams, “Please stop, please…” But her pleading is
stopped as the redhead shoves the dildo into Ally’s mouth. She
begins to fuck Ally’s mouth with the toy.

Tamara says, “So Miss Williams, not so tough now are you. Your
just a slut. A cheap whore. Look, your enjoying it arn’t you.
You like being fucked by your students. You slut. You cheap

She is right, Ally is obviously beginning to enjoy the 9 inch
strap on. The redhead takes the toy out and demands, “Tell us
what kind of whore you are?”

Ally is getting into this and really enjoying the cock in her
pussy, “I am a slut. A complete whore. Don’t stop fucking me.”
The sexy blonde straddles Ally’s face and says, “Beg permission
to eat me whore?”

Ally feels the cock leave her pussy and begs, “Please sit on my
face, ride my whore mouth with your pussy, cum all over my
whore lips.” The blonde obliges as she lowers her pussy onto
Ally’s face and the brunette re-enters Ally’ fiery snatch. As
the raping of their principal continues, Tamara begins spanking
Ally’s pussy lips as the brunette continues to drill Ally. The
brunette and redhead both are working on Ally’s hard nipples
and firm breasts. They are biting on them, leaving red marks
as they devoured her breasts. This continues for a while and
the redhead replaces the blonde on Ally’s face. The cycle
continues as Ally pleasures all the woman except the brunette
sucking her. Tamara unties Ally and demands Ally get on all
fours. Tamara demands, “Does Miss Williams need to be ass

Ally begs, “No, pleas not there, I’ll pass you all, I promise.”
Ally is doing a good job playing the role I think to myself.
The blonde says, “Yes you will slut.”

The brunette who was fucking her earlier, sits down and spreads
her legs and demand, “Miss Williams you lesbian whore, make me
cum.” Ally begins licking the brunette’s clit as she feels
something at the entrance of her ass.

She begins pleading no, but the redhead pushes Ally’s head deep
into the brunette’s thighs, muffling Ally’s insignificant
pleas. The blonde takes a small butt plug and after oiling
Ally’s ass and the toy, she begins inserting the toy inside
Ally’s ass. The small butt plug easily slips inside Ally’s ass
and the blonde is soon probing Ally’s shithole at a rythmatic
pace. Not so long after, Ally begins moving her ass in rhyme to
the toy.

The redhead says, “miss Williams you tramp. You like taking it
up the rear.

How about a little double penetration?”

Ally moans as she continues to nibble on the brunette’s juicy
clit. The brunette cums hard all over Ally’s expert tongue.

Tamara replaces the brunette and Ally begins slipping her
tongue between Tamara’s pussy lips as a second dildo slips into
Ally’s pussy. Ally is getting double penetrated by the blonde
and the redhead. The two brunettes have began to engage in a
delicious little 69. Ally comes hard all over the two toys and
collapses into Tamara’s pussy. Tamara rubs her pussy all over
Ally’s face and orgasms hard all over Ally.

“Well Miss Williams,” says the blonde, “you sure are a slut. I
think you better pass us unless you want the school board to
know of your sexual perversity.

Ally’s face is full of pussy juice as she shakes her head yes
in defeat.

One of the brunettes says, “I gotta go pee.”

Tamara says “Miss Williams you ever had a golden shower?”

Ally gets a really groused out look and begins begging, “No…”

Tamara tells her to shut up as she pushes Ally to the floor and
tells the brunette to straddle Ally’s face. She does and I zoom
the camera to get a close up of the brunette’s pussy and Ally’s
face. Tamara demands, “Open your mouth whore, take it all in.”

Tamara pinches Ally’s nipples hard till Ally opens her mouth.
Ally has tears rolling down her eyes as the spray of yellow
liquid begins shooting into Ally’s mouth. Ally took a lot in
before closing her mouth. The piss continued to spray on Ally’s
face, lips and cheek. It dripped down her neck and her chest.

“Swallow it slut,” demanded Tamara. Ally obeys and that
submission of the principal is complete.

The blonde says, “Get dressed whore. You need to change our
marks in the computer.”

The scene fades out as Ally begins getting dressed.

The scene fades back in with Ally now dressed and working at
the computer and fades out again.

I thanked Tamara for the video and she said she wanted a copy.
I told her I would get her one ASAP. Ally and I left and got in
my car. As I drove, I asked Ally how she enjoyed the rape. She
glared at me and asked if she was letting me go. I said a
promise is a promise, so I dropped her off at her place and
said I would see her at work on Monday. She did not reply as
she left my car.

I was horny and decided I needed some action. It was around 6
o’clock. So I went to a local pizza parlour and picked up a
young stud. He was only 17. I took him back to my place and
gave him the time of his life. I sucked his cock till it was
ready to explode and let him shoot his goo all over my face and
chests. I then worked on getting him hard again as I
masturbated myself while he watched. I touched my firm breasts,
I slid my hand down my creamy thighs and spread my pussy lips
wide open so thee young stud could see my horny hole. Not
surprisingly, the stud was hard quickly and ready for round
two. I made him pleasure my feet, all the while touching my
pussy, is cock was like a missile ready to take off by the time
I said, fuck me stud.” He got on top of me and slid his hard
cork into my gaping muff. He felt so good, he fucked me for an
eternity, man the kid had stamina. Finally after I reached two
great orgasms, the kid said he was cumming and I told him to
shoot his seed deep inside me. He did. The hot liquid filled my
pussy and made me reach a third earth shattering orgasm. His
limp cock slid out of me and a little cum dripped out of my
well lubricated cunt. I needed a good fucking after videotaping
Ally’s lesbian rape. I have set cameras up in Ally’s apartment
to watch tomorrows potential seduction of Renee. One camera in
the livingrooom, another in Renee’s room, another in Ally’s
room and a last in the bathroom(you never know where a
seduction can take place). Interestingly enough, I flipped on
my screens and watched Ally. To my surprise she was still
wearing the slutty outfit she had worn all day. I watched her
for about half an hour and was quite impressed when she ended
up on her bed masturbating. I wondered what she was thinking
about as she pleased herself. Me? The lesbian rape? Billy?
Georgia? Renee? Either way, Ally was now a different person
now. Even when I was not around, she was horny. Interesting,
very interesting.


Well I wondered how Ally planned to seduce Renee. Renee is her
roommate and a very gorgeous black woman. She has long, black
curly hair and a great body. She just oozes sex. She has long
luscious legs, stand up and salute em breasts and a great
smile. She is a District Attorney that often has to do battle
against our firm. She is a very intelligent woman who is very
confident about her body and knows how to use it. She is also a
major flirt, which drives Ally nuts.

So as i did my household chores: dishes, laundry, vacuuming,
you know the shitty stuff. I continually watched the screens,
to see if anything interesting was going on. I watched Renee
take a shower, like I said what a body. She was also into self-
pleasure. She soaped her body and spent a extremely long time
on her breasts, it almost seemed like she had an orgasm without
touching anything, but her breasts. She pinched her nipples and
continually caressed her firm breasts. She then took the shower
head to wash off the suds of her erotic body. She sprayed her
back, her neck, her tits and then her pussy. She moved the head
to her clit and pressed it against it. She held it there and I
could see her body shake, an obvious orgasm. The little slut
will be easy prey for my Ally.

It was around suppertime and Ally came out dressed in a sexy
little outfit. A black leather skirt, black stay ups, and a
white see through blouse, that revealed her perky nipples,
since she was not wearing a bra. When Renee returned home, Ally
had candles going, wine on the table and a delicious meal ready
to eat. Renee was dressed rather attractive as well. She was
wearing a brown skirt, with a brown knit sweater that showed
her belly button. She was not wearing any nylons. She seemed
surprised by the sight she saw. She asked Ally why she was
dressed like so hot.

Ally replied, “Oh I thought we should celebrate, I may be
making partner.” A lie, but good plan I think to myself.
Renee comes and gives Ally a hug. Ally pulls her tighter than
she has before and her hand lands near Renee’s ass. Ally says
cheerfully, “I made supper. Want a glass of wine?”

“Sure,” replies Renee, “My damn snitch never showed up, so I am
rather pissed off. He had information I needed for tomorrows

Ally pours her a drink and herself one as well. Ally says,
“Suppers ready, eat up.”

After the meal, and three glasses of wine later, they end up on
the couch. Ally complains that she hasn’t ben laid forever.
What a liar. Renee complains that she too is in a dry spell.
Ally notices that Renee is rubbing her shoulder and Ally asks,
“Need a massage.”

Renee replies gratefully, “Oh yes, do I.”

Ally says, “Lay on floor. I can do a better job then.” Renee
does and Ally begins working on her friend’s neck. Slowly she
moves her hands down Renee’s back. Ally says, “I can’t give you
a good massage with this sweater on.” Renee quickly gets rid of
the sweater and is now on the floor wearing only a bra and her
skirt. Ally continues the massage, slowly moving down Renee’s
back. She reaches Renee’s skirt, Ally unzips the skirt and
pulls it down Renee’s long legs. Renee is now only wearing a
black lace bra and silk thong panties. The look in Ally’s eyes
is one of crazed desire. What a slut. Ally then slowly caresses
Renee’s ass. Squeezing the cheeks and Renee moans. She is
obviously getting turned on by the massage. Ally quits and
says, “My turn.”

Renee reluctantly gets up and sees Ally on the couch. “What are
you doing there?” she asks.

“My feet are soar,” she replies, “can you massage them?”

Renee shrugs her shoulders and says, “Sure.” Renee takes Ally’s
right foot in her black hands and begins massaging it. Putting
pressure on the nylon clad foot. Ally slowly opens her leg
while Renee works on Ally’s foot. Ally is not wearing panties,
I see. The look on Renee’s face when she saw her friends naked
pussy was priceless. Complete shock, but her eyes did not move
away. It was obvious that Ally was playing her friend, teasing
her cruelly.

Ally smiles and says, “My ankles too Renee, they are kinda
soar.” Renee slides her hands to Ally’s ankles and continues
the soothing massage. Ally moans purposely. Renee smiles and
continually takes quick peaks at Ally’s naked pussy. Finally
after much taunting, Ally says, “Renee, are you starring at my

Renee studders, “Um-I-uh-well.”

“It’s ok Renee,” says Ally, as she leans forward and kisses her
best fried and roommate. Renee does not break the kiss. It is a
long, romantic, passionate kiss. I can only presume that their
tongues were dancing. My hand slid to my panties and I began to
finger myself as I watched the seduction of Renee. Ally broke
the kiss and after taking off Renee’s bra, she pushed Renee to
the floor. She kissed Renee’s chest taking each hard nipple
into her mouth. Slowly she made her way down, leaving soft wet
kisses all over Renee’s stomach. Ally slips her tongue inside
her roommates belly button. Rolling her tongue all around it.

Renee moans. Ally moves her lips to her friends pussy lips and
starts licking. She nibbles Renee’s clit and slowly starts
using her right hand to lightly slap her friends pussy. With
each slap, Renee moans louder. Ally continues the light
spanking and Renee orgasms from the pussy spank. Now that
Renee’s pussy is so well lubricated, Ally slides a finger in
and starts to finger fuck the DA. Renee’s body begins to
writher in erotic ecstasy as sweat begins to drip from her
black naked body.

Renee moans, “Ally, spank my pussy, spank it hard, please.”
So as Ally’s left hand pumps in and out of Renee’s moist pussy,
her right hand begins to spank her friend’s pussy lips. The
double pleasure is obviously driving Renee crazy. Her hands are
all over her beautiful breasts and she tweaks her nipples. She
cries, “Oh my God Ally, you are making me cum. Yes, harder,
deeper, harder, yes, yes, yessssss!” Renee’s body lifts and
then collapses onto the floor as she reaches a powerful orgasm.

Ally slips her fingers out of Renee’s well drilled cunt and
sucks the cunt juice into her mouth. Ally then moves up and
kisses Renee. Renee finally regains her breath and says, “Ally
that was amazing. I have never came so hard. I have never done
this before. I am not…”

Ally places her finger at Renee’s lips and says, “It’s ok
sweetheart, just do what comes naturally. Kiss my neck, nibble
on my ear, bite my nipples, squeeze my ass, lick my clit, suck
my toes through my nylons. Whatever comes to your mind.”
Renee lifts Ally up to the couch and kisses Ally hard. She
breaks the kiss and whispers something in Ally’s ear. Ally
begins to masturbate herself as Renee starts giving love bites
on Ally’s neck and then her breasts. Renee then moves her head
down Ally’s body. Her tongue never leaving Ally’s skin as she
slides down past Ally’s needy pussy and ends up at Ally’s red
painted toes. Renee smells Ally’s feet and then takes Ally’s
pinky toe into her mouth, through the nylon. Ally moans loudly
and begins spanking her pussy. Ally comes, I think, but
continues working her clit.

Ally begs, “Renee, eat me, please, I need it bad.”

Renee smiles and moves to her friends pussy. She looks at Ally
and says, “Come on you sexy little bitch, beg for it.”

“Oh Renee, don’t tease me, suck my clit, let me cum all over
your face. Please,” begs Ally as she feels her friend’s tongue
touch her burning treasure. Ally places her hand on Renee’s
head and pushes hard into her pussy. I thought she might
suffocate the poor girl. But Ally starts shaking and a look of
pure bliss hits her face as she lets go of Renee’s head. I
could see Renee’s face glistening with pussy cum. How erotic. I
too have reached orgasm as I watched these two friends share
each other. I thought they were done, but I was wrong.

Renee says, “I need to fuck?” She pulls Ally on the floor and
they position themselves pussy to pussy. Hmmm, how hot. Soon
they are both grinding their hot little snatches against each
other. Pussy juices mixing as they fuck each other. There hands
held tightly together as the motion begins to pick up. They are
moving in perfect unison and as the sweat pours down their
beautiful bodies they reach a climatic double orgasm at the
exact same time. Both girls collapse on the ground in complete

Finally after a long recovery period, Renee says, “Why the hell
didn’t we do this long time ago?”

Ally shrugs her shoulders trying to figure out what the hell
made her seduce Renee in the first place.

I smile and start thinking about tomorrow’s little get
together. I wonder how my little sluts did?

I look back at the screen and see that the bath water is going.
I watch as both lovely ladies get into the bubble filled tub.
They are washing each others bodies when I shut off the screen.
Those stupid sluts will be going all fucking night. I flip on
the television and watch Seinfeld.