Helen Hunt on the hunt

It was a quiet afternoon in Los Angeles, the kind of day
Mike liked to just kick back in his apartment and enjoy
himself. He didn’t have a lot to do on the weekends, just
catch up on reading and doing some writing both for his
job and for the Net. He figured he might try to catch the
guys at the club tonight but he did want to get a few new
stories out there.

Mike didn’t know why he put so much stock into his
writings (especially since he wasn’t getting paid for it)
but it satisfied a secret urge within him to get
fantasies out there. After all, a lot of people who
weren’t good at writing no doubt enjoyed reading his
stuff so why not give them a thrill? Besides, he liked

The ringing of the doorbell got Mike’s attention and he
headed to the door to try and see who’d be visiting him
now. He glanced quickly at himself in the mirror as he
headed to the door: Brown hair, nice build, loose jeans
and shirt, a good-looking guy, he supposed, although he
really didn’t look at it that way. He opened the door and
took a look at the woman standing on the other end and
promptly closed the door.

A knocking got his attention and Mike opened the door
again just to make he was actually seeing this. “Um, hi,”
Helen Hunt smiled at him. She was dressed in a nice
dress, her dark blond hair flowing past her shoulders,
framing her beautiful face. Mike just stood there,
staring at her, wondering why in the hell an Oscar-
winning star would be coming to see him. “Can I come in?”
Helen asked.

“Uh….Ah…Sure….” Mike stammered, stepping back as
she let Helen inside. She glanced around at the slightly
messy apartment. “Cleaning lady have the day off?”

“Wasn’t expecting company,” Mike got out, swallowing.
“Um, so, Ms. Hunt, what brings you here?”

“Call me Helen,” she smiled. “Look, I’ll come right to
the point. I want you to hypnotize me and make love to me
while I’m under.”

Mike stared at her for a good minute and a half before
his mind could think of anything to say. “Ah…. One of
us is on drugs here, is it me?”

Helen sighed as she sat down, pushing aside a few clothes
to clear off the chair. “Look, it all started a while
back. I was just messing around online and I found some
of those celebrity story sites, you know the ones.”

“I’m familiar with them,” Mike said calmly.

“Well, it’s mostly pretty much bullshit,” Helen said. The
fact that she didn’t say it was ALL bullshit made Mike
curious but he had bigger things in mind at the moment.
“So, I start finding a bunch about me, kind of normal, I
guess. Then I read a couple with me involved in mind
control and hypnosis. You’ve read them?”

“Ah, yeah,” Mike nodded.

“Anyway, I know it might have been wrong, but thinking
about those stories just got me– hot,” Helen said,
blushing slightly as she said it. “I mean, here I was
being put under control by guys, made to do stuff, then
have no memory of it. It gave me a– thrill, I guess. I
tried to put it aside, not bear it much mind. But then I
got started on this movie, new Woody Allen one? ‘Curse of
the Jade Scorpion,’ you might have–”

“Oh, yeah, we’ve heard about it,” Mike smiled. “You put
under with hypnotic triggers, sounds cool.”

“Yeah, well, sorry I can’t give you details but I hope it
lives up to your expectations,”

Helen said. “Anyway, the whole script just brought all
these feelings out again and– well, I guess you could
label me something of a minor hypnofetish. I’ve just had
this feeling for so long about being put under and
hypnotically dominated by someone.”

“Okay,” Mike licked his lips. “So, why come to me?”

“Well, I figured most therapists wouldn’t agree to do
it,” Helen shrugged. “So, it hit me that one of those
writers might jump at the chance. Now, it wasn’t easy to
track down who you really were. But when you put your e-
mail on every story you write, it’s a lot easier, with
the right cash. I gotta say, you do some– interesting

“Ah, thanks,” Mike stammered. “So, are you trying to tell
me you want me to hypnotize you? And make love to you?”

“You’ve done it before, right?”

“Well, yeah. Well, not to any of the stars I write about,
but a few girlfriends. I guess I could do it. It’s just–”

“Listen,” Helen said, leaning forward. “I have some rules
about this. First of all, and this is vital, you cannot
tell anyone about this. Not to the tabloids, not to
friends, nobody. I need your word on that before we get

“What about writing a story?” Mike asked before he could
stop himself.

“I said–”

“Hey, I write fantasies about hypnotizing celebrities all
the time. I’ll shift a few details to make it more like
fiction. Come on, you think anyone is actually going to
believe Helen Hunt tracked me down and asked me to
hypnotize her into a night of wild sex?”

“Point,” Helen nodded, biting her lips. “Okay, a story is
okay as long as you mix the details. Second….” She
reached into her pocket and pulled out a check, handing
it to Mike. Mike took a look and his jaw dropped at the
sight of six months’ salary written in the amount. “I
figure you might think just me was enough but I felt I
should sweeten the pot a bit,” she said. “Well?”

“It’ll do,” Mike choked, “Anything else?”

“I don’t want anything really brutal,” she said. “No
bondage shit or that freaky stuff like urination or
stuff. That’s why I chose you, you’re one of those good
mc guys and that’s what I want. It’s the domination I
want to get off on. Which brings me to my final point. I
don’t want to remember you.”

“What?” Mike asked, thrown yet again. “You come to me,
you’re paying me and now you’re saying you don’t want to
remember achieving your dream?”

“No,” Helen shook her head. “What I’m saying is, I don’t
want to remember details about you. I want you to make me
forget your name, your exact description, all that. I
just like the idea more of me being taken by some
stranger and helpless to do what he wants.”

Mike had to admit the idea kind of thrilled him too. He
took a deep breath. “What am I, nuts? Of course, I’ll do

“Kind of figured this would all be a formality,” Helen
smiled. She placed a card down on the table. “This is my
hotel, room number. I’ll be free at about six, hopefully
ready by then. Hope to see you then.”

It took about half an hour after Helen left for it to
really sink into Mike what was about to happen. After
throwing up in nervousness, he swiftly got ready. He
figured casual dress would be okay (especially since he
didn’t think he’d be dressed for too long). Splashing on
some cologne and combing his hair, he left his house in
enough time to be knocking on Helen’s door precisely at

She had changed, wearing a loose pair of pants and shirt,
a more casual look than he would have suspected and still
looked sexy as hell. She gave a slightly nervous smile as
she led him into her luxurious hotel room. “So, where do
you want to start?” she said.

Looking about, Mike saw a couch set near the window. “Lie
down there and I’ll set up,” he said. As Helen lay on the
couch, he drew the curtains and dimmed the lights. He
kept one light on near Helen, dimmed slightly as she
watched him take a seat next to her. She was stretched
out on the chair, legs propped up on the long end,
watching Mike watching her. “So, how do you want it
done?” Mike asked. “Relaxation, visualization, maybe the
old look into my eyes?”

“Actually, I’ve always dreamed about you swinging
something,” Helen asked. “Does that really work?”

“It’s one of the best,” Mike grinned as he reached into
his pocket and pulled out one of his favorite props, a
classic gold pocket watch, shined to a bright gold, which
he held up slightly above Helen’s eyes. “Oh, God, can we
get more melodramatic?” Helen laughed.

“I’m a sucker for the classics,” Mike said. “Okay, Helen,
just take a deep breath and let it out. Deep breath and
let it out. Just keep it up, nice, steady breathing in
and out, in and out, nice and steady. Just try and relax,
Helen, just try and relax and sit back in the chair and
relax more and more. Just try and forget all your worries
and anxieties, block out everything else but your

With a flick of his wrist, Mike sent the watch swinging
above Helen’s field of vision, ticking from side to side,
the gold surface flashing a bit each time the light
caught it. “Watch the watch, Helen, just watch the watch,
watch it swing, back and forth, back and forth, just
watch it swing, Helen, watch it swing, back and forth,
back and forth, watch it swing before your eyes, watch it
flash with each swing, back and forth, flash, back,
flash, forth, flash, back, flash, forth, flash, keep your
eyes on the watch, Helen, keep your eyes carefully on the
watch, keep them very carefully on the watch as it swings
back and forth, back and forth…..”

Mike was somewhat surprised to see Helen’s eyes already
closing a bit, the orbs a bit glassy as she stared at the
swinging watch. Then he remembered that, unlike his
stories, he wasn’t hypnotizing a celebrity in a chance
encounter, Helen wanted to be hypnotized. She certainly
seemed open to it, her body relaxing into the couch as
Mike continued to talk in a monotone, the watch swinging
above Helen’s fading eyes, a small flash of light hitting
the tired lids with each swing.

“Back and forth, Helen, back and forth, just keep
watching it swing, back and forth, back and forth. You’re
getting sleepy now, Helen, very sleepy, you’re becoming
very, very sleepy, Helen, very sleepy, so very sleepy,
Helen, so very sleepy. Your eyes are becoming heavy,
Helen, very heavy, very, very heavy. You feel so sleepy,
Helen, your eyes are so heavy, so very heavy, you want to
close them, Helen, you want to close your tired eyes and
sleep. As the watch swings back and forth, back and
forth, you find yourself drifting closer and closer to
sleep, Helen, a deep sleep, a very deep sleep, Helen.
Feel your tired eyes closing, Helen, feel your tired eyes
closing and feel yourself falling asleep, Helen, a nice
deep sleep, Helen, a nice deep sleep.”

Helen’s eyes fluttered shut, her head slumping to the
side slightly as she fell into a trance. Mike let out a
huge breath, not believing he had actually done, actually
hypnotized a beautiful star at her request. He lowered
the watch as he spoke.

“Helen, listen to my voice. You are now in a hypnotic
trance, Helen, you’re now in a hypnotic trance. You love
this trance, Helen, you love being in this trance and you
want to enjoy it even more by going deeper, Helen. Listen
to my voice and go deeper, Helen, deeper into your
trance, Helen, deeper into your trance. I’m going to
count from 10 to 1, Helen. With each number, you will
fall even deeper into this trance, your body sinking
deeper into this sofa and you will be more at ease. By
the time I reach zero, you will be deeply under hypnosis.
10…. 9…. 8….”

Within seconds, Helen’s body was slumped deeper on the
sofa, a look of utter peace on her face as she now lay
deep within a hypnotic trance. Making sure she was under
deep enough, Mike took another breath before talking.
“Helen, you are in a deep trance, just as you wanted to
be. Do you like being in this trance, Helen?”

“Yes….” she whispered, hardening Mike’s cock with her

“Helen, you will do anything while hypnotized, right?”


“Yes, Helen. It’s what you wanted, to be hypnotized and
do what another man tells you to do, it’s what you
wanted, Helen and you will do what I want, correct?”


Mike bit his lip and spoke. “Helen, have you ever sucked
a man’s cock?”

“A few times…. It’s okay….”

“If I told you to suck my cock, Helen, would you do it?”

There was an agonizing pause before Helen spoke.

Mike stood and fumbled with his belt, finally undoing it
and the front of his pants, pushing them down to let his
hard cock stand out. “Helen, suck my cock,” Mike
commanded, leading her hand to his rod. Slowly, Helen
rubbed the long shaft, squeezing it slightly to Mike’s
groan, then sat up a bit to take it into her mouth, her
lips running up and down the shaft as her tongue tickled
his penis.

For a woman who declared it “just okay,” she was good at
giving head, her lips running up and down Mike’s cock,
tongue running over the shaft as she squeezed his rod.
Mike moaned again and before he knew it, he was letting
loose, his wad blasting down Helen’s throat as she
continued to suck and lick him off.

Groaning, Mike pulled his dripping cock out of Helen’s
mouth, quickly divesting himself of the rest of his
clothes as he spoke. “Helen, open your eyes but remain
deeply hypnotized.” Helen’s eyes opened, staring blankly
forward, unheeding of the naked Mike just a few feet away
from her. “Helen, stand up,” Mike said. She did, facing
him as ordered. “Helen, take off all your clothes.

With tantalizingly slow movements, Helen reached up and
pulled her shirt over her head. Mike’s jaw dropped as he
saw she hadn’t been wearing a bra, her nice round breasts
hanging firm with little sag. She undid her pants and
slid them off, followed by her panties, revealing her
nice trim bush. She stood naked before him, arms at her
sides as she stared forward with blank eyes. Taking her
hand, Mike led her into the bedroom, lying her down on
the large bed as he moved over her.

He kissed her and was stunned by the passion with which
she answered it as he let his hands drift down her body.
He slid one hand in between her nice tits and to her
clit, sliding fingers along her pussy, causing Helen to
moan in response. He tickled the clit and bit, hissing as
he felt Helen’s hands squeeze at his ass. He spun them
around on the bed, lying on his back, cock pointing
towards the ceiling.

“Mount me, Helen,” he commanded and she obeyed, moving up
and onto his body, sitting her pussy right on his hard
cock. She sat up and moved back and forth, her breasts
bouncing with each movement forward as she worked herself
on his rod. Mike’s hands moved up her body to her tits,
squeezing them hard, pinching the nipples as she rode
him. He brought her down, visions of her nude love scene
from “The Waterdance” flying through his head as he
pushed her chest onto his face, his tongue sliding over
the tits and nipples.

His hands moved around her body to her ass, squeezing it
hard as he continued to lick at her gorgeous breasts, his
tongue circling the nipple with ease as Helen worked
herself onto his cock, her moans increasing as she felt
him suckle one breast. Mike nearly bit down when he felt
himself start to unload but broke it off enough to cry
out with Helen as their orgasm hit them both, the bed
shaking under them.

Mike spent the next several hours with Helen, in a
variety of positions. Although he didn’t usually go for
it, he couldn’t resist the sight of Helen masturbating at
his command as he licked at her breasts. He took her
several times in bed before sadly the night had to end.
Dressing himself, the exhausted Mike sat next to Helen,
eyes closed in sleep again as he spoke.

“Helen, listen to my voice carefully. When you wake up,
you will remember being hypnotized and you will remember
what you did under hypnosis. However, you will not
remember my name and you will be unable to remember
details on what I look like. Every time you do, you will
simply remember a foggy face.”

A sudden thought hit Mike and he was unable to resist it.
“You will remember my voice, Helen, you will remember my
voice and you will know, Helen, that if you ever hear my
voice, and only my voice say the words ‘mad about Helen,’
you will once again be hypnotized and do what I say. You
will always know this, Helen and it will excite you that
you can be hypnotized so easily. Remember that but
nothing of my name or my face.”

Mike was in high spirits as he left the hotel room.
Exhausted, sure, but still in high spirits. Sure, no one
would ever believe him, but he knew he had achieved his
dreams this night and who knew, maybe he might get up the
guts to actually use the trigger on Helen someday. For
now, he had a story to write. Sure, he’d change the
detail and sure people would think it just another piece
of fiction. But Mike? Mike would always remember the Hunt
that bore him true fruit.

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