Kirsten Storms – Storms acomin’

Could things get any worse? This was the question that Kirsten Storms asked herself.

She had been filming in the UK for months now, the schedule for “One Dark Night” was coming to a close. That’s why she had agreed to go to this supposed prestigious, important film festival.

That was a laugh!

It had been in a town in the middle of nowhere and it wasn’t the UK’s Sundance. That’s how the event had been sold to her.

It was over now thankfully.

She had fled the event as soon as possible. Jumping in her car and riding off into the sunset as soon as it was polite too.

That in hindsight had been a mistake, for now here she was, 4am, totally lost and her car in a ditch.

Kirsten now regretted sending her luggage on ahead of her. If it had been in her car she would have been able to change into, well something more suitable than this white cocktail dress.

The press, what there was of it, had loved it. The sweeping low cut sleeveless top that appeared to be semi transparent. Her necklace of sparkling jewels had hung tightly around her neck , its ’body’ had swept down becoming narrower as it hung over her chest , giving the effect that the gems were pointing to her breasts . Another little effort for the press, she smiled to herself. . The skirt, gossamer light and slit high to her thigh, as she had walked down the red carpet it had parted and shown so much leg almost exposing her thong. Then there were the fuck me heels, four inch, with the merest hint of a strap around the ankle and over the toes. Her hair was shorter than normal and so she had worn long dangling bejewelled earrings. She smiled again, she had looked fantastic if she said so , and the publicity would be good for her movie.

However it wasn’t the best outfit to wear when lost in the countryside.

She had seen a building, a farm maybe, as she drove over that last hill; if she took that path she’d passed it should get her to the building.

She opened the door carefully, gracefully swung her legs out and stepped out into the night. It was colder than she had imagined. The air was almost crisp, and dressed how she was she soon felt the goose bumps rise and her famously prominent nipples shot forth. Holding her slender arms around herself she started the long trudge to the farm.

Finding the path had been easy, but now she was on it, her progress had slowed. It was more a dirt track and muddy too, her feet were already caked in the stuff. It felt as if her heels sank into the earth with every step making movement so difficult, but she didn’t want to remove her shoes and walk bare foot.

She had been forced to clamber over a couple of styles; luckily her dress was slit high so this hadn’t been as hard a task as she’d imagined , and no one was there to see her expose her tiny thong . No one heard her squeal and giggle as the wooden style had rubbed against her pussy as she climbed over the tops.

Thirty minutes later her goal was in sight, it was a large old building, and it seemed to be surrounded by enclosures and pens. As she drew closer the wind changed and the smell hit her. That unmistakeable pig aroma. God it was disgusting, it burnt her throat and made her eyes water. Being a city girl she wasn’t used to the natural smells of the countryside. She stopped and screwed up her pretty face, praying the smell would go.

She was out of luck; the wind stayed blowing gently in her direction.

Determined she carried on and reached the edge of the farm. Kirsten realised she had a problem. She was clearly coming in from the off road, back end of the farm. She had two choices, walk all the way around the perimeter, which would take some time. Or cut across a couple of these enclosed areas to that large building. Kirsten contemplated and then started to head straight towards one of the walled off fields.

Great just her luck.

She had had to clamber over the wall she slipped falling on her ass with a loud Splat.

Mud flew everywhere. At least she hoped it was just mud but from the smell she was sure it wasn’t.

God, now she stank too.

With difficulty she managed to pull herself upright and she squelched forward.

Each step was an effort, she started to puff, pant and gasp as she crossed this, this whatever it was, but at least the ground was gradually becoming firmer.

As she advanced she spotted the lean to; it was small and lay in the shadows. She shrieked as something huge lumbered out. It was a mammoth pig which had been aroused from its slumber by all her noise.

The pig looked unhappy.

‘’Good pig, nice pig’’ she said as the huge beast slowly trotted around her encircling her slowly. It sniffed the air and snorted.

This was Winston Wellington Blair, prize winning breeding boar. This was his domain, and he knew females were brought to him for just one thing. To mate, to be fucked and impregnated. And this creature that had woken him from his slumber smelled like a sow on heat.

Winston grunted loudly and fiercely. Kirsten backed away scared by the pig’s fearsome nature.

It stamped the muddy ground then suddenly it charged. Frantically she sidestepped, her skirt flaring up looking like a matador’s cape as the pig careered passed.

The pig turned and charged again.

Kirsten screeched as the hog butted her.

Down she went sprawling into the muck, a wave of mud rolled forward. She was drenched in mud and mess. She tried to stand but all she could manage was to heave herself up onto all fours she shuffled forward. The dirt clung to her; her dress was barely white now and stuck to the contours of her body. Her necklace and earrings jangled, her formerly immaculate hair was plastered to her head and neck.

She tried to stand to scramble forward, but it was impossible, she slipped and slid, skidding forward when the pig sideswiped her. She gasped as she heard her delicate dress rip. The long slit skirt was trapped under the pig’s trotter and as she’d moved forward the thin material had ripped. Instinctively she tried to cover her exposed breasts, in doing so she lost her balance and fell face first into the dirt.

Kirsten slithered forward through the stinking mess her dress a tangle of material around her legs hampering her movement.

Winston slowly moved up behind this unusual looking sow his snout nuzzled between her legs.

Kirsten shrieked in horror and desperately crawled forward. Her hands clutched at the mud, as she hauled herself forward, she could feel her knees sliding left then right.

Winston grew more excited, this sow was teasing him waggling her backside at him, and he was gonna fuck her good.

Kirsten looked over her shoulder a terrified look on her face. The pig let out a bellowing shriek. She saw the huge pig ,its 14 inch cock swayed menacingly beneath its belly , Momentarily she frowned surprised that end of it seemed to curl.

The pig rushed forward, rising up as it went. It started to mount her it’s weight was enormous and it forced the screaming Kirsten face down into the mud.

Kirsten could feel its trotters pinning her down as it adjusted itself behind her. It began to thrust its long thin cock sliding between her ass cheeks.

Kirsten’s mind was in a blur, how could this happen to her Kirsten Storms? How could she find herself in this position? Naked in a pig sty being fucked by a huge hog.

Her body sank into the mud pressed down by the mammoth hog. The necklace scratched her delicate neck; she felt the clasp give as the priceless item fell lost in the muck.

Winston screeched in pleasure as he sank into the sow’s tight warm hole.

Kirsten shrieked louder still, her eyes bulged she gasped for air as she felt the pigs cock plunge into her pussy. It slid in deeply turning and twisting as it dug into her; she grimaced as she felt its curled cock banging against her cervix.

The pig thrust savagely and frantically fucking her long and hard.

With tears running down her cheeks Kirsten grunted as its cock eased its way past her cervix. Suddenly its pace slowed almost as if it were becoming more tender. The huge porker rocked her gently, sliding her back and forth in the mud, it snorted as its pleasure increased.

Kirsten felt like a rag doll being tossed about on its long thin cock, the rubbing at her cervix was constant never ending it started to give her the sensation of being stuffed, over stuffed, and swollen.

She sobbed and wailed; she begged and pleaded pointlessly for the creature to stop.

To her disgust she could feel the animals cock twitch it was going to come. Her ordeal was finally coming to an end.


No, it wasn’t fair; her mind reeled, as the cock in her started twitching it began to rub against her clit. She could feel the constant rubbing exciting her. She closed her eyes; she tried to concentrate on anything, songs, and scripts, poems. Nothing worked her body was beginning to betray her.

She was saved; she wasn’t going to humiliate herself. She wasn’t going to let a pig make her cum. She could feel a surge throughout the cock in her, the pig was about to come.

The pig blasted his seed into Kirsten; she exhailed in relief expecting the animal to dismount.

It didn’t.

It continued massaging her cervix, pumping more and more cum into her waiting womb. Kirsten’s mind was aghast, why wouldn’t it stop?

It went on and on.

The rubbing against her engorged clit was starting to drive her insane. Every twitch every shot of cum made it massage her clit.

Made her groan .

Made her more of a slut.

Made her want to humiliate herself.

Made her want to cum.

Made her want to cum for this pig,

She could feel her body starting to tingle, her nipples were hard and stiff rubbing against the ground, and she panted uncontrollably. Her eyes rolled, how could she allow a pig to make her cum?

She screamed.

She shrieked.

She grunted.

She clawed at the ground as the waves of pleasure overcame her. Nothing seemed to make sense.

She could feel the weight of the hog holding her in place.

She could feel his cock still in her, still pumping thick, gelatinous sperm into her womb making her womb swell.

Worst or was it best of all it was still tormenting her clit .Her pussy was sodden she knew she was desperate for more .Her brain tried to fight it… Before she could do anything else she whimpered as a second orgasm rushed through her.

She squirmed and writhed in pleasure impaled on the pigs cock, never wanting it to end.

Eventually the second orgasm faded, a third orgasm coursed through her leaving her weak, helpless and barely conscious.

After twenty minutes of constant ejaculation Winston finally hauled himself off the exhausted Kirsten. He trotted away leaving her sprawled and spent in the thick mud.

Kirsten lay there exhausted .naked except for her heels and a single muddy earring. The hog’s sperm lay thick like Jell-O inside her, making her belly swell. Her body ached but it still tingled. Slowly she stood. She looked around her. Her mind raced as she surveyed the countryside.

How am I going to get out of here….the exsosted Kirsten said ….moments later to her surprise a man passed by in a truck….she used every ounce of strength she had left to rush over to him and beg for a ride. After finally getting back to her hotel she collapsed on the bed trying to sort out what had happened to her…….but she never did.